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Welcome to littles’ mental health, I’m Vixie. On my main blog I’ve been making posts pertaining to littles/age regressors with mental illnesses, and I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more helpful posts. I got an ask saying I should make a helpful blog, and I get a lot of advice asks so I decided this would be a good idea!!

This is going to be a POSITIVE blog. A helpful blog. A safe place. No negativity will be tolerated. I plan on making posts from a first person point of view of being an age regressor with mental health issues, taking submissions from other people’s point of view, answering advice asks, posting positive edits, and possibly more!!

This post will contain mentions of mental health and possible triggers, so everything will be trigger tagged. If you need something tagged, send me an ask letting me know, I’ll be happy to do so!

It’s still a work in progress right now but I’m hoping to make it a great thing :) reblog to spread the word!!

Notes *Tony Stark x Reader*


Warnings: A little angst, Tony Stark, and You’ve got mail spoilers

Requested by anon;

‘can i request a story where the reader has to figure out which one of the Avengers left her a secret admirer letter?(you can pick the admirer being bucky, steve or tony if you want)

Authors note:

Hi there! This one was a lot of fun to write. The original request asked for either Tony, Steve, or Bucky- if any of you are interested in reading the same prompt for Steve or Bucky please don’t be shy and send in a request! (I already have rough draughts saved of each)
Lucy :) x

Written by @toastburninglucy

‘Your smile could warm the coolest of hearts’

‘I love the freckles on your nose that come out in summer’

‘When your voice comes through the comms even in my darkest moments I know everything will be okay’

‘The smell of your god awful coffee in the morning is the best thing to wake up to’

‘You make life a little easier’

The notes went on and on; some longer than others but each one about you. You had no idea who had sent them, all you knew was that throughout your day they would appear in random places; your coffee mug, your go go-bag, inside the book you’re reading, on the pillow next to you after you’ve fallen asleep on the couch. Once you had even found one inside a box of cereal. It had been going on for six months now and you were still no closer to finding out who was sending them; they spilled out of the boxes you put them in, pouring into your room like an ocean.

“FRIDAY, any luck on Friday’s surveillance from the kitchen?” You ask, analysing samples of the teams handwriting
“Surveillance from that time is encrypted,”

You sigh deeply. Somehow the surveillance footage from whenever a note was delivered was encrypted; whoever’s leaving them mustn’t want to be found. “Can you override using my passcode?” You ask, knowing the answer
“Sorry, Y/N, you aren’t authorised.”

You groan a little, turning away from the samples of handwriting; you have analysed them five times already with no luck. What hope do you have of finding out who sends these notes? Maybe they don’t even want you to know. If they are so desperate for you not to find out that they block you out of the surveillance footage before they even drop the note, then maybe its for the best that you don’t find out who they are. 

You pause, a lightbulb going off in your mind. “FRIDAY, can you notify me next time someone blocks me out of the surveillance?”
You wait with baited breath, stomach flipping and heart pounding. Trying not to think of who you want it to be and failing miserably.
“Alright,” She says finally, a hint of resignation in her voice “but I had nothing to do with it,”


3am. Your hair’s a mess and your eyes are bleary, but still you’re running through the compound; chest heaving, heart hammering. You round the final corner and stop dead in your tracks, the gym door in front of you. On the tips of your toes, you look through the glass and see a figure hunched in the corner, opening an equipment drawer.
This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. Without hesitation, you push the door open and walk in.


When he hears you he freezes, muscles tensing and heart stopping. “Tony?”
Your voice cuts through him, the hesitant whisper making him sick. How on earth did you know he was here? His palms start to sweat; in a moment he knows he will have to turn and face you, look you in the eye and answer your questions. He doesn’t know if he can. 

Many people think Tony is brave, and they’re right; in many ways he is one of the most courageous men to walk the earth, possessing both the brains and the heart to save whoever he can by whatever means necessary. The one thing that Tony Stark is a coward about, is the one thing which matters to him above all else; you.

As you walk closer he stands, eyes wide and a note crumpled into his fist. “Y/N,” He says, a showman’s smile on his face “little late for a workout.”
You say nothing, your mind blank as you walk towards him. You can hear your heart beating, you can feel the blood pumping faster through your veins as you stop less than a pace in front of him, afraid to go any closer. “It’s you.” You whisper, your voice distant.

Tony shuffles awkwardly, his face turning red as he looks anywhere but at you. He can’t style this one out. This is his greatest dream and his worst nightmare; sure, he’d wanted to tell you. But not like this. He feels your eyes burning into him and somehow manages to crumble while every muscle in his body tenses. “I’m sorry I’m not someone better,” He scoffs darkly, something in his eyes flickering “I’m sure you wanted it to be one of the others; one of the perfect ones.”

You stand in shock, wanting to recoil as he turns and looks you in the eye. His gaze is intense, full of fear and anger and everything that he hates about himself. “I know you want to laugh.” He says- no, spits. His words are firing out without thought. White hot panic. “Go ahead; go and laugh with everyone about how I send you pathetic notes like a middle schooler; that I hang around to watch that blush come onto your cheeks as you read them; that I developed a new style of handwriting and encrypted security footage so you wouldn’t be able to figure out it was me because I knew what a disappointment it would be… Well, I’m sorry, Y/N, but we don’t all get the prince charming we deserve.”

His chest heaves as he stares at you, waiting for some sort of a reply. Sweat glistens on his forehead. You want to cry; in fact, you might already be crying, you can’t be sure. Your eyes sting and your throat swells so much that you’re scared you might not be able to breathe in a moment.

Whatever you say, you know it has to be good. Words have never been your thing and you need the right ones now. In your minds panic borrowed words come to you and they seem so good that you actually use them.

“I wanted it to be you,” You whisper, biting your lip with misty eyes “I wanted it to be you so badly.”

You’ve got mail. You think of Meg Ryan stood in that park, you think of the way she looks at Tom Hanks as he wipes away her tears. Your tears now roll down your cheeks as you almost smile, trying to recall the last time you felt so vulnerable. Tony looks away from you, itching his bottom lip with his thumb looking lost. You think he is going to say something; that he will be your Tom Hanks and wipe away your tears and kiss you. But he just stands there looking away from you like you’re suddenly an inconvenience.

Your chest hollows and your heart turns heavy. You realise with a sickening clarity that you have the wrong end of the stick; that Tony clearly isn’t in love with you. That this is all just some prank, something he does to pass the time. You will never be his Meg Ryan.

You scrape what dignity you have left up off the floor and turn around, your hand on the door when he says “I love it when you quote movies.”

You look at him as he unfolds the crumpled note in his hand and holds it in the air. “That was my note to you, today.” He says with a sort of smile, looking at the ground “Tomorrow’s is about your awful taste in music, and how I would throw out all the stereos to stop you playing if it weren’t for the smile it puts on your face,”

A laugh escapes you. A croaky, unsure, and most definitely still crying laugh which makes you sound like a piglet. “You see,” He says a little louder, stepping a little closer until there’s almost nothing between you “I don’t ever run out of things to write about.”

His eyes are boring into yours. “Because I fall in love with you a little bit more every time I see you,” He whispers, lips brushing against yours “and there’s a thousand more things I want to tell you, but I’m so afraid to write them,”

“Why?” The word feels too short for the electric charge it carries.

“Because I can never be enough for you.”

You press your forehead into his, hoping if you press hard enough you’ll be able to poke around in his brain and let him know what he is to you, and that he is more than enough and he always will be. He uses the edge of his sleeve to dry your tears and smiles “Don’t cry,” He soothes as you bring your lips closer to his “there’s nothing sad about being in love with you.”

And then you kiss him; you kiss him for so long you forget what it’s like to breathe. You cram everything into your kiss and hope that when it’s finished he will realise you’re in love with him too.

(Once again, something written by the lovely @toastburninglucy :) gotta love her, right? Go over and tell her how amazing this was. - Rosalee)

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Upside Down (part 1)

Intro: Hello and welcome to Kaity’s heart in post form.  If you need me, I am currently 600 kilometers deep in the Scotty trashcan, with no sign of escape (not that I want to).  So please enjoy all my feelings out in the open.  This fic ended up being 7,500 words long so I split it up into multiple parts.  Some are long, some are short.  All are good.  I hope. 

Pairing: Scotty x reader (and best friend!Jim Kirk)

Word Count:1,454

Warnings: totally 100% fake engineering everything, (I was too lazy to actually come up with proper terms so I just made up words), eventual injury, swears.

Summary: So basically the starting point for this fic was Scotty x reader who loves engineering as much as he does.  So that’s where I went with this fic.  You are second-in-command engineer and Scotty one day ends up being in charge, much to your chagrin.  You butt heads.  Scotty gets hurt.  Feelings get hurt (mostly my own).  Welcome to my trashcan.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


“So you’re saying you would never have sex with me.”

“James Tiberius Kirk if you were the last person on earth I would copulate with a turtle before I even considered you.” You deadpanned, strapping your tool belt to your hips as you got ready to leave and turned to the frowning Captain who was leaning against the door frame. 

“Really funny.” Jim griped sarcastically, and you sauntered up to him, swinging your hips in just the right way, and you saw his eyes fall and he shook his head. 

“It’s only funny because it’s true, Jimbo.” You reached up and slapped his cheek twice, flashing a million dollar smile before pushing past him. 

“You know, this means I owe Uhura 5 bucks.” Jim called as you made your way to the engineering room. 

“That’s your own fault, you idiot.” You called back, laughing as you turned down the next hallway, finally out of his sight.  

“Hey, Bobby!” You shouted as you entered the automated doors, instantly smiling at the comforting smell of metal and sound of whirring machinery. 

“Lass, what’s with all the yelling?” An unfamiliar voice sounded from somewhere in the room and you leaned over the railing to look down and saw a man in a red shirt looking up at you. 

Suddenly, a hard hand clapped you on the shoulder and you nearly jumped out of your skin.

Spinning around you saw Jim again and scowled, taking a few deep breaths to calm your nerves. 

“Yeah, Bobby doesn’t work here anymore.” Jim said matter-of-factly. 

Your jaw fell open in disbelief, “What!?”

“He had to take sudden leave for… reasons, and this is his replacement.  Get up here Scotty!” Jim yelled and you continued to look at him incredulously. 

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ok y’all so like. I don’t think you understand how E X C I T E D i am for this request like this shit is right up my ally LET’S DO THIS

Jisung: Kisses with Jisung would be sweet and short. They’d have a sort of playful feeling to them, just like him - he’d like to tease you by kissing your cheek, your nose, your chin, etc, but never quite hitting your lips. Your first kiss with him would have a very similar, lighthearted sort of feel to it. It’d just feel natural. You two would be smiling and laughing (as you always do when you’re with him, of course) and he’d look at you and just feel this wave of affection. He’d lean in and kiss you on the cheek first (probably something that he would regularly do from the start of your relationship), and then, ever the gentleman, he’d ask if he could kiss you on the lips. It wouldn’t quite be a peck, but it wouldn’t be too long, either, and he’d still be smiling when he pulled away. He’d know how to start joking and playing around again right away so it didn’t get too awkward. 

Sungwoon: Sungwoon can joke around and be a bit sarcastic a lot, but I think that he would take relationships really seriously, so kisses with him wouldn’t be taken lightly. There would be a lot of emotion and meaning behind every one of his kisses. Your first kiss would be really sweet and sentimental, the kind that you read about in books. He’d take you out on a date (I think he’s a classic dinner and a movie kind of guy), and he would walk you to your door when he dropped you off. You probably would have gone on a couple of dates by this point, so he’d already be developing strong feelings for you, and he would just honestly tell you how he felt. “I have a lot of fun when we go out together. I really like spending time with you… It makes me happy when we can be together like this.” He’d pull you in for a kiss before you went inside, and it would be that much more meaningful to you after hearing him tell you how he felt. 

Minhyun: Minhyun is your classic gentleman; he’s another one who puts a lot of romance behind each of his kisses. There would just be something very smooth about the way he kisses, something that would make you want to keep going back again and again. He wouldn’t kiss you until you were officially a couple, not just after going out on a date or two. He would be the type to surprise you when he asked you out, showing up at your door out of the blue with chocolate and a bouquet of roses. He’s known for being a cool guy, and I think that side of him would make an appearance here as well - he’d keep things pretty short and sweet, just asking if you’d like to be his girlfriend/boyfriend. After you said yes, he’d kiss you for just a bit shorter than you’d want - you’d practically be following along after him as he pulled away and he’d just laugh. He’d love to tease you like that.

Seongwoo: Seongwoo’s favorite thing about kissing would be the flustered look on your face when he pulled away. There is nothing that he would love more than seeing you embarrassed, so he’d do it as often as he could. Seongwoo would be kissing you all the time. From just a peck to long, drawn out kisses, he would kiss you as often as he could, and almost always on the lips. The first kiss with him would just seem so natural, you almost wouldn’t think anything of it. He would want to be as close to you as possible at all times, so he’d be right next to you, just cuddling with you on the couch. He’d start teasing you - one of his favorite things to do, really - and he’d just smirk at you when he saw you starting to get flustered. He’d just go right for it after that and kiss you on the lips, telling you how cute you are once he pulled away, and then laughing at the way your face turned red (and going in for one more kiss because he just couldn’t get enough of you). 

Jaehwan: Kissing is something fun to Jaehwan. It’s not something that has to be overly serious, it’s not something that has to be perfectly romantic and cute… if he wants to kiss you, he will. As long as you both enjoy it, he thinks, there are no guidelines or expectations that have to be followed. He’d honestly probably kiss you right after he confessed to you. He’s not a very serious person, and he’d try to keep his confession playful too as to not make it too awkward for either of you. He’d make it seem casual, just offhandedly mentioning that he thinks you’re pretty cute or that he wouldn’t mind being more than friends. He’d check for your reaction first, and if you seemed to feel the same, he’d just kiss you right then, probably following it up with some sort of comment like, “There’s plenty more where that came from,” to make you laugh, and would definitely at least kiss your cheek again after that. 

Daniel: Kisses with Daniel would be the type that would leave your heart fluttering for hours afterwords. It would always be clear when he wanted to kiss you - he’d just have this intense kind of look in his eyes as he looked at you, gaze switching between your lips and your eyes before he finally would kiss you. Your first kiss with him would be no exception to this. He’s someone who would enjoy being in your company even if you weren’t really talking or doing something exciting, so the two of you could just be laying together and cuddling. He’d look over at you and just take in the sight of you next to him, and he’d know then that he absolutely had to kiss you. He’d look you in the eye for a while before he did decide to lean in, and the whole thing would just feel incredibly intimate. He’d snuggle up to you again after that, and it’d pretty much feel like your heart was about to burst from that. 

Jihoon: Sort of like Jaehwan, I don’t think that Jihoon would place a whole lot of weight or importance on kissing. A first kiss wouldn’t be a crazy big deal to him. He’s someone who likes to take things kinda slow and go at his own pace, I think, so honestly, you’d probably be the one to initiate it. You’d wait for a little bit, unsure if he was going to do it eventually, but after you had been dating for a while, you wouldn’t be able to help yourself and you’d ask if you could kiss him. He’d probably be taken aback by you initiating it, but he’d think it was cute that you asked, teasing you lightly by saying something like, “You couldn’t hold back anymore, huh?” But of course he’d indulge you, and you’d never feel a softer kiss. Jihoon’s kisses would always be so gentle and his lips would be unbelievably soft against yours, and the little smile he’d give you as he pulled away would be enough to melt your heart. 

Woojin: I think that Woojin can get embarrassed pretty easily, and I definitely think that the whole idea of relationships and whatnot is pretty new to him. As such, he really wouldn’t know what he was doing - he would spend a lot of your relationship just trying to figure things out, and kissing is no exception. He’d wait for that picture perfect moment before he tried to kiss you. You’d just be looking at one another and he’d feel like the moment was just right so he’d go in for a kiss. It would be so awkward - you would bump noses and everything, and his face would never be redder in his life than when he pulled away, but he would still have this wide, goofy grin on his face. You’d both be laughing, kind of embarrassed at it, but you’d be so incredibly happy. Woojin’s kisses would definitely be clumsy - they wouldn’t be awkward, though; always just endearing. 

Jinyoung: The best way to describe Jinyoung’s kisses would be pure. He would always be so careful and gentle with it any time that he kissed you, and all in all, the experience would just be so overwhelmingly innocent and gentle. Your first kiss would be the kind that comes to mind when you think ‘puppy love’. You’d be going for a walk together, hand in hand. Everything about the moment would be picturesque; you wouldn’t be talking, just enjoying one another’s presence as Jinyoung swung your hands between you. When you looked at each other, both with pink cheeks, it’d be so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you - he’d give you the fastest peck on the lips before straightening back up. It’d take a moment for it to set it, but once it did, you’d both just start smiling like idiots, holding a little tighter to one another’s hands. 

Daehwi: It wouldn’t take much to fluster Daehwi, and I think this is at least doubly true in the case of relationships. Even just holding his hand would have his heart going a thousand miles a minute in his chest. He’d be aware that he was always acting so shy with everything, so he would want to be the one to initiate a kiss - he’d want to try to take the lead for once. His feelings are easy to see, honestly - you’d probably know what he was thinking as soon as you saw him with his red cheeks and sweaty palms, but you’d let him do things his way anyway. It might seem a bit awkward when he did it, like the wrong timing, but it’d be the sweetest thing. It’d be sweet and short, and he’d be so flustered after he did it - you’d have to kiss him again to reassure him, and he wouldn’t be able to take the smile off his face after that. His kisses would always be sweet.

Guanlin: Honestly? There’s no way that Guanlin’s first kiss wouldn’t be awkward. He’s the type to have it planned out perfectly and dramatically in his head, and he knows exactly what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. Once he puts the plan into action, though, it doesn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped. He’d end up missing your lips or something of the sort, but still playing it off like it was no big deal - it’d be better to leave you in charge in the relationship. As much of a cool guy as he tries to be, honestly, he’d be like a kid in a candy store once you kissed him first. That gummy smile would be on his face in an instant and he’d just start giggling. It would be the cutest sight in the world, you’d just want to kiss him again and again.

Dancing in the Moonlight

Prompt: “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest

A/N: Totally saw the dancing Spiderman gif while listening to this song and I couldn’t help myself. “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest

Warnings: None

Word Count Total: 399

Short Imagine #121

Title: Dancing in the Moonlight

Originally posted by j-murphy

Originally posted by sexy-stan

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You Are Beautiful

Title: You Are Beautiful

Pairing: Jughead Jones x River Vixen!Reader

Warnings: Insecurity, Body Hate, Cheryl being a bitch.

Summary: Cheryl makes a rude comment about the reader’s weight, Juggie is there to comfort her.

Request(s): Hi! Could you please write an imagine where the reader and jughead are dating and she’s a river vixen and she isn’t the skinniest but she also isn’t plus-sized where Cheryl makes her feel insecure, so jughead reassures her after she keeps insulting herself (she says stuff like “this shows how fat I am” or “I don’t need to eat more I weigh enough as is”) Thanks! 

Can I please get a jughead x reader(they’re dating) with dialogue 32, 38 and 47 where the reader gets insecure after Cheryl insults her weight (she’s not skinny or plus-sized she just is a lil chubby) and it bothers her so she tries to diet and stuff. Jughead confronts her about what’s wrong then comforts her. 

32. “You look awful!” 
38. “Please, don’t leave.” 
47. “Everything has been such a mess lately.”

A/N; As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy!

Tag List; @day-dreaming-nightmare @emotional-wrek-hello @dempsey-mantle @sunshine51879

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Master List!

So you’ve come to my blog, and you’re looking for the scenarios. Good luck with that, considering all the other things I do on here (ex. reblog, chat, post other shit, etc) 

Well have no fear! The master list is here! Below, you will find a whole guide to everything you might be looking for ^^

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Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 55: Hospitalized

Sam Winchester x Reader

1480 Words

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Dean, he’s gone!” You exclaimed, rushing from your room, pounding on Dean’s door. “Hurry up!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Dean yelled. You could hear his footsteps coming closer to the door before it was yanked open and Dean stood there wearing nothing but boxers and a black t-shirt. “What do you mean he’s gone?”

“I mean we were both sound asleep. At least I thought we were. Then I woke up this morning, and his side of the bed was cold. He’s been gone for a while, and he’s not answering his phone!” You shouted at Dean, your fear for Sam making your emotions out of wack.

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It’s Too Late

Title: It’s Too Late

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Word Count: 555

Summary: The boys and the reader are hunting and things go south

Warnings: swearing, character death, this is a sad story!

A/N: This is my fic for Becka’s Birthday Challenge! @beckawinchester HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!! ❤ My prompt is: Quote -  “What am I going to do? I don’t want to lose him!”  / Place - Dark Woods. Hope you guys like it.

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤

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Anakin Skywalker x Reader

Prompt: Hi! :3♡ Could you please write “Hug me so I can get warm” & “You look cute when you’re cold” for Anakin Skywalker? (Sorry for asking for two prompts in the same imagine if you don’t want to do that it’s okay I understand♡) from the lovely @sarcastiel-assbutt

Word Count: 562

Warnings: none

A/N: Merry belated Christmas! Again, I’m extremely sorry about the hiatus, you can find a detailed explanation and update right here. This isn’t very Christmas-y, actually, more of an it’s-cold-outside fic. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Originally posted by the-return-of-the-imagines

The Jedi truly live a really challenging life. Sometimes, it’s not particularly noticeable. Take, for example, the mission when you had to guard a royalty for a few days- that was pretty uneventful. Most of the time, however, the hardships of a Jedi life smack you right by the head. You are experiencing one of the latter would be right now. You and Anakin were sent by the Council on a mission that had you stranded on a mostly uninhabitable planet with an awfully unfriendly environment.

You sit on the ground, trying to find a distraction in observing the breathtaking solar systems above. Naturally, the meek, dying fire does very little to warm you up- that is how you find yourself in need to bundle into a warmth-preserving heap. You raise your knees and loop your arms around them, casting your cloak on top and using it as a blanket.

A little feet to the left, your friend and companion is busying himself with some unimportant tasks. However, he soon grows bored of that, as well- as he usually tends to- and he gingerly approaches the fire, trying not to extinguish whatever tiny spark remained.

He sits down on a cold damp stone right across from you and you momentarily make eye-contact. His gaze turns inquisitive as a shudder curses through your body. No matter how many times this happened before, you still can’t really tell whether it’s from his stare or the cold.

To you, he is not The Chosen One (as he is to many), he is merely Anakin. Anakin Skywalker, the man you’ve known since he was a boy, brought by Qui-Gon and Obi Wan into the core of the Jedi life. Your longtime friend with whom you’ve teased the thin line between friendly banter and flirting one too many times.

You look cute when you’re cold.” He speaks, clearing his throat. You roll your eyes, trying to dismiss the way your ears, neck and cheeks heat up at his words. The effect he has on you is quite remarkable- but you’d be dead before admitting it. A Jedi whose independence is jeopardized is as good as dead.

“Well, why don’t you hug me so I can get warm then, eh?” You tease him right back. Then, he does the unexpected. He rises to his feet, stretches his back and comes to sit by your side.

“Well, scoot over. How am I going to hug you if you’re taking up the entire place on that boulder?”

“Damn, take it down a notch or five.” You jokingly grumble, but you move aside nonetheless. He sits down, makes himself as comfortable as he can get before spreading his arms wide. You tug the blanket closer to your form and raise your eyebrows in an unspoken question.

“Come on.” He motions you over, and you don’t need any more prompting. You lean into him as he envelops his hands around you. A contented sigh escapes your lips- you’re getting warmer and warmer.

“Get some sleep. We’ll do shifts. I’ll wake you when I’m too weary to keep watch.” He whispers. You hum in acknowledgement and drift off into the arms of Morpheus. The last thought that crosses your mind is that you’re in some deep trouble for getting so swarmed up in your feelings.

You’ll work something out.

The Jedi always do.

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hey i saw you saw the pledis statement and honestly it makes me feel so sick that even after ㄴㅇㅅㅌs are streaming and nuests albums are selling out and their songs charting pledis still doesn't have concrete plans i'm just so upset ;;;; (from @/daybreak-mp3)

Going to combine these two asks-

So this article just came out where Pledis is saying that they currently have no concrete decisions about future Nu’est promotions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be promotions, but when you compare this statement to other companies (Like Brave saying Sam’s album is in progress, etc.) it sort of well… it doesn’t inspire a lot of hope (and fans right now are clinging to hope).

There should always be a lot of hope, though. I know news like this brings people down, but we shouldn’t stop hoping for the best. I saw some stuff about Pledis having staff shortages so maybe they’re waiting to be fully staffed so that they don’t mismanage. I don’t want this post to be alarmist in any way. Pledis saying they don’t have concrete plans right now doesn’t mean they never will. It takes time to plan a comeback and if they’re really short on staff then I would rather they wait so that the comeback isn’t rushed. The boys have also been through months of work so I’m sure they need rest right now. Hopefully we get some vlives when they’re feeling better. They’ve already been posting a lot in the fancafe to help our worries. 

We have to continue to be hopeful and continue supporting and never give up. I don’t think even Pledis is stupid enough to let this momentum go to waste. There’s a lot of uncertainty and no one should blindly or naively believe that everything will be 100% okay, but we shouldn’t dig ourselves into a hole of despair, either. I’m going to continue hoping for the best. Keep being positive but also keep in mind how there’s no for sure path for Nu’est right now. Support each other but don’t tell others off if they’re worried. This is the time when we need to be the most united and the most level-headed. 

Manhunt - KBTBB Fanfic Chapter 7

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Word count: 2′877

A/N: Welp, that was a long unexpected writing pause I had. But just to let y'all know, Manhunt is not over! I guess I really fucked with some of your emotions which I’m not surprised when I look at that awful cliffhanger and at the responses I got.

Anyways! I hope you all like the new chapter and as always critic and feedback is well appreciated!

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Chapter 7 :

“Jesus Christ, (Y/N)! Wake up and put that fucking gun down, right now!”

I snap my eyes open and everything seems to be in slow motion. I immediately notice that I’m not lying on the comfortable couch in Baba’s arms anymore. I’m standing in front of a king-sized bed with satin sheets, fluffy pillows and a really pissed off and angry Eisuke sitting in the middle of it. I was about to snap back at Eisuke when I realized that I’m pointing a weapon directly at him.

In an instant, I have put the gun down so it’s dangling in my left hand and clicked the safety in. My right hand flies up to my face to rub the sleep out of my eyes and also clear my vision a little.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, sneaking into my room at 5.30 in the fucking morning and pointing that thing at me? God, I know we had a nasty fight yesterday, which by the way I still think you owe me an apology for almost dislocating my shoulder, but you don’t have to murder me in not only mine but also your sleep!”

Eisuke begins to shout at me in his half naked state and a head that was as red as a tomato. Of course, with me being my-stubborn-self and Eisuke being Eisuke which is short for ‘as-stubborn-as-a-donkey’, I couldn’t just say sorry for waking him up or almost dislocating his shoulder, so I decided to shout right back.

“What? Me apologizing to you because you were an asshole to me yesterday and I decided to put you in your place for once? Oh, you better be joking!” I began to wave my hands around in pure anger.

“Somethings just should have stayed like in my dream.” I mumbled. Truth be told, I’m relieved that all this insanity was just another of my bad dreams. I’ve never had dreams this intense before with six people, including myself, being murdered and especially seeing everything in such detail. When I first saw the crime scene pictures from my father, I’ve had nightmares about me actually being present and seeing him getting killed but I could never save him.

“What should have stayed like your dream?” Eisuke asked his voice sounding a little worried, even though he tried to keep it neutral.

“Nothing.” I answered a little too loud and quickly and began to crack my left index finger. Eisuke only smirked at me when his eyes focused on my gesture.

“It’s just, everything is so fucking tiring and complicated. And then you just had to mock me and I guess I just snapped. I know it was a little immature to react that way but shit, you deserved it. I’m sure as hell not begging for forgiveness.” I stated and Eisuke’s eyes began to soften up a bit at my honesty.

“I know, you’ve always been really stubborn,” I huffed at the irony of his words. “but so am I and I guess, I just really hit you in the wrong spot, at the wrong time. But don’t expect me to apologize either, not even when you’re pointing that gun at me.”

I began to giggle a little and nodded in understanding. I looked up at Eisuke and questioned in a deep voice, “So we good?”

Eisuke began to chuckle while he got out of his bed and walked towards his closet. “Peachy!” he chanted back which made me laugh. I turned to walk back down to the lounge and let Eisuke get dressed when his voice stopped me from doing so.


“Hmm?” I hummed in response.

“Whose gun is that? It’s not yours, is it?” he curiously asked.

I looked at the gun which was still in my left hand and began to really observe it for any clues, to find out who the owner of this gun was. “It isn’t mine, mine’s in my room. So honestly, I have no idea, most likely Baba’s.” I answered absentmindedly and continued to walk out.

As I descended the stairs I was met with the smiling faces of Baba and Ota and a grumpy looking Soryu. “Princess, there you are!” Baba exclaimed happily and began walking towards me. “Why were you in Boss’ suite at 6 in the morning? Don’t tell me you…?” he drifted off and I quickly shook my head and met him halfway in an embrace.

“Of course not, you big idiot. I was just sleepwalking and somehow ended up with a half naked Eisuke at the other end of a gun that doesn’t even belong to me.” I murmured lowly in his chest and Baba began to laugh as we separated from our embrace and he began to look at the gun in my hand.

His eyes began to widen and he repeatedly looked back and forth between the gun and me. “How did you know the code to my safe?” he asked shocked. In that moment Soryu and Ota focused their attention on me and Ota blurted out; “She opened your safe in her sleep? What are you some CIA-Agent-meets-Houdini-Lady?”

I looked at all of their faces, dumbfounded. We just looked at each other for what felt like hours until I heard a set of expensive shoes meet the shiny floor. Eisuke walked into the lounge like the king he is, long and heavy steps.

He sat down in one of the armchairs, leaned back and put crossed his ankle over his knee. He had a serious face plastered on and looked around and nodded at the guys. “So, (Y/N) I decided that we will help you find your father’s killer under one circumstance.” I sighed in relief. “But.” He put his index finger in the air and leaned forward.

I looked at him as a sign that he had my full attention and that he should continue. When he saw that I was paying all my focus on him he began to smirk and let his hand fall in a relaxing motion.

“You’re with the law, right?” I nodded slowly. “So, when we are working on this case you most likely will find out somethings about us that you will not like or approve. Hell, you already found out somethings, like Baba being the famous thief Lupin and so on.”

“Okay Eisuke, what are you getting at?” I pressed, my patience already wearing thin.

“Patience still isn’t your forte, I see?” Eisuke chuckled. In response, I let out a huff and crossed my arms under my chest while I pouted. “Get on with it.” I mumbled.

Eisuke looked like he was in some kind of trance until he recovered back to his usual snobby self and continued, “So like I said, you’re going to find out things about us that are not necessarily, how should I put it? After your morals or your rules, now I’m not saying you will find anything but if you do you are not allowed to arrest us, got it? When you’re with us you’re simply (Y/N) our friend not Detective (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

I smirked a little to myself and thought “If only you knew that I am more than just a detective.” But instead I mocked his voice “And if you follow my rules I’m going to have, quite literally, the time of my life”

“Speaking of having the time of anyone’s life, is Mamoru still asleep?” Ota noted while the others had different reactions. Baba began to cackle like a hyena when he looked at Sor’s pissed off face and Eisuke only shook his head.

I only smiled and began walking towards the exit of the lounge and observed, “So this is a normal morning in the penthouse.”

“Hey Koro, where are you going?” Ota wondered.

I halted and looked over my shoulder “Going to wake up the sleeping beauty, what else?”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, princess.” Baba warned but I already turned back and continued my walk towards Mamoru’s room. I halted stiffly as I realized something.

I fully turned around and announced “Guys, can one of you be so kind and tell me where Mamoru’s suite is?” They al stopped laughing and all turned towards me with big eyes then looked at each other and burst into full blown laughter, even Soryu was laughing.

After a while the laughter died down and Baba was literally dying on the floor while clapping his hands and just blowing out air instead of laughing.

I looked down and remarked, “Baba stop it you look like a seal.” That only made him laugh harder.

“Mamoru’s suite is the third on the left when you exit the lounge” Soryu gave me the directions and I waved my hands in the air and exclaimed “Finally, thank you Sor!” I turned around once again and began to confidently stroll towards the exit, once again. “If I’m not back by the next hour you may need to call the ambulance or the police because I’m most likely dead.”  

Just as I was closing the door I heard someone mumble, “Or screwing each other’s brains out.” I simply the comment and headed towards my next destination, Mamoru’s apartment.

When I arrived at Mamoru’s door I took a deep breath and softly knocked on it. I listened closely for any noise indicating that I had just woken up the dragon. But there was no sign.

I slowly turned the doorknob found it unlocked. I shook my head at his imprudence and opened the door to find the exact same interior as Baba’s with a few differences in tidiness and smell.

The smell was exactly what I expected Mamoru to smell like. Cigarettes and a note of alcohol mixed with musky aftershave. The tidiness was also what I expected. Needless to say, it was a mess of cigarette stubbles and clothes.

I crept trough the entrance directly into the living room and saw Mamoru’s sleeping figure passed out on the couch. His head was resting on the armrest, he was sleeping on his back and sometimes little or bigger snores escaped through his mouth.

I chuckled to myself and tiptoed over to the couch and looked at his face. Up close he was even more handsome than from afar. His unshaved, charcoal beard and messy hair makes him look really handsome, if I do say so myself.

I pulled myself out of my daze and shook my head quickly from side to side. 'God, you sound like a 14-year old with her first real crush.’

I’ve decided that it’s time to wake up the sleeping beauty. So, I carefully climbed on top of him so I was straddling him and looked down. My subconscious rubbed its hands together and waited as impatiently as a lion preying on a gazelle.

I breathe in real deep and let my hands hover over his rising and falling chest I almost pity him for the way he’s going to be woken up. Almost. I lift my arms a little higher so the impact will be bigger and begin to hit him on the chest while shouting, “Wake up, you lazy ass!”

Mamoru gasps and instantly snaps his eyes open while trying to stand up, which of course doesn’t work out since I’m not the weight of a cat that could be easily thrown off. So instead, we both plummet to the floor with him on top of me, oh how cliché.

Mamoru gets on his hands so he’s just inches away from me and questions me annoyed, “What the fuck do ya think you’re doin’, kid?” In response, I only begin to laugh in his face while I tried to express how incredibly ridiculous his face looked just now. I begin to hold my stomach and turn slightly to my side until I do nothing more than just letting out a few more giggles between panting.

“Okay, I guess my face looked really fuckin’ funny.” Mamoru chuckled and I only nodded in response while rubbing my eyes.

I turn on my back once again and wonder, “Are you awake now?” Mamoru looks at me with half-lidded eyes and a lazy smile grazing his lips. “Yep, ya got me good.”

I beam up at him and begin to fiddle with my hands on top of my chest because of the tensing silence that slowly grew between us. We stared deep into the other’s eyes and our breathing began to fasten almost into pants.

After what feels like an eternity we both seem to snap out of it. I clear my throat while he begins to stand up and offers me his hand to help me get up as well.

“So, what brings you here other than disturbing my beauty sleep?” he questions while he pulls me up.

“Well, King Eisuke decided to help me with my case, of course not without setting any rules, and I wanted to get started today. I also thought that you could help me the best since you’re in the law yourself even though I can see that you’re not so passionate about your job as I am. But I still thought that you would be a great help since I don’t know how everything works in Japan.” I began to ramble almost without catching my breath between the sentences.

Mamoru looks at me startled and then pointed out, “So, ya trust me with that whole information ya collected over the past what? Ten years or so without any kind of hesitation? Damn, kid I’m flattered.” He scratches his neck and grins like a little child.

I huff in response and mumble more to myself than to him, “Don’t flatter yourself. A friend of Baba’s is also kind of a friend of mine.” Then a bit louder I announce that we should probably head back to the other’s before they could tease us more than they are already going to. Mamoru’s response was a simple nod.

When we arrive back at the lobby I was taken aback to see that all of them seemed to be studying my case files and Soryu was even typing away on his laptop. They all seemed so concentrated on the task that they didn’t notice me and Mamoru entering the lounge so I cleared my throat to get their attention.

They all snapped their heads towards us and nodded while Ota of course couldn’t let the remark about us taking our 'sweet time’ be. I ignored the comment altogether and began to walk towards one of the armchairs when Mamoru who was already scanning over the papers asked me, “(Y/N), why do ya have such detailed explanations and shit? I mean a normal police officer don’ get that detailed shit.”

Their eyes were now all on me again and I began to uncomfortably squirm under their intense gazes. 'Okay now or never’ I thought to myself and my subconscious was sitting down and cheering me on like it was on a football game.

“I guess now’s the best time to tell you guys.” I began and they all nodded indicating for me to continue, “you’re right I’m not some normal detective or officer. I am an Agent, an Interpol Agent to be specific.” I watched as their eyes grew bigger and everything began to make a little more sense for them

“I’ve worked for them for 3 years now and I’m currently one of the best agents they have. I began studying criminal profiling while I was still in college and even took some classes were a profiler from the BAU taught us some things. When they saw how good my progress was they immediately requested me to work for them but I declined. Mainly because that wasn’t the road I was looking for, so when Interpol came around I immediately took that chance and worked in Switzerland with their law enforcement while collecting some evidence from my father’s murder.” I explained further and it seemed like it clicked in all their heads and everything made sense for them.

“Now it makes sense why you knew so much about us yesterday, you simply profiled us and put the pieces together.” Soryu pointed out.

In response, I smiled sheepishly and shrugged in a 'what can you do’ kind of way.

We all went back to our tasks and after about half an hour Soryu snaps his head up from his laptop and asks me to come look at what he’s found. I go to stand behind him so I can look over his shoulder at the laptop screen.

“I looked a little bit further into the person that your father was and kind of connections he had and I found this.” A little task pops open and the only thing I can read is “Birth Certificate”.

I grip the back of Soryu’s chair and begin to lean over his shoulder so I can read better all the while saying, “Sor, that’s probably my birth certificate there’s nothing special… wait that’s not mine.” I begin to read the whole thing and my grip begins to tighten.

“Tamara (Y/L/N)” I mumble to myself. “Born on April 22nd 2000. Wait, what?! I have a sister?!”

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If you're up for the challenge... would you mind doing lyon x meredy + Frostbitten Veins? I'm just curious what you'd do with it!

Ok so writing this gave me some anxiety cause I’ve done three requests, and stupidly opened myself up to requests with the hardest prompt list. On top of that, you requested and I really like your writing so this was hard. 

I played with this idea for a while and tried different angles but every time I wrote i came back to my original idea. That being said, this is 260 words that can be found on FFN & AO3

Oddly enough the pressure started in his feet, and not his crisscrossed arms. He had done this once before but he had been too young, the situation too dire, for him to fully recall what it truly felt like. Back then he had been able to get away with scrapes alone and now…

The pressure built up, pouring out of him and pulling the wind into a small cyclone around him. The winds’ increased pace and force blocked out much of the noise that distracted him from the task at hand. It quieted his thoughts, and nearly drowned out the desperate, and exhausted protests from behind him. Last time he had stopped short—had been stopped—and that had altered the trajectory of two different lives other than his own. He had long since given up on forgiving himself, whenever he thought back to that moment he felt a familiar pang of regret. This time would be different however, this time he would go through with it, not just for himself but for his exhausted and incapacitated comrades who lay strewn across the battlefield.

“Lyon!” Meredy called, struggling to rise up on her injured forearm. “Stop!”

He bowed deeper into his wide stance as the pressure let up, replaced by a familiar tingling sensation that started in his fingertips and toes and danced up his arms leaving frostbitten veins in their wake.

This was it, he could go through with it.

“Ice shell!”

There was a brief pause in the tempest as he released a breath—then everything became quiet.

Ahhhh! (。•́︿•̀。) Must have been pretty serious if Lyon resorted to that! (hope i got his character right o_o) 

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Chaser!Newt x Keeper!Slytherin!Reader

Prompt: Requests are open?? Yeeeeyy! Can u please do a Newt X Slytherin reader fluff again? But this time can u featuring a quidditch match of Newt as the chaser, and the slytherin girl was either playing on the opposite team or cheering for him? That’s up to you;) but just newt, chaser, Fluff!! Ahhhh can’t wait!! from the lovely @onesimariltorulethemall;

Word Count: 1360;

Warnings: none;

A/N:  Haha, y’all know I can never back down from some competitivity! Again, I’m extremely sorry about the hiatus, you can find a detailed explanation and update right here. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Originally posted by elenarinya

“Excuse me!” The voice of a Muggle distinguishes itself from the seemingly constant humming of the city. It just so happens that the aforementioned Muggle is the one who, mere seconds earlier, tripped over your companion’s case just as you were trying to blend in the crowd gathered in front of the bank.

Naturally- and quite unfortunately, the kerfuffle around you and Newt drew the attention of the woman who had been keeping the sea of people so hooked to her words.

“You, friend! What drew you to our meeting today?” She speaks directly to the wizard sitting right by your side. Newt, quite startled by the attention he’s granted, visibly stumbles over his words.

“Oh… I was just… passing…” Just as you were planning a clever way to cut him off, the woman addresses him.

“Are you a seeker? A seeker after truth?” The woman presses; in a moment of temporary silence, you can swear you heard your heartbeat- or was it Newt’s? Either way, you cannot hold back the smile as you can virtually predict his answer. A few years of traveling together come with one’s mannerisms rubbing off on the other.

“I’m more of a Chaser, really.” He replies, the shadow of a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. And it is prompted by those words that moments later, your mind is enraptured by a whirlwind of memories, taking you all the way back into your Hogwarts years.

“And Slytherin’s Keeper, (Y/N)(L/N)!” The host’s booming voice echoes through the Quidditch Pitch. You fly in, steadily gripping your broom.

You’d have liked nothing more than to have the confidence to say that this game was going to be easy. However, the Hufflepuffs had an incredibly good team this year. You were told countless times to watch out for their newest Chaser, late bloomer Newton Scamander. He seemed to be the Golden Boy on Hufflepuff’s team. From what you had heard, their Seeker was painfully close to being decent, as well.

In other words, you had to be extremely careful- the Quidditch Cup was at stake, after all.

You watched from above as the Captains shook hands before you all took your positions. With baited breath, you waited for the moment your teacher would unleash the enchanted little beasts. Your hands were secured on your broom, your knuckles starting to whiten from the urgency with which you were gripping it.

When the teacher did finally release the Quaffle, the Bludgers and the Snitch, you immediately switched into game mode. Your eyes were set only on the approaching members of the opposing team as you tried to block their advances.

However, over the course of the match, the Quaffle did slip past your form multiple times, and the Hufflepuffs managed to score. With each Quaffle you missed, you promised yourself you weren’t going to let another one slip. The blasted Hufflepuff Chaser really was good.

Time passed, the scores raised and the Snitch was still nowhere to be found. You were starting to grow weary. Positioning yourself in front of the middle hoop, you straightened up and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. When you opened them up, you weren’t faced with a very pleasant sight.

The Golden Boy of the Hufflepuff team was getting dangerously close to the hoops. Your eyes followed the Quaffle being passed from Chaser to Chaser, skillfully watching the developments. Just then, you heard another Hufflepuff shout a warning to Scamander- he turned around just in time to dodge a speeding Bludger. However, as he did so, your attention quickly diverted from the incoming Quaffle to the rushing Bludger now mere feet away from you and your instincts kicked in.

Your hands yanked the broom upwards and in a matter of seconds, a lot of things happened.

The first one was Newt Scamander throwing the Quaffle in the loop you just flew over. The second was the Bludger hitting the back of your broom with immense force. The third was in close relation to the second; one could think of it as the flower child of the second occurrence and Newton- not Scamander, but Isaac. You were plummeting to the ground.

There was a fourth thing, but that went pretty much unnoticed- Hufflepuff’s Seeker caught the Snitch before yours did, promptly ending the game.

However, the game wouldn’t have lasted for long as it is, because now a very shell-shocked (Y/N)(L/N) was headed straight for the ground, with Scamander hot on their tail.

You fell, and as soon as he registered it, he steered his broom in your direction. He didn’t manage to catch you in time, though- the pull of the Earth was too strong. Thankfully, there were people specifically prepared for this type of situation- one of them being the referee. She fired off a quick spell just when you were about two feet from the ground, freezing you in the air.

Newt almost collapsed head-first. It took him all his strength (which wasn’t little) to be able to safely land.

From that moment on, an argument begun.

Your team was trying to argue that someone jinxed your broom or the Bludger. Newt was trying to get the referee to call for a rematch. The other Hufflepuffs were rightfully trying to knock some sense into the Slytherins. And you? You were doing your best not to punch the Beater who stupidly aimed for Scamander just when he was in front of the loops to a pulp.

Half an hour later, though, the situation cleared. The Hufflepuffs would have won even if that goal wouldn’t have scored- they did catch the Snitch. Newt was relentless in his attempts to get a rematch, saying the Snitch was caught after you fell and other points that did make sense- sadly, they fell on deaf ears.

The only thing that made him calmed down was you going up to him and managing to shut him up, despite not knowing the next thing about each other.

You went back into the locker room, showered, changed, cursed and moped over your broom for a bit before leaving to get what would hopefully be a nap back in the Common Room. Just as you were leaving, however, you heard your name beckoned by a velvety voice. You turned, only to see the teen of the hour.

“Scamander.” You greeted. “What’s up?”

“Hey… How are you feeling?” He asked, skidding to a stop and brushing one hand through his hair. You had to give it to him, though, he was pretty handsome. Well-built but lean at the same time, his hair was dripping wet and his eyes were glowing from the excitement that seemed to perpetually flood him.

“I’m fine, thanks.” You warmly smiled at him. “My broom, however- she’s not doing nice.”

She?” He perked up, looking amused by the affectionate way you thought of your broom.

“Yeah. Problem?” You tease, waiting to see what his reaction was going to be.

“Me? I’d never.” He playfully quips, raising his eyebrows and his arms in surrender.

“Good to know.” You reply. “Thanks, by the way.” You start, pausing for a second to clear your throat. “It was nice of you to- you know.” You add, gesturing to show how he zoomed after your falling self. “Although I didn’t really need any help, it was refreshing. Thanks.”

“Hey, no problem.” He replies, the corners of his eyes wrinkling as he smiles. “So, would you want to grab a Butterbeer? In honour of your fallen broom. She was very brave.” He asks, stuffing his hands in the pocket of his trousers, trying to put on a stoic mask.

“I’d love to.” You beam. “Just let me drop my gear in the Common Room, alright?”

“Alright. See you in ten at the front gate?” He asks, cocking an eyebrow.

“Make it fifteen; I need to hit the bathroom.”

“Fifteen it is, then.” He laughs.

As you were heading for the castle, it was that laugh of his that locked a smile on your face, broom shattered into pieces and all.

You really couldn’t wait to find out more about Newt Scamander.

A/N: Haha, I just had to come back to the local Cinnabun, didn’t I? On that note, I still haven’t ever had a cinnabun from Starbucks- I’m working on it.

As always, let me know if you enjoy, if you want to be tagged, if you have any other requests or literally anything else?? I always love chatting with y’all! My askbox is right here, open for everyone- the anon is on, everything cool (tags are under the read more).

(can you tell the need for asks is real bc you should)

Hope you enjoyed this little thing! Love, always.

Willow x

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I’m not quite sure how I feel about the God discourse going around right now… All I know is that I’m skeptical at best and I’m agreeing with @wingedkingdoms on just about everything they’ve said on this so far.

Just stay safe everyone, okay? Take care of yourself and remember to be kind.

Poachers (Newt x Reader)

Prompt: can you do a imagine of Newt and a witch who travels around releasing beast into the with from poachers and is wanted for it from the lovely @skeletalwolfcat;

Word Count: 436;

Warnings: none;

Originally posted by teacup-occamy

Breaking the law was actually quite thrilling.

Of course, you were only doing the right thing. Someone had to, but many hesitated because any affiliation with the idea that magical beasts needed protection was strictly prohibited. There were so many close calls, so many near death experiences, but that only served to get the blood pumping in your ears and your adrenaline levels shooting up.

And then, he showed up. One day, he appeared out of nowhere- it was only later that you found out he actually appeared out of his suitcase- and whisked you off your feet when the poachers nearly had you.

At first, you were angry. However, after the initial shock passed, you were able to team up with him against the wrong-doers. It was you and Newt Scamander against the rest of the world. The two of you, traveling in his suitcase and rescuing endangered species along the way.

Paradoxically, it was in times of unbelievable disarray that you let your worries wash away. In situations like the one you were currently facing.

Sprinting away from the poachers and the magical authorities with a few baby Demiguises in one hand and Newt’s hand in the other, you felt alive. Saving magical creatures was, indeed, considered a felony in the magical world. On the other hand, trespassing righteously fell under the category of a felony within both Wizarding and Muggle Laws.

If you weren’t going to be charged with one, there was always the other. You couldn’t care less. Not when, as soon as you could, you and Newt Disapparated into the dusk and off you were- gone without a trace.

The Wizarding authorities had no means of containing either of you. They had never seen your faces and you both made sure to change your clothes on a regular basis. And the poachers? While the authorities were busy scuttling off after the two of you, they had the time to run off.

It was no trouble, you could always Obliviate them later on.

At nights, you made it a habit to reflect on what transpired that day. With each day, you felt happier and happier. You had a brilliant friend at your side and you were supporting the cause you believed in. The book you were researching was only going to bring more people to the cause.

And so you lived, two silly people in a suitcase, traveling the wide world and, bit by bit, changing it for the better.

Yes, breaking the law was quite thrilling. But even more so was knowing that you were doing it for the right reasons.

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Day at the Beach

This story is for the Choicescreates #15 Prompt: “That was fun, let’s do it again sometime!”  Written is this little story using characters from The Royal Romance. Tagged is the host with this week @zigisbisexual and the creator of Choicescreates @hollyashton .

Out on the beach, everyone seemed more relaxed. All this pressure from Bertrand to do everything right I needed a day to unwind. Being surrounding by Maxwell, Drake, and Hana wasn’t a bad way to start a day at the beach. Maxwell pointed at the picnic area to me and to my amazement it was filled with barbecue.

Drake came up and announced, “I hope you all came hungry because the real food has arrived.” Maxwell said, “There’s so much of it.” Hana piped in, “Is this barbecue?” Drake stated, “Oh yes, Classic Americana. You’re got your pulled pork, chicken kebabs, brisket, ribs, vegetables, and sauces unique to regions around the world. And you can’t forget the classic sloppy joe.”

Just watching Maxwell and especially Hana eating the messy food was a treat. To make these people more like regular people lifted my spirits. I don’t remember the last time I smiled this much. Watching Hana tried to eat a sloppy joe with a knife and fork got a chuckle from me. Oh, there was so much of life she hasn’t experienced. Maxwell told her, “You just to stop caring what everyone thinks, Hana. Like this.” Then, he devoured his sloppy joe.

Hana took a bite and realized that It was delicious. My eyes lingered on Hana when she smiles at me, her lips covered in barbecue sauce. I started wondering how many more moments I would have with her. I wondered how her lips would taste with barbecue sauce. I mumbled to myself that it was just a stupid crush. Keep your eyes on the prize which is the prince, not her.

She caught me staring at her and asked, “What?” I had to be quick on my feet and said, “You uh, you’re looking pretty saucy there, Hana.” Her hands fly to her hands, accidentally smearing more sauce over her cheek! I chuckled at her and said, “I’ll get that for you.” Grabbing a napkin, I wipe away the sauce from Hana’s lips. “Thank you, Riley,” she said to me. “I’m here for you,” I told her. In more ways than one Hana, I thought to myself.

At the end of the day, Hana came up to me with her infectious smile all I could do was to give her all of my attention. “Hey Riley, today was fun, let’s do it again sometime,” Hana told me. I started rubbing my chin and said, “I think I would like to do it again.” She laughed at my comment. It was music to my ears with her I feel at ease maybe one day, I would get her to be completely open up to new experiences. I know what I am here for and sadly I had to leave her and find the prince. I got to keep my eyes on the prize.   

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