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Headcanon #27: Foxxay Mommies

A/N: I miss them tbh

~Misty def being the “cool” mom

~and Cordelia gets upset because she wants to be the cool mom

~Misty sneaking the kids sweets 

~Cordelia reading them to bed

~Misty giving Cordelia back rubs whenever she notices she’s stressed 

~Misty showing the kids the swamp

~Both of them cuddling in bed with the kids

~Cordelia trying to convince Misty that she’s a great mom

~Cordelia trying to get the kids to eat healthy but Misty lets them eat what they want 

~Lazy Sundays that include movies marathons and popcorn for breakfast

~Cordelia and Misty showing the kids different plants and letting them help out in the greenhouse

~Dancing with the kids

~Misty showing the kids Stevie and Fleetwood Mac

~Misty braiding the kids hair

~Cordelia crying over how amazing Misty is to the kids

~”You and the kids mean the world ta me delia”

~Misty constantly reminding Cordelia how good of a mom she is

~Anytime the kids tell Misty they love her she smiles and smothers them with hugs

~And when they tell Cordelia she covers them with kisses and reminds them how amazing they are

~Misty being super needy and when her and Cordelia get alone time she just jumps on her

Family Thanksgiving

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Word Count: 612

Note: This is the first piece I’ve posted on here, so I’m open to feedback. Hope you guys enjoy it.

You tried to avoid this every year. Every Thanksgiving since you and Bruce got together, you and Alfred had gotten so caught up in making it perfect that it became like a chore. This year you two had decided to take it easy. You’d prepared your menu a month in advance, Alfred had made sure the grocery shopping had been done with enough time to spare, and you had even started food prep days in advance.

You had even let your kids help out, to an extent of course. Jason and Cass were each in charge of a side dish, and Dick was in charge of buying the pumpkin pie. Everyone else was forbidden from stepping into the kitchen until after dinner.

With all that consideration put into Thanksgiving dinner how could anything go wrong? Well, for starters, the turkey was still partially frozen.

“I thought we took it out 3 days ago!” you said trying not to panic.

“We did Miss Y/N, it would seem that was insufficient time.” Alfred replied.

“Okay, we’ll be fine, we can just turn the stove on a little higher…that is a thing we can do right?”

“Indeed it is.” Alfred said as he washed potatoes.

“Great okay. Let’s keep it moving!”

Trying to keep with the schedule the two of you had planned, you continued about. Everything went smoothly for the next few hours. Jason’s stuffing was turning out great, Cass’ salad looked lovely, and Dick had remembered to buy the pie. Just as he was making room in the fridge for the pie, a streak of black fur ran in followed closely by Damian.

“Titus no!” he cried out as the large dog pounced on Dick, knocking the pie to the floor.

Everyone froze before cautiously looking at you and Alfred.

“Oh dear,” Alfred said “I hope you know, that I am currently a bit preoccupied to clean that up Master Damian.” Alfred said.

And so, you powered through trying not to worry so much. It was only one dessert after all, you had already prepared others. You were more concerned with the fact that Dick’s one task had been ruined, but he seemed unbothered by it.

The final hit came when you realized something in the oven was burning. Thankfully Jason’s stuffing was safe, however, this meant it was the turkey.

You pulled it out of the oven at once, “NO!” you cried out, frustrated.

“Well, it doesn’t look too bad” a voice said from the kitchen doorway.

You glared at your husband, “it’s bad enough-OW!” you said and pulled your hand away from the glass dish.

Bruce was at your side in an instant, “Let me see.”


“Y/N, let me see your hand.”

You sighed and held your hand out for him to see.

“Cass, get the first aide kit.”

“It’s fine Bruce.”

“It’s bad enough.” he mimicked.

You tried your best not to smile, but you couldn’t help yourself. He gently applied ointment to your burnt palm and wrapped it up in gauze.

“I just wanted today to be perfect.” you said softly.

“It is.”

“Dinner is ruined.” you stated bluntly.

He gestured over to Alfred, Jason and Cass.

“Seems like it’s under control. You’re here. Alfred’s here. The kids are all here. Heck, Tim’s somehow awake during the day. That’s all that matters to me. My family.”

You smiled and looked at your two children and the man you had grown to love like a father in the kitchen, and your three boys on the lawn playing with Titus.

“You’re here too.” you whispered.

“You couldn’t drag me away from this.”he said softly and kissed your palm.

Imagine Trying To Break Away From A Group Hug From The Hosts When You Return From Your Vacation

6. Break Away in My 100 Theme Fanfiction Challenge

“Guys it’s only been 2 weeks..” Your voice was completely muffled. You couldn’t even tell who’s arms were around you.

“Never leave Daddy again, (Y/N)!” Tamaki sobbed dramatically.

“We missed you so much!” Hikaru and Kaoru joined in.

Honey’s shriek was heard and you felt the group hug being shifted. “I WANNA HUG (Y/N)-CHAN TOO! I MISSED HER THE MOSTEST!” Honey whined. “Takashi and I counted every day that you were gone, (Y/N)-chan, isn’t that right, Takashi?”


Haruhi sighed as you struggled against your new bounds. “You guys are going to strangle her…”

“Well they did miss her a lot.” Kyoya shrugged, standing on the sidelines with Haruhi.

“Aw you didn’t miss me, Kyoya?” You called out, squirming to see them through the bodies surrounding you.

“I missed your business and your company, of course.” Kyoya smirked.

“Damn rich kids…” Haruhi mumbled.

“Help?” You let out before the whole group hug seemed to trip over each other’s feet and you landed on top of them all, gaining everyone’s laughter.

I like Neymar as a player and person, but damn, his temper and - more importantly - tendency to lash out physically in anger is so childish and foul. Like, what the fuck is this. What the fuck was kicking a ball at Pablo Armero in the Copa America last summer. Grow the fuck up, Neymar. Kids look up to you. And his coaches, are they addressing this? He’s young with the weight of a country on his shoulders; it’s their job to keep him grounded and help him grow as a person.

Have You Ever Heard The Sound Of More Headcanons Appearing On Your Dash?

wOuLD yOU LikE TO?

So I like the idea of Sport and Robbie being everybody’s metaphorical fathers

(Can also be found at: @sportarobbieincantation)

•Robbie will sometimes take the kids into his lair when it’s too hot outside and just let them play around

•So long as they don’t break anything, of course
•He makes snacks and everything
•The first time Robbie “reluctantly” did this, Sportacus lost his shit
•He thought something horrible had happened and it made it worse because his crystal wasn’t saying anything
•Eventually, his elven hearing picked up on music coming from underground and he had never run to the lair hatch quicker in his life
•He raced downed it and was immediately upset that he hadn’t brought a camera
•Robbie was dancing the Macarena with the kids and they were all ENJOYING themselves
•"I knew you’d be a great dad.“

•Another time, Sportacus had shown up and they were all cuddled up in the chair.
•All of them, Robbie and all the kids just snuggled up together asleep
•Bonus points because Robbie had Stephanie cradled in his arms rather protectively and she was hugging him back
•Sportacus had a camera that time
•Robbie’s favorite tool will always be mallets and hammers. He has some type of magical connection to them that not even he understands.

•He has kinds of all shapes and sizes when it comes to his hammer tools, some even bigger than himself
•Sportacus failed to lift one of the larger ones, but then Robbie picked it up and slung it over his shoulder no problem???
•"You can’t even lift me!”
•Anything made with these hammers is connected to Robbie in a magical sense, like his microwave or his disguise machine
•Sportacus has seen Robbie wield them as a weapon only once and he made a vow to never make him mad enough to see again
•"How can you lift those?“/“Magic or sumthin’, I dunno.”
•Robbie *still sleepy af*: “Pixel’s a close second.”
•Sportacus *over the screams of angry children*: “ROBBIE PLEASE.”
•Sportacus caught Robbie dry cereal out of a cup while upside down in his chair and Sportacus swore to the heavens he had died on the spot
•Both have been called “Uncle” and/or “Dad” by all the kids at the least once
•In return, they’ve called them “my son/daughter”
•Everybody kinda stopped noticing after a while
•The kids like watching Robbie do magic as much as they love watching Sport do acrobatics
•Sportacus doesn’t like admitting when he needs help

•This has ended him up in many a situation that it was Robbie or the kids that had the save him
•Sportacus will sometimes bottle up his frustration whenever he can’t figure something out on his own, even after the problem’s been solved
•This is becausehe’s the hero and he needs to protect them, not the other way around
•Eventually, the dam breaks and he’s left bawling in Robbie’s arms
•Robbie helps him understand that needing help is okay and admitting you need it is okay too
•Sportacus still has this problem from time to time, but it’s not as frustrating anymore
•"Robbie, is that a skirt?“
•"Yes. Why?”
•"…Does it come in blue? And do you have any shorts to go with it?“
•Sportacus is gonna be the big spoon even if he has to fight for it
•Robbie is Emotional Support Dad™ while Sportacus is Physical Support Dad™

•Robbie lets the kids cry on his shoulder and even helps them through their problems
•Sportacus doesn’t let the kids out themselves down about how they look and always makes sure to bring their moods back up

As a small token of my gratitude for reaching 1.5k this week, here’s a little fic I’ve been working on! I hope you enjoy, and thanks for all the support!! xxx 

The first time Percy Jackson causes an earthquake, he’s having a nightmare. He wakes from images of a drowning Akhlys in a cold sweat as a light rumbling subsides. His bunk seems to have moved a bit, but he thinks he remembers bumping into it on his way back from the bathroom. The pictures on his cabin wall are slightly crooked, or were they like that before? Annabeth was always straightening them but he really can’t remember how they were last night. No one says anything at breakfast, but the heavy feeling in his gut tells him it wasn’t just part of his nightmare. 

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↳roy and wally 
My Gemstuck AU Timeline

Okay. Long as post in coming.

5000 years ago, War shit goes down. War is won by Sapphire (Jane), Topaz (Dirk), and Rhodochrosite (Roxy).

1000 years pass. Emerald (Jake) is found at the Kindergarten and taken in by the Rebels, now named the Alpha Gems.

1990s. Jack Egbert comes strollin’ into town with a portable keyboard and plays a show at a music festival going down at the beach. No one really pays attention to ‘im except Jane.

Jack teaches Jane to play the piano, and they kind of…get together? In a way.

Dirk isn’t happy about that, at all. Well, Roxy and Jake have their annoyances about it too, on occasion, but Dirk is definitely the saltiest because he and Jane were sort of best friends and with Jack taking up all her time, they barely get to do best friend things, god damn it. 

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Watanuki is a golden child of shining goodness and I will hear nothing otherwise.

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Pairing: past Sam x Jess, Sam x Reader
Word count: 3,367

Part 15 of Chocolate Cupcakes

After Halloween, it seemed like time was racing by, not only getting closer to the holidays but the twins birthday was coming up at the beginning of December. You were starting to feel cranky because of the cast, so thankfully a week before Thanksgiving, the doctor finally put your leg in a walking cast.

It felt so good to walk out of his office that you almost danced instead. “This feels great!” You exclaimed. “Now I can help your mother with Thanksgiving dinner and I can play with the kids more, and more importantly, I can play with you again.” You pulled Sam by his tie closer so you could wrap your hands behind his head and kiss him.

His hands moved to your hips and he held you tight. “Oh, I plan on playing…” Sam smirked, the two of you having decided to stick to making out and such. Sex hadn’t been on the table since you left the hospital. Most nights you just wanted him close by. You were getting a bit antsy.

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She heard the bell ring from the back room where she was organizing her occult books– It was the last time she let one of the neighborhood kids help her out for some extra cash; they’d thrown off her system entirely. “Be out there in a second,” Evie called. Giving up on organization for the time being, she walked out with a smile on her face, ready to help the new customer. The smile quickly fell from her face when she saw who was standing in her store. “Elijah,” she breathed without thinking.

Principal walks in for observation.

I’m eating Hot Cheetos and reading emails on my computer.

Kids are running around room working on their art projects.

F. M. L.

In my defense, I wasn’t actually reading emails. I had just closed a window where I was helping the kids find a pic of the “Let’s Go Out to the Lobby” concession snack things for their drawing of the drive-in in The Outsiders. But still. I’m sure that’s what it looked like 😫😫😫 plus self-directed learning is totally a thing my kids do.

Ugh. Can’t wait for the observation conference.

no no for real

imagine even, ienzo, xion, and repliku as a family.

big bro ienzo showing xion around the lab and letting her help out with some of his experiments, because when he was little even used to let him help out

proud papa even showing off all his kids work to anyone who will listen

repliku pretending to be all “fttt my brother’s a nerd and nerds are lame” and “yeah she’s my sister but she’s really annoying” and “nah my dad’s a loser he’s not cool” but really he loves them all dearly and he WILL fight anyone who tries to hurt them

xion loving her family just so so much and she tells everyone about about how COOL they all are like repliku’s great at fighting and her papa and ienzo are both scientists


these four as a family

If someone–especially someone socialized as female–says “stop” or “don’t” or “give it back” in a joking/lighthearted tone you do what they ask. It costs you exactly nothing and this may be the only way they feel comfortable expressing their discomfort.

Only immigrant kids will know the struggles of trying to be twice as good, twice as smart, twice as hard working to ‘catch up’ to the privileges of people born and raised in the society that always accepted them and let them succeed with the help of community. Shout out to the immigrant kids who did it all on their own, who didn’t have any help from their family, but instead had to help their family out in return because their parents didn’t speak English, or their parents had crappy jobs and had to always worry about their financial situation and pretend everything was fine in school and with friends. I know your pain, and you are so strong. Everything you have fought for, you had to earn on your own, and I know how hard it is to feel all alone and not have any support. That’s why you have to keep fighting and keep learning. Keep waking up everyday with a fire in your soul and a desire to be better. Make yourself proud. All this struggle is for yourself.
I Promise You
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His deep voice cut into the dark silence, “Do you ever wonder what our children will look like?”

It was so out of the blue, you spluttered into your glass of water.

He didn’t look over at you, but he heard your coughing and smirked, “Sorry.”

You put your drink back on the bedside cabinet.

There was a pause as you licked your lips, “Yes.”

His head snapped to yours, “Really?

You nodded shyly, casting your eyes to the shadows on the walls instead of your boyfriend, "Sometimes.”

“And?” He pushed on, bumping his shoulder into yours playfully, “Are they cute?”

You stopped to think about it in your head, then nodded again, “They look just like you.”

He smiled, satisfied.

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Interview with Davey Muise of Vanna on how music saved his life

We got to sit down with Davey Muise of Vanna on Tour with Beartooth, Sirens and Sailors, Sylar and Alive Like Me. 


I’m Davey Muise, Music Saved my Life and I play in Vanna.

The reason we wanted to interview you was to help getting your story out about your passion, struggles, and everything in between to those who can possibly relate, what is your story exactly?

In my early 20’s I began struggling with depression and feeling super alone. I was playing in bands through a lot of my high school with the 2 different circumstances- kinda falling in different directions had made me stop playing music for a very long time. I’ve got very low, and pretty suicidal, and I had friend reached out to me. He was kinda bummed with the fact I was not playing in bands anymore and he knew that was the thing that made me happy. I began doing a lot of drugs, and drinking, and I knew I had to dig myself out of the grave I was already in. Music was that thing so I began working very hard. I joined a band at home and I played locally a ton, I started booking ourselves on tour and getting us out there. Eventually, I became close with the Vanna guys, Real awesome dudes, and it helped since we were similar ages, and then when they needed a new singer, my band was on tour with them and they came to me on that tour and told me that they wanted me to join. I joined them over 6 years ago. It took me realizing that point in my life- I hated, needed a change and it took someone just telling me that music was the thing I should be doing, y’kno?  I realized that music is my shovel in my life, and  I found a way to dig myself out, and through that  I wanted to help others dig their self out. I’m no savior, or hero- I just try to dig other people out so they can find their shovel and they can just continue? Y’kno what I mean? The thing is the world has stopped believing each other a long time ago, and If I can help a kid realize that like his guitar is what he needs to do, or like y’kno singing is what he needs to do or like anything! It doesn’t matter, go to college or get in a trade, if that’s whats going to help them be happy, that’s something they need to do and if I can help them realize that through music, then that’s why I am here, That’s why I was put on this Earth. 

What are some of the hardest demons you had to face when you were younger or even now? 

For me, I think it’s that people leaving me. I was abandoned as a baby and I was adopted. Then my adopted father left my family then a girlfriend I had for a while- she got pregnant and we thought the baby was mine and it wasn’t and she cheated on me so she just left me. It spiraled and I kept getting abandoned by everyone around me and that was something that started having me sunk into depression. Then I started a band, giving them myself, giving it all and the people around me.Those were some of my biggest skeletons in closet, I just dealt with so much abandonment, I always thought people were going to leave and didn’t care about me. It took me a very long time, I mean it took the music scene to let me know that people are here and they’re not going to leave. It’s not everyone in the whole world.

Void has been a hit so well among so many fans, especially the song “Digging” (Hell, during Connecticut and Wantagh Warped Tour, 3 of my best friends and I ended up balling our eyes out). It was amazing this summer seeing the fans react so emotionally to the song and speech. What was the writing process for “Digging” and what’s the response like to it from fans all over the country who feel so strongly about the lyrics?

It literally justifies me sleeping in a van, me making no money. I’ve been with this band for 6 years and I still sleep on a pull out futon. (Laughs) It’s a really nice one, but y’kno it makes all the personal sacrifices worth it to see that these words and music gets out to kids and that they can relate. This is why we’re doing it. We’re not doing it for anything else. There is nothing else to do it for. We don’t make money, um we all go home and there is no popularity, just friends and they’re just our friends, we’re not like celebrities. So the only reason we do it for is so kids can relate and let them know they’re not alone with anything that may be- suicide, parents, or struggles with faith and god. Whatever those struggles may be, we only do it so kids so we can help out. If you for some reason look up to us, and think what we’re doing is awesome, well we dealt with the same problems so we’re no different. You can do exactly what we’re doing in whatever field you love to do, y’kno what I mean? So when kids come up to me and tell me that y’kno what ever song spoke to them? That’s literally the only reason why I write music. That’s it. It’s just a validation for us to keep moving, and I think Void has hit a lot kids really, really hard. I was finally on “Void” ready to talk about all the shit I dealt with. I held back on a lot of previous records, like all the other records I was honest completely, but I just wasn’t ready to talk about a lot of things in my life. I’ve been in a really good place in my life now, and I was finally ready to let things go. I can share with kids and help them out. It’s literally my moral obligation to do that. Thats why I am here, That’s why I feel I’ve been put on this earth, among a few other reasons to just, moral obligation to share what I’ve gone through. I can’t see another kid come to a show and a couple months later, his friend comes and tells us he took his own life. I can’t see that anymore, I can’t have that anymore. I don’t want to lose another person, whether I know them personally or not, somebody knows them. They’re somebody’s family members, somebody’s friends and I can’t- so it would be so selfish of me to hold back what I’ve gone through because that might help save a fucking kid’s life, y’know? And that’s super important to me. Sometimes that sadness spreads. I had a friend who had committed suicide 3 years ago, and then right after that- 3 more friends did the same thing because of him and the thing is I can’t have that anymore. I can’t see that in groups of friends, and mothers crying, I can’t see that. We had a mother that comes to our shows. Her son unfortunately took his own life two weeks before “Void” came out. His mother goes to shows of all of his favorite bands, his note- he left a big list of bands to his mother to thank all of these bands wasn’t enough and this fucking killed me. His mom comes to shows and tries to spread the message that we all go through this and it’s okay. I can’t have it anymore. That’s why I’ve been speaking at high schools, and middle schools, because I can’t reach everyone through shows so I’m just trying to reach through to as many people as I can. Most of the high schools I go to, most people don’t fucking know who I am or who my band is (laughs). That’s not even the point. If you think I’m cool, that’s great but I’ve dealt with depression, pour yourself out of that, don’t give into that shit. If I can even help out one kid, that’s my whole life. I owe it to music, because it saved my life. I owe it to music to help others. 

How does Void relate to your story (if it does at all?) 

There’s a song on there called “Pornocopia" that was just about being broken up really, really hard (with the girl I was telling you about with the pregnancy.)  I kinda just treated women as an object for a couple of years of my life. I know I  hurt a lot of people. I would sleep with girls that had boyfriends, I didn’t care about anything. I was shit. I’ve hurt a lot of people’s feelings, and as much as I can, I’ve gone back trying to apologize, tried to mend bridges. Sometimes I can’t, sometimes those bridges are burned forever and I really messed up people’s lives because of it. That’s something that I’d have to live with forever but it was because someone else fucked with me so hard. 

There’s another song that’s really short called “Humaphobia”. It’s how I’m so scared for state of human beings and how we treat each other in the world, how it’s seemingly crumbling around us. It stretches everywhere from how police treat people to how we treat people of different races. The world is not going to change. Especially if we don’t make a change. So for me, I have tried to be a less judgmental person, more open minded, not giving a shit about like what jeans someone’s wearing or tee shirt. That shit doesn’t fucking matter. I try to lead by example. It’s honestly the state of the world scares me. Police brutality cases are just a small side of it and judging people and this is something that scares the shit out of me man. Nothing’s going to happen if we don’t make a change. There’s no reset button. It’s not going to get better but just worse. It’s something on my mind, I’m always thinking about it. It freaks me out. Here’s the deal. We are the generation (laughs) I mean I’m older than you guys but we are part of the generation where everyone looks at and goes “Oh you guys are fuck ups”, “You guys are below it” We are part of a generation of owning more businesses, being in more touch of the earth, like we are a generation literally are kind of and can even more change the world. I am pretty proud of the generation we are in. Everyone needs to keep going. We need to keep pushing and going, and teach your future generations on what you did and about the shitty generations before us. You can write our wrongs, it’s not too far gone, it never is. This is another reason why I tell kids to change shit. Stop being so fucking judgmental in your high school, stop being a bully, be friends with people. Make people feel welcome. That’s something that’s always on my mind, especially going to high schools I’m like “Holy Fuck”. I talk to so many kids, and they say “I get bullied in high school because I wear black tee shirts and stuff” and it’s sometimes you can’t do anything about it. Like dude, put your head down and finish school, and when you get out man, who listen to my band, and go to shows, “You’re cool here man”, this is the place to be! These are constantly things on my mind man. This scene has so much acceptance. No one is cool here, You’re here because you are not cool. We are the other people. There’s no judgement here, y’kno?

“Personal Cross” was something on the softer side of Void but definitely on the emotional side. Let’s talk about that. 

“Personal Cross” is about being your own savior in situations, so often that people wallow in problems, and wait for other people, religion- and this is not me knocking on religion or god. Someone asked me the other day about how “Personal Cross” is an anti god song and it’s not, not at all but kids wait and sit around for someone else to pull them out of their problems. They are your problems and you have to be your own personal savior. You got to find strength in yourself to dig yourself out of your grave. NO one is coming to save you except for you. You assume people will come save you. It’s not simple as that. 

What feelings run through your head when you have fans approach you after, or before sets about their own struggles, relating to your speeches/lyrics, and lyrics tattooed on themselves?

When people get tattoos of like Vanna stuff man,  it makes us feel insane. That is unreal. You are willing to put something I said, some symbol we drew or some design we made, on your body. Forever. That means the world. They’re LIFERS man. They’re with us for life and that means the world- and if kids have to tattoo their skin to express themselves, and have their emotions. Cover yourself in whatever you want. Do whatever the fuck you want. I love it when it happens, whenever I see a Vanna tattoo, I take a picture of it every fucking time. (laughs) Even if I see it twice, I’ll take a picture of it again. 

What got you into this genre of music?

I don’t know. I just like Nirvana and all of that shit. My middle school was across the street from the high school i went to and some kids, these cool older looking dudes with Pixies and Pearl Jam Shirts. I would go to local record stores and buy these records without even knowing what these bands sounded like. That’s how I got into this alternative music. In my early teens, I had a cousin who was into Hardcore and she was like “You should come to a show with me!” and so I went and my step father was also a drummer and had a lot of fans in this music scene so he’s already into punk rock like NOFX. It was literally alternative to punk rock and I skateboarded so that went in hand in hand with punk rock, then I went into hardcore, and everything else lead from their. It was a natural progression. 

Did you play any instruments? 

I played drums for years. I started when I was 12 years old. I still play drums in a band at home. It wasn’t hard adjusting to vocals at all. If you ask my mom, she’ll say I was born for the spotlight (laughs) it wasn’t hard. 

Who were Influences/bands/people as a child/teenager, perhaps some that have found you comfort that Vanna does to a lot of fans. 

We grew up in the Boston Hardcore scene. So um, like Converge is a really big  and they’re still fucking big. They’re the best heavy band ever. Obviously like Deftones and a lot of 90’s rock like Nirvana. They’re my favorite band of all time. (Laughs) I used to stand in front of the mirror and air guitar and wanna be Kurt Cobain. But yeah, 90’s rock, Boston music was huge, and accepting. The scene changes, it’s a little less violent which is cool too. It’s still Boston. There’s several little scenes within the big scene. It’s cool, everyone’s really cool, it’s more like New England, the entire stretch of New England. I mean there’s Have Heart, their shows used to be insane and huge. 

What advice do you have to fans that are struggling with depression, anxiety, self harm, etc?

Everything I’ve said literally is all I can say. Be your own fucking shovel, dig yourself out. Find your thing that can be your shovel. Your shovel can be music, your shovel can be art, it can be construction, going to college. Whatever you love, dig yourself out of your hole. Once you’re good and you feel like you’re in a really good spot in your life, look around you and dig other people out. It’s the only way any of us are going to be able to grieve. 

If you could give your past self advice, what advice would you give to yourself?

[long pause and silence] I don’t know. I had to go through what I had go through to become the person I am today. I wouldn’t give myself any advice. I’m really glad everything went on the way it did, everything happens for a reason and I’m here as living proof that you have to go through life. There’s no miracle pill, or answer to life’s problems. It builds character. Here’s an analogy for you- There’s a guy his name is Yvon- he founded Patagonia hiking company. So him and his friends in the 70’s took a bunch of things they had and began fixing stuff, they made a bunch of money and they wanted to climb mountains in Patagonia, Chile/Argentina and they could’ve rented a helicopter, flown over there, go to the top of the mountain, take a picture at the top of the mountain and could have flown down but they flew over, bought a van, traveled through the village of Patagonia, and learned the people’s cultures, learned everything about them, got to the base of the mountain, did a 2 week hike to the top of the mountain, and experienced one of the coolest things ever. They got to the top, and the end result was still the same and went back down, that was it. But Yvon has the best quote ever, and I live by this quote. It’s not about the end zone, it’s about the climb because you have to respect the process. “You have to respect the process, the process and anything you might go through, problematic, if you don’t respect the process- you’re an asshole when you started, and you’re an asshole when you finished. If you don’t learn anything from your journey, you just stayed the same. That’s what it’s all about. It’s learning, making mistakes, it’s failing but failing forward. If you fail, and say ‘Ok that didn’t work, fail, I’m done, it’s over”’ Fail forward. Fail, okay? Cool. Keep going. Fail, but keep going. Just fail forward constantly and respect the process the whole time you’re there. Take in the surroundings”. It’s my favorite quote and he’s now like a 70 year old guy, it’s my favorite. Always respect the process. When you get the chance, watch “180 Degrees South” on Netflix. It’s about him and the other guy who wanted to re-create the trip, and how they meet Yvon and the two other guys who created Patagonia and even Northface. They both sold the companies and now Yvon and his 2 friends are now in Chile, working on sustainable energy. It’s life changing.

We think one of the most important things about this scene is giving back, like how you said you give back.

Absolutely, Music saved my life, thats how and why I’m here. 

We think that’s one of the most important things, like another band in Hardcore is Stick To Your Guns, who give back as well or get back.

That band. We need more bands like Stick to your Guns. We need more bands like STYG. They’re making rad music, and they’re amazing people. Their message, I love it so much. Their sets is literally half of Jesse talking and half music. He just preaches and I fucking love it. We need more Stick to your Guns in the world for sure (laughs). 

How has it been working with PureNoise?

Smashing, it’s awesome. Best record label out there. Look at all the bands they have out there. They have so many genres. It’s awesome. No bad words, Jake is the man! 

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Companions react to Shaun telling them he wants to be just like them when he's older?

Cait: “Trust me kid, no you don’t.” Cait looked down at Shaun before ruffling up his hair slightly.

Curie: “Why do you want to be like?” She asked, confused why Shaun would want to grow up to be like her. Curie didn’t think she was anyone he should be looking up too. Why not someone more heroic, like their parent? 

Danse: “Oh, uh, thank you.” Danse didn’t know how to react to that but Shaun could swear that he saw a tear in Danse’s eye. 

Deacon: “You sure about that?” Deacon laughed, before bending down to Shaun’s life. “I’m pretty sure you’ll change your opinion soon enough.” 

Hancock: “Thanks, kid.” Hancock chuckled as he ruffled Shaun’s hair and wrapped his arm around his shoulders and giving him some advice about being a mayor. Shaun didn’t understand most of it. 

MacCready: “Wait, what?” MacCready responded after almost choking on his drink and coughing profusely. 

Valentine: “I, uh,-” Nick was mostly at lost for words. 

Piper: “Like an author or writer?” Piper asked. Once Shaun clarified that he wanted to be like her, personality and all, she couldn’t help but let out a soft, “Aw.” 

Preston: “Trust me kid, you’ll get there some day.” Preston smiled down at him, “You’ll be a good Minuteman, just like Sole.” 

X6-88: “Thank you.” X6 gave a small, soft smile to Shaun before walking away. 


“Y/N, I don’t think you understand! Our daughter is bleeding to death!!”

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