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Jesus, I'm so disappointed.. Only God knows when your book will be published here in my country... It takes the lazy bums too much to just publish the english variant, let's not talk about translating it... It's just a long and tiring process...

I’m sorry, friend. I really am. But the good news is that you can still get your hands on it, whether it’s ordering the international edition or just the ebook version. 


Let me just take a moment to talk about how beautiful Anastasia on Broadway is. Seeing it love in its third preview was such a dream come true, and I still can’t believe it happened. Thanks to Derek Klena for breaking the ‘no selfies’ rule for me whilst the security guy was shouting 'NO SELFIES’ in the background (because oh yeah guys that’s a stupid new rule they have now. I’ve heard it’s also being implemented at DEH too).

  • Quentin: wow the stars are beautiful tonight
  • Eliot: yeah they are
  • Quentin: you know who else is beautiful though?
  • Eliot: *blushes* who
  • Quentin: Fillory.

#we don’t talk about this beautiful boy’s insecurity enough #and we should #because isak valtersen blames himself for things that are out of his control #and he’s so blinded by this misplaced guilt that he can’t see #that bad things don’t necessarily happen because of him #(and that maybe he’s worth a small ounce of regret once in a while) #but he doesn’t need to apologize for something that is not his fault #and this small parallel was so important to me #because it’s just that #just a small little detail #but i was so glad someone finally told him that it’s not his fault #it’s not always his fault #and maybe from here on out #after everything he’s been through #after everything he’s accepted about himself #he’ll finally start loving himself enough to start believing that

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

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everyone loves this moment and I do to.  It’s perfectly delivered, perfectly set up and its a perfect conclusion to this whole jailbreak.  Lance gets his chance to shine and save the day.  So - can talk about the fact that - Shiro lets him.

I’ve already talked about how, if shit suddenly hits the fan, Shiro’s first response is action.  Someone else talked in their post about how he tends to leap in ahead of the others, even when one of the others might be more suited, simply because he has a meat-shield complex.  This is a split second moment.  They’ve got a chance for one attempt and one alone and if it fails, they’re going to have to go back in and do this the very, very hard way.  Shiro sees what’s happening.  He has a jet pack.  He’s capable of reacting and throwing himself into things and its his nature to.  But.

But Lance says he’s got this - and Shiro stays put.  Let’s talk about the level of trust in Lance, the level of faith in Lance’s competency, the fact that Shiro listens to Lance and accepts his assessment that this moment holds.  They’ve got one chance to do this right - and Shiro trusts Lance enough to let him take that chance.  He does it without a seconds hesitation.  He doesn’t say ‘are you sure?’, he doesn’t head back in in case Lance misses.  He stays put and let’s Lance do his thing, no backup plan or safety net in place.  No matter how Lance may see himself, Shiro very obviously proves here that he sees Lance as a competent and important part of the team and trusts him and his judgement in a time of crisis without hesitation.  Can we please put to rest the fanon interpretation that Shiro ignores or belittles Lance’s place as a member of Team Voltron.  Shiro listened to Lances judgement call and trusted him to make it.

All The Love



“Y'hairs wet.”

You huff out a quiet “sorry” and start to scoot away but the grip of his arm around you only tightens. “No. S'okay. Just a little cold.” His feet brush against yours. “Toes are cold too.”

You close your eyes and let out a breath, wiggling the tiniest bit closer. “Yeah well. It’s cold in here.”

“Did you want me to turn the fan off?”

“No. Just keep holding me.”

He laughs quietly, kissing the back of your neck. “Okay. Want me to warm you up?”


“Need your big strong man to keep y'warm at night, hm?”

If your eyes were open, you’d roll them. You only sigh. “Harry I can just get another blanket and scoot away.”

“Noo,” he pouts, tightening his grip and tangling his feet with yours. “I wanna stay right here.”

“Then quiet down.”

He laughs again, the warmth of his breath hitting your neck as he presses another kiss into it. “Mkay. Goodnight then.”


It’s only a matter of minutes before his voice breaks through the silence. “Love?”

You sigh. “YES Harry?”

“Don’t mean to be annoying I just… m'really proud of you.” Your ears seem to perk up at this, and your eyes open, though you don’t attempt to turn around. He only continues. “Mean it. I love you. I know y'arent so happy right now but you’re strong. You’re pushing through it and I love that about you. And I love loving you. And being able to be close to you like this when we sleep. Even if your toes are freezing.”

You giggle, and he presses another kiss to your neck. “M'serious though. Things are gonna work out, mm? Just keep going. And know that m'always gonna be right here at the end of every day.” With another kiss and an almost whisper of “I love you,” he gives you a soft squeeze around your midsection.

You sigh, reaching down to interlace your fingers with his and stroke your thumb along the back of his hand. “I love you too, cheeseball. You’re so sappy”

He lets out an offended little squeak and you giggle, squeezing his hand. “Really though. Thank you.”

You lay there in the silence, soaking up the love before he presses his nose affectionately to your neck. You can hear the smile in his voice. “Now we can sleep.”

You giggle. “Alright. Ill see you in the morning.”

He lets out a little hum. “What do you want for breakfast? Waffles?”

“Can you make waffles?”

“F'course I can.” He sounds almost offended and you giggle.

“GOOD. Then waffles.”

“Right.” He kisses the back of your head. “Waffles.”

“With blueberry syrup?”


“And bacon?”


“And whipped cream that I can eat off of all four of your nipples?”

He smirks. “Don’t push it.”

You giggle, squeezing his hand again. “Goodnight, Harry.”

“Goodnight, love.”