let's not talk about how long this took

Everyone talks about how shitty and stupid customers are, why don’t we ever talk about the cool ones? 

-Bilingual children translating for their parents/grandparents like a boss

-The drunk guy you had to deny a sale to and he took it so well and maybe even thanked you for keeping him safe

-The random peeps in a long check out line who stop to tell you you’re doing an amazing job

-The regulars who have your back when someone starts giving you a hard time

-Customers who let you know to keep an eye on someone for shoplifting

-Bros who insist on cleaning up their own mess/spill

-The really upbeat/cheery mom/aunt type customer that just kind of brightens your day a bit

Feel free to add, you guys. You know who they are, let’s give them some love.

Be More Chill Sky High AU

I saw this textpost here by dear-enjolras-hansen and was inspired to make a bmc sky high au! I remember watching the movie as a kid and loving it. But, yeah, go read the DEH one cause it’s real fun and cute!


  • Telepathy/Mind control
  • His mind control powers only came to him in his junior year, and they’re not full brainwashing
  • Basically he can’t actually force people to do something, but he can place powerful feelings of wanting to do it in the person’s head
  • His telepathy is full blown though and he can’t turn it on or off
  • But when he gets flustered or goes through strong emotions other people’s thoughts get jumbled in with his own and he can’t really tell the difference
  • His telepathy only came in sophomore year so freshman year he was powerless and therefore placed as a sidekick
  • Even in sophomore year his telepathy was kind of useless in combat so it wasn’t until junior year when his mind control kicked in that he was moved up to hero
  • He’s always felt really inadequate and weak because of his powers or lack therefore of
  • The fact that he can hear people’s snide thoughts about him also put a dent in his self esteem
  • He got called creep a lot because people accused him of purposefully listening in on their thoughts
  • Once he got moved up to hero people started to like him a lot more though
  • He initially lets it go to his head and basically abandons Michael and Christine
  • Buuuut eventually he snaps out of it and realises he’s been a dick
  • (His guilty pleasure is listening in to Michael think about dorky things like video games and poptarts)
  • The only time he ever used his mind control outside of combat was to guide people to the right questions during tests
  • Eventually they fiqured him out and he has to take exams after school now
  • Realised end of sophomore year he’s in love with Michael
  • Realises that all of Michael’s thoughts are less bromantic and more romantic
  • Runs up to Michael last day before spring break and declares his love in the middle of the school hall
  • They kiss and there’s no voices in his head for a moment


  • Sooo everybody thinks it’s going to be technopathy but it’s actually sound manipulation
  • It’s pretty cool, he can make really good music with it
  • He can also kind of use it in combat like Coach Boomer
  • Basically he can use sound waves as a physical force
  • But he fails to portray that in initiation so he gets put as a sidekick
  • He isn’t too bothered about it because, hey, he’s got Jeremy
  • And that girl Christine seems nice
  • His powers came to him in middle school so he’s basically known since then he wants to go into composing
  • He spends his free time hanging out with Jeremy and Christine, making music, and researching 90s super heroes and sidekicks
  • Even though he’s doesn’t become popular until him and Jeremy make up after their fight, ever since first year he’s been hired as the DJ for every major event at school
  • He writes sappy love songs dedicated to Jeremy and only lets Christine and Chloe listen to them
  • They’re really good
  • One day Jeremy finds them and like… Michael basically dies of embarrassment
  • It’s all good though cause it ends in happy making out
  • Doesn’t actually really care all that much about superheros or superpowers
  • He’s more interested in human culture
  • He’s one of the only kids at their school that doesn’t immediately judge people by their powers


  • Shapeshifting
  • It was actually only a week before the start of her freshman year that her powers came to her
  • She can shapeshift into any animal or human
  • But she really hates using her powers for combat so she was placed as a sidekick
  • This is mostly due to the fact that during initiation she only shapeshifted into a toucan, a bunny, and Lindsey Lohan
  • She shapeshifts a lot
  • Christine aint afraid to use her powers basically every ten minutes
  • She just loves changing randomly into a gecko
  • She’ll often change herself to look like Jake to confuse people
  • Jake finds it absolutely hilarious
  • She also likes to play harmless pranks on people
  • Like everything’s normal and then BAM elephant in the canteen
  • One time she changed into a frog and snuck into Chloe’s school bag to surprise her
  • Needless to say she was almost turned into an icicle by accident
  • Even though she’s a sidekick and not really in any popular circles, everybody likes her so she’s kind of friends with everybody
  • She’s really close friends with Jeremy and Michael though so she confides mostly in them and vice versa
  • She’s super close with Jenna after junior year as well so they have kind of a queer platonic relationship going on
  • For three years she’s had to hear about Michael’s ‘unrequited’ love for Jeremy and then when they finally got together Jake tells her he’s got a massive crush on Rich
  • And she’s just like crying to Jenna “Why do people ask me for relationship advice, I’m demiromantic, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing!”


  • This boi is pyrokinetic!
  • His powers came to him during the summer holidays before sophomore year
  • When he came back he showed off like nobody’s business and they moved him up to hero
  • He’s popular but everybody is lowkey scared of him
  • Then one day at a party he has a mental break down due to stress of family life and identity crises and all this shit
  • And he accidentally burned down Jake’s house and put him and Jake in hospital
  • After that he was super afraid of using his powers at all and was at risk of being moved down to sidekick again which would absolutely crush his self esteem
  • It was actually Jeremy that came up to him and sat him down and let him talk out all his emotions
  • The next day Jeremy took Jake aside and told him how guilty Rich feels
  • Rich and Jake have a long conversation about it and Jake tells him that just because he messed up once doesn’t mean he should stop using his powers
  • Rich gets mental health support and starts building up his life again
  • And all his friends are there to support him as he does
  • He also realises he’s bi
  • Makes an appalling amount of fire puns
  • Has a tiny crush on Jake and ends up going to prom with him
  • They spend the night together and after that start dating
  • It’s pretty good
  • Rich used to bully Jeremy about his powers but now they’re an really good terms
  • Him and Brooke basically talk to eachother about everything
  • She just gets him so they have a close platonic relationship
  • One year they went as a sexy angel and sexy devil for halloween
  • (Rich was the devil)


  • Super speed/Super strength
  • Immediately put as a hero without having to do initiation because of his parents
  • Jake’s had his powers since he was like ten so he knows how to use them really well
  • In school, people with more than one super power are already admired, that’s why Jeremy suddenly became really popular when he realised he could use mind control
  • But Jake’s just naturally an awesome guy
  • He’s basically the most popular guy in sky high
  • He prefers using his super speed more than his super strength but he’s well trained in both
  • Pretty much set for life since his mums were both well known superheros
  • He’s following in their footsteps
  • Already stopped a few small bank robberies
  • Dated Chloe all throughout freshman year
  • Broke up with her when he realised he was only with her because they were both the ‘most popular girl/boy in school’
  • Dated Brooke for a bit in sophomore year and then went on a few dates with Christine in junior year
  • Drunkenly made out with Jeremy one time during Jeremy’s ‘popular’ phase
  • Basically he’s hooked up with a bunch of kids at school
  • Because he’s seen as the ‘golden boy’, he feels a lot of pressure to do well as well as keep up his image to his classmates
  • Turns to sex and alcohol for stress release
  • He had a problem and refused to get help but after he almost burned to death and was put in hospital it was kind of like a wake up call for him
  • He got his shit together and he still regularly goes to AA meetings
  • Gets an extreme puppy love crush on Rich their senior year
  • Keeps doing things like lifting up benches or running to catch footballs on the other side of the school to try and impress him
  • It works out well in the end
  • Really good friends with Brooke, Chloe and Jenna
  • They make him carry their shopping bags and sometimes them when they go shopping


  • Ice powers
  • She’s had her powers since the end of elementary school so she’s really talented with using them
  • She can kick ass in combat but also uses her powers to create ice sculptures and cool her drinks up in the summer
  • Put as hero no question
  • Best at combat in sky high behind Jake
  • On her way to becoming a great superhero
  • Is often called ‘Ice Queen’
  • She likes it and is thinking of using it for her alias
  • Has to deal with a lot of Elsa jokes
  • She just freezes people to get them to shut the fuck up about it
  • Loves to pair up with Rich during training
  • Watching them spar is spectacular
  • Her, Brooke, Rich and Jake are all training buddies
  • In her senior year she becomes basically best friends with Michael
  • They sit and bitch about people while listening to Michael’s latest composition
  • After Brooke and Jake broke up Chloe and Brooke started up a ‘friends with benefits thing’
  • Then Chloe realised she was actually in love with Brooke and wanted to cuddle and kiss her non-sexually
  • So she puts up a massive ice sculpture outside Brooke’s house one day junior year  that says ‘BE MY GIRLFRIEND
  • They become a couple
  • Has been close friends with Jenna since they were kids, and even though she acts like she’s perpetually annoyed by her, Chloe is super overprotective of Jenna
  • Like she’s overprotective of all her friends (especially Brooke), but like it’s really noticeable with Jenna
  • Once knocked a guy out for making fun of Jenna being a sidekick
  • She’s a very angry teen just cause of social and academic pressure, as well as her crippling insecurity
  • When she’s super angry she’ll storm off to be alone
  • And just sit and let the things around her slowly be overtaken by frost and ice
  • Turns lakes into ice rinks in the summer for her and her friends to skate on


  • Flight
  • Brooke’s had her powers since she was a baby
  • Her parents had to put an extra secure cage on her cot so that she would stop whizzing around her room at midnight
  • She also had to be put on a child leash for her toddler years
  • She loves flying so much
  • Hardly ever walks anywhere
  • Just floats around like 3 cm off the ground
  • Hero
  • She’s great in combat and is expected to be a superhero in the future
  • But she has her heart set on being a trainer
  • The spotlight kind of freaks her out so she’s much happier supporting people instead
  • Has been pining over Chloe since middle school and when she wakes up to see the ice sculpture in her garden she flies down from her bedroom window and scoops Chloe up superman style and kisses her
  • When she gets upset she flies up to a really high cloud and just kind of… sits there and cries
  • She like to fly around with Christine when she’s shapeshifted into a bird
  • She gets called ‘airhead’ a lot as a joke and even though she laughs along it makes her quite self conscious about her intelligence
  • She just feels like everybody always only sees her power when they look at her and not her
  • BFFs with Rich
  • Even though she’s scared to stand up for herself she’ll protect her friends against bullies
  • If anybody makes fun of any of her friends she takes their school bag or some other possession and puts it on the roof of the school
  • And then refuses to get it down for them


  • Technopath
  • Nobody expected it because everybody forgets the fact that Jenna is actually super smart
  • She’s super good with any kind of technology, but especially mobile devices
  • Constantly has her phone with her
  • Is initially placed as hero in freshman year but she mostly uses her powers to snoop on people’s group chats and the school’s secrets
  • Cause she could not give less of a shit about being a superhero
  • She gets moved down to sidekick halfway through freshman year
  • The only thing she’s worried about is that her popularity is rapidly decreasing
  • She starts getting left out of loads of shit because being a sidekick means you’re a loser, basically
  • But she manages to crawl her way back up the social ladder due to her friendships with Chloe, Brooke and Jake
  • But everybody just completely labels her as a sidekick tagging along behind a group of heroes
  • So she always just assumes that people are friends with her out of pity or to utilise her power in some way
  • It takes a lot of time and reassurance from her friends to realise that that isn’t the case
  • She actually starts to care about her future in like sophomore year and starts to work hard on training with her powers and her grades
  • End of senior year she gets an offer to work with the government which she takes
  • Really close friends with Christine
  • They move in together after high school
  • They’re quite codependent on each other but not in an unhealthy way
  • They’re just super close
  • The lines between a platonic and romantic relationship between them are blurred
  • Close friends with Chloe and texts her about every piece of gossip she hears
  • Favourite hobby is hacking into homophobes/transphobes/racists/etc blogs and changing them to look like foot fetish blogs

I may have to write a fic of this… But yeah. BMC Sky High AU

Clingy (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: hello! love your blog! can i have a jughead x reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and she overheard him telling someone (maybe like archie or betty) that she’s clingy and so she distances herself from him? lol idk if that makes sense but if you could write it that would be amazing! thank you!!!!

A/N: I love this prompt so much. I had so many different storylines come to mind but hopefully you enjoy this one! Requests are Welcome!!


– Clingy (Jughead x Reader) –

You were walking towards your locker when you saw them.

Jughead and Archie talking by Jug’s locker.

Your heart skips a beat when you see that he’s wearing your favorite sweater of his. The soft green one that goes oh so well with his eyes.

Stop at your locker then go say hi to your boyfriend and his best friend. Routine. Like clockwork. Only today is when things change.

Opening your locker, you hear Jug say something sounding like your name. Thinking he saw you, you move your head a little to smile at him only to find him and Archie frowning at each other. That’s weird.

You pull out your English book and shut your locker, shrugging it off.

As you start to get closer, you hear him.

“I don’t know Arch. Is she clingy? Are all girls like that?” He sighs and digs around his locker for his science book.

Were you being clingy? Your heart starts to tighten in your chest. Was it making Jughead uncomfortable?

“Nah. You know (Y/N) is just a touchy person.” Archie offers him a smile. Neither of them saw you standing in the hall by the water fountain.

Archie says something quieter so you couldn’t hear but Jughead responds.

“I know. we spend every day together. We do everything together. Sometimes I feel like she’s always there. I can’t concentrate on anything half the time. She’s a huge distraction.” He shuts his locker and turns to Arch.

Archie nods and pats his back, saying something else but you already turned to leave.

Feeling hurt, you decide not to stop and say hi to them. It would be too clingy.

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NCT Boyfriend Series! [Boyfriend!Taeyong]

I’ve literally realised I’m doing it in the order of the Lee’s lmao

*lowercase & under cut xx*

boyfriend!nct series masterlist

  • boyfriend taeyong would be so fluffy oh my god
  • honestly he would tr(eat) you right ;))
  • lets begin
  • he’d bring you to the company a lot bc he was almost always busy and he liked having you around him when he had practice or when he was writing lyrics
  • if he was practising, you’d often leave to go buy chicken or something for you guys to eat when he goes on a break
  • sweaty taeyong eating chicken in front of you like a little child because he’d be super duper excited
  • you guys would have little talks here and there about his routine 
  • “how long did it take you to learn that move?” “took me a few days but we were held back because i had to help doyoung master it”
  • he sometimes pretends to be moody to get kisses from you ?? he literally fakes being upset so u hug him 
  • when u find out u ignore him for like 3 mins bc he was giving u puppy eyes

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Process gif of this picture. Took about 10 hours.

It’s important to me to talk about how long I spend on art because I used to constantly feel like art “took me too long” and the things I did didn’t look like they should have taken the amount of time I spent on them, and while I’m not going to say there’s no way I could learn to get faster, I feel it’s too easy for new artists (and people in general) to get the impression that artists have a special power or “talent” that lets them create finished pictures almost with a wave of their hand.

I would look at other people’s work and think it looked so easy, so effortless that it must not have taken them very long, and I would want to quickly create the same effect and get frustrated when I found myself stuck on it for hours. While there are ways to speed up the process and some artists just seem to have a knack for churning work out quickly, I’ve now come to realize that in many cases and for many people there is a long grind from concept to color to refining that just plain takes a lot of time. It’s pretty normal for a single picture to take me 8-10 hours to complete.

I wish I had known when I was younger that it’s okay to take the amount of time you need. Your art will be worth it.

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader) Pt. 4

Princess97:  I’ve decided I’m going to be a porn star.

Sebastian let out a small snort as he read the message on his phone. Ever since the picture exchange, the two of you had been texting nonstop. You moved on from the silly chatroom and gave each other your real phone numbers. It was a risky move on his behalf, but being the typical Leo he was, Sebastian liked to live dangerously every once in a while.

SexySeaBass82: Pornhub or Brazzers?

He snickered like a child as he sent the text, grinning like an idiot. He looked back up at the set before him. He had just finished filming an exhausting, yet epic fight scene which he was highly proud of. The dull ache in his muscles let him know ahead of time that he’d be feeling everything tonight.

Princess97: You perv! pornhub is where the mula is.

SexySeaBass82: I think it’s safe to say that I’d be your biggest fan, doll face.

Princess97: You know what I just realized?

Sebastian cackled as he typed his witty reply and hit the send button with lightning speed.

SexySeaBass82: That I’m daddy material? ;)

Princess97: No, that you’re probably older than electricity.

SexySeaBass82: I know you can’t see it, but I’m giving you the middle finger right now. (:

He set his phone down as soon as he saw Anthony and Jeremy making their way over to him. The two men were arguing about which character could take who. Of course, Anthony was convinced Falcon could destroy Hawkeye, but Jeremy was having none of it.

“All I’d have to do is shoot you out of the sky!”

“Not before Red Wing gets his sights on you!”

Sebastian fought the urge to laugh at the two as they stood in front of him. “Seb, tell him the truth before I do.” Anthony reasoned. Jeremy snorted, taking a sip from his water bottle. He’d never say it out loud, but Sebastian was a huge fan of Hawkeye, and when it came down to it, he felt Falcon would take a beating from the archer.

“Nope!” he held up his hands in defense. “I’m not taking any part of this! I’m like Bucky, completely innocent.”

Before any of them could reply, Sebastian’s text tone went off, causing the three men to jump and peer down at his phone. His phone, which was glowing, the text showing the following words:

Princess97: I wonder what else you can give me. ;)

“Oh, damn!” Anthony cackled as he snatched the phone from the chair. “Who is Princess97?”

Sebastian immediately shot up from his seat and wrestled the phone out of the man’s hand. Jeremy bent over, his hands on his knees as he cackled loudly. He would never let this go, Sebastian was sure of it. One sentence, and the entire cast would know of his little flirty texting buddy.

“None of your damn business!” he spat, placing his phone in his pocket.

“Ninety seven doesn’t stand for the actual year, does it?” Anthony teased, elbowing Jeremy as they roared with laughter.

“Hey Seb,” Jeremy chimed in. “What kind of formula do you give her?”

The two men burst into hysterics, catching the eyes of several crew members. Usually, Sebastian would have laughed along, but instead, he felt his face heating up with embarrassment. You weren’t that young. Hell, there’s a lot of people who talk to younger people, so what was the deal? You were of legal age, which was totally fine. Then again, his mom would probably give him a slap if she found out he was flirting with a nineteen year old.

“For your information,” he sassed, sitting back into his seat. “She’s really hot. Get with the winning team, guys.”

“Who’s hot?”

The three men turned around to see a very exhausted Chris in his stealth suit. He scratched the back of his head lazily as he peered between the men curiously.

“Sebastian here’s got himself some jailbait.” Jeremy spoke before taking off towards his trailer before Sebastian could catch him. Chris furrowed his brows as he looked over at his friend. This was absolutely not how he planned this to get out.

“What’s all this talk about jailbait?” he asked as he took the seat beside him. Seb groaned and placed his head in his hands.

“It’s literally all lies,” he told him. “She’s perfectly legal, just a bit younger.”

“How young?” Chris asked, his brow raising in disappointment.

“Nineteen.” Sebastian answered after a long silence.

“Oh thank goodness,” Chris breathed dramatically, placing his hand over his left boob once again. “I thought you meant she was young.”

“She is young.” He admitted. “Fifteen years.”

Chris let out a snort as he pulled out his phone. “Well, Seabass,” he sung as he unlocked his phone.

Make sure you burp her after feeding her, m’kay?” he teased before sprinting off as fast as he could in the same direction Jeremy ran in. 

Sebastian sighed, sinking into his seat.

What on earth was he going to do with these idiots?

You were snuggled on your sofa, scrolling through your Tumblr dashboard, when you heard the theme song of one of your favorite TV shows being to play. It was The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. You loved that guy more than anything, he could always cheer you up when you felt down. 

“Good evening folks, our guest tonight is the one and only…Sebastian Stan!” 

Immediately, your ears perked up at the name. That was the actor Sebastian was in love with. Your head cocked to the side as you realized the two men had the same first names. You shrugged, it was probably a coincidence, right? 

“Here’s your tea, Y/N!” your roommate chimed as she handed you a matching mug. You gave her a quick smile before returning your gaze to the TV. 

“So Sebastian,” Stephen said. “I understand you and Anthony Mackie are quite the duo on set.” You found your eyes focused on the actor’s face, taking in his features. You understood why Sebastian was obsessed with this guy. He was freaking gorgeous. And that jawline -man, that looked like it could cut diamonds. And those steel blue eyes! He was a total babe. 

“Yeah, we’ve grown pretty close these past few months. We even gave each other nicknames.” Stan said as he giggled, his face turning a deep red. 

“Oh? Do share these nicknames, Sebastian!” Stephen mused, earning a bunch of cheers from the crowd, mostly from women. 

You took a sip of your tea, your eyes set on the blue eyed man on the screen as he said the following words. 

“Well, he likes to call me Sexy Sea Bass.” 

The tea in your mouth sprayed all over the screen in front of you, even landing on your roommate’s lap as well as yours. She let out a shriek before jumping out of her seat and pointing an accusing finger at you. 

“What the fuck, Y/N?” she exclaimed, her face twisting into a scowl. 

You stared at the screen, your eyes completely wide with distraught as the man repeated the nickname for a second time. 

“Yeah man, I’m telling you,” he laughed along with Stephen.

 “He calls me Sexy Sea Bass!”


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First Kiss- Warren x Reader

Request//anon: Xmen prequel imagine where reader is in the friend group with Scott, jean and etc and one night they’re hanging out and talking about things and they start talking about first kisses and reader quickly makes up an excuse to leave the room because she hasn’t kissed anyone before and no one knows except warren, so warren follows her out of the room and they kiss and are all cute??? 

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“Okay, but first kisses,” Jean says laughing while reaching for another slice of pizza. 

“What about them?” Scott arched an eyebrow under his glasses. 

“Ya know, when, where, who,” she drags out the last one, smirking, 

“the juicy stuff,” Jubilee adds, with a bubbly laugh.

You, Jean, Scott, Kurt, Jubilee, and Warren, were all seated in the very back of the X mansion library, up way past curfew, slowly working your way through two x-large pizzas, and just about every topic of conversation. It was nights like this you lived for, when things seemed perfectly normal, when you could of been mistaken as regular students, not mutants having to cope with the stress of a mission or assignment. 

“I’ll go first, then we can go around the rest of the circle and everyone can say,” Jean smiled. You shifted uncomfortably at the sudden change of topics, fiddling with the worn out lace on your shoe. Your gaze was directed at the floor so you didn’t notice Warren watching you carefully. The truth was you hadn’t had your first kiss yet. It wasn’t a huge deal, but you were still a tad embarrassed. You wanted it to happen, it just hadn’t yet, and not with the right person. 

“Hey I’ll go grab us some more pop,” you suddenly said, pushing yourself off the floor to stand.

“Alright thanks,” Scott grinned without a second thought, as Jean dove into her story. You turned on your heel and made your way the the kitchen, exhaling a long breath of relief, since you got out just before letting everyone know you’d never been kissed.

You opened the stainless steel fridge once you arrived in the kitchen, fishing a few old cans of soda out of the back. You then hopped on the counter, cracking open a can for yourself, deciding you should wait a bit before reentering the library, just to make sure they had changed topics.

You were sipping on your drink and absentmindedly swinging your feet against the cupboards when a sudden voice pulled you from your thoughts.

“Hey,” you looked up to see Warren.

“Hi,” you smiled “why aren’t you back in there dishing out some great stories?”

“Just needed to stretch my legs,” he shrugged, walking over to you. 

“So what’s your great first kiss story?” You asked with a laugh.

“Nothing great,” he reached for a can of soda resting by you, “just a girl I used to know.” You nodded at his words unsure how to respond. He was the only one of all your friends who knew you hadn’t had your first kiss yet. You’d let it slip to him a long time ago while talking. He was super cool about it, not teasing you in the slightest. He took a drink before setting the can down again. “You know this topics gonna come up again, it’s just a matter of time,” he faced you.

“I know,” you groaned in reply, shaking your head, “don’t remind me, it’s so embarrassing.” 

“Hey no,” he corrected you, “it’s totally cool, but if you do want a story, ya know, well…” his voice trailed off and you could see a touch a redness creeping onto his cheeks. You suddenly caught onto his words, and bit your lip, holding back a smile. You hopped off the counter, facing him. He smiled brightly, reaching up the push back a piece of your hair, and began leaning in,

“okay wait-” you stopped him.

“What’s wrong, are you okay?” he looked honestly concerned.

“Ya it’s just, well, what if I’m a shitty kisser?” You shuffled your feet.

“(Y/N),” he laughed, “I can promise you won’t be.”

“Okay, okay,” you chewed your lip for a moment nervously, then quickly leaned into Warren, your lips touching his. He kissed you back instantly, wrapping his hands around your waist, gently pulling you closer. It seemed to last forever, but was honestly just a few seconds before you broke apart. 

“Wow,” he said, taken back.

“What? was it bad? I knew it-”

“No,” he stopped you, “it was good, really good,” he gave your hand, which you didn’t even realize he was holding, a light squeeze. You felt your cheeks grow warm. 

“S-should we rejoin the party?” You finally said, it still felt like your heart was racing.

“In a minuet, it’s nice out here too,” he replied, smiling. You had to agree with that. A story, great pizza, decent soda, and a first kiss, it was nights like this you lived for, the normal ones, the simple ones. 

Baby Daddy: Birth

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


N/A - this is scene is so magic I just had to have it on this imagine, even though it’s not a gif. I’m sorry it took so long to be out, as I said, I was sick. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. :)


Imagine: You and Klaus are chilling and talking at a large bed when you suddenly goes into labour. 

Word Count: 2817

Resting in a huge soft mattress, you thought about no one bothered to let you know how hard being pregnant was. The fact you had a little person growing inside of you was weird. Oh, if only that was it… The baby kicked, twisted and danced a lot, making a whole party in your uterus. Every. Single. Day. And Klaus, who should be helping and regretting for putting you through this, would only laugh, saying it was cute. Also, that she had his impulsive genes. God, you hoped he was wrong!

“Oh no, baby.” You whispered, feeling it move. “I know it’s tight in there, but try to stay still.”

“Are you in pain, love?”

“Huh? Nah, I’m fine. A little bit uncomfortable, though.”

“It’s almost over.” He sat straight in the bed and stroke your belly, which made you smile. “Hey, sweetheart. It’s daddy.”

The baby girl kicked, almost as if she recognised who was talking to her. Klaus let a genuine grin slip under the response of his daughter and your heart warmed up at the sight. It was wonderful to see him as his true version. No anger, no resentment, not anything, just the man you have come to love very much.

“Y/N? Are you in there?”

You giggled, stretching your arm to touch the wrinkle formed between his eyebrows from the frowning. Klaus grasped your wrist, carefully, then placed a kiss on the soft skin, making you shudder. Yes, it did not matter that you were nine months pregnant, the man still managed to soak up your panties.

“Not fair, Niklaus…”

“I miss you so much…” He hummed against your forehead. “Your silky moans when I go down on you. Or the mewls whenever a kiss you right here.”

Klaus leant in, nuzzling on your neck and letting your scent intoxicate him. The reaction came pretty quickly to you, for it made you clutch a lock of his hair and pull it as hard as you could. He groaned, tightening the grip on your shoulders. After a lot of teasing, the blond man finally kissed you. His plump and warm lips connected to yours in a perfect match.

“Hum, allowed to make a fun fact?” Your voice was merely a whisper, while you stared deep into his blue eyes.

“Go ahead.”

“I know an effective method to help start the labouring process.”

“Like actually help you get that baby out sooner?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Share it, then!” 

You laughed.

“We need to have sex. Lots of it.”

"W-What?” He stuttered, surprised. “Sex helps?”

“It does.”

“So let’s get that started.”

The Mikaelson attacked your lips once more, only this time more wildly and lewd. You smirked between kisses, grasping the collar of his shirt and pulling him closer. However, before you could go any further, a sharp pain invaded your body, which lead you to stop everything.

“What is it, love?”

“Don’t freak out, OK?”

“I can’t promise anything when you say it like that… Come on, Y/N, tell me what is going on!”

“Alright.” You clenched your jaw, enduring the second contraction. “The baby is coming.”

“Huh? Are you sure?”

“Yes. Pretty sure.”

“What do I do?” Klaus looked lost and you felt sorry for him. 

“I don’t know!” You cried, feeling the pain crawling up your body again. “Go off to find Davina, she might have herbs or any knowledge that could help.”

“I won’t leave you alone.”

“Please, Klaus! I don’t think I can withstand this much pain.” Your voice was now barely a whisper. “Get Davina. For me.”

“Alright. But Rebekah and Elijah will be with you while I get the witch. Stay still.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best.” You retorted, sarcastic. 

Like you could actually move from where you were under such a unbearable pain. It was utterly awful, something like being torn apart from the insides. Again, a scream slipped, which made you realise that keeping it together was no longer an option. Heck, you needed your brothers so much… Damon would make the whole situation lighter, whilst Stefan could give you support. You sighed, hating the idea of them not being around. 

“OK, screw this. I’m calling them.” You reached your cell, which was lying on the nightstand and dialled the Salvatore mansion’s number. 


Urgh, hi, brother. I’m sorry I’ve been so… Ah! Absent lately.”

You sound tired.

“I am. That’s exactly why I called you.”

Because you’re tired?”

You giggled and shook your head.

“No, I called because your niece decided that today is the day she comes to meet this world. Oh, for God’s sake this hurts!”

What?!” His voice sounded like he was shocked. “You’re having the baby right now?”

“Sort of.” You shrugged and Klaus returned to the room, bringing two of his siblings with him. “Can you come?”

Yes, of course I can. I’ll be there in five.

He hung up and you were left alone with your new found family, which were incredibly silent. 

The Mikaelson siblings soon shook it off, splitting and begginning to work on making you comfortable. Rebekah sat by your side, cleaning your forehead with a warm white cloth, while Elijah brought some clean sheets and a towel, probably for the baby. Klaus, on the other hand, kept looking at you with desaprovement infused on his eyes. There was no doubt that he was acting like that because of the call. Your boyfriend developed a huge resentment towards Damon and Stefan and it did not matter what you said on the subject, the man would not cave in.  

“OK, do not give me that look. Get me my witch and don’t worry about my siblings.”

“You shouldn’t have called them here!" 

"Niklaus Mikaelson, I’m giving birth to your daughter. It’s no time to be fighting, alright?”

“She’s right, Nik. We need as much help as we can get." 

He huffed and crossed his arms. 

"This is not over.”

“I really don’t care, Klaus.” You sighed. “Just help me, OK? We can discuss everything later. After she’s born and safe.”

Since the Mikaelson could not bear the sight of you hurting, he agreed to your terms and left to find Davina. A second later, another set of labouring cramps came and, heck, you were so going to need drugs. 

[A couple of hours later]

“Bekah, this hurts!” You whimpered, screwing your eyes shut. 

“Oh, darling. I know it does.”

The blonde stroke your forehead, which by now was all covered in sweat. 

“Thanks for being here." 

Your mere whisper made the girl smile. Poor Rebekah. She was doing everything she could to make you comfortable, yet, as the time passed, the ache only grew worse. And nothing in that goddamned house was able ease what you were feeling. 

"Elijah, please, call out brother." 

"He doesn’t seem to be getting the calls at all.”

“She needs him, don’t you see?”

“I can watch out for her.” Stefan said, stepping out the couch near the big window. “I’m used to that by now, since she’s my sister.

Oh, yes. He had arrived a little after your boyfriend left, offering his support and helping hand. Yet, despite all of the good intentions the Salvatore had, he was definitely not allowed to come close. Doomed to observe you from a cold furniture. It was rather sad. However, there was not much you could do about it. 

“Oh, dear Stefan. I’m not sure my brother would appreciate if we allow you to do that.”

“And we certainly don’t care.” A sassy voice echoed, coming from the door. “Now, if you excuse me, I have to take my baby sister away from you guys.”


“Thank me later, sis.”

“Are you crazy?” Elijah questioned, eyes widened. “We are not letting you get Y/N away from here. Otherwise…”

“… Klaus will go oh so pyschotic and destroy the whole town? Yeah, I know. Save it. I’ll take her to Bonnie, she has some witchy stuff that will help.”

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Numb - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by jennchoblake

word count: 1932
summary: after the dread doctors take your soul, you’re just not you.  and it becomes more and more dangerous to yourself every day 
warnings:depression, attempted suicide, suicidal thoughts, swearing

You’d never felt a coldness like this before.  A numbing, empty, coldness in your chest.  It wasn’t the frostbitten-cover-your-skin-in-the-wintertime cold.  No, it was far worse.  

It was the Dread Doctors-ruined-my-life-and-now-I’m-nothing-cold.

Beginning the night of the storm, you were taken by them, and they removed something from you that you didn’t know could be physically operated to take away.  They took your happiness.  Your spirit, your charisma.  They took it away from you, and for weeks on end, you were trapped in a depression like no other.

It had confused the pack greatly, how the perky always brightside y/n l/n had gone from smiling to expressionless in the matter of a day.  And because of your wiped memory, you’d had no idea that what was once your soul, was stolen from you.  So when everyone kept asking you, begging you to brighten your eyes and tell them what was wrong, you’d tell them you were fine each day.  And they didn’t know how to fix you.

Lydia tried taking you shopping, all your favorite stores, offering to buy you a whole new wardrobe, give you a mani pedi, but what was once your girls’ favorite activities to do together just felt wrong and awkward.  Malia took you hiking, all your favorite places in the woods, but you never cracked a smile.  Kira made you a sushi dinner, remembering how much you enjoyed using chopsticks, but the confusion on your features just made her heart break.

But it was Stiles’ heart who was shattered.

His best friend, the only girl he could only fall in love with, wasn’t herself.  The dimpled angelic smile and glowing features looked so dull.  He practically saw you in black and white, when you used to be his ray of sunshine.  He tried everything, he took you for drives in Roscoe, made you dinner and cuddled you while watching your favorite movies, even the ones he despised but knew you adored.  He went and bought your favorite books for you to read, and when that didn’t seem to work he read them to you.  He brought you to dinners with his Dad, he took you on long walks late at night in the park (a secret thing that only you and him did).  He cracked jokes 25/8 in hopes of earning the smallest of smiles.  Nothing worked.

You were in a constant expressionless, barely alive, broken state.  And no one knew how to fix you.

And here you were, standing on the cliffside at the Beacon Hills Preserve, trying to think, trying to figure out what had happened to you that changed you so much.  You stepped out further, looking down at the fall beneath you.

“Help” You whispered softly, almost able to hear the echo of your voice bouncing down what must be a hundred foot drop.  You could see your breath hang in the air before dissipating.  You choked down a thick swallow, trying to fathom the horrid idea that crossed your mind.

This fall would end your suffering.

“Y/N!” Stiles screamed, hands cupped around his mouth to amplify his voice as he sprinted faster than he ever has through the woods.  He knew you had to have come here.  

In the five minutes he left you in the living room alone while he’d gone to the kitchen, you had taken off.  When Stiles walked back to the couch, you were nowhere to be found, and the front door wide open.  He’d instantly contacted the entire pack and now they were scouring through the Preserve in search of you.  He could hear Scott and Malia howling in the distance.

Y/N PLEASE!” Stiles’ voice strained and cracked, but he didn’t care.  He just kept screaming at the top of his lungs as he ran.  The burn in his legs and stomach didn’t even matter, he didn’t care if he even puked he wouldn’t stop running in search of you.  The light of his flashlight bounced off the ground and trees, his arms moving frantically.

He was in sweatpants and a hoodie, looking like an idiot screaming and sobbing as he sprinted like there was no tomorrow through the woods, but he just didn’t care.


You spun your head, your chest heaving as you squinted to see a light flashing around in the distance of trees.

“Stiles?” You whispered, trying to see what was coming towards you at a rapid speed.  When you didn’t hear another frantic scream, you turned back towards the ridge, your feet barely shuffling forwards.  You had to do this, you’d put everyone out of their misery, including yourself.  It’d be over fast, enough that you wouldn’t feel a single ounce of pain upon impact.  You had to do this

“Y/N!” You sucked in a breath, spinning around to see Stiles there, a mere ten feet away.  “y/n I need you to listen to me-”

“Don’t try to talk me out of this” You said, wiping your eyes with your sleeve.  Stiles nodded, holding out both of his hands in a form of surrender.

“I won’t” He whispered.  “But if you’re going to do this, I need you to know something” He told you, and waited for some form of response.  You only nodded.  “This, isn’t you” He said.

You opened your mouth to protest but didn’t get the chance to speak.  

“And I would know, because I know you better than anyone else, hell, I know you better than you know you, fact” He said, shooting his hand down in frustration.  “I know that you’re always tired, no matter what.  I know that you can’t have breakfast right after you wake up because you don’t get hungry for a while and you want to enjoy the meal to it’s fullest.  I know that you like to have the windows down in the car, even when it’s frickin’ ten degrees out.  I know as much as you say you hate it you love watching Star Wars, and I know you’ll never admit it to me for the sake of the argument.  I know that you have the brightest smile in Beacon Hills, even though we haven’t seen it in a while.  I know you’re afraid of the dark but you refuse to get any form of nightlight because you don’t want to succumb to the fear, you want to move on from it.  I know that you had a crush on Theo before he went bat shit crazy and tried to tear apart the pack, and I know what your feeling before you know what you’re feeling”

You blinked, your lips parted as new tears settled in your eyes.

“But damnit y/n,” Stiles stepped closer, and you didn’t stop him.  “If I lose you today without telling you that I know all these things because I’m hopelessly in love with you, then I will deliver myself to Theo and beg for him to rip me apart” He sighed heavily as you began crying in front of him.

Stiles continued, noticing how you were actually expressing feeling.  Even if it appeared to be sadness, at least it wasn’t your blankness.

“I know you were the ones who threw eggs at Jackson’s house when he beat me up freshman year, and I know you confessed to my Dad as soon as he was looking for the perp who’d done it.  I know you guys promised each other to keep your identity a secret if you promised not to let it happen” He confessed, and your eyes widened with surprise that he’d known the truth.  “He never told me, I wasn’t eavesdropping, I just know” Stiles took one more small step forwards, going unnoticed by you.  “I know you get scared sometimes that you’ll be replaced by Scott, and I know when Lydia came into the picture, you were terrified, but you never told me”

I wanted to, your voice caught in your throat.  I wanted to tell you how afraid I was.

“I know you’re not sleep cuddling when you grab on to me during sleepovers.  I know you’re awake and that you wrap yourself completely around me so that you can sleep”

Stiles was close enough that if he extended his arm, he could touch you.

“y/n, if you do this, I will never be able to do anything I’ve dreamed of doing” Stiles admitted.  “I’ll never be able to muster the courage to ask you out, I’ll never be able to take you to some fancy restaurant and tell you how gorgeous you look, I’ll never be able to kiss you or hold you, I’ll never be able to wake up with you in my arms and just lay and tell you how much you mean to me.  I’ll never be able to drop on a knee one day and ask you to be mine forever, even though forever just isn’t quite enough time for me to have with you”

“I- all I’m doing is hurting you” You choked out to him finally.  “I don’t wanna hurt you anymore, I care about you too much to put you through this-”

“Then don’t do it” Stiles took a long stride forward, and you hesitantly shuffled backwards.  If you did so again, you’d wobble of the ledge.  “Come here, let me take you home” He whispered softly, and held out his hands to you.  “Let me warm you up and we can talk, we can talk about anything you want” He said, and you stared at his open palm, your fingers itching to grab onto it.

“I’m broken Stiles” You mumbled.  “I don’t know how to fix me”

He crossed the space between you, grabbing your hand in his, holding your small and cold hand between both of his,  He brought it to his lips and placed a kiss in your palm.

“Let me help you” He whispered, and after a second of staring at him, you nodded your head shakily.

“Okay” Your voice cracked as tears streamed down your cheeks.  “Okay” You sobbed, and as you moved towards him he embraced you tightly, pulling you as far back from the ledge as he could before he couldn’t move anymore, just wanted to stand and hold you.  Your hands were fisted into the collar of his hoodie, your face buried in it.  Stiles’ hands were running through your hair and rubbing your back so quickly, the fear of almost losing you still settled in his bones.

“Don’t ever do that again” He said, kissing your cheek and head a few quick times as he rocked you side to side, one of his arms tightening around your waist.  “You scared me so bad- I don’t know what I would’ve done without you y/n I can’t- I can’t do anything without you” Your hands released his shirt to tangle in the hair at the nape of his neck, then delve up and grip to the longer strands, pulling your face off of him to stare up into his eyes with your tear filled ones.

“I won’t” You said, pulling him down and pressing a quick kiss to his lips, like it was a normal thing for the two of you to do, then hug him tightly again.  Stiles gripped onto you, not even having the time to bask in the taste of your soft lips against his.  He didn’t have the time for that, he was still focused on the relief of having you in his arms.

“Come on, we’re going home” He whispered in your hair.

you are BEAUTIFUL and you are WORTH IT!
and if you ever think otherwise, dm me.  bc you’re amazing.  and i will prove it to you.  i also like making friends 

xoxo ~ jordie

Hacker - Avengers x Reader

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Words: 1062
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers
Warnings: hacking, mention of guns and fighting
Requested by @fandomstucklover87love
can you do a image were the reader is a new member to the team and shes like 13 nd shes there cuz she hacked tony ? and yes is kind of like my story but I love the way you wright
Authors Note: i loved your story idea man i couldn’t wait to hear more of it, honestly :) GUYS IM GETTING SO CLOSE TO 5000 FOLLOWERS I LOVE YOU. 

Age was not specified. Just says “kid” a few times, but age does not matter unless you have a problem with kid” :)

Avengers Masterlist. Masterlist.

“I never thought I’d see the day where Tony is losing money instead of gaining it,” Clint walked into Tony’s lab.

“We’re not talking about it,” Tony grumbled.

Clint tried to hold in his laughter when he saw the statistics on his computer. The number was dropping by thousands in a matter of seconds. Tony didn’t know how to fix it, and he had no idea why everything was dropping. He never spends this much money at once, and he knows how to invest, why was it going down?

He called Pepper to see if there were any problems he didn’t know about, and when even she was freaking out, he knew this problem was far above them. Something was going on behind the scenes that he didn’t know about, and he had no idea how to solve it. “I don’t just lose money. And if I do, it’s definitely not that fast.”

“I’ll check with Natasha, she might have an idea of what might be happening,” Clint suggested and walked out.

“FRIDAY,” Tony started, “Do you have the report yet?”

“Yes, sir,” FRIDAY began, “There seems to be tampering on the-”

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  • Autistic Lance who had to force himself to act neurotypical his entire life because he wanted to prove he was “good enough”
  • Autistic Lance who hid the fact that he was autistic from the Garrison bc he was afraid they would treat him differently
  • Autistic Lance who either took twice or half as long as other cadets to learn things, and was constantly told by teachers that he could do better, he wasn’t trying hard enough
  • Autistic Lance who loves infodumping and always has so much to say!! Let the boy speak!!
  • (Him and Pidge bond over that and spend hours talking about their special interests)
  • Autistic Lance who seems to be very comfortable in social situations, but always needs time to recharge after talking to people for too long
  • Autistic Lance relearning how to stim now that he feels safe and accepted by his fellow paladins!!
  • Autistic Lance!!

Prompt: Lin comforts his crying wife. Told in his POV.

Pairing: Lin x reader

A/N: I think this will be my Day 6 prompt. This is the first self-indulgent fic I’ve truly written since I began writing. Plus it’s fair to say that every fic I’ve written every day for this write-a-thon was a “first time” for me. I apologize if this fic isn’t great or lacks a story, but today was a really bad day for me and I needed to write this. Shout out to @imaginebeinghamiltrash for being one of the best people I’ve met on this site.

Every morning, after his usual 5:30 A.M. gym session (something that took him years to get used to), he’d arrive home to his wife humming a song to herself as she cooked breakfast. It was a sight that would always make his breath catch and his heart feel full; he’ll never get used to the fact that he married his best friend and other half.

Today, when Lin saw the empty kitchen, he knew something was wrong.

He peeks into his office, but the room was filled with nothing but his clutter. When he enters the bedroom, he sees her sprawled on the bed, staring at the ceiling, fresh tears spilling over her cheeks. Lin didn’t hesitate, crossing the room in quick strides, and slips inside the covers with her.

Wordlessly, he reaches for her and tucks her under his chin.

His wife was the happiest, most optimistic woman he knew.

But sometimes, the happiest people were the saddest ones on the inside.

“Wanna talk about it?” he whispers as he held her.


Lin wanted to make her feel better, wanted to banish the demons that were inside her head that were responsible for tearing her confidence and happiness to shreds.  But when she shut him out like this, he couldn’t, and it infuriated the hell out of him. At the same time, years of being married to her made him understand that pushing her to tell him her problems would make it worse – there were so many nights where he’d sleep on the couch after an argument arose from her stubbornness to share her feelings.

He would wait until she was ready to talk. In the meantime, he was content to hold her through the torment she put herself through. It was the only way he knew how to comfort her.

It took her a long time to finally speak.

“I’m sorry I’m like this,” she whispers, voice hoarse, “I just get lost in my head sometimes, you know? I think too much about every little thing and I let it get to my head…”

Lin squeezed her gently. “Don’t apologize. C’mon, talk to me, baby. I’m your husband, I want to make it all better.”

She sniffs and Lin feels her tears wet his shirt.

“I just don’t want to say anything stupid.”

Lin blinks back the tears that clouded his vision. Oh my sweet, dear wife, why are you so hard on yourself? “Nothing you say will ever be stupid. Your feelings will always be valid.”

Her arms wrap around his middle as she buries her face into his chest and sobs.

“Let it all out,” he coos, rubbing her back.

Through her hiccups, he hears her apologize again.

Lin knew that whatever she was dealing with, he needed to be here with her. He reaches for his phone and types:

@Lin_Manuel: Sorry kiddos, no ham4ham today. My wife needs me.

Touken confession

This post is about Touka’s confession in chapter 122, little observation I did before creating this blog, so here it goes. =)

I’d like to start with this panel

Ishida-sensei doesn’t make his characters voice their thoughts directly so often, but he lets their facial expressions speak up for them. You can notice the immediate change at Kaneki’s face after thinking up for answering Touka, he switched from that grim serious look to that kind expression, a face that remembers the past with its nostalgic memories.

Talking about the best sure is gonna hurt, especially when it includes lost things which you won’t be able to retrieve no matter what. So, yeah it is not only Touka who handled this conversation well. The thing about Kaneki is that he doesn’t expect from those people around him to love him for who he is. That is what makes it hard for him to communicate with the people close to him.

For Touka it is  a different matter, we all know how she started the conversation.

I really liked how she let all of her emotions flow all at once. They were buried for a long time, so she took the chance and didn’t hold back, more over she didn’t leave any room for misunderstandings this time, she learnt from the past and got over it.

But what I sincerely liked most about this chapter is Touka’s look in every single panel. She made sure to make eye contact with Kaneki every time he was talking, but never made an eye contact while voicing her emotions towards him. Expect for her poor jokes to lighten the mood XD.

Even when she confessed about her feelings to him.

She didn’t meet his eyes, while he fully faced her, like if he was searching her face to read her, to acknowledge if she was really serious, he didn’t expect a confess, surely not from Touka. So, he went for the thing he’s best at, reading people. Which he got his answers from.

You can see that when Tsukiyama walked in, Kaneki was facing Touka at the moment, where she was facing the door.

So, yup Touka, for a human being you’ve done an amazing effort during the conversation, let alone tsundere people.

Bonus: Keep on reading the body language Kaneki, your wife isn’t that much of a talker. ❤️

Cringe Culture

Cringe culture is fake. Sorry, people having fun or enjoying something just isn’t cringey and horrible. Whether they’re kids or teens or adults, it honestly doesn’t matter. If someones having fun, just let it go!

It took me so long to actually believe this. Because of cringe culture, I never talked about how much Undertale meant to me. I never let myself enjoy self-inserts or making art. I even pushed myself to grow up too fast, because I was so worried that I was “too cringey” for my friends.

I’m just lucky that I can accept that about myself now. It’s like, I realized that others are at fault for making fun of me or my friends. We are just having fun, you know? I legitimately have an Emoji Movie self-insert, and I even made some for all of my faves. I have a whole team of Sailor Scouts that I designed. As a kid, I pretended I knew digimon. I drew bad art. I still do!

Just don’t let others say mean stuff to you because you like something or enjoy doing something. And if someone says your art or writing or whatever is bad, don’t worry. No one starts out great, and not even everyone ends up being great. If no ones hurt, then it’s okay. Have fun. Do whatever. Sometimes some people just suck and are gonna try to make you feel bad, but try not to let them do that.

BTS when you have your first big fight

Hoseok (J-Hope)
You and Hoseok had been together for a long time but despite that, you never had fights. Of course, you had silly little disagreements now and then but even they were rare and lasted for all of five minutes before you’d both give in and get over whatever was bothering you. Neither of your really had it in you to stay mad which is you worked so well together.
But one day, something happened and your first real fight happened. It was all screaming and tears but neither of you got violent, it wasn’t in you, even with the anger fuelling you so strongly.
Your emotions got the better of you and you turned to storm off but before you could even reach the door, Hoseok’s arms were around you, his face hidden in your neck as he sobbed out his apologies.
“I don’t even remember why we’re fighting. I’m so sorry jagi. Please don’t leave me.” He’d beg. You’d turn into his embrace, holding him equally as tight and all was forgiven.

Originally posted by wonhobe

The first big fight with Jimin would be a lot earlier in the relationship than with Hoseok. Sure, it wouldn’t be early, it’d take a few months but when it happened it would be because of something stupid. Neither of you had really been truthful when the other did something annoying or that made you mad so you’d both been bottling it all up until breaking point.
You’d both be across the room from one another, shouting obscenities and hurtful remarks. Neither of you realised you were getting closer until you were in each other’s faces, breathing heavily. Jimin would grab you and kiss you forcefully, holding you to him and you’d be just as heavy-handed with him, forcing him out of his clothes and to the bedroom. Even though the angry sex was great, you two learnt your lesson and didn’t bottle everything up but it became an unspoken agreement that every argument, no matter how small, would be ended with angry sex.

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We all know that Jin can get a little heated over little things sometimes and even though he’d try not to get that way with you, one day he would. He’d be shouting in his over the top angry way while you just stared on, listening but not retaliating. He was the one that was angry enough to fight, you were just irked.
“You finished now?” You’d ask when his words stop flying. He’d be breathing heavily but calming down and nod. When he was finally calm, he’d look at you properly and seeing the amusement in your eyes, he would crack and start laughing which you’d quickly join in with. “Were you really just shouting at me because of a food preference?”

“I think so.” He’d answer before walking over to hold you tight. “I’m sorry.”

“I know, just don’t do it again even if it was entertaining.”

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This kid has a short temper and the world knows it, especially when it comes to jealousy. It would no doubt start with some other guy flirting with you and you not telling him to back off because you were too embarrassed and shy to do so. But Jungkook didn’t see it like that, he wasn’t entirely confident in himself and was always worried you’d leave him for someone he deemed much more deserving of your love.
He wouldn’t talk to you for the rest of the day, maybe even longer depending on how long it took you to grow fed up with his behaviour and snap at him for being rude to you. He’d go off on one, telling you exactly how he felt about it and how he didn’t feel worthy of you and you’d try to tell him otherwise but he wouldn’t let you. The only way you could shut him up was by removing your clothes slowly. His words would get quieter until he was silent and watching you intently.
“Now that I have your attention.” You’d start, standing there in only your underwear. “Listen to me when I say I only want you, Kookie. If I didn’t, do you really think I’d still be dating you?” He’d look down ashamed to think otherwise upon seeing the truth in your eyes.

“I’m sorry, jagi, you can do so much better than me.”

“No, don’t you dare say that.” You’d walk over and hold his face, making him look at you. “You are perfect to me, okay?” He’s blush and nod, accepting your words. Quickly, he’d revert back into normal, teasing Jungkook and give you a suggestive look, arms winding around your waist. You’d giggle and he’d carry you into the bedroom knowing all was good again.

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Namjoon (RapMon)
Namjoon has to have patience, being the leader of BTS so, to be honest, you’d probably be the one to start the argument. Probably about him working too hard and not leaving enough time for his own life, including you. You’d been feeling insecure lately due to the fact he hadn’t been to see you as much and all the negative thoughts finally spilled out.
He’d try to get you to believe otherwise, try to tell you that you were so important and precious to him but you wouldn’t believe him. He’d lose his cool then and break something, whether but accident or on purpose it didn’t matter because it made you worse and you kicked him out.
He’d regret it straight away but knew you were too heated to let him back in so he’d leave and give you space for a few days.
He’d turn up one day with apology gifts, including a replacement for whatever he broke, wrapped in cute paper that you knew he had one of the boys wrap because his wrapping skills were not that neat. You’d let him in and he’d sit you down to have a level headed discussion about it all. By the end, you were both crying. You because of his heartfelt words and him just because you were and he had missed you so much, scared you wouldn’t let him back in.
“I’m sorry, Joonie.” You’d sniffle and he’d smile, wiping your tears away.

“I know babe, but next time, just talk to me about these things, okay?” You nod in agreement and cuddle up to him.

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Taehyung (V)
Personally, I don’t see Tae as much of a fighter, he’s too soft in my eyes, especially in regards to relationships. He’d care too much for you that he wouldn’t allow you two to fight. If he sensed it coming, he’d quickly hold you and make you talk calmly with him and it always worked so damn well you kind of hated him because let’s be real, sometimes you just want to scream and yell at someone, it’s cathartic.
So, your first real fight would actually be before you were even together. While you were still friends and he was falling head over heels for you, he’d start to act weird. He’d be distant and make excuses not to hang out with you anymore until the day you’d storm into his room demanding an explanation. He’d lie at first, saying he was just busy, while still in his pj’s playing a video game and you’d snap.
The guys would hear you two shouting at each other and come to see if you were okay but you’d both yell for them to get out so they did but they stayed close by, listening in case they needed to interfere, also they’re just nosey AF.
Tears would be rolling down your cheeks, your heart was breaking fearing you’d lost your best friend for reasons unknown and you were blaming yourself. You couldn’t see any other reason he’d distance himself, you had messed up somehow and couldn’t even remember.
it’d take Tae a while to notice your tears due to his own but when he did, he’d be straight over apologising to you. He never wanted to hurt you but couldn’t handle seeing you all the time without being able to hold you like he wanted. He’d tell you how he felt, the truth would come spilling out and he’d look so sad the whole time. That would change when you’d break out into a bright smile and laugh, wiping your eyes.

“I like you too, idiot.” You’d explain and he’d look so lost for a moment before grinning back at you, spinning you around happily.
That was the first and last time you two fought.

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Yoongi (Suga)
Yoongi could go one of two ways. He’d either be too chill to ever fight and simply just point out when he’d annoyed so you both can fix it. Or like Jimin, he’d bottle it up not wanting to upset you and explode over something stupid.
A fight with Yoongi like that could last for a long time. The initial fight would be all yelling and maybe some stuff would be thrown around until he’d storm out of your apartment leaving you to break more stuff on your own. He might not come around for days, maybe over a week depending on the severity of the argument.
You’d have to be the one to go to him because he’s stubborn and doesn’t want to apologise first despite being in pain because you weren’t by his side.
He’d be at his studio when you arrive. He’d look over at you when you enter but then look away pretending to still be mad. But really, he knew if he looked at you any longer, he’d break and run over to you spouting apologies about everything he’d ever done wrong and you’d win.

“Stop being so stubborn.” You’d sigh sitting in the chair next to him, the chair that was always there for you, for when he needed you there for inspiration, or just missed your face but he rarely stated that. “Yooonggiiiii.” You’d whine and smile seeing him fighting his own. “Come onnnnn.” You’d shake him and he’d look at you, seeing your pout.

“Dammit, why do you always win?” He’d sighed, turning fully to look at you. “I’m sorry, jagi, I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that.”

“I yelled too, I’m sorry too.”

“We good?”

“Yep.” And that was it. You’d share a small kiss then turn to look at the song he was working on.

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Thank you for the request anon! I’ve never really wrote fight/angst(if this is even that i dunno) stuff so I hope it doesn’t totally suck

It actually takes me longer to picks the gifs than to write the request. and also I’m lazy and impatient so that’s my reason for when gifs don’t match scenarios fully

Also, we just reached 200 followers and I’m personally kinda shook that so many of you want to keep on reading our writing but so appreciative and thankful and I love you all so much thank youuuuuuu

~Admin Chee


You can certainly…have at it.

Episode 8: Glass and Bone
Episode 10: K’Varn Revealed
Episode 11: The Temple Showdown
Episode 17: Hubris
Episode 34: Race to the Ziggurat
Episode 35: Denouement, Pt. 1
Episode 36: Winter’s Crest in Whitestone
Episode 44: The Sunken Tomb
Episode 44: The Sunken Tomb
Episode 46: Cindergrove Revisited
Episode 46: Cindergrove Revisited
Episode 52: The Kill Box

sshanzasidd  asked:

Scenario on Todoroki hanging out with fem s/o and her kid brother (7 ish) and is really into heroes and loves them a lot and when he meets todoroki he's like wow u go to UA, have a strong quirk, met all might, and are son of the number 2 hero ????

This wasn’t supposed to be like this, and I wanted to include more Todo, but I was afraid that if I did, it might have gotten out of hand, So heads up, this is longer and this isn’t exactly what they asked. I still do hope you enjoy it, and thank you for this wonderful ask. Although I don’t think I did it justice c:

“Say yes and I’ll do your laundry for a week, I promise.”
“Let me think about it”

Your little brother who just turned 8 was in love with heroes, so much that he dreamed of becoming one too, very much like yourself.

You had been very cautious about mentioning that Shouto, the Todoroki Shouto who placed second in the sports festival and son of Endeavor, number two hero, was your boyfriend. Your little bro practically worshipped him, and when his name suddenly slipped out of you one evening through the phone, you knew you had messed up.

“You know him? I mean, I know he’s in your class but I would have never thought someone as cool as him would hangout with you.”

“Uhm… ouch?”

“Oh it’s nothing against you sis, but he’s just way above your level. So, how is he? Is he as cool as he seems? Are you friends?”

After a while ( and a thousand of questions), he kind of forgot about it. A few weeks later you hosted a family dinner, and apparently your mom told everyone that her “little sunshine” had gotten herself a boyfriend.

Your aunt, with whom you got along, was very interested in the topic. You told each other a lot of things, and since you two were very close, you were willing to share a bit of information.

“So, who’s the lucky guy [Name]?”

“You might have seen him everywhere as Todoroki Shouto…”

“Oh my god, are you for real [Name]?”

“Wait, sis, you are dating Todoroki?”

You were in it for a long ride.

Back to the present, your bro was trying to convince you into letting him go to one of your dates. Keyword: trying.

Shouto was supposed to pick you up in ten minutes, and since you were ready, you decided to sit and watch TV.

Your brother knew that you only got that done up when you had dates, and hence the current situation.

The door bell rang and you got up the from the couch quickly.

But before you could answer the door, your brother did.

“Hello, I’m [Name]’s brother and you are very awesome. I am your number one fan.”

“Uhm… hello.” Todoroki looked up at you awkwardly, his eyes seeking you for help. He wanted to impress your family, your brother included, so when that 8 year old asked him to come in and chat, he agreed.

“[Name]’s always talking about you, but whenever I want to speak with you, she won’t let me.”

“That’s because you ask too much and I don’t want you to bother him.” You sat next to Shouto, who was now between you and your brother.

“Why do you like her? I’ve always wondered about how you two ended up together.”

“Well, you see. I didn’t instantly know I liked her, it took me some time to realize that. But she stayed long enough and helped me through a lot of stuff I couldn’t face alone.” You looked at him lovingly. He managed to change a lot, and seeing him talk about you like that was really sweet.

“Ew…Forget I asked”

“Alright…” said Shouto. He was always really nice to you and everyone in your family.

“Did you dye your hair?. And do you think…”

You headed to the kitchen to get them some snacks, they were getting along, and you loved them both, so you were happy.

While getting some plates out of the cabinets the living room became silent, it made you turn around slightly, just to have a better view of them.

You could see your little brother leaning over and whispering into his ear. Coming a bit closer you managed to hear a bit.

“Hey, leaving your coolness behind, I swear that if you ever hurt my sister, I’m coming to get you. Alright?”

“Alright, I promise not to ever hurt your sister. I love her too much to do something like that.”

“Just. Please don’t say things like that in front of me. It’s weird.”

The two of them kept smiling trough the whole evening.


(A/N): I wanted to write something angsty. I usually write fluffy or neutral things (smut included - but NOT NOW) because nothing nice to me ever happened to me (especially when it comes to love and all that jazz). I read so many angsty stories that I just decided to write something angsty but, you know, the ending is just the way I like. Anyway, let me know what you think, enjoy and sorry for mistakes! Love. x

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: First summer weekend/vacation with the team didn’t go as pleasantly as they wanted. Who knew Bucky could be such a douche toward a girl who loved him. (This is the worst summary ever.)

Warning: ANGST, so many feels, language

Words: 6600+


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She had only one condition – picking the music while they’ll be spending the weekend at Tony’s mansion where he had a massive pool. (Y/N) wasn’t a fan of bikinis, swimsuits and all that jazz that were related to summer activities.  As the only person, she wanted to stay in the Tower alone with books, peace, and quiet. At least she wouldn’t be looking at the man she was head over heels for several long months.

Ever since Barnes got over the Winter Soldier period and realized he’s not a bad person, he became a mean, teasing man who would flirt with any woman that got near him. The girls couldn’t believe how his behavior changed one day and as Steve said, the old Buck was back and he was even worse than the old him. It was good he got through the Winter Soldier phase but he forgot one important thing – it was (Y/N) who helped him with his nightmares, helped him overcome all the issues and negativity that was in him. After all, she did for the brunet, he repaid her by ignoring her once a party had started.

It was Friday morning when Nat came to (Y/N)’s room in Tony’s mansion. She sat on the edge of the bed next to the sleeping woman and brushed her hair with the long digits. “(Y/N), wake up, breakfast is ready,” she tried to wake the girl up with a positive voice and a smile on her face. “We have banana pancakes your favorite.” Natasha was like an older sister (Y/N) never had. “Come on, you can’t stay in here until the end of the short vacation.” 

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