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pARTNERS IN CRIME AU PLS THE IRONY IM (peraltiago obviously)

This is for you and also @sergeant-santiago!! Feel free to send more of these!

11. partners-in-crime AU

“Faster, Peralta,” Amy hisses through clenched teeth. She can see the dark head bobbing through the crowd across the street, growing closer every second that her idiotic partner spends wedging the slim jim back and forth in the door. (“Like dancing,” he once told her, that idiotic grin plastered across his face as he wiggles his ass for her benefit. She had to clench every muscle in her body to keep from laughing out loud and blowing their cover.)

“I’m going as fast as I can, Santiago! You can’t rush art!”

“Why did I let you plan this again? We always get caught when you plan!”

“I have no idea why you let me plan anything!” Jake retorts happily at her over the top of the car. “We both know you’re the mastermind – you’re just using me for my beautiful body!”

“Jake.” Amy gives him her best high-school-English-teacher look, and for a second, he almost looks cowed. It doesn’t last, though. It never does.

“Okay, fine, you’re just using me for my beautiful hands. Better?”

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Fall For You (M) | 01

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Summary: You hate a lot of things about Jeon Jungkook; you hate his arrogance, his reputation, and his pet name for you to name a few. But most of all, you hate how right it feels for you to fall into his arms, and how easy it is to fall for him.
Word Count: 10,764
Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, college au, hate to lust to…
A/N: Completely inspired by this vine that I saw months ago that hasn’t left me alone since. Bonus points to those who notice the line of the song in the fic. Extra bonus points to those who recognize the Hamilton reference

Part 02. Part 03 + Drabbles

If you were being completely honest, your issue with Jeon Jungkook began years before university.

You’d grown up close to each other, his house was right across from yours but you’d hated him from the moment you met in primary school. He’d joined you and your friends in a game of truth or dare during recess, and his dare for you had been to race him from one end of the playground to the other. You had tripped, cutting your knees open but he’d continued running, winning before realizing you weren’t behind him anymore. Only by that time, the teacher had gotten to you and you’d spent the rest of primary school glaring at Jungkook whenever he was in your sights, childishly blaming him for your scars.

Of course, you didn’t hold that grudge still. Your first year of university had just started, and it would be petty and pathetic of you to still hate him for that reason. But Jungkook had given you several more reasons to hate him throughout your years of schooling.

You’d watched throughout middle and high school as Jungkook grew from a cheeky, cocky kid, into an even cockier young man. He’d never cared much for his grades, choosing instead to throw parties with his friends, to ditch class occasionally, and rile up any girls he chose. You stayed away from him, attending different parties and sticking with your small group of friends, and by the second year of high school Jungkook became one of the most well known players of the town.

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Parse curls up on Bitty like a cat. He plops his head down on Bitty’s lap and curls up so that he’s taking up as little room on the couch as possible and as much room on Bitty as possible. His hair falls in a fluffy halo and Bitty smooths it out and scratches him while Parse pushes his face into Bitty’s hand.

Parse doesn’t say “I love you” a lot, even though Bitty hands out his overflowing love like candy. What he does is pick up Bitty’s favorite brand of butter right before it runs out, or wait two hours online to purchase the Beyoncé products in an auction. He tells Bitty that he misses him and sends him pictures of Kit mewling at the screen because Kit misses Bitty, too. Bitty returns the the favor on long roadies, often accompanied by a “love you, honey.”

Parse can’t make the endearments come out of his mouth easily. He wishes that he can call Bitty sweetpea, darling, dearest, all those names that Bitty showers upon him. Bitty can’t keep from telling Parse that he loves him, his sweet peachpie of a handsome, rugged, darling of a man.

“I love you,” Parse says sometimes, when the phrase doesn’t threaten to choke him up. When he’s sure that Bitty won’t run away. He tries his best to match Bitty endearment for endearment. The happier Bitty makes him, the harder he tries to do something special for him.

It’s so easy, because when Bitty is happy Kent becomes happier, and it’s like a vicious cycle of happiness that Kent gets caught up in until he’s pillowing his head on Bitty’s lap and he never wants to let Bitty go and he remembers how easy it would be for Bitty to leave him. Then Bitty would start caressing his face and Kent lets himself relax against him.

“And I said, why are you telling me you don’t like hockey, that’s what the dang blog is about!” Wine sloshes around in the glass Bitty holds in one hand as the other continues to play with Kent’s face and hair.

“Mmm,” Kent says. “Keep that up.”

Bitty looks down at him fondly and puts away his wine glass to bury both hands in Kent’s hair.

“Sometimes I feel like I have two cats instead of one,” he smiles.

“You do only have one cat, Kit isn’t owned by anyone.” Kent tries to purr, but it comes out to sound like he’s clearing his throat.

“Are you sayin’ I own you?” Bitty says teasingly, pulling Kent’s hair lightly.

You know that you own me heart and soul, Kent tries to say, but fail.

“I’m saying you better keep up with that petting game,” he says instead.

“Okay, okay,” Bitty bends down to give him a quick peck before resuming his massage. “Oh and let me tell you about Aunt Connie’s nephew’s -the nephew on her husband’s side of the family-”

Kent smiles contently, and falls asleep to the gentle lull of Bitty’s voice.

Hidden Behind Glasses (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

A/N: Sorry if this seems rushed.

Chapter Summary: You hangout with Hannah.

Originally posted by capuleht

Part 4

Y/N P.O.V.

Hannah picked you up at Monet’s.

She reached over the console center and pushed open your door.

“You didn’t show up.” You pouted, getting inside of the car and looking over to her.

You gasped, surprised. “And your hair! It’s so pretty.”

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Jughead Jones x Fem!Reader- Oh Ship

Thank you for the request lovely! I hope it’s what you’re looking for <3 I’m so sorry these are taking so long!! Hope you enjoy, and please let me know what you think!! If I did something wrong please let me know so I can fix it!

Warnings: Making out, second hand embarrassment

Words: 712


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Dom & Letty 3.0 - FOTF

“You will never be alone again.

I vow wherever you go, I go.

You ride, I ride.

You fight, I fight.

And if you ever die on me Dominic Torreto, I’m gonna die with you..”

Those were Letty’s vows to her husband the night they got married and this movie presents them in action. In part 6 we got to see Dom fight not only for her but for their love, having to captivate her all over again. Now here in part 8 the roles have been flipped and its Letty’s turn to either fall in line with others thoughts or fight for her husband. The difference in their battles is the fact that Dom was fighting for a resurface of memories and their undeniable draw/chemistry – while for Letty it’s about faith. The question of would Dom do this, would he turn his back on his family…on her, and when all the evidence says yes, does she still have the power to say no. How much does she know her husband, how much does she trust him and their love. She comes through with flying colors.

Like I said even though this is a flip, there are big differences, one of those being knowledge of enemy. Dom knew who his enemy was, he knew what had went wrong with her and who was using that for his own purposes. But Letty doesn’t have this same knowledge. She doesn’t know who the big bad is or why Dom is doing things that are totally against everything he is. That’s where the faith comes into play, because she has to everything off the back of it. Despite others telling her that this may be who he has become she has to go off of what she believes of him and their love and remind them of all the great things her husband has done for them while they’re so quick to give up on or judge him. She reminds us of her position and exactly where her loyalties reside when she responds to Hobbs by telling him that he’ll have to deal with the both of them when he warns her that he may have to put Dom down. She’s not just willing to fight for him, but beside him – and that’s not in the hope that he’s still good, but in the certainty that something else is going on because her Dom would never turn his back, the fight for the family is all he’s ever known. You know its certainty because she places her life in his hands. In the briefcase scene there was this great subtext moment because here’s the reality, that moment after he shot the gun in the air and she turned around and told him that he wouldn’t shoot her because he loved her…this moment really was about choosing – he had a choice, stop her and his baby survived another day. Let her go free and choose losing that. He let her go. It doesn’t matter that she got caught unaware around the corner by someone else…because he let her go. The next scene – the standoff – is also important because here he is again choosing to protect his wife with the knowledge of what it will cost him if he shoots this man. Not only that, but it comes back to that faith again. Because this moment is really her time to prove if she believes her husband is doing this for a reason or because he’s turned bad. She has to either side with him (let the case go) or keep it and get the other guy a bullet to the head – putting Dom in further hot water (it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know exactly what that hot water is, only that she’s aware of its existence if she believes her husband to be innocent).

In one of my old Dotty articles I claimed that Dom had elevated in his Alpha status, that he had become the kind to analysis his enemy then to plot and plan.  That his control was of self and his lead was of understanding his mates and those around him. This chapter really proved those claims. He planned and adjusted to everything that happened (which I’ll go over in more detail in the review). The only thing he really couldn’t plan or adjust for was his wife. As they say – a driver’s weakness really is his best partner knowing all his tricks. She was the only one able to keep up with him cause she knew his tricks, when she got the briefcase he couldn’t adjust and ended up choosing her not once but twice which led to the punishment of Elena dying (not that I shed a tear – I knew she was gonna die the moment I saw that baby). The enemy’s biggest mistake was thinking it was an either or game with Dom – not realizing that he plays the long game his plan would be getting his child and going back to his wife…instead what she did was taunt the him with one (Letty) and bait his with the other (baby Brian). Big mistake leaving Letty out of her equation because she left something out there to fight for him and for him to fight for. She thought the baby would over compass that, she thought the baby would shadow his wife – she was wrong. It not about choosing the baby over Letty/family – it’s about connecting the two.  

I see people saying things like the baby ruined the relationship, it ruined Dom/Letty. No the baby may have ruined the fantasy as you saw it…but he didn’t ruin that relationship. Every one of their chapters has shown that nothing comes between that love because that love is the factor. Letty is not bothered, or upset by this child…and why would she be? It wasn’t something that intentionally happened and when she told Elena that she understood her relationship with Dom, she actually meant it. The baby wasn’t/isn’t a threat to her marriage. It doesn’t mean Dom was in love with Elena, cause he wasn’t. It doesn’t mean that Letty can’t have her own kids with him, cause she can. It doesn’t mean she’s gonna mistreat baby Brian, cause even though he may not have come from her womb – he is still a part of her husband and like him family means everything to her. It doesn’t mean that their kids will take second place just because it came second – understand that there will be no distinction between these kids. Understand that just because this baby didn’t come out of her womb doesn’t mean he’s not her son too. That’s what the Fast & Furious has always been about –a family created not by blood but by bond. Dom and Letty are now parents – maybe not in the way we originally thought/wanted, but in a way that’s not wrong regardless.

One of my favorite things about this series and about this relationship is everyone understands that when it comes to Dom and Letty – the shit that’s between them is undeniable and there’s no walking away from it. When they reunite and he lets her know he hadn’t walked away, she says she knows. Dom and Letty see themselves as soulmates, as bonded, as ride or die. Whatever you wanna call it, it all means the same thing -Love- They’ll follow, they’ll ride, they’ll fight, and they’ll die for it. Isn’t that the ideal, isn’t that why we clamor for it, why we cling to and love it?  

We’ve gushed at their cuteness/power, we cried when she died, we cheered with a blood of vengeance when Dom sought revenge, we fought for the Letty comeback, and we all gasped and gave a standing O when we all saw Letty’s pic after the credits, we died and came back to life when Dom fought for her, their love and their future. We threw our hat into this ring a long time ago and I don’t know about you guys, but mine still resides there and always will as long as the franchise holds close those ideals that are so dear to me - Loyalty, Love, Family, Romance and the sacrifice/fight in the name of those things. As long as it centers and protects the Dotty goodness. Familia remember that we fought for this shit right here. Our OTP’s love is written all over this piece and that is in part thanks to us fans. Romance is thrown to the side in action flicks, used to create some angst by killing off one of the lovers or back-filler that gets no real shine.  But with F&F we get it all, the action, the romance, the family. Sixteen years and the pairing is only getting stronger. I loved this movie because it really defined the love this time around. I don’t just mean romantic love either. It really put the quote ‘you don’t turn you back on family…’ to work, because even though some of them had been misjudging Dom the moment his life was in danger – what did they do? Every time I think they can’t emote further, that they can’t make me feel more about the emotion that resides in these films and yet every time I’m wrong. With the Dom and Letty relationship when I say it defined the love…I mean it really cemented what love means to them – as a pairing not just from Dom to Letty. If I had to pick one word to describe their type of love it would be faith. We’ve seen the trait throughout their relationship over the years and in a big way in part 7 when he let her go on the faith that she would figure it out and come back to him (cause you can’t tell someone they love you). Like I said earlier, it’s her total being in this film - because their faith in one another is so strong, so is the certainty of their love. The reason they can trust one another so immensely, the reason they’re so loyal to one another, the reason they’re so willing to sacrifice, the reason they make each other so damn happy is because of that certainty. They give and know its to be returned with the same passion. They love each other and they always will. It’s the reason they work, the reason they always find themselves together. It’s the reason they’re so indestructible. It’s the reason we’re so damn blessed.

Notes: Videos not mine first one is Queen of hearts and the second is of course one of my all time favs - you know I always gotta in with a ConquerGravity video because the vids are just so damn on point to what I’m getting at. Every time I see a ConGrav vidseo it always makes me see a bigger picture of what I think and feel about this pairing and they’re relationship. None of the videos are new cause the new film just came out but oldies can make you feel new things. I didn’t put everything in this post because I am coming out with a review of the movie and theres a lot of points that connect to that so I stripped this down and left it as bare as possible. I went and saw the advance showing…but I’m going again tonight to see it so I’ll write the review after and hopefully have it up by later Sunday night. Sorry this is so long with no images…

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Brian & Dom

Phone Sex - Taehyung

genre : SMUT
CONTAINS : phone sex obviously, guided mastubartion, dirty talk…
also… I’ve seen some texts (@bngtnonline I hope you don’t mind please tell me if you do I’ll change it! (I love you texts by the way)) where Taehyung called his girlfriend petal and I just find it so cute so yeah today you are petal.
words : 1,6k

I tag @not-today-tae because she gave me the idea months ago and I promised to write it down and I forgot but then I remembered so yeah sorry my friend ! I hope you will like it ;) <3

“Taehyung”, you moaned at the sound of his voice, earning a loud grunt passing through the speaker of the phone. “I wish you were there”, you whispered, your phone almost falling from your finger as you felt your strength fading from the hand holding the device, the pit in your stomach growing bigger. You were alone, in your small flat, letting out all the sounds your boyfriend was dying to hear.

He had previously phoned you, as usual around 11pm for you, to talk. He spoke about how much Chicago was lovely, how the visit at the zoo was funny (even though he realized afterwards that the animals weren’t happy in captivity), and above all, that he missed you dearly. You heard some loud mocking giggles in the backgrounds, probably coming from Jimin and Jungkook, when he said so. But he just whined, annoyed, telling them go away and let him enjoy his time with his girlfriend.

Weirdly, they agreed –immediately. And after they teased him a few more seconds, they left; of course, slamming behind them the door. You had found it weird the second they agreed, but you soon understood their behaviour when Taehyung’s tone changed as he talked to you again. When he eventually asked about your day, his voice was deep, lower of a few octaves than before.

“It was fine, tiring but fine”, you replied, a small smile creeping up your lips; pointless to say that you already knew what your boyfriend was up to. He’s always been needy, particularly on tour, and the only thing that could ‘cure’ this –as he said- was you and the “melodious sound of your voice”.

“Great, great”, he sighed into the phone, and you heard him shift onto the sheets on his bed.

“What are you doing?”, you asked, doing the same so you could find a conformable position on your bed.

“Nothing much… Just thinking of you”, he began in a hoarse whisper, “and your cute lips, your sparkling eyes and even more those thighs of yours”, he grunted, and you smiled to yourself as your heard him talk.

“Why is that?”

“Ugh, petal, I’m so horny. I need you so bad”, he began, “I even asked the others to leave the room so we could have some time alone”, he eventually admitted, and you swore you almost heard a grunt again. “I think they know why I asked but I don’t care right now”, he chuckled almost darkly, “I really want you, you have no idea”.

“Well that’s too bad I’m not here”, you teased, running your hand up and down your inner thigh, teasing the skin a bit. You smiled when you heard him sigh. You knew he loved phone sex, he was fond of it. He sometimes even wanted to do it when you _had the possibility _to see each other. He was so sensible to sounds, and especially yours. When he pleased you, he made sure to put the right amount of pleasure to hear each of your moans, whispers, or other sounds your body made. All of these made his blood rush down his dick rapidly; and you knew that, and you always were ready to comply. 

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"I'm going undercover as burlesque dancer. I'm gonna have fun!"

150. I’m going undercover as a burlesque dancer. I’m gonna have fun!

Hearing the sound of Peggy Lee’s classic voice resonating through the thin dressing room walls made you crack a smile as you began pulling your outfit for the night out of the duffle bag Prentiss had prepared for you.

For the past few weeks, burlesque dancers were being abducted from a small cabaret club in Chicago. It didn’t take long for you, as well as the rest of the team, to realize that your description had perfectly fit that of the other victims. Hotch had been the first to suggest an undercover operation, and while you knew it was high risk, you accepted.

But as the time grew closer for you to begin getting into costume, you found yourself more excited than apprehensive about being in a burlesque show— however, one agent, in particular, felt the total opposite.

A soft knock on the dressing room door made you turn your attention away from the bag you were shuffling through.

“Come in!” you made sure your voice was loud enough over the continuing music.

Watching as the door opened further, you felt your heart skip a beat as Spencer slowly peeked his head into the room, most likely to ensure that you were not in the middle of getting ready.

“Hey,” Spencer sounded nervous as he came to fully enter the room and close the door behind him, “How are you feeling?”

Moving to stand closer by him, you smirked, “Really good, actually. Not as nervous as I was earlier.”

“Are you sure?” Spencer chewed on the corner of his mouth before continuing, “It’s not too late to call this off.”

The worry that Spencer had about you possibly being a target of this unsub was obvious, and while it made your ever growing crush on him grow stronger, you both knew that this had to happen.

“Spencer, I need to do this. We need to catch this guy before he can get to anyone else” you tried your best to soothe his anxious mind, reaching out a hand and placing it on his forearm as an attempt to further ground his racing thoughts.

With his only response being a curt nod, Spencer silently agreed with you.

“Besides,” you let out a breathy laugh, “I’m going undercover as a burlesque dancer. I’m gonna have fun!”

Seeing that you were genuinely looking forward to the role you would be portraying for the night made Spencer relax, you had total confidence that the team would protect you if anything were to go wrong and he recognized that.

“I’ll let you finish getting ready then,” Spencer let a small smile grace his lips as he made his way to leave the dressing room and get himself prepared for the night.

“Hey,” you caught his attention before the door fully closed, causing Spencer to poke his head back around the door with an eyebrow of his quirked in curiosity.

“Try and enjoy the show” you teased.

A warm blush came to cover Spencer’s cheeks, “I’ll only have eyes for you.”

And while part of you knew that he was talking about keeping an eye on you to ensure your safety, there was something in his voice that made your stomach erupt in fluttering.

A Phone Call (Jumin x MC)

While on a business trip, you and Jumin are constantly talking over the phone, until something interrupts. 

Word Count: 1141

I haven’t got much to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day! Thank you and enjoy!  (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


While Jumin utterly hated to leave you, he knew it would be inevitable with his work.

But as you said, your hearts would always be together. 

Yet that didn’t take away from the fact that he didn’t miss you with all of his being, the two of you calling each other throughout the day with excited voices as the other came on the phone.

 Even in the night as he was half way around the world, you would both still call until the other insisted they get some rest. 

Yet no matter what, each call was full of absolute adoration.

And that night had been no different. 

Jumin had returned to his hotel from a meeting, the hours it had dragged on left him exasperated beyond belief, letting out a huff as he shut the door behind him.

Yet as he took out his phone, he couldn’t help but smile as he noticed your text message.

‘Are you out of the meeting yet? How was it?’

He responded quickly. 

‘I just finished, I’m back at the hotel. Would you mind if I called you?’

‘Not at all!’ 

He felt his heart swell with delight as your answered the call almost instantly, your usual bright greeting seemingly putting a bounce in his step that surely hadn’t been there before. 

“Hey! How’d it go?”

“It went…as expected.” 


“Uneventful. A bit boring honestly.” He chuckled softly. “But I suppose it got a few things done. I’d much rather be home with you, though.” 

“I’d like that a lot too,” You snickered. “And so would Elizabeth 3rd!” 

He heard a faint mew on the other line, his eyes lighting up.

“How is she?”

“Both of us are just so sad without you here.” You exclaimed, Elizabeth, responding once more with a growing meow. “We don’t know what to-” 

You suddenly stopped talking, your breath hitching as if something caught you off guard.

“Darling, what is it?” He asked, furrowing his brow.

“The uh…the guards are yelling. There’s a whole lot of movement outside.”

“How does it sound?”

“Urgent…I um…it sounds like a lot more people than I saw when I went inside.” You muttered. “There were just three or four guards. It sounds like eight or something now.” 

He heard shifting from your seat.

“Let me see what’s-”

“Don’t,”  Jumin stated, scrambling to his feet, a sudden ill-feeling seeping into his veins.


“Don’t. If anything is going on you’ll just put yourself in danger.” 

“Do you think something’s happening?”

“Nothing has ever happened in all my time living there, I wouldn’t think so,” He replied. “But I’m certainly not willing to take that risk. Not when you’re involved.” 

You were silent for a moment, muffled yells and bangs from the other side of the front door barely peeking onto his phone.

And that ill-feeling only continued to grow by the second. 

“MC, darling, I want you to go hide somewhere.” 


“If there is a threat of any kind, I don’t want you out in the open. You need to hide right now and wait for an all-clear from one of the security guards.” 

“J-Jumin I-” Your voice began to tremble with fear, your breaths short and awkward. “O-Okay, Elizabeth and I will go hide.” 

You began to move, the only thing stopping you being an enormous bang that smashed into the front door, Elizabeth letting out a small squeak.

You were seemingly frozen.

“MC, move. Please.” 

“I-I’m so-I’m s-so scared.” You whispered, your words weakening by the second. “J-Jumin-”

“Love, I know you’re scared, but don’t focus on that. Listen to me, you’re going to be okay, I Just need you to go lock yourself in either the bathroom or the closet. Someplace you can hide.” 


“You’re going to be fine darling, I promise you that. Don’t worry.” 

You were silent as you made you way into the bedroom, the sound of a clicking lock leaving a sigh of relief to escape Jumin.

He listened to the shuffling of clothes, Elizabeth letting out a small purr before you began to hush her. 

“O-Okay,” You whispered. “I-I’m hidden behind the clothes in the closet. I-I think I m-might be o-okay-” 

Before you could even finish the sound of the clattering door erupted outwards, loud booming voices following.

You nearly broke out into tears, every fiber in Jumin’s body desperately wanting to comfort you, to hold you in his arms and to assure you it would all be fine.

He never wanted you to feel this way with him, only wishing for you days to be drenched in happiness and devotion.

Not fear.

Not this.

And it felt worse than any wound someone could inflict.

“Just stay quiet and it’ll all be fine.” He cooed, trying to keep himself calm despite his body shaking uncontrollably, his mind racing with fears and worries. 

And as those voices only grew closer, he couldn’t help but feel his concern worsen.

He heard your shaky breathing, and quiet sputters as you tried to stop your crying, clamping a hand over your mouth.

And he could only hope it would be enough, for soon enough, he heard the closet door open.

“Is there anyone in there?” He heard distant words from the other line.

“I don’t know, give me a chance to look around and I’ll tell you!” 

The sound of clothing being moved slithered in, the deafening sound nearly wanting Jumin to yell out in protest. 

Yet just as you, he was silent. 

Until it wasn’t.

He suddenly heard another coat rack be moved, your breath hitching as you were caught.

The intruder began to speak only caught off as you ejected forward, Elizabeth 3rd letting out a terrified mewl, as it seemed you began to struggle. 

“Let go of me!” You growled, hints of fear decorating your tone. “W-What do you think y-you’re doing?”

There was no response.

Only the sound of a deep, guttural voice struggling to keep you in place as you fought to get out.

“MC! MC, are you okay?” 

But Jumin gained no real answer.

He heard the phone crash to the ground.

And a horrified yell escaping you.

That left him colder than ice.


A gunshot. 

And then, silence. 

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Can i ask ur thoughts on the scene between len and flash at argus? Where barry was holding onto len as king shark was trying to pull him back into the cell? I loved that scene. They've come so far from 1x04. I loved how len invited himself to the westallen wedding too.

Originally posted by coldsflash

I thought the entire scene at ARGUS was really fascinating, to be honest. I think there’s a lot that we can clean from it, including how fascinating it is that once they made it past the main guards, Len was so good at getting them to the basement that the show didn’t even see fit to actually, well, show the process of getting down there.

It’s possible they used the facial transmorgrifying to get past any guards, because no one internally is gonna question Lyla once she’s past clearance, I imagine, and they can use her retinal and bio scans to get through most parts or turn off half of their issues, and we’ve seen the cold gun take out lasers.

But still, the whole damn thing goes so smooth until they’re down there. And then there’s King Shark, and Barry being ready to kill him, and Len being unimpressed with that. And it’s not like Len’s unwilling to kill, we know he’s more than willing to, but he clearly holds other people to different standards. 

I’ve talked about that before, a bit, why he would maybe hold Barry to a different standard, with the upshot being that the guy who inspired him not to kill and to find better methods isn’t allowed to toss that dedicated out the window now, especially not when he’s asking Len for help.

But anyway, things are going relatively well until the alarm goes off, and then Len gets stuck inside. And it’s neat, he half-expects Barry to ditch him, I think, based on the way he calls Barry’s name as soon as the door closes, separating them.

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He switches quick into egging Barry on, reminding him he has to leave in under two minutes, but it’s some reverse-psychology. “This is your chance to show how ruthless you really are” because of course, Barry doesn’t want to be ruthless. Not the Barry that Len knew, at least. Is capable of it? Sure. But doesn’t want it. Doesn’t want to have to be.

And of course, Barry doesn’t disappoint. It’s Barry. No matter the consequences, he has honor, and he’s not about to throw someone under the bus and leave them behind when he’s responsible for them. 

It’s interesting too though. Think back to the first trip to E2, with Jay stuck in another cage. Barry could’ve phased through the glass to get Jay out, but didn’t have the energy left, and Zoom was coming, so he left. There were other lives to protect, his friends, but he left Jay behind with the promise that he’d return. 

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He had reason to believe Jay’s life wasn’t in immediate danger, and he didn’t know Jay yet, but still, it bears comparing.

Because if the guards arrive in the next minute, Len’s probably not going to turn into shark food. Him dying here would seriously screw up time considering he’s supposed to die a hero with the Legends, but Barry also has other lives he has to think about here, and getting caught up in ARGUS stuff and losing the power source would devastate his chances for saving Iris.

But even now, at the “ruthless” end of his rope, Barry doesn’t seem to even consider bolting. Maybe he considers it, but dismisses it immediately. He’s not leaving Leonard behind. 

And then the un-hackable door magically becomes hackable (likely because of Len’s tampering with it) and Barry urges Len to get out of there, only for him to get caught by King Shark at the last second. And then we get this.   

(he keeps saying “I got you” it kills me, just the reassurance that he’s not letting Len go no matter what)

Barry doesn’t hesitate to dive for him. In the space of a second, he goes from urging Len on under the door to launching himself forward, grabbing Len’s hand and pulling, definitely not letting him go. 

And you know something neat about this? Other than implied off-screen speed-running-carrying (since Barry had to get Len to 2017 somehow), the last time we saw them physically touch on screen was when Barry had Len pressed up to the mantle in 2x09? Barry has gone from physically pushing Len as a threat to physically pulling him to save him in the space of a single interaction, really.

I’m not sure what more you want me to say, except that it seems that every time these two work together, one of them gets the other into a pinch but ends up saving them (happens in 1x22, 2x03, and now here in 3x22). Their tally sheet must look like a messy with all the “you helped me, I saved your life, you saved my life, I helped you” back and forth they do. No wonder they seem to have simply thrown out their attempts to keep score.

Scandal Review 6.02- 'Careful What You Wish For, Love.'

Oh this episode will go down as one of my favorites for many, many, many reasons that I will explain later. I decided to do this review different only do to this episode being filled with such goodness nearly every scene. This is a complete scandal episode review from every scene that I loved.

We start this episode off at the Republican National Convention where Mellie is giving her speech about women having a seat at the table that was once exclusive for men only. The speech makes an impression on everyone but more so Marcus who is moved to tears by Mellie’s speech….* sips tea* Marcus looking at Mellie the same way Olivia looked at Fitz when he publicly declared:

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-Uh, I miss my babies when their only troubles was that he was the President.

Mellie celebrates her victory and thanks everyone for all their help but as Olivia is barking orders, Marcus isn’t paying her any attention but instead Marcus lingers around and whispers in Mellie’s ear “told you so."  A spark is ignited and Olivia caught it right away warning Mellie once Marcus left.

"Mellie be careful with Marcus, I see the way he looks at you.”

Mellie is excited about Marcus better yet anyone looking at her that she’s blushing and wanting to know in detail just how he’s looking at her but Olivia nips that quickly reprimanding Mellie.

“Senator, he’s young, he admires you, he works for you. Don’t.”

 It’s the “Senator” that gets me. As we all know when Olivia is looking to distant personal life from professional life she will constantly redirect by using their title “Governor Grant, Mr. President, Attorney General, etc.” Mellie is know different.

Olivia is watching her life being played out right in front of her with Mellie and Marcus and the sight is unnerving for many reasons which is why she tells Mellie to leave Marcus alone. Because Olivia too was young and she admired and fell in love with the President that she worked for. Olivia has seen this story but this time she wants a different ending.


There is a flashback to the night of President Elect Vargas murder which actually gives good details once you’ve seen the episode.

Once again Olivia is back at the White House trying to get Fitz to investigate Cyrus for being at fault for killing Vargas but the entire time Olivia is rambling and arguing with David and Abby he’s just sitting their watching her cause he knows baby girl is on a witch hunt and it’s just best to let Olivia get her crazy out, but she doesn’t let up when Fitz told her he already had the FBI look into it causing Olivia to refer to them as “scrubs”

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Now, who is in the FBI and what has the FBI done to Olivia to make her recoil and through such shady shade. And just like that we find out when Broad/Emily walks in with her natural hair and melatonin popping.

DAMN! The look Olivia gave Fitz when she heard broad’s voice… oh shit! Now, I am more curious as to whether Olivia has ever discussed “Angela” with Fitz cause the look she gave Fitz seems to tell me that Fitz might be aware of their past and oh do believe these two successful black women have a past. But Broad walks in throwing equal shade at Olivia and not giving a shit that the President is in the room, but Olivia once again “attempting” to separate her personal life from her professional calls the Broad “Ms.Webster.” but she just responds with “Olivia”

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Now, this woman hasn’t been in the damn oval for a hot minute and her ass is throwing some serious shade, she needs check herself before Olivia Fucks her up. Olivia mockingly tells Angela that she means no offense “obviously” but ole broad ain’t with that fakeness and calls Olivia out.

If looks could kill, this girl would be eight feet under and Olivia would still be bashing her with a chair until she was another six feet more. I know she has dealt with Olivia before but she hasn’t dealt with this Olivia- this Olivia is a b613 thug, she killed the Vice President. The tension in the room is felt by everyone but Fitz moves past is, asking Angela who is the director of the FBI have they found any substantial evidence pointing at Cyrus and the SECOND she moves closer to Fitz, Olivia subtly blocks her path to him. Sorry, Ma’am thats as close as you will be getting to my boo boo.

YESS! I love a petty and jealous Olivia. Angela/ Emily/ broad just doesn’t know how crazy and low Olivia will stoop when she feels someone is trying to take something or someone that belongs to her. But, wait a minute…I thought she was over Fitz. Anyways, Olivia and Fitz are arguing in front of everybody and I have this distinct feeling that Olivia relished having Angela in the audience with a front row seat at the ‘Olitz Chronicles’ but I caught Angela’s eye pop out when Fitz mention the house in the woods blowing up… uh oh, besides Olivia and Fitz’s entanglement it seems Angela is connecting the dots quickly. Fitz moves in very close to Olivia and tells her that the election is over and that she needs to let it go. Olivia is down right appalled that Fitz is letting this go but Abby knows this won’t stop Olivia if anything it will encourage her to keep going which she tells Fitz who orders her to get him a confession so that they can move on because Vargas funeral os tomorrow.

Olivia isn’t ready to move on and she most certainly will not back down. The question I have for Olivia is what are you fighting for- are you fighting for your life that you desperately want back or are you fighting for power or maybe both. I think time will answer this question for us.

Ex- Lady gang

My, my, my these two have gotten close and I mean like best friend kind of close with both of them bashing their same ex husband. Olivia and Mellie are on the phone talking about that bastard Fitz who’s giving Cyrus the oval. Olivia has found a companion in Mellie where they bash the men they love and share a glass of wine but Mellie doesn’t let it take first place in her life because when Fitz said Teddy was asking for her, she stopped what she was doing and went to see her son.

Sike! It wasn’t Teddy but Fitz tricking Mellie and Cyrus, telling them to come up with a plan save America. Boy, I love me some Presidential Fitz. Cyrus tells Mellie to become his Vice President but Mellie goes on her tirade about being “equipped” and that she’s “experienced” ….Mellie needs to go to sleep with all that foolish cause she is not qualified nor was she a suitable candidate either with her 1.2 months of governmental experience…Mellie, kick rocks! Cyrus tells Mellie that he’s innocent this time and that’s he’s not the bad guy in this situation; Olivia is. But Mellie isn’t with that and turns down Cyrus rejection cause she knows Olivia is the good guy and she already paid her members fee to the group.

Mellie and Marcus

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Abby summons Jake and the first thing he brings up is that he 'hears’ Olivia is on a war path for the body in the cabin… hoe, how you know this.  Abby being a big red dog wants this case closed down so she hires joke to handle it for her. Because she knows Jake doesn’t want Mellie to win. Ugh, Abby. I thought you learned by now not to cross Olivia and then you help the command fam by getting a written confession by the hands of Jake. I see you Abby and I am not impressed with this constant need to flex your power because you know in a matter of months you will be once again powerless.

 Marcus catches Mellie in the White House and runs to see if she’s okay. Wow. We get it Shonda, Mellie and Marcus are paralleling Olivia and Fitz’s relationship. How Fitz would run to Olivia to see if she was okay and that he missed her. (2X08) Mellie tells Marcus not to pretend that he cares for her when he is just like every man she has ever loved, they never chose her. Now, Mellie is right though. Fitz never chose Mellie and Andrew most certainly didn’t either so when it comes to the love department Mellie is constantly looking for someone who will love her and choose her. To be honest, I actually feel and understand because Mellie is like all of us looking and wanting a love that can be life changing so I understand her quest for something real when all her life she has believed that pretending is real.

 Olivia needing the footage and information from the FBI decides to have dinner with her old school nemesis Ms. Webster. The two congratulate one another on being mature adults now…* sips tea* yeah these two probably went to school together and constantly competed against each other. Olivia and Angela bond and share stories about what it means to be a successful and powerful black women and for that I salute Shonda and I also agree with their relationship as it is a constant in most black Women’s lives. Instead of us seeing another black women as our sister or ally we see them as our enemy whose trying to take something from us. Yas, Shonda ; I see you and I hear you, sistah.

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Olivia makes a simple comment about the President being lucky to have her and much to her surprise, Angela immediately starts blushing causing Olivia’s head to jump up and look at her with a pointed expression. Olivia doesn’t keep this knowledge to herself but quickly exclaims “oh” because she’s at a lost that Angela has a thing for her man. Angela down plays her attraction for Fitz saying “she would never, they go way back.” And all Olivia can do is chuckle because she knows Angela and  knows that Angela is after her man after all he is “attractive, magnetic, charismatic.” You know what, for a guy Olivia doesn’t love and is completely over she used quiet a bit of adjectives to describe Fitz, and Angela agreed that Fitz is all those things but she would never do that to Olivia. And for the first time since the dinner Olivia lets out a sigh of relief that Angela isn’t after Fitz  with an eased “okay”  but then Angela said “unless you give me the green light”


Can we take a moment to appreciate the gift that is a petty and jealous Olivia Pope. She is the gift that just keeps on giving. Broad is playing with fire and she wants Olivia to give her the green light so she could date her ex boyfriend who just so happens to be the most powerful man in the world and the same man Olivia is still very much hung up on… Olivia ain’t going to give you no green light so you can walk away with her prize, nope. Olivia is going to you a black eye instead of a green light; ok Ms. Thang. I love this entire dialogue and undertone of this scene because it says so much without giving much away. Angela, asked Olivia if she has feelings for him or anything but instead of answering Olivia agrees that Angela should ask Fitz out, especially “if he says yes, then of course.” Olivia being extra shady and petty with that jab because Olivia doesn’t think Fitz would go out on a date with Angela. I’m not sure why Olivia would think that Fitz would declining Angela’s offer, maybe Fitz is aware of their past or maybe she feels that Fitz isn’t into black women but either way Olivia does a good job at pretending and selling Fitz to Angela a with plastered fake “great” smile.

What the hell is Olivia doing. Olivia is playing with fire, she came to this dinner hoping to get something out of it and she did but she never counted on Angela getting something in return. Instead of walking away from the dinner feeling victorious, you can see Olivia regretting her decision to have dinner in the first place because nothing is going as she planned and hoped for. Makes you wonder why the hell this is all for. Be careful what you wish for, Olivia. Olivia is thinking she is handling and shutting down this case but the only thing she is doing is opening the door for more people to enter. Man, I am completely happy and pleased with Angela’s involvement in this storyline cause Olivia needs to gain some perspective.

I love the contrast between Angela and Olivia. Angela is wearing black and white. Olivia is wearing all black. And my friend Jane mentioned Angela drinks white wine and Olivia drinks red. Completely opposite people with similar goals and wants. I am here for this development.


Abby is really flexing that power with her red jacket, she sitting in the chair at the FBI like she’s running the place, and well… she is. Abby was able to stop the director of the FBI from entering the interrogation room. SHIT. Talk about a blow to the ego and the gut. Nothing shocking but Jake walks out with a signed confession. Yawns. Fast Forward. Cause ain’t nothing scary about labia lips.


Louise has finally joined Thelma at their headquarters where Olivia is finally able to have a glass of wine with her friend but Olivia isn’t really into drinking right now nor is she interested in talking about election. Their are more pressing matters to discuss like how Broad is trying to get into their gang and steal their prized boo. I love that it is clearly troubling Olivia that Angela is wanting to make an attempt at Fitz. Now, Let’s be clear. Fitz is the only man that Olivia has ever truly chosen and loved without being influenced by outside forces. Olivia and Olivia only choose Fitz. This moment is distressing for Olivia considering that Angela is equally accomplished and beautiful and worse of all she very well might have it all if she gets Fitz. But before Olivia could even begin to talk here comes meek David.

Shonda is testing me. Why is she bringing David’s ass to OPA to ruin what would have been an excellent moment for Olivia to talk about her feelings and the past. Sigh. David comes to OPA crying about the republic, blah, blah, blah.

Olivia goes to the White House to see Fitz but Big Red has that door locked and she’s not for Olivia coming in and killing her vibe. And actually uses Olivia’s own words against her.


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 Marlie and Me

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Mellie calls Marcus and tells him about Cyrus wanting her to be his VP and basically asking for advice on what to do. Once again we get the parrels to Olivia and Fitz’s relationship and their dynamic, even to this day Fitz still wants Olivia’s help, he even asked Olivia what to do with the presidency which he threw in her face- not cool by the way but still these two people have such a foundation with one another that it’s almost second nature to seek their counsel. Before hanging up, Marcus tells Mellie that he would choose her but she just has to choose him. Aww.But still. Fast Forward.

We flash back to the campaign and the Ex-lady gang is sitting on the couch plotting together until Olivia looks at Mellie’s blissful gaze and she knows what better yet who Mellie has done because their was a time when Olivia too had that same look. Mellie describes her moment with Marcus as a catharsis, how she’s been reborn under his magical touch because she sees now how beautiful and bright life is after living in the dark for so long. Mellie is a believer. And the thing she believes in, is love.

There is no mistaking how the screen pans to Olivia’s saddened face at the mention of love. Love is the one thing Olivia wants desperately yet she denies herself the privileged of knowing what love feels like. Instead of relishing in the warmth of love, Olivia feels compelled to run from it and go back to safety and anonymity of the dark. Mellie, tells Olivia that she has gone so long without love that she misses it. And it’s painfully clear that Olivia too misses the comfort familiarity of love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When Olivia finally decided to embrace her relationship with Fitz and to feel the warmth of his love on her skin, it changed her. So when Mellie asked Olivia.

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“Is this what you felt with Fitz? Because if it is. I understand. You should have It. I should have it. Everybody should have it. It’s happiness. I’m happy”

This statement is completely underrated. Mellie is telling Olivia that if she loved Fitz  then she should never deprieve herself of the fulfillment that comes with love. The heart hungers for affection and as humans we suffer enough as it is, why must we add to our suffering when we can be happy. For years Mellie has degraded and cheapened Olivia and FItz’s love often referencing to it as tawdry affair but now Mellie is able to sympathize with Olivia in a way she never has before. She sees now. Mellie has now given Olivia her blessings to be with Fitz if he makes her happy. The beauty of this dialougue is that Mellie doesn’t shy away from love but she welcomes it with open arms, open legs and with an open mouth. Mellie is in love and she’s not afraid of it which is the exact opposite of Olivia who had love but ran from it. Olivia tells Mellie she’s happy for her but the look in her eyes tells a different story.

 Olivia has lost too much and she can’t bear to lose her closest friend now. Everyone is growing up and moving on with their lives except Olivia. Mellie’s bad habits mirrored Olivia’s where Olivia felt half way decent about herself because Mellie never required her to look at herself in the mirror and fix herself but now with Mellie seeing baby Jesus and the light, Olivia would be losing her too which would leave Olivia completely and totally alone. The idea isn’t pleasing to Olivia and so she does what she does best, she fixes the problem. She plants a story in Mellie’s head about Marcus using her to advance his career and that he has been in scandals, etc. But Mellie doesn’t fall for the bait, she’s seen the light.


Abby needing to one up Olivia and keep her power goes to Mellie’s office and tells her that the reason Marcus got the job at the White House was because Olivia wanted to break them up. They flash back to the campaign, Olivia tells Abby that she needs for her to give Marcus a job because he has something going on with Mellie and she can tell that it is more than just a fling. Abby remarks that Olivia wants her to break them up the same way she broke up her and David. Yes. Abby! Someone needs to remind Olivia that she is playing with peoples lives and relationships and she doesn’t get to say who stays together and who breaks up just because she wasn’t brave enough to fight for her own relationship.

Upset and rightfully so, Mellie walks up to Olivia’s apartment and ask her if she gave Marcus the Press Secretary  job and Olivia’s response was all Mellie needed to know. She’s completely shocked that Olivia would stoop this low, especially after everything they have been through. Mellie can’t believe that Olivia is the one person  that has successfully destroyed every relationship that she has ever had. Mellie asked the question we are all dying to know “why are you doing this?” “What is wrong with You?” The answer is quite complex; Olivia destroyed Mellie and Marcus’s relationship because misery loves company and Mellie leaving her would require Olivia to look at herself and her actions , and that is not something Olivia wishes to do. But also I think when Olivia looks at Mellie and Marcus she sees her and Fitz and what they were like when they first met and fell in love. Olivia was trying to change history and erase her memories of her and Fitz had someone interfered with their relationship and broke them up. Like Olivia said in 5X03:

“If I never laid eyes on him then I wouldn’t have fallen in love and he wouldn’t have fallen in love. That may have made for two more lonely people in the world, but also a lot less pain and heart ache…is the coming of two people worth all this destruction, all this attention. If it was a choice who would choose this kind of love. So I wish we never met. But we did. And I tried and failed and tried again and failed, to hide, to stop loving him but I couldn’t, I was weak.- Olivia Pope

Part of me feels like Olivia was trying to see through Mellie what life would have been like had she stuck to her plan and not been weak and fallen in love. Olivia probably feels she was sparing Mellie the pain but the thing about it is, that Mellie wants to feel and she’s not afraid of it but welcomes the sensation. Rowan controls Olivia’s relationship but that doesn’t give Olivia the right to control everyone else’s.  Olivia echoes commands words when making her point about how Marcus would have caused a scandal and is a political nightmare but more than that; Mellie doesn’t get to have both. 

You get to be powerful, you get to change the world. You don’t get to be vulnerable, or weak, or compromised in any way, by any one. You said you wanted the oval, Mellie, and it was my job to get it for you. There are sacrifices.

Mellie doesn’t get to have love, and be 'weak, vulnerable and compromised. Mellie gets to be 'powerful, and change the world.’ Mellie can’t have both and she can’t see that, the same way Olivia couldn’t either so Olivia made a call to steer them in the right direction. Granted, this is Olivia’s own feelings about the impossibility of having it all. Mellie rightfully pissed off tells Olivia that she’s going to take Cyrus’s offer to be Vice President now that they are over and wishes Olivia good luck getting back into the White House, because without Mellie, Olivia is all alone.

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Now that’s what I call a read. Ironic, that Olivia tried desepareatly to keep Mellie and she still ended up leaving her. Olivia’s nightmare came true she’s all alone now with no choice but to look at herself.

 Dejected and depleted Olivia goes to OPA where she tells Quinn and Huck to wrap up this case because they no longer have a candidate. This conversation quickly turns to Quinn’s looming engagement where Olivia very obviously projects and stresses to Quinn that she should get married because:

"He somehow loves you and you somehow love him. And you’re looking for excuses because you are scared. What is stopping you from accepting something some people never have? What? Share. your. life. because you’re not tethered to power, because you live below the radar, because you are free from it, because you can. You are being offered normal, maybe even happy.The fact that you are questioning whether you should take them , frankly is annoying… Live, you get to live and love and be happy. Do you know what some people would give for it.”

Quinn concedes and Olivia feels slightly better now that she has steered Quinn in the right direction.

The scene picks up with Frank Vargas funeral. Touching scene with Marvin singing in the back how the good die young, fitting scene but a somber one considering Frankie would have down this fictional realm some good.

Mellie walks into Oval but is stopped by Charlotte saying that President Grant is in a meeting . Both Mellie and Olivia are adjusting to having boundaries in the White House that they both once ruled. Mellie walks into the oval and waits for Marcus to show up and he does but Mellie isn’t there.

Instead Mellie returns to Olivia and ask Olivia “did it hurt this bad when you left Fitz?” After a long pause Olivia finally answers “yes” handing Mellie a glass of red wine. The two sit down on the sofa but Mellie is looking at Olivia and you can tell that she knows something is wrong with Olivia but once again we are interrupted with Huck this time.

Here’s the thing. Mellie and Marcus are not Olivia and Fitz, not even close. But for years Mellie has wanted answers, as to why her white, successful, powerful husband would chose a black women over her. Mellie has tried to make sense of their relationship and has asked Fitz before what it felt like to be so hot for someone that you could barely breath. Mellie has cheapened their relationship every chance she got but it’s only now after experiencing something that feels real with Marcus that she sympathizes for olitz and their forbidden quest of being together. Finally, Mellie understands why once you go black you never go back. So throughout the episode, Mellie would asked Olivia, is this what she felt because she needs confirmation that if she feels this way for Marcus then she can only imagine what Olivia felt for Fitz. Mellie is desperate for love and honestly I want her to have it  because like she said, everyone deserves it.

Olivia spots Fitz on the Truman Balcony and with a deep breath she walks out to face him, only this time he’s not alone.

Fitz has taken Broad to the Truman Balcony where Olivia declared her love for him. This sacred monument has been tarnished, and Olivia feels the weight of this betrayal though it isn’t really.

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I can’t . This hurts my heart and though I enjoy watching Olivia squirm and hear the ticking of the clock. This has to be a mighty fall and bruise to her ego especially when she told Angela to “go for it” if he says yes. Olivia, never expected Fitz to actually say yes. Granted, we don’t’ why Angela is there but from the looks of It, Fitz and Angela are looking pretty close. When Olivia saw them together I love that Olivia pulls her cape tighter around her chest in hopes of shielding herself from the visceral stab to her heart at the sight of the man she loves moving on with his life without her. And I peeped those dark green purse and gloves, Olivia is rocking with that envious face.

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Olivia is mad as hell and disgusted by what she just saw. Olivia is literally seething with such hidden jealously and anger. Olivia Pope is ticking. And when she turned her eyes on Angela, boy oh boy. Angela, please believe me when I tell you that you are in danger. If Angela thinks Olivia is going to step aside and let her walk away with the only man she has ever loved then she has another thing coming. Better yet the fact that Olivia has access to Fitz’s private chambers and is allowed to come and go as she pleases should speak volumes. When it comes to Fitzgerald Grant, Olivia Pope will always find her way to get close to him somehow. Watch out people, Olivia is out and she’s not going to be backing down.

The video Olivia hands Fitz, is of Frankie yelling at Cyrus and vowing that he would remove him from his ticket and that over his dead body will he allow Cyrus to be his Vice President. Now, this evidence still yet to be proven and I’m still not sold on Cyrus being the murderer but the play on words. Yikes.

After showing the video, Olivia gives Abby a knowing look. Yup, bow down big red cause Olivia Pope took you back to school. Olivia moves rather close to Fitz and asked him almost intimately whether they should call the Justice Department now, which causes Fitz to bark at Abby to call David.

 Olivia after successfully stopping Angela’s groove and having Fitz make Abby call the Attorney General to look into Cyrus as being a suspect.

She’s back bitches, and she came to slay.

Olivia Pope is getting into formation.

Side Note:

This episode exceeded my expectations tremendously, less plot and more character driven narratives are always my preference and this episode delivered on so many levels. BRAVO. BRAVO.

 - and don’t think I didn’t peep olé dad on Olivia’s coffee table smiling at his 'ultimate predator’. You really are Rowan’s child, Olivia. Do better.

-ready to get the backstory on Olivia and Angela’s relationship, and watching Olivia foil Angela’s plan.

-Me calling Angela ‘Emily’ is because of a story I’m writing that takes place in season 6 so you’ll hear that name from time to time for my own joy in pissing people off.

-But can we salute Olivia on this continued growth because she is seeing the error of her ways, and is trying to get her life back. She’s doing everything she can but I don’t believe Olivia has contemplated what life would be like post-Fitz.

 Time is ticking. And just like Olivia and Fitz; Mellie and Marcus are far from over and I enjoy their relationship as it seems to correlate with Olivia’s own with Fitz.

Awesome episode, for me a thousand times better than the season premiere. 

Until Next Time…

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Running hug? Lol, I have no idea what that's supposed to be but it just gave me two of the funniest mental images. 1: Lance sprinting through the castle trying to hug everyone as fast as he can for some reason. This nearly puts them all into healing pods as a result because he doesn't actually slow down at any point. The second half of this isn't going to fit so I'll have to make another ask for part 2.

Haha, I meant, like, the hug in the movies where the two people run at each other across a wheat field or whatever and fling themselves into each other’s arms, but this was actually way more fun.  Thanks for requesting it!

Lance found Hunk first, which was good, because when he barreled into his best friend, Hunk hugged him back and didn’t seem too concerned when Lance let go and raced off again.

Shiro was equally willing to be hugged, wrapping his arms bewilderedly around Lance before he could back away and run on to his next teammate.  "What’s that for?“ he asked, sounding bemused.

"I’ll explain later!” Lance declared, running off again.  Two down.  

He slammed into Keith two corridors later, almost knocking both of them over.  Keith squawked, offended, and tried to squirm out of Lance’s grasp.  "What are you doing?“

"Later!” Lance said, letting him go and taking off again.  Three.  Out of four?  Six?  Seven?  Lance suddenly realized he hadn’t asked who, exactly, he was supposed to be hugging, but he figured it was better to err on the side of caution.

Pidge would be in her hangar, but everyone else would be on the bridge, so he went there first, pushing his legs to run faster.  Why was the castle so big?  Usually it was good having a little room to split up so they weren’t all on top of each other, but as his lungs started burning, it seemed a little excessive.

When he burst onto the bridge, he went for Coran first.  As he’d half expected, Coran caught him without questioning it, squeezing him back.  "What’s wrong, Number 2?“

"Nothing!”  Lance said, extricating himself and jogging more casually over toward Allura “I just have to hug everyone in the castle within the next four minutes, is all.”

Allura let him hug her, patting him awkwardly on the back.  "What?  Why?  What are you talking about?“

He shrugged her off, running up to Kolivan, who glowered at him so hard that Lance couldn’t bring himself to give him a real hug and settled for an awkward side hug instead, dashing away as fast as he could so that he could both get to Pidge and avoid any retaliation from the enormous Galra.

"I’ll explain later!”

It was a relief to be out of the room, and an even bigger relief to only have one more friend to rescue.  He wished he could take Pidge’s zipline to her hangar, but he suspected the Castle wouldn’t let him and raced down the long way instead, running until he had a stitch in his side.

When he burst into the hangar, Pidge looked up, surprised, from where she was sitting on the floor working on something.  Lance dashed toward her and dove forward, sliding the last few feet on his knees while Pidge’s eyes widened and her hands came up to stop him.  He managed to get his arms around her anyway, knocking them both over into a pile of limbs on the floor.

“What the heck, Lance?” she asked disgruntledly, half squashed under him, “Get off!”

He pushed himself off the tiniest paladin, and righted himself, taking a deep breath in relief.  "Sorry.  Slav said I had to hug everyone in the castle in the next 10 minutes or the likelihood of all of us dying in a horrible accident went up by, like, 60%.  That’s more than half!“

"Lance, Slav is crazy,” Pidge grumbled, sitting up.  "You could have broken my new BLIP tech sensor!“

"Yeah, but he’s also a genius, so-”

“A crazy genius.  Did he even tell you why you had to hug us?  What could possibly have gone wrong that a hug would prevent?”

“That’s … actually a good question.”

“So why don’t you go ask him, and get out of my lab?”

Lance snorted.  "Yeah, fine.  I didn’t want to be in your crummy lab anyway.   I was just trying to save your life.  It’s not a big deal or anything.“

Pidge rolled her eyes, but Lance didn’t want to make a whole fight out of it, so he stormed off instead.

He hadn’t gone far in the other direction before Slav whipped around a corner and flung all eight of his arms around Lance.  "You forgot to hug me!” he exclaimed “That was almost a disaster!”

Lance wrapped his arms around Slav in return, heart skipping a beat.  "Oh no!  Did we make it in time?“

Slav thought for a minute, still clinging to the front of Lance’s armor.  "Yes, I think so.”

Lance sighed in relief again.  "Good.  Why’d I have to do that, anyway?“

"You’re blue!” Slav explained, staring intently at the blue V in front of his face, “Blue has a frequency of 606-668 terahertz!  Very protective frequency range.  Cancels out the waves of negative thoughts.”

“Wait - negative thoughts?”  Lance’s face fell.

“Yes.  I had been caught in a web of fear.  Shiro says I should not get caught up in fear, and I think he is right.  Makes too much negative energy.  Needs 606 terahertz to cancel it out.”

Lance groaned.

“Do not worry, Blue Paladin,” Slav said.  "You should only have to hug everyone a few times a week to keep them safe.  Maybe once a day if there are a lot of dangers for me to think about.“

Suddenly, "explaining later” seemed like a much harder task than it had before.  Maybe he should just walk around the castle with Slav attached to his front and let Slav explain instead.  The alien showed no sign of letting go any time soon, anyway.

In Love And Death
  • "Who am I?"
  • "Where did I come from?"
  • "Why am I here?"
  • "Where am I going?"
  • "Get down"
  • "I'm lying to myself"
  • "Take my hand"
  • "Take my life"
  • "Take it away"
  • "I must have caught something"
  • "I can't stop itching"
  • "I'm not in love"
  • "You know it's not love"
  • "I'm right here with you"
  • "Just stay with me now"
  • "Let it bleed"
  • "Did you think that I was sober?"
  • "The most that I can do for you is keep on lying"
  • "I'm far from lonely"
  • "I remember every glance you shot me"
  • "I lost my head"
  • "Just say what you wanna say"
  • "I'm feeling so lonely"
  • "I'll let you know when I go"
  • "Get down and stay awake"
  • "It's hard to say that I was wrong"
  • "It's hard to say I miss you"
  • "Since you've been gone, it's not the same"
  • "Wake up"
  • "Do you wanna take me on?"
  • "I think I might just trust you, maybe"
  • "I am not afraid to die"
  • "Just look at me, look at me now"
Lauren Spotify Updates

She has add “Know, by Syd” at her playlist “beatz doe”… let’s check out the lyrics…

Baby don’t, let me go babe
Baby don’t, don’t say no babe
Can’t nobody know, nobody, no
Keep it between us, can’t let ‘em see us
It’ll be our secret, don’t wanna get caught creeping

Is it really cheating, who says we’re cheating

Don’t let nobody know
Let’s keep it on the low

And as long as he don’t
Long as she don’t
We’ll lay back and play the game
And as long as he don’t
Long as she don’t
Ain’t no need to play it safe

Here we are, all alone babe
If we had a little more time, I’d take it slow babe
You can stay 'til the morning, when we wake up jump on it
It’s the way that you flaunt it, lets me know that you want it, and I
Can’t, say, no

Keep it secret baby they don’t have to know (they don’t have to know girl)
No more pictures baby put away your phone (put away your phone girl)
Let em wonder what we do when we’re alone
Cause you know how I like it babe, let’s do this in private baby
Keep it secret baby (let’s keep it on the low)
We don’t need it baby (let’s keep it on the low)
Privacy is golden (let’s keep it on the low)
So don’t get too excited babe
Don’t tell them about it baby

Keep it on the low
On the low, girl, keep it on the low


Lauren also started to follow a new playlist called “sad”….the user is “sofib27″…

I’m not sure who’s this Sofi (o.O), but… this person “Ana Jauregui Cabello” also follows that same user tho…

Idk if that user is from Sofi, Camila’s sister because the other playlists don’t seem like a music taste from a child…

Lauren follows the user not just her playlist… 

that’s all, folks!


jongyu / band au, omegaverse / r / 1500 words
warning: omegaverse things
Jonghyun never imagined that Jinki would want him.

this is the first part of a drabble series. i will write in it off and on, but each piece will probably be short (1-1.5k) and can standalone, which i think will make it easier for me to write in it over time.

The elevator seems smaller with just the two of them, because Jinki is standing so close. Jonghyun’s pulse speeds from the proximity, and he’s cursing himself for agreeing to take Jinki back to the dorm from the after party. He knows better than to do something like this when his heat is coming up soon. Being close to an alpha when his hormones are starting to fire up is always a mistake, but it’s the worst possible decision when the alpha is Jinki.

He feels their shoulders touch as Jinki’s head tilts down to lean against him. “You smell nice,” Jinki mumbles. His voice is soft and low, warm breath blowing against the sensitive skin of Jonghyun’s neck. 

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Zach Werenski #2 - Working Out

Anon asked: Hey! Could you write another zach werenski one? Where you two workout out together(and you pretty much kick his ass;) than have a cute pizza date or lazy day? You can change if you want!! Thanks:)) your writing is amazing!

Yes anon here you go! I love the idea of the reader kicking the professional athlete’s ass. I’m not sure why but that is always fun to write. I hope you enjoy this story!

Even though Zach had an off day he didn’t treat it as one. Sure he would sleep in a little later and would splurge slightly by eating Honey Nut Cheerios instead of Multigrain Cheerios but he still had a relative routine. The only thing that really changed was what he did in the afternoon. On game days it was taking a nap and on off days it was binge watch television he missed because of games or trying a new recipe in an attempt to learn how to cook.

If you spent the night before an off day you would try your best to join him at the gym if you didn’t have your own work to catch up on. Fortunately for you, you were ahead on work and when his alarm went off and he went to eat breakfast you joined him. You personally liked the days when you worked out together because it meant you got to use the Blue Jackets’ training facility. On days when a game or practice wasn’t scheduled the players were allowed to use the facility on their own. That technically meant they could bring anyone that they included on their friends and family list. With it being a professional athletics facility they always had the newest equipment and you were always excited to try it out.

You finished your breakfast before Zach and left to go change while he took what you deemed his “sweet, sweet time.” You were tying up your sneaker laces when he walked in and you went to wait by the front door. When he was finally ready to go you felt like you were going to jump out of your skin with all the excess energy you had. He rolled his eyes fondly and you two took the elevator down to the parking garage where he was parked. Soon enough you were driving down to Nationwide Arena. He pulled his ID out to show the guard who waved him in before he could get it fully out of his wallet. Of course they would know who he was. He parked in the player spots near the underground entrance and you forced yourself to not run to the door.

There were no other cars in the lot so you hoped that meant you two would get the facility to yourselves. It wasn’t that you minded when his teammates were there, in fact they are a great motivator but it was nice to have time with just your boyfriend. The gym is empty when you two walk in and you wasted no time in hooking your phone up to the speakers. The playlist was filled with the best mix of pump it up songs that you could find and you spent more time on it than you were willing to admit.

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Braun Strowman/OC: Braun finds out karma is a bitch and will come around to bite you in the ass. Smut. Part 2 of Too Close.

Bc you all asked so nicely. Here’s part 2. This bitch is long af too lmao whoopsie.

Tagging my bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @shadow-of-wonder @everybodyfinnfreeze @screamersdontdance @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @imagineall-the-fandoms @fuckyeahbulletclub @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @bizclizbaybay @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @caramara3 @abbie03d

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anonymous asked:

Hello! :D I really love your writing and was wondering if you would be willing to write something for Ochako/Katsuki! It can be about anything lol idk why but I ship them a lot and would love to read a fic about them :')

I’ve never written these two before so I hope it’s okay! I actually used inspiration from my most recent Kung Fu class for this one. I really like that Ochako studied martial arts. 

;Just Passing By

‘What the hell are you doing in here?’

Ochako glanced up from the enormous plush toy on the ground. Releasing its arm, she felt a tingle of warmth rise up the back of her neck. It wasn’t quite the same as practicing on people, but it enabled her to prepare her stances for future training. That and, well, Deku had disappeared somewhere with All Might, leaving her temporarily alone. Getting caught in the act was, to put it lightly, a little embarrassing on her part. Getting caught by Katsuki, however, was strikingly humiliating.

Katsuki’s red eyes pierced hers from the doorway. Ochako averted her gaze and distracted herself with the bear, propping it up against her bedroom wall. 

‘You’re back already?’ she asked, hoping to deflect the topic. ‘What are you doing?’  

‘Just passin’ by,’ he said, dismissing her question with the flick of his wrist. ‘I’m already pretty strong,’ he bragged. ‘No need to go nuts with training my quirk. Which, incidentally, is what you’re supposed to be doing.’

Ochako chewed her bottom lip thoughtfully. ‘At the moment my quirk isn’t without its drawbacks,’ she explained. ‘In order to avoid fainting, or becoming too nauseous to stand, I…’ Thoughts of their fight flickered through her mind. If only she’d had the strength to stand up back then. Maybe… ‘Well, that is, I’m hoping to get stronger with and without my quirk, just in case there comes a time where I can’t use it.’

Katsuki seemed to consider her for a moment. His eyes were somewhere far away. His brows knit together as his gaze sharpened and fixed pointedly on her face. 

‘You’ll never beat me if you don’t get over your shitty drawbacks,’ he muttered, leaning against the door frame.

The dorms were noticeably quiet. Ochako wondered if the others were still in the common room, or if they’d gone off to work on their own techniques for the upcoming exam. 

‘I’ll prove it, then,’ she said. ‘I’ll beat you without using my quirk!’

Katsuki’s eyes flared with a hint of excitement. ‘Oh, yeah? Don’t think I’ll go easy on you because you’re a girl.’

Ochako swallowed the lump in her throat. ‘T-then, let’s do this!’

‘Right here?’ He raised a brow skeptically. ‘Well, it’s your funeral. It ain’t like I’m the one who’ll have to clean this mess up.’

As he stepped forward to approach her, Ochako swung her leg out, taking Katsuki off guard. He tumbled over her in surprise and landed somewhat dramatically on the plush bear in the middle of the room. His eyes flicked up to hers in surprise.

‘Rule number one,’ she started, flashing him a wide grin, ‘never let your guard down.’

Katsuki made a rude noise. ‘I let you get that one in. Don’t get your hopes up.’

The two went at it for a while, swinging back and forth, Katsuki landing more blows than she’d like to admit. 

Tolerate it, she told herself. Learn to deal with the pain and keep pushing forward.

A swing to her left side sent her reeling back against the wall, where she caught herself on the edge of her desk. 

‘You’re going easy on me,’ she breathed.

‘I already missed classes because of my fight with Deku,’ he told her. ‘I’m not stupid enough to cause trouble right before an exam.’

Ochako stared at him in disbelief, but that sensation was shattered as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him. Flicking her hand up, she latched onto his wrist and twisted his arm elbow-up before grabbing onto his thumb with her free hand. Then, tucking his hand into his armpit, she stepped behind him and slide her free hand around his neck, where she pressed two fingertips under his jaw, forcing his head back. She knew from experience how much it hurt to be restrained like this. 

‘The only way to get out of this move is to break your own arm,’ she said. ‘I think I–’ 

To Ochako’s surprise, Katsuki started to writhe in her grasp. ‘Even if you have to break every bone in your body,’ he grunted, ‘a hero does what he has to to survive!’

‘Stop it!’ she warned, releasing his arm in one fluid motion. ‘You can’t afford to injure yourself right before the exam.’

‘What do you care?’ he snapped, growing noticeably irritable at the realisation that he might just have lost to Ochako. ‘What? You got some sorta vendetta after I beat your ass in the–’

‘No,’ she interrupted. ‘I admire you, Katsuki!’

Katsuki flinched. ‘Oi! Who said you could call me–’

‘Deku calls you by name all the time,’ Ochako explained. ‘I just thought…’ 

‘Don’t,’ he snapped. 

Ochako dropped her gaze to the floor. ‘Maybe I’m not ready to become a hero. I don’t have your resolve. I don’t have Deku’s spirit. I’m just…’

‘What’re you talking about?’ Katsuki rubbed the thumb she’d taken hostage and fixed her with an icy stare. ‘You trying to insult me?’

‘Insult you? No, I–’

‘You think I’d pick a fight with just any shitty student at this school? Most of those bastards aren’t fit to lick my boots. They’re sure as hell not worthy of being my enemy.’

‘I-I’m your enemy?’

Katsuki shuffled across the room and paused to look back at her from the doorway. ‘You better win your fight, Ochako,’ he stressed. ‘Or you an’ me will never have a rematch.’

Ochako’s heart fluttered in her chest. She watched his back as he entered the hall, noticing for the first time how large it was and how strong he looked in the sunlight that streamed in through nearby windows. She could hear him muttering as he walked away. After a moment he seemed to turn back on himself, wandering past her doorway to give her one final glare, and headed in the opposite direction. That’s right…Katsuki’s room was on the other side of the floor, and the farthest away from hers. Come to think of it, he’d appeared from the direction of Mina’s room, hadn’t he? But Mina wasn’t at the dorms right now. So, then…

What was he doing on her side of the floor?