let's never forget this

Concept: The Power Rangers doing the bottle flip challenge

Billy is the best. One minute into the game and he’s already developed the technique to do it, which pisses Jason, Kim, and Trini off.

Zack is second best. Unlike Billy, he’s playfully taunting the others because they suck at bottle flipping. He stops taunting after Trini gives him the death stare.

Kim is third best. However, she isn’t really playing since she’s recording the game for their shared YouTube channel, which has already racked thousands of subscribers.

Jason is fourth best. After a LOT of failed attempts, he takes a humble pill and asks Billy and Zack for help. Zack never lets him forget about it while Billy is just happy to help.

Trini is fifth best and by default the worst. Billy keeps offering to teach her the technique but she turns him down each time. It has to be her way, that’s her goal. When she finally does a successful bottle flip, Kimberly uploads it on YouTube as “TRINI’S GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT”, much to her chagrin. But they all laugh it off afterwards.


Jayla: Hey girl! Love that sweater, are you feeling okay today? I heard about what happened at the party the other night. 

Vivian: Thanks. I’m just trying not to think about it right now.

Jayla: I understand. Just wanted to say sorry and I can’t believe Savannah said that to you. 

Macey: She says anything like it again and she’ll be seeing me at the end of the school hallway.

Vivian: Guys, it’s really okay. Let’s just forget about it and pretend it never happened.

Let’s not forget everything ahgases and GOT7 accomplished this comeback, Never Ever received 4 wins, broke all of GOT7′s previous sales records, and the music video received some of the fastest views and is currently at 17 million.

There was a lot of effort this comeback from ahgases and our 7 boys never forget these accomplishments 💚🐤



Acknowledge it.
In order to move on you need to acknowledge it or it may as well eat you alive.
Pushing it aside isn’t moving on.
You need to let yourself hurt, ache, scream in pain.
Punch the wall at 3 am and watch the blood fall from the bruises on your skin and realize you’re alive, yell at your neighbors for being annoyed by the noise, screw them for trying to stop you from reaching the peace you long for so badly.
Eat pizza and ice-cream until your stomach grows sick and now you can focus on another pain other than the one on your chest.
Isolate yourself from the world for as long as you need, drink, smoke, have nightmares.
Allow yourself to be immersed on a pit of self pity because you deserve it.
You deserve to feel pity for yourself because you were hurt and are still hurting.
Immerse yourself so you can fix yourself.
It doesn’t matter how long it takes.
Then rise from that pit and don’t look back.
Start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do and don’t feel bad for focusing on the one person that was and will always matter the most, yourself.
Acknowledge the pain but don’t let it get you down anymore for you are not the person you were 15 minutes ago, imagine 4 months ago.
Allow your heart to look for somebody else because sometimes the only way is to find someone that truly deserves all you have to offer.
Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting, it means letting go of something that no longer serves and deserves you.
—  This how to move on (kind of) - Mariana Teles Fernandes
Never forget

The way his eyes light up when he finds something he loves

the way he loses himself in his happiness

and the way he pours his heart into every moment.

Never forget the way he takes our breath away

the way he lets down his guard

and the way he pretends not to care 

when the truth is that he does.

Never forget these precious moments. Never let a single memory slip away.