let's keep it there

Here's the thing. About original shit.

People don’t care.

But here’s also the thing.

People care significantly LESS about original things that are not ART.

You can say that your original art doesn’t get much notice and sure, that is true, but imagine writing original shit and knowing there’s not a chance in hell anyone but a very select few of super dedicated friends who will bother reading it.

At least if you draw your OCs or your landscapes or whatever the right way, you may get people reblogging or liking it because it looks gorgeous or cool.

Writers don’t get that 🙄

Now imagine you wrote over 350k words about a fictional universe you wrote the rules and limits of and developed entire series within it and dedicated your time and heart into it and knowing none but a select few will even try to read it because god.

“I don’t read regular books anymore lol, they’re too boring, I just read fanfiction!”

Good for you.

I can do this.

I can do this. I can beat the weight. I can see myself being comfortable in my own body. I can picture myself with the body I want. Eat healthy. Drink lots of water. I am determined to do this. I can do this. I can see myself sitting in all the cute clothes I want to buy. I can see myself being sexy. I can imagine myself taking on the whole world. I can do this. Im not giving up. No matter what. No matter how long this will take me. I will get what I want! I can do this.

a lot of people like (trans) girl gansey and i VERY MUCH DO ALSO but i always feel like people think she would like. continue dressing in mostly practical bright solid colors or even Respectable clothes and

if you dont think the first thing jane gansey does when she decides she wants dresses is to raid the lily pulitzer back catalogue, and buy ten million colorful scarves and neon bangles and accessories (braclets that Clatter, Embroidered Things with nice textures to touch)

then i dont know man. i think we just have fundamentally different understandings of gansey as a person.

I fucking procrastinated this afternoon by making a Google Sheets template for keeping track of crushes.

Let me know if you want a copy of it.

Here’s my motherfucking summary statistics (keeping in mind there are many more inactive ones, I just was only gonna go back so far):

I can’t believe I did that. I should probably also be fucking ashamed of those stats.

i hope all my self promotion isnt annoying…!!!  ive never tabled at a con before so im nervous about how successful it’ll be and how much is appropriate to keep mentioning it, so let me know if im overdoing it!!

i normally draw on a pretty small canvas, so i dont have any existing art that can be converted into prints…. ive been busting my ass off drawing new stuff!! if i seem inactive art-wise lately it could be because of that, please cheer me on T__T  

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

A Series of Supergirl Screw-Ups
  • Superman was used to promote the new season
  • Kara and James say “nahhh” after a season of build up
  • Cat Grant leaves the show and Kara’s new boss is a man
  • The relationship between Kara and Alex is minimized
  • Jeremiah Danvers apparently doesn’t exist this season
  • Maggie is given minimal backstory and is only there to further Alex’s coming out arc
  • Floriana Lima being Italian and playing what was meant to be a Latina
  • Mon-el takes up an inordinate screen time from the original cast
  • Mon-el is emotionally abusive and a shitty person and this is not fully addressed
  • M’gann leaves Earth
  • Karamel is given more time than sanvers in an episode that was supposed to be sanvers-centric, all sanvers scenes seem rushed
  • Mon-el is put in a romantic relationship with Kara despite said emotional abuse
  • Feel free to add on

Having anxiety isn’t just feeling anxious, it’s caring so much of what others think that you live in constant fear. It keeps your mind racing on small things that aren’t even a big deal. It is a battle against you and your caring mind.

some self care post: no one can be happy all the time. its okay to be negative sometimes. you shouldnt worry about burdening others if you feel angry or sad, it’s healthy to communicate!
me, whose healthy relationships always end abruptly because my negative feelings are so extreme i scare people when i let it out: