let's jump ship


farewell to glee; favorite musical numbers
→ here comes the sun

Well, what a sight



‘’Doffy!’’- well, hehe, nicely played Oda, but you won’t -

!!!1!!1 THEEERE WE GO, he’s finally making me guiltily ship this for real.

its 2015, can we stop calling people who don’t ship your gay ship homophobic now?

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So cole is thinking about leaving acting again and I hope if he does it's after riverdale has ended because like we NEED bughead.

But, let’s not jump ship or panic until there’s concrete news he’s actually leaving. It would definitely suck, but we can do nothing but enjoy the content we have now. 


Some people ship Ash with Lana, some with Lillie, some with Mallow, some with none or all, but then no matter who ships what some will have a problem with it because they are busy worrying about someone else’s shipping interests.

holy god, sasuke’s narration had me fucking bawling my eyes out 

699 was PERFECTION and 700 was a bit weird in some aspects bUT WHO THE HELL CARES, NARUHINA AND SASUSAKU BABIES FUCK YES

*whispers* now all i want is a pink haired Uchiha babuu



my mamo-chan

One of the many things I loved about Pretty little Liars was how it never pitted one female character against another. How there was no backstabbing, no boyfriend stealing, no mean rivalry, no one tried to demean their friend to make themselves look better. At least in the relationship of the core four friends of the group. Their friendship is the main reason why this show is so popular. If given a choice between their boyfriend or their friends, they would always choose their friends. Unlike in the other teen shows where this trope is done to death.

But if what people are saying are true that Toby slept with Emily, then I’ll be so fucking disappointed! This is not what the show is! Emily, the cinnamon roll of the group would never betray her friend like that. And sleeping with a guy, really? Pll has never indicated that Emily is bisexual, it was done away with when Em finally told Nate that she liked girls only. It would also completely ruin one of the beautiful early friendships of the show, that between Toby and Emily.

If it really happens, then the show is losing all of it’s charming aspects.

Shoutout to all the Sherlock blogs who remained a Sherlock blogs despite the excruciating long hiatus and occasional unnecessary drama brought upon by certain people.  You still managed to find your own joy within the Sherlock fandom and tbh y’all are da real mvp

especially for someone like me who have weird attachment issues with BBC Sherlock and I just can’t let it go, your continued fan-ism and dedication towards the show is what makes tumblr a fun, not-so-lonely place for me. So yeah hanks for that chaps!

My Take On TVD 7x06

Overall - great episode. Good job Carline Dries. Credit where credit is due.

1.  The Flash Forward Scene.

Can we take a minute to appreciate Damon’s annoyance about Alaric being engaged to Caroline. He’s such a Steroline shipper. He’s in my screen irritated and channeling the emotions of every steroline shipper right now.

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