let's ignore that he says *i* and starts singing

Ed Sheeran: Up All Night With Pop's Hardcore Troubadour | Full Rolling Stone Interview

“Let’s go to my place for the finale!” Ed Sheeran shouts as he hops into an SUV. It’s just after midnight in London. Sheeran spent much of the evening in a bar, but even with his bright-red hair hidden under a ball cap, people started to recognize him. The DJ played one of his songs, and his friends had to create a wall around him so he could drink in peace. It all made him a little anxious, which is why we’re speeding to his West London home to keep the party going.

Sheeran is celebrating tonight because he knows he’s about to score his first Number One hit in America with “Shape of You,” a sleek, funky stomper from his new album, ÷ (pronounced Divide). We’re joined by his girlfriend, Cherry, and his old friends Zack, Nathan and Catherine, who have been watching him perform since he released his first album, The Spinning Man, when he was 13. “I went plywood,” Sheeran, now 25, jokes about that LP. “Not gold. I sold 100 copies.”

Sheeran has been going hard tonight: espresso martinis and rum-punch shots at dinner, gin and tonics at the bar. It’s my birthday, and at one point he grabs my phone, takes a selfie of us and posts to my Instagram, writing “It’s my birthday bitches #london #hashtag #believe #achieve #inspiration.” He encourages friends to knock back pints with a drinking song that ends “Na na na na/Hey hey hey/You’re a cunt!”

Soon, we arrive at his house, a five-floor, industrial-style space with brick walls, wood floors and several personal touches: a Charmander Pokémon stuffed animal in his bedroom and a bong shaped like Benny Blanco’s head in the living room. There’s also a recording studio, a gym and a full bar, where he recently entertained several young cast members of his favorite show, Game of Thrones. As we arrive, Sheeran offers bedrooms to anyone who wants to “get rowdy,” then goes to work mixing drinks.

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A duet sung  by himself

Hi! I hope you like this one, it’s a little shorter than what I usually post. :)

Summary: Harry takes his time for many people, however, not for his girlfriend.

This very, very lovely picture is not mine, sadly.

I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut, willing myself not to let the tears gathered in my eyes spill over. He’d promised me.  A hiss left my mouth at the memory of him even rolling his eyes when I’d made him give me his word a second time, as if I were being completely ridiculous for doubting him. But of course I’d been right to do so, even though it was for nothing. Because he wasn’t here. And he hadn’t been here when I would’ve needed him to be either.
The dress I’d put on had long been traded for a shirt and my face washed and cleaned from any make up. After, I’d climbed into bed and nestled down, for the first time loathing how much the bed and pillows smelled of Harry.
I hadn’t asked for much, either. Only to be home by seven pm and to accompany me to a dinner my friend had organized, like any other couple occasionally did.
I kept wondering if he even cared for how much he disappointed me. He most likely didn’t, or else my phone wouldn’t be as empty of messages or calls from him as it was.
My fingers angrily brushed at my cheeks and I gave in to the tears, allowing sobs to wreck through my body. Ugly sniffles and cries filled the room and I would’ve been embarrassed by it, if my pain and anger wouldn’t have taken up all the space for any other emotions.

All those perfect moments with Harry, where he swore his love for me and that he wished for us to never be apart, seemed to mean so little every time he let me wait up for him, with no word of where he was. How could he truly mean it when he said he wanted me always, when I was so easily pushed to the side once someone else offered their time to him.

I was too caught up in letting myself drown in my feelings so I didn’t hear him enter the house or walking up the stairs. A heavy knock on the door made me flinch and bit down on my pillow, trying and failing to quieten my sobs. Oh, please go away.

“Y/N, my love, I am so sorry.”

The mere sound of his lovely, raspy voice had another wave of tears running down my face and I shook my head. One dinner. For the first time in months, I’d asked him to do something for me, and he’d let me down.
I whimpered when the door handle rattled and Harry sighed, realizing that it wouldn’t open to him.

“You locked me out of our room?”

My heart ached at the evident pain in his voice. We’d fought before and often quite loudly, but never had either of us refused to let the other sleep in the bed. No matter how angry or upset we were, the night would be spend by each other’s side, even if the touching was kept to a minimal. This made having arguments with Harry less frightening and gave them a silver lining to look forward to. But this time, I couldn’t bear to have him in bed with me.


A thumb came from the door and I could imagine him resting his forehead against the wood in exhaustion. His eyes squeezed closed and his hair a mess from pulling at the soft strands in distress. It was, after all, two am and he’d left the house at eight in the morning.

“Y/N,” Harry whined, “Don’t wanna sleep on the couch, baby. Please, don’t make me, c'mon.”

My hands fisted the bedsheets and I pulled them up to my chin.

“Go away, Harry.”

The door handle rattled again, even though he knew that it was for nothing. I wasn’t going to unlock the door no matter how big of a scene he’d start to make. Still, I hoped that he would leave me be, that he’d somehow sense how I couldn’t take an argument right now.

“You’re crying. M'not gonna go anywhere ‘til I got to make it better,” Harry’s soft voice hummed.

My arms ached to be holding my boyfriend’s body and to feel his warmth. I sighed at how much it hurt to have pain inflicted by a person you love and ironically, said person being the only one who could lessen it.

“You can’t make anything better anymore, Harry. You already missed dinner!” I called, the words strained and my voice broken from all the crying.

My vocal cords were sore and I heard Harry’s sigh through the door. A soft knock followed, so soft actually, I’d almost missed it. He knew he was in trouble.

“Y/N,” he spoke, “I’m begging you. You’re hurt and I understand, baby, but we cannot move past this if you don’t let me into this room tonight. It’ll all build up and get worse, you know I’m right.”

Yeah it would build up and get worse, I wasn’t an idiot. But seeing his face while hearing his excuses just wasn’t what could’ve changed anything to the better at the moment. I already was embarrassed and nothing he’d say would make it better. They seemed so meaningless to me now anyway and I couldn’t deal with them, not when his clear green eyes got teary, his brown hair framing his lovely face and his pink lips bitten and swollen. A sight that would always break my heart and make me open my arms to welcome him.
He’d messed up and I wasn’t going to just forget about it, for the sake of saving him from feeling guilty.

Another knock.


I didn’t reply. Silence settled between us and I already believed he’d left when he spoke up again, or rather: he sang.

“You know the world can see us. In a way that’s different than who we are.”

My teeth pulled at my bottom lip and I rolled my eyes. Leave it to Harry for taking me not seriously. What’s new?

“S'your turn,” Harry encouraged and I shook my head. He continued: “Creating space between us 'til we’re separate hearts. But your faith it gives me strength. Strength to believe… Oh Y/N, We’re breaking free. We’re soaring, flying. My love, there’s not a star in heaven, That we can’t reach…”

My feet landed on the cold tile wooden floor as I pushed myself out of bed. I angrily unlocked the door and pulled it open, meeting Harry with tears in my eyes and surprise in his.

“If we’re trying, yeah we’re breaking free.Can you feel it building, like a wave the ocean just can’t control-”

“Shut up,” I spat.

“Wrong line, babe,” Harry commented with a grin on his lips, but it faded once he noticed the tears on my flushed cheeks.

His expression fell and lips parted. I raised my eyebrows and tilted my head.

“Not so funny anymore now, is it?”

Harry’s Adam-apple moved visibly when he swallowed hard. “Y/N, I’m sorry. Let me expla-”


He nodded and held up both hands. “Right. You’re hurt and I-”

“Do you have any idea how much you embarrassed me today?,” I asked, interrupting him once more, “How disappointed I am with you? No, of course you don’t. Because Harry Styles thinks of many people and pleases all of them, but putting his girlfriend first for once? God no.”

My voice hurt and so did my head. Both of my eyes ached with how tired I was. All in all, I had quite obviously, no nerves for his jokes.

“Y/N,” Harry began and stepped closer so he could lean in a bit. His smell took over my senses and made me feel dizzy. “You’ll understand once you let me-”

“Will I? 'Cause I doubt it, as you can’t even comprehend how serious I am with this! You come home at 2 am and start quoting some Disney song, thinking I’d easily sing along and fall into bed with you later! Forget it!”

The anger cursing through my veins kept me from getting weak knees at how soft his pink lips looked as he bit it and how his green eyes sparkled with worry and regret. I could ignore how much my body ached to have him near.
Finally, Harry didn’t say anything anymore, not even when I slammed the door in his face.
I’d forgive him eventually, of course I would. Harry and I loved each other more than anything.
However, maybe sleeping on the couch for the first time in our one year relationship, would make him realize that he couldn’t take me for granted. And I was sure he knew it too, as he didn’t try to reopen the door again that night, even though I’d left it unlocked.

Hope you liked this! I decided that I want to start posting short One shots like this one during the week, maybe without proofreading them. Like that, I can post more and leave the long stories for the weekend. 

Part two: http://harryimaginedstories.tumblr.com/post/152952006393/a-duet-sung-by-himself-part-2

Rest of what I wrote can be found here:


Car Ride Sing Along

“Come on, you chose the music last time!”

“Yeah, but your taste in music is shit.”

“He’s got a point.”

“Piss off both of you.”

“Just let Y/N chose!”

I turned around from my place in the front seat to look at the four boys spread out across the back of the car and raised an eyebrow.

“Really, you trust my decision?”

“Not really, but it’ll shut them up.” Joe said with a smirk from his spot in the drivers seat. I smacked his arm and turned back around, grabbing the iPod already plugged in and started to scroll through the selection while Josh, Oli, Caspar, and Mikey shouted out suggestions from the back.

The boys and I were currently all on the road heading to the northern part of England. Joe and Caspar both had some press work to do up there, so I had decided to tag along, deciding it was better than moping around my apartment while my boyfriend was off having fun. Oli tagged along because I would need company whilst Caspar and Joe were busy during the day with their press work, and then Mikey invited himself along because he wanted to get out of London for a bit. When we figured out that there’d be four of us driving up, Joe had shook his head and ordered a car for rental. None of the cars anyone owned would have fit us comfortably.

We had only been on the road for about a half hour, and most of that time had been spent arguing over what music to play. Finally selecting a song I knew everyone would like, considering they each had been talking about it recently, I hit play and placed the iPod back in its spot along the dash. Joe reached over and gave my knee a quick squeeze before placing it back on the gear shift as the opening notes started.

“Yes! Favourite song right now!” Mikey exclaimed from the far back, where him and Josh were sat. Caspar leaned forward from his seat behind mine to turn the volume up while Oli started dancing in his seat behind Joe’s.

As soon as the words came out of the speakers, the boys were all singing along at the top of their lungs. Laughing, I grab Joe’s vlogging camera and start recording for him, panning around the car.

He notices me filming and starts singing to the camera, purposely going off key. I roll my eyes at him, knowing he can sing much better, before turning to focus on Caspar and Oli, who attempt to do an interpretive dance while still in their seats, with Mikey and Josh belting out the words behind them.

By time the song fades out, I can feel tears falling down my cheeks from laughing so hard, confident that most of the footage I had filmed would have to be cut because it would be too shaky.

“You guys are such dorks.” I tell them, switching the camera for the iPod, deciding on the next song.

“Just jealous of our amazing singing skills, aren’t you Y/N?” Caspar asks, leaning his cheek against the headrest of by seat.

“Nah mate, she can actually sing. Unlike you lot.” Joe chimes in from his seat, and I shoot him a small glare. I rarely sing in front of people, took me forever to do it in front of Joe, and I still believe I’m not that great.

“Ignore him, he doesn’t know what he’s saying.” I say to the boys, ignoring Joe as I click on for the next song. Again, the boys start to sing along, and Oli starts trying to get me to sing along. With a roll of my eyes, I finally cave and start to mouth along to the words, thinking it’ll be enough. Apparently not.

“Come on, love. Just let it out!” Joe encourages, looking at me and giving me that adorable smile of his. With his words, I finally give in to the urge and start singing along properly to the song, getting into the song.

Letting the feeling of the beat wash over me, I close my eyes and immerse myself into the words, singing without a care for who hears me. When the song ends, I open my eyes to silence in the car.

Next to me, Joe is grinning proudly, while the other four in the back all sit with their mouths agape, staring at me.

“Holy, you could give Conor a run for his money!” Josh pipes up, and I blush at the comment.

“Why have you not been singing sooner?!” Oli grins at me, leaning forward. “You have a great voice, Y/N!”

“I always knew you were a natural singer, always knew.” Caspar says, earning a ‘don’t be stupid’ from Joe.

“We need to get you and Joe to sing a duet together for his channel. The viewers would go crazy!” Mikey suggests, but I shake my head.

“No thanks, I’ll stick with just the car for now.”

“And I still refuse to pull a Conor Maynard on my channel. You know that.” Joe calls back, earning a laugh from the boys.

“Next song! You are singing for the rest of the journey, Y/N!” Caspar reaches forward for the iPod, selecting the next song.

While the new song fades in, I reach my hand over to Joe’s, placing it over his on the gear shift and smile at him as thanks. He takes my hand and raises it to his lips, giving it a quick kiss before moving back to the gear shift, his smile never leaving his lips.

The rest of the car journey, I sang along to every song.


Request: i don’t know what you want me to say, you can’t just show up at my door at 3am” just fuck me up some angsty Mike

Requested by: Anonymous

~Yes! Definitely yes! I’m supposed to be studying for my science finals but this is much more interesting:) 

Warnings: angst, alcohol & swearing

Drink responsibly kids!)

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Baddie Braids

Did this for the best, @nate-maloley

“Naaaaaate” you said sloppily into the phone. “I’m outside just walk out the door” he said laughing. You stumble out the door and into his car. You immediately lay the seat back and relax. Nate reaches over you to buckle you in, then drives off. He keeps his eyes on the road but you keep your eyes on him. His hair is a mess and it starts to bother you. You sit up in the seat and start brushing through his hair with your fingers. He pulls you off “what are you doing?” He chuckles. “Let me braid your hair” you say pulling your hands from his. “I’m driving can this wait?” He says. You ignore it and run your fingers through his hair again. This time he doesn’t fight back. You realize braiding in the car, meanwhile drunk, was not the easiest thing. You sit back and huff. “What?” He asks. “This is too hard to do in the car.” You say then cross your arms. “I could of told you that.” Nate responds. You ignore it and start singing the songs on the radio.

Finally you arrive to the house. Nate comes over to your door and opens in for you. You get out slightly tipsy. He goes to help you “no I’m fine” you say sternly. He laughs and backs off. You get into the house and sit on the couch. “Sit in front of me” you say to Nate. Without a word he does. You start to braid his hair but he keeps bending his head down to look at his phone. “Sit stillllll” you say grabbing his head and pulling it up. You start braiding again. “What kind of braid are you doing?” He asks trying to look in the reflection of his phone. You hit his phone and knock it down. “You’ll see”. You continue and get one side done. You start the next one and Nate pulls away “Damn do you have to do it this tight?” He asks. With his hair still in your hand you pull him back in front of you. “Quit being a baby I’m almost done.” You say. You finish up and grab a small mirror from the end table and hand it to him. “What do you think?” You say. He laughs. “I love it, now let me braid your hair.” He responds laughing. “You can’t braid” You said sitting on the floor. “I can try.” He sits behind you on the couch. You feel him pull pieces and attempt to braid. Eventually you can tell he gave up and just started playing with your hair. You didn’t mind, it felt good. Good enough that you drift off and fall asleep.

Nate Imagine: You are a cute little shortie and you and Sam fight Come on you can do it just little further I tell my self as I reach for the Skittles on the top shelf. I know Nate put them there on purpose coz he doesn’t want me to have them. I hear someone cough behind me. I freeze in the awkward positionI am in. I turn my head a smile on my face “Hey baby, wassup?” I say casually putting my hand to my hair.

Smirking he walks closer to me,“oh nothing just chilling, what about you lil ma?” He ask stopping in front of me.

“Just stretching, you know the usual trying to grow a little.” I tell him again on my face. Nate puts his hands on my hips lifting me and sitting me on the workshop. “Mmmhhmm, thats clearly not working is it shortie” he teases kissing my nose. I scoff “well I’m aactually not that damn short just you and all your friends and are damn giants. I mean look at Y/F/N shes shorter than me” I say trying to defend my self. Nate chuckles his hands traveling to my waist.

“Ma you surround your self with shorter people to make yourself feel taller” he accuses. I gasp hoe dare he accu- nah hes telling the truth. “Whatever Nathan just give Mme the skittles” I ask him giving my puppy dog eyes. Smirking he asks me “what'sthe magic word.”

“Please Naaaattteeee” I beg dragging out his name. He finally reaches up behind me, going onto his tomatoes his shirt lifting, I run my hand across the short band of exposed skin white he gets my sugary treat. A skittles bag is shook infrlnt of me I take it without hesitation ripping it open and shaving a handful in my mouth. Just as I’m about to jump off the workshop Nate puts his hand on m stomach stopping me. He puckers his lips. With my mouth ful of skittles I try to kiss him but just dribble a rainbow onto his face. Making a face of disgust quickly wiping it aWayne makesspace forme go jump off and so what I gotta do, which was go watch YouTube videos.

I pull open my laptop and go to my subscribed list. Closing my eyes I choose one at random, the Dolan twins. Happily I click onto their channel and see that they liked a video that they did with Cameron. Without hesitation I press on it and start watching the 3 attractive but not as sexy as Nate males. Cameron slaps some white stuff into Grayson face and I crack up Nate walking giving me a weird look.

“Name a state” cam asks the boys. Ethan quicklysays a sTate while Grayson names a stake. I start snorting rainbow, choking on my laughter I Pause the video. “They’re not that funny, they are just stupid” Nate getting jealous thag I was watching them.

“Awhh I thoughtthey were funny and pretty attractive” I tell Nate knwoing he was going to get defensive. “Whatever their heads are too big” Nate tells me turning back to his phone. Closing my laptop and swallowing any skittles I still had in my mouth, I got up and sat cross legged on Nate lap. He looked up from his phone but then back down at it. Je was on the group chat with Sam, John, Dillon and the Jacks. I grabbed his phone locking and tossing it to the side. “Ayyeee, we were plan-” he starts biting cut him off.

“They are attractive…” I said, sounding like I was rbbng it in his face “but you baby are sexy as hell.” I tell him, running mg hands down the back of his Neck. Leaning forward I attach our lips. Nate kisses back but I then hear tapping on a phone. “Naaaattteeee” I drag out his name, annoyed.

“Whaaaatttt” he mimics my tone. “You just ruined a moment” I complain. He taps my head like a dog, “ill Mame it up later” he tells me his concentrationon his phone. I slap his chest before leaning into him wrapping my arms around his waist. Just as I GEt comfortable “Y/N theboyswant to meet up at the skate park want to come, Emily’s gon be there” he tells me. I nod jumping up, hitting hm n the balls before running up the stairs to change outfits. I pull on some blue Jean shorts, a white crop top and a black and wwhite flower kimono. I Pull on my Tom’s. Brush back down the stairs Tying my hair up in a messy ponytail. “Well thats fast” Nate tells me leading me in the door. I grab my pennyboard as we exit the house. I put it down on the florjumping on and flying off to the Skate park, Nate following behind me.

At the Skate park I quickly scan the ramps looking for the idiot squad. Quickly spotting them when I see Sam dancing. I approach them, oblivion to the fact that I was approaching Sam I decideto scare him. Slow I creep up behind him flashing s smile st all the other who out see m. When I’m reunited behind him I scream “IM PREGNANT” and Sam jumps a mile. I star laughing so hard that I Gundy it difficult to stand to I’m writhing on th floor as Nate approaches us. “She hasn’t been smoking has she Johnson asks Nate. He shakes him head.

“Nah shes had a RedBull an skittlesfor breakfast” explaining why I’m iron the floor barely able to breathe clutching my stomach. They all decide to ignore me and let me recover on the floor. When I do everyone is chatting and ignoring MD. In need for attention I approach the giants. I stop in front of one of them wrapping my arms around them tightly. Whoever it is puts their arms around me too, after a dew seconds get bored and start singing Distance to my self. I hear the voice above me say “ you made my owns song spend better” I look up to see gilinksky. Smirking at him I decide to be mean, “its because I can actually sing” I tell him bursting out laughing findingmyself hilarious, others joining with me.

“Dude you sure she ain’t high?” Sam asks Nate again. He shakes his head again. I am finally draggedaway from Gilinkskyby Emily and in an attemptto calm me she starts talking to me. “How are you and Nate going, how is he in bed?” Emily asks me quickly adding “ if you laugh I will slap you” she tells me making me quickly forget the urge to Ggiggle. I answer he intrusive question.

“Nate is amazing and hes so pretty and sexy too. And in bed hes hes annoyinghe always hogs the duvet” I tell her dodgingher question well. She gives me a look and earning a smirk from me. We talk about clothes and celebrities for a little longer before get distracted by Nate. He want doing anything special but him laughing gave me some feels. I stared at him ignoring Emily. “Awhh Y/N you Srebrenica so whipped, you can'ttake your eyesoff of him.” She states the obvious.

“Why would deny my eyes such a beautiful sight?” I ask her turning towards her, only to have a camera held in my face.Emily snapchatting me talking. “You two are adorable.” She tells me looking down at her phone, I hear my voice. I sound so out of it. “Just state the obvious” I tell her before jumping up and pushing Sam off of my board before picking up and hugging it o my chest.

“This is mine Wilkinson, don’t Put your nasty smell boy feet on it.” He groans at me giving me the evils. “You aren’t using it and I left my board at him. Please Y/N” I squint in his direction. “JESUS Wilkinson its not my fault your too stupid to bring some sort of Skate board to the SKATE PARK.” I say emphasizing skate park. We both stand there n a stare off for around 2 minutes before Sam turns to complain to Nate.

“Skathan, tell your girl to gimmie her board” he moans out. Nate looks up, shakes his head before returning discus back to John. “You`re beyond whipped man. Before you two started dating you used to put up fights to help me get what I want, now your are too damn scared.” Sam shoutsk over to Nate trying to provoke him. He just flips Sam off, a smile on his face. I smirk at Sam which gets him annoyed and he reaches out to grab the bosrd off of me, instead pushing mean the chest and making me fall on the concrete below. I whice as my butt hits the hard ground. Sam has a look of worry in his eyes but that quickly disappears when he reaches out again in attempt to head my board again. To defend it I roll onto my back and roll over onto my stomach, laughing. As Sam tries to get it a man approaches us in. Black uniform, they quickly pull Sammy away from me and put him against the wall his hands behind his back. I roll over and sit up staring wide ebed at them. I realise they are police officers. I stifle a laugh as one of them approaches me.

“Are you okay, what was he trying do?” The man asks me in a soft voice. “Why were you crying, was he trying to hurt you, or steal from you?” He asks me again and I realise that was laughing Haddon rears were rolling down my cheeks. I try to open my mouth but a were laughs comes out. “Darling wE need you to cooperate” he tells me and nod. I look over at Sammy whose been questioned as well but the police officers doesn’t believe him. I don’t want to open my mouth because I will laugh. I look over to Nate and see thats he is approaching us. I internally let out a sigh of relief.

“Hi, umm yeah, can you let him go? They’re just arguing” Nate taps on the police officers shoulder. “And who are you sir?” He asks him standing up straight. “Oh I’m her boyfriend and hes my friend” he tells them at ease, staring the officers right in the eyes. “And what were they arguing about because she seemed to be crying” the officer asks crossing his arms.

“Oh she wasn’t crying she was laughing, her screech just sounds licenses crying and they were arguing because she wouldn’t give him her board. I’m sorry but you are just wasting your time and just hurting him.” Nate tells them and i kick his leg. “Is that right miss?” Asks me and I nod enthusiastically he does over to talk to the other officerand then apologises to Sam before walking away. I am finally able to laugh. I start laughing so hard I drop my board and Sam rushes over grabbing it and running off. “Oiiii, Sammy” I shout after him. He ignore me but I just shrug it off because he just nearly had his arms pulled out of their sockets.

Nate leans over giving me his hand helping me up. He runs his hands down my back, letting them rest on my butt. “Give me a kiss shortie” he ask me leaning down from above. I refuse to lift my head up, forcing him to crouch a little and connect my lips to his, after a few seconds his legs start to hurt so he straightens up bending his neck. As we deepen the kiss, I jumping wraping my kegs around his waist. But having the amazing friends we have, its quickly disrupted. “AWHHHHHH SO CUTE” someone shouts. “God get a room” somone else shouts. I feel Nate grip on my bum get tighter. “Atleast I got me a girl to get a room with boy” he shouts back at whoever said that. Giving me one last peck he lets my legs drop back to the ground.

Nate drags me behind him a he jumps back to the walk he was sitting on. He does it with ease but I know km going to struggle so I decide to sit on the ground pulling out my Phone. I see Emily and Jack G have posted new snapchat stories. I first press on Emily’s to see it was a video of me and Nate kissing ending with Jack J shouting get a room. She captioned it “My OTP” we looked adorbkebifni says myself, I then press on Jack G`s. Its of our little interaction with the popo.

random imagine because I was bored joke you enjoy. Requests closed. - … xxxxx