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today did end up being very good. we drove in the empty farmer’s market lot and long boarded after … i don’t have much experience with either but my friend helped me & then let me eat the brownies she made … a keeper. i cried on the phone with my nana, we talked about a lot of feelings and moving forward with what i need to do and i’m just so thankful to have her in my life. there were some uncomfortable things today but i’m learning to brush them off and focus on better thoughts. i also think that sol’s eyebrows look like black caterpillars. goodnight


Hamilton AU: A street in New York lined with these shops

Am I trying to kill you guys with Dazatsu fluff? Yes.


Like who he tryna kid though?


When u about to surprise bae but u find him with another man

On the Topic of Zukka and Mai

It’s necessary to me, in my shipping headcanons, that amidst my drive to get the hot boys (or girls!) to fuck eachother, I stop to consider the canon ships that I’m displacing.  Particularly when these characters are women, whose role in fiction is too often marginalized, I find it important that they not be dismissed and vilified, but treated with respect.

Why I ship Zukka, where that leaves Mai, and basic psychological ramblings under the cut!

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I was practicing sketches and drawing in school and my friend, who really doesn’t like anime, asked me if i started drawing again because of YOI. And i just said “oh yeah definitely.” and she’s being going through a rough time and she said to herself “maybe i should start watching YOI.”


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“We weren’t meant to be. We should have never kissed. I should not have become that weak soul which needs you. We shouldn’t have met, but we did.”

Summary: I call him devil because he makes me want to sin. And every time he knocks… I can’t help but to let him in…

Hoseok was my brother’s best friend. He was nothing but bad news, but the more I spent time around him… the more I couldn’t help but to fall for him…

Temptations is a dangerous thing… especially with a guy like him…

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 //

Part 6 is here~


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  • Me: Just keep your head down. Be Burr, not Hamilton.
  • Me, fifteen seconds later: aND ANOTHER THING
a thought

(Oh wow she’s having Thoughts again what a concept)

I was having some conversations with friends in the last couple of days about some of the more… inventive prompts that people have been coming up with lately. And I know that some people are uncomfortable with some of them. And I wanted to know… what are everyone’s general thoughts on this?

It’s funny because just like a week ago I was all “oh I don’t want to write things that will trigger people or be harmful bc younger followers etc.” and now I’m… helping to run this thing that has come up with some ideas that I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Like others can have at it, that’s fine.

But also I know that… people will find this stuff whether or not I have anything to do with it. That doesn’t mean I feel comfortable perpetuating it.

My concern is not with like a/b/o or tentacles (which, someone is working on now???) or sex pollen. My concern is mostly with non-consensual stuff. Of course we’re going to tag everything appropriately and have trigger warnings for whatever we can think of - I try to do that anyway. And I’m not going to reblog the prompt fills on this blog (unless I wrote it, obvs), so it’s easy enough to just not follow the kink meme blog. But that doesn’t mean I’m not playing a role, so…

I don’t even know what I’m asking really, I’ve just been having conversations with people and I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, especially younger people, because I am an Adult, I’ve been around the block, but this can be… a thing for others.

But let me know your thoughts, if you want trigger warnings for anything in particular, etc.


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“We weren’t meant to be. We should have never kissed. I should not have become that weak soul which needs you. We shouldn’t have met, but we did.”

Summary: I call him devil because he makes me want to sin. And every time he knocks… I can’t help but to let him in…

Hoseok was my brother’s best friend. He was nothing but bad news, but the more I spent time around him… the more I couldn’t help but to fall for him…

Temptations is a dangerous thing… especially with a guy like him…

Previous Parts: 

Part 1 

Part 2 is here~

Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 //



Aish why does this have to be complicated? Why couldn’t I just snap my fingers and wish I completed my math homework in like 2.5 seconds?

I placed a hand on my forehead and continued to stare at the complicated problem right in front of me.

Come brain….work!

“AGH!” I grabbed my textbook from my desk and just threw it on the floor and sighed. Forget math homework, I have serious matter to deal with.

I got up from my seat and walked over to my laptop till… I noticed the door swing open and I looked up and seen Hoseok standing right then and there with one foot in my room…

Who said he could come in? He didn’t even get permission?! I hate this boy sometimes..

“Hoseok! Get out of my room.”

I barked annoyed as I sat down at my bed and Hoseok looked at the one foot that was in my room and stepped in with his other foot..


“That’s my name, don’t ware it out.” He says as he smirks. I grabbed the nearest pillow and threw it at his direction… However I seemed to miss him completely and let the pillow fall to the ground.

“Why are you here?!”

“Well… I came to see my best friend in the entire world!”

Something is up….


I looked Hoseok completely confused and noticed him slowly walk over to me.

“Hoseok… don’t c-”

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t get any closer.” I commanded and I noticed him getting closer and closer to my bed..

“Why? Is someone scared?”

Scared of Hoseok? Psh, have this boy lost his mind?!

“Why would I be scared?” I asked crossing my arms and Hoseok just started to laugh.. It wasn’t his usual hyena laugh but instead it was an evil type of laugh. I have no idea what was on his mind but it could be anything at this point.

“See you around.”


Hoseok walked out and I continued to stare at my door completely confused. What the hell just happened? What was the point of that? Hoseok just camE in my room, asked me if i was scared and then left?



“Kevin! Where is m-” before I could finish my sentence, there I see Hoseok sitting on Kevin’s bad casually using his phone.

“Where’s Kevin?”

“Out with his girlfriend.”

“And you’re here because?”  

“Because I don’t want to go home,” Hoseok says smirking and all I did was roll my eyes and was going to walk out till…



“Someone’s mad.”

“Yeah because of I have to see your face here,” I said as I forced a smile and he laughed.

“Why do you hate me so much?” I rolled my eyes and left the room. I had my hand on the door the knob and before I could even opened the door I felt a hand on my shoulder that spun me around and I was now against the door with Hoseok in front of me.

I looked at him completely dumbfounded and confused.

“What are you doing?!”

“Why do you hate me?”

“Why else?” I responded back and I tried to turn around to continue walking to my room but Hoseok grabbed my wrist and placed them above my head.

“Hoseok I swear you better let me go!”

“Or what?”

Without even responding I did what I thought was right and lifted my knee up and made sure I kicked him right where it hurt.


He kneed down and was on the ground. Now was my chance to escape. I grabbed the doorknob to my bedroom door and ran in while I had the chance. I closed the door right behind me and leaned against the door making sure Hoseok couldn’t come in.

Just when silence was the only thing that was heard. I began to hear knocking on the other side of the door.

“Jenni come on.. Why do you hate me. What did I do?”

“Hoseok leave me alone.”

“No, not until you tell me why you hate me,”

“Why does it matter?” I couldn’t help but to ask and again Hoseok was quiet.

Hoseok has been a jerk my whole life and not once have I ever received a I’m sorry or anything.


“Because what?”

“You’re my best friend’s little sister. Doesn’t you think we should try to get along?”

I sighed and I was going to ignore him and continued what mind my own business, but unlike him I have a heart and I care about people’s feelings, unfortunately…

I opened the door and Hoseok was looking down to the ground. He slowly lifted his head up and looked at me in my eyes.

“I know… I may have made comments that must of hurt your feelings but I don’t actually mean it.”


“And I’m sorry.”

I was actually quiet surprised that I actually got an apology out of his mouth, but it felt good having someone who made my life sucky apologize for their actions.


“Well… Do you maybe want to get some shaved ice?”

“What about my brother? What if he comes home and sees you missing?” I asked and Hoseok smiles.

“I’m pretty sure he won’t miss me too much. Plus I think he’s probably getting laid by his girlfriend.”

“Woah! Did not need to know that.” I quickly interrupted him before he could finish his sentence.

“Aw is someone scared of the thought of sex?”

“No you ass, why would I want to imagine my bro-. You know what I don’t even know why I’m explaining myself.” I quickly got up and Hoseok smirked.

“I’ll be waiting for you downstairs then. Be ready in five.”

I was about to walk over to my purse but I noticed Hoseok stopping at my door. I looked up and he was just standing there looking out at the hall… not even at me.



“I know you’re probably too pure to know anything about sex but, it’s probably one of the best experience in your life.”

My mouth dropped and I watched hoseok walk away with a huge smile across his face.

*What the hell does he mean it’s one of the best experience of your life? What is that suppose to mean? Does he know you’re a virgin? Why does it matter to him?! Ugh this boy!”

I rushed my fingers through my hair and sighed. This boy was way to complicated to understand in the first place. One minute he’s laughing when you said you were a child of god and now here he is calling me pure and thinking i have no experience in sexual activities…

What am i saying?!?!

I let Hoseok get in my head way too much.

I shook my head, grabbed my purse and made my way out the door.


As the two of began to walk out of the house and to the nearest shave ice store, the only sound I constantly kept hearing was his damn phone.

Every two seconds i hear a buzz or a ding.

I swear if I hear it one more fr- *Ding*

“Can you make your phone shut up.” I hissed in annoyance and Hoseok smirked.

“Didn’t think my phone was such a bother.”

“Well you see, when the only thing you hear is ding every two damn second it gets a bit annoying.”

“What can I say, I’m a loved guy.”

Oh my god, why was Hoseok such a little man whore. I found this boy so attractive but his personality needs go down the damn toilet..

“I’m sorry for who ever lied to you like that.”

I continued to walk and just as I was thinking maybe Hoseok would take the volume off his phone, the ringing noise continued to go off. If he doesn’t stop this noise any second. I will stop it for him.


I can’t take it anymore. I stopped walking and looked Hoseok. He stopped walking as well and looked at me. I walked right up to him and shoved my hand in his pants pocket pulling out his phone.

“What are you doing?!”

“Well you see, you didn’t listen to me in the first place, so if you won’t make your phone shut up. Then I will.” I barked at him and at last I made his phone shut up.

Just then I couldn’t help but to stare at his phone and all I saw was names of girls all over his screen and million of texts from them. My eyes widen…. Hoseok really was a man whore…

“Give me that!” He snatched his phone from my hands and looked down at his phone.

“Just as i predicted. You’re such a man whore.” I said as a crossed my arms and Hoseok looked at me surprised at the way I spoke to him.

“Hey, what’s wrong with a guy who wants to have fun.”

“You pig.”

“Wow, someone doesn’t know how to respect their elders.” Hoseok hisses at me and I smiled.

“And you’re point is?” I tried to walk away but Hoseok grabbed my wrist and I looked at him.

“Why do you always have to grab me?”

“Cause you never listen to me! You always walk away.”

“Because whatever comes out of your mouth is stupid most of the time.” As those words left out of my mouth Hoseok looked at me surprised.

He basically apologized for no reason. The two of us were arguing… We are always going to argue.. No matter who says sorry..

“You don’t have respect or manners.”

“Excuse me?” I asked offended and he stared at me.

“Here you are, not calling me Sunbae, instead you’re calling me by name which is rude. Th-”


“Now here you are interrupting me while I’m trying to speak a-”


He covered my mouth with hand and looks at me.

“Be quiet for like two seconds. Last but not least your here snatching my phone taking off the volume instead of asking me nicely to take it off myself. Oh and should I say you snatched my phone without my permission as well.

*If he doesn’t take his hand away from my mouth I will bit him.. 1….2….3*

Without thinking twice I digged my teeth in his hand and his eyes widen and he quickly removed his hand.


As my mouth was finally free from his grip, I couldn’t help but to spit.

“I can’t believe you made me do that, I have no idea where your hands could have been.” I mumbled annoyed and Hoseok stared at his hand and then at me.

I ignored his stare and began to walk away.

As I walked away, I began to get lost in my thoughts. What made Hoseok become just a ladies man? Did someone hurt him?

Before I could continue with my train in thought, reality hit me.

Hoseok has ran up to me and snatched my phone from my pocket and stopped and looked at me.

“Well you see since you took my phone, it’s only right if I do the same.”


He smirks and began to looked through my phone. You see I never had a reason to ever put a reason to put a password on my phone so as soon as you had a hold of my phone you had access to whatever you wanted to see.

“Give me my phone!”

Hoseok ignored my comment and continued to scroll through my phone.

“I see that the only person you text is you boyfriend Taehyung.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!”


“Give me my phone!!!” I continued to bark annoyed as I raised my arms and jumped up and down trying to snatch it from his hand.



Hoseok and I instantly froze when we heard a girl voice and looked right in front of us.

“Oh my god!”

She ran up to Hoseok and pulled him into a hug. All I could was just stare at the two embrace… For some reason I felt my heart dropped a jealousy rushing through my vain…

What’s going on with me?


To Be Continued