let's not forget the past

Let him go, get him out of your head; Remember you’re not in his. Forget his birthday, his phone number, and the sweet things he said; Remember those were lies. Delete his texts, take his contact out of your phone; Remember he’s talking to all those other girls instead. Quit wishing he’ll come back, stop putting yourself down. Remember it’s not your fault; he had no good reason to leave. Just stop it, stop it all, and erase him from your past. Block out his name, ignore his texts, plug your ears when someone mentions him because trust me, you’re doing perfectly fine without him. Take every object and memory you have of him and throw it in the trash, and then maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll escape him.
—  Unknown
Time makes you let go, you eventually learn to forget the past, making forgiveness possible. I guess that’s why I forgave you for breaking my ribs. Though I do remember it vividly. I left shortly after that. Fell in love with myself and gave a new man a chance. You came back to me and I gave you every ounce of myself I possibly could. Eventually you left me again. And I was left broken and alone. Though you did make plans with me the night you left, I just never heard from you again. Months later I am drunk on my bathroom floor wondering why. The drugs don’t make it go away. On acid, I see you. On Molly, I want you. Alcohol, I miss you. Coke, I constantly think of you. Weed, I became a stoner because of you. All these mind alternating substances and I can’t forget you. All the random men, I can’t stop. But don’t worry I’m not broken, I’m hurt. Because when your broken you don’t feel a damn thing. And if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have let you in my bed today.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1092 // @reedpallison
I think sometimes we let nostalgia trick us into forgetting that the people in our past are there for a reason. We must remind ourselves it is either because we purposely left them there or they ended up there for reasons beyond our control.
It’s okay to think about the past and reminisce the good times occasionally – but don’t obsess over it to the point where you’re sacrificing opportunities in the here and now because you’re too attached to the echoes of things long gone…
The present is the greatest gift you’ll ever have and the future holds wonders beyond your imagining… Don’t throw it all away by constantly looking for the things you lost along the way…
—  Ranata Suzuki
Role models and role mo-don'ts
  • Ginny: Your father and I are very disappointed in you
  • James: But in Dad's first year he-
  • Harry: *peeks out from the kitchen* no I didn't
  • James: But you told me you-
  • Harry: NO I DIDN'T
  • Ginny: .....honeeeey
  • Harry: James, did I tell you what your mother's first Valentine's gift to me was?
  • Ginny:
  • Ginny: So James, the past is the past. Let's not dwell in it and forget to live, yeah? *glares at hubby*
  • Harry: *glares back*
  • James: *not old enough to understand sexual tension*
  • James: ....so does that mean I'm not grounded?
  • Ginny and Harry: Fuck no

Me: Let’s forget the past, I swear we’ll make this last

Me: *deep breath*


Me: *gasps for air* *screams* I WANT YOU TO WANT ME THIS WAY!!!! AND I NEED YOU TO NEED ME TO STAY!!!!


【UT】 comic:some shit will stop update 停止更新

( º﹃º ) I am…..a piece…..of SHIT#

( º﹃º )我是個….她X的……蠢蛋#

( º﹃º ) I hate their formats R different

( º﹃º ) 我討厭他們的格是不一樣

_(┐「ε:)_sorry I have to say it ,……well…let we forget the past and I will stop update plot until I finish to redraw it

_(┐「ε:)_抱歉但是….讓我們忘記過去 我會停止這篇的更新一段時間直到我用新的格式把他重畫

@mooncatyao U R right…..I should change it at first time 月貓你是對的….我早該改掉這鬼東西的格式#


Tonight I lit a candle in honour of all the trans lives we have lost to violence over the past year.

Never forget them. Never let the courage they had die. Never stop fighting for trans rights! One day we won’t lose so many of our brothers and sisters and sibling.

A quote I saw in a few places was “mourn the dead, and fight like hell for the living” and I can hardly describe how true that is.

*breathes* Let’s forget the past I swear we’ll make this last Cos’ I remember the taste of your skin tonight And the way that you looked, you had those eyes I remember the way I felt inside And the name of the songs that made you cry You would scream, we would fight, you would call me crazy And I would laugh, you were mad but you’d always kiss me In the shirt that I had that you always borrowed When I woke, it was gone There was no tomorrow