let's not forget these guys

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Let's not forget that all the scar-faced guys (Shiro, Dad Kogane, Kolivan, and Zarkon ) are also the dads/leaders. The gremlin hates dads.

I mean we don’t know if Sendak and Kolivan are dads but. Being a leader figure and/or dad attracts the gremlin.

…Sam Holt, wherever you are in space, guard your face, man.

(we also don’t know if Mom Kogane has a facial scar because she is pretty clearly some kind of rowdy knife-party parent so it’s possible the gremlin is gender neutral and despises all manner of parents)

right let me get this straight

so everyone’s mad because robert doesn’t care enough for aaron yet he loves that man with every fibre of his flaming being and can be the soppiest guy going half the time (let’s forget the rebecca shitfest)

and now in that sneak peek he’s suddenly a “pig” and “uncaring” when he’s struggling because he wants to be with his husband so bad and basically try and salvage what’s left of his relationship (he doesn’t even know what’s left yet) despite the fact he has been an absolute rock for liv these past few weeks stepping up to the dad role and at least making her smile once or twice

like I’m sorry but what the fuck do you want me to feel emmerdale I just don’t understand anymore

Forget about the guy, he never loved you as much as you did with him anyway. Let’s stop wasting effort for someone who doesn’t appreciate it, shall we?
—  P.G.G

what’s fucking gross is that dan and phil work SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard like come on have you seen the amount of gaming videos lately?? and let’s not forget when they did gamingmas. come on, these guys try so hard to make us happy and entertain us and yeah it is okay to have humour and make jokes sometimes about what one of them may upload and it’s okay if internet support group isn’t your favourite, but bashing dan and sending him horrible tweets and making him feel like shit for something WE overhyped is really not okay

for those of you who don’t know it, i suggest you google what respect is


put your slimey claws together for this fuckbunch of endgame dream teams. i wish these teenage shit waffles luck cus youd have an easier time finding atlantis and fondling aquamans goods than fighting these chumps.

oh and lets not forget these guys:

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: im still so confused about the fact that the Supergirl writers want to pair Kara with a slice of frat-boy bread who is literally like every other white male on tv and who’s role in Kara’s life has basically erased the fact that Kara has a life that doesn't involve babysitting this whiny man-boy, and has basically sidelined Kara in her own gotdamn show like last time i checked this was ‘Supergirl’ not ‘Supergirl’s xenophobic charge Mon-El and other Bad and Predictable Tropes’ and let's not forget the fact that after pining after Jimmy 'actual charming guy' Olsen for the better part of Season 1 Kara is forced to dump his ass like a week later bc of the Mon 'trust me i'm a nice guy' El storyline.

I don’t give a fuck about hate right now, imma do this now.

A long time ago I started drawing nuclear catastrophes like…this.
I know this is an extremely difficult topic to talk about so let me explain.
Exactly 6 years ago, on March 11th, an very bad earthquake happened in Japan with a following 30 meter tsunami hitting the nuclear power plant Fukushima 2, or Fukushima daiichi. It caused 3 nuclear melt downs in the core of the plant and many people lost their homes and lives.
I was very unsure quite a bit, but after watching TV and not hearing anything as a slight reminder I decided to remind people themselves.
This isn’t supposed to be troll or joke, just an IMPORTANT reminder of what happened back then.

Unfollow me as you wish, I’m usually not that type, but if you can’t handle such content, or think this is gross and unnecessary I do not want you to follow me. Forgetting is the worst you can do.
Cloudii out-

Guys lets not forget that not only when Lafayette died, was he buried in American soil that he took with him back to France but there is also an American flag at his grave that has a whole ceremony to change it every year. AND when the Americans entered World War I, General Pershing and a whole parade went to Lafayette’s grave and proclaimed “Lafayette, we are here!” So yes, the help America promised to him came, and they did a whole grand finale of a parade to basically say WASSUP

All Started With a Song Part 11 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1227

Summary- Conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) it’s finally here!! i hope you guys like it… only 2 parts left :(


As you walked onto the beach, you noticed three figures in the distance.

“One for each of us, eh?” Alice smirked.

“Let’s not forget that I am taken,” said Olivia.

“When did you guys make it official?” you asked as the three figures grew bigger.

“A few weeks ago actually, we just didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”

“I’m so happy for you guys!” you hugged the blonde.

You three walked up to the other three, recognizing one as Clayton. Behind Clayton were two boys; one was rather tall and dark, the other one was muscular but pale. Which confused you three, LA people weren’t supposed to be pale were they?

“Hey Clayton!” you hugged him.

“Clayton?” his friends laughed.                

“What?” you stepped back.

“Nothing,” he chuckled. “It’s just that my moms are the only people who actually call me Clayton. Most people call me Clay or C-man.”

“Oh,” you laughed.

“Are you gonna introduce us to your friends?” Alice asked, eyeing the darker skinned boy.

“Oh sure! Tyler, this is Olivia, Y/n, and Alice,” Clay said, then pointed to the palest boy. “Girls, this is Tyler.”

“And this,” he motioned towards the darker boy. “This is Justin.”

Alice winked at him which caused Justin to awkwardly look at the ground.

You all merged towards the fire that was already ablaze.

“Stereotypical question time!” Olivia shouted.

“Go ahead,” Clay laughed.

“If you’re from LA… why is Tyler so pale?”

“Liv,” you smacked her arm. “Don’t be rude.”

“Its fine,” Tyler chuckled. “I’m from Minnesota, I just moved here.”

“So how do you know Clayton?” you smiled when you heard Clay laugh.

“I’m from Minnesota too. I moved here right after I graduated. Tyler over here…” he trailed off.

“I had to retake senior year.” Tyler finished, laughing.

“Ah…” Olivia smiled. “Your turn.”

“For what?” Clay said.

“For a stereotypical question.”

“I have one,” said Justin. “Why are you so obsessed with soccer?”

You three began laughing.

“Why are you so obsessed with Kanye West?” you mocked.

“Nah, we only care about football.”

“Do you have one?” Alice asked, cuddling into your side.

“Have a football?” Tyler looked at Alice.

“Yeah,” she shrugged.

“I might have one in my car,” Clay stood up.

“I’ll come with you,” you smiled.

As you two separated yourself from the group, Clayton said something you didn’t expect.

“Okay, so I know I have no place…” he started.

“Go on,” you prompted.

“What happened with you and Conor?”

Your breath caught but you soon fixed it, “How’d you find out?”

“I went to follow you on Twitter, and lots of people were talking about you.”

“Oh, um.” You didn’t know how to explain it without going into detail. “He played me, so I came here to get away from the drama… and he followed me here.”


“No, not like that. He did it all with a good heart. But he’s so confusing,” you sighed. “Like he ignored me for 2 weeks before that, but then flies to bloody America to apologize.”

“Sounds like he’s in love,” he chuckled, opening his trunk.

“Hard to love someone you don’t know.”

“Here,” he tossed you the football. “Do you girls play football?”

Yu chuckled, “No, I think Alice used it as a reason to get close to Justin.”

“Well, he’s been eyeing her all night. So who knows?”

“Hey Clayton,” you stopped walking.


“I hope I’m not giving you the wrong idea, but I just want to be friends.”

“Y/n, babe.” He laughed. “I had no intentions on getting with you.”

“Okay good,” you sighed.


After a good half an hour, the game was in full swing.

“Okay here’s the plan,” you said. You were huddled into a small circle of you, Olivia and Clay.

You decided that you didn’t want to play girls vs. boys and since Clayton had played football in college, you thought it was fair.

After you broke the circle you got into your respected positions.

“Blue 42, set-”

“Alice, just say hike!” Tyler shouted from behind her.


She threw the ball through her legs, right into Tyler’s arms. Justin ran behind him, grabbing the football and running up the right side of their makeshift field.

Your team was up by 10 points so you let them get the touchdown and got ready to make your epic play.

“Guys, it’s no fun if you let us get the touchdown,” Justin whined as he tossed Olivia the football.

“Dude, you’re still down by 3. Don’t get cocky,” Clay laughed. “Ready girls?”

“Yes!” you squealed.

Olivia squatted in front of you, “Hike!”

The ball was thrown between her legs at you, you grabbed it and stepped a few feet back. You saw Tyler running towards you so you zigzagged to try and confuse him. He tried to do a fast turn to catch you but ended up falling. With the few seconds you gained, you stepped back a few more feet. Justin was trying to catch Olivia while Alice chased after Clayton.

Once Clayton was right in front of the end zone, you stopped and got ready to throw the ball.

Olivia ran up in front of him, “Ready?” he asked.

“Just do it!” she said as Clayton picked her up and put her on his back. She reached out her arms, the ball landing perfectly in her arms. He quickly turned around and went for the end zone. However, he didn’t see Alice coming up on his left side. So when Olivia was pushed off his back Clayton was confused.

“You bitch!” Olivia screamed.

“We’re playing tackle football!” Alice yelled back.

“Wait,” You said, holding Olivia back. “She pushed you… into the end zone.”

“What?!?” Alice questioned.

“Look!” you pointed to the wood chunks that marked the end zone.

“Hah!” Olivia stuck her tongue out at Alice. “Karma’s a bitch.”

Alice turned around and walked towards the water.

“I’ll go get her,” you sighed. Alice was always overreacting. It’s just who she was.

“No,” Justin said, heading towards Alice. “I got this.”


Conor was scrolling through Twitter while Anth ordered a pizza.

“Yep, just the pepperoni,” Anth said, hanging up.

“Hey, did you tell Y/n that we’re free tomorrow?” Conor asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah, she said to meet them at the Santa Monica Pier. Why?”

“Just curious,” Conor shrugged, switching over to Instagram.

He decided to check your feed, just to see what you had been up to. He typed in your Instagram name and clicked on your profile.

“I can’t believe her!” he yelled.

“Bro, what’s wrong?” Anth said, looking at Conor with a face full of confusion.

“I came all the way to bloody America and she’s with another guy. I came to apologize, and she’s out with some other dude. How could she?!”

“What?” Anth asked, opening Instagram. “Oh.”

The picture was of you and Clayton, but they didn’t know who he was. You were both sitting on the sand. You were sat next to each other, his arm was around your shoulder pulling you into him. You had a bright smile on your face and Clay was looking at you fondly.

The caption read:

the memories that i made tonight will be with me forever.

“That’s it. I’m done trying,” Conor stood up.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going back home.”

little prouvaire things:
  • once tried to set grantaire on a blind date in a literal cemetery 
  • has four human skulls and only one of them is fake 
  • once assisted an autoposy and has never let les amis forget it
  • the one guy in your friend group that doesn’t let things go and always retells stories
  • part of a community that has a seance under every full moon
  • doesn’t dress badly in a hipster fashion way; just literally cannot dress to save his life
  • allergic to pollen and therefore has to have all dead plants (thank god he’s a Romantic)
  • colourblind

Why is there a Toyota Standard defense squad?

This is the guy who you are defending? The guy who literally doesn’t give a shit until something is directly related to him?

This man knew what he was producing, but only after it was used against him directly did he change the company. You can’t tell me that a genius was generally not aware that weapons kill people and that they can be used against innocent people. He manufactured weapons for over a decade and didn’t realize that there are two sides of a coin? Okay.

He gave the order to shoot Sams pack. Sam wasn’t wearing protective gear, but when it hits his best friend suddenly that shot is a tragedy. It was almost Sam who fell let’s not forget. Oh yeah and after that he blasts the guy we was going to have shot in the face. That guy who happens to have medical training and had to watch this happen to his best friend only that his best friend died. Yeah that guy was blast in the face after giving his condolences.

Oh and Tony knew what Bucky had been forced to do, yet only when it was his parents that died he suddenly felt the need to attack a man who he knew was a victim of brainwashing. Like Tony doesn’t know first hand what it’s like to be used against your own will.

And honestly the narrative defends him all the time, even the Maximoff twins who rightfully hated him were told by the narrative to lay off cause “he changed”.

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With your cosplay talent, can you make a scenario where Ouma asks Saihara to do "it"

I will try my best. 

*Tsumugi gets all her cosplay supplies*

Saihara-chan! Saihara-chaaan! Today I feel like we should f u k

O-Ouma-kun! A-Are you sure about this?… 

Of course! I’ll let you take the lead so you can hear my new and improve moans! 

Alright. Let’s do this! 

Don’t forget to include me guys~

I-I would also like to experience a new way to express love…

As a gentleman, Gonta will also join in. 

I will not let such beauty pass by me. 

Just because I’m short doesn’t mean I can’t take the lead. 

Tenko thinks you are all gross men!! 


All of this is making me horny…. 

This might inspire Angie to make different kinds of art! 

Hey! Don’t forget about me! I want to join in! 

If you guys need any assistance, I will always be here to help. 

Be careful about this boys. Who knows what might happen. 

I hope you all die….

*Tsumugi goes back to her normal self*

I hope this was alright!