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Just wanted to say I appreciate you reblogging that post just now. What you mentioned you saw is not a new development, this has been going on for months. I don't think it was this bad during s1 but it has definitely been getting progressively worse ever since the hiatus between s1 and s2. It's nice to see that there's still SOME decent people left in this fandom after all (even though the fact that the most hateful nasty posts get lots and lots of notes usually paints a different picture). Thx!

You’re welcome.
I know it’s been going on for a long time, but it’s gotten out of hand in my opinion. The internet has never been a bully free zone, this part of the internet is no exception. 
I have so many people blocked on twitter, it’s not even funny anymore.
The sad thing is a large part of this fandom are sheep. And you have two types of shepherds. The “You cannot drink any other tea than Earl Grey, if you do you are evil. Why? Cause I say so.” and the “Look, you want to drink Earl Grey drink Earl Grey, you want Coffee have a cup, just don’t force me to drink it, I prefer Jasmine. But to each their own and we can still go to starbucks.”
The difference between these two is enormous. One is disrespectful, rude and sounds a lot like the president of the United States, the other is accepting and understanding, sounding like someone you’d like to have as a president.
For some reason beyond me, a lot of people chose to follow the first one. Maybe because they are louder, but I fear it’s because it allows them to not have to think about why either. And if you don’t have to think about it, isn’t life much easier? 
The second person is asking you to understand where the other persons are coming from, to let them be to not make them into the enemy. Which requires some actual thinking work.
Posts shitting on the books or a ship easily get 6K notes with very few people calling out the problems, where posts asking for peace in this fandom get 1K tops and you lose followers, though in opinion good riddance to those.
Good people are deactivating their account, putting them on silent or have successfully been bullied to the point that they are afraid of saying what they think, so they tell you in DM their thoughts, while like sheep retweet the “Donald Trump” shepherd tweets and thought. Fear has rooted itself into our fandom along with allowing hatred to exists because too few dare to speak up. And that is problematic.
This can only go two ways really, 1. Everyone at some point will have 90% of the fandom blocked or muted. Or 2. People finally learn to stick to their own lane and each other be.
The last one is not impossible. The 1D fandom after the hell that was 2012; filled with people relapsing into cutting, mental issues and suicide, changed. Finally in 2017 is a relatively good oiled machined fandom. They stay in their own lanes for the most part of it, at least on tumblr. But it took 5 years and people actually dying for that to happen.
I hope it doesn’t take this fandom as long and nobody is pushed into break downs, but it’s not impossible. You just have to want it. But for now all you can do is speak up. Use your voice when people are bullying others. Use your voice when you see people hating on a ship without actual reasons. We have all been given a voice and it’s time more people than me,  and maybe 100 other accounts started using them to defend good judgement and respect among each other.
Some people will see this message and think I’m trying to dictated how this fandom should work, but in all honesty there is never a good reason for hatred, there is never a good reason to go into someone askbox and tell the to kill themselves over a ship or preference of favourite character or over a headcanon. You should never ever justify hate.
The only thing i will say is that education is key. If you find a post problematic educate the person posting it. Just saying ‘You’re wrong’ isn’t going to help. Now yes, sometimes talking to a brick wall would have the same end results, not every person wants to become a better human being, because that means they’d have to admit they were in need of this education. But a fandom changes one person at a time and for every person you educate and win over, this will become a better place to be.

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