let's just not talk about this mkay

Let’s talk about Tweek x Craig, mkay? :

Notice the difference in the eyes:

Craig has the ‘panic’ or ‘worried’ expression. He’s just straight out terrified. While Tweek just has bags under his eyes, but his eyebrows do show expression. But he’s not as bad as Craig though.

Tweek’s family came off as accepting, even proud of their son.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say Craig’s family didn’t even mention the rumors, making Craig even more paranoid. Which is why Craig’s face is more worried than Tweek’s.

After the fight

When PC principal calls Thomas to tell him his sons has been in a fight, PC principal reefers to it as a 'Lovers quaral’ which causes Craig to say “God Damnit.” Would Craig be worried about that certain wording, especially when PC principal is saying it to his homophobic father?

But look at Tweek.

Notice the difference in their eyebrows.

Tweek doesn’t react until Craig reacts negatively. Then just goes along with it.

The break-up scene

Things obviously go way out of hand, totally off track. And Tweek’s performance actually took an impact on Craig, “I was totally wrong about you. I opened myself up, and let you in…” Could this line have triggered something in Craig in some way? Because then he stood leaning forward with his mouth open, up until Wendy gave him an angry look. Before Tweek said this, Craig was just angry, now he’s stunned, and in shock.

Even if it was acting, really good acting- could it have actually emotionally got to Craig? Craig knew he was acting, that’s why we was angry, but then- he’s wide eyes with a gaping mouth. Whatever it was, it did something to Craig.

And then we have the walk of shame, cue iconic sad music.

Craig’s house: Usuing masculinity trying to cover up homosexuality

This scene is very important, he’s working on a bike. Why a bike? Most kids in his grade are still riding tricycles. Now, take what I say with a grain of salt but my closeted gay friend said most closeted men try and prove their masculinity such as working on mechanics or heavy lifting (ect.) “I always felt I had to prove my manhood just because I was gay, or else the other guys would tease me about going shoe shopping or some other gay stereotype” I’m NOT saying all men are like this, but I’m saying this could POSSIBLY refer in Craig’s case.
And men’s confidence and self-esteem can greatly depend on how ‘manly’ they feel, and how manly they believe other men and women see them as being. There’s no way Craig would be able to ride that bike, his short legs wouldn’t even reach the pedals. But maybe Craig was feeling his manhood was in danger, just because he may have feelings for a guy? So it should be no surprise that some men go overboard to prove – to themselves and everyone else – that they’re not only ‘real men,’ but super-manly.

Tweek confronts Craig

Craig doesn’t wanna hear it. Basically tells Tweek to fuck off. He was angry, angry that the school hates him, angry that he’ll never get any “chicks” and angry that Tweek just betrayed him.

Tweek opens up to Craig, stating he made him “believe in myself in a way I never have before.” And that Craig “changed something in him”, I’m pretty sure this is where Tweek accepts his feelings for Craig- it doesn’t matter the gender, it just matters how they make you feel. And to Tweek, Craig is his rock. His support. His reassurance. Craig has made Tweek feel something that in all his 10 years of living, he’s never felt before. Craig is someone special to him, Craig makes him a better person. Then it hits craig-


Making him realize, maybe he does actually have feelings for Tweek. Or at least, something sparked between them in that exact moment. Maybe everything Tweek just said, he felt he could relate to all of that with Tweek. BUT–

But then after Tweek’s line, you could hear Thomas cry. I’m sure Craig heard it too. Right when he cries, Craig looks down, saddened. Reminded of his unaccepting father, which then causes him to tell Tweek to “go be gay with someone else.” Tweek is obviously saddened by this, saying “Alright Craig, alright.” If they were actually “doing this for the town” wouldn’t it be easy to go be gay with someone else, instead of being stuck on one person? All the town really cared about was a pair of kids that were gay, didn’t matter who. But Tweek didn’t want anyone else but Craig.

Coming around

Cut to Thomas Tucker, explaining to his wife “I can see how much they’re both hurting, but… Can’t you understand that in my time we just didn’t accept this?”

So there we have proof that Craig was showing obvious sadness around the house. I don’t think it was about everyone hating him at school either, as we all know Craig is known to either be angry or he just doesn’t care. He was angry about the school. But not sad. He was saddened over Tweek. He’s never showed any sad emotions on-screen up until now.

I have a feeling Craig automatically regretted what he said to Tweek, he obviously didn’t want him to leave, or to find someone else. It didn’t seem long after Tweek left, that Craig was being a lil’ emo in his room of darkness. The animators actually went out of their way to exaggerate the sadness in his eyes.

Thomas comes and comforts his son, as the Official South Park Wiki explains it– “Though he was raised in a homophobic home, when he realized his son seemed happier with his boyfriend, he decided to let go of his prejudice.” All he cares about in the end, is Craig’s happiness, and Craig didn’t seem happy without Tweek.

He told Craig, “Son, you need to listen to me. You can’t fight being gay. I used to think that being gay was a choice, but, you don’t get to decide. Japan picks who they pick, and that’s that. I don’t understand this stuff. but… I do know that if you try and resist it, you make yourself miserable your whole life. Everyone was so proud of you, Ah I was just being selfish. I wanna be proud of you too. I like gay Craig. I love you. Here’s a hundred dollars.” Now, a few sentences stood out. 'You can’t fight being gay’ Craig was obviously trying to fight it this whole time, but in the end, he missed Tweek. 'I used to think being gay was a choice but, you don’t get to decide’ I think Craig has already figured that out by this point. He was obviously upset about the break up, shown in the walk of shame plus obviously upset that Tweek left. ’I do know that if you try and resist it, you’ll be misserable your whole life.’ –and what is Craig right now? He’s absolutely miserable. He’s in his room. In the dark. Extremely sad. 'I wanna be proud of you too’ this whole time, Craig was worried about his father’s acceptance and what he would think, well in very statement, he finally got his approval. ’I like gay Craig, I love YOU.’ I think this speaks a lot. Thomas just said, gay or not, he still loves him. If he’s gay, great, if he’s not, that’s okay too.


After Thomas’s speech, Craig goes and finds Tweek, walks up to him, and holds out his hand. I could understand the speculation this ending could cause and why people would think that they’re just pretending. But I really loved it. It leaves it up to the viewers imagination on what happened.


But they gay, it’s official, so gtfo of here with that “They’re faking for the town.” Bullshit.

Anyway, thank you for sticking around if you made it this far. I appreciate it! :) Some of what I said, you probably knew already. But while waiting to play The Fractured But Whole, I thought I might as well make my own episode analysis to Tweek x Craig. I’m just a boy that is obvious creek trash. *Drops mic* Lys, OUT! *walks off stage while flipping my tail coat*

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Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen, Gen
Word count : 2,244
Author :Mel

Part 1 in ‘My son, Bringer of Storms’.

Making his way across the lot from his trailer to the set, Jared was looking down at his phone, smiling at the picture of his boys, when Jensen seemed to pop up out of nowhere. “Jesus, Jen..” He shot his friend a look. “What’s up?”

“Uh. Hang out out here with me for a bit?”

Jared furrowed his brow. “Dude, we just got called to set..”

“Yeah but.. You don’t want to go in there right now..” Jensen licked his lips, hoping he could convince Jared to stay out just a bit longer.

“What did you do?” Jared smiled.

“What? Nothing.” Jensen scoffed.

“I heard there’s new people working on set. Did you prank someone without me? This I gotta see.” He chuckled and pulled open the door.

“Fuck.” Jensen grumbled and followed him in.

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anonymous asked:

“You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?” And “Is that my shirt?” For either Bucky or Bruce?

this is just short and sleepy and warm. no warnings.

Tonight was another one of those nights that you would find refuge in Bruce’s bed. It had been awhile since the last time, but it definitely wasn’t the first time for either of you.

It was a time honored tradition at this point. He even kept extra blankets in his room for you now after waking up multiple time to you having stolen his comforter from him but still shivering. 

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A Little Bit of Appreciation

So I just felt like I needed to say this, and let you know that I appreciate you! SO I’m going to tag you and let you know what I think about you and all!! 

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@landsec YOU ARE MY LEGIT HISPANIC BEST FRIEND!!! LIKE Idk how to explain that but you know what I mean, and I appreciate that we can talk in spanish to each other and everyone else is just like “what the fuck are they saying” but yeah, I appreciate you

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The Girl With The Lion Tattoo

Characters: Dean x Reader
Words: 1322
Summary: How do you stop a lecture from Dean Winchester? Bake him a pie in short shorts.

A/N: This is my one shot for balthzars-muse’s “Dean’s Flavor Of The Month.” I’m a Leo. Stubborn and determined. I have Peach Pie. This was fun to write. Hope you like it.

Originally posted by shysilkwonderland

           You crossed your arms over your chest and stared at Dean, “Are you kidding me right now, Dean?” you asked.

           “I’m not kidding,” he shook his head.

           “You think I’m too stubborn to hunt? The last time I checked, you were just as stubborn as me.”

           Dean stood his crowd, “You don’t bend on anything, Y/N. You get too fired up. If you’re gonna hunt, you need to have a level head.”

           “I’ll freaking show you a level head,” you grumbled, stomping down the hallway to your room. Dean could stop you from hunting with him and Sam, but he couldn’t stop you from hunting altogether.

           Dean and Sam left the bunker to go on the hunt you weren’t allowed to go on. You decided to go on your own hunt. Garth had told you about a simple salt and burn case. You really just wanted to get out and do something, so you did.

           You packed your bag and got in your car, going to the address Garth had sent you. It felt nice to hunt. You missed the guys, but if Dean was going to be a pain, you could hunt alone. No problem.

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