let's just say i actually did a lot of crying

The Joker x Reader - “The Bucket List” part 3

Two months after breaking up with The Joker, you found out the bad news. You didn’t have a choice but to ask for his help and J didn’t even show up for the meeting. Of course he didn’t care, but now that he heard why you wanted to see him so badly, it might be too late for any amendments.

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J is sleeping with his head against your chest, completely out of it. He likes to do this lately since a lot of times he can’t really tell if you’re still breathing or not. Even if your blood pressure gets really low, he can at least hear your heartbeat and knows you’re alive.

Suddenly, he yanks at your waist so hard it wakes you up and you start coughing in a frenzy, startled.

“What’s wrong, baby?” you ask, trying to calm down and J gasps for air, opening his eyes to look at you.

“I dreamed that you died,” he snuggles to your body even more, panting.

“It was a nightmare; I’m here,” you kiss his forehead and manage to stop coughing. You peek at the clock: only 6am. “We should sleep in, it’s very early.”

The Joker just growls and rubs his eyes, uneasy for a few more moments.

“I’m gonna miss you…” you whisper in his ear.

“I’m not going anywhere, Pumpkin,” he yawns, exhausted.

But  I am…” you sadly smile and he frowns, watching you attempt to get comfortable in his arms.

“NO!” J utters, covering your mouth. “You’re staying with me, OK?”

You don’t reply and he lets go. You feel the need to get it all out before it’s too late:

“I really wanted a baby…with your eyes and my hair. Remember how pretty my hair used to be?”

He doesn’t know what to say and you continue:

“I know you wanted a boy, I’m sorry I can’t have children in the state I’m in…” and you take a deep breath, struggling not to cry.

“Don’t worry about it, Princess, I don’t care,” he grumbles and you peck his lips, getting more and more upset:
“I don’t want to die…” you finally bring it up for the first time ever and bite on your tongue really hard so you won’t start sobbing.

“Jesus, kid, I won’t let you die, OK?!” J strives to comfort you and squeezes you in his arms harder.

“Do you think I’ll make it to my 37th birthday?” you whimper, worried about the gloomy future.

“For God’s sake, of course you will! And then you’ll make it to another one, and another one, and another one… I promise!” he lifts your chin up so you can look at him.

“Really?” you gulp, staring in his blue eyes.

“Yes, I promise!” he insists and you bury your face in his neck, wanting to point out the truth:

“You’re such a shitty liar…” and you sniffle, quietly crying on his skin.

J would like to say more, but decides it’s better to change the subject since he feels flustered himself.

“Did you just wipe your nose on my shoulder?!”

“M-maybe…” you stammer, snorting.

“That’s just gross, Doll. I put up with a lot of stuff, but I have to draw a line here, alright?” he elbows you and you retreat to your pillow so you can see him better.

“You should let your hair grow,” you suggest, stroking his shaved head, actually wanting to talk about something else too.
“I don’t want to!” he huffs, tracing your jawline with his fingers.
“I miss your green hair, you know that?” you admit, playing with his diamond earring.

“Meh, I don’t,” he grumbles, stubborn as always.

“You think I should wear wigs?” you crinkle your nose, not excited at your own proposal.

“Nahhh, I like you bald, I got used to it. This way we match, hm?”

“That’s good,” you sigh, relieved,” because I don’t want to wear wigs. If it’s not my hair, I don’t want it.”

“Wise decision, Pumpkin. I mean, you look decent enough, especially with makeup on. I have high standards and I had to lower them for you. The sacrifices I make…I’m so selfless and altruistic, a true gentleman and an exemplary boyfriend.”

You watch him with your mouth open, intrigued. You don’t even notice you’re not crying anymore.


“You heard me, you naughty minx. You’re suuuuch a lucky woman,” he eagerly mentions. “Do you know how many girls are waiting in line to get a piece of this?” J scoffs with an attitude.

You turn around towards the glass sliding door, glaring outside at the deserted back yard, not even a bird this early in the morning.

“Wow, so many women willing to take on The Clown Prince of Crime,” you pretend to be surprised. “We do have a huge line on the patio. Which one do you want?”

He snickers and you giggle, finally amused.

“Shut up, Y/N,” he shifts you towards him again, locking his arms around your neck.“Let’s sleep in so zip it. Oh, and for the record: this was the worst pillow talk we ever had!”

You indifferently blink, liking the idea of having a lazy morning:

“It wasn’t that bad…What worries me though is all those women waiting to get you; we should give them numbers, I don’t want them to fight about who goes first,” you kiss him and he purrs, annoyed.

“I am a very wanted man!”

“Yeah, by the cops and Batsy…” you mutter and J smirks, victorious:

“Still counts!!”

“If you say so…”

After 10 minutes



“After I die, can you please get a girlfriend that’s not as pretty as me?” you beg, anguished.

“Shush!” and he slaps your butt; The Joker absolutely hates it when you bring this up.

“At least you’ll be able to have children…” you ignore his warning, sensing another wave of hurtful feelings washing all over you.

“Cut it out, Y/N!”

“I…I hope your kids are ugly!!!!” you have an outburst while he rolls his eyes, irritated. But he knows you’re depressed and he knows the reason why: yesterday, your blood tests came back bad (again) and the weekly doctor visit didn’t go to too well either. All after you tried 3 new drugs that supposedly worked OK in the experimental phase but didn’t do anything for you and it’s discouraging.


After waking up, you are both hanging out in the kitchen. You are looking at the breakfast food that Frost dropped off, not wanting to eat one single item; you’re already nauseated. A bunch of your favorites and it almost makes you gag. You study the lab results, sulking, wishing for once there was some kind of improvement.

“Eat something, Pumpkin,” J urges you, taking a bite out of a fresh bagel.

“I’m not hungry,” you sigh, reading without seeing anything but demoralizing news.

“You have to eat, that’s why you’re so skinny,” he gives you a cup of coffee and you take a sip to please him.

“I’m not skinny because I’m not eating and you know it…” you speak in a low voice, licking your lips. He decides not to reply. “J…?”


“I didn’t mean it when I said I want your kids to be ugly…”

“Drop it, Kitten!” he pouts, moving some strawberries on a small plate.

“But…how can they be cute if I’m not their mom?…” you swallow your tears and take deep breaths, trying to cool down.

“I said drop it!” J barks and you gaze at the yummy goodies he put together for you, nibbling on a muffin, this way he won’t complain you’re not eating. He watches how much you struggle to pretend you’re alright after he cut you off and doesn’t like it.

“Did it hurt, Princess?” The Joker winks, getting your attention.


“Did it hurt?”
“What baby?” you inquire, confused.

“When that portal from hell opened and you spawned through it right into my life,” he grins, very confident in his seduction technique.

Your eyes get big and you chuckle, then actually start laughing, entertained.

“You have the worst pickup lines, but I actually like this one! Do you have more?” you suggest he keeps going, placing your elbows on the counter and checking him out in those gray sweatpants that keep on sliding down every time he moves. J never bothers to tighten the string.

“Excuse you, Doll,” he huffs, “if my pickup lines are horrible, then why are you blushing?!”

“I’m not blushing, I have hot flashes from my pills,” you defend you rosy cheeks, flattered.

“Nonsense! You’re all worked up about it, don’t lie!”

You hop on the counter and crawl on his side, eager to touch your boyfriend. He drags you in front of him and you sit up there while holding his hands, curious to hear what’s next:

“Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” he roars and you bounce your legs, excited.

“Hehehehe,” you giggle on his chest and he tries not to laugh.

“Is there a mirror in your pants, Doll? Cause I can see myself in them,” he pulls on your bottom lip and you bite his finger, feeling your cheeks getting warmer.

“It’s the hot flashes,” you try to defend yourself and he is not buying it.

“Don’t think so!” he tugs on your tank top, preparing his lethal weapon: “Princess, you turn my software into hardware.”

You snort so loud it echoes all over the place.

“Oh my God, this is terrible!” you shake your head, though fascinated at how bad it sounded.

“No, for reals, you do!” J hums in your ear and you look down at his crotch.

“A-ha, I can tell!”

“You’re such a perv, Pumpkin; my eyes are up here,” the cocky answer comes without hesitation. You kiss his Jester tattoo and walk your fingers down his abs, anxious to do something about this new spin on your morning. The anti-nausea meds you took are starting to work so might as well take advantage; who knows how many times you’ll be able to sleep with him before…

The Joker gets you out of your daze:

“Wow, Y/N, you seem so desperate to get me naked; don’t you have any pride left?!”

“Not really,” you brazenly admit and moan when you feel his hands all over you.

“You’re a good kisser, kid,” J parts from your lips and takes off your tank top, tossing it on the chair.

“For sure,” you approve, sliding back more so he can get on the counter too. He starts kissing his way down your waist and you scream.

“You’re starting early, I like it…Daddy’s  gonna make you…”

You scream louder:



“Spider!!!!!” you point behind him and he turns his head to look: there is indeed a little creature crossing the wall on top of the sink. “Do something, baby, I hate spiders!!!” you shiver under him, getting goosebumps.

“For God’s sake, woman, I’m trying to have sex here!” he mutters, aggravated at the interruption.

“I hate spiders! Please kill it!!!!” you implore, digging your nails in his back.

“All the stuff you use to do before you got sick and you’re still afraid of spiders?!” J gets off the counter and you cling to him, stiff as a board:

“I detest these insects; so nasty, ewwww. Please kill it!” you beg once more, choking the life out of him. He grabs a tissue from the box, heading over to grant your wish while your legs are squeezing his waist with a strength he didn’t think you have left in you; both your arms are wrapped around his neck super tight - you definitely are tense and disgusted.

The Joker smooshes the culprit and now it’s resting in peace in the trashcan where it belongs.

“Happy now?” he grins, heading back towards the counter.

“Thank you, baby, I really can’t stand those beasts! You really are my knight in shining armor.”

“Told ya’!” he puffs, full of himself. “Any more crap I have to kill before we get down to business?”

“No, I think we’re good now,” your body finally relaxes when you are placed back on the countertop and he can finally breathe normal again.

“You still have a mean grip, you know that? You certainly have your skills Doll,” J praises you, actually surprised on how powerful your clasp was.

“Of course I still have them, just didn’t use them in forever. I’m not completely useless, OK?” you smack your lips and he is fast to push you on your back, smirking.

“Less talk and more action, Princess! The only word I wanna hear you scream is my name, understood?”

“Spider!!!!” you shout, teasing, and then surrender under his weight.

“Ha! Funny!” he growls, yearning to have you once more.


When the night comes, you can’t sleep at all. You keep on tossing and turning, somber thoughts flooding your mind. You decide to go in the backyard and walk it off because you don’t want to keep J up with your restlessness. He isn’t actually sleeping, just pretends and watches as you march out there in your sheer white nightgown, deep in meditation. Just like a ghost, he catches himself thinking and his heart aches but doesn’t want to pay attention to the feeling.

Your frail shape stops in the front of the roses you love so much and you drop in the grass, not feeling the chill, staring at everything without seeing. The Joker sneaks outside, aware you are probably freezing and drags you back in, while you silently follow his steps.

Once you’re in bed under the covers, he’s trying to get you warm and for the first time he’s not telling you to shut up when you speak up about things you really want to get off your chest. All your dying wishes, the most personal and intimate emotions meant only for his ears are whispered in a soft, low voice. You keep on going, relived you got such a heavy burden off your shoulders.

“I left you everything. After I die, all the funds from my estate will go into that account that belongs to the mysterious Jack Green we both know,” you caress his face and he grinds his teeth in denial.

“I don’t want your money…”

You disregard the words.

“It will come from Mrs. Emily Green, you know how much I always loved this identity. So when you see the wire transfer with that name, it will be from me. I already made the arrangements, I’m not changing my will; it’s signed. I can’t take the money with me, might as well give it to someone I care about. Keep this house and use it, yes? I really love it, nobody will bother you here, it’s a very good hideout. And try not to get yourself killed, ok? You’re so impulsive…”

“You’re more impulsive than me!” J sneers because for the first time in his life he’s at a lack of words.

“Used to be. I didn’t do anything crazy in so long it actually makes me the mellow one. Go figure!” you joke, not even sad for the moment being. It’s just so natural to let it all out.

“I really don’t want your money nor the house…I’m not gonna let you die, so there’s no need for any of this, Doll,” your boyfriend studies your reactions, intrigued.

“That’s nice… it almost sounds like you love me or something,” you tease, cozy on the fluffy pillows.

“I doubt it,” he furrows his invisible eyebrows, uneasy.

“Tell you what, baby: after I die, if you miss me so much it hurts it means that you loved me; if not, you should be fine,” the simple explanation is fast to follow and the abrupt reply makes you whimper:

“It already hurts…”

“Well,” you manage to stay strong and not burst into tears,” now that we both found out the answer to this crucial problem, I think we can rest, hm?”

“I’m so tired…” is the only thing he says before electing to inform you: “I have a meeting with him again tomorrow night.”

“NO!!!” you jump up, shaking J to show your disapproval. “NO!! Don’t go!! Stop meeting him! Stop going! It will be an ambush or something, you’ll get captured and locked away and I will die alone! …I-I can’t die alone!!!” you scream, alarmed.

“We are meeting on neutral ground, he won’t try anything. Never did before. And Princess, I’ve set forces in motion you can’t even imagine,” he tries to calm you down while you shake with anxiety. ”I know he might have something for you that I can’t get my hands on. This time, he’s the one that requested the meeting so I think he’s going to use that as leverage to negotiate some kind of terms about his precious Gotham and all the poor souls he has the audacity to believe he protects.”

“No, no way! He’s bluffing, he has nothing for me! Don’t go! Please! He just wants to catch you and take you away and I… just can’t die alone…” you nervously bite on your nails, hopelessly trying to make him change his mind.

“Kitten, you know I don’t leave anything to chance. I’m going and you can’t stop me!!”

“No, please don’t go!” you keep on imploring, scared for this new plan he seems very decided to carry on. “What if it’s a trap? I can’t afford to lose you, I can’t…I just can’t die alone…please?”

“There’s no trap, and even if it were, I’m prepared. Don’t worry, I got it all covered. When do I ever put myself in danger for no reason?”

“Like…all the time!” you gulp, scratching your arm in denial. “Don’t go…”

J signals you to place your head on his chest and you comply, being so worked up you’re wheezing; it’s so difficult to breathe and this doesn’t help.

“Don’t stress out, Pumpkin…I won’t let you die!” The Joker reinforces his declaration, wishing you would unwind and go back to sleep.


He’s been gone all morning and you have no idea where he went; no answer to your texts or calls, probably getting ready for tonight. You hear the sliding glass door and turn towards the patio, guessing it’s him. You take a few steps and freeze, confused: he walks inside holding a girl’s hand. She is very pretty, well dressed and seems nervous.

“Who is this?!” you narrow your eyes, baffled.

“This Doll, is my future girlfriend. After you die, she’ll take your place. Wanna look around, honey?” he winks at the girl and you resentfully gasp. “All this will be yours after Y/N is gone from the picture. Lovely home, you’ll enjoy it,” he gropes her and you crack your neck, walking towards them with a menacing demeanor.

“Get her out of my fucking house!!” you mutter through your clenched teeth, grinding your jaw so hard it’s painful.

She tries to escape J’s hold but he keeps her near:

“Don’t move!” he commands, pissed when she whines:

“Mister J, I don’t want to be here…Please let me go…”

You are getting closer.

“Get out or I’ll break your neck! I might be weak but I can still do it! GET OUT!!!” you shout at the woman and J tightens his grip on her.

“Don’t move!” he warns and as she struggles to escape. “My current girl here,” the Prince of Crime nods his head towards you,” has it ALL figured out for me: she plans to die and I’m supposed to get a new girlfriend, have kids and leave happily ever after. I’ll even inherit her fortune, which is substantial, I assure you,” he turns his icy glaze towards you and you almost can’t hear: your heart is beating so fast and loud it’s deafening.

“Get out or I swear I’m going to kill you!!!” your voice alerts in such a threatening way she finally uses all her strength to yank her hand away from his and backs out, taking advantage of the fact that you stopped in front of J as the perfect moment to escape the house.

“What the hell are you doing???” you yell at him on a verge of a nervous breakdown; this is the last thing that you need.

He smiles in such an eerie way and has the nerve to pretend it’s the most normal question when it comes out of his mouth:

“Are you jealous?”

“Wha’……????” you are taken aback, not understanding what’s going on. “What is the meaning of all this ??”

“ARE. YOU. JEALOUS?” J pronounces each word in a strange manner and you can tell he’s mad. And so are you.

“Yes, I’m jealous!” you blur out, wanting to slap him so badly. “What games are you playing??!! What’s wrong with you?!”

“You know why you’re jealous?” he continues, disregarding your justified tirade.


What’s going on? you think, completely out of it.

“Let me enlighten you, Princess,” he grumbles, annoyed. “You are jealous because you’re still alive, do you even understand what it means anymore? Stop making plans for me, stop talking about dying and give me a break! I’m sick of listening to all of it! You’re still here!” and him charging at you and kissing you passionately like he didn’t see you in years takes you by surprise. You respond to the kiss, unable to hear your own thoughts or react in any other way.

“Did you feel that?” he breaths on your lips and you moan a faint yes. “Great! It means that you’re alive!” he pushes you away, annoyed and heads over to exit the backyard, not before kicking a few bottles with your meds on the floor.

“Who’s that girl?” you raise your voice and he is already out, barely bothering to satisfy your curiosity:

“How the hell should I know?! Just a dancer at the club!”

You have no clue about what got into him, but you stood there petrified for a good 30 minutes.


11:30pm- neutral ground located behind the abandoned highway 205

“Finally! You’re 6 minutes late!” J jumps off the hood of his purple Lamborghini when he notices Batman emerging from the shadows. “Do you have it?” he stretches, pretending to be indifferent but in fact very alert.

“I do,” the distorted voice lets him know as his nemesis stops at a safe distance, only a few feet away.

“Does it work?” The Joker wants to know right away.

“It does. And I’m the only one that has access to it. Experiments showed amazing results, not certain if it will ever reach the medical market. If it does, it will be at least 5 more years,” Bruce Wayne explains as fast as he can.

“My girl doesn’t have 5 years!” he barks, straitening his back. “I assume you wanted to meet because you want to bargain? What do you want in exchange?”

His silver teeth glisten under the flickering neon light, the shaved head giving him even a more psychotic aura.

“Every month you stay put and don’t cause trouble, you get a month worth of the medication. Plain and simple,” Batman replies.

A vague cackle, then a louder laugher followed by full blown temperamental outpouring of lunacy:

“Awww, such a good deal!” The Joker claps his hands, faking his happiness. “But I have even a better proposal !” his blue eyes get big with anticipation. “I’ve been reeeeeally busy in the last 2 months; let’s say Gotham may or may not be under an imminent attack. Certain people may or may not have placed explosives all over the place: residential homes, bridges, schools, hospitals, anything you can think of. You will never be able to find all of them!! Something happens and I don’t get the med, it all goes to shit ! Would you prefer your precious city goes down in the same time or piece by piece?” he snickers with an evil grimace.

“Don’t push it !” Bruce Wayne snaps, tossing a vial containing your much needed remedy towards his adversary and J catches it mid air, placing it in his pocket.

“Don’t make me!!!” he growls, retreating back into his car and driving away into the night while The Batman debates if The King of Gotham is bluffing or not. Knowing him, probably not.


“Go tell your mom she’s needed for important paperwork in the master bedroom after you fall asleep tonight, OK?” J urges his 4 year old son to go outside in the garden where you sit on a blanket under the tree, reading.

Kaden runs over, stumbling with anticipation, eager to give you the news:

“Moooommm!!!!” he screams up a storm and lands in your lap, excited: “Dad said you have paperwork tonight!”

You and The Joker love to use him as a messenger; he’s absolutely adorable and even if the poor kid doesn’t remember everything he’s supposed to say when he runs from one parent to the other, it’s still awesome and it makes your day.

“Go tell Daddy that’s fine,” you smile, kissing his cheek and he gets up, rushing inside to communicate the update:

“Daaaaddd!!!!!” he almost staggers and falls on the carpet, “Mommy said OK!!!”

“Goody!! Hey, com’ere!” J signals him and Kaden giggles, jumping up and down until he gets picked up and sat on the table. “Now go ask your mom if she wants another baby, don’t let me down, alright?” The Joker puckers his lips, winking at the little boy. He reaches for the nearby drawer, takes out a piece of paper and scribbles on it, then hands it over to his son. “Give her this too, ok? Us, guys, have to help each other, hm?”

“Yes, dad!” the little boy passes his fingers through his father’s green hair, enthusiastic he has such an important task. 

Once he is put back on the ground, Kaden races over to you:

“Daddy wanted to know if you want another baby,” he sniffles, covering his mouth with his small hands.

You roll your eyes and look down at your 4 month pregnant bump, mumbling:

“Soooo funny… Anyway, mommy’s too old so after your brother is born, that’s it.”

Your son snickers and pulls on your hair that now reaches down to your shoulders, making you pay attention to the paper he’s giving you.

“From daddy,” he explains and you take it, unfolding the note. You gasp when you realize it’s your old Bucket List, now having a “check mark” symbol by “- a family” wish. You take a deep breath, looking towards the house to see if J is in sight but you don’t notice him. You get teary and fold back the paper, hiding it between the pages of your book. The Joker is actually behind the curtain, sipping on his whiskey, savoring your reaction.

“Go tell daddy I already have 3 kids, so we’re good,” you whisper in Kaden’s ear and he darts inside, yelling:

“Daaaaad, she said she already has 3 kids!!!”

“What??!! 3 kids?!” he frowns, aggravated. “That’s rude! Tell her she’s rude!” The messenger runs for it.

“Daddy said you’re rude,” the little one pants, snorting when you start laughing.

“Whatever,” you make him sit down, struggling to keep him still in your lap so you can apply the purple hair mascara on a few strands of his hair. J goes crazy for it so you try to do it daily since it’s being washed at night. “Go show your dad how cute you are! And tell him he’s my favorite poison. Give me a kiss before you go!”

“Muahhh,” he pecks your lips and flees. After a few moments J shouts:

“Hey Doll, is that a pickup line?!”

“Yeesss!!!!” you yell back so he can hear you.

“That’s a good one!”

“I know!!!!!”

You read for 5 more minutes when they both come out: Kaden is holding a bottle of water and you know what it means: time to take your med.

“Here Princess,” The Joker opens the vial, giving you one tablet. “It’s that magical time of the day.”

You swallow the pill and he crawls on the blanket, resting his head on your tummy. Your son is playing around with his toys, preoccupied with a butterfly that landed on his bike.

“I thought the magical time of the day is going to be tonight when we have to fill out all that tedious paperwork in the master bedroom,” you elbow him and he purrs.

“Certainly; so much paperwork, that’s why I need your help,” he softly bites your wrist and you pinch his arm. “Hey, Y/N, besides being sexy and pregnant, what do you do for a living?” he turns on his side, facing you. “Wow, are you blushing?!”

“No way, hot flushes from my treatment,” the defensive answer comes.

“Lies, lies, lies,” J bickers, kissing the bump.

“You have the worse pickup lines,” you shake your head, teasing him.

“Got you pregnant twice, didn’t I ? So if you have a complaint, you should file one tonight with the rest of the paperwork,” the smug reply follows.

You stare at each other for a few seconds before smiling:

“Shut up, J,” you kick him with your knee and go back to reading while he closes his eyes, relaxing in the shadow.

Definitely her knight in shining armor, The Joker thinks before snoozing. No other losers in line for the job…which…makes me the loser, I suppose. Oh, well, could be worse, he reckons, snuggling by you even more.



anonymous asked:

What about a hc single parent phan! Either one of them, and they're kid runs into the other out in public and wants something?

* Dan went out to see a movie by himself. Yes, by himself. He was a loner with no friends, but he had to leave the house sometimes, so here he is now, standing in the arcade of the theater, waiting for the lines to go down so he can buy some popcorn.

* He lazily presses the button on the claw machine repeatedly, watching the lights inside change colors, when a small voice says, “Excuse me, Sir, but can I play this one?”

* “Oh yeah, sure,” Dan says, stepping away so the boy with bright, ginger hair could play it and hopefully win a stuffy.

* The boy inserted his bill, and the game played a different tune and the colors changed. His tongue poked out between his lips in concentration, eyeing the blue dragon near the back. When he was sure he had it, he pressed the button and watched the claw drop, scooping up the dragon and carrying it to the prize box. “Oh my gosh!” he squealed. “I’m gonna win!”

* Dan was surprised to see the boy actually win something, considering half these machines were rigged to just take money. The machine proved him right when the blue dragon was released from the claw, but a little too soon. The tag on the dragon’s ear got caught on the side, and it dangled just above the bottom of the prize box.

* “No!” the boy wailed, his lower lip quivering. “That’s not fair! Daddy said I only get one chance to play it!”

* Dan felt bad for the boy, digging around in his wallet for an extra bill, but came up short. He used his card for everything. He rarely had cash on him. But when the boy started to cry softly, Dan couldn’t help but offer him something. “I can try to get it out for you.”

* “Please! I was gonna give it to my daddy since he took me to the movies to reward me, but now it’s stuck and not fair.” He crossed his arms and pouted, looking quite cute. Dan was just glad he didn’t start throwing a tantrum like most of the kids he came across.

* Dan got down on the floor and pushed open the small door on the bottom, sticking his hand up it. “I have long arms, so this should work.” He pressed his body closer to the machine, his fingertips grazing the plush toy. “All most … Have it,” he grunted, knocking the dragon down and going to pull out his arm when all he did was be met with a wave of pain in his shoulder, and he couldn’t get his arm out. “Uh oh.”

* Are you okay?“ the boy asked, looking at Dan with a weird expression.

* “Um, maybe not,” Dan admitted truthfully. Great. He had his arm stuck in some toy machine with a few hundred people standing on just the other side of the wall. He hoped to God that not too many people would see him, but he couldn’t help but wonder how he was going to get unstuck.

* “Do I need to get my daddy?” he asked Dan, turning his head to one side.

* “Please don’t.” How was he going to explain this to some boy’s father? oh, I was just trying to help your son get this toy out when I did something stupid and got my arm stuck. That was too embarrassing.

* “Thomas?” a man asked, rounding the corner and stopping short when he saw the little boy standing not too far from a man who had his arm stuck up the claw machine. “Um, aren’t you a little old to be trying to snag toys from the claw machine?” He stepped a little closer to Thomas, pushing the boy behind him.

* “Yeah, but-”

* “Daddy, it was me! He was going to help me get the toy that the machine didn’t give me but it was supposed to.” He clung onto the man’s leg, looking at him with big, blue eyes. “It’s my fault, daddy.”

* Dan looked at the boy’s father, finding him to be rather attractive. He had dark, black hair, which didn’t match his son’s at all, but he did have the same blue eyes as him. “No, no, I did this to try and help him. He didn’t ask me to do it.”

* The man looked down at his boy, waiting for confirmation. “That’s the truth, Daddy.” The man nodded, looking back at Dan. “Do you want me to go get one of the workers?”

* “Please don’t!” Dan said, panicked. “This is embarrassing.”

* The man smiled, laughing lightly. “Then what do you want me to do?”

* “Quit laughing, it’s not funny.” Now it was Dan’s turn to pout.

* “I can try to get you out, if you want,” the man offered, crouching down and inspecting the scene. “It might hurt a little.”

* “I don’t care, please just hurry before more people see.” Dan did care, actually. A lot. His pain tolerance was practically nonexistent.

* The man gripped Dan’s upper arm, getting quite close to his face. “Not a fan of public humiliation, huh?” Dan’s face heated up, and the man chuckled softly. “Alright, just try to pull when I say go, yeah?” When Dan nodded, the man said, “One, two, go!” He pulled on Dan’s arm, which caused Dan to cry out in pain, but when the side of his body collided with the floor, he let out a sigh of relief.

* “Yay!” Thomas squealed, reaching in the prize box for his blue dragon. “You got it! Thank you!” He hugged it to his chest, smiling widely.

* The man huffed, rolling his eyes but smiling at his son. “Are you good?”

* Dan was rubbing his shoulder and rotating it, making sure it all still worked. “I’m fine, thank you.”

* “It was really nice of you, you know,” he said, looking at Thomas. “But also very stupid. People have had to call the fire department in order to get others unstuck from those.”

* Dan blushed sheepishly. “Guess I got lucky. I’m sorry, you’re probably missing your movie because of me.”

* The man shrugged. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. Thomas has the attention span of a fish. He won’t even remember the movie by bath time.”

* Dan laughed, unsure of what to say. He was going to make it awkward, he just knew it. So instead of lingering in silence, he said, “My name is Dan.”

* The man smiled, holding out his hand for Dan to take. “I’m Phil, and I would actually like to know if maybe you would be interested in joining us for this movie. For being nice to Thomas and all.”

* “Shouldn’t it be the other way around? You helped me.”

* “You helped my boy. And now I’m showing thanks. Besides, we can consider this … a predate. I think I’d like to see more of you, Dan.”

* Dan couldn’t believe it. A predate? With a guy he just met? Who also happened to be extremely attractive and now single? This really was his lucky day. All because of some stupid, blue dragon. “I think I’d like that, too.”

* Phil helped him off the ground, and waited in line with Dan again so he could buy a ticket for the same movie. They ended up sharing a popcorn, and by the end of the movie, Thomas was asleep. “I told you,” Phil murmured into Dan’s ear. “But maybe next time this could happen at my place?”

* Dan took that as an invitation and nodded with a smile. Yeah, maybe he wouldn’t stick his arm up another claw machine again, but if this was the result of it, he just might have to rethink doing stupid things. That is, only if it were to get the attention of Phil.

acecosmos  asked:

TBH when everyone gets picked up at camp Max doesn't want to go with his parents and David just tells them off and his parents just scoff and drop all of Max's stuff on the ground and leave. Point is, David is very overprotective of Max do you agree

W-wait… Why are you hurting me again, I thought it was over, I survived the night, what diD I DO?! Oh my god… don`t do this to me… But this is amazing, as much as it hurts, he would absolutely do this too, I mean…

Oh my god no look:

All the parents come to Camp Campbell, like maybe it`s that big festival thing or something to say goodbye to the camp or summer or whatever and all parents and children and just the whole family squad are there and everybody is kinda having a good time, it`s actually really nice! But as soon as Max parents arrive everybody just knows at first glance, freaking knows how awful they are. Just looking at them you know they don`t care and the vibe is just plain wrong.

And I don`t know how it escalates but somehow they`re just straight out grabbing Max and tug him with them. Maybe they scream at him, no one had ever heard such booming voices, and all are just flinching back. Everybody is just watching in utter confusion, what could you do? They were his parents, and they are angry and scary and oh god poor Max is leaving with them…

Until David steps in.

My god, everybody would just watch as he steps up to them and pulls Max away behind him, nobody has ever seen him this livid. Just imagine his glare, or the way he protectively stands there, he would look like he could tear them to shreds…

He would literally destroy them, not physically speaking but he would give them his piece of mind and just straight off telling them to leave. And when they do there is just that weird silence and nobody really knows what to say.

“Thanks David…”

God I just imagine David standing there and glaring after them, maybe even heaving breaths and his knuckles white in anger, before he would glance down at Max, who was gripping Davids legs and staring at the ground. David would try to calm down, let a sigh slip before nodding.

“Yeah… No problem.”

Goddammit I made myself cry again….

high-key ecstatic that people on my dash are starting to fall in love with my precious get down children 

i need to talk about why dizzee is my button-shirt wearing, spray-painting, alien rebel son, why zeke always feels so much and so openly, how shao who supposedly was this mythical loner king, really just needed a family who would stand by him, and the strentgh it takes mylene to stay true to her dreams and how determined she is, how ra-ra is the fixer, always making sure everyone is glued together sensibly and how boo-boo is so brave to always stand up for himself and the ones he cares about and how regina and yolanda are supportive yet always thinking about their own worth and dreams, never lowering themselves to let mylene shine yet all of these kids never tear each other down to raise themselves up and they all believe in each other and i can’t stop crying 


anonymous asked:

I do have a feeling with Jimin though, that he can really let himself go on stage and show his personality. More than in interviews etc and more than other members. I hope so. Stage can be a funny place, where you never know for sure if everything is purely there for the fans enjoyment or is actually that person exposed and raw. Also, they did all cry on stage a few times, which makes me think that they are all able to lose them selves there, even if for just a moment.

as i said: i’m not saying jimin isn’t himself on stage, i am stating that what he does is to please fans. that’s the defnition of fan service. he goes on stage to make his fans happy. and yes, jimin can let himself loose on stage, but i was saying that idols play their natural personalities and presences up A LOT to please the fans. i am not saying jimin is fake or that he can’t get lost on stage, i’m simply saying that almost everything done on stage is fan service. even if he’s acting like his natural self, that’s fan service. because he’s doing it to and for the fans. i’m not saying bts are all robots. and yes, they do cry on stage, but they still do fan service. lol. 


Alone by Z.Tao (everything about this song was made by HZT himself, composed by him and lyrics were also written by him) - lyrics:

To be honest, it’s fine
Being by myself is not so bad
The sadness and trouble will be disappeared in the music world
Since when did the sky start becoming so blue?
Those complaints will be dissipated after a deep breath very fast
Even if there’s only me left in this world, i will not give up, not even feel afraid of being alone
Walking on the empty streets, looking at the big streets and little alleys
I’m living happily everyday
Alone.. is not bad

Yeah, i just realized that
The complaints everyday in the past took us a lot of time
Where was the childlike heart?
We all lost it, that purest heart, right?
Open your heart
Accept the difficulities and face it bravely then~

To be honest, it’s fine
Being by myself is not so bad
The sadness and trouble will be disappeared in the music world
Since when did the sky start becoming so blue?
Those complaints will be dissipated after a deep breath very fast

Wipe away your tears then come say it
Come say it, say it
Say it, let be true, actually what is worth making you cry, making you sad?
Give yourself a smile, a confident smile, a happy smile, just smile
If you can listen to this song, then you have to be strong
Remember to give yourself a smile, haha

Appreciate what you have right now
Don’t let those trivial worries overlap
There’re so many in your hands, don’t give yourself too much stress

There’re a lot of people hate me
But people who love me is even more
Let me see

Why are there so many people obstruct you?
Whatever, whoever attack me, obstruct me is just always like that
No one will understand you more than yourself
Your future is not based on them to be created
Don’t be too lazy, your future is relied on yourself

Wow, so many people question my strength
Try to do everything to ruin me
But it ends up giving me the power to write songs
I don’t care if you don’t give a damn about me
Oh, my goal is to reach the top, don’t even come and compare with me
If you don’t believe, i’ll prove you

To be honest, it’s fine
Being by myself is not so bad
The sadness and trouble will be disappeared in the music world
Since when did the sky start becoming so blue?
Those complaints will be dissipated after a deep breath very fast

Wipe away your tears then come say it
Come say it, say it
Say it, let be true, actually what is worth making you cry, making you sad?
Give yourself a smile, a confident smile, a happy smile, just smile
If you can listen to this song, then you have to be strong
Remember to give yourself a smile

Say it, let be true, actually what is worth making you cry, making you sad?
Give yourself a smile, a confident smile, a happy smile, just smile
If you can listen to this song, then you have to be strong
Remember to give yourself a smile

Free! Eternal Summer 11

Let’s start the episode with Rei being cute!

And Momo being cute!

Rei-chan, why so adorable, NNNG


Sousuke being intense as always. It seems like he accepted the friendzone. Poor guy.

Aw, Makoto always makes this sweet expression of “I have an unrequited love” every time he looks at Haru.

Those cockblock children.

For a moment I though Momo was shipping those two.

Awww, these two cute things.


AND HARUKA DOESN’T EVEN CARE (ok, he cares, but)


I though Makoto would be able to change his mind, since he is the one that best knows Haru, but…

Wow, I was very moved by what Makoto said, and you just….go away? What the hell, man!

Don’t let him go, Makoto!

I’m actually glad that Makoto touched him and didn’t let him go.

I was actually waiting for the time Makoto would explode.

Even Haruka did that before him.

Makoto was always so calm and controled, a very nice person. I wondered how much he had to avoid saying what he really wanted.


You were very very awful, Haruka.

I know you are having a lot of trouble, but don’t hurt others’ feeling because of that. For a moment, I though Makoto would cry.

From now on, this is all speculation.

I also wondered if Haruka is feeling lost not only because he doesn’t have a dream, but because he doesn’t want to live a life without his friends. He doesn’t want to think that he will have to live a separate life from his dear friends.

Makoto was hurt too, we can see he suffered, but since he is more self conscious than Haruka, he was able to make his mind faster.

Haru still hasn’t matured that much. He needs help to face that even when he doesn’t want the change himself, the world around him will change. And time won’t wait for that. He was used to have Makoto by his side since they were little kids, so I can imagine the shock he felt from thinking they will soon be separated.

I though he would say “TO A DATE”

And why am I having Noiz feels with this.

And wondering what will happen!

TFIOS Movie Review

Before I say what I thought of the movie, i’d like to first say that i’m unsure if I can fairly judge it. Just like every movie based off of a book, there are a lot of differences between the novel and the film. As someone who has read the book, can I give an fair judgement of the movie when in the back of my mind all I can think about is what never happened and what could have been? 

For example, in the movie, Gus’s ex-girlfriend Caroline, is never in the film. There is never a moment when Hazel realizes that he went through massive amounts of emotional pain over his last girlfriend and that she doesnt want him to go through that again, it is just perceived as, she is going to die and that she feels bad for him. To me, thats a huge loss in character development and doesnt really give us insight on why Hazel is so torn up about being with Gus. Yet to the viewer who has never read the book, that may have not made their viewing experience any different. How do I know if the movie was good when at parts I felt robbed of certain information and others may not have? 

The movie never shows Augustus in his period of extreme illness, it cuts from him vomiting in the car and being taken away by the ambulance to her laying in bed grieving over his death. An important part of the book if you ask me, it showed that even at his worst she still loved him and also, in the movie you never really got a sense of his suffering, at least I didnt. 

They skipped the part where they go to pick up Augustus from his house on the way to the airport and you hear him fighting with his parents, he actually just shows up at her house and picks her up in a limo which bugged me, you never got to wonder what all that yelling was about. 

The biggest flaw in the movie was the ending, there was no chase for the letter (the eulogy Augustus wrote for Hazel). Van Houten literally just hands it to Hazel in the car after the funeral as if he just stopped by to deliver it and she never knew it was/had been written. She never went hunting for it, there was no suspense, you never really got the sense of her wanting that one last piece of Augustus to hold on to like you did in the book, it was just viewed as something that appeared on her lap. 

There are a few more differences but you’ll see when you watch it.

I’m saying a lot of negative stuff here and I dont want you to think I didnt enjoy it because I did. I even teared up a few times, this one time my friend thought I was crying bUT MY EYE WAS ACTUALLY ITCHY!

The acting was actually very good in my opinion and I was afraid I wouldn’t be invested in Hazel’s character. Do you ever watch a show, lets use The Office for example, and see a character like Dwight, in another film and the whole time you cant stop thinking “Thats Dwight”. I thought I would have that same issue with Tris from Divergent, but Shailene Woodly did great, really sold me as Hazel and Ansel Elgort did a great job as Augustus. Also the actors who played Isaac and the parents were really well casted. A lot of people thought Ansel didnt look like Augustus Waters but idk I thought he was perfect for the part. 

The movie did do a great job of giving off the same emotion you got from reading the book and I think thats the most important part of turning a book into a movie and thats why I ended up really enjoying it. 

As a viewer whos read the book, i’d say, though I was disappointed in a few difference between the book and the movie, it was still a great film. Go watch it and dont be too much of a hater.  

Good job John Green

My Tonight Show Experience/Meeting Jimmy!


Okay so I’ve been to a monologue rehearsal but never a taping so this was all new for me. I am so impressed by how The Tonight Show operates like a well-oiled machine. The Roots played a few songs and before we knew it, Steve Higgins was announcing the guests and then Jimmy. Let me just say… it is the weirdest feeling to watch a show nightly five days a week religiously and then be there to actually witness it come to life in front of me. Jimmy looked AMAZING and the monologue was hilarious (a lot of dancing and singing and he also said a word that sounded like something else which made it awkward and everyone was cracking up). I’m interested to see what they cut out. Then he did pros and cons and there was a joke that sort of bombed and Jimmy pretended to be depressed over it and he was like I have an ugly crying face!!!! Just kidding I’m happy 😀 it was adorable.

Then Taraji came out and she was funnier than I expected she’d be. Jimmy talked about how he flies coach and some fan took a video of him sleeping on a flight and it was embarrassing hahahah. They played this new game which was the BEST part since she kept making fun of how competitive Jimmy was. It was just classic Jimmy celebrating and running all over. It was so cute to see him constantly dancing during commercial breaks and still being his same cheery self even when the cameras weren’t on.

After Ed Burns, the crew had to set up the stage for Sam Hunt. That’s when Jimmy headed towards the steps in the audience and I thought I was gonna piss my pants. At this point I noticed how much more beautiful he looked in person AHHHHH HE’S ADORABLE. AND SUPER SLIM AND FIT.

Some people in front of me waved and he waved back and then I viciously waved too and he did it back to me! Just like the time I saw the mono rehearsal. That alone would have left me happily satisfied with the experience. He started taking questions from the crowd and he walked up near us and I just knew he was gonna call on me I FELT IT. As he made his way up the stairs more and more my mouth got so dry and my body was literally shaking LMFAO AND MY HEART WAS RACING. He answered a handful of questions and I couldn’t even concentrate on what was being said because the reality of interacting with Jimmy was extremely plausible. Finally he pointed to me to ask my question and I felt like my head was in a cloud I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE IT. He was like “Hi!” so I said hi back and asked, “Are we ever going to see Real Housewives of The Tonight Show?” And he laughed and said probably not because it was a lot of work and went into this long winded description about what it was like to wear eyeliner and women’s shoes and he goes “and pantyhose… what’s are those things called? Stockings” LMFAO AND THE WHOLE TIME I WAS TRYING TO REMEMBER TO BREATHE. Then at the end of the show, I was determined to get a highfive since I was on an aisle seat. I KNEW I HAD THE CHANCE TO HAVE A THIRD MOMENT WITH JIMMY. He came to our side and when he looked at me I yelled “Jimmy!” and he had the most concerned look on his face like I was going to tell him something was wrong LMFAO and I said “I’m a falpal! I love you!” And as he was giving me a highfive, he held onto my hand and squeezed it and in the most genuine way he said “Thank you SO much.” HIS EYES WERE ALL SQUINTY UGH IT WAS JUST SO GENUINE. HIS HAND WAS AS SMOOTH AD A BABY’S ASS???? So I said I love you again LMAO and he was just thanking me profusely. It was so unreal I was like OMG DID THAT JUST HAPPEN TO ME WTFFFF. GUYS I MET JIMMY FALLON AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


#67: He doesn't like you *YOU'RE IN THE BAND* PART 4


You grabbed Calum’s shoulders. He already saw you crying. “Why would I leave?” you sniffed. His face lit up. “W-What?” “I’m not leaving I guess. I maybe think.. we could do this all over again?” you asked. He hugged you again.

“I’m so sorry for saying that. I’m sorry for everything. Y/N I’m really sorry and I mean it,” you smiled slightly and hugged him back. “You’re not gonna leave?” he asked. You shook your head. “No,” he looked at you. Leaning in and then kissed you. He broke the kiss. “I like you a lot Y/N. I’m sorry for saying that. I was just really mad..” he sighed. “It’s fine Calum,” you giggled. 

“Should we tell the boys?” he asked. “Yeah.” you laughed. You guys holded hands and then walked back. You opened the door, and saw the boys stand up. Then immediately hugged you tight. You laughed. “Y/NNNNNN! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!” Michael whined. They all started to make weird sounds.

 "I’m not going to-“ they all yelled yay and kissed your cheeks. But then they noticed you and Calum holding hands. "We’re dating,” Calum said so proudly. “I was about to ask her out!!” Michael yelled. “Sucks for you she liked me,” Calum had a smirk on his face. Michael grabbed Calums hand and then pushed him away, and then hugged you. “She’s mine!”


The ambulance came and took Luke away. You cried a lot. You came along, and then waited in the emergency room. You sighed. “Miss Y/N?” you stood up. 

The nurse let you in. You walked in, to see Luke awake. “Y/N..” you walked to Luke and hugged him. “Y/N,” he laughed. You were crying. “I thought I was gonna lose you,” you sniffed. “Don’t cry I’m here,” he rubbed your back. You let go of him and looked at him. “Luke.. why did you do that? You hated me,” you say.

“No I don’t..” Luke looked at you. “Y-Yes you do! You said it and I heard it. Maybe you should’ve let the truck hit me,” you sighed. “Y/N stop..” he said. “I’m sorry.. I just, I’m sorry. I liked you.. I mean I was really mad so I bursted that out.. I’m sorry. Please don’t leave me,” he grabbed your hand. He was actually crying. You sat on the bed. He grabbed your neck and slowly kissed you. “And I like you a lot too..” he whispered. 

“I would never leave you..” you put your forehead on his. He smiled up at you and peck your lips. “I love you a lot Y/N.. I promise I didn’t mean that,” “I love you too Luke you idiot,” you laughed.


You widened your eyes. He literally dropped down to his knees. “A-Ash I-” “Y/N..” he was crying too. You dropped to your knees and made him look up. “Ashhh,” you cooed. “I won’t and can’t forget about you. Ever,” he sniffed and looked up at you.

“I like you a lot, and I didn’t mean it I swear. Please don’t leave.. I need you in my life Y/N..” you sighed. “I can’t believe I like you,” “Look what I said, I didn’t mean it.. Y/N.. whatever I did, I’m sorry,” he grabbed both of your hands. He kissed your lips. You kissed back then he broke the kiss. “I love you," 

"I love you too Ashton,” you smile. 


“And why’s that?” you crossed your arms. “Because I-I like you..” he blushed. “Then why did you say those things…?” you asked.

“I was just mad… And jealous, I didn’t mean them Y/N.. At all. I’m sorry for everything, I’m sorry for just… saying those words. I really care about you, and I-I don’t want you to leave..” he looked up at you. “Michael I-” “Can we pretend this never happened please… I need you, I love you..”

“I love you too Michael…” you sighed. He smiled and kissed your face. 

-Kelly :] x