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Love Bite

Harry had been gone for weeks. 

And while you knew that would be the case going into the relationship, that didn’t mean it was easy and you certainly never got used to it. Of course it was more manageable the longer you’d been together, especially when you kept busy and stuck to your routine, but whenever it got nearer to his return home…that’s when it was hardest.

Usually about a week before he was due home, you’d send him a few extra texts throughout the day. Just a couple more ‘love you’s. A dab of ‘I miss you’. Sometimes pictures of the neighbor’s cat with its face pressed up against the glass window; ‘Boots thought you’d be home by now’. 

And your goodnight calls–which were more like good mornings for Harry–grew longer as the time apart grew shorter. Just a few more minor details about your day shared. A hint of ‘don’t go’ before hanging up. Occasional tears dried with ‘I’ll be home soon, muppet’. 

The day before he’s due to arrive home has you absolutely jumping out of your skin. It’s utter torture waiting for the morning to crawl by, but it’s comforting knowing that it’s agony for Harry too.

Only 36 more hours, love.

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Warning: The following is what happens when a math teacher who happens to be a Richonner gets bored.

So…I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of the Richonne kisses taking less and less screen time. So, I did some math. 🤓


I timed the kisses from the moment lips touch to the fading out of the scene.

💋 Kiss #1: approx. 55 seconds

💋 Kiss #2: approx. 20 seconds

💋 Kiss #3: approx. 13 seconds

And, according to my humble (and probably totally wrong) calculations, the next Richonne kiss will last approximately 12.22 seconds (iff this disturbing trend continues at the same rate).

This simply won’t do.

Let us hope that this trend comes to a swift end in 7x12. 😐

A few things you can do to be a good ally for your trans friends:

Things like ‘don’t misgender them’ go without saying obviously, this is more about some things in social settings with other people. Of course, everyone is different, so you should ask your friends how they feel about these things.
- try dropping their pronouns to new people before they can start assuming. Because if the correct gender is already rooted in their brain, they’re at least a little less likely to assume something else. It’s easier in german cause it’s such a heavily gendered language, but it’s definitely possible in english too. For example, if you introduce someone, just add “he/she/they is/are from/does/works for…”, just anything along those lines. The content doesn’t really matter. (Even better if you can drop the pronouns before the new people even meet the friend or partner - this worked super well on my family tbh. I have a really big family and not a single one of them has misgendered Noll so far, as far as I know, cause they knew he was a guy months before they met him).
- if that’s impossible/your friend isn’t comfortable with it/they just get randomly misgendered, correct that person. But not in a “MY FRIEND IS TRANS AND THEIR CORRECT PRONOUNS ARE” way, cause chances are, they’re not super comfortable being outed to random people, just very clearly refer to them with their correct pronouns or be like “Oh, “he/she/they is/are a man/woman/NB person”.
- I’ll emphasize again: don’t out them to other people. Unless they’ve specified that they’re cool with that but yeah outing people without their consent is rude and unnecessary. So don’t do that.
- don’t pretend you understand some of their struggles. I catch myself doing that sometimes and I need to stop, but yeah don’t be like ‘Oh I understand, I experience similar things sometimes” etc - showing empathy and trying make them feel less alone with their shit is good but only up to a certain point. Because there are some things that a cis/not-trans person simply can’t understand that way because we never experience it. So don’t pretend you do & instead listen, give them the space to talk and make them feel appreciated and loved.
- depending on when you meet them, they might have already transitioned - if so, don’t pressure them to tell you about the time before. Don’t ask about their deadname (what would you wanna know it for anyways?), don’t ask for pictures. If they want to show you, they will probably just do it in the right context, but chances are that they’re rather uncomfortable with the way they looked so yeah. (I saw a Q&A video of a cute trans guy the other day where someone asked him why he never posted comparison pictures from before he transitioned and now like a lot of trans people do and he said that it makes him sad to see those pictures from before he transitioned because that person was really sad and that he’s just uncomfortable with it so yeah keep that in mind).
- someone is being a transphobic jerk/making jokes w/e? call them out. stand up for trans people, especially when there are no trans people around, because being an ally doesn’t stop when no one is around to give you a cookie for it.
- if you mess up and do something that hurts or offends them - give them an honest apology, hope for their forgiveness and then do better next time. Same as with cis friends.

these are just some things off the top of my head. If you have more stuff to add, please feel free! (or if you disagree with something, also feel free to discuss that with me. I’m not trans myself so if I used wrong words/language or something on this post is simply wrong or a bad idea, please tell me.)

the maine / bad behavior / lyrics

i never want to be a defection
you say as
you’re unashamed and naked
i feel okay all over
void of all composure
and i know this may sound narcissistic

i like the lips you kiss with
i want to wear your lipstick
cause that means i got to kiss them
say you like the sound
of cigarettes after sex
and i say (yeah, yeah, yeah)

we’re two kids
her lips are bad behavior
i’m in danger
three, four am
the feelings getting stranger
i’m in danger
(bad behavior)

and i don’t have time for your feelings
you tell me
you’re insecure but don’t be
stay soft but don’t be gentle
it’s all together mental
let’s go to a place where
we can forget
we haven’t left the room yet
you eloquently stated
leavings overrated

you say
you say you like the sound
of cigarettes after sex 
and i say (yeah, yeah, yeah)

we’re two kids
her lips are bad behavior
i’m in danger
three, four am
the feelings getting stranger
i’m in danger

(oh, oh, oh,)
the way you’re hanging
(can’t understand a few lines here)
cause you’re bad for me, yeah
but you’re bad for me, yeah
you medicate me with your poses
(another few line i can’t understand)
you’re bad for me, yeah
but you’re bad for me, yeah
(oh, oh, oh)
and i say (yeah, yeah, yeah)

we’re two kids
her lips are bad behavior
i’m in danger
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
oh, when we go to bed
her bids (?) are muse and savor (again, ?)
and i’m in danger
(yeah, i’m in danger)
(oh, oh, oh)

i think i know that you’re bad for me
oh, i think you’re bad for me
(oh, oh, oh)

commandermelinaa  asked:

Ah Sorry, I didn't see that you already wrote "Please stay" 😅 But anyway, next try: Kabby + "This isn't exactly what I had in my mind." (Please tell me you haven't written that yet 😂)

Here you go dear I know you don’t like too much fluff, but I hope it’s still okay

I don’t need perfection, I just want you

“This isn’t exactly what I had in mind”, Marcus quietly explains, feeling disconcerted while settling down next to Abby on the ground. They’re both slightly wet from the rain but had managed to dry themselves off with the blanket Marcus had brought with him. “It wasn’t supposed to rain”

Chuckling, she turns towards him, “And what exactly did you have in mind?”, she asks, her tone slightly flirtatious.

“Well, it definitely wasn’t getting caught in a storm and having to shelter in a nearby cave”, he mutters somberly while kicking a stone.

Surprised by how bad Marcus is taking the sudden rain and the interrupting of his plans,  Abby shifts until her body is pressed against his as she reaches out to grasp the hand closest to her, giving it a soft squeeze before lacing their fingers together.  

At the feeling of her fingers intertwined with his, Marcus can feel his heartbeat quicken and he has to take several deep breaths to calm down. Without taking his eyes off the rain, he squeezes back, “I had it all planned, you know.”

“I know Marcus”, Abby softly utters, as she gently caresses his hand.

“It was supposed to be perfect”, he murmurs wistfully, “I was going to take you to this field. It’s filled with daisies and the view is magnificent. I even brought your favourite sandwiches and a bottle of that red wine you like from Polis”

Realising that Marcus really wanted to make this special for her, Abby feels her heart swell with affection for him.

“Hey”, she gently tugs on his hand until he turns his head and their eyes meet, “That does sound like a wonderful plan, and I really appreciate you going through all that trouble, but I don’t need perfection Marcus. I just wanted to spend some time alone with you. Whether it’s in a daisy-filled field or in a musty cave, I honestly don’t care. As long we’re together, I’m fine with everything”, she finishes while cupping his cheek, getting familiar with the feel of his beard beneath her fingers.

His eyes flicker between her eyes and mouth, the look in his eyes is one of slight disbelief and Abby can feel the nerves coming off him and it almost breaks her heart that even after agreeing to go on this date with him, Marcus still feared that she might not want this after all.

“Are you sure?”, he croaks, his tone hopeful and looking extremely vulnerable.

“Yes, Marcus”, she reassures him, “Now I know this isn’t a field, but it would be a shame if we wasted those sandwiches, don’t you think?”

At that Marcus finally cracks a smile and his eyes are filled with an emotion that makes Abby’s insides flutter and her skin tingle. Moving slightly away from her, Marcus reaches behind him and drags the backpack he’d been wearing towards them.

Pulling out the bag with the food, he lets out an almost imperceptible sigh when it’s clear that the rain didn’t touch the bag. He hands her a sandwich, which Abby accepts with a smile before retrieving the bottle of wine and two mugs from the backpack. After a couple of seconds, the bottle is opened and they both have a full mug.

“Here’s to us”, Marcus toasts, raising his mug.

“To us”, Abby replies with a smile, touching his mug with her own.  

They both share a soft smile before taking a sip and starting on the sandwiches. Watching the rain fall, they sit side by side, their bodies pressed against each other, as they enjoy the food and wine. The date might not have gone how Marcus imagined, but as he sneaks a glance at the woman sitting next to him, and observes her relaxed posture and the small smile on her lips, he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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On guan shan's phone it said it had 3 other messages (wouldn't it showing mean its unread???) i wonder who they could be! Thoughts???

before replying to this, can i just say how amazing everyone is for noticing all the little details old xian puts in the chapters?? this fandom is seriously awesome and im so thankful to you guys because without you i feel like i’d miss so much!! okay, the sap moment is over, sorry

okay, so, im gonna have to trust everyone on the unread messages, because im gonna be honest and admit that i still have a phone from the dark ages so i have no idea how an iPhone works (it’s embarrassing, i know), but yeah, from what i read around in the tags the fact that the ‘3’ is showing at the top of guan shan’s phone means that those messages are still unread, which is interesting because that would strongly support the theory that guan shan already had he tian’s message box opened for a while by then, ignoring all those other texts as he thought about whether to write to he tian or not

as for who those messages might be from………aah, i really wonder!! i guess one could be from his mom, maybe?? from guan shan’s phone we can see that it’s 8 p.m., but she could be out doing a late shift at work and texting something to guan shan. we don’t really know what’s her job (or if she does work, im kinda assuming she does, but we can’t be sure), so this could be a possibility, but in general i think that they might be from some people from school?? it’s true that from what we’ve seen he doesn’t seem to have any real friends, but i feel like he must have acquaintances, at least in his class. in ch154 we saw him playing cards with a guy, so it wouldn’t be strange to assume that they have each other’s numbers and text from time to time for school stuff. the gray haired dude we saw in that same chapter is also one of guan shan’s classmates, and maybe they’re not friend, but again, it’s possible that they may talk from time to time (im still lowkey hoping he will appear again in the future)

so, yeah, this is what im thinking right now, but it’s something very interesting to speculate on, so if anyone has any other theory, please let me know, i would love to read it!!

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Omg himekawa! Someone protect this child!!!! I wanna cuddle him in my arms and say everythings gonna be ok!! Im so worried about him 😫. Hinata and kageyamas dinamics were so good also kinoshita my bb T^T but im afraid this match gonna last long i wanna see my other babes too. Thank u and everyone who spent their efforts on the chapter. Hope u have a nice day tenka ^^

i KNOW RIGHT? I was taking deep breaths when I realised what he had to do, a part of me wishes he will succeed his serve!!! Hinata and kageyama LOL that was funny. I think this match will last long, I remembered it was only set one and i was like omg… set one…

Also, anyone think Hinata will get a nickname from this? How about something with the word ‘bullet’ in it, haha! He’s always wanted something cool sounding. Glad he’s getting recognised!

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Oh Lore I love you for doing this!!! The first 3 fics were adorable so would you please do "“Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.” with Kabby?

Oh, thank you Verena ❤ I’m so happy you liked them. 

The poem I used in this fic can be found here (I used an existing one because I am terrible at writing poetry)

You are my hope

“Hey, have you seen the -?”, Marcus questions as he enters the council room, only to abruptly stop when he notices the thing Abby’s browsing through, namely his notepad. The one he was looking for and really didn’t want Abby to read.


Shifting nervously, Marcus scratches the back of his head before rubbing his hands together. At his question, Abby raises her head with a look of disbelief plastered on her face and her eyes seem to glisten with tears.

“Did - did you write these poems?”, she asks, her voice soft and filled with wonder and an emotion he can’t fully name.

“Uh”, he clears his throat, feeling slightly anxious. For a second he considers lying to her, but there’s something in her gaze that prompts him to tell the truth, “Yes, I did”

Eyes widen, Abby gives him a small nod before turning her gaze back towards the notepad.

“Do you mind giving it back?”, Marcus utters after a heartbeat, causing her to snap her head up, looking startled.

Abby closes the notepad with a loud thump, her cheeks burning with embarrassment.

Oh! Yes. Yes, of course. Sorry. I didn’t mean to snoop”, Abby stammers, offering it with an outstretched arm.

“I just saw it lying on the table and I remembered seeing you write in it on several occasions, so I thought that it perhaps contained information about the new plans. If I’d known that it contained personal things, I would have never –”, she stammers, unable to maintain eye contact.

“Oh, no, that’s okay. I know you wouldn’t”, he reassures her as he accepts the pad, barely suppressing a shiver when their fingers brushed.

An awkward silence descends over them as they’re both unsure how to continue the conversation. After a couple of seconds, Abby breaks the silence.

“Could you perhaps read me one?”, she blurts out, looking hopeful.

Seeing him hesitate, she presses, “Please Marcus?”

Unable to deny her anything, he nods before moving over to the couch, patting the empty spot next to him. Beaming at him, Abby crosses the distance and settles down next to him, their thighs touching.

Marcus opens the pad and turns a couple of pages until he finds a suitable one. Taking a deep breath, he opens his mouth and softly begins to recite:

You are the beat of my heart, you are the blood in my veins,
You are the life of my body, you are the spirit in my soul.
You have given me hope when I thought I could not cope,
In a time when I felt I was at the end of my rope.

As Marcus reads, Abby nearly hangs on his lip and lets the gravelly tone of his voice wash over her. She already knew that he had a lovely voice, but hearing him recite poetry, poetry that he wrote, about her, makes her stomach flutter with butterflies.

Your smile starts my heart to sing, and how I can hear the bells start to ring.
I stare at your face and I get lost in your beauty, my love for you will never become a duty.
To have you at my side, through our lives ride, fills my heart with passion and pride.
Don’t ever forget my love for you, for without your love I’d have no clue.

His voice softly trails off after the last word, and the only thing audible is both of their breathing.

Marcus shyly lifts his head, nervously awaiting her response. When their eyes lock and he takes in her watery smile, he starts to panic.

“I’m sorry. Was it too much? I didn’t mean to-”, he rambles, cutting himself off when Abby shakes her head with a small laugh.

“No, no Marcus. It was beautiful”, she reassures him, laying a hand on his thigh, her touch grounding him.

“Oh”, he breathes, his posture immediately relaxing as he scratches his beard in a bashful manner.

“Did you mean it?”, Abby whispers.

When he throws her a confused look, she rushes to clarify, “About loving me”

She looks oddly vulnerable as she poses the question which rattles him because Marcus can count the number of times he’s seen Abby Griffin vulnerable in all the years he has known her on his two hands.

Capturing her hand between his own, he leans forward, “Absolutely. I love you Abby”, he pledges.

Abby lets out a shaky laugh, her eyes filled with tears before throwing her arms around his neck and embracing him. It takes a couple of seconds before Marcus reciprocates the hug because he’s so taken aback by the action, but then he’s wrapping his arms around her as well, pulling her closer while nuzzling her neck.

“I love you too”, Abby mumbles against his hair and now it’s his time to let out delighted laughter.

She pulls back slightly so she can cradle his head, “I love you”, she whispers before closing the space between them and kissing him.