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Night in

Anonymous asked:  Are you taking imagine requests? If so, could write a Niall one where your like his long time girlfriend and you your with him while he’s performing at Jingle Ball as solo artist. You both love animals and catch up on planet earth together. It’s just cute and funny. If not that’s okay. ❤️ I just love that Niall watches planet earth and I find it to be the cutest thing ever. It just makes me happy. I really love Niall. ❤️

Word Count: 1143

A/M: This kind of turned into, what I imagine would be a typical night in with Niall lol. I hope it was good anyway:) 


You watched from the sidelines, backstage as he performed his song again to a crowd of excited fans at his return to the stage.
They seemed to calm as they let him sing his heart out and let his sweet voice fill the area as he savoured every single second of it.

“I’m sorry that I only have one song guys. I promise that I’ll have more songs in the new year. I’ll see you then!” He said with a smile as the crowd cheered and applauded as he walked off stage.

With a smile on his face he put his guitar away as the crew and friends greeted him backstage.

“Good show again Niall.” You heard one say.

He chuckled, “Yeah, thanks man.”

As people quickly moved on from congratulating him and on to the next act on stage, you stood directly in his line of sight waiting for him to see you.

It was after he picked up his guitar case and threw it around his shoulder he did, and a bigger smile appeared on his face.

You giggled and ran over to him and gave him a big hug, and he held you close.

“How did I do?” He asked.

Not completely letting him go you looked at him and responded, “Amazing as always.” You giggled.

“That’s good. Wouldn’t want my biggest judge to think I sucked.”

“/I’m/ your biggest judge?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“I just wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

You felt your heart go soft, “You could never disappoint me Niall.”

You saw him look away shyly, and you put both your hands around his face, “Hey. If anything I’m your number one fan. You know that right?”

A smile grew on his face, “Yeah. I know that.”

You smiled and gave him a quick kiss to his lips. “Let’s go Niall.” And you both walked away hand in hand.

— Three hours later —

You were back in a hotel room, sitting in bed with your legs under the covers and looking through your media feeds while Niall finished brushing his teeth.

As you were scrolling through, you heard something that made your ears perk up.
With the familiar documentary on screen, you saw a clip of a lizard and a group of snakes and as the chase began you felt your heart start to race.

“Holy shit!”

“What? What happened?” What did I miss?“ Niall asked as he came out of the bathroom. As his eyes scanned the screen he quickly put the two pieces together.

"Oh my god.” He said with astonishment as he sat at the end of the bed, the both of you staring at the screen watching the chase go on and cringe at the sight of so many snakes.

Once the scene ended Niall looked to you, “That was crazy.”

You looked back, a look of shock still on your face, “You’re telling me.”

The narration went on as it switched to the next scene, and as he always did, he did his own impersonation of the narration. 

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allwaswell16  asked:

Prompt: Louis and Harry are getting ready for a wedding. But they both look so good, they end up not ready for the wedding. (Yes, I read all your tags. Let's not even pretend I don't. Also, that PBC story is gold. Even though I can't imagine those sandwiches being that good. But okay.)

lol five months later i am responding to this prompt, sorry for the extreme delay!!! also, i’m afraid it turned out all weird and disjointed, but it is what it is.  Okay here we go: 

“How much time between the ceremony and the reception?” Harry asked.    

“I dunno,” Louis said.  It came out sharper than he’d intended, but he was trying to concentrate on opening the door to their hotel room, and Harry was bouncing on the balls of his feet right next to him, full of the same antsy energy he had been for weeks.  It was making Louis uneasy.  

“Did you bring the invite?” Harry asked, following Louis into the room a touch too close behind.  

“No,” Louis said, tone still too sharp.  He winced internally, dropping his bag and quickly hanging his suit in the doorless closet before pretending to investigate the bathroom so he didn’t have to see any hurt on Harry’s face. “Did you?”    

 Harry only snorted in response, and Louis could hear him shucking off his shoes and fumbling around to hang up his own suit.  He’d flopped onto one of the double beds by the time Louis shuffled back out into the room, long and lean and up on his elbows as he slow-blinked at Louis and chewed on the inside of his lip.

“Well, go on that website, then,” Louis said, ordering himself to ignore what an utter picture Harry made, all spread out on the ugly olive drab hotel comforter like he was on display.  

Lately, it almost seemed like Harry was trying to provoke him, sometimes.  Like somehow, after all these years, he’d finally figured out how Louis felt, and was trying to goad him into acting on it with his body and his eyes and his utter lack of regard for Louis’s personal space.  

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Tease II - Brett Talbot

Summary: Brett wakes you up early in the morning because he is in the mood, but you’re to tired…[Edited Version March20th 2017]

warning: smutty

pairing: Brett because he is my fave x reader

Originally posted by iistrawberry

“Y/n are you awake? Y/n?”  This has been gone for like 4 minutes nonstop, you thought Brett would realise that you were ignoring him. But he didn’t give up. “Pssst Y/n?” “WHAAT? Brett it’s like 4 in the morning? Why are you even up?” You yelled almost to loudly, rubbing your eyes with your fingers, trying to adjust them to the darkness of the room.

“Oh good that you’re awake babe, I thought you were sleeping.” “Well I was… until you decided to wake me up!” A groan left your mouth after you rolled your eyes at him, trying to figure out  why he would be awake so early in the morning. Brett’s lips formend into a sinful smile, his eyes filled with lust while he carefully moved closer to your body.  “But… I couldn’t sleep and was thinking about you and yeah..um, I need your help now.“ “Help huh? You’re a big boy Brett, you don’t need my help.” You mumbled annoyed, as you tried to continue to sleep as he lifted up the covers in order for his ‘problem’ sticking straight up to you in form of his boner.
 "Are you serious you are waking me up for this?“ Frustation was building up inside of you, you couldn’t care less about the trouble in his pants. The only thing that mattered for you in that moment were the 3hours of sleep that were left before the school would start. So you quickly put the covers back on him and turned around so that your back was facing him now.
“Try to get back to sleep, you pervert!” “But baby..” He whined in his raspy and deep morning voice, it was making you weak already.
Brett shifted again, closing the gap between your bodys so that he was perfectly spooning you. He softly placed one of his hands onto your waist, tracing light patterns with his fingers on your skin. It indeed did feel nice but you were to sleepy to keep up with him and his needs. “Brett please, not now I’m tired.“
“You’ve been tired all day Y/n!”
A almost inaudible sigh left his mouth as he was a little bit upset by the fact that you were rejecting him again. “But mean if you’re already awake..at least we can have some fun now.“ Brett suggested while planting a tender kiss on to your shoulder, your skin warmed up with every touch that followed. “Hmm fun in form of?”
You hummed in respond and snuggled your face into your pillow, keeping your eyes closed but listing attentively to his voice. He used his fingers to push some of your hair away, giving himself perfect access to your neck, Brett leaned down as the goosebumps already started to rise because of his sudden close presence. He felt how your body responded to his actions and knew that you craved him too. “Umm anything you up to, we can watch netflix, or have sex, order a pizza, or get a cat and name it Sam.” His breath tickled your ears while his lips ghosted around your neck. “Have sex? Pizza what?” You repeated to made sure you heard him right, trying to understand the nonsense of his sentence. “Wow babe I thought you want to get a cat but if it’s sex that you want, I ain’t complaining either!” “Wait I was-” But you couldn’t finish your sentence as Brett grabbed your waist  and placed you onto his lap, causing you to laugh.
“You won’t give up? Don’t you?”
“Nope, not until I get what I want.”
He whisperd and finally connected his soft lips with your sweet spot, earning a slight whimper from you. You impatently searched for his lips and tugged on the hem of his shirt. In order for Brett to carefully wrap his strong arms around your body, tracing his hands along your back and opening your bra, that quickly landed on the floor. Brett admired your body with the most sinful intentions in his mind, taking his time to place kisses on every part on your skin. His touch was driving you insane. You moved again to straddle him and wrapped your arms around his neck, carressing his hair softly. Again, pushing your body against his hips made you feel the adrenaline rushing through your blood. A light moan escaped from his mouth and you couldn’t wait any longer. “Baby I need you right now.” You whispered into his ear seductively, ready to take all of him. As you suddenly felt how his hands were grabbing you by the waist, pushing you of his lap. After he burst out in laughter and tried to catch his breath. “What the hell Brett?” “I’m sorry babygirl I’m too tired.”
He mocked, in the same tone as you did before but pecked your cheeks as you rolled your eyes. “Don’t be mad, always remember that two can play this game” He stated proudly, amused by the fact that after all you couldn’t restist him. Brett stretched out his arms and yawned, after he turned around. Leaving you very unsatisfied on your side of the bed. “Well then let the games begin.” You mumbled and looked at the ceiling.


Warm Nights

 - Holiday Prompt Day Two - December 2nd -

jooheon x reader 


585 Words

@daycc nymph wished Merry first day of Christmas! #16 “it’s cold in here, cuddle me damn it” with Jooheon & fluff (the type that makes you cringe but in a good way if that makes sense omg)

Lol! Honestly the gif probably has nothing to do with this little scenario but, your welcome my little Jooheonnie bias! ;) I do hope you like your wish! I’m sorry it’s a bit short (and for my reference to Final Fantasy because honestly I’m a video game nerd and I’m so excited to get that game so SORRY TT) Let me know if you like it okay love!?

- Pasithea

#16 - It’s cold in here, so cuddle me damn it!

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literati fanfiction aesthetics ► To Move With Purpose by missgoalie75

Rory doesn’t say ‘no’ to Jess and they proceed to spend the summer together, traveling from New York City to Venice Beach on an impromptu road trip.

Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Request: Hi! Your recent imagine was so cute! Can I get one where the Edmund and reader are already courting but they haven’t told anyone yet. And then one evening, after doing a bunch of work, they forget Peter is in the room, and one of them says “good night, love you” or gives a goodnight kiss? And Peter is sorta confused/flabbergasted? Thanks xx

Edmund Pevensie x Reader - The Cat’s Been Let Out of the Bag
Setting: the Golden Age
Contains: Mer
Word Count: 625

Have fun~! I hope it’s okay because I couldn’t think of something they could work on while making the story flow. LOL. Sorry ;u;

Edmund had his arms loosely wrapped (Y/n) as he hugged her from behind. She looked up at him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek which lasted a bit longer than usual. 

“What’s up, Ed?” (Y/n) asked as she continued to work in the kitchen.

“Hmm, nothing much. I just wanted to see you,” Edmund rested his chin on her head. He knew she hated that. “What’s up with you?” 

“Nothing much,” (Y/n) tried to shake Ed off of herself. “You know how much I enjoy cooking.” 

“Of course, and you know how much I enjoy your cooking.” Edmund then started to put a little bit more of his weight on her.

“Eddd, get off of me.” (Y/n) whined. She put down the knife and tried to get him to unwrap his arms around her. 

“Never!” Edmund hugged her tighter. (Y/n) huffed and then picked up the kitchen knife again. Don’t worry, she didn’t use it against him. She just continued working with Edmund the parasite attached to her. Not that she minded. 

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Restless Heart Part 2

Characters : Jared x Reader

Song : Say Anything by Anderson East 

(Yes i used this song again. it works lol)

Summary : You and Jared were nothing more than just friends. For years, you two were all you’ve got. Until the day Gen appeared on the show, and changed everything. And though, you were used to him dating other people, things changed when you found out he was engaged to her.

A/N : Okay, I got a lot of great feedback with the first part, and I just had to make another part for you all! I hope you enjoy. And please let me know what you think! Good AND bad! 

Read Part One here

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

During the Panel, Jared tried to focus on anything but you and the letter. And no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t. 

Jensen would nudge his side, snapping him out of his daze. But then he would hear a simple word that reminded him of you and go back to that letter.  

“So, Jared has something extremely important and exciting he’d like to share with you all.” Rob muttered. 

The crowd was quiet and Jared knew it was time to tell them about his engagement with Gen. 

The crowd roared with applause, snapping pictures and some even screamed ‘OTP’ Jared and the others all shot their gaze over to the right side of the stage, where Gen was standing, waving at the audience. 

Jared couldn’t help but swallow hard as he met her gaze. He loved her. He really did, but something felt off and he couldn’t figure out why. 

She made her way over to his side, and quickly pressed her lips against his. “Hey babe.” She smiled. 

“Oh look! Sam and Ruby, the power yet demonic couple.” Rich exclaimed, making everyone in the room laugh. 

“You ready to tell them?” She whispered just loud enough for him to hear.
He forced a smile, and nodded, propping up on to his feet. She intertwined her fingers with his as they both turned to face the crowd. 

“Gen and I are getting married.” He yelled. 

Everyone screamed, jumping out of their seats and cheering. Gen was all smiles, her face was red and her eyes glistened under the spot lights. She was beautiful. Breath taking. And Jared knew how lucky he was to have someone like her want to spend the rest of her life with him. But he couldn’t shake you off. 

As the panel came to an end, you were trying to keep your composure. You decided to meet up with Felicia and Osric out by the walking dead panel.  

They were both cosplaying as characters, and you felt out of place.  

“So why aren’t you with Jared right now?” Osric asked, fixing his wig. 

You shrugged your shoulders, taking in a deep breath. “It’s the same thing every year. Besides, he has Gen now.” Just by saying that, you felt your stomach churn. 

“Speaking of Jared-” Felicia muttered. “He’s right over there." 

You slowly turned your gaze over, feeling your heart begin to race.
He was standing with Jensen and Misha at the autograph table, laughing about whatever they were talking about. 

He looked so happy, and it killed you because now you know that he doesn’t feel the same for you. If he did, he would’ve ran to you, right?

You cleared your throat, and turned your attention back to Osric, and smiled. "Wanna go to the beach tonight? Have a little bonfire?” He and Felicia flashed a smile, and nodded. “Fuck yeah!” They both squealed. 

You let out a soft chuckle, until you felt warm hands cover your eyes completely. “Guess who?" 

That voice sent shivers through out your body. It was a voice you knew very well. 

"Gen.” You yelped. 

She chuckled, giving you a tight hug and pecking your cheek. “Hey girly.” She smiled. 

“Hey.” You stammered, feeling guilt and also agony wash over you. 

You swallowed hard, trying to even your breathing and pretend as if everything were fine. 

“So I just talked to Jared and Jensen, maybe we could all go out for some drinks after this?” She muttered. 

“Well we were all thinking about going to the beach tonight. You all should come. It’d be fun!" 

You froze in your stance, feeling as if every inch of you turned into solid cement. 

"Oh my gosh that sounds amazing." 

Jared was preoccupied with his fans to even notice what was happening a few feet away from him. 

Until a girl with long brunette hair, who was cosplaying as Dean Winchester, made her way up to Jared. A smile was plastered on to her face, along with tears streaming down her cheeks. 

He leaned over, taking her hand into his, making her shudder.
"H-hi!” She smiled. “I’m sorry, I’m really nervous." 

He let out a chuckle, shaking his head. "It’s okay babe. Just breathe.”  

She did as she was told and took in two deep breaths. “I just wanna say that you have inspired me so much. And I don’t know where I would be without you.” She blurted out, crying harder now. 

He flashed a soft smile, and pulled her in as much as he could. 

“Thank you, that really means so much to me.” He whispered. 

She slid the photo of him and Jensen over, along with a pen for him to use.
He signed his name, along with a smiley face and handed it back to her. “Hope to see you again soon. And thanks for the kind words." 

She flashed a smile, feeling as if her life has been officially made. "Also, I want to congratulate you on your engagement!” She squealed. 

His lips curved up, and he nodded shyly. “Thank you." 

The next fan appeared right before his eyes, dressed as Abaddon. 

"Can I just say that supernatural has saved my life. You and Jensen mean so much to me, it’s crazy.” She was shaking as she stood before him. 

He let out a chuckle, and leaned over, taking her hand. “And you mean so much to us." 

He cheeks burned, and her heart felt as if it had skipped a beat. 

"Are you and Y/N okay?” She asked. “Because we haven’t seen her today, and you both haven’t had a tweet war in a while." 

Jared swallowed hard, forcing himself to smile. "Y-yea! Y/N and I are great. We have just been super busy.” He stated. “But she’s here." 

Her lit up and she clapped her hands together. "Good! Because you guys are seriously my OTP. I know you are engaged to Gen and all, but I really think you and Y/N are perfect for each other.” She blurted. 

Jared only chuckled, feeling his stomach flutter as he waved her good bye.
Jensen nudged his side, capturing his attention. “See, I’m not the only one who thinks that.” He whispered. 

Jared playfully rolled his eyes, until he met your silhouette. 

You were standing there, with your fake smile you always put on whenever you felt uncomfortable. 

Jared knew you like the back of his hand. Though sometimes he can’t tell whether you are lying or not, he knows that you cry when your upset. He knows that during awkward situations, you can’t help but to giggle. He knows that no matter what, you will bend over backwards for anyone you love. And those were just some of the things he loved about you. 

His attention was caught by gen who was only standing a few inches next to you. His stomach was churning and the memory of the letter flooded his mind.
This was going to be a long day. 

Hours passed, and you and some of the crew were all huddled at the beach, laughing over drinks and some food. 

You were with Misha, Richard and Rob, talking about Star Wars. 

“But see, what I don’t get is why they decided to start it on episode 4? I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to start at the beginning!” Rob exclaimed taking a swig of his beer.?

“What start at the beginning?” Jensen grunted as he made his way over.  

You turned to meet his gaze, only to meet brown caramel eyes.
Jared flashed clenched his jaw shut, pursing his lips as he shot his gaze elsewhere. 

Was he really that pissed off at you? 

Jensen took you in for a tight hug. 

“We were just talking about Star Wars.” Rich stated. 

Jensen nodded and flashed a smirk. “Of course you dorks were." 

You playfully swatted his arm and scrunched your nose at him. "Hey, don’t you dare make fun of us geeks. You’re just mad because you aren’t as awesome as us.” You said matter of fact. 

He tilted his head back and belted out into laughter. “Yea okay.” He stated.
As hours rolled by, you have caught yourself glancing over at Jared. Who not once have you the time of day. 

Everyone noticed there was tension, but didn’t want to pry into what happened.
“We need more beers!” Felicia yelled, curling up next to Osric. 

“I’ll get them.” You started for the truck, that was parked up over the small hill.  

“I’ll help.” Jared followed close behind, making your heart beat rapidly. 

As you unlocked the trunk to the truck, jared opened the cooler.
You felt your stomach twist, and your heart pound profusely, thudding in your ears. 

“Thanks.” You whispered. 

“Don’t mention it.” He snarled. 

It might be the alcohol or even the adrenaline pulsing through, but whatever it was, you just couldn’t take it anymore. “Jared please don’t be like this.” You muttered. 

He snapped his gaze to you, growing with rage. “Are you fucking kidding me?” He grunted. “How else am I suppose to be? Happy? You fucking wrote me a letter, didn’t even have the decency to say it to my face.”  

“I was scared!” You yelped. Feeling the tears begin to well.  

“That was a slap in the face. You saying goodbye without giving me a chance to say anything, hurts.” He groaned. 

“What is there to say Jared?! You’re engaged! You and Gen are going to get married!” You felt your voice raise. “There’s nothing you can say. I’m too late.” With the last word, the tears broke through the seal and stained your cheeks. 

Jared felt a lump form in his throat. He hated seeing you cry, especially when it was him who caused you to cry in the first place. “Y/N, for six years now, you have been the only girl I could count on in my life. Other than my mom and sister of course.” He lightly chuckled. “You are probably one of the most important people in my life. And reading that letter killed me. It felt like you just-”
You lingered on every word he spewed, waiting for him to spit out whatever he was holding back. 

“Why didn’t you tell me before I proposed? I mean you had a lot of chances Y/N. We stayed up until 4 in the morning playing video games! I helped you paint your apartment for three days! I even spent the night at your place countless of times! Why didn’t you tell me?!" 

"Would it have made a difference?” Your voice shook. 

This was it, the moment he waited for. To finally have the chance to come out and say that he loves you. But as he opened his mouth to speak, he was interrupted by the sounds of footsteps. 

“Damn, did you two get lost or something?” Matt cackled, reaching for the cooler. 

Jared cleared his throat, forcing a crooked smile. “Yea, almost thought we were in the North Pole.” He said sarcastically. 

Matt belted out in laughter as they started back towards the bonfire.
You felt as if you were glued in your shoes. Not able to move. 

You had one question roaming your mind. 

What was he going to say?

*rubs hands together* okay, let’s talk about autistic Yuri Plisetsky!

- Yuri grows their hair out, and it’s very soft. Yuri likes to braid it and stroke it for stimming.

- Yuri’s special interest is cats, of course! They enjoy cuddling with their cats as they watch tiger documentaries.

- Yuri has a hard time making friends because allistic people just won’t Get To The Point, which makes their friendship with Otabek great since he’s so straightforward and honest.

- Yuri owns about five different cat-shaped chew necklaces that Viktor and Yuuri bought them.

- Yuri gets more meltdowns than shutdowns. Both make it more difficult to speak, so they decide to teach themselves sign language. (The sign language comes in handy, because some skaters are also autistic, and some are deaf)

- As soon as Yuri’s grandfather figures out Yuri is autistic, he goes online for the first time, reading articles written by autistic bloggers and watching the Ask An Autistic series on YouTube. He wants to do his best understanding and helping Yuri out, like a good guardian should!

- Yuri loves their headphones. Whether it’s muffling background noise to concentrate or blasting his Angsty Teen Music, they always keep headphones (or earbuds) around.

Exo Reactions To Their Girlfriend Asking To Have A Threesome With Another Member

This wasn't originally going to be next but I love it so much that I had to make it immediately. lol I hope you like it xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “I was not expecting that.“

“But since you asked…”

Chanyeol: “You want to do what?!”

Chen: *as the words are coming out of your mouth* “LET’S GO”

D.O.: *as you’re talking about it, he’s thinking to himself* "Why does she keep doing these things to me?”

Kai: *pretends not to hear you* “Let’s go eat.”

Kris: “No, that’s okay. I think I’m too much for you as it is.”

Lay: “Threesome? Like, he watches us?”

You: “No he’d be with us.”

Lay: “Oh!”

Luhan: “Nope. No. No way… No.”

Sehun: “I’m sorry, what were you going on about?”

Suho: “You don’t really want to do that, do you?”


Xiumin: “I guess if I had to pick… Dis bitch.”

Note: Baekhyun was almost every guy’s pick somehow. I’m not sure how that happened… 

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

I hope ya’ll are ready for this LOL

Okay so first of all sorry for clogging the tag. I’ll put half under a read more because it’s hella long.

Anyway some much needed season 7 Bamon/Damon/Bonnie meta

In light of the last few episodes where Damon has fallen victim to the writers retconning the hell out of DE and in turn making us all scratch our heads and side-eye him into next week (hows that for a run on sentence)… I had to try all throw some ice cold water at the torches and pitchforks. Some ridiculous lines about Elena has not damaged his character beyond repair.

Damon has actually not done much harm this season or in season 6 actually. There is a common dominator and I’ll let you guess who. Anyway lets do this in sections

Elena has ruined Damon once and for all

I know people are sick of the mentions. I know people wish the writers would let it go already. But to say his pining diminishes things he has done for Bonnie is baffling to me.

I have a question. In what universe do you treat a friend the same way you treat a significant other? No really why would Damon prioritize his best friend over his girlfriend before they are romantically involved with zero hesitation? Like zero percent. And I asked this pretty hypothetically because we have in fact seen Damon chose Bonnie like 5 times now.

But the hatred for Elena and mere mention of her name is so real I’ve seen people forgive Kai for abusing her physically and emotionally, forgive Jeremy for cheating on her with ghost, forgive Enzo for everything he done this season (more on that later)…but Damon mentions Elena one too many times and him being willing to die for her and choosing her so many times amounts to diddly squat.

There is also this insane notion about 1st loves and being a ~second choice~ that only applies to Damon somehow. Enzo definitely chose Lily over a single Bonnie who was flirting with him and telling him he deserved more. It happened. Does this automatically mean Bonnie is worth less now? Is Enzo worth less than Jeremy then? Is Elena worth less than Katherine in Damon’s eyes? Like what?

Damon was going to bat for Bonnie while Elena was alive let us not forget.

He hesitated between two women he loves but ultimately he always picks Bonnie. How is this a slight I don’t understand. I think the word Elena triggers people because I am baffled.

But wait there’s more…

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Anonymous said: 

Hey stony!! My lovely babes! How are you both doing? Okay I hope. My real question is (hopefully this will get answered) Who’s the man of the relationship? Lol Tony I would love to hear your answer but I also need Steve to balance it out.

“Welllll, that’s a tricky question, since last time I checked, we both were men.”

“But if you ask who makes the most of the decisions in our relationship–”

“It is me!!”

“–which then I overrule–”

“Because you don’t know what fun is.”

“No, because each time I let you be in control, we end up with a murder bot or something.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Total. Lack. Of. Fun.”