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My Wife, a missing moment fic by mmmuses, part 4

The eye is much better (was concerned it was pink eye, but hallelujah! I dodged that bullet) and finished this…I borrowed one of my favourite lines from The Black Moon, pg 512, Kindle Edition because…well, I suppose I’m choosing to think it was what they were trying to convey in the adaptation. Yes it is, dammit. Anyhow, I hope you like it, my friends!

From Poldark 3.03, continued from here (part 1), here (part 2) and here (part 3). Story request by @poldarked-fangirl

The second boot slid from his hands, hitting the floor with a thud. He sensed the urgency in Demelza’s voice, the silken touch of her finger that raised the hair at his nape and down his arms. The arousal that had retreated surged back with an intensity bordering upon pain. He turned, licking his lips in response to the heat blazing in her eyes. He leant close, taking her mouth with his, hungrily, roughly. The button on his left cuff pinged its way across the floor as he broke free from her for an instant, whipping his shirt overhead. Her nails scored his chest, threading through the swirling hair to find his nipples. “Judas,” his breath hissed from between his lips at her light pinch. “Need you so.” 

“As I do you.” She kissed him again, her teeth nipping his bottom lip. Ross’s fingers scrabbled for the buttons of his breeches, shoving them down his thighs as he stood, twisting to burrow under the bedclothes. Her hand closed over his cock, making him groan aloud. “Ross,” she breathed, her lips finding his nipple while she stroked him.

“Can’t, love, please,” he moaned, his hands reaching for her night rail. “Let me see you.” She released him, nodding apprehensively he knew for she could never understand why he found her so desirable when she was with child. He drank in her beauty as the fabric inched its way up her long, shapely legs, the dark russet fleece at the apex of her thighs, the scent of her arousal strong, igniting his need for her ten fold. He slipped his hand along her hip to her waist as she drew the garment the rest of the way over her body until it joined his shirt at the foot of their bed. “Oh, my God.” 

He wanted to run his tongue along the blue veins tracing their way along her full breasts. Her nipples made him mad with desire, had done from the first time he’d seen them, tasted and teased them when she’d come to him in that blue gown. There was something about how they felt and tasted now, as they had each time she’d carried their child, deep rose and so sensitive, as they were now. Her fingers slid through his hair as she drew him down into the feather ticking, and he closed his eyes. I want her, not any other, not the most beautiful eighteen-year-old damsel born out of a sea-shell, not the most seductive houri of any sultan’s harem; I want her with her familiar gestures and her shining smile and her scarred knees, and I know she wants me in just that same way, and if there’s any happiness more complete than this I don’t know it and am not sure I even want it. So you’ve been away and risked your life, you damned fool, and this is your undeserved reward.

“Demelza,” he murmured against her flesh. He lifted his head, meeting eyes that blazed with heat at the mere utterance of the word. “Please.” She nodded frantically, shifting onto her side, reaching behind to pull him close. He slid inside her wet heat, the friction causing them both of groan, she into the pillow and he into the curve of her neck, matching him stroke for stroke. His hand caressed the swell of her belly, his index finger circling her distended navel before slipping between her legs to her bud, slick and turgid against his touch. She growled low in her throat, words of love and desire all but sung as she trembled against him.

“I l-love you,” she stuttered, turning her head, seeking his mouth as her climax seized her, showering his cock with her dew as he groaned her name against her lips as he followed her in ecstasy.

Several moments had passed before she shifted, breaking the tenuous connection they’d held. “I must,” she sighed when Ross protested and reached for her night rail. “Just in case Jeremy should come in.” 

Ross opened one eye, grinning as his wife settled against the pillows once more. “If he does, the mongrel will have to go.” 

He wrapped her in his embrace, his hand resting on the mound of their child atop the bedclothes, pressing nuzzling kisses along her neck and jaw. “No doubt you were plagued by French beauties.” 

Ross looked at her in surprise. She smiled, earthy temptress that she was, this woman who could stop his heart with a glance. “No doubt I was,” he drawled, nibbling her skin, tasting the salt from their lovemaking.

“And no doubt you availed yourself,” she challenged, lifting her chin to bring her lips just out of his reach. 

“No doubt I did,” he said, chuckling, his mind a whirl over this new, teasing banter she’d adopted. So much change, so much healing over the past few months. He arched a brow, leaning closer. “For I have no beauty at home to compare.” He laughed once again, kissing her. “Have I?”

His mouth claimed hers as her arms drew him down once more. If there’s any happiness more complete than this, I don’t know it and am not sure I even want it. 

gif by @panoramamelodrama

I quit watching TWD after Glenn got killed off because that whole decision to do so was incredibly disrespectful bullshit to his character the overall storytelling integrity of the show, and his fans. He was my favorite character, and, in my opinion, the last one that actually made TWD feel worth staying emotionally invested enough to continue watching as a whole because he still had a profoundly hopeful, inspirational, emotionally complex, optimistic, dynamic, and relatable storyline that also still had so much unexplored potential for fresh things that I actually still looked forward to seeing in terms of backstory and development on this show. That’s something that I feel like most of the other main characters have lost at this point, and Maggie was totally sidelined, anyway.

I like Rick, Carl, and Michonne, too, Richonne is a cute couple, they are necessary for the overall plot of the show, but like I said before, they’ve kind of turned into static characters, who’s full development of character has been achieved to me at this point. Carol is boring, I can’t stand Daryl, and the other characters are too poorly written and/or underdeveloped for me to even care about at all.

Also, Negan is a shitty villain. I don’t mean that in the sense that he’s a terrible person, either. He’s the main villain. Of course, he’s going to be evil. I expect that, that’s the whole point of him being a major antagonist, and that’s not the problem with his character. The problem is that he’s a poorly written one-note villain, who Gimple and the writers clearly didn’t put any effort into creating for the show at all by humanizing, or toning down from his comic counterpart, like they did with the TV Governor.

Negan gets too much screen time as it already is, just about as much as Rick and Team Family, if not more, but what makes that even more unbearable is the fact that he’s not at all interesting in comparison to the Governor in S3 and S4 on the show. Hell, even Gareth and the cannibals were more humanized than Negan on the show, and I thought that was TWD jumping the shark back at the time…Boy, was I ever wrong…

Anyway, the Governor’s episodes never felt like they took away too much time from the overall plot with Team Family, and they always felt relevant because they gradually connected with each other, rather than just being thrust together for shock value all at once in one big mess. While I’m still very pissed off that the writers could give bottle episodes to every other AL5 member, two major antagonists, characters who were introduced much later on the show, and random red-shirt characters that we never saw after one or two episodes, but never to Glenn, who was one of the five core AL5 protagonists on the show from day one, the Governor’s episodes were always a treat for me to watch, and one of the biggest highlights of S3-4A for me that always kept me on the edge of my seat. It was not because Philip (the Governor) was a good or likable person, overall, but because he was an emotionally complex and well-written villain. His actor, David Morrissey, did such a fantastic job of bringing the character to life on screen. It was so fascinating to watch the writers psychically break the Governor down by deconstructing, reconstructing, and ultimately deconstructing his character again in his demise at the end of 4A.

Even though I mostly hated Philip Blake on the show, I also was fascinated by him, and I felt a bit sorry for him because I knew why he was a villain. I got to see him be broken down into someone worse than he started out as on the show, try to get better for a bit, and ultimately fail by reverting back to his old power-hungry, narcissistic, and sociopathic murderous ways that led to his ultimate demise. The Governor was actually a character with a story that had a worthy of being told on the show because he was there as more than just a presence of meaningless shock value that terrorized Rick and Team Family. The Governor contributed to the greater theme of being too far gone.

What is Negan’s greater purpose on the show beyond terrorizing Rick and Team Family and reeling in higher ratings by using him as a tool to create torture porn scenes and shock value death? He’s straight up evil just because he likes to be, as far as we know, and I don’t think he ever will be a complex villain on the show because Gimple and tptb aren’t even putting in minimal effort in terms of writing for characterization and storytelling anymore. I can’t love to hate Negan and appreciate him as a villain, like I did with the Governor. Rather, I hate to hate him because he’s not interesting to watch at all, and I wish that he never came into existence on the show, instead.

It’s all just cheap, cruelly manipulative, and meaningless ‘shock’ value gimmicks that are no longer shocking because the writers always kill off the most obvious characters for “shock” value to try and be dark and edgy. You know, they always kill off the incredibly kindhearted, loving, and selfless souls, who have everything to look forward to in their lives, who overcome every obstacle, who overcome every stereotype, and who, thus, are often POC, LGBTQ, elderly, mentally ill, disabled, etc. characters to try and create more of a tragic emotional impact from the audience, and/or to save Daryl, instead.

I’m almost positive that saving Daryl was at least one of the factors for AMC and Gimple’s decision to kill off Glenn on the show. They wanted to kill off a popular AL5 member, Rick and Carl are the main leads and without them there is no show, Carol was sidelined from Team Family, and so that brought it down to choosing between Daryl and Glenn. AMC would never let them kill off their cash cow, so they chose Glenn. I’m pretty convinced about this because Daryl’s got all the merchandise from AMC and Hot Topic for the show on his side, not Glenn. And while Glenn was still a pretty popular character on TWD with fans, I remember seeing an article that said he still ranked second after Daryl back in S3. Plus, why else would they make Daryl indirectly responsible for Glenn’s death that he should have gotten, instead, and then focus almost entirely on his pain and suffering over Glenn’s death more than anyone else’s, including Maggie’s, Glenn’s wife? That seems like obvious fan pandering and Daryl favoritism to me, at least in part.

I was alright with good characters dying from S1-S4 because Glenn was always the one character there to defy the otherwise predictable and discriminative trope of the “kindhearted, selfless, and loving character from a marginalized group of people just can’t survive in this world,“ and because the deaths of the characters, who did die, besides Andrea, who Mazzarra fucked over in the S3 finale, still felt at least somewhat meaningful. However, after Hershel’s death, it began to feel like an extremely lazy, predictable, and cruelly manipulative trope that had lost its charm because we were losing too many good characters for no good reason. It really started to stick out to me with Beth’s death that happened because *gasps* they must add in a shitty and tragic plot twist that failed to make sense, anyway, because the writers had killed her off in the most OOC way right when she had just had the chance of greater complex development right in her grasp.

Glenn’s death on the show was my last straw, not just because he was my favorite character, but because his death was even worse than Beth’s. He was literally the the last remaining heart and soul of this show that they killed off. It wasn’t just Glenn who got killed off in the S7 premiere, it was the TWD that I originally fell in love with as a show, too.

At least the writers gave Beth a full arc to explore her new character development, and they took the time to focus on her before killing her off. The writers didn’t even give Glenn that much before killing him off on the show. Gimple threw Glenn under the bus right after sidelining him post S3. They used that dumpster gate fake out death bullshit with Glenn (which never happened in the comics that they were so intent on following for the death of this one main character from them) throughout most of the first half of S6, a season before his death, revealed that he was still alive a few episodes before the S7 premiere, made him kill living people for the first time to protect Maggie and his people after coming back, never mentioned anything about it afterwards again, and then killed him off in the S7 premiere, anyway, all because they wanted to shock the audience and give Daryl another man pain storyline by making him cause Glenn’s death.

Gimple is so narcissistic that he is unable to see just how shitty of writing that was, and called us “children” for being pissed off about it. Really? Shut the fuck up, Gimple! Being creative and diverging from the comics when there is potential to do so is your job! You could get away with not giving every other comic character the same death from them, create Daryl Dixon for the show and let him still live on it, kill Sophia, kill Andrea, let Carol still survive, and switch up every other major death, but you couldn’t save Glenn Rhee on the show from his comic death when you already had every perfect reason to not kill him off set up, which made it feel like a total sellout, anyway. I bet you were just too afraid and too lazy to be creative and take advantage of organic opportunities for something better and new, as usual.

Also, giving the audience such sparse false hope by killing Glenn off in the S7 premiere, after faking his death only a few episodes earlier is bad storytelling that has lost you a lot of fans respect and viewership, Gimple, including my own, so don’t tell us that Glenn fans shouldn’t feel pissed off enough to quit watching because you killed him off and blatantly disrespected his character and his fans in doing so.

The writers killed off Glenn, the character who they just made kill ten living people to save Maggie for the first time ever in S6 with no deeper explanation of the effect that it had on him afterwards. The writers killed off Glenn, who they hid under a fucking dumpster to fake his death and cheaply manipulate the audience for most of S6. The writers killed off Glenn, who they had been sidelining since S4, and who never got full backstory, development, or a bottle episode. The writers killed off Glenn, and made Daryl, the overrated white trash fan fav, responsible for it, so that he could survive to get a storyline out of it, instead. The writers killed off Glenn, who was the only death from the comics of a main character that they decided they just had to follow from the comics on the show. The writers killed off Glenn, who also happened to be the only core MOC protagonist on the show from day one that these white, narrow-minded, and racist writers just had to give his comic demise to, even though no other main character who died on show from the comics was ever given the same comic death on the show. The writers killed off Glenn on the show, even though it wasn’t relevant or necessary to the overall storyline, or to the development of Rick because Daryl stole Glenn’s role as Rick’s main righthand man, or the person who mattered to Glenn most in the world, Maggie, (and even that’s a shitty and racist excuse for killing off Glenn, but at the very least his death was a game changer for Rick because Glenn was his righthand man in the comics, while Maggie was a damsel in distress in them before Glenn died and she learned to stick up for herself in the comics) because she was already a badass and independent leader on the show, and they totally sidelined her and made her husband’s death all about Daryl’s pain over causing it to happen, anyway. The writers killed off Glenn, who was the last major source of living hope and optimism on this show that made TWD feel worth watching through all of the bullshit on this show as a whole because he was a constant source of the possibility that a better life could be achieved because the world went to shit. The writers killed off Glenn Rhee, who was a deeply meaningful symbol of hope, growth, and optimism on this show, rather than just boring day to day survival that goes nowhere new, and meaningless action and torture porn scenes that no longer shock me, just disappoint me. RIP Glenn Rhee=RIP TWD.


So after 8 days of enjoying clips and gifs of the finale I got to watch the whole episode last night. This post is largely for @backonorthernshores who was curious to know my first impressions.

I admit to being scared it wouldn’t live up to my massive expectations after having read the fandom’s (largely) enthusiastic reaction. I’d been blown away by 2-21 and I’ve watched that episode 3 times so far. But I’m pleased to say the finale didn’t disappoint at all. And what with the mini-heatwave and my brain churning over what I’d just seen, I didn’t get much sleep. I would now like to apply to join the collective flailing.

First impressions and some of the questions that kept me awake for most of the night:-

1.  Patterson was simply AWESOME!! The biggest-ever threat to the US and she made the NASA bods look like amateurs. And you could tell Director Hirst was super-impressed too. I could see her already lining up Patterson as her future successor. Patterson had her momentary post-Sandstorm breakdown (not surprising given what she’s been through), but she seems to have bounced back by the time of the apartment party. I do hope this kidnapping (if that’s what it was) doesn’t break her spirit.

2.  How worried should we be about the nuked marine life in the Atlantic?

3.  The joy of watching Zapata and Keaton spar off one another. More please. Very proud of Tasha - at death’s door one minute and then fully-functioning and dishing out the sass the next.

4.  Weller proved he really is great at puzzles. First, after his brainwave about the real purpose behind the tattoos, he twigs that Shepherd plans to take down the top tier of the services that very same day and that Sandstorm must have infiltrated COGS too (does Blindspot have a cupboard-full of Aussie actors just waiting to come on and make guest appearances?). Still lolling that the only person he feels he can trust is Keaton - they’ve come a long way too. And as for Weller’s brilliant idea of electrocuting Shepherd to neutralize the beacon…..2 minutes left on the clock and he’s thinking as quickly as Patterson. I was cheering him on at that point. Pity we haven’t seen what Nas does to Shepherd (may she suffer for eternity), but maybe they’ll save that for flashbacks in S3. And bless my little munchkin for his thank you speech back at the NYO - for a man not good with words that was very well done.

5.  Jane may be outclassed as a fighter by Shepherd (I’d like to have seen her training sessions at Sandstorm with Ronda Rousey), but she is one hell of a truck driver. Did she actually see it was Roman before she ploughed into him? Or did she just assume that must be him in the police car? She was going at such a speed that she can’t have glimpsed much before the impact.

6.  Kurt’s “I love you, Jane” admission was a beautiful moment, one of my favourite ever Jeller scenes (*wipes away tears*).

7.  The apartment corridor scene was way shorter than I expected from the mountain of gifs. We’ve been poring over every nuance and expression as if it lasted minutes, when it was all done in seconds. I didn’t even get the chance to keep an eye on Jane’s elusive jacket. I like to think she dropped it for the kiss and that Zapata and Reade exchanged meaningful glances when they spotted it on their way out. But how lovely was Jane’s declaration and Kurt’s response. And yes, that ridiculous camerawork in the sex scene. A travesty. They had better give us more satisfying encounters in S3. At least Pegleg made a miraculous recovery from his wound in time to enjoy the moment.

8.  Old funny Reade is back at last and I hope that’s the last we hear about a new career at Quantico. But what did he mean by his excuse “my boy called”? Is he back with Nikki and her son and I missed it?

9.  I was pre-warned about the 2-year jump, so I wasn’t floundering helplessly in WTF-just-happened shock (although it’s going to require another viewing or three to sink in). So Jane was trying to find herself (or lose herself) and it wasn’t working. The sisters at the retreat (what’s the Buddhist equivalent of a nun?) saw that, and were encouraging her to return home. “I can never go back.” Jane’s reason for running had better be HUGE to be remotely credible. I’m still guessing it’s either a very real threat to her rabbit and/or his loved-ones which she doesn’t believe Jeller are strong enough to deal with together; or some massively disturbing Remi thing re-surfacing that means she can’t trust herself not to do harm. I think she told Kurt enough before she left to stop him coming after her immediately, but not everything.

10. So Kurt rolls up like Indiana Jones (did he arrive on a goat with a second for his luggage? did he bring a guide?), and he is trying so hard not to cry. He’s still hurting, there’s pain in his eyes, a little residual anger, confusion, relief, but so much love for her. How can anyone possibly think he might have married anyone other than Jane? “I can’t believe I finally found you.” So he’s been searching for a while, but he only left because Patterson, Reade and Zapata went missing and the box sent him to Jane. I think his search has been weeks rather than months, but that Jane has been gone for much longer. Surely the “kidnapper” wouldn’t have wanted to hold them captive for any appreciable length of time, so Weller must have had some clue to at least what part of the world to look in. Otherwise he might more logically have started in South Africa. So perhaps he flies directly to the Himalayas and then puts the word out for news of his beautiful tattooed wifey, maybe offering a reward. The sweet young sister who lets Kurt in isn’t overly-surprised at his appearance, nor does she see this big bear of a man as a threat. Do the sisters already know that he’s Jane’s husband and that he intends no harm, either to them or to their guest? It would seem so. Jane must have shared some of her story with them, and I think they betrayed her exact location as soon as they heard of his search.

11. “We think they’ve been kidnapped”. Jane’s immediate thought is that it’s Roman behind it - the threat to her rabbit she thought she’d averted by running? The “we” suggests to me that Director Hirst and Weller have been working together on figuring out what’s happened to his team and that Hirst has given Weller leave to find Jane to unlock the secret of the box. Who else would/could he consult with? Keaton? Rich? I do hope he didn’t feel it necessary to resign from the NYO. It can’t have been easy to take out Reade or Zapata (and Patterson is more formidable than she looks), so if it’s Roman he is probably not acting alone. Kurt is genuinely worried. What an agonising journey it must have been for him - with the added worry of what he might find at the end of it.


Whatever all this is about, I do NOT want to see loads of short black and white flashbacks cutting in and out of the narrative in Season 3. I think we deserve proper fleshed-out scenes explaining why Jane left and the manner of it, and what happened to Weller and the NYO between the abduction of Patterson, Reade and Zapata and Kurt’s reunion with wifey. It also goes without saying that we require full detailed scenes of Jeller’s wedding/engagement (whichever) that shows the exchange of those rings, and some of their domestic life together prior to the EVENT.

If NBC stick to their 2016 schedule, most of you will get to find out in September, while my country will probably be kept biting its nails in frustration until mid-November again, playing catch-up during your lengthy winter hiatus. It’s going to be a long long wait.      

The thing about Scott McCall’s canon tendencies to take on unhealthy amounts of responsibility, hold himself responsible for everything that goes wrong in the lives of his loved ones, and have a generally shitty view of his own self-worth is…..these tendencies come from somewhere. We’re all shaped by our experiences….and by those people we’re surrounded by.

Now let’s look at the three most influential figures in Scott’s life since before the pilot:

Melissa McCall - While her writing has suffered since S3, initially Melissa was characterized as an incredibly supportive, caring and protective mother who was interested in every aspect of her son’s life, taking care to affirm his choices and the validity of them whether they were talking about lacrosse, Allison, or whatever.

Alan Deaton - A surrogate father figure to Scott, who greatly looks up to him and admires him, Deaton has never failed to be complimentary to Scott, giving him opportunities with work, entrusting him with responsibilities at work but there to guide him through them, frequently affirming Scott’s intelligence and work ethic and more.

And then we have….Stiles - While Stiles at times has shown to be very supportive of Scott, overall since the pilot, his characterization and the characterization of their friendship is that Stiles is casually dismissive of his best friend, frequently belittling his intelligence, his hopes and ambitions, his popularity. Throughout Seasons 1 and 2 he generally fails to understand the depth of Scott’s need for normalcy in things like lacrosse and his relationship with Allison, and frequently dismisses and speaks out against Scott’s desire to play lacrosse, and almost always trivializes Scott’s feelings for Allison even while holding up his own crush on Lydia as one of the most important parts of his life and getting mad at Scott when he fails to regard it as such. He explicitly holds Scott responsible for times when his own loved ones are put in harm’s way, even if Scott is in no way responsible, and actively punishes Scott on more than one occasion for imagined slights, using guilt trips, silent treatment, humiliation and physical harm against Scott to make himself feel better until Scott apologizes, whether he had anything to apologize for or not. He gets upset when Scott looks to other people like Derek or Deaton for advice or help instead of him, he frequently makes comments to Scott like ‘you’d be totally lost without me’ and ‘you’d be dead without my help’, and he explicitly levels unhealthy responsibilities on Scott, saying things like now that you have these powers, its your responsibility to do something to help people. Throughout the seasons, he is often very unsupportive of Scott’s personal ideologies and code of ethics, often greeting Scott’s desire to help and save people Stiles doesn’t like with whines of do we have to, and why can’t we just let them die. He openly criticizes Scott’s desire to give people second chances and calls it a character flaw that he in turn presents his own actions and choices as a necessary evil to counter, he undermines Scott’s wishes for the rest of his pack by putting his own personal views and wishes first, such as when he convinces Scott to go along with his hiding the truth about Peter from Malia, or when he gets Liam to sneak behind Scott’s back with him in S5. He keeps secrets from Scott either out of his own insecurities or his belief that he knows what’s best for Scott, such as when he hides Donovan’s death or when he never shared the truth about why Rafe left Scott and Melissa years ago - but then he gets upset when Scott hides things from him. When extremely upset, he defaults to his old tendencies of physically and emotionally lashing out at Scott and expecting him to take it as Stiles uses this method to make himself feel better, and he prioritizes his own hurt over being able to openly show concern for Scott’s own injuries and hurt. Again and again, he expects Scott to apologize for all slights real and imagined against him, despite never being able to say the words I’m sorry or accept responsibility for his own actions against his friend, and he expects Scott to be there to comfort him but makes a production of sighing and showing frustration as though reciprocating is a chore when the reverse is called for. Finally, we’re most recently left with a Stiles who in complete pattern with all his prior behavior, ignores Scott’s own expressed wishes to leave Beacon Hills and go off to college by expressing that they can’t leave, that Beacon Hills can’t survive without them, that Scott has a responsibility to stay and watch over this town that he has literally died for.


Me:  While there have definitely been times throughout the season when Stiles has been supportive and comforting and helpful to Scott, overall I consider their friendship to be severely imbalanced, with definite abusive tendencies and overtones and a direct and toxic influence on Scott’s crippling sense of personal responsibility, his tendency to blame himself for anything that goes wrong in his loved ones’ lives, and an extremely low and unhealthy view of his own self-worth.

Fandom: Umm, I don’t see it? Like, at all? Admit it, you’re just mad because O’Brien has a more successful career than Posey, wow, transparent much?

Analysis/Rant of Abysmal FDTD 3x10: Part 1


I know everyone is anxiously waiting to hear my thoughts on the disaster that was the FDTD S3 finale. This episode was borderline BAD. Embarrassing. Believe it or not this is my second attempt at this post and I’m reeling more than ever now because of what my computer did eating up everything I wanted to say.

I was in a pretty foul mood when I wrote this while I thought of the crap that Carlos Coto and Robert Rodriguez tried to shove down our throats. Anyway I’m about to provide some kind of explanation on the possibility that what we all were shown might’ve not been the bigger picture.

That being said I don’t plan on passing off this analysis/rant as 100% accurate not after my last speculation of Richie Gecko’s potential sacrifice horribly blew up in my face. Such a shame because the build-up was there. It would’ve provided deep emotional acting moments between Zane Holtz, DJ Cotrona and Madison Davenport. What a waste.

Heck I’d take Richie’s temporary heroic death or Kate and Richie still stuck in hell over the shit we were served at this point. Even if season 4 doesn’t happen at least we have a little optimism to hold on to before we learn Dusk’s fate because hey what have we got to lose at this point?

Before I dive into this let me make a few things clear. This is not about shipping. This is about Dusk. This is about the story I became invested in for 3 years. This is about the characters and the relationships I fell in love with. All of which were a demolished in one go. I may ship Kichie but I’m 100% a Dusk fan first and that finale insulted me in every way. Be warned I’m about to assault the crap out of 3x10 with logic, facts and a little snark.

I refuse to acknowledge it which is exactly why I intend to dissect the entire thing and declare it as one big practical joke. However in this case I’m not laughing.

Warning to SKers: You’re not going to like what I have to say in this trust me. So if you don’t want to add insult to the wound, don’t bother reading this.

Kichie squad: @nomoreloveleftinme @outlawsandcircles @richiegsquad​ @kateandrichie​ @dancingneonelephant​ @thebeastunderyourbed​ @sterekandstelena @its-lj-15 @suspicion-of-bullshit​ @yougettheble4ch​ @geckofullers @nastypurpleturtle @juliality​ @richieshotchata @smallville88 @katiecakesgecko @katgecko @thevillainess @elliejellybean97​ @mystaffsandthings @richiekatetrash @g3cko4life @richiekatesource​ @richieandkate @erintufts98 @carmuxi @luckynik

 This post is especially for you. I love you guys so much and want to give you a dose of hope and humor while we’re all still bitter over 3x10. Believe me when I say it’s taking everything I have inside to keep from exploding while I write this but I’m doing it for you. As loyal viewers to this series, its story and its characters you deserved better than this hunk of trash. What Coto and RR did was unforgivable and blasphemous. Their attitude of this season, these characters and show in general was basically a stab in the back.

I want to personally thank my good pal @waytoomanyhobbies​ for providing majority of the gifs I’ll be using. I couldn’t have done this without her. We had some good laughs while working on this! ^_^

Get ready because this is going to be extremely long. So long that I had to split it up in 3 parts. You might want grab some refreshments. I’m not kidding when I say there will be blood and I don’t mean the lack there of in this atrocity.

Here we go.

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Scandal Review, Episode 410 "Run"

Kerry Washington y'all. Kerry Washington did the damned thing and I was here for all of it.

She showed her full range, and didn’t just rely on gritting her teeth and screeching like a banshee.

Let me just give you the slow clap girl:

By the way y'all, she was barefoot. That’s for all you people who were speculating that she was running in heels. I’m kinda laughing at you. Sorry. Ok, I’m not because you were all blinded by your hate for Shonda that you didn’t see what was pretty obvious to anybody with eyes.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into what I hated and what I loved about the episode


1. Say it with me people. Jake. Always Jake. 

Why we had to recap that scene from the previous episode over and over, I have no clue.

By the way, just in case you were hoping that my thoughts on Scott Foley have changed one iota, please know that that will never happen. If anything, I despise him and his character even more than I did in November. I’ll never be here for a guy who was literally shoe-horned into a show because his master is obsessed with him.

Speaking of The Human Vibrator, did y'all notice that Jake had love handles as he was running down the street after the decoy car? 

Must be all those freaking Gettysburgers he’s been force-feeding Olivia and chomping down on. Being a woman who never takes her eye off the ball with regards to what she consumes, I love how much effort it obviously takes for Scott Foley to get in shape and keep in shape. It does my heart good knowing that he’s only ever a burger away from looking as doughy as he did when he first appeared on Scandal.

By the way, I didn’t watch live because I had something on, but when I got home, I put on my DVR, and fast forwarded as much of the Jake scenes as I could.

2. Olivia has a neighbor across from her apartment???

 For four seasons the elevator went to her apartment, and the only door there was her door. Sometimes I feel that the set decorators know that we’ll pick up on these continuity errors but don’t seem to give a fuck. I wish they’d stop.

3. The fact that the kidnappers didn’t kill Jake. 

Like whut? Dude, you guys wouldn’t have had to kill an innocent old black lady if you’d have just taken Jake out. Also, there would have been nobody to alert her Gladiators that Olivia was missing in the first place if you’d killed his ass. Can’t a girl get catch a break here? Please, somebody kill this character.

4. Ian was obviously a plant dude!

 Initially, I hated the fact that Olivia didn’t figure out that the guy she was sharing a cell with was obviously faking it. Then I remembered that I’m watching a TV drama where I’m always looking out for nefarious characters to show up. If that was me in Olivia’s shoes, I’d probably be pretty grateful for the human connection.

Once I put myself in her shoes, I totally understood why she would trust that he was who he said he was. The people screaming about why Olivia blabbed to him forget that she’s not Jack Bauer, she’s in a box, seemingly in some far off country, and the only human connection, the only person who she can trust is a guy sharing a cell with her. Instantly, there’s a natural connection there, a natural bond.

So my only quibble with that scene, ended up being the specifics of what she said about Fitz, rather than just mentioning that she’d worked for the POTUS, she told him that he loved her? Nope, not buying that part. As much as she was trying to reassure herself and him at the same time, I simply refuse to believe that she would have spilt all that tea.

5. Abby appearing as The Grim Reaper.

Girl, you couldn’t just let her enjoy her brief break from reality? Seriously?

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I hated, let’s go on to the goodness of this episode.


1. Kerry Washington kicked ass and took names this episode.

She carried this entire episode, and I loved it. It reminded me that she used to be a movie actress. She used to act in pretty good movies too.

2. The 38 minutes where we didn’t get to see Jake.

3. The entire kidnapping scene was so freaking well done. I was tense as fuck all the way through.

4. “Run Forrest run”

Oh the shade of it all.

5. I loved that Olivia isn’t Jack Bauer, and on this episode at least she wasn’t being portrayed as a badass fighter. Olivia is a spoilt, privileged princess. Her greatest weapon has always been her brain, not her muscle power. She wears designer clothes, carries around expensive bags and drinks rare red wine. She ain’t about that 24 life. Although I suspect that Shonda and her writers are going to change that in upcoming episodes.

6. “Do you have someone you care about? Someone you love?”

I loved that she wanted to save Ian. Because for me, this is one of the most constant thing about her as a character. Even when her gut was all kinds of off, and she was deluding herself about who she loves, or about how trustworthy her father is, the one thing that has never changed since season one has been her need to save people. I get that people see that as a failing on her part, but I say fuck that. I love that part of her, and honestly, for good or bad, I hope she never loses it, because that is her greatest saving grace.

7. Olivia putting the paper over the toilet seat. Girl was brave even getting on there in the first place. That shit was foul. (Erm, pun intended)

8. “I’m Olivia Pope. And it’s funny because it’s useless.”

This was so heartbreaking.

8A:  “Ian, if I’m missing, the President of The United States will find me…he wont stop looking for me.”

Olivia’s conviction that Fitz would find her had me sobbing into my wine glass.

9. “Your father is Ike Turner”

So many lols. You know that line was all Shonda.

10. The dysfunction of Olivia thinking that maybe she’d been implanted with a tracking device. 

 Girl needs to get new friends.

11. “Five minutes and I’m coming in”

Loved this sequence. It was so freaking well done.

12. “You mess with his pay day you’ll know how mad he’ll be.”

So who the hell is really paying these guys?

13. Olivia using the underwire in her bra to try to unlock the window.

14. Olivia putting her 90lbs, 5.1 frame in front of a man twice her size to save him.

All the freaking feels.

15. Olivia still keeping her wits about her even in the most dire of circumstances.

This is who Olivia should have always been. Had we had this episode in season three, and had her character not been diminished to the extent that it was in S3, people could enjoy this episode without waiting for the other shoe to fall.

16. The Dream sequence minus Jake.

I fully realize that Vermont will never happen, and Olivia’s dream was probably Shonda and the writers bidding it farewell, but it still put me in my Olitz feels. Something I rarely feel as much of these days. Kerry and Tony still have wicked chemistry guys, and I’ll always be mad that Shonda decided to turn their relationship into something toxic.

Anyway, let’s appreciate the scenes some more shall we?


I did find it interesting that Vermont was Olivia’s happy place. 

 She dreams that Jake rescues her, and she dreams that he pretty much takes her back to Fitz, where she lived happily ever after with him. Basically Olakers, Olivia was dreaming of the guy she actually loves, not that bland milquetoast fool who couldn’t even protect her. As a sometimes/always./maybe Olitz fan, I was all:

when I saw that she was dreaming of Fitz. I’m not even sorry.

 Whatever the narrative with the terminally bland Jake, Shonda always takes so much effort to let us know that Fitz is her soul mate, the person she ultimately wants to live her life with.

16A. Olivia’s wedding set. 

Did you see that huge assed diamond ring? All the damned feels. I want him to divorce his wife for real and marry Olivia dammit. Is that too much to ask for? Shonda?

17. Everything that Olivia was wearing in the dream sequence in Vermont.

18. “I’m protecting him”

Awwww, Tom!! Gosh I found it so interesting that of all people, Tom was in this dream sequence, and that he tells Olivia that she asked him to come protect Fitz from her.

It was kind of a small moment, but actually, I think that it said so much about how Olivia views herself when it comes to Fitz. “I’m the Scandal” she said to The Human Vibrator at the end of last season, and that idea that she’s bad for Fitz is actually pretty organic to her character. She’s always trying to save Fitz and to fix him. If this was any other writing team, I’d give them a congrats for carrying that idea through from season one until now. But I have trust issues when it comes to the writers sooooo….

19. Guys her hair was laid, her make-up,was flawless, and her casual clothes were perfection. 

Her entire look gave me Happy Birthday Mr President feels. Well done Lyn Paolo. See Sweetie, the less elaborate her clothing, the better she looks. Simple works lady.

20. “Do you know how to use a Dutch oven?”

Even dream Abby insists on shading Liv and her can’t-cook-won’t-cook self.

21. “You have to rescue yourself”

22A. I am all about Liv rescuing herself. Maybe with a little help from her Gladiators, but they’re her family, so I’m good with that.

23. Liv breaking down when she realizes that her one avenue of escape is gone.

24. Liv putting her hands over her mouth to stop herself from totally losing it. Ugh.

All the feels. Kerry Washington. Maaaan….

25. Olivia shooting one of her kidnappers in the head.

For a second, I thought there would be blanks in the gun, I know some of you did too, don’t lie.

26. “Knowledge is power”

Olivia’s discovery that Ian was the mastermind behind her kidnapping, and that it was all an elaborate hoax.

The fact that it was basically a film set? Wow. I know none of you all saw that coming.

Wow, people, that was a lot. That for me was an excellent episode, and if people weren’t so mad at Shonda, they’d agree too.

So, where do we think Olivia is? 

 Who do we think was behind her kidnapping? And does it in fact have anything to do with Andrew, like we were led to believe in the mid-season finale?

Personally, I think that this is bigger than the terminally bland Andrew. I just don’t see him being this smart. Let’s face it, he thinks that he can screw Mellie Grant and another woman at the same time and get away with it, so he really isn’t that smart.  Unless they’re actually working together…

Anyway, for me, this can only have been masterminded by one of three people: Sally Langston, Hollis Doyle, or Mellie Grant. The question is, out of those three, who profits the most out of Fitz going to war with West Angola?

Sally Langston to me is the least likely, because she’s such a religious nut that I can’t see her planning anything this heinous, and involving somebody who’s never harmed her. Plus for all her terrible ways, she wasn’t a bad person per se. Well except for the fact that she killed her husband, but that was a heat of the moment craziness, and not her usual mode of behavior so I’ll give her a pass on that.

Maybe it’s Hollis Doyle, but I don’t think so, just because this seems way too personal for him. Hollis is all about the money, we know that, but was he ever aware of Fitz and Olivia’s relationship?

I think it has to be somebody who knows the depth of Fitz’s feelings for Olivia. It’s a big risk, kidnapping a civilian and threatening to kill her if the president doesn’t go to war with another country. You’d have to know about their relationship to even assume that such a threat would work.

So for me, that leaves Mellie. Mellie is pretty much the only enemy of Olivia Pope who knows that Fitz would probably burn the world to save her. Sure people might imagine that they were having an affair, but they wouldn’t necessarily have intimate knowledge of the depth of that relationship. (Although, it did play out as if Ian didn’t know her secret) I think she’s enlisted Andrew’s help, because if we believe that he has been in love with Mellie for over a decade, we could buy that he would do anything for her. Including having Fitz’s ex lover kidnapped.

I think that this is a way of getting her husband out of power. I think she’s working with Andrew to oust him out of office. I don’t know precisely know how that benefits Mellie, because she’s tied to Fitz for better or worse, but I still say it’s her. It may not make that much sense, but never forget that Verna, an old woman riddled with cancer tried to assassinate the POTUS, y'all.

What are your theories?


As much as I loved this episode, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that it was an episode that Shonda wanted to do, and that in a few episodes, it will be like it never happened, but I’m going to go ahead and bask in the brilliance that was Run anyway. It might be a while before we experience such a great episode again, and one that utterly showcases Olivia Pope, the way that this one did.

No need for Jamie and Claire GIFs this episode, instead I’ll leave you with Fitz, Liv in Showergate Part Two:

This entire sequence had me like:

Surfbort. Lol.

anonymous asked:

But Delena have been developed since S1. They went from hate to trust to friendship and they always had that chemistry. Anti-DE tend to forget their development through S1-S3 but it was very much present. Bamon had 3 scenes by seasons until S5.... SE slept together in 10 episodes, Delena in S4... It's not comparable. ALL the finale are about them if you notice, S1 Damon says he came to destroy the town and because of Elena he wanted to save it, S2 Elena kissed Damon on his deathbed, S3 they

revealed that DE met first, S4 they were together, S5 Damon made a beautiful speech to Elena saying he couldn’t have had better than her in his life, S6 they promised to wait for each other. TVD have always been about DE, Bamon took 5 years to have more than 4 scenes by seasons…

Damon bought a loft to Elena and was ready to be human with her.. How could they go from that to “I’m in love with Bonnie and I’ll never be with Elena again but that’s okay”. They knew Nina was going away they could have ended Delena, but they didn’t.. What was the point?

First of all, I never said DE didn’t have buildup. Contrary to your belief, I did watch those seasons, and I watched them with a more objective eye than you did since you’re erasing a ton of Bamon development for the sake of propping your ship. 

Seriously, seasons 1-2 are chock full of Bamon. I know it’s hard to believe, but in a story, writers can develop more than one relationship at a time. After that, as Ian confirmed, the studio made the decision to take them out of the spotlight so that DE could have their chance to shine, since the level/interest for Bamon was getting to be too much and threatening the triangle. Even then though, the scenes that Bonnie and Damon did have in those Bamon ban seasons (and they’re far more than 3 per season… ugh just stop) always further their characters’ progression in a way that their scenes with other characters don’t.

Because that’s the thing, I don’t need to erase DE development to know that Bamon’s is better, that it’s a more powerful story IMO (That IMO is a key point that I’ll get to in a second). 

I never said DE didn’t have a foundation. But in my eyes what DE got was the first two seasons of Damon seemingly transferring his misguided 150 year obsession with the woman who betrayed him onto the more virtuous woman with the same face, while Elena’s protestations went from very strong, to not very strong. Then there were two more seasons of will-they-won’t-they, then one season of okay-they-will-but-omg-it’s-so-painfully-toxic. 

A lot of it was compelling, especially when viewed in an objective light and not being pushed as the EPIC ROMANCE OF THE CENTURY THAT EVERYONE SHOULD ASPIRE TO. I honestly enjoyed parts of it, but the foundation of their relationship was never solid. It’s always been riddled with insecurity, dysfunction, control issues, and power imbalance.

Bamon is the opposite of those things. Over the seasons, they’ve built up a partnership, an emotional intimacy based on mutual respect and trust that is so foreign to them that they’ve only just begun to understand how important it is, let alone articulate it.

Look, not everyone is looking for that in entertainment, sometimes you just want the flash-bang of a whirlwind romance that doesn’t require any real rhyme or reason. And if you disagree with my interpretations of canon, that too is FINE. You don’t have to agree.

But you also don’t have to come into my inbox to write your DE love letter in response to an untagged post on my personal blog. Surely you didn’t think you were going to change my mind, so why even send it? Is your opinion so important that it MUST be stated at all times and in all places, no matter what?

Just stay in your lane, and I’ll continue to stay in mine. If you enjoy DE’s story, then by all means, continue to do so. Keep hope alive, whatever. But stop going out of your way to tear down the happiness of other people, just because they disagree with you. It’s petty and transparent, and it’s ugly.

you’re the one that i want

Many moons ago I put this throwaway line in a really angsty s3 ficlet 

“…she’s sure as hell not going to waltz out, hitch up her sundress and throw a leg over the Ducati without even asking where they’re driving…” 


Well Macha, 6 months later is better than never, right? 

It all starts because of Felicity’s ridiculously small car.

Keep reading

Favorite Steroline Moment - #17

Favorite Steroline Moment - #17

It may sound weird for some that I chose this scene as one of my favorites because at the begining, their conversation is about Klaus, and then Elena and Damon, but let me explain myself before you judge me lol.

Since Stefan found out about Elena’s feelings for Damon in S3 all he did was blame himself for this - “I lost you the minute I left town” (he says to her in 3x11) and “I know you didn’t stop loving me even though I did everything possible to push you away. But it’s my fault that you are also in love with Damon” (3x18). That’s what Stefan does all the time, he blames himself for everything. Even if he’s the one who gets hurt by someone else, he finds a way to blame himself for it. He always saw Elena as a saint, an angel, a martyr. He finds an excuse for everything she does, even when she’s wrong. But this was the first moment he allowed himself to feel what he should feel: Anger. Betrayal. ‘Cause she crossed the line. From that moment, she’s not a saint anymore. He’s hurt, he blames her for this, and he’s not afraid to tell her this at the first chance he gets - “How many more ways are there for you to rip my heart out?” (4x10).

So, back to the scene. Stefan and Caroline are talking about Klaus and all the horrible things that he did, and Stefan points out that they all did horrible things

“And I’m sitting here trying to figure out what makes us any better than him. And I think it’s just that we have family we can trust”

Caroline, who knows about Delena being together and just found out about them being at the lake house - after Damon’s promise to his brother that he would break up with her, decides that she’s not gonna be a part of this. Damon and Elena want to lie and hide things from Stefan? Fine. But she won’t. Because this is wrong in all the possible ways. Because he doesn’t deserve this. And Elena is her BFF and this would be against girls code, but she does it anyway. She picks Stefan’s side on this and “betrays” Elena, telling him what neither Damon nor Elena had the courage to say.

“Yeah, you’re right Stefan. Trust is everything. Have you heard from Damon? Did he happen to mention where Elena was?”

And that’s the turning-point in the Steroline relationship. That’s when they really become so attached to each other. It’s not when Stefan saves her vampire lifeand promises to protect her, it’s not when he comes to her asking for her help to control his bloodlust. That’s it, that’s the moment when everything changes between them. Because he talks about trust and it shakes her. Because she knows that trust comes with truth and she wants him to trust her the way she trusts him. So, when she is put in a position where she has to choose between “girls code” or “truth and trust”, she chooses the second. And this tells so much about her moral and what is really important to her. But this is also a moment when she has to choose between Stefan and Elena - and she chooses him. (And it’s not the only time she does this. I also talked about that here). Stefan, obviously, realizes what she’s trying to say, but he’s also confused about the extension of this. So, he asks her

“They’re together, aren’t they? How together are they?”

And Caroline can see the pain and deception in his eyes and suddenly his pain is her pain and she can’t answer, she just hopes that he figures this out by himself 'cause she can’t say the words that she knows will hurt him so much. And he does. And he breaks. And she’s there.

And that was the moment I decided I couldn’t accept they not being together at some point. And that’s why this moment is on my #Top20.

What's with the new Felicity hate?

Wow. Okay, all of a sudden Felicity is annoying and Laurel is becoming a better character. That’s just bs. 

 First of all, I barely found Laurel annoying S1/S2. Her reactions were justified. I mean hello, your kind of serious boyfriend cheats on you and goes off on a yacht and cheats on you with your sister and then both are presumed dead. But, wait both of them come back 5 years later and one is a vigilante and the other is a member of the freaking LEAGUE OF ASSASSINS. But, wait there’s more, uh you start seeing your ex-boyfriend’s best friend who dies trying to protect you only because his own father was the main cause of the whole thing. Oh we’re not done yet, then your sister who came back from the dead is murdered by your ex-boyfriend’s sister who also happens to be the father of your dead ex-boyfriend. So, while Laurel has never been a fan favorite, her “annoying” facade is totally explained.

Now all of a sudden that Felicity is the one who says no to Oliver, she becomes a bad guy. Give me a break. Um do we forget that Felicity’s dad abandoned her as a child and her mother, while cared for her, also didn’t get to spend time with her as much. And then her ex boyfriend who she loved and thought was dead kidnapped her and tried to kill her. So, sorry if she is saying no to Oliver. In my opinion, Felicity is scared to be “abandoned” again. I mean who wouldn’t in her situation. All of second season, Oliver did not pay that much attention to her, slept with other women, got jealous but never acted on his feelings, and used her as part of a plan to fool someone else to save the city by confessing his feelings for her which were supposedly fake. Then he gave her hope and went on a date with her to only let her go. And then he kept telling her how he felt or hinted it and wouldn’t do anything about it. He leaves telling her he loves her and she almost assumes he is dead. Obviously Felicity loves him. She was the only one in the team who kept wanting to honor Oliver and his methods. Then, he comes back and basically hints that they still can’t be together and he is going back on his honor. While Oliver has a very good reason, think about what if you were in Felicity’s shoes. Felicity is fed up, and she isn’t going to take anymore of his bs. 

So, someone please tell me how Felicity is annoying, Just because a show wants to demonstrate that women act upon their own feelings and not based off of one man, suddenly she becomes annoying. However, if the man sleeps around it is totally fine. Talk about double standards in society. I am sorry, but neither Felicity nor Laurel are “annoying” characters. Both are very strong women. While I was never the biggest Laurel fan, I am actually enjoying her transformation into Black Canary. 

Also, with these scenes we get to see a side of Felicity we have never seen before. We always assume she is this happy go lucky character. But S3 truly brings out the emotional side of Felicity Smoak. I think the Arrow writers are doing a phenomenal job with the show and all of it’s characters.

Some people need to take a chill pill. I am sure that we will get Olicity. Oliver has shown more signs of Felicity being “the one” more than anyone else, even Laurel. It’ll take time, but I’m all for that slow burn. 

anonymous asked:

erica you know what I miss? I miss the Unestablished sexual tension in season 2. Do you feel like they rushed Olicity? Maybe to get it out of the way? Why are olicity getting together in Season 3? Isn't that too early. I was hoping until Season 5 tbh and we'd have more seasons like season 2

Hey Nonnie! Okay, so I’m trying to understand what you’re trying to say, because the sexual tension was always kind of established, from Felicity’s end, anyways. Season 2 was a nice mix of Felicity and Oliver keeping their friendship afloat while having these really big feelings for each other. I think that Oliver knew he was in love with her all the way back in 2x07, and continued to deny himself those feelings. Felicity is a ball of emotions, she can’t help that they show and that they run out of her mouth, so Season 2 was really about Felicity reconciling that she’ll always be Oliver’s friend, while at the same time, Oliver was silently due for more than friendship. That’s just my take. 

I don’t feel they rushed Olicity at all. I think the writers are picking up the love story that works the best for the story they’re telling and throwing everything they can at it, including the kitchen sink and the bathtub, and that’s not rushing it at all to me. That’s acknowledgment and implementation.

Now, lets get one thing straight, the writers have simply implemented the fact that Oliver and Felicity are in love with each other, and that because they are harboring different sets of ideals about the inevitable outcomes of their lives, whether or not they can do something RIGHT NOW to change said outcomes, they can’t be together.

“Getting together in Season 3” makes it sound like by season’s end, Oliver and Felicity will be at an altar before God promising to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives. That’s not even remotely what will happen at this point. Oliver and Felicity still have a heavy load to carry up that hill that is this part of the season, with Ray Palmer being the salt of their oyster, and Oliver disappearing. These are story pieces that are just going to add more to the load on Olicity’s back. 

I don’t want more seasons like Season 2. I don’t want Oliver sluoring with every woman that comes across his threshold. I don’t want Felicity feeling like she did when she caught him after that random sex intermission with Isabel Rochev. Please don’t glorify Season 2 babe, because really, as much as was great about it in the first-half, there were issues in the second-half once Oliver was paired with Sara for nothing more than to bring the Canary into the Team Arrow fold. There were kinks that I’m glad were ironed out before Oliver went for Felicity. I think Season 2 got our loves where they needed to be, romantically, and only for that am I grateful. 

I understand your point about Season 5 and wanting to see that, but really, to have the reaction the Arrow EPs have gotten about Oliver and Felicity and to continue to have them date other people when no other pair-up for Oliver has worked and no other pair-up for Felicity can even compete (sorry Barry!), that would be kinda dumb and counter-intuitive for the show’s success. Yes, it brings about drama, but there are better ways to produce that drama without interloopers like “Random Rochev” (as I like to call her, LMAO).

They have suspended Oliver and Felicity within this impasse of being so much to each other and doing nothing about it. They’re teammates, but they’re not together. They’re in love, but they’re not together. Their being in love is enough for now. Ray can kiss Felicity senseless and show up at her doorstep every morning with Krispy Kreme and hot coffee, but Felicity will still  be in love with Oliver. Oliver can run off to the LOA and beat his opponents into the dirt out of pure aggression and having given himself over to the darkness, but he’ll still be in love with Felicity. The “being together” might not happen for awhile. Maybe the end of S3 opens that door again, maybe sooner, maybe not at all. I don’t know. 

I am the first one to always want more, but I’m also one who understands that the writers have to preserve and tuck away what they can to get these two to THAT moment. It all has to fit. Just because they love each other, doesn’t make the timing any more right than it would be if Season 5 rolled around and the same barriers keeping them apart were there. 

Basically, I think that this pacing is great. I think that Oliver seeing Felicity in a lip-lock with Ray was great, because it starves things off for awhile, while reminding us of the decisions Oliver made and the choices he had in front of him. Will he choose right before Season 4 or 5 or 7? I’m hoping sooner and THAT doesn’t mean rushed, it means progress. Two different things! 

I hope that helped! If you need anything else….