let's not talk about the coloring

let’s talk about how amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender is for a second
  • Fantasy world not based on typical medieval Europe
  • Was a children’s show that openly discussed war, death and genocide
  • Had several handicapped characters, one of whom was the show’s most powerful person
  • Every single character was a person of color, drawn to represent Asian and Inuit peoples
  • Had a character story arc centered around both emotional and physical parental abuse, whose arc was about learning that they didn’t need the parent who abused them
  • Three dimensional writing that rivals even most adult dramas
  • Characters dealt with sexism in society
  • Showed citizens on both sides of the war, including showing how the people in the enemy nation were merely influenced by propaganda and an oppressive regime
  • Had romances that developed overtime and actually talked about the issues of forming a relationship instead of just “and now they’re in love.”
  • Characters died. On a children’s show. Characters who you fucking knew! Who had story arcs and were their friends and were kids like them!
  • When those characters died, they left an impact. It wasn’t ignored after a few episodes, the feelings they had for these characters stayed through the entire show
  • Had environmental messages that weren’t cheesy, and they made you take the destruction of the environment seriously
  • SUPERB world building, fleshing out many cultures and histories that always felt real
  • Had a magic system that never felt like magic. It always felt natural and like a solid part of this world with rules that couldn’t be broken
  • The cute animal sidekicks weren’t just there to sell toys. They were characters who had so much emotion to them and were vital parts of the show’s dynamic. Also, the animals never talked yet somehow still portrayed an insane emotional level that some Disney films only dream of
  • Spawned a sequel series that dealt not only with sexism, but with sexuality, religion, and the benefits and dangers from the rapid progression of technology

The point is, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the greatest shows of all time and the proof is right there


character design 
kingsglaive vs final fantasy xv


What’s wrong with Tim Burton’s terrible explanation for why he excludes people of color from his movies? Oh, let us count the ways

“Nowadays, people are talking about [on-screen diversity] more,” Burton told the site. “Things either call for things, or they don’t.” So, a movie either calls for diversity in its casting or it doesn’t? How does one decide when a film calls for casting nonwhite people?

let’s give it up for boys! for boys who are kind and support their s.o.! for boys who dress how they want and people who identify as boys! for boys who speak out against sexism and misogyny! chubby boys! boys who are on their periods! boys who like boys! boys who like girls! boy who like both! i believe in you! let’s give it up for boys!!!

STEP ONE: accept the “keetz = kravitz” theory with joy

STEP TWO: remember that while lydia and edward wear bananas color combinations, kravitz is just about always in black suits


kravitz: lydia, can we maybe wear something with… less colors today?

lydia: no keetz, edward’s prepared a beautiful matching set of 3 outfits in bronze, red, teal, and yellow

kravitz, holding back tears: i hate this fucking family



Yuri is wearing white suit. Meaning of white in Japanese culture: it represents purity and cleanliness in traditional Japanese society, and is seen as a blessed color. Because of the sacred nature of the color, white is the color of weddings and other joyful life events, and appears on the Japanese flag. (Shall I remind you, that women’s wedding dress is white? What’s more, I’ve read somewhere, that in Japan the groom also may wear white suit).

Victor is in black suit: black is a powerful and foreboding color in Japanese culture. Black has also traditionally been a color of formality, and has increasingly come to represent elegance, with the growing popularity of Western conceptions of black tie events. (Men wear black wedding suits).

Yuri bouquet reminds me of typical wedding bouquet. (See the photo above in reference). 
Victor is holding blue rose (I guess). Blue represents purity and cleanliness in traditional Japanese culture, largely because of the vast stretches of blue water that surrounds the Japanese islands. As such, blue also represents calmness and stability. It’s also the color of December (Victor’s birthday is December 25th).


Alright people let’s talk about THIS SHOT from Ultraman X The Movie:

Pretty sweet right? You wanna know what’s even cooler? HOW THEY DID IT

We start with this, a translucent plastic sheet that will soon be illuminated to create the sun effect:

Then they take this high power spotlight, put a red gel over it to give it the right color temperature, and shine it at the sheet:

Got our actors in their kaiju suits and the miniatures all set up- looks pretty good but WAIT HOLD UP

What in the Dickens is that?



Something I really appreciate about the new BATB film is that the costumes managed to (1) pay perfect homage to the original color tones and styles as seen in the animation and yet (2) carry symbolic changes and account for characters’ personalities, while also (3) being period appropriate. Like, wow. Major kudos to the costume designer and associated staff on this one.  

For example, let’s just talk about Beast/Prince wardrobe, which I find really interesting and beautiful. BATB begins with a dance, and the Prince is in this very dark, regal yet kind of gaudy clothing, standing out from the sea of women in white. (He’s also wearing a makeup mask, which is just another awesome layer of symbolism and era-appropriateness that I will not go into right now.) 

Throughout the film, Beast’s clothes get progressively lighter: from dark, torn rags (like he’s a criminal, a prisoner in his own palace) to the iconic lighter blue suit at the dance…to the moment Belle declares her love and they’re both dressed in all white (in this case, a symbol of purity and absolution)…to the very end, where the Prince wears blue again, but this time it’s the lightest shade of blue we see him wear. This change also reminds me of the trailer, where the word “Beast” in the title grows lighter as it gets closer to the word “Belle”. Beast’s subtle clothing changes represent the changes in his disposition and character. His wardrobe follows the path of the curse, from its inception to completion, as the castle goes from dark to light, from winter to spring, from death to life. 

The two other dance scenes are also important. 

When Belle and Beast dance together for the first time, Belle is the one who stands out in that stunning yellow dress. When Beast lets her go, her yellow dress positively pops in an otherwise monochrome, snow-covered forest, like a beacon in the night. And as he watches her go, he returns to rags, representing his hope leaving him behind.

In contrast, when Belle and the Prince dance together at the end, they both stand apart from the crowd but for different reasons than before. Unlike their first dance, this time the Prince is the one who shines the most in an otherwise temperate crowd, which parallels the opening dance scene. Unmasked, the Prince is in a light blue and white suit, the opposite of how he dressed before; and yet, this ending suit almost matches how Belle was dressed at the beginning of the movie, in her classic blue and white dress. Meanwhile, although at first glance Belle’s mostly white dress at the end might make her appear like just another girl in the crowd, she really stands out due to the roses on her dress, like a physical manifestation of spring coming back to the castle and the curse being lifted. 

The Science of Light, as explained by Lapis Lazuli

so i made this color edit of a screenshot of steven universe -

and got this in response

you’d expect that to kind of be the case, like, oh, her colors are darker, in low light she’d be pitch black, that’s logical, but light and color work in mysterious ways. i actually wanna talk about this because it’s a cool scientific learning experience. so @smug-torracat let’s talk about the physics of light!

here’s a side-by-side comparison of the original (left) and my edit (right), with lapis in white sunlight. white light is a mixture of the entirety of the light spectrum and has every color. so lapis here absorbs all the colors in white light except for blue, which she reflects thus making her blue to our eyes.

the bulb is the sun, the filter is lapis’s skin/dress/hair, the square on the right is our eyes.

now let’s look at a screenshot of lapis in mirror gem/ocean gem.

in this scene, it’s pretty dark, and everything has a vaguely dark blue filter over everything. we can assume that this scene takes place in surroundings with a mixture of low blue light and low white light.

this is my best attempt at recreating the light conditions in the scene. here, lapis is standing in both low blue and low white light. it’s not perfect, but you can see that the lapis on the right has colors extremely similar to the lapis in the mirror gem/ocean gem screenshot.

okay, why isn’t she black? white light + blue light + blue filter = blue appearance.

if the surroundings (the bulb) are bathing lapis (the blue filter) in blue light, then she’s absorbing nothing. blue objects can’t absorb blue light, so the blue light reflects and we (the square on the right) see nothing but more blue.

black is the absence of any color in the light spectrum. in order for us to see black, all light from an object would need to be absorbed. so for lapis to appear black, she would need to be in either red or green light.

if she’s in red light, there’s no blue light to reflect off of her clothes and back to our eyes. blue objects absorb all red light, making the object appear to us as completely black.

you can see how her hair and triangles on her outfit on the right appear almost entirely black, and she’s in mostly shades of gray.

so there you have it - my recolored lapis matches mirror gem/ocean gem lapis without a hitch. yay, colors!

So I’ve started work on a new comic! 

Comic? Art book? I dunno - All I know is it’s been over a year since I’ve touched photoshop and three since working with a comic style. I’m still getting use to it again so I’m not happy with the first few pages but I’ll get there :D

I’m calling this ‘The Apartment’ and it will follow the canon timeline of 707′s good route from the start of day 5 until they leave Rika’s apartment. There was so much talked about it the chats and calls that we never actually saw in a visual novel. Not to mention all the amazing things that happened during and are implied by the easy to miss outgoing calls. So I though it would be fun to create visuals for all the things we never got to see. 

I decided to use screentone to make it easier to print for conventions - but if you guys would prefer color let me know!

Want to read it all?

Day 5: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | All Day 5
Day 6: 1 | 2

Instructions: Draw your favorite character in your last outfit and answer questions below.

Draco Malfoy in my Sunday outfit (aka the I need to hibernate look)

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Fuck Stereotypes.

One of the many reasons why i love Yuri!!! on Ice is the diversity in the anime. The characters are from all over the world but they are not the stereotypical person from their countries. 

The not so nice Canadian.

The lovable, sweet, elegant, not too manly Russians.

The first time I’ve seen anime characters such as my baby Phichit, who Don’t have pale skin be so popular and loved by the fans.

The first non white American character that represents how diverse the U.S. is. Even though he’s part Mexican, he does not have a thick accent and a huge mustache nor is he wearing a poncho and a charro hat

It’s not only the nationalities but Yuri!!! on Ice takes it farther and changes the anime world by making the two main characters gay for each other and let me not even start talking about how much I hate Yaoi. the relationships are literally toxic or just plain “where the fuck is the plot? 

Most Yaoi couples in anime have their relationship only revolving around sex and having control over each other. Some even have rape, violence, abuse and the couple still ends up together. Nevertheless, with Yuri!!! on Ice the shipping is not forced nor violent. Victor and Yuri love each other and not even once did that love become an obsession or anything that could come near unhealthy.

[if you like Yaoi, I’m not saying you’re trash or that you’re the scum of humanity for that. It’s just my personal opinion by no means meant to be offensive.]

Making History <3

when you feel like you’re on top of the world

Things You Can Do With and For Your Little Boy

-Wake him up for school/work/breakfast (Waking up to Mommy kisses is better than waking up to a noisy jump out of your skin alarm clock).

-Make him breakfast.

-Know his health problems, issues and allergies.

-Make sure he takes his medicine.

-Draw him a bubble bath, lots of bubbles. LOTS of bubbles.

-Wash him.

-Help him with any studying or classwork he may have. Midterms and finals suck.

-Set up a rewards system with stickers or fake money to “cash in” for special things or an outing.

-Know his favorite characters and cartoons. (This includes Pokemon!)

-Watch said favorite cartoons with him.

-Let him crawl in your lap and snuggle.

-Snuggle him any and everywhere you can.

-Build a blanket fort with him.

-Color with him

-Print out coloring pages/ buy coloring books for him (Littles need variety!)

-Talk to him. Ask him about his feelings, his day, all that.

-Lay out his clothes for him.

-Set up a bedtime that you BOTH can adhere to, no little should be going to bed alone if it’s preventable.

-Let him know that he can wake you up anytime during the night whether he can’t sleep, has a nightmare or just wakes up earlier than you.

-Let him cry. It doesn’t matter if you don’t always understand his feelings and emotions, it matters that you be there for him when he needs it.

-Spray his pillow with your perfume while you’re gone for the day.

-Make/pack his lunch how he likes it so he eats well when you’re working/adulting.

-Pick him up. Littles love rides!

- Know his stuffies, his blankies and his binkies.

-Keep his sippies clean and full.

-Make him a physical little space where he can burrow up in when he’s in his mental little space. (under the table with pillows and stuffies, in the corner or a whole bedroom decorated in things he likes)

-Keep him company when he’s sick. Watch his favorite movie with him and make him soup with fun shapes.

-Let them be little! The world is hard on everyone. He comes to you for refuge. Remind him why he picked you to be her Mommy out of all the other Mommies in the world.

-Love him. Whether he is whiny, bratty, or downright all out bitchy. Love him. He loves you when you’re the same way. Yes, Mommies can be bitches.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do with your little boy that doesn’t require sex. Being intimate with your little is important, but sex isn’t the only intimacy out there.

Honestly the amount of soft things in st the voyage home cannot be counted.

  • Amanda talking to spock like he’s a kid again, because in some sense he is, and he has to relearn how to deal with his emotions
  • Spock not understanding mccoy’s jokes
  • Kirk and Bones lovingly staring at spock while he puts on his bandana
  • “Let’s not forget where we parked”
  • Uhura and chekov asking about nuclear weapons in the street
  • “I’ll give you $100″ “…is that a lot?”
  • “What does it mean ‘exact change’?”
  • Scotty talking to a computer mouse
  • Concerned, Embarassed Husband James T Kirk watching his hubby swim with two whales in his underwear
  • “They like you very much, but they are not the hell your whales”
  • “Spock, you should stop with the colorful metaphors. You haven’t quite gotten the knack of it”
  • “We like italian” “no” “Yes. I like italian. And so do you” “yes”
  • Bones curing random people while they’re doing an illegal and time sensitive mission
  • “Spock, Jim feels safer about your guesses than about other people’s facts” “Oh. Then I’ll try to make the best guess possible”
  • Jim dragging Spock in the water and playing with him
  • “Do you have a message for your mother?” “Yes. Tell her I feel fine”
  • “My friends, we’ve come home”
Let’s talk about the Aglionby Theatre Program
  • severely underfunded despite literally every other club being severely overfunded
  • Henry Cheng as Club President
  • the club members used to just pay people (out of their own pockets) to do their tech work for them, but since Henry gained control he wants everything to be Authentic AKA they have to do their own tech AKA everything SUCKS
  • we’re talking rickety half-built unpainted sets and lighting that consists of Cheng2 sitting in the pit with a few flashlights and some colored cellophane. Instead of microphones they just. Yell.
  • the thing is, they have the equipment for fancy tech leftover from years past, but no one knows how to use it without killing themselves
  • the acting can range anywhere from Average to Fucking Terrible
  • the singing for musicals is almost always horrendous.  Earplugs are provided at the concessions stand for $2.  Proceeds go to local music programs
  • the choreography is.  A Sight.
  • because they’re an all boys school, they have to either A) genderbend the female parts to male parts, B) crossdress, or C) (Henry’s favorite) make all the characters trans.  All of them.
  • Henry has led many a protest about the administration being ButtHeads for banning their trans plays
  • their publicity efforts are always The Best and a highly anticipated event for the Henrietta locals
  • a few years ago a club member made a commercial on Windows Movie Maker and had it broadcast across the local news stations.  It had slideshow effects and grainy pictures/audio recorded from his iphone.  It went viral on youtube
  • Henry always hand makes posters and plasters them across the entirety of Henrietta.  I should mention that Henry is terrible at drawing, and the posters usually look like the work of a six-year-old.  But the handwriting is always lovely
  • someone once hired a skywriter to advertise
  • at least once a year, someone designs a billboard for the highway.  It almost always involves clip art. It is almost always too pixellated to read.
  • junior year the billboard had one of Henry’s drawings on it.  It’s now his phone background
  • before Henry’s time, someone made fancy posters and had a helicopter drop thousands upon thousands of copies onto Henrietta.  The cleanup effort was monumental.  Copies are still occasionally found in bushes and birds’ nests
  • the position of director is passed around the faculty like a hot potato
  • In theory it’s a chill job watching a group of pampered kids try to do actual work and mostly fail at it.  In reality, the director is the one who has to deal with the boys’ constant bullshit and talk them down from the vast majority of their ideas
  • the director is given an extensive list from Headmaster Child of Things That Are Never Allowed.  Using the saws is listed at least four times
  • the boys always want to use the saws
  • other items on The List include: the use of live animals in a performance, fire, fireworks, working vehicles on stage, actual liquor as a prop, actual liquor as a prop near fire, swords, cannons, and glitter
  • most of these items were added to The List after Whelk’s spectacular failure as director sophomore year.  Henry walked all over that poor man
  • their plays are always free admission and they tend to attract an odd mix of semi-proud Aglionby Parents and eager Henrietta locals who just want to see the latest clusterfuck happen live
  • concessions range from super fancy hors d'oeuvres to, like, pringles
  • no one knows how to price anything so everything is $2
  • Henry always hires a professional filming crew for their closing performance and puts the video on his youtube channel. He always gives a tearful speech after the final bows.  Cheng2 always throws flowers at him from the pit at the end.  Other Aglionby boys made it a tradition so Henry literally gets showered in flowers while he sobs onstage.
  • he also liveblogs the entire play/musical process on Twitter, from auditions to striking the set. Almost everyone in Henrietta with internet access follows him