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Logan and William in Westworld 1x05 “Contrapasso”

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the 100 au: minty’s always been a thing (even back in season 1)

all the podcasts are on hiatus until march and i am sad

- a particularly potent southern california w(h)ine with a hint of salt

The  sooner  we  get  to  it,  the  sooner  we  get  through  it.

imagine pocket-sized jungkook studying next to you while a kpop playlist plays in the background. sistar’s touch my body would come up on shuffle and jungkook would immediately jump up and start dancing on top of your worksheets.


June 2006 – May 2015.  Same general idea, 9 years study difference.

alright folks, strap in for a blast from the past. we’re going way back, before EXO were monsters, before they were football (???) players, and even before they were wolves. we’re going back to a simpler time, an easier time, a time when exo’s wardrobe consisted of drop crotch pants and an industrial supply of hexagon studs. we’re going back to the good ol’ days. 

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Anything You Want

prompt by a lovely anon: I just got back from the Grand Canyon. could you do a little fic set there?

read it here on AO3!

Dean and Cas were standing on the edge of the world.

That’s how it felt to Dean, anyway, with the ground dropping sheer away just a few feet from where they were standing. He gulped and took a step back, dragging Cas with him - of course, he’d forgotten to let go of Cas’ hand. Dean dropped it quickly, and Cas held it in the air for a moment before letting it fall back to his side.

“The hell are we doing here, Cas?” Dean demanded, looking out over the reddened rocks, chasms and crusted outcrops stretching as far as the eye could see. The Grand Canyon, spectacular in the sunset, with the cool of the night just starting to close in.

“I have my grace back,” Cas said, by way of reply - which was no kind of reply at all, as far as Dean could see. Surely an angel could get its grace back without essentially dive-bombing him in the Lebanon grocery store and whirling him here in the blink of an eye?

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Okay, so I have to make a post about this gif, I just have to. I mean there’s just so many little things going on that need to be noticed.

Let’s start with Charlie. Look at his face as Farkle grabs Riley’s hand. He gets this little smile on his face. Why would he be smiling? Farkle is interrupting him and Riley? Is it maybe because Charlie knows how adorable Riarkle is and that its end game? I mean he’s the one who said she ends up with Farkle.

But also with Charlie and this might just be overanalyzing, but, he steps back. He literally steps back from Riley for Farkle! And we all know how important stepping back is. The writers do say there is no such thing as coincidence. I don’t know, maybe this means nothing.

Okay now, Farkle. Just look at his face. Look at it. He freaking licks his lips. And then he smiles, his Riley smile. I don’t know, but I just think that’s adorable.

And then of course Riley. Her face as well. At first she looks the slightest bit annoyed, but then, she smiles too!!! Her special Farkle smile! Like just, freaking adorable!!!

But honestly, the Charlie thing is most important to me. Like I don’t know. I just feel like it means something…..


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When Tony had gotten the alert on his phone that Steve was at his apartment, he ignored it. He was on a date with his boyfriend right now, and he refused to go rushing back to the apartment just to see what Boy Wonder wanted. He let the hologram version of Tony get queued up, putting his phone back in his pocket and turning back to Matt to continue their conversation over dinner. Moments later, his phone started buzzing even though he had turned it to silent. Tony fished it back out of his pocket and saw that his alarms were going off.

“Matt, we gotta go, something’s happened at the apartment.” Tony was up, grabbing Matt’s hand even though he knew the man could’ve probably somersaulted his way out of the restaurant. Tony rushed outside the restaurant, grabbing his Audi key from the valet stand and ignoring the attendant there as he located his car and quickly got inside. He sped back towards his apartment, asking Jarvis what happened over the bluetooth in his car.

“Two bullets were fired from a sniper rifle from the building across the street. Mister Rogers is pursuing him now on foot.”

Tony swore. What an idiot. Who was trying to kill Tony now? He pulled into his garage and rushed inside with Matt, wishing the elevator would just go faster. Tony was still holding Matt’s hand, but it was mostly for his own benefit. He really didn’t want Matt to know how scared he really was that someone had made an attempt on his life tonight, albeit, a pretty poor one.