let's not talk about how ugly this looks

you are the only goddamn thing that gives me peace, the only thing that keeps me still when all I wanna do is fall and shatter, sometimes I feel as if the universe’s crushing weight is too much to handle, that no matter where I look, where I go, that weight will forever stay with me, but you make me feel different, you know that feeling you get when you listen to your favorite song? you fill me up with that feeling, that feeling of sunlight or some poetic shit, sometimes I think about how horrible life is and how ugly the world is then I look at you and I see the way the sunlight hits your eyes and I hear the sound of your laugh and I can’t help but let all my thoughts fade into nothingness, you are beautiful and terrifying and you are so full of everything and everyone and I don’t know how to explain it, you talk about things with so much passion and you dance to songs so freely as if your soul is the one in control of your body, you smile at strangers and their heart melts and I could see it in their eyes, you spit the truth like poison and you stand in bravery while others cower in fear, you leave pieces of yourself wherever you go, in everyone you meet, you stumble upon people, talk about the world and movies and songs and you captive them and you hold them hostage with your eyes and brain and heart, you posses them and they feel you in everything they do, you are beyond my understanding, beyond anyone’s understanding, you make me wish I could have all the time in the world just so I would spend more of it loving the moments I get to share with you, you are deeply under my skin, deeply rooted somewhere in my heart or soul whatever those are, you are the only thing that makes me fall in love with life a little more each day, you are my home.
—  atelophobiaxx // Nada Toghoj

Some headcanons about the cousins and their significant others after Nicky moves to Germany:

  • Nicky, Erik, Andrew, Neil, Aaron, and Katelyn spend Christmas together every year with either Erik and Nicky coming to America or the others going to Germany depending on the year
  • The twins manage to exist in the same room and try (key word ‘try’) to get along with each other’s significant other for long enough to make it through the holidays
  • Nicky has weekly Skype sessions to check in with the twins and update them on his life
  • Separate Skype sessions though (except on Nicky’s birthdays when Andrew and Aaron put their differences aside for just long enough to get along on camera with only minor visible passive-aggression)
  • Each week’s calls lasts at least an hour per twin
  • Of course Erik is there in some of them and sometimes he walks through the background and stops for just long enough to kiss Nicky on the cheek and say hi to Aaron and Katelyn or Neil and Andrew over Nicky’s shoulder

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They weren't perfect

Lily Evans didn’t like how pale her skin was. Every pimple, rash, dark circle or bruise looked hundred times worse on her skin and she couldn’t stand the sun. Instead of having a beautiful tan like Mary she turned red as a lobster as soon as she stayed in the sun a few minutes. She once got a sunburn… In January. She regularly used a lot of foundation to cover every redness on her face. Blush was her best friend.

Mary Macdonald didn’t like how thin she was. When she looked in a mirror she couldn’t help but stare at her bones. She could easily count her ribs without even tucking her belly. She looked fragile and delicate like if someone could crash her into pieces without problem. She once tried to double her food portions in hope to win some fat, but it only gave her a few pimples.

Alice Longbottom didn’t like her body. She took weight too easily. When she went to the restaurant and ate too much or when she was stressed her clothes wouldn’t fit her anymore. Her stomach wasn’t flat and she had more curves than the average girl. She once tried a diet which allowed her to only eat green things, but it never worked so she tried that one instead who said to only eat raw things. It didn’t work either.

Dorcas Meadows didn’t like her muscled arms. Sure she was proud of them, she had earn them by working hard and it was a must being a beater. However, girls talked. Some said it looked ugly. Some said it made her look like a man. Her crush once turned her off and told his friends he’d never go out with a girl who had more muscles than him. She was proud of them, but no matter how much she said she didn’t care about those comments she couldn’t help letting them under her skin.

Marlene Mckinnon didn’t like her face. Her lashes were non-existent. Her nose was too large for her face. Her mouth wasn’t big enough. She had acne on her forehead. She thought she looked ugly without makeup so every morning she took an hour only to apply some. No matter what, she never went out without makeup. Even her dorm friends had rarely seen her without it.

Remus Lupin didn’t like his scars. They were all across his body and no matter what anyone said, disgusting. Some were bright red, some had pus. He never took out his shirt in public. He couldn’t stand people’s face when they saw how ugly his skin was. Every time he saw his scars it reminded him of who he was and he hated that.

Sirius Black didn’t mind his appearance. He knew he was good looking and that wasn’t being arrogant it was simply a fact. He used his looks multiple times to get what he wanted or to get away with something. However, that didn’t mean he liked everything about himself. His family made him feel like if he’d never be worth or loved by anyone.

Peter Pettigrew didn’t like being average. That’s how he thought of himself. He wasn’t as handsome as Sirius or as charismatic as James. He wasn’t really ugly neither. He was just average. The kind of boy girls don’t pay attention to because there’s nothing interesting to see. He was just plain, normal, boring average and he hated it.

James Potter didn’t give a fuck about any of those things. At least that’s what he said, but actually he didn’t take criticism well. When someone made him a reproach or insulted him he couldn’t help but take it personal. He thought about it over and over again, trying to convince himself that person was wrong, but a little voice inside his head would never shut up. It kept telling him it was all true.

They were all insecure about something. They weren’t perfect.

BTS Reaction To Their s/o Roasting Yoongi

May I please request a BTS reaction where you their usually quiet girlfriend gets hyper, and roasts yoongi? Thank you 😘

Requested by anon

Y’all sorry if I butchered this…I hope y’all like.

*gifs are not mine*

Namjoon: You were hanging w/ Namjoon at the dorms one night. You were laying your head on his shoulder, when Yoongi started gagging at the two of you. You don’t know what came over you when you suddenly blurted out, “But Namjoon’s the one getting all the play!” Namjoon busted out laughing and you just shrugged.

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Jimin: Yoongi’s been messing w/ Jimin the whole day you guys were out. It annoyed you but he told you it was fine and to just ignore it. Jimin began making fun back, so they were going back and forth. Jimin commented on him being small in height. You then looked down and said, “That’s not the only thing that’s small.” (gif is his reaction)

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Taehyung: For awhile, Tae had been wearing shirts w/ holes in them, saying they were cool. You knew better than to argue, so you just let him be. Yoongi had a lot to say about how everybody looked and smelled. He made fun of your shirt and that was the last straw. You replied saying, “You know it’s funny how awesome starts with ME and ugly starts with U.” (reaction is gif)

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Jin: You were giving Jin a massage because he’d been dancing all day. Yoongi came in and snickered, clowning on his shoulders. He also started talking about how tall he was, even though the difference isn’t that drastic. You got fed up and just said, “ You’re so short, you’ll need a ladder to reach manhood!” (reaction is gif)

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Hoseok: Hoseok is loud and happy. When you two get together, he’s even louder. Yoongi kept on ranting about how he could never hear himself and just how unnecessary it was for you 2 be loud. He just wouldn’t be quiet. You normally keep to yourself, but not today (see what I did there). You suddenly, “You are the reason God created the middle finger.” (reaction is gif)

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Jungkook: You and Jungkook together is like asking for trouble. No one is safe when you’re around. Today wasn’t that kind of day and you just wanted peace and quiet. Yoongi didn’t get the memo. He kept saying the house was much more quiter when you weren’t around. You weren’t having it so you said, “ Pardon me, but you’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn.”(reaction is gif)

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Yoongi’s reaction

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 Also Everyone:  *knows tom has signed for 6 movies* 


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Sleepovers w/ Haechan
  • i love my baby donghyuck so much
  • i’m in love with him i swear
  • also, i feel like hansol is going to debut soon and i lovE HANSOL SO MUCH, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IMPORTANT HE’S TO ME SO I’M WAITING
  • but anyways, going back to donghyuck now lmao
  • let’s start this
  • ok so first thing first he’s ur boyfie here ok
  • and everyone knows he’s a smol clingy child right
  • so he l o v e s spending time with you whenever he can
  • so y’all would have dates at least once a week
  • but don’t forget he’s famouz
  • so lately he’s been really busy with promotions and practices
  • and you couldn’t really spend that much time together
  • but you were so patient with him and you would always tell him that everything is fine
  • and i can’t explain how much he really appreciates it
  • “i don’t deserve such an understanding and perfect girlfriend like you, y/n. i’m so lucky for having you”
  • and he really wanted to made up with you for not being able to give you enough time
  • so one night both of you were facetiming and talking to each other about random stuff and he suuddenly is like
  • “babe, do you wanna come to the dorms now and spend the night here with me?”
  • “you don’t have any schedules tomorrow?”
  • “no i don’t, tomorrow i’ll be completly yours babe”
  • “also, if i was in your place i’d say yes because i already kicked all the members out of here and made dinner for both of us, so you better show up or i’m suing you”
  • you grabbed your backpack and filled it with all your things and a went to the dorms
  • he’s so perfect i’m in love with this dork
  • he was wearing a black tshirt and black sweats aND HIS HAIR WAS SUPER MESSY AND OMG HE LOOKED SO GOOD
  • and he started talking about the food or smth but you were just looking at him with heart eyes bc he’s so damn perfect
  • “hey stop looking at my butt you ugly, i didn’t waste my time making ramen for you just to be treated like this”
  • while eating he talked a lot about the promotions, the members, the fansigns and everything about the comeback in general
  • and you talked about how boring your days were without him
  • “i guess someone was missing me a little to much, uhm? don’t worry baby, i won’t let you alone in the whole night”
  • “just an hour with you and i’m tired of you already, i can’t believe this”
  • “new record, congratz baby”
  • lmao
  • after eating you washed up together while talking about random stuff and playing around
  • “what pajama did you bring?”
  • “the short black pants and i was planning to sleep with this tshirt”
  • “ew you used that thing the whole day, that’s nasty. i’ll give you a clean one bc there’s no way i’ll cuddle you if you’re like this”
  • so he went to his bedroom with you and gave you oNE OF HIS TSHIRTS OH MYY SDFGHJKLÑ
  • they looked huge in your body and they smell like him and they’re probably really soft
  • oh my god i want to cry
  • and tbh he did it on purpose bc he loves it when you wear his clothes and he loves how much you love wearing them ¿? lol
  • and y’all even put on cute face masks and obvs you took like a million of pics with them on bc you can’t be relationship goals and not show it off, duh
  • and y'all even did one of those huge pillow forts because baby donghyuck wanted one
  • “taeyong is going to kill us, donghyuck”
  • “well guess what hun, taeyong is not here”
  • “also, i always wanted do one of those with you since forever, pretty pleaseeee”
  • and he would hug you and give little kisses all over your face at the same he makes aegyo to you until you finally said yes
  • “ugh, ok i’ll do it, hyuck. you’re lucky you’re hansome”
  • this whole post is just me fangirling over donghyuck i can’t believe myself
  • so y’all put music on and started to build it while dancing and singing like idiots
  • after that, y’all stayed there talking for hours about everything and eventually both of you got really sleepy
  • “you seem tired babe, let’s go to sleep now, okay princess?”
  • he turned off the lights and layied beside you
  • he placed his arms around your waist and kissed you neck and cheeks a few times but you just stayed in silence the whole time
  • and he was like ‘oh she passed out already, lol what a loser’
  • but after a few seconds of looking at your face he just bringed you closer to his body and started to whisper sweet things in your ear
  • “i really love you, y/n”
  • “i’m so in love with you”
  • “you’re so beautiful”
  • but hello guess what, yOU WERE AWAKE THE WHOLE TIME BIH
  • so you turned around and kissed his lips really quickly
  • and he was sho0k
  • “i love you too, donghyuck”
  • he would smile and kiss you again in a more passionate and slow way
  • “goodnight, princess.”

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pairing; jeonghan x reader

genre; angst ➳ fluff

summary; in which jeonghan forgets an important event for you and puts your relationship on the line.

[9:45] are you sure you’ll remember? i know what you’re like jeonghan.

you stare at the text from two hours ago, laughing hollowly.

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Bath Time

Dan x reader

A/n Here is a piece for a request I got. Hope you like it!

Your special bonding time with dan is different to others. It isn’t a romantic night or a film day but a good old bath.

Octavia ❤️

It was almost bath time and funny as it sounds which was a very special bonding time between you and Dan.

This event happened once a week and you both desperately looked forward to it. Grabbing your pajamas from your shared bedroom, you headed towards the bathroom. There you found Dan filling up the bathtub with water and setting up the stuff. A warmth filled the bathroom. It was nice and slightly comforting.
You placed your stuff down and began to take your clothes off, starting with your shirt. Dan turned towards you smiling and followed your actions.

“Ready Y/N” he stuck out his hand.

You nodded and took his hand in yours. He pulled you close and you both stepped in. The water felt great, not too hot, not too cold. Dan sat down and gestured for you to sit as well. You sat between his legs with your back pressed against his chest.

“This is nice, yeah.”

He agreed with you snuggling his face into the crook of your neck. You both shared a kiss and began talking about your lives.

“How is the whole YouTube thing going?”

“Amazing but it is somewhat stressful trying to think of new content” he answered.

You both continued to have little chats like that for about an hour.

“Eww I look prune, Y/N” Dan complained shoving his fingers into your sight.

“Very nice Dan, you’ll be like that all the time when your an old man.”

He made a shocked expression and let out an overdramatic gasp.

“Will you still love me when I’m old and look like an ugly piece of fruit?”

“Asking the real questions here, but to answer the question yes. I’ll always love you Dan” you answered receiving a chuckle from Dan.

You both got up and wrapped towels around your bodies. Dan took yours and began drying your body. When he finished, you began to dry him. This simple bath was one of the best things about Dan and your’s relationship. You were able to relax and just be in each other’s presence, with all the worry and stress gone. That night you two fell asleep happy and carefree, wrapped in each other’s embrace. It was so easy when you were with the man you loved .

soulmate sweaters

Originally posted by deanwinchestor

summary: where the first words your soulmate will say to you are on your wrist, and peter’s arm holds the words “that is the ugliest thing i have ever seen in my life.”

words: 981

warnings: some swearing, but i think that’s it!

a/n: this took me a lot longer than i thought it would, and if you looked at my computer you would find multiple drafts for this prompt. also this was my contribution to @nataliarxmanxva‘s writing challenge, where my prompt was “it’s not an ugly sweater!”


Peter had known for a long time that the words on his arm were probably talking about what he looked like, about how he wasn’t popular, and that his soulmate would most likely have a bad first impression of him. It was these thoughts got him caught daydreaming in English class, and what got him a meeting with the teacher right after.

When the class ended, the teacher let him off with only a warning to pay attention, and Peter was glad to be leaving to his Decathlon practice.

Michelle started the meeting with her usual laid back demeanor, reminding everyone to be quiet as she had some news.

“Okay guys, I know that you probably will care more than I do, but this is Y/N, and she’s the new member of the team.”

Michelle then proceeded to drag a girl to the front of the room and introduce her to everyone as Y/N. It was strange that she was joining kind of late during the year, as it was almost Christmas, but Michelle explained that her family had just finished moving and she was still getting used to Midtown.

The rest of the meeting was mainly drills, and Peter noticed that Y/N stayed in the back, avoiding the other members of the team. That was until Michelle decided to help the shy girl, and seemed to ease her nerves.

“Hey everyone!” Flash called out as everyone was preparing to go home. “Don’t forget that this year’s Christmas party will be held at my house, okay? You’re all invited, and that includes the new girl and Parker!”

After his announcement, the room buzzed with newfound energy. Y/N glanced at Peter, but he blushed and looked away, because how had he not noticed how cute she was?

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Jughead and Juliet (Jughead x Reader Request)

Request: ‘Jughead x reader where the reader is from a rival gang and FP has hurt her family (killed her dad maybe? Was framed for it maybe idk?) but she is falling for Jughead and he for her (kinda romeo and Juliet with all the sneaking around but I would prefer if no one died at the end 😂)’ - @yourjughead​.

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Reader, FP Jones.

Warnings: Kissed, Implied sex

Word Count: 2121

Notes: Sorry this took forever, I’ve had an illness, a birthday and holidays to deal so it’s not left much time to write. I did have other plans for this request but it would have taken longer, I hope this works for you. I progressed their relationship a bit and changed the way the gang hurt the other. Also y/d/n = your dad’s name.


Originally posted by iseeparadiseinyoureyes

‘Shhh, Jughead, my Mom can’t know you’re here.’ He smirked at me, pushing me against the wall.

‘I can’t take it anymore, I have to kiss you.’ He planted his lips forcefully on mine, I kissed back passionately. His hands clasped my cheeks gently, while his lips kissed down my neck. I smiled at his touch, I’d waited for this for days. The joys of dating a boy from the rival gang.

‘You know I haven’t waited all this time, just for kisses.’ I whispered. He raised his eyebrows at me and I simply nodded back. I pulled him by the hand to my bedroom, minding to be careful with every step. We’d memorised the squeaky parts of the floor by now, Jughead tiptoed around each spot. As we entered my room, I quickly looked out to the hallway making sure we hadn’t woke my Mom.  We only had to worry about her since my Dad was always out late with the Eagles. I shut the door and turned to Jughead.

‘The coast is clear. Now where were we?’

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anonymous asked:

jun being a dad and being so lovely to his wife and child

✎ i just want to prefix this by saying, i’m sorry it’s not a full-fledged scenario! i’ve never done a bullet point style before, however, this request has been collecting dust in my inbox for ages and i think a bullet point would be most fitting! so enjoy!

also, i did not know whether to make the bby a boy or girl, so you can decide!


⦁ the day you purchased your first pregnancy test, oh my god you were a very nervous, overwrought lil peach who spent at least an hour or so pacing in the bathroom, slapping the box against your wrist.

⦁ “lol stopping being a loser and just take the damn test, [Y/N]!!!”

⦁ once you saw those two pink tiny lines, tears immediately began dampening your lashes and your breath fell short and your heart started swelling.

⦁ i am a mother!!!! i have my own flower child now!!! whoop whoop!!!

⦁ you’re so inexplicably joyous and wow it would be great if junhui were there to celebrate with you. but then you’re like, junhui!!! he is the father!!! and even though you’re married the anxiety returns bc what if he is not as happy as you!!

⦁ eventually ur man comes home from practice. he’s in his usual white tee and black sweats with his duffle bag over his shoulder. his hair is bit damp toward the ends but he looks very soft.

⦁ you’re sitting on the sofa, looking a bit hollowed. he notices your eyes are slightly puffy and he can decipher a timid glint in their irises. he drops his things and scoots next to you, slipping an arm around your waist and pressing a lil kiss to your temple.

⦁ “did you have a good day, bby?” then he hears a faint sniffle as you dig into your hoodie pocket and show him the test. at first he doesn’t exactly understand or entirely know what it is so he’s like, “cool lol.”

⦁ and then you sigh whilst laughing at the same time. “no ya big idiot, it’s a pregnancy test!! i’m pregnant!!” you study his reactions very meticulously. he looks at you, then the test, then you, then the test.

⦁ before you can get another word out, junhui’s shaking his knees and scooping up your legs to pull you into his lap. his palms cup your cheeks and he steals a long kiss from your lips n then plants many short ones on your forehead.

⦁ “i am a father!!!! you are a mother!!!”

⦁ you both start tearing up a lil more. “omg so true!!” *high five*

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anonymous asked:

Danai is also fucking gorgeous with an amazing body. Let's stop perpetuating this idea of European beauty being the epitome of what every woman aspires to. We all don't look like that and quite frankly most of us will never want to.

LISTEN. I’m so thankful the good Lord blessed me with lips and hips and actual hair texture and all the things that deem us “ugly.” Danai is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen. And we could talk about how their white faves are all over her every chance they get, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. And one that doesn’t validate her beauty, so I’m just gonna sit here and sip my tea

anonymous asked:

you're such a great writer like honestly?? thank you?? for being so wonderful????? even ur headcanons like the patater 1am grocery run make me tear up :'))))

Aww, you’re so sweet!! Thank you for reading!!!! <3 Here’s some more patater grocery runs:

“I think careful cooking is love, don’t you? The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who’s close to you is about as nice a valentine as you can give.” – Julia Child.

Kent can’t figure out why he and Alexei always have serious conversations in the supermarket when it’s 1 AM. (1.7K, patater)

“You know,” Kent says, as he carries three tubs of Ben and Jerry’s to their cart, “I think I’m actually lactose intolerant.”

“What’s that mean?” Alexei asks. He’s cradling bread in one arm and vodka in the other like they’re his children. He’s also very tired from the flight from Providence, because he’d been in Vegas for approximately 20 minutes when Kent realized that they had no groceries in the fridge and that they both ate ridiculous, hockey-player-sized portions of food.

“Like I’m allergic to milk,” Kent replies, pulling the cart forward to the cereal aisle.

Alexei eyes the three tubs of ice cream in the cart. “Ice cream have milk,” he offers.

“I know,” Kent says, without making a move to stop. Like Alexei is the dumb one.

“What happens when you have milk?” Alexei tries.

“Oh, my stomach just feels like it wants to curl inwards and collapse,” Kent says. “And then I lie on the floor with Kit until I feel better. I was fine in elementary school, though. It only got worse about two years ago.”

“How you stay alive for so long?”

“Not sure,” Kent answers blithely. “But ice cream is so good. And cheese. You know, I used to think that it was just a thing that happened with ice cream, like, the pain and suffering? I thought it was a myth. Like being allergic to gluten. Think about it, were cavemen gluten free? Was Michelangelo? I don’t think so.”

“Kent, I’m too tired for argue,” Alexei says, suppressing another yawn. “But you stupid.”

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Broken Wings

Tags: @lucifer-in-leather @helvonasche @mamaredd123 @ravengirl94

Word Count: 603

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: A little upset Cas. That’s about it, I guess.

Author’s Note: This is my submission for @bulletscrossbowpie challenge. Thank you so much for letting me participate! I got the song lyrics take these broken wings and learn to fly. You will find them italicized somewhere in the writing.

As Dean is driving back to the bunker with Cas, he notices Cas is looking out the window watching the storm clouds roll in, unusually quiet, with a sad look in his eyes and a frown. Dean glances over at his friend, worried about whatever is troubling him.

“What’s wrong?” Dean asks, interrupting the comfortable silence.

“She can see them,” Cas’ voice is soft and broken as he looks to his best friend for advice.

“Who can see what?” Dean asks, confused as to what Cas is talking about. Thinking he’s possibly talking about something that Dean might not want to know about.

“My wings, Y/n can see my wings,” Cas explains.

“What’s wrong with that?” Dean lets out a breathe of relief.

“They’re ugly Dean, they’re broken and my feathers are falling off,” Cas whispers.

“She’ll be the judge of that, you and I both know that,” Dean grins, thinking of how you have Cas wrapped around your finger, how he would do anything you’d ask.

“I do not see how this is amusing, my wings are ugly and she will know it,”

“Guess you’ll be finding out,” Dean mutters as he puts Baby into park, seeing you waiting for Cas made him smile. Wishing he might eventually have someone like that. You had been waiting forever it seemed like and when you heard Baby coming you stood outside, waiting for your angel. Cas steps out awkwardly, and you hug him tightly. The base of his wings are bonier, and rough where they were once soft and full. You can see the storm clouds in his blue eyes, and his dark hair is mused like you like it.

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A Mutual Agreement (Chen x Reader)

What is good people? Long time no see! It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve gotten all my difficult classes out of the way now! So I have got a one way ticket down easy street. So, here’s my first Chen scenario! It took forever to write this because recently I’ve just been in a rut when it comes to love/smut scenes for some reason. Hopefully that’ll go away soon though! Anyway, enjoy yourself some Chen Chen and go have some fun yourself maybe! ;)

P.S. …Can I just say, Chen’s cheekbones…? Like…? Help me??? 

Originally posted by chenmorningstar98

 He knew exactly how to push your buttons, and not in a sexy way. He knew precisely the best way to tick you off and absolutely relished in it. You didn’t understand in the first place why you would fall for someone who finds fun in making you mad, but hey, that’s love.

You liked to think it was because you were, unfortunately, attracted to assholes, just to come up with an excuse for yourself.

Jongdae wasn’t an ‘asshole’ per se, but he was sort of obnoxious and loved watching you squirm. He was a jokester at heart and you fell in love with him for his humor and lighthearted soul. 

But at this moment you were far from being head of over heels for Kim Jongdae. 

You clutched the delicate tray of snacks and drinks you had been holding in an iron grip, the pink plastic threatening to crack as you listened to the lively conversation Jongdae was holding with his band mates in the cozy living room, totally unaware of your frozen form at the doorway.

“…No way, Baekhyun! I doubt that girl would even let you touch her,” laughed your boyfriend richly, his hand covering his mouth as he snickered with the others. They swatted at each other boyishly, their eyes alight with mischief and mirth. 

“I’m serious! How could you all have so little faith in my sexual prowess,” Baekhyun protested, his puppy eyes filled with mock hurt, but quickly bursting out into laughter as well. They all burst out into laughter, why did guys find the dumbest stuff funny? The all settled down quickly, not wanting to be the one that laughed longest at the quip.

“Yeah, but Jongdae,” Chanyeol’s deep voice rumbled, reverberating around the room, “I’m with Baekhyun on this one. Have you done any better?” The rest of the boys nodded in approval, agreeing because their curiosity getting the best of them.

Jongdae scoffed and rolled his eyes, “'Have I done any better?’, please, I know you all have seen the gorgeous and intelligent girl that I’m honored to call my girlfriend.”

Your heart swelled with a little pride at his praise, loosening your grip on the tray. You were about to take one step forward but stopped in your tracks as he continued, cocking his head proudly. The tray in your hands began to quake again.

“Not only is she beautiful and smart, but she’s amazing in bed, let me tell you,” your boyfriend leaned in towards the other members conspiratorially, “She’s pretty adventurous first of all, like, she’s into trying just about anything.” He gave them a pointed look with a smirk as if he were recalling a fond memory, “And I mean anything. You name it, we’ve probably done it.”

Baekhyun looked impressed, arching a golden eyebrow in surprise, “Really? I thought ____ was a more vanilla person in general.” You weren’t sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

Chanyeol and Sehun had matching eager looks on their faces that made you want to slam the tray of food in their dumb faces and laugh. Sehun grinned eagerly, the face of a boy who just found his first Playboy magazine, “You can’t be serious Jongdae. I can think of a few things ____ would never let you do.”

You found yourself furrowing your eyebrows together at Sehun. He didn’t know you like Jongdae did, he had no room to say anything. You shook yourself when you realized you were arguing whether he knew how you were in bed or not. Stop being ridiculous, _____, you chided yourself in your mind.  

Jongdae smirked again, “Like I said before you name it, we’ve probably done it.”

Sehun tapped his lip, probably thinking of all the good porn he’d watched recently, “Dominance and submission?”  

Jongdae laughed, breaking your heart, “Easy. That was way early in the relationship”  

Chanyeol smirked, probably thinking about all his favorite sexual fantasies, “Daddy kink?”

Jongdae scoffed and you wanted to fall on the floor and cry, “Of course, I can name a time last week.”

Sehun blushed a little, but still chuckled anyway, “Hot wax?”

Jongdae laughed again, “____ was the one to suggest that one.” The boys’ eyes widened in disbelief as they laughed along, slapping Jongdae on the back like they were congratulating him for having such a compliant girlfriend.

By this time not only were you red with embarrassment, but anger was contributing to the flush on your cheeks and the tears pricking at your eyes. Enough was enough.

Jongdae put his arms behind his head victoriously, like a self-satisfied cat, “Is that all you guys got? I thought you were going to go way farther than that.”

Chanyeol quirked one eyebrow, never one to give up on a challenge, “What about mutual masturbation?”

Jongdae thought for a moment, “You know what? I don’t-” Baekhyun was the first to see you stalking over angrily, slapping Jongdae to make him shut up, “Ow, Baek! What the he- _____.” His eyes widened in fear and he looked like he wanted to sink far into the couch cushions and never come out.

You watched them all swallow hard and visibly straighten as you stood in front of them, your voice like a snake spitting venom as you stated, “No, Jongdae, I don’t think we’ve ever tried mutual masturbation before, but certainly we’ve done everything else. I’m sure I don’t have to say though because you’ve already told them every other thing under the sun that we have ever done together. Thank you for that.” You glared dangerously as all four boys shifted uncomfortably, their ears pink with shame.

Jongdae stood up and was white as a sheet as his voice cracked, “I’m so sorry _____. I didn’t mean it like that.”  

Baekhyun stood up beside him, always at his friend’s defense, “Listen _____, he isn’t to blame for all of it, the three of us are in the wrong too." 

"Actually, Baek, I’m excusing the three of you because someone else here is going to be in a whole lot more trouble.” You gave the three of them a pained smile, genuinely not wanting them to be here to witness your wrath because you were already being 'that one crazy girlfriend’ in front of them.

“Kim Jongdae,” you turned to your boyfriend, your expression stone cold, “As punishment for your inappropriate behavior, I am cutting you off for a whole month.”

“What?! You can’t be serious!,” He protested, giving you his best hurt look. You were unfazed because all you saw was red at this point.

“Unless you ever want to be forgiven for sullying my name to our friends, then you’re going to have to pay the price. One month. That’s as nice as I’m going to get,” with that, you stalked away, already feeling the tears fall down your blushing cheeks as you rushed to your room.

Baekhyun turned to Jongdae, his expression consoling but annoyed, “What does 'one month’ mean?”

Jongdae slumped onto the couch, a defeated expression on his face as he picked at a loose string on a decorative pillow, “It means one month without sex and it’s all my fault.”

Baekhyun grabbed his shoulder earnestly, his mouth just a tad bit wry, “Hey. If I know ______ half as well as you do, then if you just treat her like a princess and show her you’re genuinely sorry, then I bet she might lessen your time.” He looked at him pointedly, squeezing his shoulder just a little tighter, but only to put emphasis on his words, “Or maybe even forgive you.”

Jongdae sighed, hanging his head in his hands, “You’re probably right.”
Baekhyun gave him a concerned look, “Alright. Now just give her some time because I think she’s in a fragile state right now. Let her have her moment and when we leave, you can go see her.”

Meanwhile, in your shared bedroom with Jongdae, you had your face stuffed into a pillow, which much to your chagrin, smelled like him. You thought of how blatant your boyfriend had been with your sex life and the ugly feeling of embarrassment seeped into your body again. You tried to reason with yourself that the only reason Jongdae would talk about it was because that’s what guys do. They talk about who they banged, where they banged, and how they banged. But each time you came to that conclusion you only got more upset and a bit angrier, your fist hammering into the mattress like a child who was being denied their favorite sweet. As you cried into your pillow, you heard the quiet creak of the door and attempted to stop your sniffles, failing miserably.   

The bed dipped to your right as a familiar presence sat down, a comforting hand coming up to stroke your hair, “_____?”

You shoved your face deeper into the pillow, a muffled, “What?” You couldn’t stand to look at him right now, but you also really wanted to crawl into his arms, forgive him, and get on with life.   

You could hear the tired smile on his lips, “You know, I can’t understand you,” his voice grew gentler, “And you know I can’t stand to not see your beautiful face smiling at me.”

There it was, your Achille’s heel. Hearing Jongdae sound so pitiful and dejected really poked a hole in your heart. You exhaled shakily before sitting up, your hair a mess, successfully hiding your wet face and puffy eyes. “I know,” you whispered back.

Jongdae pulled you into his arms, and you wanted to stay mad at him, but you loved the feeling of your face close to his chest and being able to hear his heart beat steadily. You loved how all your senses were overloaded with Jongdae. In his embrace, nothing else mattered except him. He stroked your hair, unknotting it carefully with his fingers, “I’m sorry for embarrassing you _____.”

You looked up at him, taking in his lovely brown eyes that were soft with sincerity, his tongue darting out nervously to wet his lips as you judged his apology with doleful, but sharp eyes.

He continued suddenly sounding angry, one of his hands clutching the bed sheet tightly, “I should have never spoken about you like that. It’s not how you should treat the woman you love, especially the woman I love.”

You blinked and nodded, wanting to embrace him and kiss away his tension, but you needed him to learn his lesson, as much as it hurt to say. “You’re right, Jongdae, that’s not how you respect a woman. I hope from now on you’ve learned to treat the more intimate details of our relationship carefully and allow them to remain a special and private thing between us and not your friends. I’ll lesson your punishment to one week.”

Jongdae looked at you in shock, “You’re serious?” He sighed in relief and flopped down onto the bed, staring at the ceiling in disbelief as he ran a hand through his hair.

You leaned over him, your eyes narrowing, “I hope you actually meant what you said and not used it as an out to get a softer punishment.”

He looked up at you, his voice serious, “I meant every word _____,” he leaned up and kissed your lips gently, “Promise.”

You sighed and curled into him, “Good,” a finger trailed across his chest suggestively, a tiny teasing gesture. “But know that next week is going to be hell for you, okay?”

You saw Jongdae’s Adam’s apple bob nervously, “Oh?”

You smirked up at him, “Oh, yeah.” You just didn’t know why you had this creeping feeling of doubt.

 The first few days of that hellish week were absolutely fine, rather normal actually. The two of you would only exchange light touches of affection, an innocent good night kiss, Jongdae’s hands not daring to wander anywhere besides your hand, waist, or shoulders. You both established a sort of normal routine at night: shower (separately), brush teeth, a kiss good night, and then complete awkwardness ensued as the bedside lamp flicked off, the dark ensnaring you two in its stifling embrace. You became more self conscious of how you laid down, how often you changed positions, your breathing, his breathing, the rise and fall of his chest, the warmth he radiated, whether he could tell you were watching him under the cover of dark, how much you itched to bury your head into his chest and let his arms wrap around you. You knew the act in itself could be innocent enough, but you both were so worried about when the other would crack, you couldn’t risk even the lightest of brushes. 

It’s not like he was tempting you. In fact, it seemed like he wanted to remain in your good graces for as long as possible, not wanting to clip away at your temper with a pair of shears. But it was beginning to bother you for the strangest reason. You wanted him to be teasing you, using your crave for his touch and affection as your weakness, just like in all the stories you’d read. Maybe it wasn’t the guy that was tempting the girl, perhaps it was the girl’s own paranoia and desire that gnawed away at her. 

Stirring you from your thoughts, you watched with bated breath as Jongdae flipped onto his side in his sleep, his back to you. You couldn’t help yourself, so you reached hesitantly across the bed and ever so lightly caressed his skin through the fabric of his tshirt. You bit your lip, retracting your hand when he twitched slightly from your touch. You were itching for some physical contact, but remembered the deal. You were too stubborn and proud to give in and Jongdae was a pretty deep sleeper.

You stopped on that last thought, your cheeks and the bottom of your stomach heating up. What if…could you? No, you couldn’t possibly. He was a deep sleeper and not even a train wreck would wake him up, but that? You had two ideas that were risky, but quite plausible.

One: You could be completely crazy and touch Jongdae in his sleep, knowing that he’d believe it was a wet dream, and risk him waking up from over stimulation. You didn’t really find that option appealing at all. Even as your most aroused moment, you wouldn’t dare invade his personal space like that.

Two: You could be slightly less crazy and touch yourself while Jongdae was asleep beside you, knowing he probably wouldn’t be able to here you since you weren’t a very vocal person when masturbating, and risk waking him up from either too much movement or noise. Which was fairly unlikely given he was deeply asleep. Out of the two choices, number two was the lesser of two evils. But we’re you really going to go through with it?…

You let your hand slip down underneath the covers, gliding softly against your skin. Your own touch sent shivers of exhilaration over your body, the thought of Jongdae not knowing you were touching yourself beside him arousing you even further. You grabbed the waistband of your pajama shorts and wiggled out of them carefully, making sure not to disturb your sleeping boyfriend. When you were finally settled again, you returned to caressing your skin, imagining that it was Jongdae’s rough hands on your body, poking and prodding you until you were flustered with want. 

You thought just feeling yourself like this was enough of the danger factor you wanted for the night. You weren’t actually going to masturbate next to your sleeping boyfriend…were you? You froze again, suddenly feeling guilt wash over you. No, you thought it childish, but you were still mad at Jongdae for blabbing about all the things you and him had done in bed. Serves him right.

With your brows furrowed, you angrily ripped your underwear off, tossing them across the room. You slid your hands down your body deliciously again, smirking at Jongdae’s sleeping form as you teased your lower lips lightly. You gave a soft gasp when you felt how completely soaked you actually were already. The feeling of your fingers caressing your slickness was absolutely mind blowing, so you couldn’t help the low moan that sneaked out. You usually had so much patience when it came to pleasuring yourself, but tonight you wanted nothing more than to feel your fingers inside yourself and the electric feeling of your clit when you rubbed it. 

You frantically coated your middle and ring finger with your juices, making sure they were thoroughly lubricated before slipping them in easily. You shivered from the feeling and your clit pulsated with a need to be touched. You used your other hand to message your clit as quickly as you could because at this point you wanted nothing more than to orgasm as fast as you could or as many times as your body would allow. While rubbing your clit, you began to curl your fingers or wiggled them, imagining it was Jongdae’s own fingers or tongue that was making you feel this way. You could practically feel his smirk against you thighs and he would say something like, “Is my baby girl enjoying me tongue fucking her?”.   

Oh god, you were so close now. You felt frantic and crazed, all you wanted, no, needed, was to come. You didn’t care if Jongdae woke up or if he already was awake. You just needed release. You abused your clit mercilessly as you drilled your fingers into your hole…you were getting closer…closer!…Oh god!…

Jongdae! Yes!,” you cried out in a choked whisper. You came all over your fingers, your legs shaking intensely as your orgasm shattered your entire body. You jumped when you heard a grunt, but relaxed when you remembered Jongdae was still sleeping beside you. You lay there panting, looking over to see if he really was still asleep and froze.

 "Holy fuck, _____.“

You’d been caught red handed, but not in the way you’d expected. Jongdae was on his back, his head turned to face you. He had his dick pulled out from his pajama bottoms, his hand pumping up and down the slick shaft that was weeping precum. 

"Oh my god, Jongdae,” you stuttered, surprised and embarrassed. 

You could see the way he blushed even in the darkness of your bedroom, “I woke up and heard you…well and I couldn’t stop myself from…this.”

You saw the way Jongdae’s face was contorted in lust, his member looking painfully erect with his unmoving hand that lay frozen against it. You knew he was itching for release by the way he kept blinking too frequently and how it seemed hard for him to swallow.

You turned to face him on your side, lifting a hand to drag it along the skin of his jaw as you whispered, “Well, then finish what you started.”

That was all the confirmation he needed as he began to pump his member again, his breath hitching when he saw how you slipped your hand between your legs again. You rubbed your clit to the same beat as he jerked himself off, arousal clouding your vision of Jongdae’s face. 

“You just looked so good touching yourself ______,” he choked out, “So good touching yourself to the thought of me.”

You gasped, loving to hear his velvety voice out loud instead of in your head, “I thought of how you looked when you would go down on me. How you would fuck me so good with your tongue!…” You felt your release approaching and Jongdae’s was as well by the way his hand had picked up pace. 

“Oh fuck _____,” Jongdae moaned, “I’m coming!…”

You struggled to push him into his orgasm because the oncoming feeling of your’s was making you shake, “Come for me baby! Jongdae!…” You leaked your juices all over your fingers again, thighs quaking with the intensity of the release. You watched as Jongdae gave a few more frantic jerks.

“Fuck!…,” Jongdae cried out as he came. His seed spilling across his fingers and the back of his hand. His eyes fluttered shut as he road out his high. If it wasn’t the hottest thing you’d ever seen, you’d be lying to yourself.

The two of you calmed down after a minute and he was able to get out a few words, “I’m sorry _____. Again. About not keeping our sex life private.” He carefully cleaned himself up, looking downtrodden and quite remorseful.

 It really broke your heart to see him in such a rut. Especially after the two of you had shared such an intimate moment together. “I already said that I forgave you, Jongdae,” you curled into him, not realizing how much you had missed his touch. “I’ve forgiven you, so just hurry up and forgive yourself because I can’t stand being away from you anymore, okay?”

He pulled you into his chest, kissing your hair gently. You felt the way his mouth tugged into a smile, “Okay.”

You groaned, but nevertheless smiled, “Thank god. You were beginning to make me feel bad instead of it being the other way around.”

He laughed, the sound traveling throughout his whole body, “That’s the last thing I want.”

You pouted, “It better be, or I won’t even masturbate behind your back secretly.”

He chuckled, an eyebrow arching flirtatiously, “I definitely wouldn’t want that. I kind of liked it.”

You smirked, running your hands across his smooth chest, “I knew you would.”

The signs when arguing and how to deal with it
  • ☯ Please use your sun/mars signs ☯
  • Aries: They will go off and won't stop no matter how much of their judgement is altered. Most of the time they get too flustered up with emotion about the subject or they feel hurt, so they stop thinking and just pour out what's in the top of their head.
  • How to deal with it - Don't argue back. Just be patient, ask them to take a breath and know that they aren't meaning to hurt you in any way. Let them cool off on their own
  • Taurus: Stubborn as hell and won't back down until proven right - at least that's the stereotype.
  • How to deal with it - Honestly just let them talk for once. The only reasons Tauruses argue is because no one is letting them get their point across. Let them speak for once, sit tight and listen and then speak. At least the both of you will be heard.
  • Gemini: Literally everything you say will be considered wrong. They probably won't try to look at your side from the argument and they get kinda defensive about their views.
  • How to deal with it - Geminis can be a bit stubborn so it's hard to handle it at first, but most of the time it's best just to let them keep talking. If you argue back with them that'll just fuel the fire
  • Cancer: They get vicious. Don't be fooled about that stereotype where they're all sweet as hell, when you get into an argument with them things can get ugly.
  • How to deal with it - Know that when they say something to hurt you, that means you probably hurt them in some way. Try to find middle ground and the reason why you two are fighting in the first place.
  • Leo: No matter what they're always gonna think they're right. Sometimes they can get caught up with their own feelings and reasonings and refuse to look at anyone elses until they are heard first.
  • How to deal with it - I know this may seem hard at first but try to hear them out before you talk about your side. Let them know you understand, and after they've calmed down feel free to talk about how you feel. Leos are extremely caring and understanding up until they are upset in any way, so let them cool down first.
  • Virgo: They're fucking scary. If you get into an argument with a virgo, they can say some nasty things that cut right into you core. The worst part is that they always know what to say.
  • How to deal with it - It'll probably hurt you a lot or make you angry when you fight with them, but honestly I wouldn't. When you get upset, that makes them even more fired up and it creates chaos. It's okay to argue back but it's best to just leave them alone and talk to them later before they say something they may regret.
  • Libra: If anything, they'll get feisty. They aren't the type to full blown attack you but they can get overwhelmed and snap at you.
  • How to deal with it - Leave them alone. Libras need their space, and if you pick that time to argue with them about something they'll literally just shut you down before you finish talking. Leave. Them. Alone. Talk to them about it later.
  • Scorpio: Terrifying. They make a full 180 from their normally happy and humourous personality and just turn extremely mean. Most of the time they don't mean to say nasty things and they don't want to hurt you, but they get so caught up with their feelings they can't help it.
  • How to deal with it - This ones a hard one and probably one of the only bad things about scorpios. It's important to stay calm, because if you freak out they'll only get more upset because they see that they're hurting you and they get angry at themselves. Leave them alone, or if you can handle it try to ease them out of it and comfort them. Sounds weird to do in a middle of an argument, but trust me they're more mad at themselves than they are at you.
  • Sagittarius: They don't get mad easily but they cool down extremely fast. Don't let that fool you though, if you argue with a sagittarius it's like trying to defuse a bomb and having it blow up in your face.
  • How to deal with it - literally just let them wear themselves out and make them laugh. They're fairly simple to make up with and are willing to compromise with you if you just get them to chill.
  • Capricorn: Why are you even arguing with them? It's hard to get them to listen to you because they can be stubborn as hell and always want to have their own way.
  • How to deal with it - This is probably the hardest one. If you give them a good enough reason they will listen to you but you have to treat it a bit like a debate, but do not get heated. If you stay calm when speaking to them then you'll have a better chance.
  • Aquarius: They have a whole bunch of facts and shit to prove you wrong and like the other air signs; they'll always think they're right.
  • How to deal with it - A lot of them have a hard time listening to people when they have something to say, so let them go first and ask them if you can speak. This sounds like a weird play during an argument but it'll prevent heated and bias views. Aquariuses won't make sense if they're fired up and that'll only just make them sad or upset
  • Pisces: Literally arguments will go on for days passively or they will blow up. It's never in between, it's one or the other. Pisces usually hide their feelings and gradually bring it up passive aggressively starting small arguments that die down quickly and return again, or they get so overwhelmed with emotion they slay the shit out of you.
  • How to deal with it - You're not gonna win by getting upset. It's about being honest and letting them truly come out with how they feel also. It's kinda hard to do that especially when they keep going "No really, i'm fine" when they actually aren't. Sometimes you just need to confront them to settle it once and for all. Even if they blow up it's better than them throwing shade at you for something that happened months ago

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I have a little story to tell about how I became a larry. This was in 2014 during wwa and me and a couple of my friends had tickets for both of the Charlotte shows and this was earlier on the 28th of September. And me and my friends went into this Italian restaurant and we saw Eleanor (no louis) and a few other people I'm guessing from their team, at this time we shipped Elounor so we were excited to see Eleanor there and we didn't go up to her until we saw her leaving, cont....

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:And so we went up to her and we were wearing our shirts that we bought at the concert the night before. I know we shouldn’t have gone up to her knowing what I know now but I was only 14 then so I didn’t think much about it, but my friend said hi Eleanor and Eleanor said hi back and she seemed nice and so we kept talking to her and I even complimented her ugly gray jacket and and then my friend was talking about harry and how much she liked him and admired him…

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:And let me just say that me and my friends aren’t the skinniest girls especially then and Eleanor had the nerve to say why do you like Harry he’d never date someone that looks like you and we all just stared at her like we didn’t know what to do or say because it was just out of nowhere but all in all I realized that I don’t think Louis would ever be with someone that nasty and rude

omg……….. I’m so sorry for you guys. I’m literally speechless (and for anyone who might say “how can you believe” that’s not the first fan story about how Eleanor is rude to fans) 


Daddy Demon

Imagine: Crowley taking you in as a little girl, raising you by himself, trying to keep you away from anything harmful. One day you’re wandering around his castle when you run into the infamous Dean Winchester and daddy Crowley has a few words.

  • 1063 Words
  • Dean x Reader - Daddy!Crowley
  • Warnings: cursing, i think.

Waltzing through the hallways, you come to a door that is not normally open. You pause just outside, trying to listen in on anything going onside. You heard nothing, just some silence and the sound of your own breathing, which had quickened the moment you noticed the door open. It was a room you were never allowed in.

You take the last two steps it took to get there, gently leaning inside and taking a look around. At first, you don’t see anything. It’s bare all for a couple of chairs sitting in a neat row, looking up at an altar. You try not to notice what’s sitting up there, avoiding it altogether. But then your gaze lands on a strange figure that didn’t seem too familiar to you.

A man stands there, knife in hand, he’s scanning the room with his back turned to you. His shoulders move with each breath and you can suddenly hear it, slow and angry.

“Hello?” You call, trying to be as innocent as possible.

The man whips around, his eyes falling on you, knife raised. When he sees you, his arm lowers and his eyebrows loosen back to their rightful places on his face. “Who are you?”

“Crowley’s daughter.” You say as you were told, to mention Crowley’s name and you would never be harmed. He used to tell you this at a young age when he left you alone for hours at a time, though he always returned. “Y/N.”

His eyebrows form back together as if he can’t quite wrap his mind around the information. “Crowley’s daughter? I didn’t know he had one.”

“He does. Who are you and why are you in daddy’s castle?” You cross your arms over your chest and watch him. He was tall, taller than any of the demons that work for your dad. He’s muscular, too, knows what he’s doing. He must be a hunter.

“Dean Winchester. I’m sure daddy Crowley has mentioned a lot about me.” Dean’s lips curve into a smirk as he watches you.

Dean Winchester was, in fact, on your list of names to never speak to. Dean and Sam Winchester were off limits, as Crowley said. He didn’t like them, didn’t want you to be a part of their little team. He was afraid they would cause you to hate him, bring you to the ‘good side,’ as he put it.

You step further into the room, hitting the door gently with your shoulder to make it close some. “Winchester. Aren’t you the older one? The one my dad has a sudden lust for?” You had heard of Dean. Crowley mentions him every chance he got, and how much he loathed the man wielding the First Blade.

Dean seems surprised to hear the word used in such a placement. He shrugs a shoulder, keeping his eyes on you. “I don’t know if ‘lust’ is the right word there, Sweetheart.”

“Don’t swing that way?” Your feet had brought you closer without realizing it. You stood a couple inches away from him, peering up at him through your eyelashes. He was smirking still, giving you a look that said one of two things; you just couldn’t figure out which one would be better.

“I swing your way.” Dean closes the gap between you, setting a hand on your hip. His touch was gentle, unlike what you expected. He rubs his thumb over a thin patch of clothing. “That is, if you don’t mind hunters.”

You open your mouth to reply when you hear footsteps and a sudden change emits in the air. You glance over your shoulder to see Crowley standing there, squinting hard at the two of you. You push Dean back enough and take a seat in one of the chairs. “Daddy, what are you doing home?”

“’Bout time, Crowley.” Dean nearly growls, sending chills down your spine. “Been waiting for ya. Your baby here was just keeping me company until you showed up.” There was a certain victory in his voice. It shocks you and you gaze up at him, wondering exactly what he meant by it.

Crowley walks into the room, a band of demons behind him. He waves his hand, motioning for them to leave. They disappeared in a cloud of black smoke and leaving him looking more sinister than before. “What are you doing here?” He looks at you, his eyes saying you were in trouble and you weren’t going to charm yourself out of this one.

“I was heading to the ballroom.” You cross your arms. “Is that a crime?”

“I told you to stay in your room for the day.” Snapped Crowley.

“Lighten up.” Dean groans and shakes his head. “The girl needs some excitement in her life.”

“She doesn’t need you in it. Squirrel, I am banning you from this castle!” Crowley raised a hand up, but you pipe up before anything happens.

“Why? He’s literally the first mortal soul I’ve been around in years. Can’t you just let me be? Dad, I’m not a little girl anymore.” You start to talk with your hands, pointing to Dean and to Crowley. You notice Dean isn’t taking his eyes off the King of Hell. “He’s helped you out plenty of times.”

“I also know how he treats women.” Crowley rolls his neck and looks at you. “I don’t want you to end up heartbroken.”

Something in Dean obviously cracks. His posture straights out and you see a gleam in his eye that told you things were about to get ugly. “I may be a jackass, I may not be without sin, but I have never treated a woman poorly.” He growls. It chills you to the bone.

You stand up and take the hand the knife is in before anything happens. “Calm down.” You say soothingly, rubbing his forearm, hoping to relax him before either one of them lashes out and regrets it. Crowley needed Dean as Dean needed Crowley, and apparently they both needed you.

Dean’s shoulders drop, relaxing somewhat. You feel him become less tense as you lean your head on his shoulder, mumbling something about not being the time to attack your father.

Crowley cocks his head to the side, his eyes pulling together in a squint. “How did you do that?”

You look at your father questionably.

“You tamed the big, scary man.”

Author’s Note: I sort of thought turning this into a series. Let me know!


Okay so I really don’t wanna light up an discussion but I just needed to get my feelings out.

I consider myself multi-fandom, I love all the 16 boys in both EXO and BTS. And lately I have seen so much bullshit on my feed about one fandom shitting on the other. Like EXO-L’s talking shit about ARMY’s and the other way around. I just don’t fucking get it. When did being in a fandom and loving a group become a fucking competition and why are people trying to prove how shit the other group is instead of just loving your group. This has taken a ugly turn and people really needs to stop and turn 180 degrees the fuck around.

If there is one thing I have learned it’s that making everyone else look shit doesn’t make you look better. Please. This goes out to both fandoms, please let this be about love and not hate and competition. BTS and EXO are two amazing groups and both has come so far, there is nothing to be ashamed of or to slander eachother on. It doesn’t matter which of them wins what ever the fuck award, that doesn’t define how amazing they are.

I mean this also puts unnecessary weight on the artists shoulders too. I mean just a couple of days ago Baekhyun and Taehyung was chatting on stage and Jimin and Jongin was out eating dinner etc. Do you think they will be happy if they see all these negative comments about the other groupe?

Both are amazing, if you love both groups it’s amazing. If you only love one of them that is amazing too. But that’s what this is about, love. So please don’t make it into something dark and negative.

(I am not saying that all EXO-L’s and ARMY’s are being like this but there are also many that are. So if you are not one of the fans that this post is dedicated to please have a great day, you are doing amazing sweetie ❤️)