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Cracker Jacks and kiss cams

Summary: A story in which Bucky Barnes is very smitten, there’s a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs, and Cracker Jacks are consumed.

Prompt: “I never thought you’d break my heart”
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None. A bit of language maybe, but this is all just sappy fluff. 

A/N: This is my submission for @just-some-drabbles​ Rom-Com writing challenge, thanks for letting me join last minute and congratulations on reaching 4k! This story came about because I really love baseball, I really love the Chicago Cubs, and I really love Bucky Barnes, so all in all, it felt like a win-win.


(Bucky, opening Google search)

“how do you know if a woman is interested”
“when do you know if a woman wants to kiss you”
“how to tell a woman you love her without saying it”
“why do I suck at talking to her”
“oh my god why can’t I just ask her out” 

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I Know What You Did Last Summer-Shawn Mendes

Requested: No, but my requests are open if you would like an imagine/smut for any of the fine lads that are listed in my masterlist which is right here: MASTERLIST

Summery: So honestly I got this idea from reading an imagine very similar to the one you’re about to read. I think it was called Air and it has the same kinda storyline as this. So the storyline is that the reader is a song writer that Shawn hires to help him with some songs and she helps him write I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Note: So fun fact this is actually my first non-smut post on this account as well as my first Shawn Mendes post. I’ve written plenty fluff and stuff before but I have that on another account. If you dm me I can tell you my user name and you can check some of my imagines out.

Warnings: none

Word count: 2,365

Originally posted by mednes

Gif not mine

You were a mess. It had been only two weeks since you found your asshole of a boyfriend in bed with one of his coworkers. Since then, you had been immersed in your work, spending countless hours on songs for musicians.

It was your escape, and honestly, Jason cheating on you was one hell of a prompt. Words had been flowing onto paper faster than usual which had been great for business.

Although you were just a teenager, your parents had finally agreed to letting you move across the country to LA while taking online classes. You missed both of your parents immensely, but you loved the freedom that came with living alone.

Just as you had finished your most recent song, a knock came from the door. “Who is it?” you asked, setting your laptop down to go towards the door.

“Um, Shawn Mendes. I think we have an appointment.”

Your eyes widened in realization. “Shit,” you muttered to yourself. He was your first client since your breakup so you apartment wasn’t as clean as it usually is.

As fast as you could, you picked up the clothes that were scattered around the living room and threw them into your bedroom. Just before you reached the front door, you tossed the used tissues away that had been piling on your coffee table.

When you opened your door you were astounded with how young he was. Unlike most of the artists you helped write songs for, he appeared to be your age. “Hi, I’m (Y/n),” you stuck your hand out to shake his which he gladly took.

“Shawn,” he smiled back, releasing your hand a moment later. “I can’t tell you how much I love your work. I’ve heard some of the songs you’ve written for One Direction and you’re just unbelievable.

Slight blush crept its way onto your cheeks. “Thank you, I really appreciate that. I love your work too,” you ushered him into your small apartment. “I’ve seen some of your YouTube videos and you have a great voice.”

He smiled widely at you once again. “Take a seat,” you motioned over to your couch. “So from what I remember from your text was that you wanted a duet? Do you have anyone in mind for the other part?” you asked, sitting in a chair adjacent to the couch.

“Yeah, I was thinking Camila Cabello. We’ve become pretty good friends recently and we talked about it not too long ago.”

You nodded and pulled your laptop onto your lap again. “I was actually almost finished writing up something. It’s about a guy and a girl and one of them cheated on the other briefly during the summer. I didn’t finish it up completely yet because I wasn’t sure if you wanted to be the good guy in the song or not.”

His eyebrow quirked up, “The good guy?”

“The person who was faithful.”

“Oh,” he nodded in understanding, “sure.”

Pulling up the tab of the song, you quickly changed pronouns before setting the computer in front of him to see.

After scanning the screen he looked up at you and smiled. “I really like it. How long did it take for you to write this?”

You scratched the back of your neck before glancing to see his facial reaction of the song. “Um, about an hour. Songs have been really coming easily to me lately,” you shrugged, standing up to get one of your guitars that lie in your living room.

“Any particular reason?”

“Let’s just say this song is very close to home,” you sighed, sitting back down with your guitar perched on your lap.

He set the laptop on the coffee table and faced you, “I’m really sorry. I probably shouldn’t have brought it up.”

You shook your head, “No, it’s fine. You wouldn’t have known. Anyways, so this is what I was thinking the song would sound like.”

Ever since Shawn walked through your door asking for help with his song, you two were practically inseparable. Not only was he your age which was a rarity in your business, he was also the most down to earth artist you had met. 

After the two of you had finished the song, he pestered you about having an amazing voice claiming that you’d be a great singer but you told him of your stage fright. After that, the two of you spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other.

You would be lying if you said he wasn’t even the slightest bit attractive, but whenever you were around him you felt as if you had to push the feelings you had for him away. Not only did he have a massive group of fans that would harass you on any social media account you owned, you just couldn’t handle having a relationship that was forever in the public eye.

It was the day that he and Camila were to sing I Know What You Did Last Summer for the first time live after releasing it as a single. It had done significantly better than you had expected which made Shawn declare he was going to take you out to breakfast sometime throughout the following week.

Today was that day and you could practically feel buzzing throughout your entire body. You had chosen an outfit that made you look like you cared, but didn’t try as hard as you actually did. Just as you had finished tying your shoelace, a knock came from the door before it opened abruptly.

Shawn came waltzing in with a smile on his face making you think back to when you first met him. “You didn’t even wait for me to say come in,” you gasped dramatically. “I could have been completely naked.”

A slight blush graced his cheeks, “Then it would’ve been one hell of a morning for me.”

You rolled you eyes and slapped his arm. “Shut up. Let me just grab my wallet and we can leave.”

He let out a laugh, “Okay.”

The walk to the diner was pleasant. It was only a fifteen minute walk from your apartment so you and Shawn held a conversation the whole way there. It mostly consisted of him talking about about how anxious he was for his first performance tonight of his new single. 

You reassured him multiple times but you knew your words just went in one ear and out the other. Instead of constantly assuring him that everything was going to be fine, you decided to just link your arm with his and rest your head on his shoulder while you walked. That always seemed to lessen his anxiety for reasons unknown to you.

“What are you thinking of eating?” he asked after his small rant.

You pondered his question for longer than necessary before lifting you head off of his shoulder. “Pancakes, of course.”

He laughed. “I’m not even surprised. You know, life is a little more fun when you switch things up a little. Maybe try crepes or, may I even suggest, waffles?” he gasped.

A loud laugh escaped your lips before you shook your head. “That’s what I thought,” he rolled his eyes.

It wasn’t long until you ended up at the familiar diner. Your eyes practically rolled to the back of your head at the smell of the sugary breakfasts.

The two of you ordered as soon as you sat down, not even having to glance at the menus. While you waited for your food, the two of you both pulled out your phones and scanned through your separate social media accounts.

Your eyebrows quirked up when you spotted a picture of the two of you together that was taken only a few moments ago from outside. “How do they do that?” you voiced your thoughts.

“How does who do what?” Shawn asked, setting his phone off to the side.

“The paparazzi. They took pictures of us outside and of course the captions all mention us dating,” you laughed, rubbing the back of your neck. 

You wished the two of you were dating. Everything just seemed to click between the two of you and after the couple of months you’ve spent together, you still enjoy learning new things about him.

He inspected the photo before his cheeks turned red almost immediately, as if he had just thought of something ridiculous. “Speaking of that, I was wondering,” he began. 

Your heart hammered in your chest as you anticipated his next words. Although, before he could finish, the waiter arrived with your food. With widened eyes, you stared down at your stack of pancakes, deciding how you would try and eat all of it. Shawn laughed at your over-excitement.

As quickly as you could, you scarfed down your meal, only being able to finish half of it due to its immense size. 

A sigh left your lips as you sat back in your chair. “I’m happy now.”

Shawn’s lips stretched into a large smile. Over the past couple of months, he had admittedly fallen hard for you. Everything that you seemed to do made his heart swell with happiness. Whether it was yelling at horrible drivers who cut you off to the look of accomplishment on your face when you make a recipe correctly while making dinner he couldn’t help but fall for the girl he yearned to see everyday.

“What were you saying?” you asked, leaning back in your chair, waiting for him to finish his meal.

He placed down his fork and straightened himself in his chair briefly. “I’ve been thinking lately.”

Your eyebrows raised in anticipation. “Yeah?”

But alas, before another word could leave his lips, a multitude of voices arose from behind him. “Can we get a picture with you?”

Shawn’s smile faltered ever so slightly at being interrupted again but he complied and held a conversation with the girls nonetheless. That was another thing you admired about him. No matter what situation he found himself in, he always made time for his fans.

As the two of you walked out you tilted your head up towards him. “Care to finish your thought?”

He shrugged before scratching the back of his neck, “No, I forgot what I was going to say anyways.”

Your eyebrow raised in suspicion but you let it be. He was nervous enough for the concert tonight and talking about something he didn’t want to be talked about was not something he needed.

He was shaking with nerves. “Where is she?” he almost shouted.

You shrugged and glanced down at your phone for what felt like the thousandth time. “I don’t know. I’ve called her like, fifteen times. She’s not responding to any of my texts either.”

Shawn threw his head back and fumbled with the microphone in his hand. It was minutes before he was supposed to go on stage with Camila but she was no where to be found

Suddenly the three dots appeared under your’s and Camila’s texting conversation. “Shawn!” you shouted and waved him over. “She’s texting me.”

His eyes widened as he moved next to you, breath heavy against the skin on your shoulder. You held your breath until the dots were replaced with a message.

So sorry! I guess my manager didn’t pass on the message. When I was visiting my cousin he gave me a really bad virus. I’ve been throwing up all day. Give my luck to Shawn! <3

You lanced over to see Shawn squeezing his eyes shut. You couldn’t read the emotion that was present on his face which scared you. Gently placing your hands on his shoulders, you squeezed his shoulders. “Hey, Shawn. It’s okay. You’re going to be fine.”

“You have to go on with me.”

A laugh burst from your lips as you smiled up at him. “Now’s not the time for jokes, Shawn.”

He opened his eyes and quickly grabbed your hands that were on his shoulders. “I’m not kidding.” You opened your mouth to respond but he interrupted you. “Please. This is so important to me. I know you have horrible stage fright, but I’ll do anything. Your voice is amazing and you know the song by heart.”

You sighed heavily and swallowed the lump in your throat. “Shawn…” 

“Please,” he whispered.

Squeezing your eyes shut, you nodded slowly, nerves now setting in. “Oh my god thank you so much!” he yelled, wrapping his arms around you.

Your chest constricted as Shawn’s manager called the two of you to go on stage. To ebb away your nerves, Shawn gripped your hand tightly and lead you onto the stage. “Just look at me,” he whispered before squeezing your hand.

You did as he said and focused your attention on him as the beginning chords of the song were played. Shawn had to release your hand to plat guitar but you stayed close to him throughout the song.

Cheering could be heard throughout the entire stadium which gave you a bit more confidence. Just as you were going into the first chorus, Shawn finally glanced up at you from his guitar and gave you a large smile.

To your surprise, the song was over seemingly within seconds. You broke eye contact with Shawn to glance around at the crowd after your performance and your jaw dropped. From just where you were standing, you could see at least a couple thousand people.

“Oh my god that was exhilarating!” you yelled at Shawn who had just gotten off stage. He was drenched in sweat and his eyes were filled with excitement. He didn’t say anything, to your confusion as he strode over to you, taking larger steps than usual.

“Shawn?” you asked as he was only a couple feet from you.

He didn’t hesitate once as he placed his hands on your cheeks and brought your lips to his in a matter of seconds. You were startled for a moment, not quite sure what to do before you fully relaxed under his touch and moved your lips against his. 

The kiss was brief, but when he pulled away you both panted for air. “I’ve been meaning to do that for a while.”


I smile, I smile
This could only be sometimes
That I get to see you
I have to, I smile

✨ 💜

this was one of the most beautiful moments i have been lucky enough to experience and i cant get over it, from the bottom of my heart, thank you day6 for this day and all the other days that you’ve made me smile.💜💜

also not that anyone would but pls dont steal or repost the gifs

Matt Furie originals from a show at Giant Robot SF a few years ago. I got into Matt Furie’s art after seeing his table at APE, and I’ve been a major fan ever since. Now he doesn’t go to APE anymore, Giant Robot SF closed, and more and more cartoonists skip SF on their book tours, and I’m sad. But at least I have Brett and Andy to cheer me up.

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So I literally just remembered this one part of a fic and I'm not 100% sure if it gives you enough detail, but basically Dan selfharmed (I believe it was self harm) and Phil was helping him stop, and their codeword was LA and at one point Dan tweeted "Let's all move to LA" and Phil was like "shit." and rushed home from Tesco? I believe it was a one shot if that helps.

Let’s All Just Move to L.A - (tw) Dan has a code word for when he’s feeling sad.


I don’t know how to tell you this guys, but LIS BTS is stereotypical U-Haul lesbian story.
Day 1: Hello to you too cute one, what’s your name again?
Day 2: I’m moving in (weeeeellll we can move to LA instead though). Ah and marriage proposal, let’s not forget about that part.
The fact that Chloe’s truck is an equivalent of a U-haul trailer makes this story even MORE GAY.
And you are were complaining it’s not based on facts :>

Baby Before Ring

Author’s Note: This is a Chris Evans one-shot requested by an anon. I loved the idea behind it so I just inserted some fluff and protective Chris which is my vice. *insert all the heart eyes* Thanks for the request lovely!

Trigger Warning: Profanity, Fluff

“ Hi I’m new here and I was wondering if maybe you can write a chris evans one about telling him you’re pregnant and he gets super protective and adorable thanks” -Anon

“Do you have to taste it,” I asked as I finished getting ready for the event.

“Yes and so do you,” he chuckled before placing a kiss on my lips when I gave him a frown.

“I don’t really like whiskey,” I mumbled as I walked away from him.

“You have told many lies in the past but that one I will not let go,” he laughed before he tickled my sides. “You will drink it with me.”

“Okay. Okay. So maybe I lied but honestly I just don’t want to taste that right now,” I spoke through my laughter as best as I could. “Okay stop it! I have to pee!”

“LIAR,” he shouted before finally letting me loose.

I ran from the room and into the bathroom. Locking the door, I opened my bag that held the test. I already knew the answer. As a matter of fact, I have known for a couple of weeks. I just didn’t know how I was going to tell him. I had no fear since I knew that we wanted to be parents one day but I also know that my parents won’t be but more so my mom. They are rather old fashioned. Marriage before children. And we wanted the same but sometimes that doesn’t happen. So does that make me less of a mother than a woman with a ring on her finger?

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(A/N): This was supposed to be a part of a chapter in a fic I’m planning but I havent wrote anything of that yet so, i thought why not post it as an x reader oneshot for now. Also, reader is in college and is ‘majoring’ in Game and Entertainment design. i dont really know much about it but i did some research so i hope its accurate.

Kuya= older brother, Bunso= youngest in the family

Pairing: Markiplier x Filipino fem!reader (platonic)

Warnings: Mentions of Panic/Anxiety attack, and disownment. 

Word count: 1558

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Novahd prompt! Maybe what happened after James' diss to Aleks that he was single? Either they recently broke up or they're together but James doesn't want to be out about it. Major bonus for fluff and making out with James' hair down!

Title: Just How Single


Summary: James usually doesn’t know why they were fighting. He thought it was a joke but Aleks seems to have taken it seriously.


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I have this picture in my head, that maybe in three or five years you would bump into me in a bar, with someone else by my side, and the two of us very happy. You would look at me and I would look at you, and both of us wouldn’t say anything. But we’d both know that I had made it, and that I was finally where I wanted to be.

More than its beautifully choreographed musical numbers and its candy-colored backdrop, La La Land tells us (that many of the fairy tales we read as kids didn’t) that sometimes we meet the love that’s right for us, but only we never get to keep them, nor do we get to rewrite the story for it to have a happy ending. Because sometimes, and it comes with a heavy heart to say, that we do not always get to hold onto the loves of our lives because love isn’t all that there is. Maybe love wants to move out and get a bustling career in a big city like Paris, while you want to stay in the little town you’re in and continue to play jazz music. Maybe love has a whole, wide world to go and explore and, in Mark Twain’s words, you do not want to throw the bowlines, away from the safe harbor and catch the trade winds.

Sometimes the one we love has bigger dreams, and we’re scared to venture out of our own backyard, and the most loving and bravest move we can possibly do is to let each other go.


THE SEEKING ARRANGEMENT BILLIONAIRE CATFISH mini series. The MOST COMPLEX story about Seeking Arrangement you’ll ever read

Most of you guys don’t even know about the catfish that came on seeking arrangements during the summer of 2013. Pay very careful attention to what I’m about to tell you. This individual had a picture of him standing in front of a vintage Rolls Royce at a car show. He also had a picture of him sitting in a private jet, but if you look closely in the mirror, you can see someone taking a picture of him. Literally everybody and their mother was contacting him.

He had a profile with figures listed over 1 million income and over 100 million in assets. He said he was lonely in his profile and looking for a companion to share all he had…His homes, his jets, his fleet of luxury cars. He’s a big nerdy guy, but that’s the kind I go for We had favorited each other, and I was more interested in learning about him as a person. So I asked him to tell me more about himself and who he is looking for.

Several weeks went by, but I was busy with another guy I knew, that manage to come across my profile on SA. What I already had was unfortunately extremely limited, being that that guy lives in Hawaii. He’s married so there’s really no hope of a relationship and a stable situation for me.

As this one winds down, the catfish Robbie gets into gear and I take him to email. So he responds, but not with very much, so I put him through my process of finding common ground by giving a form summary of who I am, background, interests and likes. He responds back telling me he likes what I’ve told him. I seem to be the only one who gets him. So I ask him what he’s looking for and explain my circumstance. And he is interested in someone that can travel with him and enjoy all that’s been earned. Doesn’t have to work. He was fine with the idea of a kept guy.

So eventually we move our dialogue to the phone. He’s definitely eccentric, which is something I look for in wealthy individuals, but then the first red flag came up, and I paid no attention and decided not to bite when he started to mention having a AMEX BLACK CARD. I’ve seen it before, even saw an Amex rep that told me the spending qualifications 250k annual minimum for the invite. So we have about a 30 minute conversation, and we would chat by Skype on the next one.

So I left a message saying I enjoyed the conversation and look forward to talking again. I managed to find a Twitter account, and what I discovered was quite disturbing to me. A lot of cyber bullying and contradictions through the feed. I could relate though. There were a couple of celebs on his follower list, one who is (cough) president you know his name and the other is Roseanne Barr. A tweet was sent to you know who asking if he knew this Robbie. Never was responded to! In a later entry I will tell you how Robbie emulates you know who… Another tweet sent to Roseanne, and that wasn’t responded to either. His twitter acct is loaded with questionable displays, Rolls Royce phantom in the drive way of a different house than the Lexus LS 460 was taken from. The guy is a Rolex fanatic of all models. He just loved his OLDER model of Datejust Rolex the most. Fine, who am I to say why a mid 30s guy likes a watch a 70yr old would wear. The Twitter account should have been my next red flag. Oh yeah he also had a picture of him stepping off a business Boeing jet, but he looks dressed like shit. Maybe Howard Hughes incarnate ? His Facebook also has an interior shot of a home, but this house was not built facing the ocean as he claims to live in on Ocean Drive in Palm Beach. It was built facing the intercoastal. Also love to show limos off.

Anyway I try to relate to the haters that he has on his Twitter and Facebook, because I have dealt with the same kind of people elsewhere on the net, but for a week again he just vanished with no responses. He resurfaced claiming to be sick but wants to get up to D.C.. That should’ve been the next red flag going up, but I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. This is quite a busy time for me in sugaring, plus I am thinking about moving to LA to try my hand there. DC is not really the place for sugar daddies. I have someone I’m meeting in Sept from Dallas, but in the meantime I want to see how this plays out.

So I tell him I’m moving out to LA soon, and to let me know about meeting before I leave. He sends me a mail back saying that he could have his jet pick me up anytime. I said let me know about your dates you would be able to have a guest. This is where everything I was ignoring, couldn’t be with no response to dates or time frame. He just dropped off again, only to surface a few days before my LA trip being in the hospital. Apparently has blood thinning issues, but I’m not really worried about him now with my focus on this LA guy, but trust me it’s not the end from here. I revisit this in about four months, and dive really deep in an intricate juggling act of stories and claims with multiple guys involved.

Let’s not spoil it, but when I get done, you’ll never look at an outdoor picture posed by any symbol of wealth from anyone the same again. After you learn about all this you’ll be wiser for the wear.

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Do u think lucifer will keep getting renewed?

considering they have a very vocal twitter following -including neil gaiman himself, they are one of fox’s most popular dramas, the network loves them and gave them a three month early renewal for s3 before any other shows, they got fox a 20k tax break last season, and they moved them to la and let them build a brand new set? mm yeah.

I Hate Couples (Connor Franta Fluff)

Summary ~ I hated the things couples did until i did them with someone i liked.

Words ~ 1548

Requested ~ No

I placed the last t-shirt in the draw sighing. It had took me a whole hour to unpack everything, and all I wanted to do was go for a nap, but I had to film and edit a video for tonight. I started moving around my room setting up my camera and lights. I stopped when I heard a knock on the door., looking up I saw my best friend standing in the doorway.
“Hey, hows it going?” He smiled.
“I am all unpacked, I am now going to film a video” I said as I turned on the camera.
“Okay well I am going to start cooking dinner, so if you finish your video in time there might be some left over” He laughed before exiting. I stared at the door for a minute after me left before I shook my head and smiled. Connor was my best friend, I had just moved to LA and he was letting me stay in his house while I look for an apartment. I had been best friends with Connor as a kid and when he moved to LA we made sure to stay in touch, I came to visit every now and then. And one visit started the rest of my life, while I helped Connor set up for a collab with Ricky, he started telling me I should start a channel. I laughed it off but for the rest of the day he kept telling me I should. He made some really good points telling me that I would be the perfect youtuber.
“You are funny, sarcastic, beautiful, you know how to do make up, you have great taste in clothes and music, and you give great advice” I remember him telling me. I kept telling him it was a silly idea, but at the end of the day I found my self sitting in front of the computer setting up a channel and learning how to edit. I sat down on the bed taking a deep breath.
“Hey what’s up you guys, so have you noticed anything different? Yeah that’s right the background is different. That is because I have moved to LA, I am currently staying with my best friend until I get an apartment. Today I will be talking to you about something that really annoys me. Couples. And before you fill the comments with ‘You are just jealous that you are alone’ Yes I do wish I had someone to make out with but I hope I never do any of the following” I looked down at the list on my phone picking out the first one.
“Okay number one if you go out to dinner why do couples feel compelled to sit on the same side as each other. Can you really not stay away from each other long enough to eat a meal across from each other. I understand if there are other people sitting on the other side, but when it is empty come on” I finished raising my eyebrows and looked down at my phone.
“Number two and this is a big one. PDA. It is everywhere. Okay I am glad that you found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with or the next ten minutes, but I don’t need to see it. If you are in park I don’t need you rolling around in the grass making out. If you are on the bus I do not need you sitting on your boyfriends lap with his hand up your shirt, I get it trying to spice up your love life, but there is a line that you are not suppose to cross” I looked down at my phone and laughed at the next one.
“Number three: Why is it that when people get into a relationship they feel the need to not be two people they just meld into one and everything becomes 'We’ not 'I’ any more. Like 'We went to the gynaecologist’ or 'We bought a new t-shirt’ or even 'We ate shit’ Stop you are you, you are not him or her” I looked back down at my phone and realised I was nearly done.
“Number four: Why do couples feel the need to tell everyone how in love they are. One way couples tell the world that really annoys me, is when couples tweet to each other publicly how much they love each other, like please stop tweeting him how you love him more then Kanye loves himself and go to his DM’s, just slide into the DM’s and slide out of my timeline” I looked down at my phone and saw the last one.
“And lastly number five: This one annoys me the most, when couples try and cuddle each other while they walk, like this” I paused as I planned to add in a clip in editing.
“When the taller person cuddles the other person from behind and they do this weird waddle walk. Please just stop, for one it is just weird to look at and you are making everyone very uncomfortable, and secondly if I get stuck behind you and your slow fucking waddle I will kick your ass down and speed walk over you in heels” I laughed at my anger.
“Okay that is it for today guys, give this video a like if you liked it and give the video a like if you hated it. Subscribe for more sarcastic humour. Bye” I said covering the lens. I stood up stretching before going to find Connor to ask him for help. I found him in front of his laptop laughing at a funny cat video.
“Hey how is dinner going?” I asked.
“Oh shit” He said running to the kitchen suddenly I heard the smoke alarm and a lot of swearing. I walked to the kitchen to see the oven open and Connor fanning the smoke. I opened the window and stopped the alarm.
“I forgot about the chicken” He pouted as the smoke cleared.
“Aw don’t worry I was in the mood for pizza anyway” I said going on to his computer to order some. After I was done ordering I looked up to see Connor putting the burned tray in the dishwasher.
“While we are waiting for the pizza can you help me film something for my channel?” I asked.
“Yeah sure, what do you need me to do?” He smiled.
“I am doing a video about why I hate couples and I need to demonstrate the couple cuddle walk thing, to show people why it is stupid” I explained.
“Sounds fun” He laughed. As we walked into my room and set up the camera angle. We stood in front of the camera and Connor wrapped his arms around me. We slowly started to do the waddle and I leaned back into his chest. I started to enjoy his touch. I felt so safe in his arm, and I started to enjoy the way you both rocked as we walked.
“I kind of understand why couple like this” Connor said before removing his hands from you.
“I still don’t like it” I laughed.
“Really?” He questioned.
“I mean…. I don’t like seeing it, I maybe kind of like the feeling” I blushed looking down.
“Yeah, I would do it if I had someone” He laughed.
“Yeah” I said laughing along. We both stopped laughing and just stared at each other for a moment.
“Fuck it” Connor nearly shouted and before you could process what was happening he had moved across the room, and his lips were on mine. I leaned into the kiss savouring every part of it. The way his lips were so soft and how they fit with mine. I felt my back touch the wall and I hadn’t even realized he was moving me backwards. I felt his hands on my thighs as he lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist. The kiss was deepening until the door bell rang. He let me down and moved away from me. My gaze went straight to the floor and he left the room. He came back a couple minutes later while I put my camera away.
“Pizza is here” He said.
“Cool, I’'l get some plates” I said trying to move out of the room but he blocked the doorway.
“I like you” He blurted out.
“What?” I said shocked.
“I liked you ever since, we got seated beside each other in school and you took the blame when my phone went off so that I didn’t get another detention” He laughed.
“I like you too Connor, I liked you when that happened, and I really liked you when you attempted to break me out of detention but it didn’t work and you ended up getting detention too” I laughed remembering that day.
“I don’t want you to look for an apartment I want you to stay here, I want this to be our home, I want you to be my girlfriend” He whispered the last part.
“I want all of that” I smiled. He placed the pizza on the bed and pulled me into his arms, whispering the magic words.
“Pizza and Netflix's”


Snapchat ~ crazey_jadey

(Axl having doubts before going on stage, requested by @shelbyrose1989)

Tonight was the last show of the tour and Axl had made sure from the start this was one of the many shows you would be attending. Since the show was in your home town you wanted to go out and visit old places, see old friends, and let your family know you were still alive since you’d moved off to LA with your boyfriend.

Usually before going on stage Axl didn’t need much other than a kiss on the cheek and a good luck. Tonight, that was not the case. He was pacing the length of his dressing room, finding something he could throw at the wall to try and ease his nerves about the show. When he had one of these rare fits no one dared to go in the room except you, but you weren’t there at the moment.

“Axl, what’s goin’ on man?” The burly security guard just barely stuck his head in the room, knowing that Axl could take him out with his temper.

Axl stopped in his tracks to face the door, unsure to be angry or relieved someone came to check on him. “Where’s Y/N? I need her here, she knows me best.” Axl began pacing again as the man shrugged his shoulders. “Wait, she’s at her mom’s house! Call this number and tell her she needs to get here as fast as she can!”

Scribbling down your mom’s phone number on a napkin, he rushed the guard to inform you that Axl needed you.

“Hello? Do you know what’s wrong? Okay, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” You hung up the phone and informed your mother that Axl was having a meltdown about performing. Your mom didn’t approve the fact you were with him, but she saw how much you loved him considering the concerned tone in your voice. Saying your goodbyes, you got in the rental car Axl had given you for the weekend and sped to the venue.

Crookedly parking in the lot, you didn’t even bother to lock the doors of the car before running into the venue rushing to Axl’s aid. Scanning all the doors, you abruptly stopped once you saw Axl’s name taped up on a door. Quietly opening the door, you walked in to see Axl with his head in his hands. “Baby…” You said, in almost a whisper.

Axl lifted up his head as if it were too heavy for his neck. “Hey, honey, I think I’m gonna cancel the show. I suck; I don’t even know why I’m here, Y/N.” Making your way towards the couch Axl was on, you softly placed yourself down next to your boyfriend.

Grabbing onto one of his clammy hands, you looked him straight in his sad green eyes. “If you suck then why on earth is this show sold out? They’re here to see you go out there and do what you do best. Even if you did suck, which you most definitely do not, you’d still have all the fans here to sing along to every word with you.”

Shaking his head, Axl got up from the couch to stare at himself in the dressing room mirror. “I don’t believe that, y’know, if I go out there and suck tonight it’s in the press tomorrow. No one wants anything more than to see me fuck up, Y/N, I don’t know why any of these people are here.”

Walking over to him you grabbed his arm and led him towards the side of the stage, staring out at the sea of people. All you could hear was the crowd’s chant in unison of “Guns and Roses” as they waited in anticipation for the band to come out. “You see that, Axl? They are all waiting out there for you, they are your fans and they are here because they want to see you. You’re going to go out there tonight and give them the best damn show they’ve ever seen.”

Axl didn’t say anything; you knew you had done your job from the smile on his face as he became mesmerized by the crowd. You headed back towards the room where the rest of the guys were preparing for the show; you spent the rest of your time there until the show started. As show time arrived, you high fived them and said your usual good luck to the other four.

Making your way to where you had usually watched the shows, Axl came up from behind you and covered your eyes. Guiding you on the stage and onto a folding chair, Axl looked at you with his eyes lit up and smile beaming. “Y/N, this is where you’ll be watching the show from tonight. Without you there would be no show, so I decided you would get the best seats in the house.” Axl bent over and pecked a kiss on the bridge of your nose, as he yelled I love you over the crowd’s clamor.

After the guys had given one of the best performances you’d ever seen, you greeted Axl backstage showering him in compliments on how he had done for the night. Axl had turned away for a moment to grab another water bottle; when he turned back around he saw that you were only in your bra and mini skirt, his eyes trailed your body in approval.

“You ready to be given the best performance you’ve ever seen, Axl Rose?” You giggled as Axl hoisted you up on to him and staggered back towards the couch.

Pre Fame ~J.J.~

Summary: you and Jack had kids before he got famous.

Requested: yes

Getting pregnant at 16 probably isn’t the most ideal way to have kids but I love my kids. I also love their father Jack Johnson.

Me and Jack started dating when we were 15 then I got pregnant right after jacks 16th birthday. Then when we were 17 we had our daughter. Our parents and friends were an amazing help.

Jack stayed in school while I stayed at home with the babies.

Then Jack and Jack found vine. Soon they were so super famous that we couldn’t go to the store without people taking pictures and asking to sign things.

When Jack and Jack went into magcon it was a bit hard having all my friends gone but they had lots of fun.

Right after highschool let out, everyone moved out to LA.

Our kids are currently 4 and 3. They love LA and love their family.

“Babe. Let’s get a puppy” Jack says on the couch watching the kids play.

“A puppy? okay. I’ll call Jack” I say going up to our room to get dressed.

“Wait really? I didn’t think it would be that easy.” Jack says laughing.

“Awe look at that one. It’s so adorable.” Jack says.

“Yeah but let’s get a dog that the kids can have for a long time and cuddle when they get upset.” I say looking at the dogs in the cages.

“JACK. LOOK AT THIS ONE.” It was a super fluffy little baby. It saw me and Jack and started jumping around.

“I think that’s the one babe.” Jack says in my ear. We got a worker and he handed him to us and rung us up.

“Alright let’s get home. What should we name him?” Jack says driving.

“Let’s let the kids name him” I say petting him.

We walk through our front door and see Gilinsky watching tv while our kids crawl over his head and all around him.

We take a picture before clearing out throats.

“MOMMY DADDY!” The kids yell.

“MOM AND DAD” Jack yells at us. He loves calling us mom and dad ever since we got pregnant.

“We have a surprise for our little angels.” I say bending down to them.

Jack pulls the puppy from behind his back.

“A BEAR?? A BABY BEAR?” Our kids scream and go to pet it. We all laugh.

“No he’s a puppy. And you guys are going to name him.” Jack says setting him down.

“CUB” the kids scream at the same time. Sometimes I think they’re the same person.

“You guys actually got a dog” g says playing with cub.

“Yes we did” me and Jack say watching our kids and Jack play with him.

I spend most days trying to feel better,
looking for some hope that I’ll brace the weather
And my eyes won’t stop feeling darker
but my heart still says it wants her

Though I never felt a sublte embrace
I can see the water crawling down your face
I’m trying hard and Im trying my best
I can feel the weight upon my chest
I can talk but I still feel choked up
like your hands around my throat have me held up
did you ever hear my words touch your mouth
I’ve been talking but nothings coming out.

I’m trying hard just say words to you
but you never listen anyway do you?
I want to know what it’s like to feel brand new
I want to know what I look like in your view.

I want to trace your body like it had an outline
I want to touch you till you only feel like you’re mine
I want to know the opposite of being alone.
I wanna know what it’s like to feel at home

I have this rain I feel inside me every day
It makes me feel like it’s never gonna go away
I try to hide the fact that it’s hard to be okay
because you told me you would always stay.

I hope your eyes hold the truth in promise
I hope your heart holds the light in darkness
Your pretty smile was more than flawless
but the last thing that you’ll ever be is honest.

I hope you know that I’ll always want to have you
but there’s a difference between wanting you and needing to.
you always thought I would be there when you needed me
But I’m nothing more than a fragment memory

What should I do?

Maybe I’ll move away

Start somewhere new, I’ll let you have LA

Cause I took so much time to reset my life

But in just one look, I’m back

Forget that I could have anyone I like

But now all I remember is what we had

Somebody, somebody please help me get over you

Cause it feels like I’ve been wasting my time

In all the wrong places, on all the wrong faces

Almost Gone


I moved to LA about 3 months ago. I loved it here. The warmth, the entertainment, the palm trees, just everything. I’ve made a good amount of friends while here. I started out meeting Nash & Hayes who were from NC just like me. We would always have the best conversations talking about things we use to do out there.

The more I hung out with them the more of their friends I met. But one in particular stood out to me. Sam. I didn’t understand why but I was so comfortable around him. The way he talked and acted made me feel like we were the only two around. We hang out a lot. Usually going on trips to the beach or hiking up a mountain. We also enjoyed late night drives singing with the windows down. It was clear I was falling for him, but I don’t know how he feels towards me.

One day I woke up and took a shower. I went along with my normal morning routine with eating breakfast and getting my hair and make up done. I realized I had a voicemail from that morning.

“Hello this is Sarah from CMU College, I’m calling to talk to Kayla about her scholarship opportunity here. Please give me a call back as soon as possible thank you.”

It has always been my dream to go to CMU college. I am a licensed cosmetologist and after finishing beauty school I realized I wanted to specialize in special effects make up. CMU had the best teachers. Most of them working on major movies. I immediately call them back.

“Hi this is Kayla can I please speak to Sarah” I started.

“This is her thank you for returning my call! I’m excited to tell you that we’ve reviewed your portfolio and we’re offering you a full scholarship to our prosthetic make up course.” She responded.

Suddenly I had a major adrenaline rush. My body was shaking my hands were sweating. I almost bursted into tears of joy. I thanked Sarah and got all the info I needed from her. She told me I start next month, which means I’ll be moving to Toronto in a month. I really don’t want to leave all of my new friends but I can’t pass up an opportunity like this. I decide to put the thought to the side. I had a whole month before I have to leave! Next thing I know I get a text from Sammy asking to go hiking. I start to think, do I want to tell him about CMU or wait? Would he leave me if I told him now? What if he freaks out and doesn’t understand. I guess I’m going to wait.

He gets to my house and I get in his car. We spend most of the time jamming out to music, but the rest of the drive is quiet.

“Is something bothering you?” Sam asked.

“No I’m just thinking.” I lied about nothing bothering me. I didn’t even think about having to leave Sam and probably never see him again.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked. But I ignored him and turned the music back up.

We get to the mountain and start climbing. There was a certain spot off of the trails we liked going to. There was a huge rock we could sit on and look out over the city. It was incredible. While staring out onto the city I hear Sam laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I couldn’t help but giggle. His laugh was contagious.

“I just can’t help but notice how beautiful you look every time you get out here. I can almost see your mind clear its self and enjoy life.” He said. My heart dropped. My stomach started turning. ’..How beautiful you look..’ Just kept playing over and over in my mind. I can’t believe what he just said to me.

“Thank you” I say shyly with probably the biggest smile on my face. I look down and tuck my hair behind my ear then look back out to the city. I suddenly feel Sam’s leg against mine. He grabs my hand and I look up to make eye contact with him not believing what was actually happening.

“You know I’ve wanted to do this for a while.” He whispered leaning in for a kiss. Right before our lips connected I pulled my chin back keeping our foreheads together. I wanted to so badly but I can’t be with him when I’m leaving in a month.

“Sam I want to so badly but I can’t.” I say. My voice cracking from holding back tears. If I kiss him it would make leaving so much harder, and possibly ruin my career plan.

“Why not” he asked looking into my eyes. I was afraid if I started explaining it I would cry so instead I pulled away and shook my head staring back out over the mountain. I kept his hand in mine with a firm grip wishing he would understand that I do want him. After about 2 minutes he got up.

“We should probably head home now before it gets dark” he said quietly. The whole hike and drive back was silent. Who knew silence could be so loud. Alls I could think of was absolutely regretting this. Getting home and then him leaving and never talking to me again. He pulls up in my driveway and before I get out I turn to him

“Sam I want you to know I really do like you and I want to be yours so bad but it’s just not the right time. Please understand I don’t want to lose you.” I pleaded.

“I understand Kayla, I’m just confused.” he said looking down at his hands on the wheel.

“I’ll explain it to you soon I promise.” I said before closing the door. I walk up to my porch and start opening the door. Sam always waits in my driveway until after I get in the house. Thinking that he was mad and already drove away I step in my house and turn to see him wave at me from the street and drive off. It was comforting to know I didn’t totally fuck up.