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Avengers Preference ➣ Secret Relationship

Request: Could you do an avengers preference for having a secret relationship and how everyone finds out?? I’d love you forever! -Anonymous

A/N: This is the first time I’ve ever done preferences, so I hope everyone likes them! You weren’t specific about who you wanted involved but if you’d like me to add anyone let me know! I’d love to get some more requests :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters I write about nor do I own the gif(s) below. If you would like it removed/given credit please message me & I will do just that! Also this contains cursing so be prepared for that.

Bruce Banner-

You were sitting on a table in the lab, watching Bruce and Tony work on one of their newest projects. They had been bickering about the best way to approach the enhancements all day and you couldn’t help but smirk anytime Bruce one upped the other man. You also didn’t miss the proud grins he would flash in your direction when Tony focused back on the machinery. You picked up the book you had brought with you and decided to read while the two worked, quickly getting invested in the story. You had barely heard when Tony called it quits and left the lab with a quick goodnight. A pair of hands pluck the book from your grasp and placed it next to you on the table before softly spreading your legs so Bruce could stand between them and place hands on your waist. Your arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and you couldn’t help but smile at him. 

“And I thought he’d never leave.” You teased, brushing your nose against his which earned you a soft chuckle. The two of you had been keeping your relationship a secret for about two months, and you were both very careful to keep it going. 

Bruce reached between the two of you and removed his glasses, placing them atop your book and leaning in to place a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Neither did I.” He mumbled right before you turned your head and caught his lips with yours. His hands tightened on your waist ever so slightly as he returned your kiss, tilting his head so he was able to deepen it.

Your hands began to tangle in his hair, giving it a slight tug which earned a groan from him. You didn’t think the two of you could get any closer than you were in that moment. Feeling his tongue brush against your bottom lip you eagerly opened your mouth for him, loving the feeling of having him so close-

“Holy shit!” A voice echoed through the lab, causing the two of you to quickly break apart. Tony stood in the doorway, eyes wide as he glanced between you both. You tried your best to catch your breath, noticing Bruce doing the same as everyone waited for someone to speak. 

“Tony,” Bruce spoke up first. “I thought you went to bed.”

The man snorted at the comment, walking towards the table they were working on earlier. “Forgot my phone.” He said, picking the device up and wiggling it at you both. “Now I’m going to pretend I didn’t see any of this because quite frankly it’s too much to deal with at-” he glanced at his watch, “2 in the morning.” With that he stuffed his phone in his pocket and exited the lab for the second time.

Bucky Barnes-

Your back hit the mat with a loud smack, causing you to let out a groan in the process. It was late in the afternoon and you had been practicing with Natasha for the past hour. To your surprise you had been keeping up with her until you heard Bucky, Steve, and Sam walk into the training room. “You got distracted.” Nat commented, reaching a hand out to help you up. You gladly took it and jumped to your feet. 

“I know, I blame them.” You quipped, nodding your head towards the where the boys were now standing.

Bucky was the first to speak up, “it’s not our fault you can’t keep up with Nat.” A smirk was planted on his lips and you had to fight the urge close the space between the two of you. Before you got the chance to reply Steve brought up the idea of sparring, which everyone agreed to.

The five of you went back and forth between each other, Bucky making remarks every time you set foot on a mat with someone. You knew why he was doing it, he had to keep up appearances and he always tried to get under your skin before the two of you became more than just teammates, but that didn’t make it any less frustrating. 

“Since you’ve got so much to say about her skills, you get in there with her.” Sam said after you and Steve finished. Before he got the chance to shrug it off he was being pushed in front of you by Natasha.

A slight smile graced his lips as he gave you a once over, but it quickly dropped from his face when he glanced over at the rest of the group. You both got into position and began sparring. It was clear that he was going easy on you the entire time. It wasn’t until about five minutes in that things began to get rough, you were too quick for him and he was too strong for you. The both of you were drenched in sweat as was the mat, which is why when you went to dodge the swing of his metal arm, your leg slipped in the wrong direction causing your face to meet his elbow.

The second after you made contact you hit the mat, blood instantly oozing from your mouth as you tried to understand what had happened. “Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You could clearly make out Bucky’s voice, blinking a few times you could also make out his face hovering about yours. “Y/N, Doll, I’m so sorry.” He grumbled, cupping your face in his hands. 

“I’m okay.” You grumbled, wiping the blood from your mouth with the back of your sleep before reaching up to touch his face. “Honestly, I’m fine.” 

Just as he was about to reply he was cut off by Steve, “huh if I didn’t know any better I’d say you two were in love.” There was a sound of thud, which you knew was Natasha hitting him. “What- ohhh.” He said, causing both you and Bucky to laugh.

Tony Stark-

Music was echoing throughout Stark Tower as you danced around the kitchen with multiple ingredients in your hands. The Avengers had left early that morning for a mission located somewhere you had already forgotten the location of, which meant you were alone in the building, with the exception of F.R.I.D.A.Y. of course. The only way you could keep yourself for worrying was to listen to music while cooking dinner, with the mission tonight involving the entire team you needed to be extra distracted.

You hadn’t even heard the door open as a very grumpy and exhausted billionaire made his way into the loft half of his building. Even in the state he was in Tony couldn’t help but smile as he watched you dance around the kitchen. “Honey, I’m home.” He announced in an over dramatic voice, causing you to drop the plate in your hands to the ground. 

“Crap, Tony.” You whispered trying your best to step over the broken glass and hissing when a sharp piece came in contact with your foot. The second he heard you express pain he was walking across the glass, his shoes crunching it as he lifted you up and walked towards the couch, sitting you down softly. “I’m fine.” You said, flashing him a smile, but he had already went to get the first aid kit. 

Once he came back he picked up your foot and placed it on the coffee table before he started patching you up. “How was the mission?” You asked, leaning on your elbows so you could be closer to him. 

“Fine.” He said with a shrug, “the rest of the team stayed to help S.H.I.E.L.D. sort things out.” He placed a band-aid over your wound before standing up and taking a seat beside you on the couch. “I just wanted to get home in time to see you.”

You had to fight the urge to smile as you curled into his side. The two of you had decided it was best to keep your relationship a secret from everyone, Tony didn’t want to drag you into the chaos and you didn’t want to be interrogated by Fury since the first thing he had said before putting you on Avengers duty was to be professional.

His arm wrapped around your shoulders and he leaned back to get a better look at your face, “don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re an awful cook.” The second the words left his lips you opened your mouth to protest, but he quickly cut you off with a kiss. You melted into his lips, your hands fisting his shirt as you tried to move closer to him.

“Well excuse us.” The familiar voice of Bruce Banner came from behind the couch, causing both you and Tony to break apart. Looking behind you the entire team was staring at the two of you with smirks on their face.

Natasha Romanoff-

The reason behind all of the secrecy was simple: Natasha wanted to keep you safe. While she trusted the team with her life, she definitely didn’t trust anyone with yours. Overall she was glad the two of you got to spend time together, since Fury had decided to assign you to the Avengers base in order to give missions and keep them all in check. 

It had been two weeks since you’d seen Nat. She’d left with Clint to complete a mission that not even you were permitted to know of. You were curled up in bed, watching TV, drifting in and out of sleep in the process. You hadn’t even heard you window slide open, but you noticed the figure clad in black and immediately knew who it was.

“Oh my gosh.” You mumbled, throwing the blankets off of you and rushing over to throw your arms around her in a hug. She let out a soft hum and wrapped her own arms around you. Without giving her a chance to speak you quickly pressed your lips to hers. Natasha eagerly kissed back, tangling her hands in your hair as she began backing you up towards the bed.

The two of you fell back onto the mattress, letting out a laugh before connecting your lips together for another kiss. “I thought you were going to be gone for another week?” You mumbled after breaking the kiss.

“We got done early and I needed to see you.” She said coolly, pressing a kiss to your shoulder before leaning back so she could examine your face. For the first time in her life Natasha had something that she was excited to come home to, hell, for the first time in her life she had a home. 

She connected your lips in a kiss yet again, but it was cut off by the sound of the door flying open and hitting the wall. “What the hell?” You yelled, snapping your head to the side to see both Tony and Steve bursting into the room.

“We-um..” Steve began, looking between the two of you and Tony who seemed to be at a loss for words as well.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. informed me that there was an intruder.” Tony pipped up after several moments of silence. 

Finally having enough of the two gawking at the two of you, Natasha growled at the two of them, “clearly it’s being handled. You can leave.” You had to stop yourself from laughing as the two quickly shut the door and hurried away from your room. “Where were we?” She asked, turning her attention back to you.

Steve Rogers-

The mission had gone bad very quickly. In the beginning the team was doing great, kicking the ass of everyone of the guys that they were targeting, that was until they pulled out the bombs. Everyone was separated in an instant, the only form of communication being the headpieces. A gasp left your lips as you took off into the woods, three men on your trail. “Y/N, are you there?” The usually calm voice of Steve Rogers seemed almost panicked as it rang in your ear.

“I’m fine!” You said quickly, pulling a knife from your boot and slinging it at one of the men behind you. You never missed a target so without surprise the blade lodged into the mans chest.. “I’ve got two behind me, but I can handle it.”

Just as you were about take out the last two men there was a soft click under your boot, causing your eyes to go wide. The second you took your next step there was an ear splitting boom and you felt yourself being flung through the air, only stopping when you made contact with a tree. All you saw was black and while you could hear the yelling coming from your ear piece you couldn’t seem to make out the words being side.

You couldn’t be sure how long you were laying there before the sound of branches being crushed and moved reached your ears. Two small hands wrapped around your body and lifted you to your feet, you could make out what you assumed to be Wanda’s voice, and tried to peel your eyes open to be sure.

Sure enough the young woman to your side was your friend and you let out a relieved sigh before taking in your surroundings. You clearly stepped on a mine. “She’s okay, I’ve got her.” Wanda said, slowly sitting you down on one of the fallen trees. The bodies of the men the team had been fighting were scattered around the snow and you fought the urge to make a joke about you had saved everyone.

“Y/N!” You glanced over and saw Steve rushing down the snowy hill, tossing his shield to the ground before wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you up off the ground. His hug was almost bone crushing, but you didn’t mind as you quickly hugged him back. After he released you you began to speak, but were quickly cut off by him crashing his lips against yours.

You didn’t pull away until you heard someone clear their throats and you cursed under your breath. The two of you had done very well at keeping your relationship under the radar up until this moment. “Would you like us to give you some space?” Clint asked, a smirk planted on his face.

“Shut up.” You and Steve grumbled before breaking your embrace and heading back to the quinjet.

Chamber of Secrets - Part 16

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I’M SOOOOOOOO SORRY this took so long to post, I was having a really busy week with my deadlines coming up,  I won’t be updating until the end of February. If I do update, then that means I’ve finished all my shit. So let’s hope I get everything done and cleared soon!

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Poker Face

Thomas Jefferson x Reader 

Note: Writing this made me want to play poker because I haven’t played in so long, anyway it took me a while to get to this request but it’s done now and I hope you enjoy! Also it’s kinda short and I’m sorry, I didn’t really know how to make it longer.

Request: Really random request, but could you do one where the reader and jefferson are playing some board or card game or something like that and he’s sooooo confident he’s gonna win and the reader just let him enjoy but at the end brutally ends him. 

Word Count: 591

Originally posted by gael-garcia

Thomas smirks at you across the table as he glances up from the cards in his hands. He knows he’s giving himself away, letting his poker face break and grinning like a Cheshire cat but he doesn’t care he know’s you’d have to be incredibly lucky to get a better hand than his. 

You raise an eyebrow as you watch your boyfriend grinning at you. This hand been his idea, after surprising you with a romantic, candle lit dinner he had decided that the best way to end the evening would be to play a game of poker. 

As with everything he does he was cocky from the beginning, confident that there was no way he could lose to you. You had tried to remind him that poker was a game of luck, that both of you had an equal chance of winning but he had just smiled and explained that he had an excellent poker face from years of playing and that you had played the game for the first time when he taught you a few months ago. 

“You might want to fold now darling, I get the feeling you’d rather fold than lose” he purrs. 

The soft glow of the candlelight, lights his features in a way that makes his smile seem almost menacing and you have to stop yourself from rolling your eyes at him and his love for being so dramatic.

“And why would you say that? You can’t possibly know what I have” you point out, eliciting a chuckle from him. 

“Fair point, but I doubt you have a higher hand than I do love” he says. 

“Why don’t we find out and show our cards?” you suggest and he nods, placing his cards face up on the table in front of him 5,6,7,8 and 9 of clubs. A straight flush. 

 Your eyes flick between his cards lying on the table, to the grin that somehow grew even bigger plastered on his face and then finally to the cards in your hand. 

You sigh as you reach for your glass of wine and take a sip, you take your time bringing the glass to your lips in an attempt to make him wait and keep him on edge. 

“Need a drink with your defeat love?” he asks. Finally you let your poker face break as your mouth spreads into a smirk to challenge his. 

“Oh honey, I believe you’re the one who’s going to need a drink with your defeat” You explain slyly as you place your cards on the table right in front of his. Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of hearts. A royal flush. 

You grin as his face drops to a look of total surprise and shock, his jaw dropping and his eyes going wide. You bite your lip in an attempt not to laugh at the expression on his face. 

“No way” he mutters, his eyes quickly looking between the two hands of cards. “No fucking way” 

“Close your mouth Thomas it’s not attractive” you take another sip of your wine with a smirk as he looks up at you, the surprise still clear on his face. 

“But…but you, you have a terrible poker face! Every other time we play you give yourself away” He exclaims. 

You simply shrug as you gather the cards together, putting them back into the deck. 

“I’ve been practicing” you say simply and he shakes his head. “Have a drink that might make you feel better in your defeat” you tell him with a smile. 

Government Property Aftermath- Alex Summers X Reader Drabble

Word Count: a lil’ under 600

Request: okay PLZ do just like a little short drabble of Alex when the love bite’s seen and the other soldiers kind of laugh at him but he’s like whatever at least I have a fiancée

Author’s Note: I’M SO SORRY I TOOK FOREVER TO GET TO THIS BUT I’VE FINALLY DONE IT. I hope it’s alright, so I hope you enjoy.

Alex was trying his damn hardest not to look back. He couldn’t make it any harder on himself than it already was. He felt like if he looked back, he’d break. Once he was down to a country road where no one could see him, his eyes finally began to let out the red hot tears that had been building since the moment he walked out the door.

He cursed to himself. He cursed at the world. It was the world’s fault that war was going on. It was the world’s fault that he had to leave the love of his life all alone and risk the chance that he would die.

The drive was a long and solitary one but he eventually made it to camp for him to check in at. His jacket didn’t dare show the marks on his neck from the previous night, so no one noticed. He had to stay there for a few hours before being forced into an aircraft that would fly him to Vietnam. That’s when he was supposed to sleep because once they were grounded, he’d immediately be sent to duty.

Soon as they landed there and exited the airship, Alex stripped his jacket. It was hot and humid so Alex preferred to wear as little as possible. He got registered, was given a uniform and sent to the barracks.

Alex had a blank expression as him and every other soldier changed into their basic military uniforms. Only once Alex was completely dressed other than lacing up his boots, he heard a few men laugh.

His eyes turned up to see three men walking his way, so he stood up. “What do you want?”

The middle man put his hands up. “C'mon we’re not causing any harm. We’re just trying to tell you, lover boy, that you got a few nice hickeys for the world to see. Did your lady give those to you?”

Alex frowned. “She’s not just ‘my lady’ she’s my fiance. I proposed to her yesterday morning.”

The men laughed and another one spoke up. “With marks like that you must’ve been her bitch.” Nearly everyone in the barrack laughed at that one and Alex fake laughed before just flat out punching the guy.

“I’d appreciate if you’d just shut up. At least I have a woman worth fighting and living for.”

The one who took the punch came up to Alex and their chests were centimeters apart, looking like either of them could throw a punch any second. That was until a whistle blew and everyone turned to see the sergeant. Alex backed off as everyone filed into a line for uniform inspection.

The sergeant would give assuring nods or correct whatever the soldier’s issue was. That was when he came to Alex. He stopped completely. “What’s your name soldier?”

Alex’s posture was as straight as possible as he looked straight ahead. “Alex Summers, sir.”

“Well Alex Summers, you better sit your ass down because the in fragments on your neck will not allow you to participate today. I’ll talk with you after everyone is dismissed.”

Alex muttered, “yes sir,” before the sergeant continued down the line. After everyone was dismissed, Alex was asked to give the sergeant your number and he listened as the sergeant scolded you.

He sighed. God, he really did love you and hoped you’d get the chance to do it again.

Okay first of all: 

I know I forgot to add the source of the scans in the past. My bad, I’m a horrible person, you don’t do that, I didn’t mean to be a dick, I just forgot like I have forgotten to erase notes on pages, forgot to upload whole fucking pages and stuff like that in the past. 
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Strip poker with the boys

A/n: this is more of a crack fic, just a random long idea. If you’re looking for something more sexy…I’m sorry V_V


“I hope no—I hope no.” The boy is dangerously playing with the bottles, making a tower out of them. Everyone else in the room is holding their breath, watching with interest if Max could pull it off. “I said I hope nobody—hic—does a…” His expression turns twisted, the grin on his lips malicious, preparing for the attack. “SMASHING GRAB!” It’s a given that he fails in grabbing the bottles properly, and the top and bottom ones fall loudly on the ground.

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raj icons (shadowhunters s2)

anon asked:  Your icons are stunning. Could you maybe maybe some Raj (shadowhunters) icons from 2x03? He looked so good (Ray looks good with his hair grown out omg). Ty :) <3

Here you go, darling! I did some from 2x04 as well since it took me a little bit to get these done c: Hope you like them! Let me know if you would like any minor changes <3

(more under the cut - feel free to use, just please like/reblog if you do!)

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♫I Found- Amber Run// Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader (Nott)

Request:  I’m not sure if your requests are open or not, but if they are can you do a Sirius x reader with I found by Amber Run.  Could it maybe be a little angsty? And thank you so much! But dont feel any pressure to get it done right away

A/N: This is officially the first time I’ve attempted an angsty fanfic knowing that it had to be angsty, so I hope it’s good! I’m sorry it’s a bit shorter than I usually write them and I know there’s some contradiction since Regulus was killed by the Inferi in the cave that held Voldemort’s horcrux (the locket), but for the sake of the story let’s pretend he was somehow brought back to the Black house by Kreacher and found by a muggle-loving Nott’s daughter and Sirius’ best friend. Thank you for playing along and I hope you enjoy!

Regulus’ body was sprawled across the floor, his eyes devoid of life. She stood over it, her lips open in a soft ‘o’ as tears began gently tumbling down her cheek. He faded into oblivion as she gently closed his eyelids with her fingertips.

She knelt down, her eyes filled with hopelessness until they caught a glimpse of black peeking out of his sleeve. Dread filled her entire body as her fingers shook, reaching for the sleeve and pulling it up.

And there it was. The faint fact, permanently hidden in the back of her mind, denied, but existent nonetheless: a Dark Mark gracing his pale arm. Disappointment spilled through the tips of her fingers as they hovered above the tattoo, unwilling to touch it.

“What the fuck are you doing?” A familiar voice boomed through the room, the voice of her best friend, her ally, the brother of the deceased traitor lying on the cold stone floor.

“Sirius, thank Merlin! I came here and I just found him, just… there”, sympathy and pain overflowed in her gentle words as she touched his shoulder, causing him to violently shake it off and take a step backwards.

“You’re lying.” Conviction and accusation lingered in his voice, floating through the air and sticking to her like glue, burning her skin and weighing down her heart.

“What? You can’t possibly think-”

“It was you. It had to have been. Your father is one of them, a Death Eater, and he’s proud of it.” he shook his head in disbelief, stepping backwards, his face an image of pain and disgust.

“I am NOT my father Sirius”, her sympathy morphed into pure rage at the comparison to Nott, a man she’d never called her father despite his pure blood running in her veins.

“Then why did I find you standing over the body of my dead brother?” Despite the often feigned indifference to his younger brother, his face was now coated with agony and denial.

“You KNOW I didn’t do this, so don’t try to make me out to be one of them just because you need someone to blame”, her angry voice bounced off the walls, the shock at her best friend’s accusation lodging in her throat.

Sirius fell to his knees, his silent sobs filling the room with suffocating pain. Her anger vanished just as it had appeared as she found herself kneeling by him, her arm embracing his sorrowful face, his broken heart and his fragile soul, as her tears slid down her face and onto his dark, mussed hair.

Weeks passed slowly, the green leaves changing into warmer hues. The leaves crackled under Sirius’ heavy black boots, as he wandered towards the Potters’ house, his mind a hurricane of thoughts.

A small house crowned with a red roof and green framed windows caught his attention. A house he’d been to many times before, laughing soundly with Y/N. His feet changed course before his mind could protest, walking up the cobblestone path and reaching the door, its paint charmingly chipped at the edges.

He knocked, soon after hearing footsteps approaching the door. It opened slowly, the figure behind them wiping her hands on her apron, and finally looking up, a stunned look on her face.

“Sirius”, she spoke softly, a hint of enchantment in her voice.

“Hey”, an awkwardness lingered as he averted his eyes.

She stepped aside, a genuine smile on her face, gesturing for him to come in.

He looked around, the familiarity of the warm room isolating him from the misery that had surrounded him outside.

“Would you like something to drink?” she smiled warmly, the atmosphere of small talk unfitting for the memories they shared.

“Were you… Were you cooking?” he laughed, confused at the new trait present within his best friend.

“Baking, actually”, she rolled her eyes, the discomfort of unfamiliarity slowly fading.

“Riveting”, he winked playfully, eliciting a raised eyebrow and a lively smile: “Could you maybe stop baking for a minute or two and sit with me?”, a timidity was present in his voice, one she’d never heard before.

Glancing at the egg timer she’d set, she sat down, his proximity making her feel a sense of bliss she’d never admit to: “You may speak”, a laughable grandeur decorated her face, as she elegantly crossed her legs, placing her intertwined hands onto her knees, feigning snobbery.

“What happened a few months ago…”, his smile faded as he remembered the cruel way he’d spoken to her.

“I was on the way to James’ house, and I just… I couldn’t not see you. I couldn’t not say sorry. I wasn’t fair, I know you despise the fact that you come from that family, that your father has chosen such a terrible path. I know you hate what they do, that you haven’t been able to see your father as a part of your family since you found out, unable to even call him your dad, and I wasn’t fair to you. After everything we’ve been through together, I should have known, I was just–”

She gripped his hand with hers, causing his palpable apology to come to a halt. A sympathetic smile graced her gentle mouth.

“You were overcome by grief, and I understand. And I forgive you.”, her soft voice calming the raging storm of emotion within him.

He embraced her, his eyes filled with relieved tears, feeling safety, acceptance, love.


Their embrace loosened as they came to face each other, their eyes locking, unseen fireworks exploding between them.

Their faces were close, their noses almost touching, their eye contact never breaking, growing in intensity and affection as he whispered, “I love you”, and pressed his lips to hers, feeling her delicate lips beam against his and knowing that they spoke the words that still zealously fluttered around the room, as the ding of the egg timer happily sounded in the kitchen.

Hello, pretty babies!!

I hope you got some wonderful sleep and feel well rested and fantastic!

Thank you for being alive again today.

Let’s do some stuff today!
You could:
•Do that laundry that’s been laying around!
•Do those dishes!
•Get a little (or a lot of) exercise!
•Make a healthy meal!
•Floss your teeth!
•Spend some extra time playing with your pet(s)!
•Get that work that you’ve been putting off done!
•Get started on that project you’ve been meaning to do!
•Change your sheets and pillowcases!
•Call someone you’ve been meaning to call (or call them just because)!

And make sure to take a shower, brush your teeth a few times a today, eat enough food and drink enough water! You’re super important so don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Okay everyone! Have a sensational Saturday!

I love you all soooooo much!

I’m done, America, are you really that fucking sad that you want to ruin so many people’s lives with this monster that’s getting voted in, like really, are you serious…
LGBT, women, minorities, you could be ruining all there lives doing this, let’s just hope the house and Senate are smart enough to not let him do anything… If you think against me feel free to unfollow me, everyone who voted him could be ruining America, and I don’t want you to continue to follow me if you truly think Trump is worth a vote with zero experience for this…

Scorose Headcanon

A redheaded girl is sitting in the library poring over a Quidditch book with her finished homework resting on the table beside her.
Scorpius Malfoy slowly approaches her and asks “Hey Weasley, can i ask you a question?”
Rose glances up at him, replying stiffly “That’s already a question. And i don’t know why you feel the need to interrupt me while i’m reading but yeah, go ahead.”
The Slytherin boy takes a breath and timidly asks “Well, I don’t understand the transfiguration homework. Do you have it done? Could I borrow it?”
Rose replies “Malfoy do you seriously think I’ll let you copy my homework?”
“Uh, i was kinda hoping so..” Scorpius answers, looking intently at her Quidditch book, “Do you play Quidditch Weasley?”
“I’m planning on trying out for the team, but i need to get better first.” Rose says, moving her book away from his eyes.
He laughs and mockingly
says “You won’t get any better reading books, love.”
She’s a bit hurt by this, but she certainly doesn’t show it. “Well we can’t all be as amazing as you think you are Malfoy.” She replies.
The blonde boy acts offended, then puts a hand on the table and leans towards her. Rose thinks he’s going to say something rude, but instead his voice gets softer as he replies “Listen, sweetheart. I’ll make you a deal. You help me pass this class, and i’ll help you make the team. Sound good?” She contemplates her options for a moment, then sticks out her hand. They shake on it and she says “Sounds like a deal Scorpius. Meet me here this time tomorrow. And don’t tell anyone, okay?”
“I wouldn’t dream of it, Rosie. See you tomorrow then.” He smirks and walks away smoothly, but starts grinning like an idiot as soon as he turns the corner.

First Time Inked

Genre: fluff

Summary: After purposely bailing out on your brother’s request for a brother-sister tattoo session, today he finally got you to uphold your promise, dragging you to his two hot and gorgeous friends’ tattoo parlor shop. 

Word Count: 1206

Requested by @wendzkells! thank you & hope you like~

Written by: Admin Smutty Wangfairy

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anonymous asked:

I know this is totally weird but heh I'm kind of a new blog here on tumblr so not many people are following me. I want to try writing some fics and maybe get some content out there, but I'm kind of stuck inspiration-wise. You have such good headcanons that I was hoping if maybe you could give me a small prompt to get me started? (I would totally tag you if I posted the fic, I'm just on anon rn bc this is a side blog)

hey!!! welcome to the community! hmm well first of all, there is my prompt tag which has lots of great prompts if you’re ever looking for some. but let’s see what i can come up with…

how about a sickfic where character A is super busy and has a lot on their plate. people are counting on them to get x, y, and z done in a short amount of time and because they’re nice, they agreed to do it. but then they start coming down with something. thinking it’s just a cold, they decide to power through with their responsibilities. as the day wears on, they get frazzled and frantic and start feeling worse and worse. eventually they decide to take a short break to get something to eat or go to the bathroom to wash their face, only they get overwhelmed by dizziness and collapse. cue character B (and possibly C, D, E, etc) getting worried because they haven’t heard from A in a while. so they go looking for them, and find them collapsed on the floor with a raging fever.


Are you insane? Do you seriously think everyone even slightly right of center is a Nazi? That’s the kind of thinking that justifies the Republican’s actions.

If you’re right of centre and fight nazis by any means available, then no.

But anyone who let’s Nazism get into power when they can / could have done something about it, especially when holding some form of political power, is a Nazi enabler and therefore can be called a collaborator (active or passive doesn’t matter).

Letting Nazis do stuff seem to serve the republican’s interests somehow, but that can only backfire. So yeah, I hope all the elected republicans that don’t lift a finger because “hey our side is in office now, and anyway I’m white and rich so who cares” will probably go down in history as collaborators.

Collaborating is all fine and dandy, until you reach liberation day.

Fight Me. (Spencer Reid)

Warnings: 0

*y’all are friends, someone cat calls u and he gets pissed off.*

“Hey Y/N. Are we still on for lunch?” I said through the cellular device or phone, to my best friend Y/N. “Yeah Spence, I have to get ready though so I’ll call you when I’m done?” “Yeah of course, I’ll be waiting.” I told her as we said our goodbyes and hung up. Y/N and I had great fun together. I loved how we could just chill around each other and not have to worry about anything else. We were going out for one of our little lunch ‘dates.’ I, of course, was already ready since I had work that day but thank God we got out early. Let’s just hope we don’t get a case! I love my job I do but sometimes a guys gotta sleep in his own bed without anyone else there. Anyways, like I said, Y/N and I were just going to pop into a little cafe and grab some food. We were going to watch movies after that to preoccupy the rest of my day. *Buzz* *Buzz* I picked up my cellular device and opened it pressing answer. “Hello?” I asked, “Spence it’s me. You must put my contact in your phone silly.” I smiled “You can do it for me, I hate technology Y/N, you know this.” I told her, she laughed “Yeah I know Spence, I’m ready, I’ll meet you there in 10?” “Yeah that sounds good.” We said our goodbyes again and I got up headed to my car from my apartment. I got to the little cafe and parked getting out and locking it. I saw Y/N and of course as always she looked beautiful. “You look beautiful.” I smiled hugging her slightly. She blushed a little ‘cutie’ “Thank you Spence. You look handsome.” I gave her a toothy grin and opened the door for her. “After you.” I told placing a hand on her back guiding her in. “Thank you.” She said smiling. We made it up to the menu ordering some soup and sandwiches. She took out money getting ready to pay when I stopped her, “No, no, I’ve got this.” I told her placing a hand over hers. “No Spence, you don’t have to do that. I’ll pay.” I shook my head handing the worker the money. “You guys are a cute couple.” The worker said kindly handing me back the change. “Oh, um.” I cut her off, “Thanks.” I said shrugging it off grabbing our food. “Y/N, will you grab the waters?” she nodded and took the waters in her hands. “I wanna sit in a booth.” She said pointing at the only one available. I nodded my head and raced over to it before anybody else did and sat down. 

       We ate our food and talked for a bit until we decided to go back to my place. We walked along the side walk until we hit the parking lot. Y/N was behind me when I heard her phone drop. “Oh no!” she sighed bending down to pick it up when all the sudden I heard a whistle. “What the fuck was that.” I said looking up and around. Y/N stood up “What was what?” she asked confused. “Didn’t you hear someone whistle?” “Um no?” “Maybe I just heard something else.” I said shrugging and turning around. “Damn, you got an ass!” My insides raged with fire, my heart raced. I turned back to see a man in what it looked like might be in his late 20s early 30s. “Excuse me, what did you just say.” I said looking at him waltzing straight over to him. “Your lady has a fine ass I said.” My face burned with anger. “You don’t have the fucking right to say that you pig.” I said pushing him slightly. “Oh really and whose going to stop me? You?” he laughed. My fist collided with his jaw. “Spencer!” I heard Y/N yell as the man now punched me in the mouth. I spit out the blood and punched him with more force in the nose. he crouched down in pain and I kneed him in the balls. “Yes. I will fucking stop you dick head.” I told him “Your bitch is ugly anyways!” he yelled groaning. I rolled my eyes and walked over to Y/N. Her face was furrowed and sad. “Let’s go.” I said annoyed as I opened her door for her. “I’ll meet you there.” I told her “Spence, you need to get cleaned up, you’re bleeding.” She said frowning. “Yeah, I will when I get there.” We both pulled out of the parking lot leaving the man hunched over in pain still. He was a fucking asshole. Even though me and Y/N aren’t together, I still care for her a lot. We pulled up to my apartment complex and got out. She came over to me with tissues as I got out. “Spence, hold these up to your nose, its bleeding. You need to rinse your mouth out too.” She said guiding me to my door. We got in my apartment and she sat me down on the couch and got a damp washcloth. “You didn’t have to do that Spence.” she told me in a quiet voice. “Yes I did. He shouldn’t have said that.” “Yeah..” I grabbed her elbow and looked into her eyes. “Never let any guy do that to you. It’s shit.” I said to her looking deeply in her eyes. She just nodded and started to tend to the cuts on my lips. I winced a bit and grabbed her hand. “I need something softer.” I told her rubbing my thumb on her hand. “Um, okay? What do you suppose I use?” she asked, I didn’t say anything except pull her on my lap making her straddle me. “I suppose, you use these.” I said running my thumb across her lips. She blushed as I leaned in. I kissed her softly and cupped her cheek in my hand as I pressed my other hand on her back pushing her into me. We both pulled back for air as I took her bottom lip in between my teeth. “You’re mine.” 

Sister Zoned - Dean X Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Y/N: Your Name

E/C: Eye color

H/C: Hair Color

Word Count: 1988

Previous: One 

A/N: So, part two is up! Yay! Thanks again for the love part one earned! I really didn’t expect to get that much attention. I hope you enjoy this part! Part three is mostly done as well, but still needs some tweaking for me to be happy with it. Please, feel free to tell me what you think. :)

“Let’s get naughty. Take your body to the floor.” You sang along to the song playing from your phone before you went into a hand stand against the wall, to simply see how long you could hold it.

“Do you ever stop?” Sam had been walking by, until he caught a glance of you. Then, he back tracked in order to see what you were doing before he spoke up.

“I’m bored,” You answered, thankful your H/C hair was pulled into a bun, so you didn’t catch your hands on it, and face plant like last time you were caught. “What are you doing?”

“Going to pack.”

“We have a case?” You asked excitedly.

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Random clothes done during a stream… of those two being all fancy potatoes.
Cilea’s outfit could have used a lot more work and painting time but I think its okay as a sketch, at least to get the idea out there. I kept the whole civilian clothing design from the concept in mind… lets hope it serves its purpose.
I still prefer the cloak version I think :’D
Anyways. Fancy potatoes!

anonymous asked:

I hope I made it >.< Nijimura, Himuro, Takao, Aomine, and Kise getting into a really bad car accident with their girlfriend? It's your choice if you want their s/o to survive. I love your blog btw.

Thank you! I’ll keep them alive for this one ;)

Note: Aomine and Kise done here.

HIMURO: A slew of curses escaped his lips. While Himuro never cursed, this accident sure as hell was a reason for him to let out his anger. His eyes instantly found your unconscious figure. He could feel the thrum of his heartbeat pulsing through his veins. How could he let such a thing happen? How could he have been so — never mind that. Focus on the task at hand. He had to call the emergency number and get you out of this car. He needed to focus.

NIJIMURA: Nijimura let out a groan at the pain. Fuck, what was that pounding in his head? He realized that blood was dripping from his forehead and jerked around to check on you. Profanities left his lips as he unbuckled you from the seat and helped you out of the car and far enough from the accident. He held you close, checked on your condition and performed all sorts of actions to ensure that you’d survive and that you’d be better when the emergency vehicle arrived.

TAKAO: He felt the dull throb of his head and the tremble of his fingers. He was shaking. What? His eyes snapped open and found the wreckage right before his eyes. He nearly fell out of his seat, only he couldn’t with the seatbelt tugging him back. That was when he remembered you by his side. His heart almost stopped as he began to panic, staring down at your lifeless figure. Balancing the phone in his ear and hurriedly talking, he attempted to break you free from the seat.

I Found You

Request: Could you write one for me please? Stiles X reader inspired by song Hurts - The Rope. 

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warning: Child abuse

Word Count: 2.4k

A/N: Never done a song request before, but I like trying new things. I hope it turned out alright! Let me know what you think. I hope you like it anon! Sorry it took so long to get out

(Y/N/N) = Your nickname

The first day it happened, it scared the hell out of all of us. She was lying there motionless in the hospital bed when she began to shake uncontrollably. Although it never woke her up, it stopped and welts began to form on her arm. It started happening more frequently and every time more and more welts appeared. She laid there with a peaceful look on her face for once. Whenever I see her it isn’t too hard to tell she puts on a happy face for all of us to see. She may smile, but it never reaches her eyes. For months I wondered if she’d ever tell us what was going on, but she never did. (Y/N) was always trapped in her own mind. If that even makes sense. One minute she’s smiling and laughing, the next she’s daydreaming and closed off from the rest of us.

In a recent turn of events, we were hunting a djinn, but it didn’t take long for it to come after us. She was stuck in her own head for good this time if we didn’t find a way to wake her up. Deaton suggests that someone close to her get in her head and convince her that what she sees isn’t reality. No one knows (Y/N) the way I do. They never see how she softly scrunches up her face at the mention of anything related to math or how when she’s daydreaming a small smile makes its way across her face. It’s not that the pack doesn’t care about her, it’s just that I care about her more.

“When you wake up, you have to remember none of it is real. You know her better than any of us. If you don’t find her in time, she’ll die”, Scott reiterates for the third time

“I know. I got it. I got it”, I said after drinking the foulest tea I’ve ever tasted, courtesy of Alan Deaton

I felt my limbs growing weaker as everything began to fade to black. When I woke up, I was in bed, but it wasn’t mine. The sheets and walls were pink with stuffed animals littered all over the floor and a tea set sitting on a tiny table. This definitely wasn’t mine.

“(Y/N)!”, a rough voice yelled, “Where’d you go you little runt?”

As the doorknob jiggled, I heard a whimper coming through the closet door.

“Open the goddamn door!”, he let out a frustrated groan as he hit it repeatedly

“No”, the voice said quietly, “Leave me alone, please”

I stumbled off the small bed and slowly made my way to the closet. When I pulled the door open, I was met with a little girl around the age of four. The more she gripped her stuffed animal, the more I noticed the bruises forming on her arm. Every time I stepped closer, she clutched the animal even tighter as more tears ran down her face.

“Please don’t hurt me”, she cried, “I didn’t do anything wrong”

“It’s okay. I won’t hurt you”, I said as I got on my knees, “I just want to help”

She stared at me as if she knew who I was and slowly wiped the tears from her face.

“What’s your name?”

“(Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N)”

(Y/N)?…That’s a pretty name”

If it wasn’t obvious before, it was now. From her (Y/E/C) eyes to her unruly (Y/H/C) hair. As long as I’ve known (Y/N), she never spoke of being harmed as a child. Her father died before she was born and she doesn’t remember much about her mother. She had a perfect childhood.

At least that’s what she told me.

“Stiles, you have to save her before it’s too late”

“What? Save who?”

“Hurry!”, she yelled as the door flew open

The man that stepped in towered over the both of us. I’ve only seen her father in pictures, but he was far more terrifying in person. He glared at his daughter and he made his way towards her as I got on my feet to step between them. There was no way he was going to harm her on my watch.

“Stay away from her! You can’t do this, she’s your child!”, I yelled

He continued walking, but he didn’t stop once he reached me. He threw me out the way and grabbed (Y/N) while she screamed in terror.

“What’s wrong with her?”

She never speaks

That’s because she’s a freak. We’ll never understand her”, I hear voices on a constant loop

I’ve been wondering around the halls for what feels like hours only to see the same thing over and over again. The same group of girls pass by and repeat the same thing. Only I can’t figure out who they’re talking about. They pass by for the twelfth time before I notice someone standing in the corner. As soon as my eyes met hers, she turned away. The moment her name passes my lips, the noise you normally hear in the halls grew louder. They all had their eyes on me, but my eyes were glued on her as she took off down the hall.

“(Y/N), wait!”, I called running as fast as I could to catch up

I came around the corner and stopped in my tracks. The middle school hallway turned into a dimly lit hall full of doors. (Y/N) stood in front of me as she began to shake. There were more bruises on her arms this time.

“What are you doing here?”, she asked

“What is this place?”

“No, how did you get in my head?”

“I’m supposed to wake you up…well not you in middle school. I just don’t know where to look”

She passed a door and made a face, “They’re my memories”, she said softly

“She…well I didn’t want you to see them. They scare her to death and she’s afraid to talk about them, but I think you can help”

“Everyone keeps telling me that”

“That’s because you know her…me. You knew something was wrong the second she told you she was ‘fine’”

“How do I find her?”

She opened another door and a scream followed the sound of belt biting into someone’s skin echoed throughout the hall. (Y/N) grimaced and slammed the door shut.

“I know you Stiles. You won’t go through these without her permission, no matter how bad you want to. You know us all too well, you’ll find her”

“But I-”

“They chose you for a reason. Come find us”, she said as she faded away

I knew where (Y/N) would be. Whenever she zoned out and thought no one was paying attention, she stared off into space and mumbled about a safe place. She would smile fondly when I brought it up, but only told me it was favorite place to visit when she was a child and it was too far to visit now. Deep down I wanted to take her there one day just to see her face light up and see her at peace for once. She deserved every bit of it. The only problem was I’ve never been there myself so finding it wouldn’t be that easy.

I’ve passed houses, churches, and grocery stores and no one has ever seen this creek that (Y/N) described and I was starting to grow more and more frustrated. It was the one place she used to visit a child when things got complicated.

The sky grew darker, but not because it was getting late. There were clouds completely covering the sun. Children were running from the streets and into their homes while the adults stood in fear and stared at the darkening sky. One by one all of their eye landed on me.

“Stiles”, one of them said, oddly enough their voice sounded just like Lydia’s, “You’re running out of time. She’s running out of time. Her heart rate is already dropping”

“Lydia? I…I need more time. I’m so close to figuring this out”, I panicked

“I can’t get you any more. It’s all happening so fast. Figuring out what?”

“(Y/N)’s location. I met her…well younger versions of herself and it all led me here. I’m on the same street she grew up on, but I can’t find it. I can’t find the creek. I know she’s there, she has to be”

The person with Lydia’s voice scratched their head in confusion before saying, “Do you mean ship’s creek? You’ll never find it out in the open. It’s somewhere in the forest outside the town. Stiles, hurry! Before it’s too late! We can only hold the djinn off for so long”

The woman’s gaze dropped and she headed back to her house with her children. Everyone else followed her actions and went in their respective homes. As I ran through the empty streets I made my way to the outskirts of town where I was met with a forest. The dark sky left little to no light for me to see where I was going. I blindly made my way through the forest until I saw a small light emitting from the center of the forest.

As I ran towards the light, I called out her name over and over before I heard a soft voice reply. It reminded me of when I found (Y/N) in that closet.


“(Y/N) hold on, I’m on my way!”

Just as I thought I stuck the landing, my foot got tangled in a rope and I fell over. I landed on a pile of branches and a shovel. Deep down I knew I was getting closer.

“(Y/N)!”, I called louder

“Stiles? Stiles, I’m over here! Hurry”

The led me to a hole that was at least fifteen feet and (Y/N) was all the way at the bottom. The bruises that she accumulated over the past few years were now evident as they decorated her skin. Her hair was matted against her head and she was terrified. Who knows how long she’s actually been trapped here on her own.

“I’m so glad I found you!”

“Me too! I can’t get out. I have to before he comes back”

“(Y/N) who are you talking about? There’s no one here”

“My father. He keeps coming back. Every time I get close to getting out, he pushes me back in. It feels like I’m starting to–”

“Fade away?”, I asked as I looked at the light that led me here. It was slowly beginning to fade, showing me just how much time she really had left.

“How did you know?”

“Just trust me. Please? I have to get you out of here first”

I ran to the closest tree and wrapped one end of the rope to the trunk. The rest of the rope was thrown into the hole. (Y/N) grabbed on to the rope and started pulling herself up. She was almost there when he angrily called her name.                                                                     

“What do you think you’re doing”, her father yelled

He made his way to the tree and untied the rope tied to the tree. As the rope started falling into the hole, (Y/N) began to yell louder. I grabbed the rope as tight as I could to keep her from hitting the bottom, but it slipped out at the last minute.

“Just leave me here. There’s no need to put yourself in danger for me. Leave Stiles!”, she said weakly

“Don’t say that! As much as you’ve put your life in danger for others, it’s time to return the favor. I won’t leave without you”

“Stiles just go. You’ll all be fine without me”

“I won’t be. I’m not giving up on you. I–I’ll always love you until the day your heart stops beating. Maybe even after that. I know you’ve been hurting because of your past, but you don’t have to go through this on your own. I’ll always be here for you”, I replied as I climbed down the hole

As I got to the last foot, I jumped off and pulled her in my arms. Tears were streaming down her face.

“(Y/N) this isn’t real. I’ve searching for you so I could tell you. Wake up and I’ll be there waiting for you. This may not be real, but the way that I feel for you is and I can’t just let you go”

She stood in my arms with doubt in her eyes, the color was still drowning from her face as she trembled. Maybe words weren’t enough, I had to show her. Before she could say anything, I pressed my lips to hers. (Y/N) didn’t respond, but soon she began to move her lips against mine and we stayed in each other’s embrace until we heard her father making his way down the hole.

The light was growing brighter over us.

“What do we do?”, she asked frantically

“Remember this isn’t real?”

“I believe you Stiles”

“You asked me to find you and I did. I always will (Y/N/N). When you wake up, I’ll be there waiting for you”

The light reached the bottom of the hole and everything began to fade.

When I woke up, I was laying in a hospital bed with Liam and Lydia sitting by my side. Relief washed over them when they realized I was waking up.

“Where’s (Y/N)?”, I asked

“She’s fine. She woke up a few minutes ago”, Lydia replied, “A nurse will be in here shortly to check your vitals”

I glared at her and Liam. They both knew there was no way I would stay put knowing (Y/N) was in the other room. I swung my leg over the bed and ended up on the floor.

“Deaton said that would be a side affect”, Liam said as he lifted me up into a wheelchair and pushed me into her room

Scott, Malia, and Mason were sitting by her side reassuring her that the djinn would never return again. The second her eyes landed on me she sat up and a smile spread across her face. Liam stopped the chair next to her bed as everyone left to give us a moment to talk. As soon as they left, I got out of the chair and held her hand.

“You found me”, was all she could get out

“I told you I always will”, I replied before crashing my lips on hers