let's not forget these guys

Forget about the guy, he never loved you as much as you did with him anyway. Let’s stop wasting effort for someone who doesn’t appreciate it, shall we?
—  P.G.G
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Jimin:</b> Hyung, I'm bored. Tell us a joke.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Okay! Why did the cow cross the road?<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> To get to the udder side. I've heard of this already.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Hyung, you're not funny.<p/><b>Jin:</b> You guys are milking me out of jokes.<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> Your jokes are udder destruction.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Fight me, Yoongi. Unless you're too much of a cow-herd.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Come on, guys. No need to start beef over a joke.<p/></p><p/><b>Jimin:</b> Why are you guys so moo-dy today?<p/><b>Hoseok:</b> Let's forget all this and go to the moo-vies.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> I'm hungry, let's go to the the calf-eteria first.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Fine. I've been craving bull-ogna. <p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Because I'm mildly fed up with iGOT7's and the unfairness in group love

Before I begin I just wanna say I’m not directly hating on anyone or any blog for not giving the same amount of attention to all members, in fact on my account while I do stan Youngjae(he’s my UB) I show love to all members and appreciate all members. That being said, I want to say how disappointed I am in iGOT7’s. When Jackson was ill I swear I’d never seen more support for a group member until then. I mean you guys even had #GetWellSoonJackson trending on twitter that’s amazing! And let’s not forget when Jaebum injured his back and you guys came forward with so much love and get well soon wishes. It’s touching. But where is all of that for Youngjae? Where is the flood and overwhelming amount of love on social media for Youngjae? Why is it that when I express my concern FOR Youngjae there’s someone who replies with “Why does he have a back injury? He doesn’t even do anything”….

I’m tired and fed up with member favoritism and for Youngjae to be as beautiful as he is both on the inside and out it’s disgusting that you all make him feel lesser to the other members. He is just as special. He is just as talented. He deserves just as much love. So please, stop treating Choi Youngjae as if he isn’t as popular to receive get well soon praise from fans, because he cares about every single one of us and shows it in how he pushes himself until he has a back injury and can’t perform.

The reason why a lot of men don’t know how to pursue a Godly wife isn’t always because they don’t desire it, but many are simply not ready, or, they don’t even know how to pursue a woman in a Godly way. In the same way we as women have doubts, insecurities, and questions about Godly relationships, we can’t forget that guys have these too.

This can be frustrating and may cause you feel like they’re getting nowhere when it comes to relationships, but the answer isn’t to try and solve all of these problems yourself. The answer is to pray for your brothers in Christ like you pray for your sisters: that God will prepare their hearts and that they’ll know their worth.

In the same way women are pressured to get married, many guys get similar pressure too. In the same way that women can be tempted to just date around, men deal with the same things. In the same way women deal with issues when it comes their bodies, sexual purity, and other things, men face issues as well. Of course women deal with issues that are distinct to being a woman, but the point is, let us not forget to pray for our brothers too.

If a guy has wronged you, this does not mean that his actions are inexcusable. What it means is no matter what, he’s still not outside of the realm of God’s grace. There is still hope for him AND for a generation that seems at times to have lost its way. So let us pray and do this:

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” - Hebrews 4:16

You don’t have to date a guy so you can try to change him. Let God change him. Why? Because God is not caught off guard by how “bad” the dating scene is or how much help someone needs. He doesn’t look at a single woman in her 30’s and say there’s no hope for her. He doesn’t look at a woman who’s been heartbroken yet still desires marriage and say “that’s just too bad.” He doesn’t look at a young man who doesn’t know his worth in Christ and say “there’s no way I could pour my love onto a sinner like that.” He looks at ALL of us with love, so let us look at each other in the same way!

Words by @morganhnichols for #QWCDevos

97 Days

Dean x Reader

A/N: This fic was written for the Love the Ships Supernatural Challenge by @waywardjoy. My prompt was “You called me for this? Why?” “What, you’re upset that I want your opinion now?”

A/N2: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Summary: After 97 Days, you receive a phone call from Dean. “Hey, you need to get here, right now. It’s urgent.” So you do. A surprise is waiting for you. Maybe more than one.

Word Count: 1900+

Warnings: Angst

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Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (8)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: Sorry this took so long. I am slacking I know. Promise to try be faster with Part 9 guys! Don’t forget to let me know what you thought! ^.^

Word Count:  1208

( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 )

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Brain Fart (Anthony x Reader)

A/N: y’all really didn’t like Instagram lol so here’s this. also I know it’s short, but I wanted to put something out there. This is fluffy at the end idk how I feel about it but hopefully you guys like it! My first Anthony x Reader! I might do a part 2 if you guys wanted it so let me know! Don’t forget to send in requests! I will literally write ANYTHING . Enjoy!

TW: like 2 bad words??? And mention of alcohol

WC: 845

You were just minding your business, wiping down the tables at the coffee shop you work at when you heard the bell signifying that someone had walked in ring.

“Welcome! I’ll be right with you,” you said cheerfully, without looking up. You quickly finished up cleaning up and walked over to the register.

“Hi, sorry about that. What can I-”  you stopped. You couldn’t believe what your eyes were seeing. Anthony Ramos was standing right in front of you. Anthony fucking Ramos in the flesh. Right in front of you.

“Um, hello?” he said, trying to hide his smile.

“Right, um, so sorry. What can I get for you?” you said trying not to blush, but definitely failing.

“No problem,” he laughed. He finished ordering and paid, but he didn’t move from where he was standing.

“So what’s a beautiful girl like you like to do for fun?” he asked, leaning over the counter.

“I’m sorry; there’s no way this is happening. Anthony Ramos is actually flirting with me right now?” you said, the last line coming out like a question.

“So you know who I am?” he chuckled.

“Yes, I do, which is why I had a brain fart when I saw your face,” you said, wincing at the fact that you said “brain fart” in front of Anthony Ramos and physically facepalming.

“Well, I’m glad that you did because it saved me from the embarrassment of being even more speechless when I saw how gorgeous you are,” he said softly, and you could’ve sworn you saw a twinkle in his eye.

“So how come I’ve never seen you in here before?” you asked, choosing to move on, since you were sure your cheeks were as red as a cherry tomato.

“A friend of mine recently said I should try this place out. He’s really into supporting small businesses,” he explained. “Now that I’ve seen it, I’ll definitely be coming back,” he winked.

The two of you delved into conversation, lasting about an hour, only being interrupted when a customer would come in which only happened a few times. You had a lot in common, which you were not expecting at all. You were pleasantly surprised to know that he was actually pretty dorky in high school.

“No, you weren’t. Stop lying. There is no way that you were dorky in high school,” you said, narrowing your eyes at him.

“Dude, I swear I was. I started playing baseball so that people would like me more…” he said sheepishly looking at the ground now and rubbing the back of the neck with his hand.

“High school me would’ve had the biggest crush on high school you if that makes you feel any better,” you said, putting your hand on top of his. He looked up at you then at your hands. You pulled your hand away, and you swear you saw him frown. He looked down at his watch, his eyes widened.

“Oh shit! I really have to go…” he looked at you, then appeared to have a change of heart. “Well, actually, you asked me a bunch of questions, but you missed the big question.”

“Oh really?” you laughed, “Well, what’s the big question, then?” you asked, using the same tone to tease him.

“Will you get a drink with me?”

“What?” you asked, completely taken by surprise.

“You. Me. Drink. Now?” he asked, with a wide grin.

“Don’t you have a show to do, Anthony Ramos from Hamilton?”

“I can call off.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because life is short, and you are hot. Drink?”

You couldn’t lie; the persistence was adorable.

“No,” you said playfully, getting up from the table where you were sitting.

“Ever?” he asked, getting up as well.

“Maybe,” you smirked.

“Phone number?”

“Moving a little fast, don’t you think?” you said, before making your way over to the counter again and getting a notepad and a pen.

“Is that your phone number?” he asked, leaning over the counter again.

“Just my phone number. Not a promise, not a guarantee, just my phone number.”

“And that’s (Y/N)…”

“(Y/N) Ramos…” you said before realizing what you’d just said. Your eyes widened, and you quickly corrected your mistake. “(L/N)! (Y/N) (L/N)!”

His eyes widened just as much and his jaw dropped before he began to smile.

“Go away. Don’t look at me,” you said walking away from the counter and heading towards the blenders.

“I’ll call you!” he yelled out, walking backwards towards the door.

“Don’t look at me,” you said, blushing furiously and still walking with your head down.

“I’ll call you tomorrow!”

“Don’t look at me.” you said, attempting to organize items on the counter that were already organized.

“I might even call you tonight!” he called, now at the door.

“Don’t look at me!” you said, now crouching down to hide behind the counter.

“I’m definitely going to call you, gorgeous girl!” he said, as he was walking out.

“You definitely better,” you mumbled, as you smiled like an idiot thinking about what had just happened.

note to self: read up on hinterkaifeck. wild and bizarre and i want to actually remember the details because there are SO many interesting aspects to it & questions that are raised

Your characters when they want something written but you’re already almost asleep

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put your slimey claws together for this fuckbunch of endgame dream teams. i wish these teenage shit waffles luck cus youd have an easier time finding atlantis and fondling aquamans goods than fighting these chumps.

oh and lets not forget these guys:

Guys lets not forget that not only when Lafayette died, was he buried in American soil that he took with him back to France but there is also an American flag at his grave that has a whole ceremony to change it every year. AND when the Americans entered World War I, General Pershing and a whole parade went to Lafayette’s grave and proclaimed “Lafayette, we are here!” So yes, the help America promised to him came, and they did a whole grand finale of a parade to basically say WASSUP

GUYS let’s not forget that Lili and Cumstain are DEFINITELY dating!!!! That’s why she’s refusing to touch him, literally has a cringe on her face, and is practically giving him side eye. Lmao but they’re totally in love guys. So in love. Sprousehart is R E A L here’s the proof! This & “coles kisses are cold and sterile”. True love❤❤❤❤❤

The Aogiri kids being all over Hinami when she was with them, pulling her everywhere to play with them and to read books to them. And Hinami’s always giving in to them because she’s such a sucker for cute faces and little kids and she sees herself in them so she wants to make them happy. Even when she’s busy, she’ll put aside her work. 

And she always pulls Ayato into it as well and those little kids love him a lot and it’s funny because like all those adults in Aogiri are fucking terrified of the ss-rated rabbit but then when he’s with the kids he softens into a pure bunny. And he and Hinami are like the big onii-chan and onee-chan to them, just like Kaneki and Touka were to Hinami. 

And let’s not forget the White Suits and Miza and her gang because these guys love those kids as well. The White Suits are always teaching them new games and playing with them and the kids love Naki because he’s always a dumb idiot who loses at like everything. They laugh at him but no one really cares because they’re not being mean– they’re just being kids. Miza’s like a mother to them and she makes sure that they’re fed and they’re clean and have proper clothes. She tucks them in to bed, or at least makes sure they go to sleep fine and keeps an eye on them. She sits by Hinami whenever Hinami reads them bedtime stories. Those kids are like her own– and we all know Miza loves kids. 

The kids love everyone but Hinami is like, their number one because she’s the one who is ALWAYS there for them no matter what. But suddenly one day, everyone comes back but her. And they’re lost and distraught because just where is Hinami? They were waiting for her to come back from the mission because they wanted a bedtime story. The kids have a hard time sleeping after she left, even when Miza or Ayato tries to fill in for Hinami– it’s just not the same. They keep pestering Ayato about her, asking him where she is and when she’s going to come back, and it only just breaks his heart even more because he already misses her so much but he knows these kids do too. So he promises to bring her back. 

And he does. And they see her in goats. And it’s like their life is complete again. 

Just… yeah. Imagine this. 

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it's me, the nervous anon again lol. there was one interview back in february that people flipped about on twitter. she basically implied that the engagement thing was a joke, that the quad flip held 0 symbolic value to viktor and yuuri, and actually brought up how some japanese fans *did* in fact need clarification on the kiss (unlike how she stated they didn't earlier) but still proceeded to be ambiguous regarding it. ive been sort of shaken up ever since? and every time i hear (1/2)

I’m not sure I got the second part of your ask!!! Sorry D: 

Ohhhhh hmm that’s weird of her?? I’m afraid I haven’t seen that interview but I could see how you’d be concerned – nevertheless I’d just have faith and hope!!! <3 <3 I think it’ll be fantastic, and hey, if not, we always have season one!