let's just ignore that this is the work bathroom

things that *sometimes* help increase focus for adhders (aka useless tips from me trying to concentrate at work constantly):

  • frequent breaks…seriously if u gotta go to the bathroom 7 times in a day do it tbh…give yourself a chance to fiddle with your phone or just fiddle w/ something
  • a stim toy?? might help with the fiddling
  • chewing gum
  • restless leg syndrome
  • writing down distracting thoughts as soon as you get them and just letting it out so you can ignore it and get back on task
  • more breaks
  • fling ur phone across the room and just keep it far away from u. I’m kidding. but nah really never open ur phone if u can help it
  • rocking back and forth 
  • if you can get away with making noises…do it
  • varying the task - if you’re working on multiple things at once try to change it up every so often and leave off at a good point so when u get back to the original one you can just pick up where you left off
  • if medicated…start a task before the meds even kick in
  • research adhd-appropriate foods that can assist with focus or pay attention to your body in general. maybe u need to eat a banana, maybe u need to hydrate…do whatever helps
  • rewards - if u manage to stay focused / on task for a whole hour, reward yourself by getting up to move around

this is all i can think of for now but if anyone else has anything to add feel free