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Positive thing: my cat just escaped out into the hall of my dorm and the doors to outside were closed so it was safe for her. She was so excited to get to wander around! We went on a walk. And then there were people, so she ran back. (Which was understandable. People can be scary.) And now we’re in my room and I just now said her name and she came up to me and let me pet her. 😊 She is very soft! I hope your day starts getting better. ❤️❤️❤️

Aw :)) Your cat is precious. I’m glad you guys got to go on a walk!


Full Atypical Chaos, one song for each atypical

Sam, I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
Caleb, Grass
Chloe, People
Damien, Search and Destroy
Mark, Wake Up
Frank, Blue Lips
Rose, Day Disguise

when ur best friend is stressed so u lay w them on their shitty dorm bed and play w their hair 2 calm them down even tho ur a hardcore badass who thinks love and friendship is for pussies

Rooftop Season (Peter Parker x Reader)

When you were on the verge of a breakdown, he was the only one who approached you and asked if you were OK. And that changed everything. (Peter Parker x Reader) 

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A/N: Hey guys! This is my first ever Marvel/Spiderman fanfic. This is just a fun little project I’m working on to celebrate the adorable human being that is Tom Holland as Peter Parker. I hope you enjoy!!

That’s it. You’ve had enough.

The bell rung, signalling the end of class. You shoved all your notebooks and papers into your bag and stormed out of the class, past the flock of starving teenagers rushing for the cafeteria. You pushed past the entrance doors to the front lawn, threw your bag on the grass. You paced, fuming, back and forth under the stifling midday sun. Tears built up in your eyes but you refused to let them spill because you weren’t upset. No. You were angry. Very angry! You kicked your bag, as if to prove to the world just how angry you were, but it only made you feel more upset.

“Are you OK?” said a quiet voice from behind you.

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“I’d done it to brighten the otherwise dark room. They‘d never commented on it. I don’t know why I’d ever expected them to.”- A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J Maas


cloti moments i’m excited to see in the remake 2/?


Something I wanted to clear up. I know this isn’t the case for all but personally when I say I miss Yixing it not because I don’t keep up with every show, ad, movie, or album he puts out. I miss him with his brothers and I’m just pointing out that I want them to unite in the future…

brain: don’t get your hopes up about nominations tuesday
me: if bandstand doesn’t at least get choreo, best actress, lighting design, and orchestration nominations i’ll burn the american theatre wing down

The I-Thought-You-Were-Asleep Whump Prompts

“You know, even though your hair is plastered to your forehead and you’re a snotty mess, you’ve never looked lovelier.”

“I love you, and even at your worst, I can’t help but still love you.”

“You could never be a burden, [name], when all I’ve wanted to do is care for you.”

“I wonder why you never look so peaceful when you’re awake. Worry lines have never suited you.”

“When you get better, I hope you’ll let me be a part of it.”

“I don’t get it. You’re cute even when you’re sick. Adorable even.”

“Even now, I want to kiss you.”

“Please get better soon. I can’t stand to see you this way.”

Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe attend the 41st Annual People’s Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. on January 7, 2015.

Day 3: Let me clean your wounds.

(can be seen as a continuation to this)

Everything was spinning, at least that’s what it felt like when he woke up. Lea just lay there, waiting for his world to calm down again. He made it, didn’t he? He had seen Isa’s heart … Isa.

Ignoring his dizziness, he opened his eyes and looked up. Isa lay barely an arm’s length away from him. Still … … unconscious. At least, that’s what he hoped it was.

In a sudden panic, he got to his knees and grabbed his shoulders. “Isa!”, he called out his name, shaking him at the same time.

It felt like an eternity before Isa opened his eyes. There was no trace of yellow left in them. Only the greenish blue he remembered from so long ago. Lea felt himself breaking into a smile. All the tension and anxiousness that had kept him on edge this whole time simply fell away from him.
He really made it.

His relief didn’t last long once Isa reached out to him and … shoved him away. His voice sounded hoarse and weak and he didn’t look him in the eye. “Don’t touch me,” he said. Lea felt his heart clench.

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