let's just say the pic describes the

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I'm always thinking ab out TWP and I'm not sure why but I feel like Mikasa has a some sort of medieval look, more like a knight than a damsel. A long sleeveles stunic over a black shirt, fit trousers and black boots, with a broad leather belt. The idea of this goo. gl/4KdnuO and this goo. gl/8tMOVF (more simple, with black embroidery)... I just love this au so so much.

I could easily see Mikasa in an outfit like the one you described (cool pics, btw). While I intentionally don’t discuss attire too much because I like to let readers picture their own interpretations, I will say that basically everyone in this story wears extremely functional clothing: boots, pants, etc. Personally, I tend to imagine the main group wearing things that are old/worn and don’t fit perfectly, since a lot of the clothing they have is scavenged from the outposts. Add in the fact that they’ve been in a lot of fights and have no way to darn clothing, and you’re looking at a pretty raggedy bunch by this point in the story. The exception, in my mind, is Clio: the man somehow always manages to look pristine.

Anyway…I could ramble on about my personal interpretations for a long time, but I’ll stop now before I bore you to tears. Thanks for the note, and glad to hear you’re enjoying the story!