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I’d appologize for all the Cartinelli/Agent Carter spam, but they’re too fucking awesome

I’ll tag everything with “cartinelli” so you can blacklist in case you don’t want to see it. I don’t know why you would tho.

I mean.

Badass boss lady Peggy Carter, in the 1940′ies, working in a male dominated field, doing everything better than them and also looking flawless whilst doing so.

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Angie Martinelli. Peggy’s friend. Actual sunshine cutie. Full of sass and awesome. Must protect (Peggy and fandom agree).

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Cartinelli ‘nuf said (it ain’t canon. yet. let’s work on making that happen yes?)

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The actress’ support the ship and treat it with respect, as an actual ship that could happen just like any other. And not a joke.

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Hayley Atwell

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Lyndsy Fonseca

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Also these two are so funny together (they play of each other really well. All brotp, nothing else, and it’s fab)

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So really. If you have a sunday with nothing to do, Agent Carter season 1 would be a lovely way to spent it *hint hint nudge nudge*

The Fires of Heaven Liveblog (Part 2)

(Part 1)

Chapters 13-30

I’ve read 500 pages. I’ve seriously read 500 pages already? There’s no way it’s been 500 pages. *double checks* Yeah. Page 504. Huh.

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Dear Skeletøn Clique,

I don’t know if anyone ever came up with this idea but, I was thinking about painting our hands and neck black to the concerts. To show Tyler and Josh we all have insecurities and we’re all in this together. I’m not a popular Tumblr blog or whatever, so hopefully y’all reblog this for me to reach as many people as possible!

Løve, Kyela

Hey guys! Recently I drew Lifeguard Braum skin concept and a blessed soul posted it on NA foruns, it had a lot of views and upvotes, we even got two reds(rioters comments), and thats really good, I thank everyone for all the support, but the post is going down on pages right by the time I made the particles/skills ideas, so people havent seen it. So I came to ask you guys to help bumping the thread, so people can see more of this and possibly Riot make a real skin out of it! If you can bump the thread by commenting and upvoting it!

Lets go and make this happen guys!!!

Carmilla AU where everything is the same except Perry is a platypus.

In commemoration of some people getting my joke on that last post and stuff-that-happens-sometimes making this:

Someone please let Annie Briggs know that I drew her character as a platypus. *Glances casually towards the creampuffs and kbearluna *

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SM FAIRVIEW MINI MEET UP - Since hindi kami nakasama ng tsamu ngayong taon, we decided to have a mini meet up pero tingin ko hindi magiging mini ang magiging meet up so SMMU nalang siya. SM FAIRVIEW MEET UP pinag-iisipan ko pa kung anong month kasi gusto ko may magandang movie na sakto non para mas masaya so search nga kayo ng upcoming movies tapos ta or fm niyo lang kaming mga organizers.




First time kong magiging organizer at first meet up ko din to kaya please guys spread the word and lets make it happen. To be announced pa yung details. Antay lang kayo. Thank you guys. :)

✨3 ingredient vegan pancakes served with 1 ingredient nicecream + carob sauce✨
Dessert for breakfast… That’s healthy and super filling? THIS IS HOW WE VEGANS DO IT 👌
So simple, so healthy and so freaking DELICIOUS 🙌
✖️Pancake recipe: refer to previous pancake posts!! (But basically 1.5cups oat flour, 1cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 bananah
✖️Nicecream: A couple of frozen bananas processed in a food processor until smooth
✖️Carob sauce: Carob powder, rice malt syrup + water to adjust consistency
Also, THANK YOU EVERYONE for your awesome suggestions! Had quite a chuckle at some of them. 🙊 I think the winning hashtag is definitely #thrivingonPLANTcakes 🙌 Woooo, lets get this going! If you happen to make this recipe then use the hashtag and spread the word 🙏✨ (at Snapchat: cherietu)

(via Yes, Students Protested in San Juan on May 13 and the US Media Ignored It)

This is what’s happening in my country in the last few days. Puerto Rico is a colony of the US and us (the students) have been fighting for our rights for all access education and against budget cuts. Currently we are lacking courses for the quantity of student that we have imagine if the budget cuts where applied? The oportunity of having an degree wouldn’t exist for most of us and not only that, THOUSAND OF PEOPLE WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS! So please make an effort to let people know what’s been going on in and help us defend our education and help us stop the media for censoring us.

(excuse my english it’s not my first language)

My summer goals:

•trip to LA
•SF pride
•get my nipples pierced
•walk around in white tee shirts with no bra
•get my half sleeve
•hike as much as possible
•take a pretty girl on a date
•binge watch Oitnb season 3
•road trip to somewhere beautiful to watch the sun rise
•get really tan
•do some self discovery
•make someone’s day
•longboard in Santa Cruz
•meet as many tumblr friends as possible
•be genuinely and blissfully happy