let's not do hw

what’s ur fav ice cream flavor?
mine is called Jungkook

  • the teacher regrets the day they ever sat you and soonyoung together bc you’re such memes  
  • you two are always laughing at something in the back of the classroom, which usually gets you in trouble
  • detention consists of the two of you dancing around the classroom to shinee songs and playing swords with the brooms
  • which gets you in even more trouble
  • he isn’t allowed to do labs in chem anymore bc he somehow burnt a hole through one of the textbooks
  • fell asleep during history one time and slammed his head so hard into the desk that you had to walk him to the nurse with his nose bleeding while trying not to simultaneously cry and lose your shit
  • him and seokmin are the class clowns, but the teacher loves them and lets them do their thing
  • accidentally wrote all of his social media accounts on the whiteboard in permanent marker and was like “well, at least i’ll have a steady income of followers”
  • gets yelled at for staring at you instead of doing work and you’re like !!! “soonyoung do your work” and he’s like “i am doing my work!! my work is checking you out ;-)” and you’re like can i move seats please
  • speaking of moving seats hehe
  • the teacher tried to separate you two and soonyoung Was Not Having Any Of That and whined the entire class period until the teacher let him move back next to you
  • always has food in his backpack and won’t hesitate to pull a full meal out of his bag during class (he always offers you some)
  • him and seokmin naruto run to the cafeteria everyday and you pretend like you don’t know them
  • the lunch table is a hot mess of loud conversations, sharing (read: stealing) food, rushing to finish assignments, and soonyoung being Clingy™
  • the table got too full at one point that soonyoung pulled you into his lap and your soul left your body
  • it’s a miracle if this boy remembers to do his hw and usually begs you to let him copy right before class starts
  • often forgets to study for tests but still gets pretty decent grades ?? witchcraft
  • wrote the entire bee movie script on the short answer portion of his math test he didn’t study for but he still got a C  
  • coordinated outfits during spirit week !!!
  • homecoming consisted of the seventeen and bts members having a dance off while you cheered on soonyoung on top of mingyu’s shoulders
  • you both end up getting shitfaced due to someone spiking the punch and falling asleep on each other in the back of seungcheol’s car
  • the two of you are apart of SO many clubs bc soonyoung loves socializing and having school spirit !!!
  • he is obviously the president of the dance club that consists of minghao, chan, jun, taeyong, momo, etc, etc
  • you act as like their manager (filming their performances,scheduling competitions, making merch, etc)
  • ofc they kill it at every assembly and travel around a lot for competitions
  • you can’t attend some of their competitions bc of school :-( but soonyoung constantly texts you and sends you snapchats of him and the crew
  • late night skype calls between the two of you where all you do is talk and talk and talk aout anything and everything until one of you falls asleep during it 
  • he set a picture of you sleeping on top of your math book as his phone background 
  • walks you home everyday, shyly linking your pinkies together, with pink dusting his cheeks
  • studying after school with soonyoung aka procrastinating to the highest degree
  • the two of you usually end up playing video games, taking ugly pictures of each other, and binge watching dramas
  • at the end of the year the two of you get nominated for cutest couple in the school and you’re so !!! EMBARRASSED BC YOU AREN’T EVEN DATING !! but soonyoung’s like HELL YEAH WE’RE THE CUTEST
  • no but seriously everyone just assumes the two of you are an item and support it 100% but nah both you and soonyoung are too shy to admit your feelings for each other
  • that is, until prom ;-)

He was telling our class, if you guys need help on homework please send me emails! I will answer all of them.

Then I started bursting into tears laughing and the whole class started staring at me. And I said, “You ignore my emails so what’s up with that.”

“Do you see an email notification from [myname] and you’re like ahh, I should turn off my phone?”

He was caught off guard and he laughed in this high pitched voice and said, “No comment.”

Also he’s been really sweet to me. I’ve been busy and stressed out with school so I haven’t been doing his TA work and I feel bad because I can see the paperwork stacking high and I know I have to do it but he lets me do my hw. I asked him if it bothered him that I’m putting off his paperwork and he said that it’s okay and wants me to focus on my stuff first. And that made me really happy bc he’s very nice and understanding.

@sakatandao: 悪あがきさせてよ!!!!><ちゃんと野菜食べてるもん!!!

sakata: Let me struggle!!!! ><I’m properly eating my vegetables-mon!!!

[earlier, he tweeted about having to deal with eating vegetables w]

@shima_s2: @sakatandao でーぶ

shima: Faatty

@sakatandao: @shima_s2 志麻さんきらい

sakata: Shima-san I hate you

@shima_s2: @sakatandao 俺はさかたさん好きだよ

shima: I like sakata-san

@sakatandao: @shima_s2 ああああああ俺も好きだー!!!

sakata: Aaaaah I like you tooo!!!

@shima_s2: @sakatandao 明日会えるね♡

shima: We’ll meet each other tomorrow, right ♡

[referring to usss live on 5/2]

@sakatandao: @shima_s2 え"“!!!きょうは!!!?

sakata: Eh””!!! Today is!!!?

@shima_s2: @sakatandao 一緒に寝る?♡

shima: Want to sleep together? ♡

@sakatandao: @shima_s2 いいの!!?やったあああ!!!!

sakata: Is it ok!!? Yaaaay!!!!

@shima_s2: @sakatandao こっちおいでぇー♡

shima: Come over here~♡

It still baffles me that not even 10 months ago nearly everyone loved Halsey, everyone said “she’s the ballsy biracial female artist we’ve been waiting for!”, and in general nearly everyone loved her. And suddenly, basically out of nowhere, people are absolutely horrible towards her, say she deserves to suffer, they call her horribly offensive things, etc. Why? I don’t know.

Maybe it’s because she’s a woman. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t take anybody’s shit, and hasn’t from the start. I don’t know. Is she a perfect human being? Of course not. As soon as she started getting famous, and went from “oh you’ve probably never heard of her, she’s really obscure” to “omg you haven’t heard of halsey? do you live under a rock?”, people started waiting for her to fuck up, and started digging for “bad things” she’s done. People even went and found things she said when she was 14 year old, a kid, and tried to start shit. 

Yes she’s screwed up recently. But compared to some things famous white guys, musical artists or otherwise, have done, she didn’t really mess up that badly. Don’t give your old white male fav a pass, and attack a girl for doing something that comparatively isn’t as bad. I’m not saying ignore her, or give her a pass as well, but if you can calmly criticize a man, you can calmly criticize a woman. 

This isn’t about her music. Duh, not everybody is going to like her music. I don’t care if you don’t like it. There are tons of popular artists, male, female, or otherwise, that I just don’t like. But do I feel the need to start harping on every single little thing they do, waiting and looking for them to screw up so I can jump on it and scream “ha! i told you guys they were shit!”? No. It’s one thing if they are a genuinely bad person that supports bad things and is open about that, but to my knowledge, Halsey has never said anything that warrants her getting death threats and other shit thrown at her. 

Tumblr has the horrible tendency to put females on this pedestal and just wait excitedly for them to fuck up. And yet if a famous male screws up, almost nobody cares at all, because “oh he just made a small mistake, he’s a good person ok! he didn’t know!” or “don’t worry he’ll learn!” 


lol guess what my friends and i did today during free 6th period

thats right make a sacrificial circle 

with pyropian , pyropekinesis , korewausagidesu , and soporifictranquility (pics thanks to tanya and jidam lmao)