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How to get revenge on the Signs #2: Piss them off
  • Aries:making fun of them, physicially injuring them
  • Taurus:steal their possessions (esp food)
  • Gemini:act as if you know more about something they’re passionate about (they might actually fight you)
  • Cancer:tell them they’re incompetent, asking for too much
  • Leo:Shit-talk their friends/family, control them somehow
  • Virgo:blame them for a situation that they’re not in control of, tell them to fix something they can't
  • Libra:encroach on them or their comfort in any number of ways, whittling down their patience
  • Scorpio:lecture them in confusing or inane ways, political grandstanding or acting superior
  • Sagittarius:be annoying or persistent, not letting them have peace or be alone, esp in public
  • Capricorn:ridicule their intelligence, act more intelligent (you’re not tho)
  • Aquarius:act as if they don’t care about people, hurt someone they love
  • Pisces:steal their possessions (this can be esp food too)

As further thanks to mustardprecum for her kind message in response to my young!Harry post, I propose the idea of Eggsy going back in time. But instead of falling all the way back to when Harry was in his early 20′s, he ends up about 17 years before Harry proposed him as a Kingsman and just after Lee Unwin’s death. 

He quickly discovers that Harry’s been sent on psychiatric leave for an unspecified amount of time after a spell of overly reckless behavior, even for him. When Eggsy sees him for the first time, he’s picking up the newspaper outside that same damn house. His hair’s gone all curly and he’s dressed in a jumper and jeans, which is honestly the most casual Eggsy has ever seen him, but he still looks like he’s been professionally tailored to the nines. 

And as he always does, Eggsy claws and wriggles his way into Harry’s heart life. Thirty seven year old Harry is still Harry, except not at the same time. Eggsy relearns his Harry Hart. Harry learns Eggsy Unwin for the first time. Together they heal, and Eggsy stays (and stays and stays and stays). 

Seventeen years in the future, a man–seventeen years older than the date on his original birth certificate would suggest–walks across the pavement of a deserted Kentucky church parking lot. He crouches down over the form of Harry Hart, still and covered in blood and very much alive. 

“Need a hand?”

“More than you know, my dear,” Harry grumbles. The fake blood has cooled and a chill is setting in. The reality of what happened in that church is even more frigid than the air around him. He knows his glasses feed has gone dead, is transmitting a flat line to headquarters. “Took you long enough.” 

Eggsy smiles a little and extends his hand, “We got all the time in the world love.”

The world's greatest historical mistakes were caused by things like these.

Everybody has opinions. Everybody has a right to. Nobody is changing that, and trust me, nobody wants to change that.

Succesful human relationships are based in mutual understanding. That’s why languages were invented for. But no one can understand you if you try to force your opinion on them.

If you don’t like something, call it a certain type of music, a certain band, or whatever it is you dislike, these are just mere examples, don’t try to convince other people  to do and feel the same way you do. Don’t talk bad about their interests, that hurts people’s feelings.

Hurting people brings a serious impact in our lives. And I say “our lives”, because it affects us all. The world’s greatest historical mistakes were caused by things like these. All you have to do is grab a book, and read. History is plagued by these kind of stories. People killing each other because they wouldn’t accept their religious beliefs, or, yes, even their musical preferences.

My country has many stories like these. People fighting, hurting, and killing each other because they don’t like the same artist. And most of those fights have started with a tweet. Yes, you read that correctly. A single, harmless, meaningless, innocent tweet.

Social networks, and internet, of course, are a big part of our lives today. So don’t dare to think, that because you said that online, it won’t have consequences in real life. 

Stop forcing your opinion on other people. Be responsable for your acts.


“Dear immature and warfreak EXO stans,

Can you see the picture I’ve attached with this post? Do you know who are those people at the left side? How bout on the right side?

If not, let me enlighten you then.

Those group of people huddled on the right side of the picture is your(and mine too) beloved EXO. On the left, those 2 guys walking side by side is TVXQ. Now please observe what they’re doing at that moment.
Apparently, EXO saw TVXQ passing by and they all bowed to show respect to their sunbaenims.


And yet I wonder why they have fans like you. Immature and prideful fans who don’t event have the slightest idea that they’re bashing the group THEIR BIAS GROUP respect and love.
Did you ever guys wonder that you’re dragging EXO’s name down by posting stuff like that?

Don’t brag about things that we can surpass kiddos. If you can boast like that, then we cassies should not hold back anymore and boast more of TVXQ’s achievements. But we keep ourselves humble. Because we take our idols as good examples. If they’re being humble so are we in this fandom.

I love EXO and it would never change. I won’t let something like this happen again coz I know this will bring bad things to EXO in the future.

If you really love EXO then don’t bash groups you see as a threat.

Yours truly,

PS. Yes, we never made it to EMAs but did your fandom reach Guinness? I think we did. Wait, how many times did we— oh 3 times! *smirks*”

Everything she said is RIGHT. YOU LET EXO DOWN EVERYTIME YOU GUYS INVOLVE ON A FAN WAR. EXO shows respect to their sunbaenims. DON’T COMPARE EXO TO THE OTHER KPOP GROUPS. THEY HAVE EQUAL AND UNIQUE TALENTS. NEVER compare what they have achieved. 

PLEASE GUYS. I hope EXO STANS will not be involved on fanwars again. Let us have a peaceful fandom. 

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sorry to suddenly ask but if you're still doing the headcanon thing, umimaki please :3

ssssure why not!

  • Who would win tickle wars: neither. they don’t tickle each other. 
  • Who would draw pictures of the other in their sketchbook: Maki, and Umi is surprisingly not flustered at all when she finds out. instead, she gives Maki art tips and Maki’s like ??? well ok thanks Umi
  • Who would holds hands while walking: neither of them, handholding is too lewd!!! actually in the end it’s Maki who awkwardly takes Umi’s hand first but they hold hands for approximately 3 seconds at the most. sometimes even 4, amazing.
  • Who would gives cheek kisses: neither. they don’t really do displays of affection like that, even small ones, and they’re both perfectly fine with it. as a side note, i’m not a very big umimaki shipper but part of the appeal of them for me is them respecting each other’s boundaries and shit. it may seem boring to shippers who want them to be sexy and cuddle/make out and whatever but i think umimaki just sitting next to each other and quietly reading has more appeal.
  • Who would start a snowball fight: Maki throws one first as a joke then she quickly regrets it because no one messes with Umi. not even Maki gets any mercy from her. in the end she has to call for backup but Umi still destroys them all.
  • Who would slip the most on a date to go ice skating: Maki slips a bit and Umi is there to steady her each time. it’s stupidly shoujo and dashing and Maki has to squint because was Umi ever this cool before?? no it must be the lighting. yeah it’s definitely the lighting.
  • Who leaves letter in the others locker: Maki leaves a letter but it gets lost among all the other love letters Umi gets and she overlooks it. luckily Rin had a copy of it so she shares it with Umi!!! thanks Rin
  • Who would bring lunch to school/work for the other: both of them. sometimes they’ll just exchange lunches like it’s no big deal and Nozomi is in the background hissing at them to at least feed each other because otherwise it’s not romantic at all??! come on guys.
  • Who would want cuddle at the movie theater date: HAHA neither of them. they’ll lean against each other but that’s the full extent of it. 
  • Who would buy cheezy cliche gifts for each other on holidays: Umi has no idea what to get for a rich girl so she has Nozomi and Nico help her pick out gifts for Maki. huge mistake. huge, huge mistake. she should’ve asked RinPana for help.
  • Who would start an argument about what color curtains they should have at home: neither, they easily settle with something chic. chic all the way for these two tbh.  
  • Who would remember their anniversary: both. they have a fancy outing and that’s about it, nothing too big. they hold hands for six whole seconds though. im jk but neither of them try to make a huge deal out of their anniversary. it’s their friends who try to throw a big party for them. 
  • Who would blurt out how much they love the other in front of people: Umi does it like, once, and then she never does it again because that was probably the most embarrassing moment of both their lives. Maki expected better from you Umi smh. 
  • Who would offer to wash the others back in the shower: Umi, in a completely innocuous manner. basically everything they do together is innocuous so Maki doesn’t really mind but they’re both probably internally shrieking while Umi washes Maki’s back. 
  • Who would post up statuses about the other on facebook: neither, they don’t do much social media. 
  • Who would have the others picture as their phone background: neither? i can’t see either of them doing something like that. 
  • Who would take pictures of the other while they’re sleeping: neither good lord
  • Who says I love you: Maki has an easier time saying it compared to Umi. Umi chokes on her words then nearly suffocates, someone help this child. 

Dear Middle Eastern Countries,

Please make your people stop killing each other, because I really want to  study in you, but all this violence makes me nervous. Clashes and bombs in Lebanon make me question my AU-Beirut dreams :(

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It's already ash's bday in sydney

its only the 6th here let me have my peace for one more day pLEASE

Let’s have a peaceful day.
Nobody can screw this up for us.
This is the day where we take our mind off of other things and think and love our Michael.
Let’s do that today.
Talk to one another.
Cry with each other, laugh.
Today is the day where we can actually be ourselves and love the man we look up to.

just had an awful nightmare !! lmao guess whos terrified!! 

here’s an opinion:

i’m actually tired of labels on sexuality. “bi”,”pan”,”poly”,”demi”,”cis”… in my opinion you can’t put a label on a person, ya know? people aren’t cans. i know labels of all kinds exist, but people are just people. if you like fucking girls or boys or both or nobody do you. but labels are just… they’re annoying. 

it’s kind of the same thing with “race”. the only race is the human race. i’m not denying that people aren’t different colors, but everyone comes from africa. i don’t think we should have to put labels on each other. it’s wrong. we’re all brothers and sisters that should be treating each other was love and respect. the fact that we’re hurting each other is hurting the very planet we call home. we’re sort of creating this environment that isn’t fit to raise children and continue populating the earth. that’s it… 

to all you racist, vicious, homophobic, rapists, pedophilic people out here… stop it. just stop. because you’re only thinking about your pitiful selves. how can we grow as intellectuals if we’re killing each other? what if we don’t progress and become dormant? what if we lose our purposes in life because of violence? what good is that? 

if you don’t do it for you, for your children, then do it for the future of our kind.