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It still baffles me that not even 10 months ago nearly everyone loved Halsey, everyone said “she’s the ballsy biracial female artist we’ve been waiting for!”, and in general nearly everyone loved her. And suddenly, basically out of nowhere, people are absolutely horrible towards her, say she deserves to suffer, they call her horribly offensive things, etc. Why? I don’t know.

Maybe it’s because she’s a woman. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t take anybody’s shit, and hasn’t from the start. I don’t know. Is she a perfect human being? Of course not. As soon as she started getting famous, and went from “oh you’ve probably never heard of her, she’s really obscure” to “omg you haven’t heard of halsey? do you live under a rock?”, people started waiting for her to fuck up, and started digging for “bad things” she’s done. People even went and found things she said when she was 14 year old, a kid, and tried to start shit. 

Yes she’s screwed up recently. But compared to some things famous white guys, musical artists or otherwise, have done, she didn’t really mess up that badly. Don’t give your old white male fav a pass, and attack a girl for doing something that comparatively isn’t as bad. I’m not saying ignore her, or give her a pass as well, but if you can calmly criticize a man, you can calmly criticize a woman. 

This isn’t about her music. Duh, not everybody is going to like her music. I don’t care if you don’t like it. There are tons of popular artists, male, female, or otherwise, that I just don’t like. But do I feel the need to start harping on every single little thing they do, waiting and looking for them to screw up so I can jump on it and scream “ha! i told you guys they were shit!”? No. It’s one thing if they are a genuinely bad person that supports bad things and is open about that, but to my knowledge, Halsey has never said anything that warrants her getting death threats and other shit thrown at her. 

Tumblr has the horrible tendency to put females on this pedestal and just wait excitedly for them to fuck up. And yet if a famous male screws up, almost nobody cares at all, because “oh he just made a small mistake, he’s a good person ok! he didn’t know!” or “don’t worry he’ll learn!” 

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I've been swamped with so much homework and each day I'm like "let's watch Ally's video as a reward for doing all this hw" but then it ends up being 3am and I about to sleep. But girl you are a motivation for me to keep working hard at school! Can't wait to watch your newest video!! <3


No way dude I fully support your dedication to your education! Keep up the great work. I’m editing another as we speak :)

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