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Just Letting You Know - CS One Shot

They found him just in time.  Fighting desperately for his life, deep, deep down below the library, that wasn’t really the library.  Dark, demonic creatures surrounded him while he used his only weapon…his hook…she could see the desperation in his eyes as he swung out with mad vengeance.

She cried out his name, as she ran to him and even as she lifted her powerful hands to use her magic, she felt two arrows whizz by her, followed by two high-pitched hellish screams before they turned to dust.  She took out another creature that was ready to pounce, and then cried out again, this time in alarm as another one leapt out of the shadows and onto Killian’s back, bringing him to his knees. 

“Killian!” she cried and was about to act, even though she knew it would be too late, when a fireball blasted into the beast just as it was about to strike.
Its scream echoed around dark, cavernous walls and then it was eerily silent. 

He crumbled to the ground in exhaustion and Emma let out a strangled sob as she rushed to him, falling beside him as her trembling hands began to travel over him, relishing in the feel of his skin against her skin.  He was alive.  He was alive and back with her again.  “Killian,” she whispered as she dragged him up by the lapels of his jacket.  “You’re okay.”

She cradled his face with her hands and wide, crazy blue eyes looked back at her.  She thought he whispered her name, but could barely hear it, but before she could respond he let out a vicious cry and pushed her away.  She felt her family start to approach in alarm, but she simply held up one hand to stop them as she looked at the man she loved. 

Something wasn’t right.

“Killian,” she murmured as she started to reach out once more.

“NO!” he screamed as he flinched back.  “You’re not her!  You’re not real!”

Her heart twisted painfully in her chest as she felt the tears prick in her eyes.  “I’m real, Killian…it’s me.”

He closed his eyes and shook his head vigorously.  “This place….this hellish place…it plays tricks.  Just another trick…you…you’re not my Swan.”

“Yes, I am,” she said forcefully and snagged him by the lapels, more forcefully this time.  “Killian!  Look at me!” 

When she saw the flicker of hope in his eyes, she quickly flung off the necklace that held his ring and put it over his head.  She then placed the ring in his palm and closed his fist over it, then covered her own hand over his fist, lifting it as she kissed his knuckles.  “It’s me,” she whispered as she kissed him again, her eyes flickering up to his.  “It’s me,” she said again, cupping the back of his neck with her other hand and brought his mouth to hers.

She poured herself into the kiss, as she clung onto him in desperation.  He was hesitant at first, but knew the moment he realized this wasn’t a trick, for he held onto her just as passionately and desperately as she.  “Swan,” he murmured eagerly against her lips, then scattered kisses over her face as he said her name again and again, before finally burying his face into the crook of her neck.  “You’re here…bloody hell, why are you here…you shouldn’t be here.”

“Yes, I should,” she murmured.  “I’m exactly where I should be…with you.”

“I…I never thought I’d see you again…I hoped, but…you found me.”

“It’s what we do in this family, remember?”

His lips curved against her soft hair.  “I love you.”

She let out a laughing sob as she held on.  “I love you, too.”

Regina watched them and blindly reached for Robin’s hand, linking her fingers with his.  She hated to be the one to bring them back to reality, but they knew all too well it wasn’t best to linger in one place for too long.  “Not to break up this touching reunion, but we need to go.”

They reluctantly pulled a part and Emma, along with Charming’s help, got Killian shakily to his feet.  After giving Charming a quick nod of thanks, for more than the help on the feet, he glanced over at Regina.  “I’m a bit shocked to see you down here, your majesty.”

She gave him a little sneer.  “Who else was I going to throw my insults to if you were gone?”

Killian just grinned, but didn’t miss the little smile she made before turning back to Robin.  His eyes then fell on Gold, and simply raised one brow.

“The reasons for me being here are my own and have nothing to do with you, I assure you,” Gold said before making his way back to the way they came in.  “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

“One of the rare times I actually agree with the crocodile,” he murmured.

“C’mon,” Emma said softly as the two of them followed the rest closely behind.


“Hmm?” she murmured as she rested her head on his shoulder.

“When we get out of this…and we’re home…the first thing I’m going to do is propose to you.”  When she lifted her head and stared up at him in shock, he simply grinned as he playfully tucked her chin with his hook.  “Just letting you know.”

She blinked once and then smiled as she reached up and touched his cheek.  “And I’ll say yes,” she whispered, lifting up on her toes and kissed him softly.  “Just letting you know.”


Liam Jones is the only person in the world who loves Killian Jones as much or more than Emma Swan.

And Liam Jones is the only person in the world whom Killian Jones loves as much or more as he loves Emma Swan.

I think everything about the promo (and then the episode) will make sense once you consider it in this light.

Because I am pre-emptively unable to do anything due to the facts that:

  • I have said since this arc began that there would have to be a moment where Killian had to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to return, seeing as a) Emma didn’t give him a choice the last time, and b) the goddamn ginormous importance of choice in his character arc
  • the fact that it will be between his true loves (I mean good lord Killian always gets the short end of the stick, he literally has to choose between one true love and resting in peace, and the other true love and going back to the world)
  • the fact that Killian is so beaten and tired and weary, doesn’t want them putting themselves in danger for him, the heart share plan didn’t work thanks to Hades, and moving on (and reuniting with Liam) might sound like a pretty damn good option.
  • the fact that of course Liam Jones is not going to think ANYONE is good enough for his little brother, and Emma will have to change his mind and prove to him that she will protect and cherish and care for Killian as fiercely as Liam did, so they can let Liam go into the light and stay behind together
  • the fact that hence we’ll have a scene where Killian will be standing on the bridge with Liam on one side and Emma on the other and have to make his choice, between past and future, between one true love and the other, between resting at last after a long life and returning to the sea, or going back and struggling to build a future despite everything
  • the fact that I’m going to 100000000% definitely and certainly die
  • like
  • it’s not even a question

I was inspired by i-love-you-swan ‘s numerous posts (here, here and especially here) discussing how Killian let Emma win their sword fight.  Thanks also to the brilliant confuseddotcomforwardslashwhat for the brilliant expert analysis of the choreo in the scene here. I originally replied with my thoughts in a reblog, but I since this thing kind of took off, I’ll post it here.

I think this would make an excellent pillow talk subject.  I wanted this to be a text post, but I got carried away and it turned into a 1.6k word drabble.  After seeing the scene from “The Clinic” this just seemed to fit. I have no idea if this is any good, but I had to write it so there it is. This is my first CS fic ever so be kind and enjoy.

They were still trying to catch their breath.  Emma was lying on Killian’s shoulder, delicately running her hand over his chest, fingertips dancing in his chest hair. Killian had his hand behind his head and his left arm around Emma’s back holding her close in the afterglow.

Emma is playing back all the events in her head that lead up to this moment. She thinks about the beanstalk, the first time she saw him so artfully use his hand and mouth in unison to bandage her wound, and how she was not surprised at all that he was so good at what he just did… Then her mind drifts to the next time she saw him, escaped from his restraints and standing in between her and getting home. She remembered her rage, her determination to defeat him, now reveling in how someone she saw as an adversary was the person she felt closest to in the entire world.

Then it hits her.  How had she bested him? Now that she knew him so well, his past, witnessed his skill in a fight, it didn’t add up.  How had she, a modern woman trained in pistol combat, defeated a 300 year old, military-trained pirate at sword fighting?

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