let's hope for happy endings


“You know, you don’t get to decide what I am.”

Sarah // my favourite new character from Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (I love her and am always here for more badass resistance ladies! \o/)

fairy tail is ending.....

and i really wish to part way with it with fond memories and i wish everyone do the same no matter how much it screw up

what i want to say is . don’t let anyone ,not the haters  nor king of lightning , bestguyever or whatever ruin such a journey for you

let’s all smile while reading the last lines of the last pages and say

“wow it’s been an adventure”

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Happy Valentines Day!  ♡ ♡ ♡ (gave up on shading all the other stuff dfsdfh)

Thoughts on the Wanted Steven Bomb

-Lars and Steven bonding?? Lars AND Steven being completely honest about their feelings???? sign me the FUCK up 👋👀👋👀👋👀👋👀👋👀

-Topaz!!! Such a cinnamon roll, I’m sorry I called you the vore refrigerator!

-Rose Quartz was framed????? Which makes no sense with what we’ve been given??? Aka no consistency on the Pink Diamond plot point??

-Yellow Diamond was the one who shattered Pink Diamond. Calling it right now. Crewniverse did that probably to try to make Rose a good guy again by erasing what made her a hypocrite.

-Where the FUCK is White Diamond????

-Padparadscha, Rhodonite, Flourite, and Rutile are amazing (especially Padparadscha), and I love them, but I wish the gems on Earth were more fleshed out before they were introduced. Just a minor complaint.

-Lars is the badass hero for once. He looks cool, he isn’t overshadowed by Steven for once, and he saves the cool new gems. And then he dies.

-Steven can bring things back to life now???? How many fucking powers does he have now???? How is he capable of doing it on the first fucking time he tried it??? Why is Steven so OP anyway??? He’s not even a full gem; if anything, he should have LESS powers than a regular gem. HHHH

-On the point of Steven bringing people back to life, will he fix the corrupted gems?? Will he create an army of uncorrupted gems, lead them through Lion, and out through Lars’ head???? If they’re gonna give him an OP power like that, make him use it more than once????

-Lars is still in Homeworld. Please don’t get riD OF HIM.

-Peridot could have been at the Beach House helping. Peridot is super knowledgeable in the tech field, let her fix the ship!!!

-Lapis could have done something. She has flown to Homeworld before; she can do it again.

-Will we see Lars bond with the off color gems? Or have them find other gems and start a rebellion? Explore Homeworld? Find Topaz?? Anything??? Probably not since Steven isn’t there, but any of those would be great anyway.

-Please no more Beach filler!! If the follow up episode is an episode on Onion doing his laundry or some shit like that, I s w e a r….

stand on her steps (with my heart in my hand)

Basically.. after Sunday’s episode I had a lot of Daddy!Charming feels, and here is the result. A canon divergence where Charming/Snow decide to go through the portal and raise Emma themselves. Spoilers for 6x17 “Awake”.
Rating: T
Words: 3,574

Oh, she’s beautiful.

He can’t hold it back. The words are wrenched from him like the surge of the tide, expelled like the shiver of condensation across frosted glass, the polychromatic burst of a broken curse, an ended separation. Every choice he has ever made, every triumph, every sacrifice, he understands now that they have been leading him here; to this moment. To her. To his beautiful, beautiful daughter. With the brilliance of the vision in front of him he knows nothing in his life has ever been real before this moment, it all fades into obscurity in the face of the golden mirage that is baby Emma, perched on a bed, reading.

Not so much of a baby anymore.

Radiant, and ten years lost. So far from the child he’d held not half a day ago as he fought off the black knights.

“We can’t waste another second,” he breathes, a hand absently grasping for the edge of Snow’s coat as he steps forward, “we can’t miss another second.”


It’s nonsensical, of course it is, that they stand there debating their daughter’s happiness as if it can be quantified, measured; deemed less worthy than the happiness of another. They have already lost ten years, she’s already spent a decade without her parents, writing her own story and, as desperately as he hopes it must be otherwise, fighting her own battles. Why should they continue to barter as if destiny owes them nothing?

It does.

It owes them this.

“She was never meant to do this alone,” he begs, “we can’t let her do this alone.”

Snow wavers, and he grasps her hand tight.

The light burns as they step through the doorway.

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I rather wait patiently for the rest of the Captain Swan Cons this year than to suffer through S7 without CS. I mean yes, Killian is there, but I watch because of CS development. I'm extremely heartbroken. What are your thoughts going forward?

Well first of all, I too am heartbroken as are many many others. When the news broke I literally felt like my world was crumbling. The closest I could describe it would be like a bad break up from a long term, happy relationship. 

Like when you realize everything from this moment changes. When you realize your Sunday’s wont be special anymore, no more “OMG I can’t wait to see my babies new scenes this weekend!” man…. it hurts. Bad.

I’m not good with change, it’s something I am really bad with. So this is hard. And going forward I hope ABC makes the right decision and just walks away. Let this story end. I mean they are wrapping up the Once Upon a Time book we have been on for 6 seasons, so why go past that? Just end it there and let them be happy. I hope they end the show.

THAT said. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be totally down with a Killian Jones spin off, like in Neverland. He spent so much of his life there, I mean, he’s Captain Hook. His story is really from Peter Pan and Neverland and tbh we don’t know much at all about his time there.

So would I tune in to “Once Upon a Time in Neverland”. OH you bet I would.

In fact. For me, this would be the best possible thing that could happen. Will it happen? Likely no. But should it. Yes, if Colin wants to continue the show, he would nail a Neverland spin off. Make it one season like Wonderland. I would watch. It would be a good way to ween me back off the Once universe but still allow me to gaze at Colin’s beautiful face every Sunday for a little while longer lol

So yeah. These are my thoughts.

It’s the last episode of the amazing world of gumball the void has spread into their world and all the characters have realized their not real their only a show and have resigned themselves to their fate, for the show to end.
Slowly the void spreads throughout Elmore leaving not but static untill it reaches the last remaining house, the wattersons house, where inside the family sits silently together in their last moments of existence, then, there’s nothing but a black screen.

Suddenly the screen jumps to life and we bagan to pan all over Elmore, everyone’s back some may have changed but it’s still them and their just happy going about their lives.
We see the construction workers working away, miss symian and mister brown on a date, a happy larry at his one and only job and even gumball and Darwin hanging around the school yard with all their friends.

Then finally we land on a small house where out steps rob, he’s back to his normal blue cyclops self, and he’s smiling.
A number of different sized and aged cyclops all come walking giving various greetings to him all with the name rob in it.
Then an older cyclops steps out gives him a kiss and tells him to have a good day at school as the yet seen smallest cyclops wordlessly joins him.
Rob finally gets the mother, siblings and sidekick he always wanted and we watch them walk away together as the ending music starts to play and the words spell out ‘the amazing world of rob’.

Sekaisuru Kado: From ep 10 onwards...

Let’s not hope for zaShunina, getting a happy end. It is rather impossible unless the writer had things in mind.

Preview of ep 11 feels very foreboding. The lines are something along

“How do we stop zaShunina by force”

“Even if the weapon is made it’ll only delay your death ”

“You’re so selfish Shindo-san”

50/50 percent chance that Shindo will kill zaShunina via suicide is certain that is unless they have a method to refrain zaShunina and made him into a labrat to excuse death.

It is worth mentioning that zaShunina is slowly losing his mind, his mentally is fragile at this point, emotionally unstable and probably based on the preview… He really felt something for Shindo,

These are my opinion.

listen fam i’m tired and i’ll probably change my mind about this in five seconds but i’m gonna go ahead and say it right now while i have this opinion

goddamn destiel should be a big fuckin deal.

soobernatural tries every season to “outdo” itself despite the fact that we already had the goddamn apocalypse 14 seasons ago. as evidenced by so many goddamn tv shows before it, making a popular ship canon is the bIGGEST THING U CAN DO. if i were the unlucky sucker who was makin all the decisions over there in sooperbloop’s corner of the CW, i would keep destiel in my pocket until the very fuckin end. i’d build it up so even the most dudebro straight dude fan who watches supersnatch would be like “when are they gonna fuckin kiss already.” tHEN i would make it the series finale to trump all series finales. it’d be fuckin fireworks and love confessions and a long, close-up fuckign kiss RIGHT on the mouth.

i would cement my piece of shit television show into the historical vault under the category “made a ship canon bc the fans clamored for it and wow turns out it was a good fuckin idea and the reason why this show lives on even after its conclusion” and i’d file it right next to the goddamn x-files.

it’s 20 fucking 16. less than a decade ago, LGBT people on film and tv were made fun of (brokeback cough mountain). now?? now they’re praised. i don’t exactly want to say “make destiel canon because it’s the cO oL And T R End y thing to do on tv today” but like

it’s not taboo anymore. it’s not laughable. it’s not even “shocking.” the reaction from the media and *most* fans would be praise. it would not be a bad fucking decision, so there’s absolutely no good reason NOT to do it. 

it’s a good fucking ship and it deserves what all good fucking ships deserve: screen time. confirmation. a kiss maybe??? a goddamn happy ending. 

i’m so tired.

Wildfire (Theo Raeken)

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Summary: There is a simple equation for a fire: the music blaring around them fuels the heat emitted from the friction of their bodies and combined with the spark of desire, the fervor ignites a fire that is difficult quench.

Author’s Note: Smuuuuut. Like my friend said, I have to just bang one out and keep on going. So have some porn without plot and enjoy your day. ;D

Neither of them realized that the sparks started with the ticket.

With the stress of everything that was going on in Beacon Hills with the Dread Doctors and the Beast, they honestly needed the moment to unwind and act like teenagers for once. So when Theo appeared at her locker with an extra ticket to a music festival at the next town over, she took it without hesitation. The ticket was only good for one night, but her favorite electronic music producer was going to be performing then, which only made the deal seem even sweeter. The show was going to end late and Theo had taken the liberty of booking them a hotel room to sleep in before heading back to Beacon Hills the following morning.

Like everything, it starts off innocent enough.

The crowd is thick with people, covered in darkness and silence. If Theo was not a Chimera and she was not a werewolf, they could have easily lost each other in the sea of bodies. But the air is thick with anticipation and rather than spend the set trying to find each other through smell or sight, they stick together by holding hands. She pulls him past others, trying to find the perfect spot for them to view the stage.

The audience starts cheering when two blue lights turn on when the music begins. The amount of lights increase as the tempo does until they form patterns of various colors. The crowd is jumping, waving their arms, and swaying to the beat. The steady beat gets her hips rolling, extending her arms out to the dark sky. It’s overwhelming to be there in the moment, listening to songs that she had memorized through repeated plays in her car, from her iPod. The beat speeds up, and she starts jumping to each beat, letting the bass resound through her body. She glances to her right where Theo is also letting go, pumping the air with his fist.

It’s when her favorite song starts playing that she lets out a scream that is drowned out by the melody. She becomes dazed with exhilaration and doesn’t stop Theo when his hands slide across her waist, pulling her into him, and wrapping her arms around his neck. She sings along to the lyrics, her voice clear as crystal in his ears though lost in the crowd. Their hips move in sync, swaying, bumping against each other. Theo’s fingers lift up her shirt enough to delve his fingertips beneath it, leaving behind a hot trail against her skin. She watches him from beneath heavy lidded eyes; because they’re only friends and pack mates and he shouldn’t be exploring her body with his touches, stroking her, leaving behind a promise that he may not keep. But she’s drunk on the moment and this song so much that she lets their lips briefly touch each few beats when they pull into each other. Damn the consequences.

The tempo slows almost to a stop before building up again; as it erupts to a quickened pace, Theo grabs her hips and whirls her around, pressing her back to his chest and grinds against her. His hips fiercely rut against hers as if offering a glimpse of what he wanted to do to her. His fingers trail from her shoulders and down her arms before grasping her hands, raising them in tune to the beat of their hips. Her laughs form into a moan when Theo bends down to suck at her exposed neck. She can feel him lit with pleasure against her; his growl in her ear is satisfying when she presses her ass against him.

They’re sticky with sweat but they can’t move away from each other when Theo squeezes her chest with one hand. The other skims down her stomach to rub her between her legs. She bucks against his hand, groaning. She grabs his forearm, almost clawing at it to keep him from stopping. His fingers slip under her shorts and past her folds, fingering her to the rhythm of the songs. Theo wraps an arm around her waist to keep her shaky legs from bucking beneath her. He hadn’t meant to let this push too far, but it was tough to resist when she was so willing to play into his touches.

When the concert ends, Theo floors his truck in the direction of their hotel. The stereo is blasting with the music from the concert, and she’s dancing in her seat as if she was trying to relive the moment again, but the air around them is strained in anticipation.

Their eagerness slows down slightly when they get back the room. She lays down on her bed, letting the unused sheets cool her burning body. Theo takes her iPod and hooks it to the portable speakers on the desk and lets the music play. Instead of laying on his bed, he collapses beside her.

“Thanks for inviting me out to this,” she says, turning her face to him.

Theo grins. “Thanks for coming with me.”

They stare at each other for a few moments before jumping at each other. She rips his shirt off while Theo yanks her shorts down, and he buries himself inside of her with one stroke. She claws at his back desperately, feeling every wound heal just as fast as she can make them. Her grunts are unladylike, but there’s nothing proper about what they’re doing. It’s all hard and fast thrusts, each one hitting her at the right angle, setting her skin alight with pleasure. There’s nothing romantic behind their touches; only a carnal desire that was not being satiated despite the growing heat between their legs that was threatening to explode through them.

With one swift motion, she flipped Theo onto his back with his cock still buried deep within her. She breaks his previous rhythm with one of her own, moaning as she braces her hands against Theo’s chest, lifting herself up and down his length. Theo groans, taking in the fucking sexy sight of her breasts bouncing with each thrust and his cock disappearing inside of her each time her hips move.

His claws dig into her hips, trying to control her rhythm, but she hisses and tears his hands away, pinning them above his head and using them for leverage. Because she was frantically trying to reach her peak and it was just out of reach—she lets a frustrated growl rush out of her throat. Everything, the room, was burning around her but she wasn’t there still. Theo smells her frustration and jerks his hips up to meet hers and it becomes exactly what she needs. Their movements become like their dancing during the concert.

In. Out. Shift. Rock. Bump. Grind. Thrust. Drive.

She lets out the breath she didn’t know she was holding when they tip into the sweet release. Their hips still, and she buries her head in the crook of his neck, pressing soft kisses against his skin.

The fire dies around them as Theo says, “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.”

She laughs, smiling lazily as she lifts herself up to collapse beside Theo. They’re both exhausted, their bodies slick in a mixture of their sweat and come. Their breaths relax as they stare at each other.

She’s unsure how much time passes, but the fire reignites when Theo rolls on top of her again, kissing her down her body until his tongue darts out to taste her.

In the face of a wildfire, people act unpredictably and on impulses. And they had just begun a road that was going to consume them before making them rise from the ashes. They were playing with fire, and in the moment, it was the best idea to repeat all that heat and need over and over again through the night.


“Come to me my sweetest friend, can you feel my heart again?”
“I’ll take you back where you belong and this will be our favorite song.”
“Come to me with secrets bare, I’ll love you more so don’t be scared.”
“When we’re old and near the end will go home and start again.


What I love about this drama and her is that it’s just so refreshing to see a character in dramaland that acts according to how she feels. There’s no cliche moves like reaching out, barely touching, then drawing back. No subtleties, no hesitations, no need for contrite noble idiocy. She simply cares about him, and she does what she can to let him know that. 

Thank you, Cha Ji An, for being true to yourself and being the brave person you are, both physical and emotionally.

OTP fighting!


Yeah I know. It sucks though because they literally said the only reason they didn’t bring Tara back in the end was because Amber wasn’t available for filming, and they have comics to do it now and they just won’t. But I agree, if they won’t bring back Tara, they can at least let Willow find someone to be happy with. I just hope she ends up okay, she deserves it, but Tara deserves to come back. She didn’t deserve to die.

[I definitely agree. Honestly, I had to say it, but I wouldn’t want them to bring Tara back unless there was a good storyline/reasoning for it. I mean, I love fanfics that bring Tara back to life (when I read them. I don’t really read fanfiction anymore due to lack of time/bad experiences with other writers at points), but the best ones are the ones that have a fantastic storyline behind them. 

I don’t doubt the comics could do this, given they’ve consistently gotten better since Season 8, which turned people off in a lot ways. But it’s just…I almost think they’ve nervous about it in some regard. Like the whole “so much anticipation could never match up to reality” kind of thing. I think there’s ways they could bring Tara back, but they would have to be pretty air-tight/solid writing wise. Amber co-wrote some Willow/Tara comics back in the day, so maybe they could contact her about it? She’s written a comic recently so she’s still in the business, and she definitely still has a big part/love with the Buffyverse.]

can we talk about the fact that Makoto mentioned he wants to attend local university though it’s easy to guess he doesn’t really want that

can we talk about the fact that he’s making this choice just to get to be around Haru for a few years more

can we talk about that

Makoto loves Haru so much it’s getting disfunctional for his own future

When I realized that, it caused me so much pain - like, actual physical pain - it’s impossible to describe, cause all this time I thought Makoharu was the healthiest relationship, but now I’m feeling so bad for Makoto, and I want Haru to face him and give him a fucking 10 minutes speach in which he thanks him for every time he was supportive and adorable and a true fucking best friend to him, and then hug him and show he cares, cause things are getting so complicated that that “I appreciate you always being here for me” of season one doesn’t seem enough anymore

It’s definitely not enough anymore

I need Haru to make Makoto feel safe, I want him to assure Makoto everything’s gonna be fine and that they’ll work out a solution for their problems and be happy together (in a romantical way or in a non-romantical way, it’s up to you. I’d go with the first cause I think they’re soulmates and I can’t come out with a different ending for them tbh)

Guys, fairy tales have happy endings. If you know what I mean.
The prince defeats the dark knight. The world gets its happily ever after. Everyone survives except the villains who find punishment or consequence. The fairy tale won’t end until the prince gets the princess, and good always conquers evil in the end. So even though the prince is in trouble, he’ll defeat it.