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Old flames

Characters: Dean, Reader and mentions of Lisa.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Some swearing.

Summary: Reader sees Dean in bar after years and he’s different. His whole life is. Does he act on his feelings for the reader or lets the reader leave again?

A/N: This is for @kittenofdoomage‘s classic movie quotes challenge and i was given Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in from the Godfather: Part iii. I hope y’all enjoy.

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Halloween Fright Night

A/N: Happy (early) Halloween everyone! I decided to do this as a little orginal drabble thing? Just to give you a cute insight on what the Undertale characters are up to on this fine Halloween! I hope you guys enjoy and have a happy spookified Halloween!
Des: Have a look into what fun the Undertale characters are having on Halloween! 

The Skelebros:

“Paps, let’s go! We’re already fifteen minutes late to Trick or Treating time!” Sans called up the stairs, tapping his foot. This mattered more to Papyrus than it did Sans, so he figured he would at least be ready on time.

“SANS!” Papyrus called, his voice sounding muffled. “I’M STUCK!”

Sans walked up the stairs, sighing loudly. “What are you talking about?” 

Papyrus came out from around the corner, his vampire cape stuck on his skull. “SAAAAAAAAANS! HELP ME!”

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Shin Soukoku Week 2017

It’s officially a wrap!

We’ve had a wonderful Shin Soukoku Week with everyone. All of us were blown away by the creativity and energy we received from this event. But the shin soukoku love does not need to end here! As long as there is interest from fans, we may be do some form of ship event or host this again next year.

Special mention to these participants who did a hat trick and completed ALL prompts. Good job guys!

@akkutagawa  @almightytrashcan  @angelic-happiness  @domotokazuko  @firecrotchette  @glitterberry  @rikame-chan  @ultramarcypan  @waveswordswhispers

If you think we may have missed your entry, please let us know by submitting a link to your post or @ us so we can find it.

Once again, we mods would like to thank everyone who had participated in Shin Soukoku Week. Hope we can see more of them in the manga, and maybe even the upcoming movie!

—Mods Sara, Kelpy & Emilee

A Quick Guide on Tones

If you ever feel like your RP is flat, but your character has nothing else to say, let me show you a trick real fast, yeah? It might help.

Here is what your character has to say: "You really think that?“

But it seems flat and like something that won’t help right? Try saying it aloud. Did you say it like you have it written? Most likely you didn’t. Play with your capitalization and punctuation until it matches, because it makes all the difference. For example:

"You… really think that?” (Hesitance)

“You. Really. Think. That.” (Statement, Anger.)

“You really think that…” (Wonder or confusion)

“You really think that?” (Perhaps hope that they’ll disagree) 

“You really think that?!” (Shock and bewilderment)

“You really think that.” (Flat, possibly clearly toneless on purpose)

You really think that.” (Hard emphasis, low fervent statement)

“You- really think. That.” (Distress, maybe even tears)

“You really think that-” (biting off saying more, implies there’s more to chase)

“You really think that?” (possibly implies disgust, disbelief)

These are just a handful of examples to show my point. When in doubt, say your line aloud as you’ve written it. If you catch yourself emphasizing a word with no emphasis, then add that emphasis. If you find yourself pausing or clipping off in places, add that in too. Use your punctuation to get across your intonations. Use your italics or bold to show the emotions your characters are using.

It helps. It makes it easier for your partners to figure out what your character is feeling without you needing to explain anything. And that will make you feel better too, because you’ll have less to worry about.

I hope this helps some of you who don’t feel like you’re doing enough. I’m sure you’re amazing, but nothing ever stated that no one is allowed to help amazing, so I figured I’d at least try.

ya know, stiles didn’t once thank theo for anything he did for him last night. like i am all for stiles using theo and then tossing him aside like the piece of lying, manipulative trash he is, but i hope stiles at least thanked him offscreen, if you know what i mean lol

man, theo really has it bad for stiles, his obsession reached new heights. he was like a pathetic little puppy, doing tricks to try and please it’s owner, forever begging for table scraps. here let me kick that door in for you stiles, see stiles? i did good, i got it in one kick, aren’t you impressed? wait stiles, where are you going? stiles! wait for meeeee! hey stiles, i can smell lydia, you need me stiles! you won’t be able to find her without me!

then that little head shake when stiles said the fecal matter smell was him, he was like, awww, that’s cute, he’s already coming up with pet names for me, i’m totally in. and then stiles ditched him for lydia, and theo prolly went home and binged on pizza and cried into his beer lmao XD

ok, this got out of hand, and turned wacky, fast, but TL;DR there was a noticeable difference in how theo interacted with stiles, as opposed to how he acted towards every other character tonight.

Love Me Tender // Darry Curtis

For katelynmumford, this made me realize how single I am oml. Hope you enjoy!

“Babe” You called out to your boyfriend of 2 years, Darry.

“What y/n?” He asked from the dining room where he was working on the bills.

“Come cuddle with me!” You begged. You were having an all round crappy day, and some cuddling could just be the trick.

“Not right now y/n, I got to pay these bills” He answered.

You tilt your head back against the couch you were sitting on and let out a groan. Boy, did you love Darrel, but he was always so busy. “Just for a bit?” You whined.

‘No, y/n, I don’t have time” He said back sternly.

“fine, I will go over to Two-Bits house, I know he will cuddle with me” You smirked, knowing that would kill Darry on the inside. “Keith loves cuddling” You continued.

“Wait! No y/n! I’m not gonna cuddle with you!” Darry paused. “We’re gonna dance!” picked you up and threw you over your shoulder running up to your shared bedroom as you giggled like a little girl. Once you got to your bedroom he set you down as he made his way to the record player. He put in his favorite Elvis record and played ‘love me tender’.

“May I have this dance” He displayed his hand infront of you, palm up.

“You may” You curtsied, then placing your hand atop of his blushing. He spun you under his arm, soon bringing you close to him. Your hands places around his neck, his hands snaked around your waist. You both slowly rocked back and forth. As the lyrics spoke your love for eachother. He kissed your shoulder and you layed your head on his.

“I love you” You spoke out.

“I love you more” Darry cooed.

Good things about Jupiter Ascending, in no particular oder:

-Use of a menstrual pad as a bandage. Normalize the fuck out of periods, it’s 2015. Also I weirdly this is the second movie i’ve seen where Channing Tatum uses a menstrual product to stop his bleeding

-”You don’t treat your cousin like chicken!” Male character yelling at another for treating a woman like property/an animal. I’m so happy with that choice I really hope it was Lana Wachowski’s

-Jupiter immediately regretting the “I love dogs” line. Like I was expecting it to be cheesy and ridiculous but they actually saved it with the “oh my god why the hell did I say that”

-Jupe gets played and tricked and manipulated but she doesn’t let anyone speak for her? Not Cain, not anyone. She’s in charge of her own decisions

-Speaking of which, how awesome is it that she is allowed to admit that Cain calling her “Your Majesty” turns her on? She doesn’t have to be modest or humble about it like “damn right I’m the queen and I am really powerful and awesome”

-”My mother never cleaned a toilet in her life.” “Maybe that was her problem.” I am 100% here for bringing elitism crashing down with the capitalist criticism in this movie

-”I am not your damn mother” fuck yes you go Jupiter. You are your own person and not a toy or a pawn for any of the Abraxas fucknuts to manipulate

-Someone said this way more eloquently than I can, but the way the whole thing is a total female wish fulfillment is beyond awesome? Like the “secret princess” trope is pretty much the exact fantasy I had a billion times as a little girl, and everything about Jupiter’s love interest right up until the last scene is just so… female coded? It’s the polar opposite of what male directors often write into movies when they think they know what women want. I’m shit at explaining this but the movie ended with love and support from her family and then reaffirmed Jupiter’s power and agency in every aspect of her life

I am surrounded by people who did nothing but to give me false hopes and hurt me, letting me to stay outside the line when there’s no truth that was spilled and no promises that were made. My heart is burning by its own flame made of lies, anger, hatred, pain, loneliness and longing for your love. I’m hurt, more than broken and I’m afraid to be the center of a trick once again, but for you, I’ll still wait until you learn that your home is with me.
Undercover Mistress (Closed)


It seemed simple enough. Play the part of a hot mistress to Thedas’ most dangerous drug king. Well she wasnt yet, first she would have to get his attention but lets hope her skin tight red ballroom gown and expensive jewelry did the trick.

For any normal person this would be insane, but this was Natalia Hawke, Thedas’ best undercover agent for the CIA. Her target was Tai Trevelyan, the big boss himself. He was too dangerous and needed to be brought down but it could only be done from the inside.

Due to other undercover agents she was able to go to the grand gala for Marco Riberti, another drug king from Antiva. It was held at one the fanciest hotels in Orlais, every member of crime royalty was at this gala and it was the perfect opportunity for Natt to try and woo Tai.

With a martini in one hand, and a leg peering out from the slit in her dress, she sat the bar, looking around for the head man.