let's hope for a b t weekend

mysr3  asked:

Jordannnnn Yoongi got punched! How u let my baby hurt!The whole time after kyuho assumed it was Yoongi who hooked up with his sis I was like Jin tell him, tell him now plz don't let Yoongi get hurt and then he got hit😑lol but this pt is so cute and funny! Omg I don't want it to end! One more left~ and the next one I feel it going to b on 🔥🔥🔥🔥Thank you Jordan! Hope you have a good weekend !

eeeeeeee! thank you for reading! jin really should have told him the truth but he was so conflicted because he wanted to tell him together with the oc and he was also super overwhelmed! because kyuho was wilding with the accusations!! haha. i’m super excited for the last part but i don’t want it to end already :’( off limits is my baby 👶

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Hey M. When does the fan melt down on here begin while B is in NY. Should I start drinking Friday,Saturday or Sunday. I need to know how to plan my weekend. I am sure there will some worry warts that B&G won't see each other. Maybe after hearing B wrote a 5 min song about sex with G he could use a few days of rest. I am mean who wouldn't love a guy that can go 5 mins, I mean sing 5 mins, sorry.

Ha ha!!! Yes, lets differentiate between a five minute performance by the Texoma Monster and a five minute SONG performance! 😆😉 I hope the diamonds, the song lyrics, the kissing video on IG, and the story about his attachment to At The House will calm the worriers. We have so much to look forward to!

– M