let's make it really really obvious that they are in love and married and they just had a child


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]


YOI Future!Verse ABO AU, Visual Headcanon Web Charts #01

So I always wanted to make one of these. Turns out my headcanons for the most part are WAY too wordy for these things and uh, they’re a bit of a mess >.>;; BUT I hope nonetheless that they’re somewhat fun to read even if barely legible, it was fun to make ^ ^;

1. Super basic relationship chart of the core members of the lovely poly family in this AU.

2. “Adults Think,” the color of each adult indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

3. “Kids Think,” the color of each OC kid indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

There’s obviously a lot more to it than what could be crammed in the lil text boxes, but a gist and pretty much the first things that immediately popped into my mind regarding their interactions. 2 and 3 also mostly show their thoughts while the kids are younger, which will change a bit as they grow up, to be covered in a future post.

*Recommended you right click view image to see full size bc the text is tiny oops

Because the text is so illegible, text only versions of charts 2 and 3 beneath cut, all elaborated quite a bit because I’m so rambly oops:


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s Yuuri-centric polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri’s married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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The Arrangement (pt 9)

“Is the child even mine, Y/N?”

You stare at him wide-eyed. Did he really just ask that? You felt like you couldn’t breathe in that moment. Jimin was actually being serious. He had actually thought that low of you. He had doubted your love and sincerity towards him. 
His faith in you had shattered and in turn, he had shattered your heart. 

You turned away from him, unable to look at him anymore. Jimin scoffed as you turned away, not noticing the single tear that fell from your eyes. You sat there in silence for another minute. Jimin was still fuming. He wanted answers from you and he wanted them now. 

Just as he was about to start yelling again, you cut him off. 

“You really want to know what’s going on between me and Tae?” you said with a straight face, wiping away the tears in your eyes. You take out your keys from your purse and push them into Jimin’s hands. “Go inside the house”

Jimin eyed the keys in his hands curiously. “Don’t avoid this conversation by telling me to go into the fucking house” he sneered at you. 

“Dammit Jimin just go into the house!” you almost yelled back. Jimin had finally noticed the pained expression on your face, but he didn’t care. He got out of the car and slammed the door behind him. You too had gotten out of the car, and walked lifelessly behind Jimin to the front door. 

Jimin managed to find the house keys amongst the many keychains you had and finally put the key in the door. As he tried to unlock the door, he noticed your hands in fists as you tried to control the shaking. You had wiped away your tears, but it was quite obvious that you were upset. 

Jimin finally unlocked the door and opened it to find a rather dark house. You both would usually leave at least a small lamp on so that you weren’t met with a dark house, but no such lights were on today. Jimin’s frustration only grew as he struggled to find the light switch near the entrance. Soon though, he found the switch and turned it on. 


Jimin jumped back from the sudden burst of noise. Jimin looked around the house, only to find it full. Full of his family, friends, and various decorations. There in front of Jimin stood all of his favorite things. The most important people in his life and some of his friends he hadn’t seen in a very long time. There in front of him stood some family from out of the country that he had also missed seeing. There in front of him stood hundreds upon hundreds of decorations in all his favorite colors. Ballons were floating on the ceiling and banners and streamers filled the house. There was something childish yet classy about it and Jimin loved it. Jimin couldn’t even begin to take it all in. He just stood there and smiled at everyone like a fool, totally forgetting about the whole ordeal that happened in the car. 

Suddenly, a group of guys surrounded him and messed with his hair and gave him a few light hits and punches. “Happy Birthday, Jimin!” they said in turns. “Were you surprised??” asked Jungkook.

“How do you like it??” ask Namjoon. 

“We spent like hours with the decorations he better like it” said Hoseok.

“Hours? Well me and Y/N spent weeks, no months, planning this whole thing. We literally went shopping every week because she thought of something new to get. You must have known, right Jimin? Like weren’t you the least bit suspicious?” asked Taehyung as he threw his arm around Jimin’s shoulders. 

And that’s when it hit him. That’s when he remembered what he had just accused you of and Jimin’s heart sank. What had he just done. 

He turned around quickly, finally facing you with his eyes wide. You gave him the smallest of smiles and Jimin noticed your lips trembling as you tried your hardest to hold back tears and break down. “Happy Birthday, Jimin” you say in almost a whisper, but he could still hear it. 

He tries to reach out for you, but you walk away into the sea of guests. and before he can try again, he is greeted by more guests, blocking him entirely. 

You try your hardest to smile and greet guests, but you eventually excuse yourself to change into something a little comfortable. You all but run into your shared bedroom with Jimin and lock yourself into the bathroom. You finally let the tears fall freely and you cover your mouth to hold back the sobs. You don’t know how long you stood there in the bathroom, but by now you were numb. You can hear the party at full swing outside, with loud music and people talking. Surely no one would miss your presence. You realize you can’t stay in the bathroom forever though so you will yourself to get through just tonight. You wipe off all the tear-stained makeup and wash your face with warm water. But your eyes are still kind of red. You walk into your side of the closet and try to find something more suitable for the party. 

Jimin is finally free of most of the guests at this point and begins his search for you again. He had seen you talking to a few people, but that was at least half an hour ago. 

“Sweetheart, Happy Birthday” Jimin hears. His mom and dad walk up to him, arms open for a hug. Jimin gives them a warm smile, despite his mind being focused on finding you. 

“Thank you” he says as he returns the hug. 

“Jimin, this is your last birthday as just a married man! Come next birthday, you’ll be a father too” Jimins father said. He was probably more excited than Jimin for the baby to arrive. He couldn’t wait to spoil his grandchild. 

“That’s right Jimin! The baby will be here for your next birthday darling” his mother chimes. “Enjoy this while it lasts son. You and Y/N will have your hands full this time next year” she continues. 

“Uh.. speaking of Y/N, have you seen her?” Jimin asks nervously. 

“Oh, I believe I heard her saying that she was going to go change into something more comfortable. But she’s been missing for a while, Why don’t you go change and make sure she’s ok too sweetheart?” Jimins mom says as she practically pushes him in the direction of their shared room. 

Jimin walks nervously towards their room, not knowing how to approach you and beg for your forgiveness. Why did he ever doubt you? The look on your face when you had just wished him happy birthday haunted his mind. 

He opens the door to your shared room and to his surprise, it is also fully decorated. There are balloons dancing across the ceiling and twinkle lights around the room. Jimin walked further into the room sitting on the bed as he tried to take it all in. He noticed the light on inside the bathroom and realized you were inside. He looked around the room and realized just how much you had planned. You really had gone the extra mile. 

Jimin finally notices a wrapped present on his nightstand. It was beautifully wrapped with a bouncy bow on the top. He had no doubt in his mind that you wrapped it. 

He carefully ripped the wrapping paper off, only to be met with a white box. He slid the box open and Jimin was shocked. Inside laid the childhood book he had you about all those many nights ago, The Velveteen Rabbit. The book had been published many times, but Jimin had initially owned a very old copy, dating back to around the 50′s. When he tried to find the same book, he couldn’t find the same copy or anyone willing to sell. But the book that laid in front of him was something beyond his imagination. 

He opened up the front cover and looked at the first page. The publishing date of this book dated back to 1922, meaning this was the very first edition. This must have cost a fortune, let alone impossible to find. 

Inside the book also had a small card. Jimin took the card out and placed the book on the side of the bed. He carefully opened up the card to find your small and beautiful handwriting on a pretty birthday card.

Dearest Jimin,

Happy Birthday, sweets! I thank god for blessing me with you everyday. And I guess I’m also thanking your parents for what they did 22 years and 9 months ago. ;)

 I know that we didn’t get into this marriage by choice, but I can happily say now that I always, always will pick you. I love you so, so much. I know I’ve been busy these last couple of weeks, but I hope you finally understand why and hopefully this all makes up for it. Did you like your gift? You really weren’t kidding when you said it was hard to find! I hope one day in the future, we can read this book to our child and maybe they will love it as much as you do. You’re going to be a wonderful father, Jimin. I just know it. I can’t wait to meet our little baby in a few months! Ok, I’m rambling…in a letter. Anyways, love you baby. Hope you have a wonderful day <3



Jimins hands trembled as he read the letter. How could he have doubted your love for him? How could he have been so stupid? Just then, he heard the door of your bathroom and you emerge, seconds later. Jimin stands up and meets your eyes for the first time in a while. 

It’s obvious that you’ve been crying but you tried to cover it well. But he could still tell. The glow from your eyes were long gone. You look at Jimin with a blank expression, as if you had just seen right through him and it sends a shiver down his spine and it scared him. 

You break eye contact and start to make your way to your door but Jimin stops you as he grabs your wrists. “Baby I- I’m so sor-” he starts. But before he can finish, you yank your hand out of his and walk out the door, leaving Jimin alone in the room.

Jimin stood frozen in the room as the door slammed shut after you walked out. How was he going to make it up to you?

You had returned to the party and Jimin soon followed behind you but you had already started mingling with guests again. You refused to even look in Jimin’s direction. If you even felt him coming closer to you, you would make the effort to move away. 

Jimin noticed you avoiding him and it was hard to get to you. There were so many guests! But Jimin wasn’t the only one who noticed the change. Taehyung also noticed the second you tried to excuse yourself to go change. You seemed really upset and it was easy to see that it was because something had happened between you and Jimin. Though it wasn’t in his place to pry, he felt bad that you were so upset on the day you spent the last 2 months planning. 

Taehyung had found you amongst the crowd and the people you were talking to had excused themselves. You gave Taehyung a small smile, but even he could tell how forced it was. “hey…you okay?” he asks slowly, hoping not to get anyone else’s attention.

Your smile slowly fades only for you to give him a faker smile seconds later. “I’m fine, Tae. Why?” you say, hoping not to discuss anything at the moment. You knew that if you talked about it, you would end up crying again.

“H-have you been crying? I don’t mean to pry, but is everything ok between you and Jimin? I just don’t want you to be upset today after all you planning for it!” he says. 

But before you could answer, you felt arms snake around your waist. “Nothing is going on, Tae. Don’t worry about. And thanks again man for throwing me this party. You’ve planned it so well with Y/n” Jimin says, showing up out of the blue. You look up at Jimin, surprised that you didn’t see him coming. Both the anger and sadness filled you up again. Taehyung could practically see all the tension in the air. 

You pulled Jimin’s arms around your waist, rather forcefully. “Excuse me boys, but I’m going to set up the food” you say as you give Taehyung another fake smile and walk towards the kitchen, not even giving Jimin a glance.”

“Dude what the hell happened?” Taehyung asks Jimin, pulling him to a corner. 

“Nothing, just drop it” says Jimin, growing frustrated. 

“I usually would, but not today. Do you you have any idea how much time and effort your wife put into planning tonight? She’s been excited about this for months. She has poured her love into every step of planning, and yet here she looks like she’s going to breakdown at any second. Look, I get that it’s your birthday and you don’t want to be listening to this right now, but whatever it is that happened between you two, I hope you can make up. You’re my best friend, Jimin. But Y/N is a good friend now too” Taehyung explains.

Jimin looked at Taehyung with a pained expression. He knew he had hurt you badly. It was evident in your eyes. But Jimin didn’t want to tell his best friend that just moments before you of cheating with him. Come to think of it, it was stupid that he even doubted you. He should have known his best friend would never betray him like that. And more importantly, he should have known you would have never betrayed him like that. He should have never doubted you. But he couldn’t tell Taehyung, at least not now. “It’s none of your business Taehyung, so drop it. Whatever it is, it’s between me and Y/n, so stay out of it” Jimin says before walking away, not even seeing Taehyung’s hurt expression.

Jimin kept trying to get you alone after that multiple times, but you evaded him at all costs. It was hard to enjoy the party when he could only focus on you and making things right with you. Before he could attempt talking to you again though, he was called to cut a cake. Everyone starting singing happy birthday and people were pushing you to go stand next to Jimin. You stood there awkwardly as people were singing and Jimin kept looking at you. Finally the song was over and Jimin blew out the candles. People then started to chant “Kiss” in hopes of you to kiss the birthday boy. You kept trying to wave it off, but it seemed like no one was having it. Jimin looked at you hopefully. He didn’t care that everyone else was in the room. He just wanted to kiss you senseless and show you just how sorry he was and how much he had loved you. 

You turned to Jimin, and any smile you had one was quickly gone and Jimin’s heart sank. “Happy Birthday, Jimin” you said quietly as you kissed him on the cheek really quickly before turning to face everyone else. Jimin tried to keep his smile up, but people could kind of sense the tension at this point. 

You almost never called him Jimin anymore. It was always “sweets” or some other cute nickname you would come up with it. So when you use his real name, he knew it was serious. 

The rest of the party went rather slowly for both you and Jimin. People had started drinking and everyone was having their fun. Jimin tried to make the most of the party that you had worked for and decided that you needed your space for now. You on the other hand were just trying to make it through the rest of the night. Fortunately for you though, Taehyung and the rest of his friends had kept you company for the majority of the time.

 Pretty soon though, people filed out of the house. Though you had wanted the party to end, you were anxious now. You realized that after everyone would leave, you would be alone with Jimin and you really didn’t want that. You anxiously waited as one by one, the guests started to leave. Eventually your parents and Jimin’s parents were leaving too 

On their way out, Jimin’s mom pulled Jimin to the side. “I don’t know what happened between you two, but don’t keep a pregnant woman mad at you for too long, son. It’s not too good to keep the mother of your child angry at you. Trust me when I say your father can vouch for that” she says. Jimin gives her a small smile as she too leaves. Maybe you were just this mad because you were hormonal? He just needed to get you alone and he could work things out. 

Soon enough, there were just a few people left and they were all starting getting ready to leave too. One by one, they filed out, and you were getting more antsy by the second. One friend of Jimin’s though was quite drunk. His girlfriend struggled to even get him walking properly and since she was far smaller than him, she needed help getting him to the car. “Hey birthday boy, sorry to ask you of this, but could you help me get this drunk ass to our car? I don’t think I can support his weight” she asked. 

As much as Jimin wanted to just kick the remaining people out of his house, he knew he should help his friend. He turned to look back at you as you began to clean some things in the kitchen. “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back in a second. I need to talk to you” he said before grabbing his friend by the shoulders and heading out the door. You said your goodbyes and then, it was just you in the house. You swallowed the lump in your throat and decided that you could clean everything else in the morning. You were both physically and emotionally drained. 

Before turning off the lights in the room, you took one more glance at all the decorations. “I hope he liked it..” you said out loud. 

Jimin practically threw his friend into the car before running back to the house. He yanked the door open, only to find the house somewhat dark again. He ran to his room, only to find the bathroom lights on. He was relieved that you were still here. For a moment, he thought you had left. 

How was he going to make this up to you? What words would make things right again? He called you a slut, he said he regretted marrying you. He asked if the child was even his, and he could practically see your heart break. He sat on the bed, running his hands through has hair nervously. 

Soon, you had finished your night time routine and you hadn’t even realized that you had started to cry again. You came out of the bathroom with your hand placed protectively over your stomach. The only comfort you had right now was the little one inside you. Oh how you just wanted to hold you baby soon. 

You jumped a little when you saw Jimin, not expecting him. You decided that you didn’t want to be in the same room as him for a while, so you walked to your side of the bed and grabbed your pillow while Jimin was trying to form the right words. Jimin noticed your tear stained face and he felt his heart drop at how sad you looked in that moment. You just look so drained, and he was the reason behind it all. 

“Y/N I’m so– wait what are you doing” he asked as you grabbed your pillow. You didn’t reply and instead you just made your way back to your old room, thankful that a bed was still there.

Jimin was surprised for a second and didn’t register what was happening. Recently, you had been saying that you found it hard to sleep without him there and he felt the same too. You always snuggled up to him at the end of the day and now, you didn’t even want to be in the same room? After a hot second, Jimin followed you.

“Wait, don’t just leave. Y/N I’m sorry, ok? Just look at me baby, please” he was pleading as he followed behind you like a lost dog. But you didnt reply and you were crying again. You practically ran the last few steps and before Jimin could reach you, you closed the door on his face and locked the door. You layed down on the bed and tried to calm your heart. You were so hurt, so tired. You just wanted to sleep. 

Jimin on the other hand was pounding on your door, not wanting you to sleep alone and in pain. He needed you as much as you needed him to sleep. And more than anything, he wanted your love for him again. 

“Baby, please” he said. “I’m sorry ok? I didn’t mean the things I said. Please, let me see you ok? Let me hold you tonight and we can talk through everything in the morning” he was begging. But you never opened the door, and Jimin knew to give up till the sun rose again. He was going to get you to forgive him, one way or another. No more mistakes, he thought to himself. No. More. Mistakes.


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➤ Character: Min Yoongi x reader

➤ Genre/words: Arranged Marriage! AU, Smut, Angst / 16,742 words

➤ Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

➤ Warning: Mentions of death, major character death, smut/mature scene

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I Can Make You Scream (M) // J-Hope (AU!)

Originally posted by sugashu

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: kia-winningx said: A J-Hope smut? I’ve been searching and searching and I cannot , for the life of me, find one where he is like the school dick. No matter how much I try to deny it I can’t help but think of him as dominant but I’m the kind that would like talk-back and be really cheeky. 

Please note that this scenario contains smut - dom/sub, begging, dirty talking, light bdsm.

I got kind of carried away with this so here is 3.6k words of absolute sin whOOps

You were an average student. You received semi-good grades and your attendance was adequate. You weren’t usually the type of person to intentionally get yourself into trouble for shits and giggles, but there was one person in particular who did – and they knew the exact buttons to press to frustrate you while simultaneously making you want them even more.

Jung Hoseok was in the same year as you, in almost all of the same classes. You met him when you were 12, and now being 18 and in your last year of high school – you could confidently say that you knew Hoseok pretty well.

Back then, Hoseok was a shy and timid child that could barely string together a proper sentence. But now, he had since gained more than enough confidence – acting a little too big for his boots while still being extremely wet behind the ears. To put it simply, Hoseok was the school dick. It’s not that he bullied other students – he was just incredibly rude to them unnecessarily. He roamed the school with his group of friends, casually making students and teachers lives just that little bit more difficult. Whether it was ‘accidently’ tripping someone in the hallway who may have gave him a funny look or causing one of the teachers grief by verbally abusing any authority they tried to have over him – Hoseok knew how to manipulate and control everyone around him.

Everyone except you.

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“Bruce, my heart, I think Alfred likes my mom !” - Batmom  and Bruce playing matchmakers

Summary : Alfred has a “crush” on Batmom’s mother figure. 

Just something written during my lunch break and…meh, hope you’ll like it : 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


One of the best thing about dating Bruce Wayne wasn’t the money, the extravagant gifts, the fame, the attention or anything of the like…Oh no (quite the contrary really), one of the best thing about dating Bruce Wayne was getting to know his butler and surrogate father : Alfred Pennyworth. 

Alfred was one of the best man you’ve ever met (him and Bruce were the best men you’ve ever met really…). 

He was caring, sassy, compassionate, funny, sarcastic, intelligent, well mannered, loving, protective and…Oh so much more. 

He was everything you admired in one single person. 

He quickly became your hero to be honest…Though you’d never admit it to his face, too afraid to look ridiculous (even if you damn well knew he wouldn’t make you feel ridiculous). 

The first time you spend the night at Wayne Manor, sharing Bruce’s bed, you felt so awkward in the morning when you woke up and went down to take breakfast, your Bruce’s arm around your shoulder…

But Alfred made you feel so comfortable, he made you feel as if you were home while he didn’t even know you one bit ! (Later, Bruce would confess to you that most of the time, Alfred would be extremely sassy toward ladies who spend the night at Wayne Manor, and that you were the only exception…Well, it was because you were an exceptional lady really. And it seemed Alfred knew, that first time he actually met you, that you were more than just a one night stand. You blushed when he told you that, and oh it made him fall in love with you all over again, to see you so bashful about such things…You were truly incredible). 

But knowing that his Bruce was just constantly talking about you, and had that stupid smile and slight haze in his eyes whenever he did, was enough for Alfred to adore you right away. 

That first time he met you, when you spend the night for the very first time at Wayne Manor, in Bruce’s arms, he just had a gut feeling that you were the one. 

That you were the one that would help his “master”, make him happy. 

And oh he was right, because you two would eventually get married and would always be so damn in love with each others for the rest of your lives…but that, he didn’t know yet, all he knew so far was that it was the first time since his parents’ death that Bruce was genuinely smiling, that he was allowing himself to be happy, carefree, and…it was all thanks to you. 

It instantly clicked, between you and Alfred. 

Because he could see right off the bat that you were a perfect match for Bruce, and you just thought Al’ was like, the best guy ever…He was just so kind to you ! Always so caring even when you were but a stranger ! 

And oh the way you’d both put Bruce back in his place sometimes, when he was being too cocky, or too broody, or anything really. When he was basically being a dick. Not you nor Alfred were ever taking Bruce’s shit, and that’s probably one of the reason you both got along so well. The Sass Masters. 

That’s another reason that made Alfred KNOW that you were the one, the one true love for Bruce…The way you never gave up, even when he was a downright asshole to you. The way you always stood up to him, refusing to be pushed away because he was “afraid you’d get hurt”. 

Your stubbornness was a blessing really. Where more than one woman would have give up after Bruce rejected them for the tenth time (it was such a stupid thing really, to think he had to push you out of his life to protect you…you were born and raised in one of Gotham most dangerous neighborhood, the Narrows, you knew how to defend yourself, and you’d never give up because you KNEW Bruce didn’t mean it when he said it was best not to see each other again…), And oh man, Alfred never met a person more stubborn that his Master Bruce before you. For that only, he could only admire you too. 

Yes. You were special. And Alfred was too. And as your relationship with Bruce became truly serious…you kinda came to see Alfred as your father figure. 

You grew up without a dad, and Alfred just became the hero you never had. And he gladly accepted the position. 

Really, it was only the next natural step in this strong relationship and bond you all build together, that him and Bruce would meet your mom. 

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Those who are Broken | Chapter Three

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

Word count: 2046

While looking up Jimin’s airport fashion, I got lost looking at him in general.

Chapter list

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

Silence hung in the air around your table. You were practically sending death glares at Taehyung, but he seemed oblivious. He smiled at you. “Shall we play some games, cupcake?” He got up from his seat, making his way towards the arcade.

You let out a small, awkward laugh. “Excuse me,” you whispered, getting up from your seat and following him. You quickly caught up to him as he inserted some coins in an arcade machine. “What the hell was that?” you asked in a harsh whisper.

“What was what?” he asked, eyes focused on the game that was beginning.

“You could have just said something a lot different.” You placed yourself in front of his line of sight. “Hey, this is my friend Y/N.” You crossed your arms over your chest. “That would have been better then telling them that I’m your ex.”

He briefly glanced at you. “They know who you are, cupcake. Just reminding them that we had a thing will help us in the long run,” he told you, his boxlike grin gracing you with its presence.

“So you’re the ex Tae has been talking about,” Namjoon said, leaning against the machine across from you. “You’re also the one Jimin mentioned in the fight with Seohyun.” He smirked.

“Ah, yeah, that would be me,” you said, unfolding your arms. “Do you guys go to Cross Academy, too?”

Namjoon shook his head, his blond hair glistening under the light. “Hoseok and I know how to avoid trouble.”

You laughed. “I could avoid trouble, but someone ratted me out.” You stole a glance at Taehyung.

“Taehyung mentioned having to make it up to a friend,” Hoseok said, coming up next to Namjoon. “I guess you’re the person he owes big time.”

“So how long have you known Tae?” Namjoon asked, changing the subject slightly as Jungkook walked up to your little group.

You thought for a second, taping your foot lightly. “A couple of years. I’m not sure how long, but it’s been a while.”

“You’re the only person hyung talks about. He never really talks about his soulmate,” Jungkook added, a sigh following after.

You stole a glance at the name inked on his skin peaking from behind his sleeve. “Huh,” you began, turning your attention back towards the three, “Taehyung ever mention that I’m Broken?”

“First thing he mentioned when he talked about you,” Hoseok said, giving a small shrug.

“So you guys don’t mind?”

Jungkook laughed. “You’re no different from us. There are some things that are different, but nothing that would make you different.”

You were silent, taking in what Jungkook had just said. They didn’t see you as what the rest of the world saw you. They didn’t see you as Broken. They saw you as a normal human being. It was strange, to be honest. No one has ever looked at you the way they looked at you. No one at the orphanage looked at you like you were normal. Your parents never looked at you like you were their child. No one at the academy even bothered to look at you. And those who are Broken as well, they looked at one another as if they were waiting. Every single one of them looked at each other expectantly. You were all just waiting for one of them to die. Waiting for your own turn.

“Cupcake.” Taehyung pinched your cheek.

You placed your hand over your sore cheek. Frowning, you said, “Ow, what the hell Taehyung?”

He chuckled. “I said I’ll be back,” he informed you, making his way towards the exit with Jimin.

“Where’s he going?” you asked the others, watching the door close behind him.

“Chat with Jimin since the two have been distant from one another,” Hoseok said, shaking his head. “Took them long enough.”

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Home (Robb Stark x Reader)

Anon requested:  can you do a Robb x female reader where the reader is married to another lord but loves Robb and he loves her? and it eventually leads to smut? thank you! 

A/N: I don’t really write smut, so instead I just kind of wrote up to it. You can let your imagination do the rest lol 

Warning(s): cheating, implied smut, a possibly out of character Robb (I’ve only written for him once before this)

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Your house, House (H/N), has always been loyal to the Starks. For as long as you could remember, you lived in Winterfell. When your father fell ill, however, your house was in a critical state. You were their only child, and unwed. So, your mother managed to secure a betrothal to a Frey. As ugly as the man was, you were now part of a house bigger than your own, and with it came more money.

You lived at the Twins in the Riverlands, but that didn’t stop you from visiting home, to your parents and the Starks. You were, after all, close to them all.

Especially Robb. There was always… something… between the two of you. What, you couldn’t say. You were friends, of course, but everyone knew about the longing looks, about the lingering touches, and about the feelings even you weren’t fully aware of.

You arrived at Winterfell after traveling, and immediately, you were reminded just how cold it was there. You pulled your grey cloak tighter around you as you stepped out of your wheelhouse, and you were greeted by your mother and father.

“(Y/N)! Darling!” Your mother exclaimed as she proudly pulled you into a tight hug, which you returned equally. You then hugged your father, and the three of you exchanged greetings before you went back to their home. You were only there for a short time, having eaten and bathed, before Robb visited.

Immediately upon seeing him, your heartbeat hastened, your eyes widened, and you got butterflies in your stomach. Wait, no, forget butterflies- you had full on bats. Ravenous bats that flew around, making you nauseous and nervous. Robb had grown up considerably since the two of you last met, but you had, too. His jawline was stronger, and light brown facial hair was growing along it. His hair seemed darker and curlier than you remembered, but his eyes remained the same, just as strong as before.

“Robb, what a pleasure to see you,” You curtsied slightly as a formality.

However, he was apparently past formalities. He smiled and laughed before he embraced you firmly.

“Is that anyway to greet an old friend?” He said in your ear. The proximity of his mouth to your ear sent chills down your spine, his breath tickled your neck. Hesitantly, the two of you parted, and you realised that your cheeks were flushed.

“I came once I heard you were home,” Robb explained.

He had a grin now, a grin you recognized. It was your secret signal, see, one that you had when you were children. If you were right, it meant he really just wanted to speak with you somewhere. There was a glimmer in his eyes that confirmed your thoughts. You told your parents you were going off to visit the rest of his family, but in reality, you were going off somewhere to spend some quality time with Robb.

Once the two of you were outside, Robb offered you his arm. You gratefully looped your arm with his, and allowed him to lead you away. You made small talk; Robb asked you about the Riverlands, about the Frey’s and how your husband was treating you. You asked him about his family, and about the way things were going at Winterfell. By the time you had stopped walking, you realized you were now by the Godswood.

“Why are we here?” You asked, letting go of his arm and looking around with confusion.

Robb stood in front of you, and in your eyes, you could see that he was in pain. He licked his lips, something you knew he did when he was nervous.

“I need to speak with you. This is the only place I could think of where no one would interrupt us.” Robb said. Now, he stepped closer, his hands clasping yours. “(Y/N), everyday you have been away has been terrible. I miss you. Your family misses you.”

You knew what was coming. Every time you came home, Robb tried to convince you to break off the marriage and return to live back in Winterfell. You always refused; it wasn’t that simple. Your family needed this marriage. You thought that of all people, Robb would understand. It seemed that you were wrong. This made you angry.

You ripped your hands from his. “Don’t start this again, Robb.”

“You don’t belong there, (Y/N)! You belong here, with your family.”

By then, you had your arms crossed and your back turned to him. Your jaw was clenched in anger. “We are not children anymore, Robb. Our duty must-”

“I don’t care.” More pleadingly, he added: “Break off the marriage. Come back to Winterfell. If I permit it then the Frey’s-”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Walder Frey would never allow it.” You turned back to him, shocked by his offer. “Why do you even care, Robb?” You were tired, and you wanted only to lay down somewhere, forgetting everything; the marriage, your duty to your family, Robb. You were tired of always having to do things you didn’t want to, simply because you had to. It was your life; you wanted to live it how you pleased.

“Because I love you! I thought that was obvious!” Robb suddenly shouted. His voice echoed throughout the woods. You were shocked by his outburst.

“No,” you gulped. “It wasn’t obvious. Maybe because any time I showed an interest in you, you ran away from me.”

It was true. When you were teenagers, you did indeed try to pursue Robb. You once tried to kiss him; he turned his head and said he had to go. You flirted with him; he went off and talked to other girls. After a while, you grew tired of this. You shut that part of your heart off. Until now.

“I was stupid, (Y/N), I was a stupid kid. It’s different now.” He stepped towards you, cupped your cheek, and tilted your head up so you were looking at him. “I’m sorry.”

By then, you were weak to his charms. You softened in his hands, clasping his hand over your cheek with your own hand. “It’s okay.” You whispered.

Finally, it happened; he kissed you. It was intense and passionate, but soft and firm. You locked your hands behind his neck while he softly pushed you back, until you were pressed against a tree trunk. His kisses trailed along your jawline, to your neck, leaving you breathless.

“This is a bad idea…” You managed to mutter, though it came out more as a hoarse breath.

Robb’s lips brushed against your collarbone as he replied with an equally hoarse “Yeah.”

Some better part of your mind was screaming at you that this was wrong, that you should stop, because this was cheating and you were married. But a larger part of you didn’t give a shit.

You gasped as he reached the sweet spot on your neck, tilting your chin up and tangling your fingers in his hair. Chills erupted throughout your entire body, and electricity coursed through your veins, making your fingertips tingle. You wanted him.

“A really bad idea.” You said, though the protest wasn’t really a protest at all. In fact, you didn’t want him to stop. You wanted to keep going. You couldn’t say that, really, but you knew this was wrong of you.

Much to your displeasure, he paused. His eyes met yours, his breathing as rugged as yours, and within them you could see pure passion. Adoration. Love.

“Do you want me to stop?” His tone was husky and hoarse, and a million times more attractive.

Gods, I’m a terrible person for this, you thought, before you replied.

“No.” And with that, you pulled his lips back to yours.

TIME (Bellamy Blake x Reader)


Request: could u do a fairly lengthy modern day Bellamy imagine where like when u guys broke up years ago it was over something real stupid heated fight and he sees u idk somewhere like so cliché and u have like his kid but he doesn’t know and his hearts just swells up with u being a mum a and omg thanks ur awesome


You were meant to be together forever. At least that’s what everyone had told you. It was always meant to be you and Bellamy. Bellamy and you. But it just wasn’t the truth. People lied.  What you had with the freckled boy didn’t last but the memories never faded away from the back of your head. He was always going to be your first love, no matter how roughly things had ended. Bellamy knows this too well.

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Look what we got here

Hi I just found your account and I love it !!!! Can I request something daryl Dixon , where you are pregnant with his child - you two are married . And you are chosen for Negan’s line up so daryl gets super shouty etc - you can choose the ending xx

I may have gone a little over board with with one… my bad yall. Oh well enjoy, requests are open 

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The cold dirt was undeath my knees. My husband was right next to me, I knew that he had to be in shock like the rest of us. I felt my heart beating so fast that it was almost in my throat and my brain pulsing from the anticipation. Not only am I worried for my life that could possibly end because of the Saviors or even because of Negan himself. As we are on our knees waiting for our destiny I could feel our child start to move inside of me. I was almost seven months into the pregnancy, it was obvious that I was pregnant. I knew that if I got chosen it wouldn’t just be life ending, it would be our child’s life as well. Which I know would destroy Daryl, he really didn’t have anyone else to show his true self to. And losing me and our baby would destroy him.

As we all were knelt in front of the camper I tried to think that maybe I would be spared from being slain. However I knew that I most likely wasn’t going to be, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your condition was. No one cares anymore, it’s a one for all out in this world.

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Some Kind Of Wonderful - (Young)James Potter Imagine

A/N: aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh xD I’m back! and not only am I back, I’m back with my FIRST JAMES POTTER IMAGINE! :D :D 

Anonymous said: What about a James x reader where they’re best friends and it escalates to something more? sorry if this is too vague! Xx

so, I don’t know why, but as soon as I read this request, I thought of the movie Some Kind of Wonderful! so much that I was in the mood to watch it today and I did and I got inspired by it and you may even find a few quotes here and there! :D so here it is! I reaaaallly hope you guys like it! I’m a bit nervous with it being my first imagine in sooo long! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Some Kind Of Wonderful

“Well, if it isn’t my favourite four people in this school” (Y/N) said walking to the Marauders who were all by the lake under a tree.

James was playing with the Snitch, Remus was reading a book, Sirius was enjoying a cigarette and Peter was just looking up at the sky.

“Well, if it isn’t our favourite girl in school” Sirius said smirking up at her. “Want one?” he asked offering her the pack of cigarettes as she sat next to him.

“No, I quit, remember?” she said glaring at him a little and he chuckled putting them away. “So what are you all talking about?”

“As if you don’t already know-“ Remus started but was interrupted by James.

“I am thinking of the best way to ask Lily out” he said excited making (Y/N)’s smile fall out of her face.

“Again, really?” she asked widening her eyes at Remus who nodded.

See, here’s the thing. (Y/N) and James had been best friends since they could remember. They grew up next to each other and their parents were best friends. Everything was perfect. They both loved Quidditch, they both got sorted into Gryffindor, the Marauders loved her… but somewhere along that road, she found herself falling for the charms of Mr. Potter. And the only problem was that she knew that he only saw her as a sister. Oh, and he was hopelessly in love with Lily Evans.

“And as always my dearest (Y/N), you have perfect timing” he said putting the Snitch in his pocket and getting closer to her while throwing his arm around her shoulders.

“For what?” she asked forcing the smile back on her face.

“Well, you’re a girl, aren’t you?” James asked in an obvious tone.

“Oh, really? I hadn’t noticed that. Thanks for letting me know” she said rolling her eyes and making the other three Marauders laugh a little.

“Well, can you help me? I want this to be perfect. I need to know what is like inside a girl’s mind” he told her.

“James, you couldn’t score her in a million years. A, you’re too stupid and arrogant, which she has established numerous times, and B, she’d kill you!” (Y/N) said. “Which she has also attempted numerous times.”

“Be that as it may” James said glaring at her. “I would really appreciate it if my friends supported me on this!”

“Mate, is just time to get realistic, alright? You followed the girl around for a year. She’s not interested” Remus told him.

“I’m going to marry that girl” James defended himself.

“Right and I’ll marry Lucius Malfoy” (Y/N) said rolling her eyes.

“I’m telling you, she is the future Mrs. Potter” he said turning back to his friends. “Our kids would be smart and beautiful” he said ignoring them.

“Not to mention imaginary” Peter added.

“Come on Prongs, you can’t still be on this. I mean, Evans has made it perfectly clear that she wants nothing to do with you, mate” Sirius told him.

“She does want something to do with me, mate. She just doesn’t know it yet” James assured them.

“Jamie… you’re losing it. And when it’s lost, all you are is a loser” (Y/N) said removing his arm from her shoulders.

“Come on, (Y/N), please?” he said making his big puppy eyes at her. Those same eyes that she could never say no to. She turned to look back at Sirius and Remus who were shaking their heads no but she caved.

“Ugh, fine! What do you want me to do?”

“Well, I want to ask her to the Christmas Ball” he said “And I wanted to give her something nice for Christmas, so maybe you could come to Hogsmeade with me on Saturday and pick out something for her?” he asked with a big smirk on his face.  

“Do I have to?”

“Well, I mean, you don’t have to” James said as he stood up. “Unless you would want to make your best friend really happy” he said dramatically. “And you know I would do the same thing for you” he said with a begging face.

“Fine” she said rolling her eyes as James leaned down to kiss her forehead.

“Thank you, love” he said triumphal. “Come on Wormtail, time to hit the kitchens” he said as Peter stood up too. “So, Saturday, you and me” he said winking at (Y/N). “Don’t forget alright?”

(Y/N) placed a fake smile on her face that came with a fake laugh as well. “Great! I can’t wait” she said looking at the two boys who were leaving. “Give me one of those” she said looking back at the remaining two and grabbing Sirius’ pack of cigarettes from his hand.

“I thought you quit” Sirius said mocking her and (Y/N) glared at him.

“Shut up!” she said lighting one.

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Love’s never too late

Based on: this request by @delphiandoodles (I hope you like it!!!) + this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

Inspirational song: “Let Me Go” by Avril Lavigne ft. Chad Kroeger. The title is a verse of this song.

Disclaimer: I’ve taken GREAT liberties with the timing and Frodo’s age. Oh, tell me if you get the “Pride and Prejudice” reference..

Warnings: mention of Dragon-sickness and attempted homicide.

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You sat down on the first chair you found and covered your face with your hands: you couldn’t believe that half of the Shire was going to buy your things and think you were dead. You looked at the bundle in your lap, containing all the silver spoons you had taken back from Lobelia. You stood up, went to the kitchen and placed the spoons on the table: you looked around at the room for a moment and you couldn’t avoid thinking of when your quiet dinner was interrupted by a bunch of Dwarves, some months before.

You shook your head and went to your bedroom, in order to avoid painful memories, but seeing your bed was just worse: you were sitting there when you heard him sing for the first time. Thorin. Oh, he was no longer the Dwarf you had met that night, the Dwarf you had fallen in love with during the quest. Once again, you wondered if the decision to come back to the Shire so quickly had been the right one: of course it was, what else could you have done?

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Nothing Gold Can Stay~ Corbyn Besson

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Request- Yes sorta, kind, not really

Word count- 3,021 (This was alot of work, don’t judge me)

Warning- Teen pregnancy, death and cancer.



To say you were scared would be an understatement, you were plain terrified. You felt your hands shaking from the terror running through your vein. You were screwed, your life was over. How were you going to be able to tell him? He as going to hate you, he was going to leave you.

You looked down at the plastic stick one more time before crawling off of the floor with a large exhale. You looked at yourself in the mirror, you saw the fear in your own eye and were appalled. Why were you so scared? You knew what you were getting yourself into when you made that decision. Your eye drifted over your tense shoulders, down your caved in chest and to your stomach.

Underneath everything, there was a little being growing there, a little Corbyn and you, waiting to meet you both.

The thought brought the happiest of smiles to your face but it was immediately washed away as soon as there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Y/N, you ok babe?” You heard the love of your life say from across the wooden door. You felt your heart speed up and your breath start to slip away from you. you realized that he was saying more than just that but your mind wasn’t registering that.

The door was pushed open and Corbyn had his hands on your face, turning you to look at him. The fog that seemed to be clogging your ears from your brain cleared and our eye focused on his. You wanted to scream the news at the top of your lungs to him but your mouth wouldn’t cooperate. You wanted Corbyn to tell you that he was happy that you were pregnant but you had a gut feeling that things weren’t going to work out in your favor.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” He said gently, with no anger or sadness in his voice. You felt the hope slip into the back of your mind again. Lazily, you flung your head to where the test stick was sitting on the counter. When Corbyn let go of your face to garb the plastic, life changing stick, you felt the butterflies in your stomach start to erupt with anticipation.

“Does this mean…?” His back was turned toward you so you couldn’t see the expression his face was holding but you could just imagine the look of pure horror. You wanted to cry and for the first time that day, your body let you.  A single tear fell from you right eye. It was kinda soothing, being able to cry, it felt like a sweet release to be able to finally do it. “I’m gonna be a dad?”

Corbyn turned around and you saw the happiest smile on his face. You felt the weight of the anxiety you had lift off of your chest. You took a step toward him and nodded your head. You felt his hands wrap around your waist and pull you into his chest. You began to laugh when he started jumping in a small circle with you in his arms.

“I’M GONNA BE A DAD!” he screamed loud enough for the other boys to hear. You Started to push yourself away from Corbyn because you wanted to look at his face. His eyes were almost unable to be seen because his cheeks were being pushed up that high.

“I CALL BEING THE GODFATHER!” Daniel said as he quickly peeked his head into the bathroom.


Both you and Corbyn decided to get an apartment to prepare for the baby to come.

“I’ve told you how many times Corbyn, it’s gonna be a boy. I can feel it.” you said as Corbyn was on his laptop looking at pink clothes online for babies.

“Babe, you have to let me dream. I want a little you running around! think about it! she’s have your face shape and smile, maybe my hair and nose! Literally would be the cutest baby in existence!” He flung his head back and had a dreamy look in his eyes. You were distracted by his beauty and his happiness that you had to put in your input.

“No matter what, I just hope our baby has your eyes, I love them so much.” You turned around to go close the blinds in the living room because of the sun starting to give you a headache. You heard the patter of Corbyn feet across the living room and thought nothing of it. You quickly twisted the shutters closed and turned around.

When you went to speak with Corbyn about dinner, you saw that he was kneeling right in front of you. Your breath was stuck in your chest and you stared at him in awe, was he really doing this now?

“Y/F/n, I have loved you since the moment I set my eyes on you. You were confident, talented and kind. I loved that much about you the first time I met you. But as I got to know you, I feel in love with the little things about you, like how your nose crinkles up when you lie, or how your eyebrows are always raised when you’re happy. I fell in love with your heart, I loved the way you simply handed a man two dollars so he could get a bus ride home on a cold night with no questions asked. I feel in love with everything about you. Then you got pregnant, sure it was earlier than I would have liked but I am so happy that I get to raise a child with you. SO as I’m sitting here, shaking like a mad man. Will you marry me?”  He asked, popping the small leather box open and showing a small diamond ring on a silver band.

“Yes” you could barely get the single word out over the tears that streaming off of your face. He shakily slipped the ring onto your finger and pulled you into a kiss. This kiss was something unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, it was passionate but pure, hungry but wholesome. You were So happy to be able to say you were going to be able to be with the love of your life for the rest of your life. You felt the butterflies start again in your barely showing stomach.


“Corbyn Besson, you have been putting your yearly check up off for three months. If you don’t go, I’m calling your mom!” You said as you were making breakfast one morning. Granted, being six months pregnant made it hard for you to move around without hitting anything but you managed.

“I’m not scared of my mother babe, I’m a grown adult.” He said nonchalantly as he continued to scroll through his phone, “ and it’s not like I’m gonna die if I don’t go.” You rolled your eyes and pulled out your phone and pretended to make a call. You waited a little while, continuing to stir the eggs before speaking.

“Hey Saskia! It’s Y/N, and I was calling to let you know that Corbyn isn’t planning on going to his chec-” was all you got out before your phone was out of your hands and on the counter.

“Fine, I’ll go! What time is my appointment?” He said in defeat. You couldn’t help the smirk that was on your face, he always had a weak spot for his mom.

“It’s at two, but I have to meet with Mary then. I’m asking her to be the Godmother to our son.” You both had recently gone to the sonogram, finding out that you were having a baby boy. “Speaking of which, I think I figured out a good name!”

“Yeah what is it?“he said looking up from the glass of water he had made himself.

"Ray Jordan?” You said looking at his face in anticipation. You knew his family was special to him, so you wanted your babies name to reflect that. His piercing eyes stared into yours before you saw the tears start to weld up, threathening to overflow from his eyes.

Suddenly you were wrapped into a hug and squished up against your loves chest. He really was happy that you wanted to put his family into thought when you picked out his first born’s name.

“I was gonna suggest George Lucas for his name but I love your idea so much more.” You laughed at his obvious Star Wars reference and began to tear up. The more days that went by, the more real this entire process seemed to be. Corbyn, the love of your life, was going to be the father of your child, the father of Ray Jordan Besson. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.


Later that night, you had started to make grilled cheese for dinner, knowing that was one of Corbyn’s favorite meals on week nights. It was quick and easy for you so the convenience was great.  

You were almost done with the last of Corbyn’s four grilled cheeses, he liked to eat, when you got a text from him.

Corbyn <3

Hey Love, We have to talk about something when I get home, I love you.

You sent him back a quick reply declaring your love for him, you were surprised when he said that he appointment was going to be taking longer than expected. You thought that at the latest, he would be home at 3:30 but he ended up calling you, saying that the doctor was taking longer than he should have.

It was nearly five o'clock and he still hadn’t come home, all you wanted was to see his face and to kiss him. You couldn’t help but worry when you had started to clean up the little mess you had made while making dinner. After you had put all the loose and dishes into the kitchen sink, you sat down at the dining table.

Your apartment had a small circular wooden table in the small dining room, it was on of the things that you loved about it. You loved the small details that were placed everywhere, from the mantel pieces to the frames with family pictures on the hallway walls. You fell in love with this place just like you fell in love with Corbyn, completely and all at once.

You were knocked out of you thoughts by the living room door opening and shutting. You looked up to see Corbyn, a sad smile on his face, but a smile none the less. You quickly got up as he walked over to you and hugged him, pulling him closer than you would have ever before.

“I have cancer.” those were the first words to leave his mouth.

You were shocked to say the least but you could tell that Corbyn was breaking, so you had to put on a strong face and walk him over to the living room, gently sitting down on the couch then pulling him down with you. Once he was all the way seated, you both sat in silence for a good thirty seconds before he collapsed onto your lap and started crying.

You whispered sweet nothings into his ear, carefully running your fingers through his hair until he fell asleep, tear staining his face and your torn heart. You couldn’t help but let the tears fall from your face as you realized that he wasn’t going to see your moment of weakness.

What happens if he dies? You’ll have to raise this child on your own, not only that but you’ll lose the one person who made you happy, the one person who took all the pain away.

That was the first night you dreamed of being a single parent.


The next morning you were awoken to a soft whispering from the person you loved with your whole being. You didn’t open your eyes, but you listened to what he was saying, and what you heard broke your heart.

“I promise you little man, I’m gonna try to stay with you and your mommy for as long as I can, Great Grandpa Besson had the same thing, he didn’t make it, but I will. I’m gonna do this, for you because you deserve a dad. You deserve to be happy and I wanna be there to make sure you get it. Lung cancer isn’t gonna beat this Besson man, not if he has a little one to take care of.” He whispered to your stomach, making your heart eat at unusual rates.

You had to fight the tears back, but they couldn’t stop.

“Y/N, are you up baby?” he said brushing the hair out of your face. you softly opened your tear filled eyes and started to take in the man that was hovering over you. His piercing blue eye, soft smile, dyed blonde hair and his cute nose. You wanted to hold this memory forever, the moment he made the promise to live, that he wouldn’t leave. The first promise he made to your unborn child. “I hate to kill the awesome morning vibe, but I start Chemo on Monday.”


The month that followed was harsh, Corbyn was getting Chemo treatments every day for the first week then every other day after that. It was a grueling task to ask of a eighteen year old boy but he was strong and was making it through.

You were now seven months and trying to figure out how the hell you were going to raise this child and take care of your sick fiance. He was trying to make it seem like he wasn’t hurting, but you knew better. You knew that he was getting worse, that it was only a matter of time before he passed on. You didn’t want to think about it, because every time you did, tear wielded up in your eyes and the stinging sensation  returned to your stomach.

“Hey baby, could you help me really quick?” You hear your nerd’s voice say from across the apartment, he sounded like he was in the bedroom, but you waddled your way back there and didn’t see him anywhere.

“Corbyn?” you called out from him but you were met with an awkward sound from across the hallway. The sound was coming from the nursery. As you tip toed that way, you realized that the door was propped open. you cautiously pushed the door open and saw a happy scene.

Corbyn was standing in from of a crib that he somehow put together without any assistance from you. He was holding a little lamb stuffed animal in his arms, you started to feel the tears in your eyes. This platinum haired boy was doing everything you could have ever asked him to do, he was being caring, he was being sweet, and he was putting himself aside for your baby.

“You did this by yourself? When did you have time? I’ve literally been with you since you got home from the hospital.”

“Well the guys came over and did it from me, but I found this lamb from some of the stuff my mom gave me. It was my favorite toy until I was in kindergarten and I wanted my son to have it”

And for a moment every thing was okay, but as You’ve probably heard before, nothing gold can stay.


A few days later, you woke easily for the first time, you felt happy. I mean this wasn’t even something you’d have thought you could feel after all the horrible things that seemed to be happening to you left and right.

Your bed was warm, but the warmest thing was your heart. You opened your eyes to see Corbyn laying there with a smile on his face. His eyes were peacefully closed, so you knew he was asleep. You watched him closely, trying to take in every part of him that looked happy, because he did, look happy that was. His face was showing his true youth, not the stressed out teen that was becoming a dad and had to act like an adult. You watched his chest raise and fall.

But it wasn’t, it wasn’t raising and falling. It was still, unmoving, lifeless even. YOu waited for seconds, minutes for his chest to move before you started to feel an nausiating feeling, you wanted to cry but for some reason you couldn’t. You felt numb to the entire world, but then again your entire world was just taken from you. Your heart feel to your toes as it was smooched and cracked, trying to spare itself from the pain. But it was inevitable,

Corbyn Besson, the love of your life, was taken from you. He had died.


The funeral had come and gone, all of your friends were there, Nicki, Stephanie, Steph, Rhea, Hayley, Samie and Maia. So many people said so many nice things, they talked about how much they loved Corbyn, how much he effected their lives. They even mentioned how much they loved and wanted to be there for you.

Within the following weeks, your baby was born. The best part was, it wasn’t a boy, it was a beautiful baby girl. She had brunette hair and beautiful blue eyes she aslo had Corbyn’s nose, everything he wanted in his daughter. She was a happy baby, constantly laughing and making you happy, but she reminded you of Corbyn with each growing day. But to be honest, you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

You kept your promise to Corbyn, that you would name your child after his family to you did. You even asked his brother Jordan to be the godfather of the beautiful baby girl.

Rae Caroline Besson

You used his dad’s name as well as his mothers middle name, hoping that as he watched over them, he would be proud of your choice in naming your daughter.

As time went on, you were happy but you were never happy with anyone that wasn’t Rae or Corbyn, but you had your family, Corbyn’s family and the guys. But it still wasn’t the same.

why you maybe asking?

Because nothing good, pure, happy and sweet, can stay.

Work Of Art - GD Smut (1)

first part of a long ass smut that got out of hand lol hope you like it.


Jiyong loved art, that’s a truth that everyone knew.

The sun came in the morning, the grass was green the skies were blue and jiyong loved art.

When he was a child his mother liked taking him to art museums, they would go around seoul finding museums to visit, and jiyong loved it, he loved looking at the paintings and at the sculptures, his family would give him books about art they would also gift him with different art utensils, so he could create art, he found peace in painting and drawing, it was his escape from real life.

When his parents got divorced he spent an entire week in his bedroom drawing and painting and he even made a sculpture of a fallen angel, although it wasn’t his favorite type of art, he enjoyed it anyways, and the sculpture ended up looking so good his mother decided to put it on the living room so everyone would see how talented his son was.

It was when he aged 16 when he realized he loved something else just as much as he loved art, women, he found them beautiful every type of body and skin, their soft voice and their beautiful eyes, he loved them so much that his best friend young bae started to say he was the definition of heterosexuality, and if people looked at the said word on the dictionary there would be a picture of jiyong in it.

And women love him too, because he was beautiful, not only women found him beautiful men too, he possessed a beauty not everyone had, a beauty that could only be described as ethereal.

But he wasn’t a womanizer, because his love of art gave him something else a love for love, he became a hopeless romantic one who’s heart has been broken to many times to count, but he got over them really fast, he just needed to cry on his best friend’s shoulder, who has heard jiyong cry too many times making him hate every single woman that came close to him.

But there was one girl that jiyong didn’t dare to talk to, his high school crush, the only girl that was immune to his charming personality, jiyong was friend zoned, and even though he hated it he also liked that she was the only girl who didn’t throw herself at him.

She was smart beautiful and kind, she was a really nice person and she had a lot of amazing qualities but as an artist jiyong was a little bit superficial.

Her curvy body drove jiyong crazy, she wasn’t too skinny or too fat, she had nice ass and a really beautiful pair of breast that jiyong had masturbated too many times, her soft peach skin looked so soft and pure, her pouty pink lips made him lose his mind, especially when she wore her favorite red lipstick, in his eyes she was the incarnation of the goddess Venus.

And even if he wanted to ravish her body, take her to heaven and make her feel things she never felt before, what jiyong dreamt the most was too be able to paint her, for her to get naked and lay down on his favorite velvet couch for hours only to be seen by his eyes.

It was an idea that haunted his dreams and left him hard on the mornings.

But much to jiyong’s dismay she left school, to never come back again.

And youngbae thought that this would be like the last times, that he would cry and lock himself in his bedroom for days till he moved on, but he didn’t, jiyong didn’t even cry, he was sad yes, but he didn’t shed a tear for the women of his dreams, which was weird to youngbae, he panicked thinking that his best friend had lost his mind.

Jiyong refused to show his pain, for a reason he didn’t even know, he was sure he was going to move on, that he was going to find someone to love, someone he could marry and build a family with.

Four years of college proved him wrong, he did find some beautiful girls, but none of them compared to the girl of his dreams, he went on dates and he slept with a lot of them but none of them were able to fill that empty spot on his heart.

No other girl compared to you.

Jiyong sighted as he looked at his watch, his lunch break was almost over and he had to go back to class, he had to face his students and he had to teach the wonderful world of art when those kids didn’t even care about the words that left his mouth, only the very hormonal teenage girls paid attention to him.

Jiyong took a last drag off his cigarette and made his way back into the building, only to be stopped by his boss, who had a very obvious crush on him.

“Mr kwon I am afraid to tell you that your class was suspended” she said while she checked him out, he was wearing a simple white button up shirt and he had a few buttons popped open letting everyone see his tattoos, he also had simple black skinny jeans and black boots.

He almost rolled his eyes when he saw her lick her lips

“What do you mean it has been suspended?” he asked annoyed, why were they telling him now, when they could have told them when he was in his house?

“Well the class room is in really bad conditions and we are afraid that a piece of the ceiling has fallen and they just came to fix it” she said while her eyes kept going up and down his body.

Jiyong sighted and nodded “ok then, guess I’ll go back to my office so I can start grading the papers” he was about to turn around when the woman stopped him.

“oh jiyong a girl came to see you, she said something about seeing your work on line and she requested a portrait of herself done by you” jiyong lifted his eyebrow, now he was interested.

Ever since he became an artist he knew his work wasn’t going to be famous unless he used the internet for it, so he created a blog that became widly popular, and that’s how he met his best friend choi seunghyun, who owned a very popular underground gallery, once a month jiyong would prepare a collection to be show on the gallery and both meant would gain a lot of money thanks to it.

But his popularity was due to his blog, and that’s where he got all his money from, teaching art was mainly a passion, he fantasized of becoming a source of admiration to young people who loved art.

But even he was really popular with his blog and his art, no one in his 26 years of life had asked him to make a portrait of themselves, so it made him curious.

He just nodded “where is this girl?” his boss smiled at him and jiyong was so close to rolling his eyes he thought he would become blind “she is in your office” jiyong nodded and walked away without another word.

He didn’t know what he was expecting. Maybe a rich woman who would like her body be painted so she could live forever young, or a spoilt narcissist teenager who wanted a painting because it would look cool.

But he definitely wasn’t expecting the beautiful woman that was standing in his office.

A woman he thought he would never see again, but there she was in all her glory, she looked like she hadn’t aged a day, her beautiful curvy body didn’t change at all, she had some highlight in her brown hair and her skin looked a shade darker like she had been on vacations at the Caribbean, she looked like a goddess and jiyong couldn’t believe his eyes.

“y/n?” she turned around and smiled at him and jiyong had to tense his legs so he wouldn’t fall to his knees at the sight of her beautiful eye smile.

“oppa it has been so long” she said as she gave him a hug and jiyong could pass out at the smell of her coconut perfume, he put his arm around her slim waist and he had to grit his teeth so he wouldn’t let out a groan when she let go of him.

“I was on my break from work when a friend showed me your blog as soon as I saw those flowers I knew it was you” he chuckled as he sat against his desk “so a portrait huh?” the girl just bit her lip and blushed and jiyong wanted to grab her face and kiss her like he had never kissed someone before.

“my friend was the one who called and made the request” she said rubbing the back of her neck, she was clearly embarrassed and jiyong felt his heart get warmer at the sight of her pink cheeks.

Jiyong raised an eyebrow “why? If I can ask” the girl widened her eyes and looked away from him “uhm well she thinks that you had a crush on me on high school …and I had a crush on you too” jiyong could feel his heart exploding inside his chest.

“you had a crush on me?” he asked with his eyes wide, the girl nodded still blushing “yeah I thought it was pretty obvious” she said looking down, jiyong with his eyes still wide shook his head “no it wasn’t wow now I feel like an idiot for not telling you” he said rubbing his head and the girl smiled “yeah well I feel like an idiot too I mean we were close friends I could have told you too but I never had the guts, I mean you were popular and rich and the hottest guy in school how can someone like you like someone like me?”

Jiyong looked at the girl as if she was an alien “are you being serious? You y/n are the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on, you aren’t like the others girl I met, you are beautiful smart and kind and you were a great friend to me, when you left I was so heartbroken I even refused to talk about my pain because it was embarrassing, please don’t ever tell me you feel that way about yourself” jiyong said as he grabbed her face so she would be looking at him.

The girl bit her lip and nodded “so will you make a portrait of me?” jiyong laughed and nodded “well if you still want too” the girl smiled and nodded.

But the man noticed that this time her smile was different, it wasn’t a shy smile or a happy smile, or one of those smile you make when you look at someone you like, it was a flirty smile and jiyong widened his eyes, the woman got close to him, too close to him, she put her lips on his neck and jiyong felt his body burst into flames “I would love for you to make a portrait of me, naked” the girl whispered on his ear and jiyong felt like he could pass out at the sound of the slow seductive voice y/n used.

Jiyong nodded eagerly “I mean I would love too only if you feel comfortable” the girl stepped back and nodded “when do you want to do it?” jiyong asked trying to get his heart to slow down.

“we can do it tomorrow if you want, I don’t have anything to do and my roommate is leaving town to see her parent…” jiyong shook his head before she could finish “no, we have to do it in mys studio I can’t work out of it, you can come tomorrow at five pm if that’s alright with you”

y/n nodded and smiled “that would be great” jiyong smiled and nodded, h was suddenly frozen in his place, his eyes on the beautiful girl in front of him, never in his last years of life he would have thought he would meet her again, but there she was, just as beautiful, or even more, than the last time he saw her, he had to shake away his thoughts when he saw the girl was talking to him.

“huh?” he said and almost fainted when she giggled “I said that I need your address for tomorrow” jiyong blushed and nodded “uhm give me your number so I can text you later” he said as he gave her his phone.

She put on her number and gave it back to him, he chuckled when he saw she put a heart emoji next to her name.

“so I’ll see you tomorrow” he said and she smiled, she got closer to him and kissed him on the cheek “I can’t wait” she whispered and walked out of the door, leaving jiyong alone in his office with a pretty big hard on, he groaned and sat on his chair, he wondered how he would survive, it was already hard to control himself when he saw her dressed he couldn’t imagine how it would be with her naked.

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The Crown {Kai}

Description: In the world of the crown, can love ever really matter?

Word Count: 4,346

Genre: Slight Angst / Fluff / Smut

Pairing: Kim Jongin (Kai) x Reader (feat. Jongdae)

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Hiii everyone!! I’m new to tumblr so I hope you can enjoy this!!

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

You had known Jongin as long as you’d been betrothed to him - or since birth. The two kingdoms decided that now the two of you were finally ready for marriage. That was far from the truth. You knew Jongin saw you strictly as a friend, regardless of the expectations of you. He knew that one day you’d be the one having his children, but he had his eyes everywhere else.

Your job after your marriage was clear. You had to get pregnant as soon as possible and birth a male child, the next heir to the throne. The idea of having Jongin’s children when he didn’t love you wasn’t appealing to you. Over the years of knowing him, you found yourself falling for him.

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Down the Whiskey Goes - Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1802

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff

Beta: @crazy-chinchilla7 (Thank you so much lovely.)

A/N This is for @katymacsupernatural  ‘s GIF writing challenge. My GIF was the one below. I hope you like it and congrats on 1000 followers! Also for #SPN FAMILY LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE DAY 2017, I think it’s a great thing.

All you could see was black, but around you, Dean’s voice echoed through your head. He kept shouting, “(Y/N)!? (Y/N/N)! Come on, get up. You need to wake up.” He sounded desperate, you tried so hard to open your eyes to see, but soon his words started fading and everything was gone.

Your eyes fluttered open to see a ceiling fan spinning above your head. Slowly started to look around the room you were in, trying to place your surroundings, but you couldn’t recognise a thing. You tried to open your mouth to call out to Sam or Dean, but it was too dry to make a sound. You sat on the bed coughing up a storm when Dean came rushing into this mysterious room and quickly kneeled by your side, placing a hand on your back to help soothe you.

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Phantomhive Twins

A lot has been said with the revelation of our!Ciel having a twin and how apparently his name is Astre. I wanna say some things and for the sake of not messing up I’ll be referring to our!Ciel as Astre and the twin as Ciel. Now of course this could all turn out to be a lie and the twin is actually a clone or something but for this lets say Ciel and Astre are twin brothers.

The thing about the twins is that its a lot more tragic than most people notice. The ideas of Astre not being loved is really rather ridiculous. He grew up in a noble family, there is no doubt in my mind that Astre was loved just as much as Ciel. The thing is that Astre probably didn’t go out much. He had asthma and back then there weren’t really inhalers so the Phantomhives probably decided it was best to keep Astre home. We don’t really know if Ciel was the oldest. The truth is with Astre having asthma at a young age it was probably thought he wouldn’t live long.

Regardless of the illness, there’s no doubt the twins loved each other very much. With that said I’m pretty sure Ciel now is being manipulated by someone, most likely Bravat or his butler because I doubt someone like Undertaker would pit the twins against each other. He loves the Phantomhives and would rather keep the two brothers than just have one. And along with that someone like Bravat or the butler would probably benefit if Ciel took his place in the Phantomhive family, cause at this point both brothers can’t coexist, especially if both claim the same name. This whole time someone has probably been telling Ciel that his brother took what was his and he should take revenge.

And yet despite all this we have to remember that Ciel is dead. He may be back but he’s a bizzaro doll and won’t last long. I personally don’t think the twin will be around long, whether it is a Phantomhive or not. So with knowing that Astre was very loved by his family and that Ciel is being manipulated the question comes up, why did Astre take his brother’s name? And the truth is rather sad.

From what I’ve seen most people have like three reasons as to why Astre took Ciel’s name. They’re valid points but Astre’s real reason isn’t so obvious. It’s not really a logic reason but more of an emotional one. And one that doesn’t have meaning till the end. But before I say anything about that, I kind of wanted to sort of mention why those reasons don’t really make sense.

1. Ciel was loved more than Astre.

No, I highly doubt that. Astre was born into a noble family, there really is no reason that Astre wouldn’t be loved. He’s Rachel and Vincent’s beloved son, the youngest one as most say. Since Astre was sick he was definitely more cared for, Ciel, being healthier means he was probably more well known, going out to places with Vincent.

With that in mind it makes sense that most people don’t know about the twins. Social media like today didn’t exist back then, so its possible it wasn’t common knowledge that the Phantomhive’s had twins. They’re a noble family so that’s even more reason the twins wouldn’t be known about. We don’t know if the Phantomhive’s threw much parties but we know Astre was probably kept away from big groups of people, for his own health. So again, perhaps that’s why no one ever brought up knowledge of the twins, it wasn’t common knowledge, and even then, Astre’s existence wasn’t commonly known either.

2. Ciel was the next head of the Phantomhive family.

This is quiet simple to explain away. Yes, Ciel was chosen to be the next head of the family, probably because he was the oldest or because he was healthier. Nonetheless, Ciel died, the whole Phantomhive family died except for Astre. Since Astre was the one to return, he’s the last Phantomhive meaning he would be the head of the family, regardless of what was said before. Even then, if both Rachel and Vincent were alive but something happened to Ciel, the title of the head would fall to Astre. So just because Ciel was supposed to be the head doesn’t mean Astre couldn’t be the head. He’s the last member of the Phantomhive family, so he would be the head, even if he wasn’t Ciel. And with that in mind it’s similar to the next situation.

3. Ciel was betrothed to Elizabeth.

Like the thing about being the head, as sad as Ciel death is, the Midford’s could decided that Elizabeth is to marry the head of the Phantomhive’s so she’d then be betrothed to Astre. It’s a simple matter, and it’s a common thing as well in those times. I mean, Elizabeth is Astre and Ciel’s cousin. The fact that she is marrying her cousin is not a common thing in our time, so it would be normal for Elizabeth to just be moved to marrying her other cousin.

So with all that said, there isn’t a logical, or easily explained reason as to why Astre would take on his brother’s name. The reality is, despite Astre being so cold, he does care. That’s why he took Ciel’s name.

Truth is Ciel was more known by everyone, so it would be easier on everyone to have Ciel back and not this barely known, perhaps non-existent, Phantomhive child to return after the tragedy. Along with that Ciel coming back might be a little easier on Lizzy. I mean she’d still mourn Astre, but she’d mourn more if Ciel was gone. Ciel, who was her fiance and who she was probably already fantasizing her future with. Along with that, being Ciel would just be easier on everyone, less questions and complications. But, even in such time, could Astre really think of all these reasons why he should be Ciel, or is it something else. Keep in mind he never really hears the name Ciel.

The only times he ever hears his name is when Lizzy states it, calls it with love and joy. Other than that, all his servants call him master and even Sebastian never calls him Ciel. It makes senses now, Sebastian doesn’t lie so he’d never call Astre by a fake name and he’s also under orders not to ruin anything for Astre. But again, could Astre really come up with all of this after such a tragedy. So then the question is why did Astre really take on Ciel’s name. To know that we need to look into the future. Whether Astre dies young or later in his life, history will tell a very interesting story.

“Ciel Phantomhive, only survivor of the Phantomhive line after the tragic fire at the Phantomhive manor.”

“Ciel Phantomhive, stopped Jack the Ripper”

“Ciel Phantomhive, created a delicious curry bun, helping many in London.”

“Ciel Phantomhive, increasing profits in the Funtom Company.”

“Ciel Phantomhive, creating another blue miracle, just like his father before him in Weston College.”

“Ciel Phantomhive, stopping German chemical warfare.”

“Ciel Phantomhive, stopping a cult from killing people.”

“Ciel Phantomhive, husband of Elizabeth Midford.”

What does all this have in common? It’s all Ciel’s name. In the end, everything good Astre has done will go down in history under his brother’s name. His life, he’s using it to give his brother, to give Ciel, the legacy he deserves. From a young age, Astre might have realized that his brother was destined for more. Ciel was gonna be the head of the family, rule the underworld, marry Lizzy and so much more. Astre, as far as he could tell, he probably didn’t think he’d live long with his condition.

Now here he is, alive, while his brother died. If not for Ciel, he wouldn’t be alive, he wouldn’t have the power to take revenge. So he lives, truth is he could take revenge in the blink of an eye but he plays the long game. He lives as Ciel, why, to make sure his brother goes down in history, that his brother is remembered in all the glory he was supposed to have.

Astre, he was barely known, and with what he’s doing he’d go down in history as merely a name in the Phantomhive records, nothing to his real name. It’s clear Astre loved his brother enough to give up his own life. By being Ciel he’s giving his brother the life he should have had. Perhaps if given the chance Astre would give his life for Ciel, but for now, just putting his name down in the records, in history, is good enough.

Well, after all these feels, this is merely how I see things. Of course I haven’t read the new chapter (129) as I write this and we still don’t know if there really are twins. But if Ciel and Astre are really twins, then there’s no doubt in my mind why Astre took his brothers name. History will remember Ciel Phantomhive to be a great man. Astre is giving his brother a great legacy, so Astre lives for his revenge but also for his brother. It’s really sweet and sad when you to think of it this way, as to why Astre lied about who he is. I don’t know much, so I apologize if something is wrong here on my info. Anyway I hope I could entertain you all for a bit, have a nice day.

Let Go // Dolan Twins

Summary: After years of being together Ethan puts together something incredibly beautiful and luckily making a video for Gray to react to. Now you get to start the rest of your lives together with Gray tagging on also because what’s Ethan without his twin? They’re a package deal no matter which one you’re engaged to.

Characters: Ethan Dolan x Reader, Grayson Dolan, Lisa Dolan, Sean Dolan and Cameron Dolan

Words: 5043

Disclaimer: I do not own YouTube, images or songs used in this. Song is ‘You Can Let Go’ by Crystal Shawanda.

Warnings: Possible swearing, major fluff, mention of hearattack and sad Grayson  

Author: Caitsy

Tagged: At the bottom

A/N: Sorry for not posting! It’s been hectic with uni ending next month and I’ve been writing this for so long. We’ve posted but it’s not showing up in the tags sadly.

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Originally posted by bosayasayangenc

If you were a little girl and you were asked the question of who you would marry you would have answered differently from now because you weren’t a child anymore wishing for things that can’t happen. You were nineteen years old and your boyfriend Ethan had switched your promise ring with an engagement ring with a small vintage theme. You weren’t going to wait until you were twenty-eight to plan a wedding because you were just as in love as you would be ten years from now.

Ethan hadn’t taken you out to a fancy restaurant where you would have to act like someone else because your laughs were too loud. He didn’t hide the ring in the food despite the obvious problem of choking on it by accident. He didn’t make you do a scavenger hunt either because you guys weren’t basic and fought against the stereotypical clichés. He had done something unique and very him instead with no help because he wanted it to be special. You had accompanied him to his childhood home for his older sister Cameron’s birthday. It was both a surprise to you and everyone else because only him and your Dad knew about it.

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anonymous asked:

do you have any good star trek novel recommendations? (tos please!!)

Yes! I do! I’ve been meaning to make a post about this for…so long, whoops, but I’ll answer this ask instead! (might still make the post someday, idk tbh. I probably should though because since I have so many Trek books I haven’t read yet, I might like more enough to rec them, haha.) Okay, anyway… (By TOS I assume you mean the original Enterprise crew, I hope it’s okay that not all of these actually take place during TOS, aka the five year mission.)

Sarek by A. C. Crispin You might have seen me mention this one the other day on my blog; I really love it. It takes place post TUC, Amanda is dying and Sarek is uncovering a plot that’s way bigger than anyone realizes at first… Also there’s some stuff about Jim’s nephew Peter (from the episode with the farting flying pancake aliens? lol.) and yeah, it’s a great read. All the parts with Sarek and Amanda are lovely and sad and the plot is interesting and it’s just all around enjoyable.Definitely recommend.

Collision Course by William Shatner This is the other one I mentioned on my blog already, and this one is probably my favorite Trek novel. Spock is nineteen and Jim is seventeen when they first meet, and they’re both too smart for their own good and get into trouble and…well, all the things you expect from Jim and Spock. It was originally supposed to be the first in a series, but for various reasons, there probably won’t be any more (CRIES) but this one is so good. And it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger so it’s okay. I especially enjoyed tbh how Bill appreciates what an effect Tarsus would have had on Jim (this is only three years later, after all) and it’s still very visible on lil’ Jim. Not a spoiler, bc a reference is made to Tarsus on…literally the very first page. Lol. Anyway, this one is really fun and sometimes sad (bc Tarsus) and just really great! Also, at least one of the plot twists genuinely surprised me, which is rare… I normally see them coming a mile off in Trek novels. ;) (Which doesn’t usually take away from my enjoyment, tbh!) But I really appreciate when they can surprise me.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (novelization) by Gene Roddenberry You knew this was coming. This is an absolute must read if you’re a Spirk fan, tbh. I’m not all the way through with it so far, about halfway done, but I can tell you it’s a much better way of telling the story of TMP than TMP. Lol. The movie has this simple feeling and Jim rushing to Spock on the bridge and saying his name like a prayer and other things, but it also has all those dreadful special effect sequences. And the novel has its own gay to offer. I don’t necessarily agree with the way Gene wrote Jim (in fact, it’s been forever since I picked it up but I distinctly remember being bothered by it), but…yeah, at least borrow a copy from someone and witness the gay parts for yourself, haha.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (novelization) by Vonda McIntyre I’m going to go ahead and say right now that if you’re going to read the novelizations, go for the ones by Ms. (Mrs? idk) McIntyre. She wrote 2, 3, and 4. I haven’t read 3 yet, but I have read 2 and 4 and I like that she actually adds in scenes and stuff that weren’t in the movies. It makes me feel like I’m actually getting something additional for my time even though I’m reading a novelization of a movie I’ve already seen. I like this one, because there was quite a bit that wasn’t in the movie (I have a hunch the extra scenes, at least some of them, might be based on the script? because the scene with Sulu’s great….something or other grandfather as a child meeting Sulu is in the book, and I know they tried to put that in the movie but never managed to. anyway.) But yeah, there’s actual stuff in there that’s not in the movie! that’s the way it should be. Also…she ships Saavik/David pretty clearly. :P Like I said, haven’t read TSS novel yet, but I know she was working it into 2, and it’s mentioned in 4 as a thing. Anyway…good stuff! This is the one where the whole “Vulcans get drunk on chocolate” thing comes from btw :))) (Avoid the novelizations by JM Dillard! Avoid!!! I’ve read them and they’re not good.) (Oh and pretty much everything I’ve read by Vonda McIntyre I’ve enjoyed, she’s a good Trek writer.)

Dwellers In The Crucible by Margaret Wander Bonnano Margaret Bonnano is another writer I just generally recommend bc I like all the stuff by her that I’ve read, too. Anyway… okay so let me say that this book’s main characters are not Jim and Spock. I know, I know. But wait!! It’s so worth a read!! Jim and Spock are in it, not much, but when they are they’re literally so married and explicitly confirmed to be t’hy’la… :)) it’s great. okay anyway. The main characters are a human named Cleante and a Vulcan named T’Shael. They are ladies. THEY ARE GAY AF. OKAY. THAT ALONE MAKES IT WORTH A READ. it’s so glorious.I mean the book only says they’re friends but…in the same way Jim and Spock are friends in canon. they’re super freaking gay. and also there are like a thousand incredibly obvious parallels between our human and vulcan lady and Jim and Spock. it’s fun. also Sulu goes undercover as a Romulan. :D yeah, just…read it. it’s great. (it made me angry at one point. I’m still angry. but I recommend it.)

Ishmael by Barbara Hambly This one was, for me at least, just a genuinely good read. I really enjoyed the plot. So…Spock goes back in time to 1867, not willingly I don’t think. And he gets amnesia. So right there are two tropes I ADORE (time travel and amnesia, I don’t care, I LOVE THEM.) He lands in North America, in Seattle if I remember correctly. And that’s the plot pretty much. Haha…okay, there’s a Klingon plot, the Enterprise crew searching for Spock, Spock trying to adapt and hide he’s an alien while bonding with the members of the community he lands in. Also Jim and Spock’s reunion is a bit gay. (Warning for spoilers if you click that? it’s pictures of when they find him near the end, so. Yeah.) I just really enjoyed the book in itself, the plot and everything. Fun!

Enterprise: The First Adventure by Vonda McIntyre In light of the tv series called Enterprise, the title of this one might be a little confusing… But it’s most definitely TOS and has nothing to do with Enterprise, haha. The premise is that it’s the first voyage of the Enterprise with Jim as the captain. And the mission is…to transport a theater troupe. It’s ridiculous and so silly, I know, but it’s really fun. There’s a winged horse, a really un-Vulcan Vulcan (I think he’s Spock’s cousin? I don’t really remember tbh), Spock heckling the theater troop, Uhura being a good friend to Janice…that’s all I remember off the top of my head, but I remember really enjoying it when I read it! 

Unspoken Truth by Margaret Wander Bonanno Remember what I said about those two writers? Lol. Okay so this is a Saavik-centric book. I really love Saavik, okay? So, as you might know, Saavik is half Vulcan, half Romulan. Well in this book (actually, in a bunch of books, by at least three different writers, it seems to be her accepted backstory in the novels) she was the result of a terrible experiment by Romulans, and when it didn’t work out, she and a bunch of other children were abandoned on a planet called Hellguard, and…some really horrible things happen. Anyway, Spock saves her, mentors her, and Amanda and Sarek basically adopt her (literally, she calls them mother and father, IT’S MY FAVE), well anyway, years later, either after or during TVH, she learns things are happening to the survivors of Hellguard…and the story goes from there. This was really good! Intense tbh. I loved it, but then, I love Saavik. If you don’t like her… But if you do, you’ll enjoy this one!!!!

Doctor’s Orders by Diane Duane Diane Duane is another must read author. All her books are excellent. In all honestly, I don’t remember too much about the plot of this one, but I know I liked it! Dr. McCoy is like “you can’t make me take command on the bridge” and Jim is like “uh actually I CAN” so he does and of course on McCoy’s very first day watching over the bridge Jim goes AWOL and shit starts going down. Poor Bones. Also, there’s some crazy aliens in this one, but they’re interesting!

The Vulcan Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah This one has such misleading cover art, lmaooo. At least, the version I have. There might be others… Anyway. Patients at a hospital on Vulcan keep dying and stuff, and then Amanda is in trouble. Lots of Sarek and Spock and Jim and Bones interaction. It’s a good one. (It’s been soo long since I read this one, too, sorry. But again, I know I enjoyed it!)

Uhura’s Song by Janet Hagan I love the alien species in this one. They’re like giant cats, and I love cats. When I read it, I got really into the planet and the species and their culture. The plot is that an old friend of Uhura’s is from this planet, and they “exchanged songs”…songs are a big deal in their culture. Anyway, there’s a plague threatening everyone on the planet and humans, too, and they think a song might hold the key to curing the disease, so they all go down on the planet to try and find it.

Strangers From The Sky by Margaret Wander Bonanno The plot to this one is…kind of hard to describe. Okay. So the parts with Jim and Spock go back and forth in time, part of the time being like, post-all the movies (I think) where they’re old friends (and really married, they’re just like. Margaret Bonanno has this way of inserting this really easy, casual intimacy they have with each other, and calling it friendship when OBVIOUSLY they’re married af, but either way I love it) and part of the time being very early on when Jim hasn’t been in command for long and he and Spock didn’t care much for each other (I mean personally I think they liked each other quite well from the start, but I’ll let it go, lol)… And then there’s a book. In the book. That everyone is reading and obsessed with and Jim starts reading it… It sounds weird, I know, but the book in the book is the story of the first time Vulcans came in contact with humans, long before the OFFICIAL first contact, it was when Vulcans crash landed on Earth and were discovered by some humans… I fucking love Vulcans, so that is obviously a great point of interest for me. Lol. Anyway when Jim reads the book he has nightmares, but then he discovers Spock has those nightmares, too, and it’s more than ‘just’ a book. Probably sounds bizarre but I really enjoyed it. ….and doesn’t every Trek plot EVER sound bizarre af when you try to describe it?

That’s all I’ve got right now!! This got so long I’M SO SORRY TBH BUT I HAD TO BE THOROUGH.