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Hunted {BTS Mafia!AU}

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: BTS mafia au
Warning: angst, smut (at some point), violence, mentions of prostitution/drugs, swearing, other dark themes I can’t think of right now

Writer: Bom

Word count: 1815

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Y/n finds out about the mysterious ‘Nightwalker’ situation, and is infuriated when neither Yoongi, Youngji, Taehyung or Jungkook will tell her what it is. To their surprise, a known gang from the north has offered to help them in exchange for their own information and Youngji’s sudden disappearance

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morning glory.

word count: 850
pairing: hyungwon x reader
notes: fluff, modern au

“Seriously, cut that out, it’s getting creepy.” Chanykyun rolls his eyes, shoving another forkful of scrambled eggs into his mouth. 

“Cut what out?” you snap back at him, focusing your attention back to the food on your plate. 

“Y/N… You’ve been staring at that guy since the moment we walked in,” he groans. “Trust me, you do this every single morning we’re here.” 

“Do not…” you protest, slightly ashamed that you’re caught. You peek back at the waiter across the room, who’s taking someone else’s order right now.

The sun rays from the glass panels of the dainty cafe and give him a heavenly glow. You admire his model-like features and feel your heart fluttering again. His slender body fit his uniform so well, and the white shirt highlight his rosy, plump lips. His dark brown hair looks so soft and fluffy, and you wonder how it would feel to touch it. He’s like a prince…

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anonymous asked:

When it comes to the high school teachers, please don't blame them/us for half the shit because we get fired for the smallest things. Where I live, as have to give homework, we have to have a certain number of grades to put in and amount of projects and work or we get fired. My co worker was fired two years ago for letting a student leave the classroom because she was crying so she could use the bathroom then ditched. Teachers get the worst of if all.

They really do. Teachers are professionals who go to school for a long time to be able to teach competently and then their skills just get ignored.

#390 - You Overwork Yourself

Harry: “I’m so sorry I’m late,” you rushed, letting your bag fall off of your shoulder as you sat in front of Harry in the restaurant, shaking out your hair. Harry sat up and sighed softly, giving you a slight smile. “Don’t worry. How was work?” he asked. “Long. Stressful,” you replied, shaking your head. It hadn’t been the first time you had been late. Work had been busy, more so than you actually knew how to handle. You couldn’t admit that though. “(Y/N),” Harry murmured, shaking his head. “Aren’t you over doing it?” “What?” you looked at him, shaking your head slightly. “I just… you’re always at work,” he answered you, resting his hands flat against the table. “You’re late, and like… I don’t mind, but you’ve been so tired…” You looked at him for a moment and brought your hands up to your eyes. Your palms pressed against your closed eyelids. “It’s just really busy right now,” you murmured out, pulling your hands away. “You still need a break,” he argued. “This is technically a break no?” you looked at him and he breathed out exasperatedly. “It is, yes. But you’re still thinking about work. You need just… two hours or something to lay on the couch, put your feet up, close your eyes. You’re overworking yourself and we both know how that ended last time.” Taking a deep breath, you looked at him and pursed your lips together. He wasn’t wrong. You just really needed to get this work done. “Let me just push this until the weekend okay?” you murmured. “I’ll take a break then.” Harry raised his eyebrow at you and picked up his wine glass. “I”ll make sure of that,” he spoke softly, taking a sip. You looked down at the menu and tapped your fingers, pursing your lips together. “This job is taking so much out of you,” he said softly. “Like… you’re not happy…” “I’m fine Harry,” you shook your head. “Fine.” Harry shook his head slightly. “Okay then.” He didn’t want to argue. “Let’s just have dinner.”

Liam: Your head was absolutely pounding. A first class migraine. The e-mails on the computer screen were completely warped up and you felt extremely irritated with everyone trying to get a hold of you. “Hey,” Liam spoke softly, sliding his hands onto your shoulders and down your arms firmly, creating friction and warmth. “I just… I can’t deal with all this bullshit. It’s bullshit,” you shook your head and put your hands over your face. “I know,” he nodded, leaning over you to gently press his lips against the top of your head. He wasn’t about to argue or do anything that could stress you out anymore. “How about… you let those people wait for tonight… you’ve answered enough, I think they’ll survive… you’ve been waiting on their needs hand and foot all week…” he whispered. “Can you get me some Asprin please?” you whispered, your hands going up to pinch the bridge of your nose. “Yeah… go lie down yeah?” Liam pulled back and went back into the bathroom while you shut your laptop and cut the light off. You got up, keeping your eyes closed and blindly made your way to the bed. The feeling of the cool pillow against your cheek was soothing, cushioning your aching head as you tried to not think about work. You heard Liam pad back into the room, the bed sinking next to you. For a brief moment you opened your eyes as took the medicine he had in his outstretched hand, followed by the water he had made sure to bring. Once they were down, you let out a deep sigh. “You need to stop working for a bit…” he whispered. “I know,” you murmured, keeping your answers short. “I know.” The room got quiet again as Liam’s hand slipped into your hair. The soothing movements of his fingers pressing against your scalp helping slowly to relieve some of the tension in your head. With the silence and the dark, the migraine eventually began to alleviate after a couple of hours, the lingering pain making you feel quite tired. Liam stayed with you silently comforting the pain and the exhaustion. Relaxed enough now, you drifted off, your mind blank for the first time in a while.

Niall: You checked your pulse on the treadmill, breathing heavily with sweat dripping down your forehead. You were determined to go for as long as you could, not stopping for anything. Niall stood in the doorway, watching you with his arms crossed over his chest. The whir of the loud machine was the only thing either of you could hear. “I think you should stop!” Niall called out over the sound. “No!” you shook your head, your eyes straight ahead. “I gotta get to 20 kilometers today,” you puffed out, your hair sticking to your forehead and your skin drenched in sweat. “You’re going too hard (Y/N),” he shook his head, coming over to stand next to the treadmill. “Niall, shut up,” you said without thinking, your heart going as fast. You honestly thought you could get there, but your heart was going a million miles an hour and you started to feel faint. Niall watched with concerned as you pumped your arms and stumbled slightly. That was when he reached over, gradually turning down the speed of the treadmill until it was at a complete stop. As soon as it was, he grabbed onto your waist and you practically fell into his embrace, putting your arms loosely around your shoulders. Niall held you up and grabbed your water bottle, bringing it to your lips. “Open,” he murmured and it wasn’t a question. Panting, you let him tilt the end of the bottle for you and you grabbed the bottom half. He was still keeping a careful grip on you but you were able to stand on your own. He shook his head slightly and ran his hand up and down your back. You took the water bottle from him and took small sips over and over again, your mouth dry. Niall was watching you cautiously. “I’m gonna take a shower,” you murmured, pulling back from him slightly. “You need to get your heart rate down first,” he shook his head, bringing you over to sit on the weight lifting bench for a moment. “Niall.” “(Y/N),” he mimicked, shaking his head. “You almost fell not 5 minutes ago. I’m not gonna let you go fall in the shower. Take a minute.” You looked at him chewing the inside of your bottom lip slowly. “Okay…”

Louis: You found yourself standing in the bathroom at work, trying not to have a break down right there. You felt overwhelmed to say the least. The amount of paperwork sitting on your desk was something you couldn’t ignore. You unravelled some toilet paper and wiped under your eyes as a couple loose tears started to fall. The more work you finished, the more piled up. It was like you just couldn’t win. You jumped slightly when the sound of your phone vibrated against the ceramic sink. It was just a text message from Louis. ‘I’m in your cubicle with lunch, where are you?’ he sent and you bit your lip, splashing some water on your face before stepping out of the bathroom. You hoped no one would be able to tell you were crying. You made your way back to your work space and sure enough, Louis was sitting in your chair, spinning it around mindlessly as he waited. You cleared your throat and he looked up, smiling widely. “Hey!” he stood up, grabbing your hand gently and pullng you in. “I just brought some sandwiches. I hope that’s okay.” You nodded slightly, looking over at the paper bag. “Yeah, thanks,” you nodded, giving him a small smile. “You okay?” he asked a bit softer, noticing your off-mood. “I’m fine, thanks for bringing lunch yeah?” You brushed him off and went to sit in your chair again. “You don’t want me to join you?” he questioned as you pulled out some more paper from the ‘in’ box. “I can’t have any distractions okay?” you shook your head. “Can you take the food? I’ll have them when I get home.” Louis looked at you for a moment. “And when are you getting home? Late? Again?” he raised his eyebrows. “Louis I have work to do,” you breathed out. “You look like you’ve been crying,” he said, completely ignoring your last statement. “So what if I have? I have to get this work done!” you exclaimed, turning to look at him with glassy eyes, another wave threatening to hit. He looked at you quietly for a moment and shook his head, grabbing the bag and grabbing your jacket. “Get up. We’re going home.”

Zayn: “(Y/N),” your co-worked said cautiously, her jacket over her arm. You were still in your spot, your desk lamp illuminating your work space. “Walk out with me yeah?” she asked and you shook your head, not even looking up. This project had been eating up every ounce of your time for the last week and despite people protesting, even your superior, you kept at it. You wanted it to be done, you needed to figure it out. “I gotta keep working,” you murmured. “It’s 10:00…” she shook her head and then the elevator dinged, the light coming on at your floor. When the elevators door opened, Zayn stepped out with his hands in his pockets. It wasn’t just some coincidence. Not only had your boss called him to let him know, your co-worked had texted him to let him know that you weren’t budging. Your peer went over to him and explained quietly before he thanked her and slowly came over to where you were working. “Babe, hey,” Zayn said softly, resting his hand on your shoulder. “No,” you shook your head, shrugging him off. “I know what you’re going to say, no.” “You’re not going to argue with me,” he said slowly, snagging the pen out of your hand. “Zayn!” you turned to face him and that was when he grabbed your arms, pulling you up. “Everyone’s fucking concerned about you. Lose the attitude (Y/N), we’re trying to help you!” You pushed away from him and looked back down at your desk. “Do not talk to me like that,” you stated, looking back at him. “I don’t care how mad you get at me, your boss even called. You are coming home with me, you’re going to stop worrying about this damn project for one night and you’re going to sleep. You have the day off tomorrow. You’re not coming into work. You’re pushing yourself too hard and you’re gonna make yourself ill. Then what? You can’t come into work for even longer period of time. I’m not leaving this building until you come with me. Okay? Okay.”

Lose To Win Chapter 9: What The Three Words Mean (Kaga’s sexy fluffy smut)

Title: Lose To Win Chapter 9
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Her Love In The Force
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Mystery?
Goto, Kaga, Ishigami, Soma, Ayumu, Namba, Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Baba, Ota, Kirisawa

Summary: Kaga’s SMUT!!! How does he REALLY FEEL about Mika’s return? Well for a man who doesn’t talk much, I hope this shed some light.

Background: Another 6 months later, she was back at the Tres Spades Hotel under Eisuke’s request. (Order)

Notes:  makingastar / 111archravenuelaili2104 / nyanwoof  Special thanks to these amazing friends, huge motivation for me to keep writing, plus my love for Kaga =P

Chapter 1: The Reunion
Chapter 2: RSVP
Chapter 3: Recharge
Chapter 4: Welcome Back
Chapter 5: Decision Of A Lifetime
Chapter 6: Our Story
Chapter 7: Stress Release
Chapter 8: Play Thing

Chapter 9: What The Three Words Mean 

“Because none of you bother to answer the fucking phones!” Kaga raises his voice as Goto picks up his suit jacket and avoids looking at him.

“What do you want?” You ask again, clearly annoyed. Playing and teasing you is one thing but barging into your place and yelling at you first thing in the morning when you still haven’t showered, ah uh no just no.

“Somebody has a class to teach.” Kaga glares at Goto who suddenly realizes how late it must be and rushes out the door after throwing you a goodbye.

“Okay, why are you still here?” You hold back a grin as you’re about to return a come back and call him clingy but you probably shouldn’t act too friendly around him, not when the status of this relationship remains unknown. If there’s no relationship at all then you sure as hell ain’t going to start one.

Kaga follows you to the bathroom and closes the door behind him. Letting out an exhausted sigh, you begin to undress. “Honestly, Kaga I’m tired and I am not in the mood to play. I just want a shower before going back to work.”

He watches quietly, with his back against the door and arms crossed. Glaring into the mirror, you ignore his satisfying grin and drop the last garment on the floor. You have no intention to tease him, he has seen it all. Rubbing bath soap with hot water hitting your back makes you feel incredibly good, maybe his piercing gazes has something to do with it as the steamy scene start to play in your head. How he cups your breasts and kisses them; how he remembers all your weak and sweet spot; how good he always makes you feel.

“Thinking of me?”

You let the water hit your face for few more seconds before turning around to see his vague figure through the glass. “Are you going to tell me why you are here or are you going to stalk me forever?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi I'm the one who requested for the obsession spell. My situation is somewhat like an ignoring game. All of a sudden he is ignoring me, I can't even think of a time where i did something wrong. I know an obsession spell is highly manipulating and violates someone's free will. Perhaps you could create a spell to stop him from ignoring me. I try to talk to him a lot but he just seems so uninterested. I also asked if he's hvin any problems at work n turns out everything's fine. Pls help me out.

stop ignoring me spell

place a small pinch of dill, and a fragment of a rose petal under your tongue. concentrate on the intention “open your mouth, open your heart” for a little while. it’s okay if you accidentally swallow some, both are edible, but try not to.

give him a kiss on the cheek. 

then go into the bathroom alone. chant/think:

Open your mouth, let me see your heart
Spill the feelings that are keeping us apart

as you rinse the herbs out of your mouth with water, imagine his opening up to you. 

repeat if you like, but no more than twice a day. 

Prove It

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Dean always flirts with you. ALWAYS. That’s all it is though, right? Just flirting?

Words: 2,028

Pairing/Characters: DeanxReader, Sam

Warning: Slight smut, implied smut, suggestive flirting. Some fluff, some angst.

Author’s Note: I saw the line “Because you know that’s something I could help you with” in the context somewhere but I can’t seem to find the fic. Credit to the original writer whoever they are! As always don’t own anything… Hope you guys like it?

“Yeah, you take that shirt off,” a familiar voice rumbled from the bed. You stumbled, practically falling over the pathetic excuse for a dresser as you tried to whirl around to see him and pull your shirt back on in the same motion.

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things that *sometimes* help increase focus for adhders (aka useless tips from me trying to concentrate at work constantly):

  • frequent breaks…seriously if u gotta go to the bathroom 7 times in a day do it tbh…give yourself a chance to fiddle with your phone or just fiddle w/ something
  • a stim toy?? might help with the fiddling
  • chewing gum
  • restless leg syndrome
  • writing down distracting thoughts as soon as you get them and just letting it out so you can ignore it and get back on task
  • more breaks
  • fling ur phone across the room and just keep it far away from u. I’m kidding. but nah really never open ur phone if u can help it
  • rocking back and forth 
  • if you can get away with making noises…do it
  • varying the task - if you’re working on multiple things at once try to change it up every so often and leave off at a good point so when u get back to the original one you can just pick up where you left off
  • if medicated…start a task before the meds even kick in
  • research adhd-appropriate foods that can assist with focus or pay attention to your body in general. maybe u need to eat a banana, maybe u need to hydrate…do whatever helps
  • rewards - if u manage to stay focused / on task for a whole hour, reward yourself by getting up to move around

this is all i can think of for now but if anyone else has anything to add feel free

Boston General

(gif credit to the creator)

Part One - Born For This

Master List

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 2,090
Warnings: language, medical stuff
A/N: Here’s the first part of my new Doctor!Misha AU. I’m only posting this part to gauge reactions to see what everyone thinks. I will be waiting to post the next part until I have a few more parts written. Credit to @iwantthedean for all the help with the medical stuff! Title comes from Born For This by Paramore. If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is crucial! :)

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Surgeons man. So eager to look at wounds they just rip stuff off, ignoring the nurses hard work, and ignoring the fact you’re in the bathroom trying to wipe your own ass!!

LMBO. I let her hover as I slowly walked around(YAY I’m able to walk now!! Thank the Lord for steroids!) washed my hands and eased back on the bed.

Hey, don’t judge me!! 😛

Today’s my dad’s bday so I think I'ma take a nap after breakfast since my sis is gonna be doing video calls all day so I can see everyone/everything!

What are you all doing today?

Request: Long night

Request: Juice is having an anxiety attack because his wife/old lady is out with her girlfriends and he gets insecure and doubts her fidelity. She comes home and makes his insecurities go away.

Originally posted by tarons

The black dress was embracing your curves perfectly and the heels made you feel great. You gave the final touch in your makeup and walked to the kitchen, looking for a piece of paper. You wrote the note, leaving it over the counter and grabbed your purse, walking through the door, locking it behind you. A car was waiting you outside and you smiled as you walked, thinking about the fun waiting for you that night.


“Baby! I’m home!”, Juice opened the front door and called out. He waited for your usual response, but he didn’t get any. Frowning, he walked to the kitchen. “Honey?”

He listened closely, but he didn’t heard your sweet voice answer. His heart started beating fast and bad thoughts crossed his mind. He was ready to pick up his phone when he noticed the paper over the counter. He read it, calming down as he saw your calligraphy.

      Dinner is ready, you just have to warm it and enjoy.

      I don’t know what time I’ll come back, but the girls will take me home.

      Love you!

Girls? What girls? How in the bloody hell you didn’t know what time you were coming home? Juice was breathing fast, his heart pounding inside his chest as he walked around the kitchen, typing on his phone. He was going crazy for not finding you home, his anxiety bubbling up, worse than ever.


He waited for your response, clenching his jaw and breathing deeply. He thought about grab a beer to calm down and opened the fridge. When he closed the door again he noticed the calendar you kept there. That day was circle and with red letters saying MIA’S BACHELOR PARTY. Mia was one of your friends and she would marry next weekend. Juice had completely forgot about that party and you had talked about it for weeks. His phone rang inside his pocket and he grabbed it, reading your response.

       Calm down. I’m at Mia’s party, remember? I told you Juan, weeks ago. Eat and don’t wait up. Love you!

“Yeah, you told me…”, he growled, bothered. “Weeks ago”

Juice didn’t like that at all. He knew you need to give your friends attention too, but he hated to be alone. Usually you would go to the movies, or a bar, or even make dinner at home and he tried to stay busy in those nights, working at TM until late or playing pool with the boys.

However, he had forgot about that party and now he was home, alone and thinking about you, what you were doing, who was around you… Juice closed his eyes and shook his head trying to put that thoughts away. He found dinner on the fridge and put it on the microwave, drinking his beer while waited.

He distracted himself a little while he ate in front of the TV, but when he put his plate on the sink, he saw the calendar, his mind going wild again. Juice did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, thinking about what you were doing…

The party must be in a bar and there would be other people around. You were so beautiful and surely was attracting all the eyes around you. Some of your girlfriends were still single and they really knew how to have fun. The guys on the bar would come to the table and they would smile, maybe one would hit one you…

“Fuck!”, Juice cursed, falling on the couch, holding his head between his hands. His body was shaking and his heart was beating fast. All those thoughts were making him crazy. He picked up his phone and texted you.

       I miss you baby. Are you coming home already? Love you!

He let the phone close to him on the couch and tried to watch TV, his leg was trembling, up and down, as he waited for your response. Minutes and minutes had passed and his phone hadn’t rang, the clock was also moving painfully slow.

Juice decided to play some videogame to distract his mind. He was still thinking about the guys hitting on you, maybe some guys in suit and tie drinking after work, more attractive than a biker, offering a whole lot more to you…

“Die your piece of shit!”, he yelled to the bad guy on his videogame, killing the enemies around him with fury. That made time pass, but his mind still hadn’t stop playing tricks with him. Juice turned the TV off and decided to take a bath. It was late and you probably would come home soon.

He rested his hands on the bathroom wall and let the warm water fall on the back of his neck. He was trying to relax, but it wasn’t working. Juice left the bathroom and laid on bed, wearing only his boxers. It was eleven o’clock and you weren’t home yet. He thought about send another message, but you would just ignore it, like you did with the first one. You probably hadn’t heard your phone, the music must be loud where you were and you should be dancing with the girls… Or a guy.

He closed his eyes, arms crossed on his chest, trying to breathe slowly and sleep. He looked at the clock again and only a few minutes had passed. He closed his eyes again and was able to at least calm his breathing. He almost felt asleep, sitting on the bed when he heard a car outside.

Juice got up and walked to the front door, he opened it and saw you leaving a cab, your heels in your hands. You were wearing a black dress, the one that he loved because it embraced all your curves perfectly. You saw him at the door and smiled, walking faster.

“Are you still awake?”, you stood on your tiptoes and kissed him. He didn’t responded, keeping his lips closed. “Juan?”

Juice walked inside, being followed by you and stood on the hallway, arms crossed. You looked at him and sighed.

“Come to the bedroom Juan”, you took his hand and pulled him behind you. Juice watched your hips swinging in front of him and wrapped his arms around your waist. You let the heels and purse fall on the floor, putting your arms behind, around his neck. “Did you missed me, my boy?”

“Yes”, his face was bury on your neck and he was holding you tight. “I texted you”

“I saw it”, you whispered, caressing his scalp. “You were anxious, right?”

Juice nodded and you smiled, turning around in his arms to face him. You caressed his cheeks, making him lean to your touch. You kissed him, softly, but he growled and made the kiss deeper, his tongue exploring your mouth, claiming, possessing…

“Did the guys hit on you?”, he moved his mouth to your neck. “I’ll make you forget them. I’ll do anything baby, please…”

“Juan! Look at me baby”, you laughed, cupping his face. “There were no guys! We weren’t in a bar or a club, we were at Mia’s house”

He frowned and you smiled, pulling back to grab your shoes and purse on the floor. You kept walking and he followed you, like a lost puppy. You picked up your phone and put it in Juice’s hands.

“I took a lot of photos, you can see them”, you smiled. “I’m going to take a quick bath and then we are going to sleep… Oh, you might wanna skip the stripper’s photos”

Juice blinked a few times as you closed the bathroom door behind you and looked at the phone in his hands. He started to see the pictures and you had said the truth, you were at Mia’s house. There was a lot of booze and you were giving her sex toys, lingerie and… Shit! There was a stripper, a muscular guy dressed like a fireman. Juice saw a photo of you covering your eyes with your hands and smiled, skipping all the rest. He didn’t need that nightmare on his mind.

He put the phone back on your purse, gathering your things from the floor before lay in bed to wait for you. You smiled when you left the bathroom and hanged your dress on the closet. You let your towel fall and looked at him over your shoulder, winking. Juice smiled and watched you put your panties on and take his old reaper’s shirt from a drawer, sliding it over your body.

“Did you see the photos?”, you asked, kneeling on the bed.

“Yes”, Juice reached for your hand, bringing it close to his mouth to kiss your fingers. “I’m sorry baby. I started to think about you in a bar, man around and you are so beautiful, they would hit on you and…”

“I would say I’m taken”, you smiled, leaning to kiss him. “Or that my man is a big bad biker that will put a bullet on his ass if he doesn’t back the fuck off”

“I guess that would work”, he laughed, pulling you to lay on top of him.

“Oh Juan, you don’t have to worry baby”, you traced his lips with your fingertips. “I’m yours, only yours, forever”

“Promise?”, he asked, turning around on bed. You were laid side by side, looking at each other.

“I promise”, you smiled and pressed your body against his as you kissed him. Juice held you close, calmer now that he had you in his arms. He let you go just time enough for you to turn the lights off and then hugged you again, legs and arms tangled as you fall asleep together.

thesoulmadonna  asked:

For the kiss meme, desperate kiss + Lauraela pls

Took me a while but it’s finally done! (Actually this is not desperate but anyway…)

A little context: Wes and Meggy never broke up, Wes and Laurel never happened, that night from 3x09 never happened. Everything else up to 3x09 did happened (including the kiss. mainly the kiss).

It’s all Laurel’s fault. Laurel and her boldness. And mainly Laurel and her stupid soft lips.

Those lips she feels everytime she closes her eyes.

Those lips she’s been dreaming about since Laurel had the impulse to kiss her.

Those lips that made her melt faster than anything Asher’s ever done. Or Aiden. Or really, anyone.

Those lips that don’t let her concentrate right now.

They are all celebrating the end of the semester. All means Asher, Laurel and her, because Oliver and Connor are celebrating alone and Wes and Meggy are flying to Spain.

Asher is drunk. Really drunk. And when he’s drunk he gets needy. But all Michaela can think is that he’s not Laurel, that his lips are not Laurel’s. And that terrifies her, because she should be mad at him for betraying her with her mother not for not being Laurel. Thankfully, he’s out soon, sleeping like a baby over the table.

But that also means she’s alone with her.

Laurel - who had been talking to a waitress, a gorgeous waitress, of whom Michaela is not jealous, not at all - turns around and eyes Asher for a while. Then, she gets up and Michaela thinks she’s gonna leave (with the waitress, probably), but instead she circles the table, gets behind Michaela and leans down right next to her ear.

Michaela freezes, terrified to turn around and do something stupid. And then Laurel says, loud enough to be heard over the music: “Dance with me”.

Michaela has no idea why she gets up. It’s a terrible mistake and she knows it. But still she can’t help but accept. Go dance with Laurel like that time she was mad about the ring, like when Annalise told them they all passed, right before they– fuck Laurel.

They get to the dance floor. And they are close but not too close. Not close enou– Ugh. She can’t tear her eyes away from her. Like a magnet. And she sees Laurel staring at her like she feels it too. Like they are the only ones there. Which is probably why none of them sees the guy that bumps into Laurel and gets them close. So close and still not close enough. So close they can feel each other’s breath. Michaela is not looking at her eyes anymore. No, now she can’t stop looking at her lips. Those lips. She knows it’s a mistake, she does. But she thinks maybe if she tastes them again, she’ll be able to forget about it, to stop thinking about it. Cut the infatuation, see it’s not real, just an image she created. So she leans in. And she’s wrong. Oh god, she’s really wrong. The moment their lips touch again she knows she’s wrong.

It’s not like the first time, it’s sweeter and softer and slower, it’s longer - still short but longer - it’s better.

It’s Michaela who breaks it. As soon as she realises the big mistake she made. Why did she think that was gonna work??

Laurel is heavy breathing, looking at her with so much desire and shock, eyes wide open.

“T-that… was a mistake– Asher- and.. I- I’m sorry.”

Michaela runs away. Laurel is still trying to understand what happened so she lets her. But bolts right after her as soon as she’s out of her stupor. Michaela gets into the bathroom, ignoring Asher, who apparently just woke up. Once she’s inside, she leans against the sink and tries to relax, breathing in and out to not let her emotions wash over her.

Soon, the door opens and closes slowly. She doesn’t have to look to know it’s her. She doesn’t look.

“Michaela…”, Laurel whispers.

She still doesn’t look. Not until she hears Laurel moving, then she does. She turns around, puts her hand up and says: “Don’t”. Laurel complies.

“Mich–” she starts, but gets interrupted by another “don’t” from Michaela.

Laurel let’s out a huff and moves towards her, ignoring Michaela’s weak attempts to stop her again.

Once she’s close enough to touch her, she says “If you want me to leave I will, and I will never mention this, never try anything. I’ll forget this ever happened.” Michaela looks away. Laurel puts her hand on her chin and makes her look at her, her other hand brushing Michaela’s. “But if you ask me to stay… I will do that instead.” Michaela can hear the silent promise, the I won’t leave you, I won’t hurt you. “So… what do you want?”

After a few seconds, Michaela mumbles something.

“What was that?”



//Chen x you 💙

Word count: 2,012

Yeah. As not to spoil anything, I will rant a little under the story. There are mentions of sex, but nothing really happens, so I’m not going to tag it as rated.

You have never seen Jongdae’s naked ass. But it’s not like it bothers you, it’s not a thing you need to see. In bed it would be quite counterproductive, so you basically never even thought about that. You see it pretty often, but clothed. You like it and because of that you tend to leave red marks all over his butt, but that’s a token of your appreciation and you don’t really give it a second thought. Jongdae’s ass is nice, tight, sculpted, and perfect for you to sink your nails in.

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anonymous asked:

Could I have make a request where Louis can't get 'it' up please? Like it's really awkward but you find it funny and he gets annoyed cos you laughed after his reaction to it? Ps could you not do it where yn feels it's her fault? Thanks babe love ALL your writing

Hello dear! Thanks so much, sorry this took so long! I changed it up just a little bit, hope it’s still to your liking :)

You hear his car engine in the driveway just as you’re putting the finishing touches on your look, a thin layer of smooth gloss to keep your lips soft, and a hint of eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger. You decide against mascara, knowing it’s not exactly sexy for you to have black lines streaking down your face in the middle of sex. The front door opens and closes, followed by the jingle of keys being set on the table, and you take a last perfunctory look over yourself before hurrying to the bed and situating yourself on it.

It’s the end of another grueling week of tour rehearsals in between press dockets and a couple of days in which Louis had to fly out of the country for an appearance only to fly right back. He’s been so overworked and exhausted and seeing as he finally has a day off tomorrow, you decide to kick it off by giving him some of the best sex of his life. It’s been a while since you’ve been intimate and you know he’ll appreciate it. And it’ll be fun for you too, of course.

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Matt Imagine (Reasons)

Matt Imagine (Reasons)
Request: Could I please get a Matt imagine where you get hate because you’re black?
I really don’t understand why you guys would want an imagine about y/n getting hate especially because of your race. I mean I understand that it happens all the time but why would you want that? Someone please answer my question actually… I will still write this imagine but I really would like to know…

Boy am I glad that I am not home right now. In fact I am about 2500 miles away from home. I live on the East Coast in Pennsylvania but I’m visiting my boyfriend, Matt, along with his friends over my break. East Coast has been getting some really cold weather and they are supposed to get a storm soon. I was never one for cold, however I did always say that cold was better than hot, because you can only take so much off of you but you can put as many coats or blankets etc. on top of you as you need. But the way LA was treating me right now; I was pretty happy.
“Y/N!” I hear Matt shouting in a sing-songy voice from throughout the condo. I don’t make any move from my comfortable position on my bed. I merely open my eyes a bit and avert them towards the bedroom door waiting for it to burst open with Matt behind it.
I could hear him coming up the stairs…5, 4, 3, 2, 1
“GOOD MORNING,” Matt says with a huge smile on his face as he comes over to me. Despite the fact that I am not a morning person I can’t not smile at Matt. He comes over and sits on the bed before sprawling himself on top of me resulting in an umph coming out of my mouth.
“Why–are you–so heavy!” I shout as I try to move myself out from under him and I can feel his body shake as he laughs.
“It’s all muscle babe,” He says as he rolls over so he is closer to my face before giving me a kiss then getting up. I roll my eyes as he shuts the door, allowing me to get dressed, but I can’t help the smile that makes its way onto my face and I have to bite my lip to keep myself from smiling like an idiot.
“Well y/n, time to get up,” I say to myself as I push the covers off of my body and kind of roll off the bed.
You see I have this thing where I don’t like sitting up in the morning and so I always think it’s a better idea to just roll off the bed but I have to avoid hitting my head on the nightstand so I end up twisting my body; which only makes getting out of bed so much harder…. And I never learn from it. It’s a daily occurrence but hey we all have our flaws…mine being that I can’t get out of bed logically. Stop talking to yourself y/n.
I make my way into bathroom connected to my bedroom and I run my hands over my face. I let my arms stretch out before washing my face and brushing my teeth. I walk out of the bathroom and open up my suitcase. I have this thing for unpacking. No matter how long I’m staying I don’t like to unpack because it’s just a hassle later when I have to leave and I might lose something or I won’t be able to fit everything back in.
I walk over to my phone and check the weather to see what I should wear. Ignoring all of the tweets and comments I get from being Matt’s girlfriend I am able to check the weather as 75 degrees. I can work with that. 

I throw on a tealish colored t-shirt that says CALIFORNIA COLLEGE with a pair of black opaque tights, followed by denim shorts and a black beanie that says ‘AIN’T NO WIFEY’. I slip on a couple of rings before I walk out and head towards the kitchen. I never actually did get to check the time. When I enter the kitchen I see Matt sitting at the counter with his back faced towards me. I quietly tip toe towards him as not to let him hear me before I seize his shoulders in my hands jerking him forward a bit and shouting “Ah!” in his ear. I was quite satisfied with the yelp I received from him. I let go of his shoulders trying to contain my laugh but it wasn’t much help and only resulted in a huge fit of laughter. Matt stood up from his stool and eyed me trying to look mad but I could see the smile on his face. He started walking towards me and my laughter died down because I had no idea whatsoever of what he would do next. Every step forward he took I took a step back, however eventually I ran into the counter, which didn’t feel that great, putting me to a halt. I let out a small gasp when my lower back made contact with the counter but Matt continued making his way toward me.
When he finally reached me he put both hands on either side of me on the counter and just stared at me. It felt like 15 minutes but the whole process was probably no more than 30 seconds.
He leaned in close to my face then let his lips trail from my jawline to my ear with sweet kisses before whispering, “You need to change because we’re going to the beach,” before pulling away with a smirk on his face. My mouth fell open as I glared at him.
“But that takes effort and I worked hard on this outfit,” I complained. He chuckles and I see a smile replace his smirk.
“I know babe, and you look beautiful, but  I don’t think you would want to go to the beach in that, tell me if I’m wrong and I’ll get changed and we can head out now,” He says like he is totally serious and I try to suppress a smile.
“Fine, I’ll go get changed,” I finally say and I turn around and head back upstairs to get changed. I found a simple black bikini and put it on before putting my t-shirt and shorts back on.

I then grabbed a pair of flip flops

I came down the stairs and Matt was dressed, standing by the door waiting for me. I smiled at him as I grabbed a pair of sunglasses before following him out to the car. I got into the passenger’s side and Matt got into the driver’s side, obviously, who else was going to drive the car? And we were off.
We got to the beach and set up the cute little towel stuff and then went to go frolic in the water like the two year olds that we are.
I’m standing in the water walking slowly, because I don’t know how far I deep I can go when suddenly something grabs my leg and pulls me under. My scream was muffled by the water that soon surrounded my body but I quickly rose to the surface to see a rather hysterical Matt.
“MATTHEW ESPINOSA!” I shouted trying to glare at him but he was just trying not to laugh so hard, which wasn’t helping me so much.
“Yes, y/f/n?” He asks innocently causing me to roll my eyes. I tried to make my way over to him as fast as possible but I’m not that agile out of water so me in water isn’t too great either. When I finally reach him, he has a rather amused expression on his face.
“Don’t judge me,” I exclaim to him lightly swatting his chest, causing a laugh to emerge from his throat.
“I would never judge my own girlfriend,” He says sarcastically but I just played along with it.
“I know babe.”
At this point I was rather 'watered’ out so I went to sit back on the towels on the beach while Matt remained close by. I decided to pretty much cloud watch. However as I am lying down I can hear the people who are passing me and I can also hear what they are saying. Let’s just say a lot of them are not nice comments and they hurt a lot.
“Isn’t that Matt’s girlfriend?”
“Yeah, but I don’t know why.”
“What do you mean?”
“Why is he dating a black girl? Like there are way prettier people out there.” Ouch! I mean it’s one thing to say it behind my back but at least be woman enough to say it to my face. I sat up from where I was lying down and looked around to see where the voices had been coming from and I spotted two girls looking at me and talking amongst one another. When we met eye contact they instantly looked away. BINGO!
I decided to play nice first so I got up and walked over to them.
“Hi I’m y/n, what are your names?” I ask with a smile on my face that I hoped didn’t look fake.
“We know who you are,” One of the girls said which took me aback at how forward she was.
“Okay, um, well I just wanted to say that despite there being maybe about 15 feet between where I was lying down and where you are standing, I can still hear everything you were saying about me, and I don’t appreciate your racist comments,” I tell her as nicely as possible but I was sure to let her know that I was not happy with my tone. She looked a little surprised at my forwardness but didn’t display it for long.
“I wasn’t being racist I was stating a fact,” She states.
“Oh I see, so when you said 'why is he dating a black girl?’ that wasn’t racist, alright. Guess I’ll have to brush up on my definitions because that’s not what I learned in school, graduating class of…what year is that? Oh yeah 2014,” I tell her with anger emanating from my voice.
“It’s not racist, because I said that there were more prettier people out there,” She defends.
“Okay first of all, no, second of all don’t defend yourself with another insult. Now I don’t care if you hate on me because you mean nothing to me, but to hate on my race based on who I am as a person is not okay. If you said why is he dating 'that’ black girl that doesn’t make it okay because now you’re judging me based on my race, but now you’re specifying that you mean me, not every african american girl out there. But for you to say why is he dating a black girl is putting all black women into one category right there, but if you were to specify that it was me, I would still be pissed at you because that is just rude, but then it’s just about you and me, and not about my race and you. So check yo self before you open that mouth of yours because one day someone won’t be as nice to you and you will get punched,” I vent before I walk away with a satisfied smile on my face. That felt good. As I get back to the beach towels I see Matt with a confused expression on his face.
“What did I miss?” He questions.
“Just some ignorant fan who doesn’t know the meaning of racist,” I tell him with a sigh and I saw his expression sour. Matt knew I got hate about my race and it pissed him off to no extent.
“Let’s go home, it’s getting late,” He mumbles and my face morphs into one of confusion but I was getting tired anyway so I help him pack up and we head home.
When we arrive home he heads straight to his studio room and shuts the door.
“Okay,” I say to myself….
*5 hours later*
Matt finally emerged from his studio looking pretty happy with himself.
“What did you do?” I asked him warily.
“Something that needed to be done,” He said with a smile before yawning. “I think I’ll go to bed now babe,” He says before kissing my forehead.
“I’ll be up at some point,” I tell him as I head down to the kitchen to do some research work. I curl up on one of the kitchen chairs and set my laptop in front of me as I edit my research paper that is due in a couple weeks.
1 new e-mail
I check the time and realize it has been 3 hours since I started editing and decided I could take a small break. I open the e-mail and see that Matt has just posted a new YouTube video. Funny? I didn’t know about that. He usually tells me about his videos.
I click on it and it opens up in a new tab.


My heart instantly stopped when I saw that. I moved my eyes back up to the video and watched as Matt sat down in front of the camera and sighed before he began to talk,
“Okay, so I don’t know exactly how to start this and y/n, I know you’re watching this,” He says with a small embarrassed smile which only makes me smile. “So by the title of this video you can probably guess what I’m going to be talking about. Yes it’s y/n for those of you who don’t know, and if you did know great for you. YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR! I’M LIKE OPRAH!” He exclaims and I can’t help but laugh. “Okay but back to the seriousness. You guys may not think that I know about all of the hate that y/n gets, but not only because she is my girlfriend, but also because of her race,” He says and I can see his face fall a little bit and my heart sinks. I have always been proud of who I am as a person and still am, I just don’t know why other people can’t be that way too. “I don’t want this to turn into a video of me ranting to all of you guys, my fans, because I know that’s not what y/n would want, and I also know that a lot of you guys don’t hate on her so I thank you for that. But this video is about why I love y/n and hopefully by the end of it, you’ll love her just as much as I do. I take that back almost as much because you can’t have her she’s taken,” He says and I giggle. “So this isn’t scripted, I don’t have any of it written down, so I’m just going to go off the top of my head. I love how she has five different laughs depending on how funny something is or if something isn’t funny at all. I remember she told me that in high school she had to take a speech class and one of the assignments was a humor speech and she told me that everyone asked the class to laugh at them because no one thought they were funny and she would always tell them not to worry because she laughs at anything and it’s true! She then told me that throughout the speeches she did laugh at pretty much anything. I love that when she is laughing, the laugh that’s for this is funny and I love it kind of laugh, she smiles this huge smile and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I love when I get to wake her up for the morning, despite the fact that she isn’t very pleasant in the morning. Just the fact that she is there makes me happy. And those few rare times where she is up before me, she always is downstairs in the kitchen curled up in a chair with her glasses on, hair tied up, pajamas still on, tea in her hand, and computer in front of her, I’ll walk into the kitchen, and she’ll look up from whatever work she is doing and smile then say 'good morning’ and I love that. I love that when she watches soccer she yells at the TV like the people can actually hear her. I love when she falls asleep on the couch after binge watching Netflix and I can carry her upstairs and put a blanket over her,” Matt says almost as if it were a memory that would never leave his mind because of how precious it was and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. Matt smiled with this thoughtful look on his face before looking up to the camera. “I love that y/n can’t dance for her life.” Which sent me into hysterics. “But I love that she doesn’t care about it and will still try. I love when she watches cooking shows then uses the kitchen like she’s on the show. I love that she isn’t OCD but has these neat freak tendencies for certain things, like she can name practically every font just by looking at it, and certain fonts erk her, like Comic Sans and Times New Roman and Arial. I love that she has a favorite font, Cambria. I love that she’s not afraid to voice her opinion to people but when confronting she always tries to be understanding and polite. I love the fact that she smells good, I don’t know how or why but she just does. I love how her eyes light up when she finally understands something, sees food, or remembers something. I love her flaws. I love that she sucks at Biology and that she would come to me for help when she had to take it. I love that she can’t remember the name of a song until it’s halfway done but can remember history dates better than the textbook, birthdays better than you know your own, and small details of memories or pictures better than the author or artist themselves. I love everything about y/n. I could tell you all the funny and embarrassing stories about y/n but I don’t think she would like that too much. OH! She also loves horror movies! I love that she doesn’t let anyone dictate her life, she has her role models but everything about her is strictly her, not because someone told her too. She is her own person and I admire her for that. I love her for that. I love that she’s terrified of heights but refuses to admit it and just tells me she’s merely afraid of falling. I love that she always makes elaborate birthday plans/gifts for me or any of her friends but expects practically nothing in return. I don’t like that she’s always cold because I hate seeing her uncomfortable but I love that I’m the one who gets to hold her hands and warm them up for her. I love that she gets overly excited about holidays.  I love that she loves her family. I could go on forever but I really do hope that to the people who were being mean to the girl I love, I hope this video changed your opinion of her. Y/N is a beautiful person and should be treated as such,” He says and I couldn’t help but let a tear slip it was the nicest most precious thing anyone had ever done for me. Matt took a deep breath before looking straight into the camera. “Y/n, I know you’re watching this and I know I have said it multiple times, but I’ll say it again….I love you…and now you know why.” With that the video ended.
“I love you too Matt,” I whispered back to my computer. I decided to turn in for the night knowing I would not be able to work with the current events. I climbed the stairs and crawled into bed with my sleeping boyfriend. I knew he was asleep but he cuddled up closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist instinctively as soon as I was in bed, keeping me safe and warm. 1st reason on my long list of why I love Matt.

I hope this is up to your expectations anon! Okay so I know I have not posted in a LONG TIME and I’m sorry but I didn’t want to post anything that wasn’t 'good’ or that I wasn’t fully invested into. But I hope you enjoyed this imagine. Just a lesson, don’t melt if a boy/girl tells you they love you, melt for the reasons why ;)
-simplicational’s queen

Hot As Can Be

Hi everyone! This little fic is for the lovely @summylise because it was her birthday last Wednesday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SWEET LIL MUFFIN! (And also because the fandom seems really dry right now and needs some life pumped back into it! Let’s get three cheers for our favorite babes, am I right?!)

Anywho, I have some ideas for continuing this fic (maybe even…smutty ideas??????), so if you want me to, be sure to leave a comment telling me to in the tags!

Summary: It’s only Natsu’s first day as Lucy’s assistant, and somehow she already ended up in his shirt. 

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New York City was melting. 98 degrees with searing blue skies and a Molotov cocktail of smog and humidity stuffing the air. The usual horns and roar of the sidewalk puppet chatter was muffled and drained; everything from the sopping hot dog vendor and the steel skeletons of skyscrapers seemed to sway and groan through an open maw of exhaustion.

Up on the 54th floor of one of the buildings tucked snugly between an ornate Marriot and the headquarters for a popular TV network, was the home for Fairy Tail Times. And that day, their A/C wasn’t working.

“Who wrote this editorial?”

Her voice was consumed by blaring chatter and the industrial-sized fans set up in opposing corners of the bustling office. Employees lined with sticky, damp button-ups and slacks ran from place to place, heels clacking in nonsensical rhythms that clashed against the gnashing of keyboard keys. Multiple phones were ringing, answered in short time with rushed greeting card lines of hospitality before their message was scribbled down and stuffed in a pile of hundreds more.

At the head of the room, Lucy was pacing up and down the line of gaping windows, rubbing at her headache with one hand as she fanned herself with the sheaf of papers held in the other.

“Hello?” she tried again. “Is anyone listening to me?”

A leggy girl jogged up from her desk, long, green brain sashaying down her back. “Me! It was me.”

“Bisca.” Lucy rested her hand on her hip, frowning down at the girl. “This is too opinionated. I know you love guns, but please. Editorial.”

Bisca flushed, but she took the article back with a tiny salute and said, “Right. You got it, Lucy,” before rushing off to edit as told.

“And Cana!”

The busty brunette jumped at the sound of her name, falling out of her computer chair and onto her face with a yelp. Wide sunglasses blocked out the majority of the hangover dripping down her face, but the loud groan she mushed into the carpet right before she snapped, “What?” told Lucy everything.

Lucy’s hands clenched as her arms shook, crinkling the new set of papers she had beyond recognition.

“Why,” Lucy gritted, “does every single horoscope have something to do with sex in it?”


“This is a family-friendly newspaper, Cana, and I highly doubt the readers will appreciate the fact that the stars are telling them all to ‘fuck it—just go out and get laid!’”

“Tell me one person who wouldn’t like that!”

“Just sober up and fix this—now!” Lucy chucked the crumpled papers at Cana’s head, then turned on her heel and stomped back to her desk.

With a heavy sigh, Lucy’s shoulders slumped and, without care, she shoved away the sweaty, matted hairs that clung to her temples. What did it matter at this point? It was 10am and already her hair had puffed out like a chia pet, her blazer had been discarded on the back of her chair, and her skirt hem had been rolled up borderline inappropriate. Yes, she thought as she roughly rolled up the sleeves of her white button-up, she knew she looked like a mess right now. But the sweat currently gathering on every inch of her body—including the underbellies of her suffocating chest, making her squirm—was the last of her worries. The deadline for the paper was today at 4pm and no one—not a single person—had a piece ready for print. No one.

Coffee. She needed coffee.

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When Jongin Is Being A Lazy Jerk.

DISCLAIMER: I did not write this. The source is linked below :) Enjoy!


The pieces of Cheerios scattered on the kitchen counter shouldn’t make you so upset but you find yourself trying to calm down immensely after stumbling upon the disorderly sight.

“Morning babe!”

You ignore his greeting and continue to stare at the counter, even not reacting to the kiss on the cheek. You watch him through narrowed eyes as he passes the mess,takes the milk carton, and starts drinking straight from it. Sure, the Cheerios thing is bad and yeah, the whole drinking-from-the-carton is worse but what ultimately sets you off is his refusal put the milk back into the fridge.

“Jongin, could you please put the milk back into the fridge?” you ask, holding back.


“It’s going to go bad if you don’t.”

“We can always go to the store and buy another one,” he shrugs.

“Seriously Jongin, how old are you? Just put the damn thing back into the fridge!”

He doesn’t get up from his seat behind the counter so you finish the task for him before cleaning up the Cheerios.

“Babe, just leave it there. I’ll clean it up after practice –“

“Why can’t you do it now?”

“I’m not in the mood.”

“Ohhh, I see. Prince Jongin isn’t ‘in the mood’ to clean,” you mock. “Well, let this servant do your bidding then, your highness.”

He doesn’t reply but you know that he’s angry; he’s deliberately avoiding eye contact with you. You roll your eyes at his childish behavior and quickly clean up the Cheerios, angrily grumbling the entire time. Jongin ignores you and just eats his breakfast, playing with his iPad. You end up wiping down the whole counter out of frustration. Standing back and admiring your work, you go to the sink and wash your hands before going to the bathroom to get ready for work.

Jongin and you have been dating for around 11 months but it wasn’t until four weeks ago that you started to live together. You had been ecstatic about it and Jongin was too but now, instead of the move being as romantic as you thought it would be, it’s just plain awkward. Being a neat freak, it’s been a pain trying to put up with Jongin’s messy personality. You happily cleaned up after him at first (he comes home tired from practice) but as time went on, it became downright annoying (he has time to play video games but not clean?). You have a lot of unvented anger building up and to be honest, you’re not very sure you can hold back any longer.

“Just calm down, _____,” you tell yourself, on the way to the bathroom. “Breathe and calm down. Breathe and calm –“

Your mantra fails as soon as you turn on the bathroom light. You take in the chaos before you, your eyes widening at the horror. A wet, black towel lies on the floor next to the oozing bottle of body wash. An uncapped deodorant is in the sink as well as a toothbrush and a shaver. Bottles of shaving cream sit atop the toilet, the cologne on its side and dripping fragrance onto the floor. The only thing that isn’t in disarray is your toiletries, stacked neatly in a corner on the counter with the exception of the bits of shaving cream mixed amongst them.

“What the hell?” you whisper, walking into the bathroom.

The next thing you know, you’re screaming as you’re slipping. Luckily, your hands find the towel handle and you compose yourself, standing up straight. You feel something foamy at the bottom of your feet and you lift it up to investigate. It’s shaving cream.

Quickly cleaning it off, you stomp out of the bathroom and go to the kitchen.


Surprisingly, he was at the sink, cleaning his cereal bowl. He finishes doing so and turns around to face you, leaning against the counter.

“I don’t know,” he replies. “You tell me.”

His nonchalant attitude only serves to fuel your anger.

“I just slipped on some shaving cream in the bathroom. How many times do I have to tell you to clean up after yourself?”

“You know you don’t have to, right?”

“Does it look like I want to constantly remind you to clean up after yourself? Trust me; I don’t want to but you leave me no choice!”

“You don’t have to tell me to clean up the bathroom. You don’t have to tell me to put the milk back. I never asked you to mother me.”

“I’m not mothering you. I’m just asking you to be more considerate. You’re not living here by yourself anymore and –”

“Maybe it’s better if I did.”

You blink; “What?”

He shrugs; “You’re a neat-freak. I’m messy. Neither of us is willing to compromise so it’s probably better if you just moved out.”

“How…how could you say that so easily?” you reply, the tears threatening to fall.

“Simple. You’re invading my personal space and I don’t like it. And you’re annoying. I don’t want you here anymore.”

He leaves the kitchen, not giving you a glance even as he walks pass your tear-stricken face. You wipe the tears from your cheeks and angrily follow after him to the door.

“FINE!” you yell. “I’M MOVING OUT!”

He shrugs his shoulders.

“Do what you want. I don’t care.”

He grabs his keys and opens the door. Not sparing you a look, he slams it shut and leaves you heartbroken on the floor.

Wiping the tears from your eyes, you continue to pack your stuff, throwing your clothes into the suitcase. You walk over to the dresser and start placing your skin care products into your makeup bag, your eyes trying to avoid the picture frame of you and Jongin.

“The National Weather Service has issued a code red for the entirety of Seoul as temperatures rise past 95°F. All citizens are advised to stay indoors.”

You look up at the television as the weatherman brings up a map of Korea, showing the majority of the country being afflicted with this intense heat. You glance at the black duffel bag on the bed, biting your lips and wondering if you should bring it to him.

“Hospitals across the city have reported an increase in heat afflicted patients. Over 90% of all beds in Seoul Hospital have been –“

Sighing, you walk over to the duffel bag and pick it up, the water bottles and vitamins clanking together. You stop by the closet and pack some extra towels, stuffing them in the bag. Noticing that he doesn’t have extra clothes in there, you fold some in as well before heading out of the apartment and into the heat.

“Damn, it’s hot.”

“No shit man,” answers Chanyeol. “It’s a fucking oven out here.”

Jongin groans and leans back against the tree, resting under its welcoming shade. Chanyeol hands him a water bottle before taking a place next to him. They both crack open their bottles and take large gulps.

“Of all days to forget your bag, you choose today.”

“Yeah because I definitely schedule when I forget things.”

“Just call and ask her to bring it for you.”

“She’s not going to want to see me.”

“Just apologize and say you were wrong and that you really don’t want her to move out and that you love her and –“

Before Chanyeol can complete his sentence, Jongin walks away and crushes his bottle before tossing it into the trash.

“Sorry but they’re doing a sound check. It shouldn’t take too long but if you want, I can give him the bag –“

You shake your head; “It’s fine,” you tell the manager. “I can wait.”

He nods and brings you to where the rest of the staff are standing and watching the performance. You happily greet everyone before turning your attention to the stage.

Bakgo chigo pyeoneul nanugo ssaugo
Igeon geimdo aniya

Sometimes, you forget that you’re dating a pop star. It’s only in these moments when you see him on stage that you remember. There’s something about the spotlight that changes him completely: he’s more confident, mature, and sexy. Watching him perform, your anger is even starting to evaporate.

“Oh my God, he’s doing it again!”

The two female staffs next to you are giggling. You look up at the stage and immediately see the reason why. Whether it’s because he’s hot or he’s just getting into the song, Jongin grabs a fistful of his shirt and pulls it up, his Calvin Klein boxers showing. The two girls start whispering when he does it one more time.

“I want him.”

“Me too,” sighs the younger one of the two. “Two bad he’s taken.”

Annoyed, you cough loudly to get their attention. They jump at the sound and their cheeks burn red as they finally notice your presence. They meekly greet you before scurrying away.


No one who care about me

“Okay, you guys are done!”

Jongin joins the rest of the band in thanking and bowing to the tech staff on stage. You quickly move closer to the front, hoping to catch his attention before he leaves out of your sight.


He turns at the sound of your voice, his eyes widening when he spots you in the crowd. He turns back to his bandmates but a few minutes later, you see him excusing himself and walking off stage and directly up to you.

“Why are you here?” he asks, his arms folded across his chest and his eyes looking anywhere but at you.

On your way here, you had decided to try and work things out with him but his attitude leads you to reverse your decision.

“You left this.”

Remaining emotionless, you grab his hand and sling the duffel bag handle into his palm. Without saying another word, you turn and start walking away when his hand clamps down on your arm and turns you around.

“Let go of me,” you say, trying to push him away.

“We need to talk.”

His hand slides down to yours and he grasps it tightly as he pulls you towards the performer tents in the back. His grip is too strong for you to break away and so you end up being dragged to EXO’s tent. Once you’re there, Jongin angrily pulls back the flap, alarming Baekhyun and D.O.

“What the hell Kai?!”

“Could you guys leave?”

Baekhyun and D.O stare at the two of you and exchange knowing glances. Jongin pulls you away from the entrance, getting out of their way. They take their phones on the nearby table and exit the tent. As soon as they’re gone, you move your hand out of Jongin’s grip.

“Where are you going?” he growls.

“I’m going back to finish packing.”

Before you can exit the tent, Jongin grabs your arm and pulls you back towards him and into an embrace.

“Let go –“

“I’m sorry!”

You freeze at his apology, shocked to hear it.

“I’m sorry!” he repeats. “I shouldn’t have said those things. I shouldn’t have made you mad. I…I don’t want you to go. Just…please…don’t leave.”

“Jongin, I –“

He places his hands on the side of your face and kisses you, his lips hungrily ravishing you. It’s unfair how easily his kisses can change your mood and you find yourself wanting to continue being angry at him but when he bites your bottom lip, you know the game’s over and he’s won.

“I love you,” he whispers, his forehead resting against yours. “I love us.”

He kisses you again and this time, it’s more passionate and desperate. You kiss him back, threading your hand through his hair. Your tongue slips inside his mouth and he moans into the kiss, the two of you teasing and playing with each other. Soon, he starts to walk you backwards, his lips never leaving yours even for a split second. When your legs hit the edge of the table, he lifts you up and places you on top.

Within a few minutes, your shirt is off and your bra is on the table as Jongin teases your breasts. You breathe and lean back on your elbows, exposing your whole upper body to him. A moan escapes from your lips as he pleasures you, his tongue doing such sinful things. You push him away from you and capture his lips again, using the opportunity to strip him of his pants and boxers. Jongin reaches under your skirt and hooks a finger underneath the elastic of your underwear before pulling it down your legs. You move closer to the edge of the table and spread your legs wide as he leans in, pushing into you afterwards.

“Oh, fuck!”

You yell as he thrusts into you immediately, the table creaking under the hard force. He smirks at your expression, leaning down to kiss your neck. You wrap your arms around his shoulder and hold him close, crying out loud when he hits your spot. With each thrust, a wave of pleasure runs throughout your body and it’s becoming more and more difficult to hold your screams.

“Jongin, oh fuck! Right there!”

You can hear the legs of the table hitting the folding chair, a metallic ring reverberating in the air every time. You’re sure the table’s about to give up and collapse but you hardly care anymore at this point with the way he’s fucking you.

“Uhh, uhh, ahh…I’m going to cum.”

Jongin moves his hips faster and faster and –

“Oh fuck, Jongin!”

His name is on your lips as you reach your climax, your release running down your thighs and onto the table. You curl your toes and moan loudly as the ecstasy washes over your body. Jongin keeps moving to let you ride your orgasm and soon, he closes his eyes and grunts when he cums inside of you, his release making you feel marked.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, kissing you again.

“No, I’m sorry too,” you reply. “You’re right; I shouldn’t have yelled at you this morning. I –“

“Kai, are you guys done?”

You blush a deep red when you hear Suho’s voice from outside the tent.

“Yeah,” Jongin shouts back. “Just give us a few minutes.”

“Oh my God, I am so embarrassed.”

Jongin laughs; “I don’t think they heard anything. I think they just came at the end.”

You hit him on the arm; “Yeah but that’s the noisiest part!”

“Well, since you’re so mortified,” he begins. “How about I take a short break to go home and make you feel better?”

When he winks at you, when he gives you that lewd smirk…how could you refuse?


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“You ready yet?” Morgan asked his boyfriend, Spencer Reid. “It’s been almost forty-five minutes. You smudge your makeup or something?”

“Ha ha. Very funny, Derek.”

“Woah, touchy,” Morgan said, chuckling and letting himself into the bathroom. Reid was standing in front of the mirror, combing his wild hair behind his ears.

“Have you ever heard of knocking?” Reid asking, shooting at icy glare at Morgan. “It’s an interesting concept, first introduced by the Puritans in the fifteenth century.”

“How come you’re gettin’ all dressed up just to visit my family?” Morgan asked, choosing to ignore Reid’s sassy remark.

Reid flushed. “I’m not!”

Morgan raised an eyebrow, nodding at Reid’s fancy jacket and silk tie. “You don’t even wear this stuff to work. You really think my momma is gonna care how you dress?”

“You…you don’t think she will?”

Morgan chuckled and put a reassuring hand around Reid’s shoulders, kissing him softly on the lips. Reid, after a moment’s hesitation, leaned into the kiss.

“No, I don’t,” Morgan said softly. “She already loves you, you know. Thinks you’re the smartest, sweetest kid she’s ever met.”

Reid swallowed, looking at Morgan nervously.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. You gotta trust me on this, alright?

“Alright,” Reid said, setting the hairbrush down reluctantly and following Morgan out the door.


Once the two arrived at Morgan’s mother’s house, it took every ounce of Morgan’s self-restraint not to laugh at Reid’s nervousness. He was fidgeting nonstop, rambling on and on about random trivia completely unrelated to what was about to happen.

“It’s gonna be fine, baby,” Morgan said, tucking a stray strand of hair behind Reid’s ear. “Let’s go.”

Reid swallowed and opened the car door. He didn’t say a word the entire walk up the driveway and Morgan could practically hear the gears in his brain turning. Once they reached the front door, Morgan smiled at the familiarity of his surroundings. It’d been almost half a year since he’d last seen his family. He squeezed Reid’s hand and knocked on the door.

“Coming!” And then Morgan’s mother was there, opening the door with a beautiful smile.

“Hi, baby,” She said, pulling Morgan into a tight hug and showing no sign of having noticed Reid’s presence. “So good to see you.”

“You too, Ma,” Morgan said, laughing softly and holding his mother tightly.

A few seconds later Morgan’s sisters came bounding to the front door, looking around excitedly.

“Hey, brother,”  Said Desiree, wrapping her arms around Morgan. “Well, where is she?”

“Yeah,” Sarah said, beaming up at Morgan. “You told us you were bringing a ‘special friend’ along with you to meet the family.”

Spencer blushed scarlet at the term ‘special friend’ and shuffled his feet awkwardly, looking up at Morgan’s family and waving shyly.

“Doctor Reid? I didn’t see you there,” Said Morgan’s mother, staring at the two of them with wide, confused eyes. “It’s been a while. What brings you here?”

“Mamma,” Morgan said, wrapping an arm around Reid’s scrawny shoulders and kissing him sweetly on the cheek. “Spencer is the special friend I was tellin’ you about on the phone last week.”

Desiree and Sarah both gasped simultaneously and Derek’s mother’s mouth fell open for a moment as she practically gaped at the two men. Reid’s heart stopped beating for a split second, pure terror and embarrassment jolting through him like an electric shock.

“I-I’m sorry, if you don’t want me here then I understand–“ Reid began, only to be cut off by the soft laughter of Derek’s mother.

“Spencer, honey, you’re always welcome here. I was just a little surprised, that’s all. I think the two of you make a wonderful pair.”

Reid was stunned into silence. Morgan smiled hugely at him, and Reid could tell how badly he wanted to say ‘I told you so.’

“Yeah, you sure do!” Desiree said, grinning. “How come you never told us you swing both ways, Derek?”

Now it was Morgan’s turn to feel embarrassed. “I, uh. Guess I never thought it was important.”

“Well, it’s a nice surprise,” Sarah said, giggling as she eyed Morgan’s arm around Reid. 

“This is wonderful, Derek,” Said Morgan’s mother. “Just wonderful. And it’s good to see you again, Doctor.”

Reid smiled, face slightly pink. It felt as if a huge weight had just been lifted off of his shoulders.

“It’s good to see you too, Ms. Morgan,” Reid said.

“So charming. And smart, too! You picked a good one,” Desiree said, elbowing Derek and causing Reid to turn impossibly more red. 

“T-Thank you,” Reid mumbled.

“Come inside, come inside. I made us dinner,” Said Morgan’s mother. “I hope you like Chinese chicken salad.”

“I do!” Reid said eagerly. “It’s packed full of niacin, selenium, and phosphorus, making it quite the health food.”

Ms.Morgan laughed. “Wonderful,” She leaned over to Morgan and whispered something in his ear. Morgan chuckled and looked over at Reid affectionately.

“Yeah, Ma, he is a doll.”

Wrapped Around Your Finger [Calum Hood - Part 8]


Hehe… I’m getting myself into a lot of shit with this chapter & I think the story will be over soon!


Calum came home tomorrow and the just the thought alone made you excited to have your precious boy back to see every day.

“Hey baby,” Calum’s raspy voice said. “Did I wake you up?” You asked.

“Well uh…” He chuckled, “Yeah.”

“Y/n, the head of the board wants you to review these files for the presentation in week and then they want you to edit the 5SOS article.” Your intern said as he set a medium size stack of files on your desk and handed you a hard drive with the article. “Thank you Brian.” You smiled.

“Brian? Who’s Brian?” Calum still tired voice asked. “My intern, remember? Calum go to sleep. I’m sorry I woke you up. I’ll see you tomorrow okay babe?”

“No I need to tell you something.” He sounded a little more awake. “Can’t it wait until tomorrow? I have some news for you as well. Go back to sleep.”

“Actually, that’s what I need to talk to you about.”

You furrowed your eyebrows and you could feel your heart beat speed up. “What’re you talking about?”

“The tour… It’s been extended… to America and Canada.”

You could feel your heart break and it was almost impossible to speak. “F-for how… long?”

“It’s not decided yet. 5 or 6 months.”

You didn’t say anything for a long time and it took Calum several hushed whispers of your name to snap you back into reality. You could hardly keep waiting this last month and to not have him be around for another six would be terrifying, especially after what’d you just found out a couple weeks after the boys left Australia again. “Y/n!” Calum finally yelled. “What?”

“Are you okay? How do you feel about this?”

“I uh… I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be? I just…”

“You just what?” He pressed on. “Calum I’m…” You choked on your own words and brought a hand up to your mouth. “You’re what babe?”

You could feel your body shaking and you took several deep breaths. “Nothing Calum. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Hey wait now tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I… I can’t. You’re half a world away. Just please Calum, go back to sleep. I’m sorry I woke you. I have to go.”

“Erm, okay? I love you.”  

Your bottom lip quivered and you sniffled. “I know, Calum.”

With that you hung up and pressed a hand to your chest.

You knew this would be hard, just not this hard.

You’d been super busy and super frustrated since your call with Calum and you were thrilled to be in the comfort of your home. You threw your keys in the tray by your door and sighed.

You sauntered over to your room and almost screamed. “What the hell Calum?! Why are you here?!”

“You’ve been ignoring me since yesterday…”

“I’ve been busy working and uhm…” You cleared your throat. “And uhm what?” He looked almost angry. “Nothing. Just working. Why are you here?”

“Well you never let me finish our phone call. I was still coming home, I just have to leave in 3 days.”

“Oh,” was all you said.

“So I was going to the bathroom a couple hours ago and I noticed something.”

“Oh? Erm… what did you notice?” You pulled your jacket off and pulled your shirt over your head and immediately turned your back, trying to hide what has been over whelming you for a month now.

A moment later he was pressed against your back and his hands softly caressed your tummy. “How long have you known?”

“A month.”

“You’ve known for a month and didn’t tell me?” His voice was stern. “I wanted to. I did, I was just…”

“Just what?”

“I was scared. I am scared,” you turned to face him, “I can’t do this. We can’t.”

“Why can’t we?” He gently rubbed your shoulders. “Calum you already missed a month and you’re about to miss six more. That’s seven months. That’s more than half of my pregnancy and I can’t do this on my own.”

“You won’t be alone! I’ll be here!”

“No you won’t! You’ll be on tour and I can’t bring a child into your life, Calum! What would your fans think of me? Of this baby? Of you and the band?!”

“Who cares what they think?! All you should care about is the baby.”

“Calum why are you being so blind?! I can’t have a child! You’re never here! The last nine months have been hell and the next six will kill me. Morning sickness, ultrasounds, doctor appointments, all of it! You won’t be here.”

“I’m sorry, y/n. I am,” he sat on the bed and pulled you on him so you were straddling his lap, “Please baby.”

You shook your head and he pressed his forehead against yours. “Just think about the family we’ll have.”

You could feel the knot building in your chest. “Just think about how happy we’ll be every time I come home.” His voice shook and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“We can’t. It’s such a huge responsibility.”

“We’ll make it work. Even if I’m thousands of miles away. Okay? We’ll make this work.” Calum was crying and it made your heartbreak.

“No, no I can’t put this on you.” You squeezed your eye shut and tried to stop the tears flowing from your eyes. “You’re not putting anything on me. I want this. I love you so much and to let you go is like letting part of myself go.”

“I love you too Calum and I’m not leaving you. But this baby deserves two parents.” You opened your swollen eyes and took your forehead away from his.

“Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. You know I’ll put my heart and soul into our baby.”

“No, Calum. This isn’t like watering a plant. This is a living breathing human, growing and coming out of my body. Calum we’ll be parents. Holy shit. I’m pregnant,” you were astounded. The thought just hit you; you’d be a mother if you went with it. “I would be a mother.”

“I’d be a father.” Calum brought your hands to his lips, “I don’t care that we’re young. I just care that it’s you.” His voice with lowered to a hushed whisper and he pushed his lips to yours. “I love you baby-girl. We can do it. We probably wouldn’t be a perfect family to other people but to me we would be. Please, let’s just have this baby. I want you to have my son or daughter.”

You looked Calum in the eye. He was serious. The determined and sincere in his eyes told it all.

You opened your mouth to speak, stuttering over your words.

What came out next surprised both you and him.