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I thought Bob said Bellamy would find happiness this season although it would be short lived? With letting Octavia go, the end coming in 10 days, and 6 episodes left? How and in what way is Bellamy going to find happiness Rosie?

Do I have to spell it out for you?
Okay I’ll spell it out.

B. E. L. L. A. R. K. E.  S. E. X.

Hot damn!

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Hello! I just had the idea that maybe JM 'chasing' after JK was just him teasing & daring JK to do on camera the things he probably does when they are alone, and there wasn't a one-sidedness to his feelings. So when the teasing stopped & JK grew, he simply became more comfortable and expressive about it no matter which environment they find themselves in. So the whole 'the tables have turned' plus a shocking amount of obvious jikook moments could just be attributed to that. Hope that made sense!

Ok so I know a lot of people think that there was a big change coming from jungkook which I understand. (All the analysis got me thinking so as well.)
And yes, jungkook grew up obviously, he changed quiete a bit (more than a bit) over the years, so did his dynamic with jimin etc.
I’m just gonna talk about what they show on camera here. I’m not generalizing their relationship.

I think during 2013/2014 jimin has this mysterious way of interacting with jungkook that honestly looked like fan service (sorry if the term displeases you). I don’t know what was the deal with that but he really was into that hyung doting on the maknae role for some reasons.
And even though it was apparently kinda funny to jungkook, you could see that he was always a bit taken aback by jimin’s behaviour which made me think that it was probably not what their relationship looked like off camera. Or it only was a tiny little glimpse of it.
(Especially since everytime jungkook would talk about jimin, he would describe a totally different kind of dynamic. Almost opposite to the one they would show us).
And when in 2015 jimin started to stop with his antics, grew out of it or whatever (he still kinda does it sometimes, but it’s more obvious that he’s messing around) we finally were able to appreciate the true nature, authenticity of their relationship and how close they are.
So I don’t know if I personnaly would call this a “the table have turned” thing. I just think they’re finally growing up and more comfortable being themselves and letting us see their true selves, especially jimin.

I havent drawn anything in eternity , this is all i could afford :333333333333333

( originally i wanted to draw thicc watermelon man but i decided , i dont wanna get slapped ) ALSO BAD LIGHTING , SHET

Winter has a friend Cinder, and sometimes she wants to play with Cinder in the room,
But her little sister Weiss always needs her,
So one day Cinder brought her sister Blake to let Weiss leave Winter.
So Cinder can be alone with Winter.

I’m seeing negative comments about Marcus Kane and I will cut a bitch, like he deadass isn’t the same man he was on the Ark and every time yall need a justification or a reason to hate on Kane is bringing up his past mistakes which are stalled in season one because from season two forward his character changed drastically. So don’t give me crap about Kane bc he would literally risk his head to save Bellamy and Octavia and everyone is basically leaving him. Let me just hug that man and his beard, please.

getting drunk with Namjoon

- civilized, but hyper
- he’s extremely fun to be around when he’s wasted
- but when he’s just a little tipsy, be prepared for ongoing theories and sophisticated conversing
- he’s the dad of the group
- he doesn’t let anyone get too drunk, but he’s the one that provides the alcohol
- “anyone want another beer? i got plenty”
- always playing or suggesting to play a drinking game because he’s a prodigy at them and knows he’ll never lose
- “you guys are gonna get sooo wasted”
- doesn’t need you to watch over him, but he likes when you’re next to him at all times
- after a while of being drunk he gets tired and sprawls out onto the couch
- “y/n i’m so tired, let’s leave”
- he doesn’t really deal with hangovers, just minor headaches
- he’d be very flirty and kinky when he’s finally alone with you
- initiates sex almost every time he’s drunk
- if you’re not into it, he’s completely fine with that and instead, he’d take care of you
- knows you’re going to have a migraine in the morning so he massages your scalp until you fall asleep

One Dance (Ethan Dolan x Reader)

Summary: Losing your friends at a Drake concert doesn’t turn out so bad after all.

Warnings: eh none

A/N: I saw Drake last month and it was basically this imagine only Ethan wasn’t there :( still it was literally the best night of my life. I’m thinking about doing a continuation/part two to this but it would probably just be pure smut, let me know what you think and leave requests!

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i feel like mgg was more open about his past relationships than he is with his new gf what do you think???

I agree. I think it makes sense though because people tend to get critical of relationships, especially those with age differences. Lots of fans can also get nasty and send her unwanted hate messages so it makes sense to keep her more hidden. As long as they’re happy with how their relationship is between them then that’s all that matters! Support Gube’s happiness!

“I’m so scared all the time – and the fear hurts. Feeling like everything is over, was over long before I got here, so long, hiding, or trying to outrun this.”

“I get it. This won’t stop until I die. But when I die, I want it to hurt.” 

“When my friends leave, when I have to let go, when this entire town is wiped off the map – I want it to hurt. Bad.”

“I want to lose. I want to get beaten up. I want to hold on until I’m thrown off and everything ends…”

“And you know what? Until that happens, I want to hope again and I want it to hurt. Because that means it meant something. It means I am…something, at least.”

– Mae, Night in the Woods


🌸 This was the first year I got to personally customize my birthday cake, and I couldn’t be more grateful! My sister loved the design so much, she wants the very same design for her upcoming birthday as well (of course, we’d change the 19 lol)

🌺 How is everyone doing? Spring is finally here! The weather here in Okinawa is gradually improving. Being reminded of just how beautiful this island is, in both spring and summer, makes me not want to leave… but college is just around the corner…

Nct 127 reaction: Their gf breaks down after her pet died

Requested: Hi! I sent in the request about a pet, could you please do it for nct 127? Thank you so much!! 

A/N: P/N = pet name

Sorry its a bit repetitive, I hope you enjoy


Tae would not like to see you so upset. He would leave you alone for a while to let you calm down and run to the store for some gifts to make you feel better. He would bring you a lot of your favorite flowers and food. He would cuddle you all day and shower you with love to make you feel better. 

“These are all for you.”

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He became upset with you. He wouldn’t say much just hold you in his arms as you cried it out. He didn’t like seeing you upset at all. He would sing to help you calm down and would be right by your side for anything you wanted.

“I’m here Y/N.”

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Youngho would not like seeing you like this. Your sadness was his sadness as well. Even if he didn’t have a close connection to your pet, he knew you did and seeing you so sad and hurt he didn’t like that. He was by your side all the time. He did everything you asked him to do and would assure you it was okay to let out your feelings.

“Its okay to let it out Y/N, I’m here for you.”

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Yuta wouldn’t think much about the news at first, he knew you would be upset but he never though it would affect you this much. He felt like a jerk at first and would run over to you hugging you. He would listen to all the stories you would tell him about you and your pet. He would then try doing stupid things to try and make you laugh and if you did he would smile really big.

“I’m sorry this happened.”

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Doyoung wouldn’t say anything. He would just pull you into a tight hug. He understood how close you and you pet were so he would just let you take your sadness out. He would be right by your side no matter what until you felt better.

“Its okay to cry..”

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He wouldn’t really know what to do. He would leave you alone for a little while if you asked. After a certain amount of time though he wouldn’t be able to stay away. He wanted to be with you in times you were sad. To make you feel better he would start telling you funny stories of your pet to make you smile at least.

“Remember when P/N peed on me..”

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Much like Taeyong he would go to the nearby store quickly and buy all your favorite snacks. He would wait for you to calm down and put on your favorite drama or movie and cuddle you on the couch while he feeds you trying to get your mind off your pet.

“Do you want some more cookies?”

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He would not really know what to do. He was like a lost puppy looking around the room trying to figure out something to do. You had been so upset which made him upset. He would probably call one of his hyungs to ask for advice. He would still be very confused but follow his hyungs advise and just hug you and try to talk or get your mind off your pet.

“Just tell me what you need.”

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All his playfulness and sassiness would be gone. He would be very confused just like mark not really know what was wrong or what he should do. He wouldn’t call his hyung though he would just run over to you and hug you until you were ready to tell him. When you did he would try to comfort you the best he could.

P/N loves you so much and wouldn’t want to see you like this..”

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Let others live the way they choose to live. Leave them to me.
Live in the awareness of my love and mercy.
My light is shining through you . It’s brighter than the sun.
My love is flowing through you and touching everyone.
—  From God To You

Minimalism is truly a beautiful, engaging, inspirational, and life changing practice. It truly allows us to simplify our lives and clean up any unnecessary clutter as to leave only what it necessary. Yet to truly embrace the lifestyle of minimalism, we must be ready to sacrifice. We cannot continue to life the consumerist way that society is wrapped around. Instead let us only take what we need and leave the rest, for this will leave room for our minds to dream and wander.

BTS reaction when their s/o does a really good cover dance of not today

Seokjin: Really proud but also a bit salty about the fact that you are a better dancer than he is.

“Yeah, I got it, …you’re talented and I’m pretty… lets leave it like this..”

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Yoongi: would be amazed by your perfect movements. He would never admit it in front of the members, but he is proud as hell.

“A genius rapper and a dancer… we’re the perfect entertainer couple, baby.”

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Hoseok: would die for the idea of doing a dancing collaboration with you.. he loves dancing and to see that you share the same passion makes him sooo happy. He would always ask you to practice the newest choreography with him, first because it’s way more fun to practice with the person he loves and second of all because he loves the way your body moves.

“Ahhh Jagiya… if you continue dancing so perfectly, you’re going to be a better dancer than I am.!”

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Namjoon: Namjoon is just like Seokjin, not the best dancer on this planet… but he can except the fact that his s/o is a better dancer than he is and to see that you learned his choreography so perfectly makes him so proud.

“Look how my Y/N learned our difficult choreography all by herself…she’s even better than me!”

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Jimin: would try to play it down but everyone could tell how proud he is.

“I don’t see the big deal, she was perfect before you saw her dancing and she is now. Let’s stop acting like that’s a big deal.”

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Taehyung: would become your number one fanboy. He would annoy you with thousand of questions like, ‘how did you learned this choreography all by yourself.’ or ‘can you do other cover dances too?’

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Jungkook: would also want to collaborate with you. You two would film a bangtan bomb dance practice alone but he couldn’t help but glance at you every once in a while.

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Paramore (more like fenix) - maybe you'll agree

It has been 12 years, 12 years of ups, downs, a little more ups, and a lot of more downs, but, Paramore has always been known (besides for it’s incredible talent for music) for struggling with difficulties when It comes to personal problems within the band and issues that we may never know it’s content and why affected the band(not that is actually any of our bussines - let’s respect that). Even tho, we can’t deny and not be amazed about how much of work they always put in making things right - and they always succed in not letting us down. When Jeremy leaved the band for the first time years ago right before their first album, even If they were only kids, they made It, putting themselves in the music industry and starting to have their own fans (including me). Less then five years later, with Jeremy back and with two more groundbreaking albuns for the band, the Farro brothers decided to leave for personal issues. This not only led to a huge controversy on the midia, but also let us, fans for so long, with a enormous fear of becoming their orfans, and end up losing this band which lyrics and tunes lead us trough our lifes. But again, they made It, and they made it good with a record that not only marked their strengh of still making music, but also marked their career with a well deserved Grammy Award which we all are still crazy about It. But once again, Jeremy decided to leave the band (later also sueing the band - but let’s not talk about It). Once again, the fear of losing the band came back, the thought of new songs that would be never written, feelings never shared and fans hearts never being blessed with a new album came back quickly, but this is not any band that we are talking about, this is Paramore that has been gone and came back from the ashes too many times that we can count - and that we know of. And there they are, with Zac Farro back on the drums (oh the chills), Taylor blessing us with his incredible talent and creativity and Hayley, who never fails in touching our hearts with her lyrics and majestic vocals, completing a trio, a band, that for all that happened, for all they - and we - have being trough, It is still Paramore, maybe more like fenix. Let’s see what comes next. (Sorry for my eventual poor english lol)