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His beauty and her beast chapter 8

Just another chapter on my favourite ship! Hope you enjoy 


Sasuke sneaked away from the sleeping form of Hinata. He’d somehow managed to move her from off his chest, freeing his arm in process and laying her head on her pillow without waking her up. By some miracle, he had then sneaked across her room and managed to close the door gently without waking her.

“What'ya doing?”

“Shit! Naruto?!” Sasuke jumped at the sound of  his best friend’s voice right beside him.

“Since when has anyone been able to sneak up on you?” Naruto asked him in shock. “Hey..er…isn’t that Hinata’s room?” Sasuke looked from Hinata’s now shut door and back to his best friend.

“Maybe…” He quickly turned and began walking at a fast pace to his own bedroom, hoping Naruto wouldn’t catch the slight blush on his cheeks, notice that he was in his pyjamas or follow him. However with a best friend as nosey as Nauto he had no such luck and annoyingly today of all day’s Naruto noticed everything.

“Wait it’s 7 in the morning, you’re in your pyjamas and I just caught you snaking out of Hinata’s room….Did you guys sleep together?”

“No. Yes. No. Urh not like that! Just shut up Dobe!”

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Title: Hickey
Prompt: Dating (Day 10)
Rating: T

Embarrassed was a word much too simple to describe with accuracy how they were feeling at the moment.

It’s my fault, Hinata thought miserably, hiding her over-heated face behind her dark bangs. It’s my entire fault!

But she couldn’t have helped it. She was just so… weak, and Naruto’s jawline was so attractive, and his skin tasted deliciously salty, and the sounds he made as she bit on the sensible skin of his neck utterly disarmed her. She was so, so weak when it came to this.

At the very least, she should have reminded him of hiding the marks well enough. She knew he always forgot about stuff like this; she shouldn’t have forgotten too. If only she had remembered to advise him to wear a scarf this evening, before they went out for dinner with their friends…

“Oh my God, that totally is a hickey!”

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Newest Boruto Trailer

So.. Am I the only one that almost teared up? That freaking song. It has a nostalgic tone to it and letting it play while they’re showing us so many moments from the manga did not help! 

This photo is extremely adorable! It’s incredible to realize that this guy is actually Naruto Uzumaki and has a photo with his SON. I still hardly believe it. I just feel so proud! And look at what Naruto is wearing! His clothes from The Last (they didn’t wait at all, did they)! The photo in the back, though hard to make out, has a smiling Uzumaki family in it right? Or is that just my NaruHina+Uzumaki Family-fanatic self screaming at me?

Uhm, didn’t you want to show the whole gang trailer? I think you missed a few. But I’m ok with these four for now though, they look so good! 

Not to mention this girl here! Damn Sasuke you lucky bastard! How in the world could you even ignore this warrior? I bet it must have been dificult!

Byakugan Princess, you get more beautiful as you age! God damn MILF. I gotta admit, I squeaked when I saw her. Naruto you lucky bastard. Anyway, I’m excited I will be seeing her again! YAAAAY!

Long story short, I do this a lot, I can’t wait anymore for this movie to arrive in my hands! My patience is fading! I want to see the next Generation interacting! COME ON JAPAN! LET’S WATCH IT ALL TOGETHER!

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PS: And cry all night later!