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WHAT?! NATALIE DORMER is in Andromeda?! I might’ve just died. She’s wearing an N7 hoodie too!

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You know what we don't talk about? How the only way that the mage could've possibly stopped hurting Simon was for him to die. When Penny did the whole Simon Says thing, all Simon asked for was for the mage to stop hurting him. Not for him to die, or leave, or anything. Just to stop hurting him. And what happened? The mage died. Because that was the only thing that could've happened to make him stop hurting Simon. That's so intense and no one ever talks about it?

oh my god??????? i’ve literally never thought about that but you’re so right???? and now i want to cry because simon deserved a much better father figure poor baby he deserved (deserves tbh) the world and i was already having simon feel today oh man q.q

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Do you think Jonathan still blames himself for wills disappearance after he returns?

I’m sure he does

I’m sure he does when he hears his mom comforting Will after another nightmare he lays in bed and repeats the words i should’ve been there over and over digging his fingernails into his hands. When he sees his mom exhausted after doing to many shifts Just so she can try and pay off wills hospital bills the words I should’ve been there rings loud in his ears. When will becomes distant and moody and pastor Charles says something about PTSD Jonathan can taste the words I should’ve been there on his tongue. The doctors tell them that will has something growing in him. Something from that place…. Jonathan feels like he can hear the world screaming you should’ve been there. Somewhere along the way Jonathan’s mantra of I should’ve been there becomes Its all my fault. It feels like all his fault when he looks at the IV marks on the insides of wills arm from the testing at the lab or when he sees the bags under his mom eyes. It’s all fault he remarks to his mom one day and for the first time in weeks there isn’t just weariness in her eyes there’s anger too. How dare you she says make this all your fault. She tells him that it’s hers for not being there and that labs for doing unsafe experiments but not his Never his. She tells him what she told him that day in the police station “this is not yours to fix alone” and then she holds him. Jonathan can feel his body shaking but he can’t Stop it and here his mom is rocking him like he’s a baby on there kitchen floor but the mantra it’s all my fault is starting to become this isn’t yours to fix alone.

Thanks for letting me go off I needed to get this out

hey, I’m Wren Oscar and this is my studyblr 

I decided to make an studyblr a few months ago after (a lot of) scrolling through the studyblr tag and getting verrrry motivated. I’m hoping this blog will help me with my own work, and that I also might be able to help others :)

I am studying: 

  • English Literature at A Level 
  • Religious Studies at A Level 
  • Psychology at A Level 
  • Film Studies at AS Level 

my goal for the end of this year is to go to UEA to study American Literature and Creative writing 

some stuff about me: 

  • I have one dog, two houseplants and three very different grandmothers 
  • currently listening to Bishop Briggs!
  • I’m 17 
  • I have a tiny funko pop Professor McGonagall on my desk to help keep me motivated
  • my dream job is a full time writer
  • some of the stuff that makes me happy are the intro to ‘should I stay or should I go’ by the clash, majestic looking dogs, gymnast floor rountines and Dory from Finding Nemo

here are some of my favourite studyblrs, who I highly recommend: @study-latte @horanastudy @studyplants @alylikesphysics @tbhstudying @studywithinspo @lattenotes @mymessystudyblr @studylustre @studydisaster @studylilium @em-spacestudy @janetstudies @ravnclaw

well I reckon thats about it, its very cool to be a part of this community and I’m exited to meet a lot of you

Wren out x

I’m Alive!!!!

*Next to Normal soundtrack plays in the background*

Yeesh okay I owe everyone an apology, because I put out a message a week ago promising to come back and be more active after a few days of kind of doing nothing and then promptly… didn’t do that.

Fortunately, not because anything was wrong - last weekend there was a big festival thing at my college called Winter Carnival that’s basically our way of celebrating it being cold and dark and starting up regular classes again after J-term, and since I’m a senior I really wanted to go to a bunch of their events. Between that, FINALLY getting my room clean and my act back together in some measure, my thesis rearing its ugly and as yet still not very well-defined head, life just ate me for the past week, and I haven’t been online at all except to do work. But I’m alive, I am… actually on top of my homework?? I am still more or less panicking about thesis and job prospects but manageably so, I’m caught up with life junk like bank statements and doctor’s appointments and even my laundry, and I am, honestly, for real this time, coming back online and will start posting again. I’m sorry to any of you that I made worry, you’re sweet for thinking of me <3

I have a buttload of fanfiction to read and to write (next update for Written in Sand is not far off! and those prompts are actually going to get done, I swear), some asks and mentions to answer, and people’s blogs to catch up on. So lots of good stuff! Aaaaand I’m back!!


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Here is my take on a sort of a Beauty and the Beast kinda au. @cactwerk came up with the idea, I asked if i could write it bc fairytale aus are my CRACK.
Anyways, here goes nothing.

Noctis winced as he sat back in his chair and decided to retire for the night. He had send Ignis home early and there was no paperwork that needed his immediate attention. He got up and left the messy piles of paper as is. He’ll deal with everything tomorrow.

The tapping of his shoes and cane echoed in the lonely hallway and opened the door to his room. He took off his suit jacket, started undoing his tie and stripped for a warm shower, in hopes of relaxing his muscles. 

Before slinking into bed, he takes painkillers to take the edge off his bad knee and hip. As he settles back into his pillows, he realize sleep will not come so easily.

After rescuing Eos from perpetual darkness, Noctis couldn’t find the peace to sleep like he used to.

He rebuilt Insomnia as soon as he recovered from his sacrifice. He set out to help restore the peace and bring people back to home. After ten long years of night, the Insomniac citizens were true to their name.They were prosperous and happy, exactly as Noctis set out for them to be. But he felt like an outsider, looking in. 

His heart was heavy after the death of Lunafreya. After his time in the Crystal, Noctis accepted his fate. He took a seat on his throne and endured the pain, over and over. He accepted each and every blade, he defeated Ardyn’s soul and set him to rest. 

As he could feel himself ascend, he took comfort in the fact of seeing his dad again. Of seeing Luna.

When he woke up with his father’s sword in his torso, his throat let out a roar so loud it knocked him out.

He lived in constant pain. His old childhood wounds came back to haunt him and as soon as he could sit up, he set out to rebuilding Insomnia. He got lost in it. His friends had to pull him out of his head and paperwork frequently.

His friends were a great comfort. Gladio, Ignis and Prompto stayed with him always. They were a comfort he often felt he didn’t deserve. He thanked the Six everyday for them. But he felt disconnected from them, as if he lost a piece. He suffered his pain in silence, not wanting to cause anymore to them.

Dawn may rise every morning but it felt like it never did for Noctis.

The distance worried his friends. Gladio was and always will be his shield, but the distance kept him frosty. Ignis was his devoted advisor, but being sent home early was a constant. Prompto would see Noctis as often as he could, when the latter wasn’t “too busy”. 

The three friends, tried several interventions. Many angry outbursts, many tear-jerking moments. But none were fruitful.

Noctis shifted and he winced again.

He often wondered why he wasn’t dead. It had been five years since the sacrifice and the better part of Insomnia and other daemon-plagued cities were rebuilt. He sold his soul to save Eos, but here he was; a broken and battered man.

A broken and battered man, his heart growing heavier and heavier each day. He pushed away his friends, his brothers, resigned himself a slave to the throne.

His eye lids were beginning to grow heavy. As he drifted off to sleep, he wondered if he’ll eventually have a reason to wake up and not wish the day was already over.

The next morning, his reason was finishing up cleaning their apartment and grabbed an apple to snack on as they gazed at the Citadel from their window.


Oh my god was that awful??? tell me if it was awful, if it was bad. ugh omg. Im just glad to get this out of my head i’ve been thinking about this for a few days. ughhhhh i hope it wasn’t bad, let me know what you thinkkkk hhhhhhhhhhh.