let's hold the ball

A patronus, Harry tells Hermione, is acing a test and the warmth of a butterbeer between your hands. It is your friends holding you when you fall, and Ron’s sparkling eyes when you whisper hi. And there’s an otter, swimming, and Hermione is blushing.

A patronus, Harry tells Ron, is Ginny’s shaky smile lighting up the world at the end of second year. It is winning the Quidditch World Cup, unwrapping yet another knitted jumper, and your startled surprise at the sight of Hermione punching Draco in the face. And there’s a dog, chasing the otter, and Ron is laughing.

A patronus, Harry tells Luna, is the feeling of starlight on your skin and grass between your bare toes. It is snow melting through your fingers, the magic your mother used to make, something singing in your heart when you stare at the impossible. And there’s a hare, jumping, and Luna is shining.

A patronus, Harry tells Cho, is Marietta shouting the lyrics of her favourite song, dancing in the rain during a storm. It is the look on Cedric’s face when he saw you at the Yule Ball, his hand holding yours and never letting go. And there’s a swan, sliding, and Cho is crying.

A patronus, Harry tells Seamus, is Dean’s funny expression when he is about to burst into laughter and the sound of a explosion that turns out right. It is the fireworks, bright flowers blossoming in the night sky; and the fire burning in your lungs as you fly. And there’s a fox, running, and Seamus is smirking.

A patronus, Harry tells Ginny, is the world expanding underneath you and the wind playing with your hair. It is dancing and laughing until there are tears on your cheeks, Molly’s disapproving voice and Arthur’s amused eyes after one of the twins’ pranks. And there’s a horse, flying, and Ginny is grinning.

A patronus, Harry thinks, is that weird feeling that lives in his chest when the Room of Requirement glows silver, speaking of times when the world was golden.

"Stop stepping on my feet!"-Robb Stark x Reader One Shot

(A/N: Who would have thought that I was a huge need for Game of Thrones too?)

Summary: The Starks have to travel to attend a ball hosted by their close friends. Robb has been set up in an arranged marriage with a childhood friend (the reader) who he will be seeing but does not know how to dance and knows that this will be expected of him when he arrives. Hours before the gathering, (Y/N) decides to help, bringing them closer together.

Characters: Robb Stark x Reader, mentions of the Starks

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Nothing but fluff (everyone is alive in this Game Of Thrones imagine. I wish that was true.)

“Lady (Y/L/N), the guests have arrived. Your parents have requested that you greet them in the yard.” one of my ladies in ladies informed me.

I thanked her as she curtsied. Quickly looking into the mirror, I made sure that I looked presentable before squealing. The Starks were here to attend our annual ball, they were close friends of ours. Their eldest child Robb was my fiance and I couldn’t be happier. When I was first told that my arranged marriage had been sorted, I prayed that they would be at least kind to me. Many girls had stories of marrying men much older and were very cruel. The Gods must have been graciously looking down on me to pair me with such a handsome, lovely, brave man such as Robb Stark.

I stood with my parents in the yard in front of our castle. The staff were also stood behind us, ready to greet our guests. As they arrived in their carriages and on their horses I spotted my mother looking down at me through my peripheral vision. Glancing up, she smiled down at me, seeing how excited I was to see my fiance again. There he was, right behind his father. Our eyes locked onto each other, sharing a small smile. We had definitely missed each other.

After greeting each other we left the Starks to get settled into their rooms. My parents were checking up on the final preparations for the ball, they wanted everything to be perfect. They held this ball every year as a way to bring close friends and families together, to celebrate the good times for once; it was also a great way for matches to be made. Whilst they were busyl, I wandered towards the guest rooms, knowing that Robb would be in the one he always was in. I knocked on the door before his voice called out.

He turned to face me, a huge smile evident.“(Y/N)!”

I giggled as he ran forward and embraced me, lifting me off of the ground as he spun us around. He quickly and unexpectedly kissed me as soon as my feet touched the floor. I never thought that I could feel like this, it was such a lovely feeling. As we pulled away, it took us a few moments to catch our breath.

A quiet bark brought me back to the real world. Looking down, I saw Greywind at my feet, staring up at me with a grin and tongue poking out. Leaning down to his height I made a fuss of him. He rested his head on my knees before Robb drew the attention back on himself. I stood back up, Robb immediately taking me back into his embrace.

“I can’t believe you’re here. I’ve spent too many months without you.” my hands absentmindedly played with his curly hair as I looked into his blue eyes.

“It does seem a little strange. We shall soon be together though. Just think, we’ll be married soon.”

I let out a breathy laugh.“It’s too exciting. We will hold a ball such as this, invite all of our friends and dance all night together.”

“There is one small problem.” he wouldn’t look at me.

I started to panic. What on earth could he be on about? He wasn’t having second thoughts was he?

“W-what’s that?”

“I cannot dance.”

I let out a sigh of relief before laughing.

He scolded.“It is not funny. I did not pay attention to my mother or Septa during those lessons. I was far too busy learning how to weild a sword.”

“I’m sorry my love, I am not laughing at you. I’m just relieved that it was not something bad. But we have a ball tonight and we must change the fact that you cannot dance.”

“I was so nervous coming here. I’ve been to balls before but I somehow always got out of the dancing part.”

“Well we still have a few hours before it starts.” I held out my hand.

“You are going to teach me?” he hesitantly took it.

“Of course. I can’t have my future husband step all over my toes on our first dance at our wedding.”

We stayed in his room for the whole afternoon. I was determined to teach him some steps in order for at least one flawless dance tonight. He listened intently, trying to remember the moves I showed him, he started to get frustrated at one point; even giving up. But I too was stubborn, there was no way he was going to just stop because he couldn’t do it. Greywind was laying on the bed, watching as these humans moved around the room in a silly fashion.

He was starting to get the hang of it after two hours of non stop dancing. However Robb got over confident, hurting me in the process.

“Ow!” I cried out as he stepped into my foot.

“I am so sorry! I did not mean that.” he jumped away from me.

I softly smiled, ignoring the pain.“Stop stepping on my feet!”

Unfortunately the lesson had to stop. We were to get ready for the ball as it was not far away now. My mother was constantly asking me questions about where I was the whole time. When I told her the truth she only giggled, happy that I was spending time with my fiance. After an hour of my handmaidens preparing me for the ball I was finally set to go. We were to walk in with the Starks, announcing our arrival to everyone. As we made our way down the ballroom, I started to feel nervous. This was mine and Robb’s first time appearing together and for some reason it was making butterflies appear in my stomach. As soon as I saw him though, I knew I would be safe with him.

The night was filled with laughter and chatter, food and wine hogged the table space. Decorations decked the walls to add a splash of colour, brightening the room alongside the beautifully lit chandeliers. There were so many people here, no one ever missed this event; houses sometimes even begged to be invited. It was difficult to move in some places as the crowds were so big. Robb and I had somehow been operated after the meal was over, I desperately wanted to spend time with him. All that I heard were ‘congratulations’ and how excited everyone was for my wedding. At any other time I would have happily talked about it but my actual fiance was no where to be seen.

“Looking for me?” a hushed voice spoke into my ear, making me jump.

Spinning around in shock, I playfully hit Robb on the arm.“You startled me! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“And I, you.” he linked our hands together.

After a few seconds of silence, I raised an eyebrow at him.“So?”

“So what?”

“Aren’t you going to ask me to dance?”

He let out a nervous laugh.

“I didn’t spend all afternoon teaching my fiance to dance for nothing. Please, we’ve never danced together before.”

He looked away for a moment but smiled at me. Tugging me along, we made our way to the centre of the room where the dancing was being held. Robb didn’t look too comfortable. Instead of letting him chicken out at the last second, I placed one if his hands I’m my waist and the other in my hand. Craving my neck up at his tall figure, I tried to send a reasurring smile his way before the music started up again.

“Everyone is watching.” Robb whispered.

“They’re watching everyone dancing, not just us. Smile, look at me and please don’t step on my feet.”

How could Robb go head on into battle without even blinking but the thought of dancing scared him? He had worried himself too much because it turned out that he was an excellent dancer (all thanks to his great teacher), actually swooning me quite a bit. We laughed together as he dipped me, or spun me and even when he lifted me into the air unexpectedly. Once the song was over, I expected him to walk away from the dance floor but that was not the case. We ended up dancing for a majority of the night, both breathless. One thing was certain, our first dance at our wedding was going to be amazing.

KATIE. here is a super cute and old pic of our youngest family member holding my hand and evey time i see it, it fills my heart with love and its so pure when animals do stuff like this, like when your hamster let you hold her more after she ran around in her ball I just needed to share sorry for the babbling paragraph but i am too exited rn to punctuate cause i need to share this pic ily

- Submitted by @mystikbanana

I love this kitty so much omg

dating shinwon

thank u @shineuro for helping write this go follow her yall she’s m’bud ily binch 

- the giant bby is scared of animals 
- avoids pet shops at all costs 
- if u ever dragged him into one he’d probably stand behind you with his eyes closed the whole time 
- probably screams when a dog barks at him on the street
- probably also stands three feet away when u stop to pat said dog on said street 
- if u want a pet he strongly disagrees 
- ‘I wanna get a pet’ 
- ‘get a pet rock’
- ‘a LIVING pet’
- ‘fine get a fish’
- ‘something i can love’
- ‘am i not enough for you?’
- ‘what abt a dog bby’
- ‘nO’
- u take walks together a lot 
- sometimes when either one of u feel a little anxious or sad you go out and just wander around your area 
- he tries to be a gentleman by giving you his big ass broad shouldered ass jacket when it’s cold 
- but then he gets cold too without it so he jus
- ‘okay how abt we share the jacket’
- so instead he wears the jacket and you stand in front of him inside the jacket under his arm u kno what i mean prolly not just ur wearing the jacket together okay its cute 
- literally always naked 
- doesn’t like wearing clothes when he doesn’t need to 
- runs around in his underwear like a child 
- not afraid to just strip right in front of you 
- even if you’ve literally only been together for two weeks 
- ‘I would’ve done this anyway even if we weren’t dating but ok’
- ‘shut up and put clothes on uglie’ 
- ‘(y/n) i hurt my leg’
- ‘are you okay what happened’
- ‘i ran into the table look’ *literally just takes off his pants instead of rolling them up*
- probably runs into things frequently 
- lets discuss first date with shinhoe™
- i think he’d take you bowling 
- idk why he just seems like a hoe for bowling 
- when he picked you up he was wearing a white tshirt and white jeans with white shoes and you were like ,,,, shinwon bby,,,,, son,,,, why,,,, do u look like a piece of paper,,,,,,
- but then you get to the place nd u see why 
- it was one of those bowling alley with like the uv lighting?? so he was legit glowing from head to toe
- depending on ur skill level in bowling he either crushes u like a bug
- or u wre c k him 
- but if ur not very good and he realises you’re getting frustrated bc he’s winning he’ll go easy on you and help you out 
- cliche ‘let me show u’ scene of him behind u holding the ball with u and guiding you kill me
- u finish the game and go get food 
- then u go to the arcade place in the bowling alley and get hella tickets 
- and u buy smth rlly stupid with them bc you didnt get enough for anything good
- u probably end up getting matching plastic rings or smth bless
- he’s rlly whiney when he wants attention 
- needs love and needs it right away
- can cuddle for 3 hours at a time when he rlly wants to 
- sometimes clingy as hecc but other times will shove you away like pls don’t touch me thnkxs
- short tempered shinwon can get annoying at times
- he gets frustrated easily 
- if he ever yells at you he’ll apologise instantly 
- he never means to get mad at you some things just make him angry and he accidentally takes it out on you 
- its never a serious argument though he just raises his voice a bit 
- he would never hurt you or anything he’d never be able to forgive himself if he did 
- also gets rlly petty sometimes 
- always feels bad afterwards and does whatever he can to make it up to you 
- plays you your favourite songs to you on the piano
- you have movie nights in the lounge room with popcorn nd homemade milkshakes bless up 
- you always end up sleeping together cuddled up on the couch because neither of you could be bothered to get up 
- hes big spoon and he kisses your back while u cuddle and its adorable 
- u wake up before him to find this boy cuddling into your side 
- if ur like anywhere under 5′5 its hilarious to see such a large man cuddled up to u i’m 5′2 yall can u imagine
- okay 
- i think that’s all for now bc it’s getting too long
- hope yall enjoyed 
- hope it was alright 
- hve a good day fuckers 

The Legend of Zelda:

Overworld Enemy #4: Zola

“Half-fish, half-woman who lives in the water. When she sticks her head out of the water, she lets out a ball that Link’s little shield can’t hold back.”

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

The Zola were once aquatic-dwelling women that, due to their lust for material wealth and power, were transformed into monsters by the use of dark magic. They inhabit Hyrule’s many lakes, ponds and waterways, surfacing and consequently ambushing those that dare to come near. Mainly attacking with poisonous and acidic spit that can blind its adversaries, Zola are very territorial, hostile and nimble. As they are unable to venture onto land, one must kill a Zola by use of projectile weapons or in close combat if one is brave enough to traverse into the amphibious demonesses watery abode.

Note: Like the Molblin/Moblin, I opted to use the name ‘Zola’ from the game’s original manual. I’m sure it is a localization/translation error, as the 'Zora’ became a series regular. 

tainted [03]

» featuring; jinyoung x reader x jaebum - got7, other idol groups and some original characters
» genre; angst x romance - business men x gang x mafia!au

It was unexpected. 
The life you were now living with G.O.T. 
Especially after what you went through with Xiarum.
Sitting in a luxurious bed in such an extravagant room and surrounded by caring people; it was unexpected.

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     But what if I don’t believe in God? It’s like they’ve sat me in front of a mannequin and said, Fall in love with him. You can’t will feeling.
     What Jack says issues from some still, true place that could not be extinguished by all the schizophrenia his genetic code could muster. It sounds something like this:
     Get on your knees and find some quiet space inside yourself, a little sunshine right about here. Jack holds his hands in a ball about midchest, saying, Let go. Surrender, Dorothy, the witch wrote in the sky. Surrender, Mary.
     I want to surrender but have no idea what that means.
     He goes on with a level gaze and a steady tone: Yield up what scares you. Yield up what makes you want to scream and cry. Enter into that quiet. It’s a cathedral. It’s an empty football stadium with all the lights on. And pray to be an instrument of peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is conflict, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope…
     What if I get no answer there?
     If god hasn’t spoken, do nothing. Fulfill the contract you entered into at the box factory, amen. Make the containers you promised to tape and staple. Go quietly and shine. Wait. Those not impelled to act must remain in the cathedral. Don’t be lonely. I get so lonely sometimes, I could put a box on my head and mail myself to a stranger. But I have to go to a meeting and make the chairs circle perfect.
     He kisses his index finger and plants it in the middle of my forehead, and I swear it burns like it had eucalyptus on it. Like a coal from the archangel onto the mouth of Isaiah.

Mary Karr, Lit

Quiet Day

Steve, Bucky

Summary: Bucky is having one of his quiet days and Steve knows that he’s in need of cuddles and tickles.

A/N: Tricky prompted this and I delivered.

Words: 718

Steve remembered Bucky’s quirks, even after all these years. It used to pain him, to carry around so much excessive knowledge about his friend and thinking he’d never be able to use it again. But now, with Bucky back and his memories restored, Steve was finally able to take advantage of his ability.

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Watch Where You’re Going (Steter)

Note: Has this been done yet, or..?
Summary: Stiles runs into Peter while playing Pokémon Go. Literally.


Apart from representing a hot spot of supernatural fuckery, Beacon Hills was not exactly a metropolis in a Real Life sort of way. Being a relatively small town in Northern California, nothing of real human import every happened here. All things considered, it was more of a Pallet Town than a Saffron City.

Stiles had learned the hard way after about two hours of playing Pokémon Go that he would probably have to do some human sacrifices if he wanted to lure any awesome Pokémon into this dump of a town. You could only catch so many Weedles until it got real old, real fast.

Which was why, when he suddenly spotted a wild Vaporeon just around the corner, he chased after it with a single-minded focus that would have moved his primary teachers to tears. Holding out his phone in front of him like a dowsing rod and barely watching where he was going (which wasn’t exactly unusual for him), he took a right, almost stumbling over his own two feet in his haste, getting closer, getting closer, and another turn to the right—

—and crashed right into something solid, warm and unmoving; another human being.

There was a hitched breath and bit-off curse, but Stiles couldn’t pay any attention, not now, because the Vaporeon was right there.

“Hold that thought,” he muttered and angled his phone just right, now watching the Pokémon through the screen as it lounged lazily on the other person’s shoulder.

“Stay still for a second,” he continued, not even recognizing the person, even as he stared at them through the camera of his phone. This was more important; he selected a Pokéball with quick thumb strokes…

There was a light commotion in the background now as another Pokémon Go player stumbled onto the scene, and Stiles’ adrenalin spiked. He’d seen it first, god dammit!

A low snarl, and a squeak; but Stiles didn’t look up.

He aimed the Pokéball and let go of it—holding his breath, he watched the little ball engulfed the Vaporeon and started wiggling back and forth, but even now he didn’t quite dare to hope, and—YES! He’d caught it!

Stiles threw a fist into the air.

“YES!” he shouted, “YES!

He looked up from his phone for the first time and instantly froze as he saw who it was that he had literally bumped into.

“Tell me, Stiles,” drawled none other than Peter fucking Hale, his voice the sort of deadpan that could either lead to sarcastic banter or a bloody throat, depending on the season, your zodiac sign and whether anybody had managed to piss him off already, “was capturing that Pokémon worth losing your limbs over?”


Stiles gulped in a lungful of air and did what he knew to do best, he deflected.

“Wasn’t there another player here just now?”

They certainly weren’t here anymore.

He tried to think back and retroactively analyze the situation, what all the sounds he’d absentmindedly heard could have meant — had there really been a snarl? — but it was of no use, he’d been too focused on The Mission.

Peter didn’t move a muscle, and yet his face suddenly seemed to express fundamental doubts about Stiles’ intelligence.

Stiles wondered when he’d become so apt at reading the man’s face.

Then, a thought suddenly struck him.

“Wait a second,” he blurted out and narrowed his eyes, “did you just go all Alpha Werewolf on some kid just to scare them off?”

Again, not a single twitch on that face.

“Now why would I do that?”

Because you love scaring the shit out of people and it happened to coincide with helping your favorite squishy human?

There was no way he would say that one out loud, no sir.

“Because there can only be one Pokémon Master in this town and that would be me?”

Peter rolled his eyes and didn’t dignify that with a response.

“Thanks, by the way,” he added, finally remembering his manners.

The werewolf just shoved him to the side and walked away, leaving him to contemplate the absurdity of what had just happened by himself.

At least they hadn’t gotten round to more threats of violence.

Stiles counted that as a win.



pairing; doll/mannequin!jihoon x creator!reader

summary; No man has ever caught your eye. You saw them as stuck up, annoying, disgusting and arrogant… That is, until Jihoon began to function without strings and fingers to pull them.

word count; 1,421

a/n; wowie! haven’t posted any of my works for weeks! my biggest apologies everyone, im v busy w school and work. im currently in bed w the flu so ive been writing a butt ton all day! im tagging @fairyjeons​ bc she’s beyond excited to see this! <3

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Okay, you know how Vegeta said that he likes Bulma because she’s strong-willed and Goku agreed to liking Chi-Chi for the same reason? Well, since Gohan is mixed that’s why he’s with Videl. She has a strong character but at the same time it’s a bit toned down in comparison. DBZ ladies are the best.

Day 7-Meet My Grandparents-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#69 Prompt:#…None?

Word Count: 945

Warnings: Swearing. Lot’s of swearing.

A/n: This writing is something very personal to me, and It was something I was very emotional about when I was writing it. For anyone who isn’t aware I lost my grandfather in September. He was the only positive father figure I’ve ever had in my life and he loved me despite all my short comings. I could never do anything wrong in his eyes, and he always believed I would find ‘my thing’ though if you asked me he always knew it was writing and story telling. This will be my first Christmas without him and I think when I was writing this was the first time I really let that set in. That I’ve really thought about him being gone since the week after. This isn’t a sad writing, I think it’s actually a happy one, an image I’ve had in my head of bringing someone I love home to meet my grandparents, more specifically my grandpa. It’s just sad to know it will never happen for me.

Sorry, enough of my blubbering. Onto the writing!

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Last Imagine

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First Snow (Steve x Reader)

Summary: You’re all excited for the first snow fall of the season, and you try to get Steve just as excited 

Word Count: 797

Warnings: fluff, snowball fight (if that counts)

Characters: Steve, reader, Tony (briefly)

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He's sick (Michael)

When Michael is sick, he really is sick. He has a high fever and needs to take a lot of medication to numb his throbbing pain. All he wants to do is lay in bed and cuddle with you. You don’t like the idea of cuddling with a sick person but with Michael, you make an exception. He’s just so cute with his sleepy eyes and messy hair. He curls into a ball and lets you hold him and run your fingers through his hair until he falls asleep. He says that only your hugs and kisses can make him better.

feel free to send in some requests x