let's just take a moment to appreciate his perfection

okay I know that no one else really cares but I’m genuinely upset about Ichiya and him disappearing from everyone’s life because I’ll be damned if that man deserved to. He’s such an awesome dude despite his uh… quirks and omg can we just take a moment to appreciate him and mourn cause I’m so distraught like there’s tears everywhere. 

look at this man. He’s the epitome of perfection with his snaz snaz hair and constant sparkles. AND DO YOU SEE HIS LIL BOW TIE!!! HE’S ROCKING THAT LIL BOW TIE!! LOOK HOW FANCY HE IS! SO HANDSOME







EXO’s Reaction to Seeing Their GF Naked for the First Time


Xiumin would take his time letting his eyes wander over your bare body, almost making you uncomfortable with the silence. Finally, after what seemed like hours, his eyes met yours and he smiled. “Beautiful,” he would whisper, before taking you in his arms.


A smile would immediately force itself onto Chen’s face as you took off your last piece of clothing. “Oooh, jagi, you’re so gorgeous,” he’d say excitedly, kissing your cheek and looking you up and down. He’d let his hands wander over your body, his excitement obvious in his movements.


It would almost embarrass you how in awe Baekhyun looked when you stepped out without clothing. When you finally complained at how awkward he was being, he’d smile up at you, pulling you closer. “I’m sorry..you just look so perfect,” he’d say softly.


Though he’d be obviously turned on, Chanyeol would take a moment to appreciate just how amazing you looked. “Seriously jagi, you’re so perfect!” he’d exclaim, cupping your face in his hands and kissing you. You’d blush and tell him to get a move on, and he’d gladly comply, startling you with his enthusiasm.  


A pink hue would spread onto Lay’s cheeks as he took in your bare body before him. He’d take your hands in his, his eyes finally meeting yours as a smirk spread onto his face, making your breathing hitch in your throat.  “You’re absolutely flawless,” he’d murmur into your ear, sending tingles through you as his eyes wandered back down your body.  


Oddly enough, D.O would be just as shy about it as you were. He’d force himself to keep his eyes on your face, almost making you feel like you had the upper hand. You’d use it to your advantage, teasing him, and soon you’d see the adoration in his eyes change to lust.


Suho wouldn’t be able to control his speech as he saw you for the first time, completely exposed and vulnerable. “You’re absolutely incredible, jagi. You’re gorgeous–honestly you look like a goddess,” he’d gush, his eyes never leaving your body. You’d blush, finally kissing him to stop him from complimenting you.


Not unlike D.O, Kai would be rather bashful about the entire situation. He wouldn’t know what to say at first, his face red and his breathing quick as he gazed at you. “Wow,” is all he would say, before pulling you in for a passionate kiss, his hands softly roaming over you.


Sehun wouldn’t even try to hide the lust that overcame him when he laid eyes on you. “Perfect,” he’d say in a gravely voice, making you blush slightly with his tone. He’d slowly approach you, kissing your lips, then neck, then collarbone. He would opt to use his mouth to explore your body rather than his hands, finding all of your sensitive spots and noting them for later.

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Let us fill the gruvia tag with some positivity. What are your top 5 gruvia moments?

Ooooh yes, let’s fill the tag with the positivity we deserve!! <3

1) “I am here with you” - chapter 366

This is my favourite moment SO FAR. I love that Gray clearly wants to confort her so badly and cannot help but hold her hand and say: I AM HERE WITH YOU. Juvia is genuinely worried, her facial expressions say it all. I just love how natural this moment is, the setting, everything. It takes proudly the #1 spot.

2) “You are so warm” - chapter 416

This is like everyone’s fav moment hahah well it is perfect and also huge. Juvia wanted to give up but Gray didn’t let her… he showed her his raw emotions, his tears. They shared the loss of Silver together… a piece of history together. What I appreciate the most is that Gray was angry at first only to lose it at the end; you can totally see how much he does need Juvia- he reaches her, buries his face in her chest, and then PUT HIS ARMS around her waist. I love these moments, and also Juvia gently stroking his hair at the end. This moment is so symbolic… Gray’s ice is finally melting because Juvia is the warmth he needed the most! And the snow?!  Everything about it was p e r f e c t.

3) “I wanted to protect you” - chapter 499

Honestly I’d say 499 overall xD but yup, having Gray say these words was… A+. This and what comes before, so that he didn’t want to hurt not a friend but HER, Juvia. Gray had secretly sworn to protect her since the beginning: Tartaros, GMG, Tenrou… and especially in Alvarez. He had been watching over her the whole time. We just had the confirmation of it and it was beautiful because Juvia as well swore to protect him when they met, and I wrote so many posts about Gruvia and the theme of protection!

4) “I am grateful to have you” - chapter 453

Well, the panels tell everything xD hahaha this was a nice parallel to the balcony scene in GMG, and Gray couldn’t have said it better: he likes to have Juvia by his side and the only thing stopping him from having the future he wants is END- and Zeref. This was a well snap to the haters faces who believe Gray despises Juvia. Flash news, he doesn’t. It’s so clear the answer will be positive, I have had no doubts about that. Just look at THEIR faces! I cannot wait for this moment, Gray is finally ready ♥

5) “We can work better than them” - chapter 321

I have a thing for Gruvia holding hands xD they did it sososo many times! Gray’s trust in their teamwork is the highlight of the chapter, it’s hella true they work perfectly together- they’re ice and water after all! This scene was both powerful and cute, last but not least in my chart :)

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astro reacts to you singing to cheer them up 🎶

a/n: requested by anon for the song thats sung to be specifically cause you’re my star - apink


  • you rarely see this boy sulking or being quiet in general so when you notice smth is up…you’re determined to get him smiling again!!
  • when you turn on the song and start to sing along myungjun would shift his gaze to you, curious
  • soon enough he’s smiling and even singing along at the chorus
  • at the end of the song he looks at you saying “aniya, you’re my star y/n”

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  • once he hears the song playing and you attempting to sing along, he raises his brows like urm gURL whats gg on???
  • but then he realizes you are trying to cheer him up (it takes him quite awhile to realize it cause its jinwoo
  • tbvh will put up a front & starts laughing… since he doesn’t want you to be disappointed
  • precious lil teddybear #protectatallcost

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  • if dongmin is having a bad day, i think he would honestly not speak much and just keep to himself
  • so trying to sing for him in hope of cheering him up may or may not work
  • bUt he will certainly appreciate your effort !!
  • pulls you over to him saying “gomawo, my star” with his perfect eyesmile to let u know

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  • the moment he sees you acting all silly while singing he makes this cute confused face
  • “ah mwoyaaaa??”
  • the moment you sing the line ‘a guy like you i can’t find anywhere else’ he gets all sHY and cant help but smiles GAAAHHH
  • ends up asking you to stop cause HES GETTING TOO SHY

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  • hmm it really depends on his mood!! or how bad his day was tbvh
  • he probably has this straight face at the start of the song
  • but as time goes on he finds you amusing and gets lowkey shy HOHO
  • tries to look away cause YOU’RE MAKING HIM LOSE HIS POKERFACE

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  • grins and makes squeaky noises from the moment you start singing
  • holds his arms close to his chest squealing cause he finds you aDORable
  • forgets wtv bad day he had cause my jagiya is singing for me?!!!?
  • claps at the end of your lil performance

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Appreciation Post

Jimin throughout the Era’s:

2 Cool 4 Skool: 
This boy was the one who got me into this group.. his abs on stage caught me off guard and honestly I thought he was FOINE so I replayed their part and to my surprise I really liked their song- and later that year when they performed their SBS special performance stage with the whole him jumping over peoples that was amazing.. just really amazing this child is so talented and you can see throughout the eras he really shows more and more of his talent 

This era showcased Jimin’s dancing talent so much since the last album… his flip in the end of this video as well as the concept trailer for this album wow.. just all the dancing and wow.. it was so is amazing 

Skool Luv Affair: 
I can’t with this era… just HAVE YOU SEEN HIM DANCING TO TOMORROW??!!?! LIKE THATS NOT RIGHT.. okay okay I’m calm down but Jimin in the school uniform in Just One Day and why are there so many flips with this child… and someone explain to me why he was cleaning the bathroom? Anyways his hair was all black with a new cut and that killed me so hard oh my goodness… just child sit down 

First of all let us talk about this child’s boxing in Danger?? LIKE YOURE IN DANGER YA I KNOW why’d he look so FOINEEE in the MV? And his hair color also killed me…. but you guys I haven’t even got to my favorite part in this era yet… WAR OF HORMONES YES HIS RED CHERRY BUTTOM… HIS PERFECTLY ROUND BUTT WHYYYYYYYYY AND TAEHYUNG SLAPPING HIS BUTT IN PERFORMANCES… wow… and lastly he and his oh so famous weird dance from the practice videos… If you know what I’m talking about you know hehe but wow this was a good era… a real good era WAIT AND LET ME KNOW CAN WE ALL JUST TALK ABOUT HIS HIGH NOTE AND HOW HE ACTUALLY SHOWCASED IT LIVE L.I.V.E thats not okay… HIS HIGH NOTE KILLED ME LIKE NO KILLLLLEDDDDDD MEEEEEEE wow… this was a great era… like a great era..

화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life) Pt.1: 
oh my goodness this era on….. this is when all those theories started and got my life revolved around them… literally I can’t.. just…. wow… can we all talk about Jimin in the tub? Burning the paper… he looked so good like sooo good. I think this era really showcased his acting skills… well not just Jimin but all the boys and wow just.. I mean did you see him crying in the bathtub?? That was really attractive.. I think I might be the only one who thinks that but.. he still does and his crying acting was really dope (get it dope? … I’m sorry…) BUT SPEAKING OF DOPE AH MY GAWD DOPE AND HIS RED HAIR (to match his red butt hehe) but seriously wow him in the suit with the glasses with the hair with the dancing with the everything just wow… there are no words but wow… just… wow… and how he just throws his glasses papers and his lanyard.. and may I mention.. when promoting and all the members wore the cop suit… I mean Jungkook owns that look but I wasn’t complainin’ about Jimin either… and just this x

화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life) Pt.1: Prologue: 
I’m not sure if this is part of Part 1 or Part 2 but here it is anyways- There wasn’t any dialogues between the boys other than in the beginning and in the middle with Jin asking the boys if they should go to the beach but I think all the boys not just Jimin’s acting was great in this. But Jimin looks so very good in the prologue and him sleeping in the back of the truck oh my god please this is it wow..

화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life) Pt.2:
Please let us start with this child’s beautiful orange hair… his orange hair is my favorite out of all his hair colors so far as well as the styling.. wow.. just.. wow.. we can start with Butterfly - this song really let him show us his beautiful voice because it was a slower more mellow song.. I think it fit his voice very well because it was so sweet like his voice and his high note in this song as well.. I just really love this song and I truly love his voice in it~ BUT RUN THO AHH MERR GERDD okay okay this child in the music video thoo he looked sooo sooo attractive all the outfits and his hair style they were all so perfect and ON POINT.. this was also the era of the CHOKERS OH MY GOODNESS JIMIN AND HIS CHOKER CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT AND APPRECIATE AHH and this is where I found my “mocha” for Jimin (if you want me to explain what mocha means let me know~ ah get it let me know?? sorry moving on) and may I mention he looked a lot like GD this era which I think is so cute~ 

화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life) Pt.3: Young Forever: 
Well.. this is the last part to the ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life’ series and I was not ready for this at all (like the rest of Army’s). Jimin is back to his black/brown hair and honestly I’m a little sad that he doesn’t have his orange hair because that hair was my favorite but I mean he is very attractive in this so… did I tell you IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS COMEBACK OH MY GOODNESS but he is wet… like wow he was so attractive like SO attractive I can’t say too much about this one just because the only things BigHit released were the concept pictures as well as the MV so… BUT IM SO SUPER EXCITED FOR IT I CANT CONTAIN MYSELF AHHH 


A strong hand held yours tightly. There was a sharp contrast in the grips exchanged. The one that did the pulling had long, slender fingers. They weren’t bony or flimsy, but soft and delicate to the touch. The skin that rounded off those fingers was unblemished, but resembled the farthest colors of a weakening sun. The hand that followed behind shadowed in the size of the other. The fingers were stubby and evidence of hard work was on them. Bones slightly peaked through pearl-like skin and a dull shine from short fingernails caught the fluorescent light from above. The two hands did share a common bond though, they both exchanged the same warmth. They were connect through the hold they had on the other. The same breath flowed through them. They were intwine.

Jongin tugged at your short arm, leading you to a door that would soon be very familiar to the both of you. He stopped in front of it, letting your hand drop from his. A smile grew on his full lips as he concentrated on putting the key in its lock. He struggled, but soon enough, the door swung open. His smile flashed your way, and he took hold of your hand again. “Come on.” His eyes were as warm as ever.

The two of you entered through the door, hands still linked together. Your eyes were filled with darkness. Left alone a small window created shadows in a farther room. The door closed and a light soon came on, revealing a completely empty room. The walls were all the same color of matte white. The light bent the white, making the room feel like it was smaller than it actually was. The carpet was a graveyard filled with imprints of what lay there before. Pathways were pressed down on that dirty carpet, marking areas of travel evident. The small square carpet ended as tile took its place, leading into an even tinier kitchen, which was boxed off by counters. A long hallway led into unknown darkness. All of this was your new home.

Jongin stepped into the room, pulling you behind him. He swung around to look at you. “So, what do you think?” He offered with his mouth slightly open, eggar for your response. You continued to look around and grin crept onto your face. The place wasn’t much at all, but it was yours. There wasn’t much potential or assurance, but, it was perfect. You let your eyes fall back on his, feeling a laugh form into a smile.

“Jongin,” That smile grew bigger with each word, “I love it.” You expressed, letting the space between your two bodies be closed as you embraced him. Your arms wrapped around his sturdy body tightly and you buried your gleaming eyes into his chest. You felt his strong arms take you in, returning the affection. One of his hands knotted its fingers through your hair and his chin rested on top on your head. He let his other hand play at your side, guiding them over your clothed skin. Even through the layers, you felt their pressure and warmth. His chest rose slowly, but you heard his heart race. With your cheek pressed against him, you whispered, “Jongin-ah,” The words came out in a tiny manner, “I love you, thank you for this.” You raised your head to look at him. Smiles played on brown eyes and his full lips beamed. Taking a small breath, you reached up to place your lips on his, sharing that smile.

The kiss last only for a few seconds, but a thousand different thoughts were told through it. You were contempt with everything in that moment. Jongin pulled back, letting his arms fall to your sides. He looked down at you with half closed eyes as if he was in a dream. “I love you, too.” He responded, keeping his eyes on yours, letting the words sink in. You felt like you could look into those brown eyes for the longest time. There was never going to be another who would have the eyes he did.

A comfortable silence fell over the blank room. Calm breath was the only audible thing. A smile tugged at Jongin’s lips and he leaned back in for a quick kiss. “Come on, you still haven’t seen the best part.” He said this in a quick voice and before you knew it, he had picked you up like a small child. You squirmed in his hold, taken back by his sudden actions.

“Jongin!” You yelped playfully, “What are you doing?” Hitting his chest, trying to break his hold.

“Yah! Stop moving and let me carry you.” He proclaimed, trying to limit your movements. It didn’t work until he leaned down and stole a quick peck. When his words didn’t do the trick, his lips did. Funny how that works. You stopped struggling and placed an arm around his shoulder. “That’s better.” He said, laughing softly. He then made his way down the shadowed hallway until he stepped into another room.

Jongin didn’t turn on the lights, but let the darkness cower in the corner. He stopped and then let both of your bodies fall down onto the bare bed. Well, it was more of a mattress on the floor with a thin blanket curled up on it. You giggled as you laid back on the uncomfortable surface. The ceiling stared back at you. Jongin laid beside you, letting his hand find yours. You both laid like that, letting the moment sink in. “This is the best part?” You cooed into the silence. The room echoed your words. You turned your head to the side, seeing Jongin had his eyes closed.

“The room isn’t the best part.” He uttered, “Laying with you like this is.” He squeezed your hand and you rolled over to rest your head on his chest, breaking your hands apart. He accepted your intent and pulled you closer to him. The atmosphere filled with comfort, setting the stage for closed eyes. You let your breath match his, slowing with the oncoming rest. You could fall asleep right here in his embrace. It didn’t matter if you were wearing shoes or a heavy coat, it felt so right to be here with him. “Yah, don’t fall asleep on me.” He remarked with a laugh. You picked up your head and met him with half lidded eyes. He greeted them with a small grin. Reaching up, he pointed at his lips. A quiet sigh left yours and you crawled over to grant him his wish.

The kisses grew each time your lips touched. They were gentle and misguided at first, but as breath was stolen, they became more direct and had hidden motive. Jongin’s loose hold on you grew into a tight grip, pressing your bodies together. His lips found the bottom of yours, tugging at it slightly, asking for permission to enter. You parted them, letting a small gasp of air out. He entered your mouth, unwavering to deepen the kiss. You let him take control, melting under his touch. The kiss went from breathless moans, to playful teases, then back to tightly closed eyes. He rolled over, taking full control of the situation. After your heart raced through your chest, did he finally pull away.

Jongin loomed above you at a close distance. His chest heavied up and down briskly, as did yours. He let the side of his hand run across your face, barely letting it touch. You reached up and held his hand against your cheek, closing your eyes. His touch was delicate as if it was caressing a fragile surface. He could go from rough kisses to gentle touches. What was he? His hand removed itself from your hold and you felt his body raise up. Your eyes opened slightly to see what he was doing. He kneeled on the floor, picking up your legs. He took off both of your shoes, placing them neatly at the edge of the bed. He then removed his coat, throwing it to the side. His eyes then met yours and he grinned, taking off his own shoes and placing them beside yours. Crawling back to you, he lifted up your body to retrieve your own coat. The moment stayed quiet and you let him do his work.

Your exposed frame laid under Jongin’s. He had stripped the mattress of its lonely blanket and placed it over the two of you. The room had lowered your body temperature to a freezing manner. The thin sheet did nothing but provide a cover. Looming over you, Jongin brushed your hair from your face and kissed each spot he uncovered. Your eyes closed, taking in each kiss with short breaths. Your trembling hands swept over his toned back, letting him know you appreciated his touch. His kisses roamed all over your face and then down to your neck. Your head lifted so that he wouldn’t have trouble finding the right spot. Those kisses lasted for what seemed like ages. You didn’t want them to stop. Those kisses were perfect and light. They match everything you were feeling in that moment, you didn’t care for more or less. Just as long as his touch lasted.

Jongin soon found his way back up to your lips, letting them rest on each other. The episode repeated itself and the heavy breath returned. Your heart race and your fingers pressed harder into his back, feeling his hot skin gather with sweat. Soft sighs left his lips as he pulled back for air, only to return his lips to yours moments later. He let you have your turns exploring the kiss, as he did his own. His hands caressed the soft spots around your neck, letting his thumb run over the places he marked as his own. They dwelled at your sides, tracing the curves in slow, strong strokes.

The night soon filled the room with a multitude of shadows. The bare walls stood as they were. The dirty carpet kept aging. The light bulb in the living room twinkled in and out. The rooms were blanketed with the same coldness as the night before. The apartment was as it always had been. But a new source of life filled it. Two pairs of shoes laid by the bed. Breathless lungs gasped for air and shy hands embraced cold skin. Warmth was emitted through connected bodies and something greater than love was exchanged. It was the first night in that bare apartment.


Cold morning air seeped through thin sheets to unclothed skin. It rested on your limbs like dew, covering you in cool air. There was unrest towards the coolness and you wanted to find a source of warmth. A hand rested at your side, unmoving, but holding you securely. You rolled over, letting your body move close to the one next to yours. A small sigh came from that body, as it accepted you in an embrace. Jongin wrapped his arms around you lazily, still in a dreamlike state. Smiling, you curled into him, letting your body warm to his.

“______-ah.” A barely audible word came from Jongin. You hummed at your name, telling him you were listening. “I should have brought some more blankets.” He was joking this early in the morning? You murmured a giggle, not wanting to be fully awake. Sleep almost washed over you again, but thoughts of the night before started to present themselves in your mind. It was the first night in your new home. It was spent in the arms of the one you loved, it couldn’t get much better. Your eyes fluttered open and you raised your head to look at him beside you. His heavy lids were closed and his mouth hung open slightly. A smile appeared on your lips and your heart started to respond. “Yah, go back to sleep, will you?” He teased even in his sleepy manner.

You couldn’t go back to sleep, you were awake now. Jongin continued to slumber as you watched on. He was something else. He jawline was marked with little spots, presence from your kisses last night. His hair lay in a black mess, tangled and matted in awkward places. His lips were swollen and the circles under his eyes grew from the restless night. Even so, he looked perfect. Leaning up to his face, you pressed your lips against his. A smile broke through the kiss, signaling he was awake. “What happened to sleeping?” He grumbled playfully, letting his sleepy hands find their place around you. He opened his heavy eyes to look back at yours. Even with sleep still on those eyes, they looked as gentle as ever. Those warm brown eyes.


Okay I just wanna get this off my chest. All I want is for Jimin to be as happy as he can be. He’s a ball of sunshine and he makes me so fucking happy. I love him to death. He doesn’t need abs just to please the fans that were bashing him. He’s so perfect in so many ways. I just wanna let him know that I appreciate him so fucking much and tell them that he’s amazing and for him to be happy. I don’t even know him personally and I’m concerned for him at times and I care about him and his health so much. I don’t care if that’s weird because I love him. Take a moment to appreciate Park Jimin. He’s so amazing. Be happy Jimin we all love you so much no matter what. 💙