let's keep on loving lay together ;;

I started falling in love with you January 2014. You were just my best friend then. But we spent every waking moment together and I had already been completely obsessed with you from the start of our friendship, it was hard not to. It’s was the first big amount of snow that Georgia had ever gotten in years. You’re a city boy from a snow state, so you could handle the cold harsh weather, and I was just from Georgia and the weather was new and amazed me. We ran through a snow covered forest together, but you got cold out of no where and I let you put your hands on my stomach to keep warm. Nothing ever felt so perfect. You started falling in love too in February 2014. We were laying on my bed as always just watch videos and laughing, and then you told me to not be mad at you, and I asked what you were talking about and you kissed me. Towards the end of February to early March, you were my boyfriend. I was the happiest I had ever been. I was in love with you then, and here February 2016, I am nothing but in love with you. I still get extremely overwhelmed by it. And you still make me incredibly happy. My favorite days are the ones when you come over, or when we FaceTime late night. Everything is almost perfect. But .. You’re not in love with me. I wish you still loved the same but you don’t. I don’t know why .. I wish you still loved me .. Things were better when you loved me ..

my thoughts @ 11:18PM

let’s run away. let’s do something spontaneous. let’s go star gazing in the middle of no where while we lay in the back of your truck and talk about our future that won’t come true. let’s make promises we won’t keep and tell stories about our past. let’s hold hands while we run around the mall like a couple of idiots while others envy our love for one another. let’s go to a bridge and throw rocks and talk about how we are the rocks, slowly sinking to our end. let’s fall in love even though it’s not meant to be. let’s sneak out together and go driving to no destination. let’s be happy together.