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Hunted {BTS Mafia!AU}

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: BTS mafia au
Warning: angst, smut (at some point), violence, mentions of prostitution/drugs, swearing, other dark themes I can’t think of right now

Writer: Bom

Word count: 1815

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Y/n finds out about the mysterious ‘Nightwalker’ situation, and is infuriated when neither Yoongi, Youngji, Taehyung or Jungkook will tell her what it is. To their surprise, a known gang from the north has offered to help them in exchange for their own information and Youngji’s sudden disappearance

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morning glory.

word count: 850
pairing: hyungwon x reader
notes: fluff, modern au

“Seriously, cut that out, it’s getting creepy.” Chanykyun rolls his eyes, shoving another forkful of scrambled eggs into his mouth. 

“Cut what out?” you snap back at him, focusing your attention back to the food on your plate. 

“Y/N… You’ve been staring at that guy since the moment we walked in,” he groans. “Trust me, you do this every single morning we’re here.” 

“Do not…” you protest, slightly ashamed that you’re caught. You peek back at the waiter across the room, who’s taking someone else’s order right now.

The sun rays from the glass panels of the dainty cafe and give him a heavenly glow. You admire his model-like features and feel your heart fluttering again. His slender body fit his uniform so well, and the white shirt highlight his rosy, plump lips. His dark brown hair looks so soft and fluffy, and you wonder how it would feel to touch it. He’s like a prince…

“See. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.” Changkyun’s deep voice snaps you out of your trance. “Just talk to him for God’s sake.”

“No way!” You put down your fork and take two big gulps of your orange juice. “I mean… do you see him?” You take another peek. “He definitely has a girlfriend…” 

You sigh and nibble angrily on your toast. 

Since the day you and Changkyun found this spot, the two of you were hooked. You’d be here on the days you had morning classes. Changkyun is prisoner to the perfectly cooked bacon, and as for you, it’s the fluffy pancakes… and the cute waiter. 

The first time you had breakfast here, he was the one that served. You had trouble looking him in the eye, and you kept stumbling over your words. He tried to hide his chuckles behind his sweet smile. Before you hung your head in embarrassment, you read his name tag. 


That was the first and last time he’s been your server. Every visit after, he’s already at a different table. Is it your rotten luck…? Or is it just not meant to be?

He’d actually catch you staring sometimes, but you’d immediately turn away before he can even react. And… that’s about the extent of your interaction. 

“Hello… Earth to Y/N~” Changkyun sings. 

“W-what?” you sputter. He gives you a face of disapproval, sighing and shaking his head. 

“Excuse me,” he motions towards Hyungwon, who’s two tables away. You’re about to shut him up, but it’s too late, as Hyungwon starts to walk over. The closer he got, the warmer your face becomes, and you just look down at your fidgeting fingers. 

“How can I help?” he asks, standing right next to your table.

Changkyun clears his throat, probably trying to give you a cue, but you just ignore him. Letting out another sigh, he takes matters into his own hands.

“Hey… don’t you go to K University?” Changkyun randomly questions. You kick him in the shin under the table and he lets out a small yelp. 

You finally lift your head, still avoiding Hyungwon’s gaze. “I’m sorry! Please just ignore him.” You glare at Changkyun. “He’s working, don’t be stupid.”

Hyungwon laughs softly. “It’s fine, it’s not that busy right now.” he reassures. “And yes, I do.”

“Oh! So it was you we saw on campus,” Changkyun lies. “Oh! I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back.” 

That was the fakest ‘Oh!’ you’ve ever heard in your life… He’s never been good at acting… You mentally facepalm as he devours the last piece of bacon before walking away. 

Hyungwon seems slightly amused, and doesn’t even hide his laughter. “Your boyfriend… is pretty funny,” he chuckles.

“B-boyfriend?!” you choke, almost knocking over your drink. “No! He’s not my boyfriend, oh no way in hell. He’s just a childhood friend, nothing more!”

You cringe at yourself, getting so hyped up over this topic. For some reason, you wanted to make it really clear that you’re single. Not that it’d change anything… but you had to put it out there.

“He isn’t?” Hyungwon peers at you, his eyes wide. A blush creeps up on your face again, and you can only shake your head back. 

You hear him let out a breath of… relief? His voice lowers into a mumble. “Oh… this whole time I thought you guys were dating… You… come here a lot with him.”

“You remember me?” you croak, a bit happy. 

“Of course,” he grins. And at that, your whole face burns up. “Ah… I have to get back to work.”

You unconsciously pout, and he smiles at your expression. He takes out his notepad, scribbles something really quick, before tearing the page off.

“Here,” he whispers, sliding the folded note next to your plate. He gives you a playful wink before walking away. “I’ll… talk to you later?”

Your heart is running miles, and your hand shakes a little as you reach for the sacred piece of paper. 

His name is written in black pen, and with his number right under it. 

“Hyungwon… Chae Hyungwon.” 

a/n: this is my first little fic on this blog, where i will be posting more fics and strictly mx related posts~ thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed it ^^

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Hi! You wanted newsies ships and prompts so Javid and number 12 and 14 from your prompt list please :)

Here you go! I wrote it for prompt 14. You just walked out of the shower, still dripping wet, in only a towel and oh no now I’ve dropped what I was holding and you noticed me staring blatantly at you Since someone else requested 12 for another ship. Anyway, this is unedited so excuse my mistakes. Hope you enjoy!!

In hindsight, David should have seen this coming. I mean, what did he expect after moving in with Jack? The bathroom was all the way down the hall from both of their bedrooms. David really, really should’ve seen this coming.

But still, seeing Jack Kelly’s dripping half-naked body would be enough to short circuit anyone’s mind. David was most definitely staring. He couldn’t help it.

It was David’s first full day living in the apartment. Jack had been looking for a new roommate since Crutchie moved to a smaller place closer to his job where he could live on his own. Jack couldn’t afford the two-bedroom apartment on his own and David offhandedly told him he was looking for a place to live. Everything went downhill from there.

Jack and David had been friends for a few months and maybe not all of David’s feelings were strictly platonic, but he wasn’t blind. Jack was crazy attractive. David mentally kicks himself for agreeing to move in. It was just a small crush. He would be fine.

So, he averted his eyes from Jack’s dripping, muscular back retreating back to his room, and tried to focus on the book he was reading. Everything would be fine; He would get over this soon enough.

David was wrong.

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I work at one of the popular essential oil companies and I just got promoted to be a chat agent. When I get overly stressed and anxious, I get stomach aches that get so painful, I sometimes pass out. I told my new manager this the first day we met. On one day, were were super busy to the point everyone was getting double chats. I was getting so stressed about making sure I answer to the members in two minutes or less, it started acting up. I took my lunch early to calm down and chew on mint gum. My company has this lovely new system for our attendance. We get points for when we are late or when we call in with out getting the day off and approved. We get 30 points to last 3 months. I have used all but one, and that one will lead me to a write up. After my lunch was over, my stomach just got worse and worse till I got dizzy and tunneled vision. This is the second to last stage before I black out. I quietly go up to my manager to tell her what was going on, how I only have one point left and I still have 4 hours left to my shift. Everyone on my team looked to see that I was ghost white and could tell something was wrong. The manager just said no, unless I get a doctors note. Like i am magical gonna pull one out my ass. Told her I simply dont have one and it just started an hour
ago and it is getting worse. She told me I would ether stick it out, or take the points and get written up. Not wanting to get written up I went back to work. I didnt pass out luckily, but I was in so much pain, I felt like an alien was going to rip its way out from my guts. I had to run to the bathroom nearly every 20 mins to ether puke or just go.

A note about my companies lovely attendance system. They dont accept doctors notes unless it was an over night hospital stay. Because of this, in January when that bug was going around, everyone in the office got it because they wont let us take sick leave and ignored the doctors notes.

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Hi I'm the one who requested for the obsession spell. My situation is somewhat like an ignoring game. All of a sudden he is ignoring me, I can't even think of a time where i did something wrong. I know an obsession spell is highly manipulating and violates someone's free will. Perhaps you could create a spell to stop him from ignoring me. I try to talk to him a lot but he just seems so uninterested. I also asked if he's hvin any problems at work n turns out everything's fine. Pls help me out.

stop ignoring me spell

place a small pinch of dill, and a fragment of a rose petal under your tongue. concentrate on the intention “open your mouth, open your heart” for a little while. it’s okay if you accidentally swallow some, both are edible, but try not to.

give him a kiss on the cheek. 

then go into the bathroom alone. chant/think:

Open your mouth, let me see your heart
Spill the feelings that are keeping us apart

as you rinse the herbs out of your mouth with water, imagine his opening up to you. 

repeat if you like, but no more than twice a day. 

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When it comes to the high school teachers, please don't blame them/us for half the shit because we get fired for the smallest things. Where I live, as have to give homework, we have to have a certain number of grades to put in and amount of projects and work or we get fired. My co worker was fired two years ago for letting a student leave the classroom because she was crying so she could use the bathroom then ditched. Teachers get the worst of if all.

They really do. Teachers are professionals who go to school for a long time to be able to teach competently and then their skills just get ignored.

Better Tomorrows

Here’s another fic for my ABO Bingo Card, the Alpha Challenging Alpha for Omega square.  @spnabobingo 

My bestie @atc74 requested a non-brother Sam and Dean challenging for an OFC, who I have named Resa after a certain fiery redhead I know.  This is a college AU to accommodate the non-brother aspect.

Summary: Resa was just planning on having a few drinks at the bar after her long day, but a couple Alphas have another idea.

warnings: A/B/O dynamics, Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Omega!Resa, Alphas arguing, badass!Omega

word count: ~1400

Resa headed for the bar, eager to put her long day behind her.  She’d been late to her first class of the morning, which meant that she wasn’t able to get her usual seat at the front of the room.  Concentrating (let alone hearing the professor) in that lecture hall was impossible from the back, so she knew she missed important information.

After that, she went to speak with another professor about a low grade on a paper from last week, but he gave her no leeway or makeup assignment.  It wasn’t completely off topic that she had gone off on a two page tangent in the middle of the paper about Omega rights in today’s society versus fifty years ago, especially because it was a civil rights class.  The professor didn’t agree, however, insisting that she narrow her focus to the prompt at hand in the future.

Resa followed that unsatisfying meeting up with a few hours in the library, another class, and then dinner with her suitemates.  Living in the on-campus apartment complex was nice when it came to her commute, but it meant that she didn’t have the greatest relationship with the people she lived with, as they weren’t close friends.  Luckily she had her own room.

Long story short, Resa needed a drink.  

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Fem!Reader x Josh Dun | masterlist

AU: You, Josh and Tyler have all been best friends since high school. For some reason, Josh randomly started to hate you, and you two have been enemies ever since.

A/N: I’m not too proud of this one, but I’ve had it and thought I’d post it while I worked on some other ones for you guys. Hope ya enjoy anyways xx

“Tyler, I am not going to be stuck on a tour bus with him for an entire month,” you said. Tyler was trying to convince you to go on tour with him and his bandmate Josh. You, Tyler and Josh went to highschool together. You and Tyler had been best friends, and him and Josh had been best friends, but you and Josh were enemies. It hadn’t always been that way, at one time, all three of you were inseparable, but something happened, a flip switched in Josh, and he became the biggest asshole on the face of the planet. You never knew what you had done to make him hate you so much, so you just hated him back. You two couldn’t be in the same room for very long without yelling at each other.

“Come on, it’ll be fine, I swear he’ll be nice,” Tyler begged.

“Yeah, I doubt that,” you said.

“Please.. If he gets to be intolerable, I will buy you the next flight home.”

“Tyler.. I need to talk to my boyfriend about it..”

“I’m sure he’ll be fine with it.”

You huffed at Tyler’s response.

“Fine. But you have to swear that if he gets ridiculous, I can go home.”

“Pinky swear.”

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Day: 7

I did my best on this one, but it got away from me. I didn’t plan on it turning this angsty, or this long. But Sam and Dean had another thing to say about it. I hope you enjoy it anyway. Happy ending, despite the ridiculous amount of angst. 

Apart from the time he spent with Jess, he’s always slept alone in bed, he’s used to being alone in bed, cold sheets and meaningless blankets that never warmed him up. But he’s never slept alone in a room. Sure, he’d spent a night in a room for one, but he’d never slept, not surrounded by the silence that’s meant to be filled by someone else’s breath, not with the other bed empty when it’s supposed to be occupied by Dean.

Sam sighed and turned to his side, so his back was to Dean’s bed, he’d already resigned himself to another sleepless night. At least till Dean stumbled back into their room at the early hours of dawn, reeking of whiskey and flowery perfume. Another town meant a lonely room for Sam, and a nameless girl for Dean. You’d think he’d gotten used to it by now, but he never did.

It wasn’t the problem anyway, he wasn’t even sure what the problem is anymore.

Yes, he did realize that freeing Lucifer is a fucking mistake. He regretted it with his whole being, he tried everything to show his brother how sorry he was. He left, he came back, he apologized and apologized and apologized, and each time Dean would get more angry. Dean had screamed his lungs out, telling Sam that he’d forgiven him for Satan already. Shouting that it didn’t matter anymore, that it wasn’t important. Big lies about how he wasn’t angry about it. And Sam would scream back, disparate and frustrated Then why are you angry if not about that?! Why won’t you talk to me? Why won’t you spend the night here?

Dean never answered and this is what their days have become. Arguments, screaming and shouting. Sharp edged words that meant to cut deep and hurt, insults and pains echoing off similar walls in different rooms and new places. Sam didn’t remember a time when they hurt each other this much, not emotionally and not physically.

He knew it was his fault, he knew Dean was just lying about forgiving him, he knew he didn’t have the right to scream back. But the way Dean’s eyes harden at his apologies and how he dismissed them. Denying his anger, was what fueled Sam’s own.

He made it all worse when he punched Dean this morning, Dean looked at him for a long time and then left, still not back yet. Sam still cannot sleep.

“I’m such an idiot,” He murmured into the room. And when the light started to pour through the curtains with no sight of Dean, Sam shut his eyes and allowed his tears to flow.

It went like that for another week, one filled with bitter silence or shouting matches. The only difference is that now they started throwing punches.

The sex when it happened, was unexpected. One second they were wrestling and the next they were kissing so desperately one would think they needed it more than breathing. Sam did, he wasn’t so sure about Dean.

They went hard and rough, a fight more than an act of love, bites and snarls. Slamming each other against walls or rolling on the ground. It didn’t matter who leaned in first, didn’t matter who hurt more, just so long as they could hurt together.

Eventually, they stopped talking. The moment they stepped inside a room, one of them jumped the other and they started tearing each other’s clothes apart till nothing but the raw feeling of skin on skin remained. Till Dean was buried in Sam so deep he could barely breathe. Till they couldn’t remember being separate beings.

Sam was losing himself, every time they fucked, a bit of him died, empty and bitter and confused and hurt. Dean didn’t care. At one point it wasn’t a fight anymore, just Sam allowing his brother to use him and toss him aside whenever he felt like it.

It’s been a month, and they haven’t shared a single word that counted.

When Sam had no more tears the sky cried in his stead, angry thunder and wild winds and rain so heavy it blocked the sight. A formidable storm, just like the one hitting his soul.

He didn’t think he could take it, if Dean got back and touched him tonight. He didn’t think he could take it, if Dean didn’t touch him tonight. Something inside of him was breaking, maybe his soul was made of glass, and Sam’s denial wasn’t as strong a glue as he thought it was.

When he was young and stupid, Sam thought that if he only loved Dean enough, Dean would love him back just as hard. And for a while it worked. Dean never loved him like he wished, but he loved him. Fiercely, with a singular focus and so much devotion. And Sam had tested the boundaries of that love till he broke it. Dean wouldn’t even look at him now.

When Dean got back he wasn’t drunk, just soaked to the bone. The rain didn’t let up, so of course there were no bars open in this weather. Dean ignored him, changed his clothes in the bathroom, and laid down on his own bed.

Sam’s heart was in his throat, he wanted Dean’s touch, craved it. But he couldn’t get it without that blank look on Dean’s face. Dean wouldn’t love him.

He still got up and crawled into Dean’s bed, at first he laid beside him, when Dean tried to push him away, he stood up and removed his clothes. His moves mechanical as article after article of cloth fell on the ground. He pulled Dean’s boxers down, then helped him out of his t-shirt.

Dean didn’t fight as Sam straddled his hips. There was no foreplay, no kisses, Sam poured some lube over his fingers and prepped himself, feeling nothing.

He wasn’t even hard, Dean wasn’t either, but Sam stroked him with lube till he was, lifted himself up and impaled himself on Dean’s cock. He started a rhythm, up and down but he wasn’t feeling, he just wanted to be close to Dean. Dean was staring at him, features contracted into a pained expression, and Sam couldn’t take it anymore.

Tears he thought been long dry fell down, one after the other as his hips stopped moving and his sorrow shock his shoulders. The drops fell on Dean’s cheeks and slid down, appearing as if they were his too. Maybe Sam was crying for both of them.

“Sam..” It was the first time Dean used his name in so long, Sam let out a broken sob at it, leaned down further till his hair was falling around his face.

“Why?” He rasped “Why won’t you love me anymore?” It was such a childish thing to say, something he didn’t ask even when he was little, but he couldn’t word it any other way.

“I love you so much, Dean.” He hiccupped, Dean moved, sat up and supported himself on the headboard, Sam sitting his lap. Sam was a little thrown by the change in position, Dean’s face was suddenly so close to his. Brilliant emeralds now glassy, looking at him, seeing him for the first time in forever. Dean cupped his face, the gesture so tender Sam closed his eyes, the feel of Dean’s thumps wiping away his tears sending shivers down his spine.

“I love you so much, and I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t.” Dean cut “Don’t apologize about that, I’m not angry about that.” Dean was speaking in a hushed whisper, his breath hot on Sam’s chin.

Sam blinked and more tears fell, one of Dean’s thumbs swapped on his eye, forcing it momentarily shut.

“The Apocalypse is not your fault alone. It’s on me, and Azazel and Lilith and the fucking angels, not you, Sam.”

Sam choked on another sob, and Dean pulled him in till his face was hidden in Dean’s neck. Held him close. “Then why? Why do you hate me so much?”

“God, never hate you Sam.” Dean gulped “You chose her over me,”


Dean nodded, petting Sam’s hair like he used to do when he comforted Sam many years ago. It’s strange to think about that with Dean still inside of him, but not bad. Not wrong. Dean was never wrong.

“I was so angry, Sam.”

“I never chose her, Dean. I was doing that to protect you. I was scared Lilith would take you away from me again. I can’t be without you again,”

Dean pulled back, framed Sam’s face with his hands and locked his gaze with Sam’s. “Tell me again,” He whispered.

“I love you,” Sam didn’t hesitate, if Dean wanted to hear him say it then he’d repeat it till his tongue would fall off. “I love you,”

Dean closed the space between them, his kiss soft and tender. One that they never shared before. He flipped them over so Sam was on his back and Dean was hovering over him.

“I love you too, Sammy.”

Dean punctuated his claim with a slow thrust, and Sam gasped at the feeling of Dean hardening  length inside of him. His dick was getting hard too. Dean leaned in and kissed him, slow and sloppy. Sam sucked on his tongue, moaned at another well aimed thrust of Dean’s hips.

Dean kept his rhythm slow, dragging his cock almost all the way out before sliding in again. He planted small kisses everywhere he could reach. On Sam’s eyebrows, lids and cheeks, then he connected their lips again and stole Sam’s breath away.

Sam was growing desperate, pushing down, meeting each shove of Dean’s head on, strangled noises leaving his throat, mingled with broken versions of Dean’s name.

He lifted his legs up and wrapped them around Dean’s waist, same as he circled Dean’s neck with his arms. Pulling him closer. Dean’s arms sneaked around him, drew him flush against Dean’s chest till Sam felt like he was being molded into his brother.

“Sammy. My Sammy,” Dean husked into his neck, and Sam mewled at the possessiveness. Yes, he was Dean’s.

Dean attached their mouths together, and he kissed Sam through both of their orgasms. They were sticky with sweat and come, but for a long while they didn’t let go.

They had another round in the shower, and now they were tangled together on Sam’s bed, having soiled Dean’s. Dean propped on the pillows and Sam resting his head on Dean’s chest, feeling content and whole for the first time in his life. Dean was tracing invisible lines on his arm and shoulder.



Sam bit his bottom lip, suddenly shy about asking. He’d repeated his feelings for Dean what felt like a hunderd times over the past hour, but Dean didn’t. And Sam needed to hear it again, needed for Dean to keep reminding him, least he forgot.

“Did you mean it?”

“ ‘course I did, Sammy.”

Sam swallowed audibly, and burrowed closer to Dean. “Say it again? Dean, please. I need you to tell me,” His voice broke, and the damn tears were already readying themselves to flow. As if Dean would take it back, God please don’t let Dean take it back.

Dean’s arm around his waist tightened. He took off ring he always wore, then silently, slid it onto Sam’s left ring finger. Sam stared at it for a minute.


“Words are not my strong suit, Sammy. And I can’t promise I won’t hurt you, cause I’m an idiot and if the past month was anything it’s a prove to that.” He stopped and then straitened his pose, pulling Sam more snuggly against him “So, I’m giving you this to remember, even if I don’t say it as much as you do. I love you.”

Sam’s eyes teared up for another reason as he watched Dean lift his hand to plant a firm kiss right over the ring.

He closed his eyes and vowed to never let anything come between them again. 

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#390 - You Overwork Yourself

Harry: “I’m so sorry I’m late,” you rushed, letting your bag fall off of your shoulder as you sat in front of Harry in the restaurant, shaking out your hair. Harry sat up and sighed softly, giving you a slight smile. “Don’t worry. How was work?” he asked. “Long. Stressful,” you replied, shaking your head. It hadn’t been the first time you had been late. Work had been busy, more so than you actually knew how to handle. You couldn’t admit that though. “(Y/N),” Harry murmured, shaking his head. “Aren’t you over doing it?” “What?” you looked at him, shaking your head slightly. “I just… you’re always at work,” he answered you, resting his hands flat against the table. “You’re late, and like… I don’t mind, but you’ve been so tired…” You looked at him for a moment and brought your hands up to your eyes. Your palms pressed against your closed eyelids. “It’s just really busy right now,” you murmured out, pulling your hands away. “You still need a break,” he argued. “This is technically a break no?” you looked at him and he breathed out exasperatedly. “It is, yes. But you’re still thinking about work. You need just… two hours or something to lay on the couch, put your feet up, close your eyes. You’re overworking yourself and we both know how that ended last time.” Taking a deep breath, you looked at him and pursed your lips together. He wasn’t wrong. You just really needed to get this work done. “Let me just push this until the weekend okay?” you murmured. “I’ll take a break then.” Harry raised his eyebrow at you and picked up his wine glass. “I”ll make sure of that,” he spoke softly, taking a sip. You looked down at the menu and tapped your fingers, pursing your lips together. “This job is taking so much out of you,” he said softly. “Like… you’re not happy…” “I’m fine Harry,” you shook your head. “Fine.” Harry shook his head slightly. “Okay then.” He didn’t want to argue. “Let’s just have dinner.”

Liam: Your head was absolutely pounding. A first class migraine. The e-mails on the computer screen were completely warped up and you felt extremely irritated with everyone trying to get a hold of you. “Hey,” Liam spoke softly, sliding his hands onto your shoulders and down your arms firmly, creating friction and warmth. “I just… I can’t deal with all this bullshit. It’s bullshit,” you shook your head and put your hands over your face. “I know,” he nodded, leaning over you to gently press his lips against the top of your head. He wasn’t about to argue or do anything that could stress you out anymore. “How about… you let those people wait for tonight… you’ve answered enough, I think they’ll survive… you’ve been waiting on their needs hand and foot all week…” he whispered. “Can you get me some Asprin please?” you whispered, your hands going up to pinch the bridge of your nose. “Yeah… go lie down yeah?” Liam pulled back and went back into the bathroom while you shut your laptop and cut the light off. You got up, keeping your eyes closed and blindly made your way to the bed. The feeling of the cool pillow against your cheek was soothing, cushioning your aching head as you tried to not think about work. You heard Liam pad back into the room, the bed sinking next to you. For a brief moment you opened your eyes as took the medicine he had in his outstretched hand, followed by the water he had made sure to bring. Once they were down, you let out a deep sigh. “You need to stop working for a bit…” he whispered. “I know,” you murmured, keeping your answers short. “I know.” The room got quiet again as Liam’s hand slipped into your hair. The soothing movements of his fingers pressing against your scalp helping slowly to relieve some of the tension in your head. With the silence and the dark, the migraine eventually began to alleviate after a couple of hours, the lingering pain making you feel quite tired. Liam stayed with you silently comforting the pain and the exhaustion. Relaxed enough now, you drifted off, your mind blank for the first time in a while.

Niall: You checked your pulse on the treadmill, breathing heavily with sweat dripping down your forehead. You were determined to go for as long as you could, not stopping for anything. Niall stood in the doorway, watching you with his arms crossed over his chest. The whir of the loud machine was the only thing either of you could hear. “I think you should stop!” Niall called out over the sound. “No!” you shook your head, your eyes straight ahead. “I gotta get to 20 kilometers today,” you puffed out, your hair sticking to your forehead and your skin drenched in sweat. “You’re going too hard (Y/N),” he shook his head, coming over to stand next to the treadmill. “Niall, shut up,” you said without thinking, your heart going as fast. You honestly thought you could get there, but your heart was going a million miles an hour and you started to feel faint. Niall watched with concerned as you pumped your arms and stumbled slightly. That was when he reached over, gradually turning down the speed of the treadmill until it was at a complete stop. As soon as it was, he grabbed onto your waist and you practically fell into his embrace, putting your arms loosely around your shoulders. Niall held you up and grabbed your water bottle, bringing it to your lips. “Open,” he murmured and it wasn’t a question. Panting, you let him tilt the end of the bottle for you and you grabbed the bottom half. He was still keeping a careful grip on you but you were able to stand on your own. He shook his head slightly and ran his hand up and down your back. You took the water bottle from him and took small sips over and over again, your mouth dry. Niall was watching you cautiously. “I’m gonna take a shower,” you murmured, pulling back from him slightly. “You need to get your heart rate down first,” he shook his head, bringing you over to sit on the weight lifting bench for a moment. “Niall.” “(Y/N),” he mimicked, shaking his head. “You almost fell not 5 minutes ago. I’m not gonna let you go fall in the shower. Take a minute.” You looked at him chewing the inside of your bottom lip slowly. “Okay…”

Louis: You found yourself standing in the bathroom at work, trying not to have a break down right there. You felt overwhelmed to say the least. The amount of paperwork sitting on your desk was something you couldn’t ignore. You unravelled some toilet paper and wiped under your eyes as a couple loose tears started to fall. The more work you finished, the more piled up. It was like you just couldn’t win. You jumped slightly when the sound of your phone vibrated against the ceramic sink. It was just a text message from Louis. ‘I’m in your cubicle with lunch, where are you?’ he sent and you bit your lip, splashing some water on your face before stepping out of the bathroom. You hoped no one would be able to tell you were crying. You made your way back to your work space and sure enough, Louis was sitting in your chair, spinning it around mindlessly as he waited. You cleared your throat and he looked up, smiling widely. “Hey!” he stood up, grabbing your hand gently and pullng you in. “I just brought some sandwiches. I hope that’s okay.” You nodded slightly, looking over at the paper bag. “Yeah, thanks,” you nodded, giving him a small smile. “You okay?” he asked a bit softer, noticing your off-mood. “I’m fine, thanks for bringing lunch yeah?” You brushed him off and went to sit in your chair again. “You don’t want me to join you?” he questioned as you pulled out some more paper from the ‘in’ box. “I can’t have any distractions okay?” you shook your head. “Can you take the food? I’ll have them when I get home.” Louis looked at you for a moment. “And when are you getting home? Late? Again?” he raised his eyebrows. “Louis I have work to do,” you breathed out. “You look like you’ve been crying,” he said, completely ignoring your last statement. “So what if I have? I have to get this work done!” you exclaimed, turning to look at him with glassy eyes, another wave threatening to hit. He looked at you quietly for a moment and shook his head, grabbing the bag and grabbing your jacket. “Get up. We’re going home.”

Zayn: “(Y/N),” your co-worked said cautiously, her jacket over her arm. You were still in your spot, your desk lamp illuminating your work space. “Walk out with me yeah?” she asked and you shook your head, not even looking up. This project had been eating up every ounce of your time for the last week and despite people protesting, even your superior, you kept at it. You wanted it to be done, you needed to figure it out. “I gotta keep working,” you murmured. “It’s 10:00…” she shook her head and then the elevator dinged, the light coming on at your floor. When the elevators door opened, Zayn stepped out with his hands in his pockets. It wasn’t just some coincidence. Not only had your boss called him to let him know, your co-worked had texted him to let him know that you weren’t budging. Your peer went over to him and explained quietly before he thanked her and slowly came over to where you were working. “Babe, hey,” Zayn said softly, resting his hand on your shoulder. “No,” you shook your head, shrugging him off. “I know what you’re going to say, no.” “You’re not going to argue with me,” he said slowly, snagging the pen out of your hand. “Zayn!” you turned to face him and that was when he grabbed your arms, pulling you up. “Everyone’s fucking concerned about you. Lose the attitude (Y/N), we’re trying to help you!” You pushed away from him and looked back down at your desk. “Do not talk to me like that,” you stated, looking back at him. “I don’t care how mad you get at me, your boss even called. You are coming home with me, you’re going to stop worrying about this damn project for one night and you’re going to sleep. You have the day off tomorrow. You’re not coming into work. You’re pushing yourself too hard and you’re gonna make yourself ill. Then what? You can’t come into work for even longer period of time. I’m not leaving this building until you come with me. Okay? Okay.”

Ricochet Part 3


Part 1  Part 2  

I have just hit 100 followers so I am posting this early to celebrate! Thank you to everyone that follows me and to everyone lovely enough to read my shit!

A/N: So, this chapter is entirely from Bucky’s POV and goes back to three months after Alice left him. Again, I made some stuff up with how Bucky could get a job and transport, no idea if it is possible or not. This is the last Bucky chapter for a while, hope you like it!

Warnings: Angst, anger, frustration. Inappropriate advances by a bitch landlady. Bucky is still dealing with this better than Alice though. Some sadness at the end…

Please let me know what you think, good or bad!

Word count: 4323

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Lose To Win Chapter 9: What The Three Words Mean (Kaga’s sexy fluffy smut)

Title: Lose To Win Chapter 9
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Her Love In The Force
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Mystery?
Goto, Kaga, Ishigami, Soma, Ayumu, Namba, Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Baba, Ota, Kirisawa

Summary: Kaga’s SMUT!!! How does he REALLY FEEL about Mika’s return? Well for a man who doesn’t talk much, I hope this shed some light.

Background: Another 6 months later, she was back at the Tres Spades Hotel under Eisuke’s request. (Order)

Notes:  makingastar / 111archravenuelaili2104 / nyanwoof  Special thanks to these amazing friends, huge motivation for me to keep writing, plus my love for Kaga =P

Chapter 1: The Reunion
Chapter 2: RSVP
Chapter 3: Recharge
Chapter 4: Welcome Back
Chapter 5: Decision Of A Lifetime
Chapter 6: Our Story
Chapter 7: Stress Release
Chapter 8: Play Thing

Chapter 9: What The Three Words Mean 

“Because none of you bother to answer the fucking phones!” Kaga raises his voice as Goto picks up his suit jacket and avoids looking at him.

“What do you want?” You ask again, clearly annoyed. Playing and teasing you is one thing but barging into your place and yelling at you first thing in the morning when you still haven’t showered, ah uh no just no.

“Somebody has a class to teach.” Kaga glares at Goto who suddenly realizes how late it must be and rushes out the door after throwing you a goodbye.

“Okay, why are you still here?” You hold back a grin as you’re about to return a come back and call him clingy but you probably shouldn’t act too friendly around him, not when the status of this relationship remains unknown. If there’s no relationship at all then you sure as hell ain’t going to start one.

Kaga follows you to the bathroom and closes the door behind him. Letting out an exhausted sigh, you begin to undress. “Honestly, Kaga I’m tired and I am not in the mood to play. I just want a shower before going back to work.”

He watches quietly, with his back against the door and arms crossed. Glaring into the mirror, you ignore his satisfying grin and drop the last garment on the floor. You have no intention to tease him, he has seen it all. Rubbing bath soap with hot water hitting your back makes you feel incredibly good, maybe his piercing gazes has something to do with it as the steamy scene start to play in your head. How he cups your breasts and kisses them; how he remembers all your weak and sweet spot; how good he always makes you feel.

“Thinking of me?”

You let the water hit your face for few more seconds before turning around to see his vague figure through the glass. “Are you going to tell me why you are here or are you going to stalk me forever?”

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“You coming or what, doll?”

Prompt: [text] I am not stalking you. But you should do something about your bathroom, it’s gross.

Characters: Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, mentions of Nat & Tony

Pairing(s): Mentions of Stucky and possible Steve x Reader x Bucky

Word Count: ~1187

Warnings: Nudity, getting caught in a towel, suggested sexy times

A/N:  (o˘◡˘o) More of me working out my writer’s block lol. I’m probably posting way too many things in a day but whatevs.

Tags: @shamvictoria11 @fangirlnyxx

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The shower in your bathroom was broken for the day until Stark decided to fix it himself or send someone else up to repair the busted pipe. FRIDAY had quickly shut the water off to your bathroom so you didn’t have to worry about flooding your whole apartment or being without water in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it still meant that you had to go elsewhere to use the toilet or bathe if the need arose.

The thing is though, you hated using the communal showers in the locker rooms and you knew you were scheduled for a pretty intense training session with Natasha in a few hours. You groaned and flopped down onto your couch. Hopefully you’d be able to sneak into someone else’s apartment or something afterwards. Nat was always pretty protective over her bathroom (with good reason considering she lived with Clint for so long before he met Laura) so you never bothered to ask her unless it was an immediate emergency.

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Prove It

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Dean always flirts with you. ALWAYS. That’s all it is though, right? Just flirting?

Words: 2,028

Pairing/Characters: DeanxReader, Sam

Warning: Slight smut, implied smut, suggestive flirting. Some fluff, some angst.

Author’s Note: I saw the line “Because you know that’s something I could help you with” in the context somewhere but I can’t seem to find the fic. Credit to the original writer whoever they are! As always don’t own anything… Hope you guys like it?

“Yeah, you take that shirt off,” a familiar voice rumbled from the bed. You stumbled, practically falling over the pathetic excuse for a dresser as you tried to whirl around to see him and pull your shirt back on in the same motion.

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things that *sometimes* help increase focus for adhders (aka useless tips from me trying to concentrate at work constantly):

  • frequent breaks…seriously if u gotta go to the bathroom 7 times in a day do it tbh…give yourself a chance to fiddle with your phone or just fiddle w/ something
  • a stim toy?? might help with the fiddling
  • chewing gum
  • restless leg syndrome
  • writing down distracting thoughts as soon as you get them and just letting it out so you can ignore it and get back on task
  • more breaks
  • fling ur phone across the room and just keep it far away from u. I’m kidding. but nah really never open ur phone if u can help it
  • rocking back and forth 
  • if you can get away with making noises…do it
  • varying the task - if you’re working on multiple things at once try to change it up every so often and leave off at a good point so when u get back to the original one you can just pick up where you left off
  • if medicated…start a task before the meds even kick in
  • research adhd-appropriate foods that can assist with focus or pay attention to your body in general. maybe u need to eat a banana, maybe u need to hydrate…do whatever helps
  • rewards - if u manage to stay focused / on task for a whole hour, reward yourself by getting up to move around

this is all i can think of for now but if anyone else has anything to add feel free

Boston General

(gif credit to the creator)

Part One - Born For This

Master List

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 2,090
Warnings: language, medical stuff
A/N: Here’s the first part of my new Doctor!Misha AU. I’m only posting this part to gauge reactions to see what everyone thinks. I will be waiting to post the next part until I have a few more parts written. Credit to @iwantthedean for all the help with the medical stuff! Title comes from Born For This by Paramore. If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is crucial! :)

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Glee Fart Torture (Part Two)

In this part, Kurt’s torture continues and gets kicked up a notch and Dave and Finn arrive to use his helpless face.

It had been a good half an hour since Kurt was shoved into the toilet, and in that time Puck had barely stopped farting on the poor boy’s face, which was now red raw, sweaty, and probably smelt even worse than one of Puck’s farts.  He didn’t think he would ever be able to wash the smell out.  At this point, he had almost given up with trying to free himself.  The jock was too powerful, and so Kurt decided to just take his abuse, moaning only when an especially smelly fart (which was often) worked its way up his nose. Because he was mostly silent, Puck just casually started playing on his phone, ignoring the boy stuffed in his ass. This was even more humiliating for Kurt than when Puck talked down to him, because now, he felt like he was exactly like the toilet he was stuck in, a fart toilet, being used by an especially gassy jock.  Puck eventually perked up again, at the sound of footsteps entering the bathroom.

“Hey Puck, you in here?”

Kurt suddenly let out the loudest scream he could muster.  That was Finn’s voice; surely his step brother would help him out of this. At the same time however, he did worry, since Finn was prone to going along with Puck’s bullying sometimes, he had that stupid alpha male way of thinking about these things, and since Puck is an alpha, Finn sometimes follows him.  “But surely when he sees me like this, he’ll have to do something!” Kurt thought to himself, crossing his fingers.

“In here guys!  Just using this special new toilet they’ve put in, haha!”

“What are you talking about man, what special toilet?”

Kurt gulped.  That wasn’t Finn.  That was Dave Karofsky, a hulking great lump of a jock who loved to bully him even more than Puck did.  At that moment he knew, Finn wasn’t going to help.  He, and Dave were both here to bully him too.

“It’s for your farts man, pretty good too.”

“Let’s take a look man!” Dave was laughing quite a bit. Kurt wasn’t sure if the guys actually knew what kind of ‘toilet’ Puck was referring to, but they soon found out, as Puck finally got up off of Kurt’s face.  As Puck made to open the cubicle door, Kurt desperately tried to get out of the toilet bowl, but having been sat on for half an hour made him even more stuck than before.  Before he knew it, the door opened, revealing both Finn and Dave, whose jaws dropped as they beheld Kurt, flailing and crying, ass stuck in the toilet.  It wasn’t long before Dave burst out laughing in hysterics.  Kurt expected as much from him, and he looked to Finn, and his heart sank when he saw the jock of his dreams look to the floor, smirking, trying not to laugh.

“So boys,” Puck said. “Wanna have a turn?  Finn, you first?  I know the coach has got you on the protein shakes again.”

Finn looked at Kurt with his deep brown eyes.  Even now, Kurt’s little heart couldn’t help but flutter as Finn walked into the cubicle, looked down at him with that chiselled, beautiful face, then turned around, pulled down his trousers to reveal his smooth, round, muscular ass in his jock strap. Kurt actually found himself drooling. For a moment he forgot that he was here to be farted on, and just sat there, mouth hanging open, almost drooling, staring stupidly at this ass.

“Hahaha, he must like the view down there!” Puck joked.  “Go on Finn, fart on him, or the fag might try shove his tongue up there!”

“Not likely,” Finn responded.  He was always incredibly aware of the crush Kurt had on him, and it made him uncomfortable, and he hated it when people made jokes about it.  This made him determined to not let this cute gay boy fulfil any of his fantasies, and so, Finn let out his first fart.  His farts were less smelly than Puck’s, but much louder.  It went on for about ten seconds, and Dave high fived Finn as he noticed that the gas was blowing back Kurt’s quaffed hair. “Hahaha awesome dude!” he said.

Kurt began to cry again. This was so degrading.  “Please Finn, I’ll do anything, just help me out of here!” he said.

“Sorry Kurt,” Finn responded.  “You got yourself into this mess, if you want my help, then you need to stand up for yourself.  You can’t do that, then you’re no alpha, you’re just a fag.  Now, shut up and sniff, at least you finally get my ass near your face!”

The other boys laughed at that.  Kurt just felt even more hurt.  He stared at the mesmerising butt in front of him, and grimaced as he saw the cheeks clench, and Finn’s tight asshole release a very crude sounding blast into his face. This time Kurt did as he was told and sniffed it, loud enough for the boys to here.  “Hahaha wow!  That’s fucking low!” Puck said.  “I think you’ve broken him Finn.  He’s a real fart smeller now!”

“Let me have a go!  I’ve got a huge one coming; I need to blast this faggot’s face!”  That was Dave.  Finn obliged him and now Kurt was truly horrified.  At least Finn’s ass was pretty to look at.  Dave was quite muscular like the other jocks, but also more unkempt and a little fatter.  His butt was massive, and it was quite hairy, and Kurt’s little face was tiny in comparison to it.  Dave didn’t waste any time and before Kurt could even let out a squeal, Dave sat down hard on his face, banging it back against the stall wall.

“Ah, this is nice, heated toilet seats!” Dave joked.  “You ready for this, fart fairy?”

“MMMMPPHHH!!” Kurt screamed for his life.

“What’s that, ‘please fart on me dave?’ haha, okay fart slave.  Open that mouth nice and wide.”

Kurt did not.

“All right then bitch, you asked for it!” Dave strained and let off an enourmous ripper that made a huge, flat, flapping sound as it vibrated hard against Kurt’s face, so hard that it hurt him.  Kind of like the sound of a fart when the guys ass is pressed against a hard wood floor. Both Finn and Puck groaned in disgust and laughed.  Kurt screamed but it was overwhelmed by this humungous fart that filled his nose.  To make it worse, Dave was grinding his fat butt all over Kurt’s face, which made the boy mumble stupidly as his face was mushed all over Dave’s ass.  “Here comes another one, fart slut, better open that mouth of yours!”

Kurt obeyed, thinking that maybe Dave would let up a bit.  How wrong he was.  As soon as he felt his victims mouth open around his anus, Dave pushed down even harder, forming a tight seal between Kurt’s mouth and his asshole.  Kurt couldn’t even scream at this point, he was so squashed.

“Okay Puck, get out your phone, I wanna watch this back later,” Dave said.

“Fuck Dave, you’re fucking vicious man,” even Puck was surprised by the shear level of brutality Dave was showing.  He was really getting off on the power trip.

Puck got into place with the camera, and Kurt looked up and could see the phone staring down at him. He felt so degraded right now.  “Okay, listen up Kurt.  I want you to follow these instructions.  Fail to obey, and I’ll flush you down this fucking toilet, do you get me?”

All Kurt could do was whimper.

“Good.  Now you hold my fart in your mouth until I tell you to swallow, got it?”

“Mphh!” which was a ‘yes’ from Kurt, who once again had tears in his eyes.

“Right, Puck, record this!” Puck turned on the record button, the camera had a perfect angle of Kurt’s helpless, big brown eyes and the top of Dave’s crack, in which the rest of Kurt’s face was lost.  Kurt could feel the pressure build up of this fart coming.  Dave pushed down harder, there really was nowhere for this gas to go no except for in Kurt’s mouth, and then, it began.  Starting with a huge, trumpet fart that sounding almost like a joke sound effect, then turning high pitched for three short poots.  Already Kurt could feel his cheeks inflating as this fart gas filled his mouth.  Dave grunted again and pushed out a nice flappy wet fart, which made Kurt’s eyes roll in the back of his head.  He was fighting to hold this disgusting farty taste in his mouth, but he knew he had to. Puck and Finn were in hysterics, but all Dave was focused on was releasing as much flatulence as possible, right in Kurt’s mouth.  He grinded his ass hard on Kurt’s face, farted long and loud, for a good thirty seconds, and when it was done, finally, he came off of Kurt, but of course, Kurt had to immediately close his mouth to hold his master’s farts in.

“Hahahaha, looks like I filled the toilet!” Dave joked, high fiving Puck and Finn.  “That taste good, fart receptacle?”

Knowing that the camera was still on him, Kurt shook his head profusely.

“Huh, maybe I need to give you more then?” Dave responded, after which Kurt quickly and enthusiastically nodded and moaned “I love it Sir,” not that anyone could hear the words because his mouth was closed, his cheeks were puffed and full of fart, which tasted like off beef stew and cabbage.  The boys laughed at that, and laughed even harder when they saw Kurt’s face turning red as he needed to breathe at this point.

“Need air, fart face?” Dave said.  “Okay, on the count of three, you can swallow that fart.”

“One”  There was a long pause, during which Kurt began to moan, his mouth bursting, his face getting pinker and then red.

“Two!”  At this point, Kurt was shaking his head around, screaming, as his face started turning purple.  He thought he was going to die from lack of oxygen when finally.  “THREE!”

Kurt didn’t even thing. He let the fart gas pour down his throat, gulping it loudly, much to the amusement of the lads, before subsequently gagging and gasping for air.  “Hahaha, looked like you ruined the toilet Dave,” Finn said.

“Haha not quite,” Puck responded.  “Now it’s time to send this bitch into oblivion.  Ready boys?”

Kurt had just finished gasping, but he was very dazed, when he saw three huge naked asses coming towards him.  On the left was Puck’s tanned, hairy butt and on the right was Dave’s big fat ass, and in the middle was Finn’s beautiful ass, that he wanted so badly but now he feared it.  Nevertheless, because he knew that Finn had the least worst farts, he stuffed his own face in Finn’s butt, which would be his only protection from the other guys. Unfortunately for him, Kurt was pretty dazed and unable to do anything when Finn’s powerful butt blast smacked him out of his ass and into Dave’s, whose fart then knocked him into Puck’s ass. “Nothing like a nice game of fart tennis after football practice, huh boys?” Puck joked.

Kurt didn’t even care at this point.  He just sat there, helpless, as these three studs ripped ass all over his face.  The smell was unbearable, and little by little, the poor little gay boy fell unconscious…

When Kurt awoke, he was still in the toilet, and the bathroom lights were out.  It was almost pitch black in the bathroom, but no one was there from what he could hear.  After a good twenty minute struggle, he finally managed to pull himself out of the toilet.  Soaking and also noticing that his face absolutely reeked of farts, he made for the showers in the gym, and stole some gym clothes that were lying around in the cloak room.  Once he was dressed he checked himself out in the mirror, and gasped.  On his forehead, they had written, “FART SNIFFER.”  He immediately felt tears welling in his eyes again and he ran to try and wash it off, but to his horror, he couldn’t.  It was permanent marker.  Worse still, Blaine was still out of town.  And so poor Kurt Hummel, defeated, humiliating, and still smelling like a man’s ass gas, ran home, crying, and desperately trying to hide the degrading words written on his face.


Request: Long night

Request: Juice is having an anxiety attack because his wife/old lady is out with her girlfriends and he gets insecure and doubts her fidelity. She comes home and makes his insecurities go away.

Originally posted by tarons

The black dress was embracing your curves perfectly and the heels made you feel great. You gave the final touch in your makeup and walked to the kitchen, looking for a piece of paper. You wrote the note, leaving it over the counter and grabbed your purse, walking through the door, locking it behind you. A car was waiting you outside and you smiled as you walked, thinking about the fun waiting for you that night.


“Baby! I’m home!”, Juice opened the front door and called out. He waited for your usual response, but he didn’t get any. Frowning, he walked to the kitchen. “Honey?”

He listened closely, but he didn’t heard your sweet voice answer. His heart started beating fast and bad thoughts crossed his mind. He was ready to pick up his phone when he noticed the paper over the counter. He read it, calming down as he saw your calligraphy.

      Dinner is ready, you just have to warm it and enjoy.

      I don’t know what time I’ll come back, but the girls will take me home.

      Love you!

Girls? What girls? How in the bloody hell you didn’t know what time you were coming home? Juice was breathing fast, his heart pounding inside his chest as he walked around the kitchen, typing on his phone. He was going crazy for not finding you home, his anxiety bubbling up, worse than ever.


He waited for your response, clenching his jaw and breathing deeply. He thought about grab a beer to calm down and opened the fridge. When he closed the door again he noticed the calendar you kept there. That day was circle and with red letters saying MIA’S BACHELOR PARTY. Mia was one of your friends and she would marry next weekend. Juice had completely forgot about that party and you had talked about it for weeks. His phone rang inside his pocket and he grabbed it, reading your response.

       Calm down. I’m at Mia’s party, remember? I told you Juan, weeks ago. Eat and don’t wait up. Love you!

“Yeah, you told me…”, he growled, bothered. “Weeks ago”

Juice didn’t like that at all. He knew you need to give your friends attention too, but he hated to be alone. Usually you would go to the movies, or a bar, or even make dinner at home and he tried to stay busy in those nights, working at TM until late or playing pool with the boys.

However, he had forgot about that party and now he was home, alone and thinking about you, what you were doing, who was around you… Juice closed his eyes and shook his head trying to put that thoughts away. He found dinner on the fridge and put it on the microwave, drinking his beer while waited.

He distracted himself a little while he ate in front of the TV, but when he put his plate on the sink, he saw the calendar, his mind going wild again. Juice did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, thinking about what you were doing…

The party must be in a bar and there would be other people around. You were so beautiful and surely was attracting all the eyes around you. Some of your girlfriends were still single and they really knew how to have fun. The guys on the bar would come to the table and they would smile, maybe one would hit one you…

“Fuck!”, Juice cursed, falling on the couch, holding his head between his hands. His body was shaking and his heart was beating fast. All those thoughts were making him crazy. He picked up his phone and texted you.

       I miss you baby. Are you coming home already? Love you!

He let the phone close to him on the couch and tried to watch TV, his leg was trembling, up and down, as he waited for your response. Minutes and minutes had passed and his phone hadn’t rang, the clock was also moving painfully slow.

Juice decided to play some videogame to distract his mind. He was still thinking about the guys hitting on you, maybe some guys in suit and tie drinking after work, more attractive than a biker, offering a whole lot more to you…

“Die your piece of shit!”, he yelled to the bad guy on his videogame, killing the enemies around him with fury. That made time pass, but his mind still hadn’t stop playing tricks with him. Juice turned the TV off and decided to take a bath. It was late and you probably would come home soon.

He rested his hands on the bathroom wall and let the warm water fall on the back of his neck. He was trying to relax, but it wasn’t working. Juice left the bathroom and laid on bed, wearing only his boxers. It was eleven o’clock and you weren’t home yet. He thought about send another message, but you would just ignore it, like you did with the first one. You probably hadn’t heard your phone, the music must be loud where you were and you should be dancing with the girls… Or a guy.

He closed his eyes, arms crossed on his chest, trying to breathe slowly and sleep. He looked at the clock again and only a few minutes had passed. He closed his eyes again and was able to at least calm his breathing. He almost felt asleep, sitting on the bed when he heard a car outside.

Juice got up and walked to the front door, he opened it and saw you leaving a cab, your heels in your hands. You were wearing a black dress, the one that he loved because it embraced all your curves perfectly. You saw him at the door and smiled, walking faster.

“Are you still awake?”, you stood on your tiptoes and kissed him. He didn’t responded, keeping his lips closed. “Juan?”

Juice walked inside, being followed by you and stood on the hallway, arms crossed. You looked at him and sighed.

“Come to the bedroom Juan”, you took his hand and pulled him behind you. Juice watched your hips swinging in front of him and wrapped his arms around your waist. You let the heels and purse fall on the floor, putting your arms behind, around his neck. “Did you missed me, my boy?”

“Yes”, his face was bury on your neck and he was holding you tight. “I texted you”

“I saw it”, you whispered, caressing his scalp. “You were anxious, right?”

Juice nodded and you smiled, turning around in his arms to face him. You caressed his cheeks, making him lean to your touch. You kissed him, softly, but he growled and made the kiss deeper, his tongue exploring your mouth, claiming, possessing…

“Did the guys hit on you?”, he moved his mouth to your neck. “I’ll make you forget them. I’ll do anything baby, please…”

“Juan! Look at me baby”, you laughed, cupping his face. “There were no guys! We weren’t in a bar or a club, we were at Mia’s house”

He frowned and you smiled, pulling back to grab your shoes and purse on the floor. You kept walking and he followed you, like a lost puppy. You picked up your phone and put it in Juice’s hands.

“I took a lot of photos, you can see them”, you smiled. “I’m going to take a quick bath and then we are going to sleep… Oh, you might wanna skip the stripper’s photos”

Juice blinked a few times as you closed the bathroom door behind you and looked at the phone in his hands. He started to see the pictures and you had said the truth, you were at Mia’s house. There was a lot of booze and you were giving her sex toys, lingerie and… Shit! There was a stripper, a muscular guy dressed like a fireman. Juice saw a photo of you covering your eyes with your hands and smiled, skipping all the rest. He didn’t need that nightmare on his mind.

He put the phone back on your purse, gathering your things from the floor before lay in bed to wait for you. You smiled when you left the bathroom and hanged your dress on the closet. You let your towel fall and looked at him over your shoulder, winking. Juice smiled and watched you put your panties on and take his old reaper’s shirt from a drawer, sliding it over your body.

“Did you see the photos?”, you asked, kneeling on the bed.

“Yes”, Juice reached for your hand, bringing it close to his mouth to kiss your fingers. “I’m sorry baby. I started to think about you in a bar, man around and you are so beautiful, they would hit on you and…”

“I would say I’m taken”, you smiled, leaning to kiss him. “Or that my man is a big bad biker that will put a bullet on his ass if he doesn’t back the fuck off”

“I guess that would work”, he laughed, pulling you to lay on top of him.

“Oh Juan, you don’t have to worry baby”, you traced his lips with your fingertips. “I’m yours, only yours, forever”

“Promise?”, he asked, turning around on bed. You were laid side by side, looking at each other.

“I promise”, you smiled and pressed your body against his as you kissed him. Juice held you close, calmer now that he had you in his arms. He let you go just time enough for you to turn the lights off and then hugged you again, legs and arms tangled as you fall asleep together.

baccarinmorena  asked:

For the kiss meme, desperate kiss + Lauraela pls

Took me a while but it’s finally done! (Actually this is not desperate but anyway…)

A little context: Wes and Meggy never broke up, Wes and Laurel never happened, that night from 3x09 never happened. Everything else up to 3x09 did happened (including the kiss. mainly the kiss).

It’s all Laurel’s fault. Laurel and her boldness. And mainly Laurel and her stupid soft lips.

Those lips she feels everytime she closes her eyes.

Those lips she’s been dreaming about since Laurel had the impulse to kiss her.

Those lips that made her melt faster than anything Asher’s ever done. Or Aiden. Or really, anyone.

Those lips that don’t let her concentrate right now.

They are all celebrating the end of the semester. All means Asher, Laurel and her, because Oliver and Connor are celebrating alone and Wes and Meggy are flying to Spain.

Asher is drunk. Really drunk. And when he’s drunk he gets needy. But all Michaela can think is that he’s not Laurel, that his lips are not Laurel’s. And that terrifies her, because she should be mad at him for betraying her with her mother not for not being Laurel. Thankfully, he’s out soon, sleeping like a baby over the table.

But that also means she’s alone with her.

Laurel - who had been talking to a waitress, a gorgeous waitress, of whom Michaela is not jealous, not at all - turns around and eyes Asher for a while. Then, she gets up and Michaela thinks she’s gonna leave (with the waitress, probably), but instead she circles the table, gets behind Michaela and leans down right next to her ear.

Michaela freezes, terrified to turn around and do something stupid. And then Laurel says, loud enough to be heard over the music: “Dance with me”.

Michaela has no idea why she gets up. It’s a terrible mistake and she knows it. But still she can’t help but accept. Go dance with Laurel like that time she was mad about the ring, like when Annalise told them they all passed, right before they– fuck Laurel.

They get to the dance floor. And they are close but not too close. Not close enou– Ugh. She can’t tear her eyes away from her. Like a magnet. And she sees Laurel staring at her like she feels it too. Like they are the only ones there. Which is probably why none of them sees the guy that bumps into Laurel and gets them close. So close and still not close enough. So close they can feel each other’s breath. Michaela is not looking at her eyes anymore. No, now she can’t stop looking at her lips. Those lips. She knows it’s a mistake, she does. But she thinks maybe if she tastes them again, she’ll be able to forget about it, to stop thinking about it. Cut the infatuation, see it’s not real, just an image she created. So she leans in. And she’s wrong. Oh god, she’s really wrong. The moment their lips touch again she knows she’s wrong.

It’s not like the first time, it’s sweeter and softer and slower, it’s longer - still short but longer - it’s better.

It’s Michaela who breaks it. As soon as she realises the big mistake she made. Why did she think that was gonna work??

Laurel is heavy breathing, looking at her with so much desire and shock, eyes wide open.

“T-that… was a mistake– Asher- and.. I- I’m sorry.”

Michaela runs away. Laurel is still trying to understand what happened so she lets her. But bolts right after her as soon as she’s out of her stupor. Michaela gets into the bathroom, ignoring Asher, who apparently just woke up. Once she’s inside, she leans against the sink and tries to relax, breathing in and out to not let her emotions wash over her.

Soon, the door opens and closes slowly. She doesn’t have to look to know it’s her. She doesn’t look.

“Michaela…”, Laurel whispers.

She still doesn’t look. Not until she hears Laurel moving, then she does. She turns around, puts her hand up and says: “Don’t”. Laurel complies.

“Mich–” she starts, but gets interrupted by another “don’t” from Michaela.

Laurel let’s out a huff and moves towards her, ignoring Michaela’s weak attempts to stop her again.

Once she’s close enough to touch her, she says “If you want me to leave I will, and I will never mention this, never try anything. I’ll forget this ever happened.” Michaela looks away. Laurel puts her hand on her chin and makes her look at her, her other hand brushing Michaela’s. “But if you ask me to stay… I will do that instead.” Michaela can hear the silent promise, the I won’t leave you, I won’t hurt you. “So… what do you want?”

After a few seconds, Michaela mumbles something.

“What was that?”