let's have peace

The world's greatest historical mistakes were caused by things like these.

Everybody has opinions. Everybody has a right to. Nobody is changing that, and trust me, nobody wants to change that.

Succesful human relationships are based in mutual understanding. That’s why languages were invented for. But no one can understand you if you try to force your opinion on them.

If you don’t like something, call it a certain type of music, a certain band, or whatever it is you dislike, these are just mere examples, don’t try to convince other people  to do and feel the same way you do. Don’t talk bad about their interests, that hurts people’s feelings.

Hurting people brings a serious impact in our lives. And I say “our lives”, because it affects us all. The world’s greatest historical mistakes were caused by things like these. All you have to do is grab a book, and read. History is plagued by these kind of stories. People killing each other because they wouldn’t accept their religious beliefs, or, yes, even their musical preferences.

My country has many stories like these. People fighting, hurting, and killing each other because they don’t like the same artist. And most of those fights have started with a tweet. Yes, you read that correctly. A single, harmless, meaningless, innocent tweet.

Social networks, and internet, of course, are a big part of our lives today. So don’t dare to think, that because you said that online, it won’t have consequences in real life. 

Stop forcing your opinion on other people. Be responsable for your acts.


“Dear immature and warfreak EXO stans,

Can you see the picture I’ve attached with this post? Do you know who are those people at the left side? How bout on the right side?

If not, let me enlighten you then.

Those group of people huddled on the right side of the picture is your(and mine too) beloved EXO. On the left, those 2 guys walking side by side is TVXQ. Now please observe what they’re doing at that moment.
Apparently, EXO saw TVXQ passing by and they all bowed to show respect to their sunbaenims.


And yet I wonder why they have fans like you. Immature and prideful fans who don’t event have the slightest idea that they’re bashing the group THEIR BIAS GROUP respect and love.
Did you ever guys wonder that you’re dragging EXO’s name down by posting stuff like that?

Don’t brag about things that we can surpass kiddos. If you can boast like that, then we cassies should not hold back anymore and boast more of TVXQ’s achievements. But we keep ourselves humble. Because we take our idols as good examples. If they’re being humble so are we in this fandom.

I love EXO and it would never change. I won’t let something like this happen again coz I know this will bring bad things to EXO in the future.

If you really love EXO then don’t bash groups you see as a threat.

Yours truly,

PS. Yes, we never made it to EMAs but did your fandom reach Guinness? I think we did. Wait, how many times did we— oh 3 times! *smirks*”

Everything she said is RIGHT. YOU LET EXO DOWN EVERYTIME YOU GUYS INVOLVE ON A FAN WAR. EXO shows respect to their sunbaenims. DON’T COMPARE EXO TO THE OTHER KPOP GROUPS. THEY HAVE EQUAL AND UNIQUE TALENTS. NEVER compare what they have achieved. 

PLEASE GUYS. I hope EXO STANS will not be involved on fanwars again. Let us have a peaceful fandom. 

So I have a super intimidating practical exam today (next few hours actually) and it’s kind of a huge deal so I’m freaking out. I check in to see how tumblr is doing and what do I find???


I can’t friggin believe it! What a beautiful distraction from my stress! I love all of you so much thank you for putting up with the train wreck that is my blog!!!

Dear Middle Eastern Countries,

Please make your people stop killing each other, because I really want to  study in you, but all this violence makes me nervous. Clashes and bombs in Lebanon make me question my AU-Beirut dreams :(

Bonobos are one of humankind’s closest living relatives, sharing more than 98% of our DNA.

These great apes are complex beings with profound intelligence, emotional expression, and sensitivity. In contrast to the competitive, male-dominated culture of chimpanzees, bonobo society is peaceful, matriarchal, and more egalitarian.

Sex transcends reproduction, as it does in human society, and serves to promote bonding, reduce tensions, and share pleasure.

Bonobos are also the most vocal of the great apes, using complicated patterns of vocalizations to communicate detailed information. Because of their caring and compassionate society, bonobos serve as a powerful symbol of peace and cooperation.

Sadly, these amazing apes are highly endangered, classified by the IUCN Red List as facing possible extinction. They only live in one country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and their numbers are declining every day due to human threats such as hunting and logging.

We must act now to protect our primate cousins before it’s too late. We have much to learn about them, and they have much to teach us about ourselves. 

Today a white butterfly flew by me and landed on my finger.. and it was in that moment that I knew that you were with me. I knew that I didn’t need to be upset and cry because you weren’t here because the truth is that you are here. you always were. You never left my side. and I never felt that more than I did today.

Just think about all the cute imagines and fanfics you’ve read about Thomas and put it all together and that is probably his daily life with his girlfriend, but if you think about it there are also stories where the girl gets hates and rude comments from fans just because they’re jealous of their relationship and I just came across that photo today so IMAGINE BEING CALLED ALL THOSE STUPID THINGS LIKE SLUT, WHORE, BITCH JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH SOMEBODY LIKE WHAT???? AND IT’S NOT JUST THEM, EVERY CELEBRITY’S GIRLFRIEND’BOYFRIEND ARE GETTING HATES BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER???? LET THESE PEOPLE HAVE A PEACEFUL RELATIONSHIP LIKE WHERE DID YOU PEOPLE’S RESPECT GONE TO.

sorry for ranting

The intuitive types in a reality show PT 3
  • *INFP bursts back in the downstairs bedroom*
  • INFP:we are good to go! ENFJ offered to help us set up!
  • ENFP:perfect! go ahead, I'll come out in a bit! ahhhh, INTJ, how cool is this? xDDD our first party together!
  • INTJ:I'm assuming you're not letting me have my peace and quiet
  • ENFP:we can dance, and sing to music, and eat food, and talk to everyone, and play games...
  • INTJ:*isn't listening*
  • INTP:I was never a party type of person...
  • *dance music starts booming from the speakers in the living room*
  • ENFJ:come one, come all!
  • ENFP:*dashes out, grabbing hold of INTJ* THIS IS MY JAM *dances*
  • INTJ:this is an 80s song, how would this be 'your jam' if you've never even-
  • ENFP:*grabs hands and moves them up and down to the beat of the music* just relax
  • INTJ:*awkwardly moves hands but stays completely still*
  • ENTP:yeah! let's get this party started! *pumping hands to the beat*
  • ENTJ:yo! DJ, play some maroon 5!
  • INFP:*smiles, plays requested song and approaches INTP* Dance with me! *Takes INTP's hands like ENFP*
  • INTP:*completely motionless* uh, I don't know how to...
  • INFP and ENFP:*grins* oh my gosh, just let your body move. listen to the guitar, the beat and just move to it
  • INTJ and INTP:*thinks* what the heck, how does that even make sense...*shrugs* okay...
  • ENTP:let's do a game
  • ENFJ:yeah! HEY! ENFP, INTJ, INTP, INFP! let's play a game!
  • ENTJ:whatever it is, I'm going to win
  • INFJ:oh please, what I wouldn't give to see you lose one day *laughs*
  • INTJ:what game
  • ENFP:let's do TRUTH OR DARE!!! *laughs* or or SPIN THE BOTTLE *continues laughing and sits down in a circle*
  • INTJ:I don't want...*begins backing away*
  • ENFP:*forces INTJ to sit down*
  • INFJ:wait, what about INTP and INFP?
  • ENTP:they're in their own little world over there *rolls eyes*
  • *INFP is focused on teaching INTP to dance, INTP is trying to understand how to dance, both oblivious to their surroundings*
  • INFP:okay, follow my steps *grips INTP's hand*
  • INTP:*thinks* why is dancing even a thing. moving your body in accordance with music has no benefit, it's not even fun!
  • INFP:hey look, you're getting it!
  • INTP:hey, why do you like to dance?
  • INFP:*looks up at INTP and smiles cheekly* dancing is an expression of self. It is a chance to express to others and yourself what you feel. *giggles* and it's really romantic
  • INTP:*thinks* what?
  • INFP:anyways, keep going, you're getting it, just move like I am
  • *meanwhile, ENFP offers to spin the bottle first on spin the bottle truth or dare* *bottle lands on ENTJ*
  • ENFP:*laughs* okay, ENTJ, truth or dare?
  • ENTJ:*thinks* considering the fact that the beginning of the game is never creative enough to have good dares, it would be to my possible benefit to choose truth first. After a whole round, enough people have went, encouraging creative thinking and therefore open the door for more exciting dares. *smiles and chooses truth*
  • ENTP:*evil look* ENFP, ask him about his biggest failure
  • ENFJ:oh c'mon, ENTP
  • ENFP:yeah, what ENTP said, what is your biggest failure?
  • ENTJ:*is midly offended their thought process didn't go according to plan, curses ENTP* uh, well, I never fail
  • ENFP:c'mon, it's game rules to be honest!
  • INTJ:*thinks* crap, this is the type of stuff they ask? dammit, maybe if I sneak away a little after...
  • ENTJ:well, there was this one time, when my little sister was a bit younger. She was really big into soccer at her age, and she was already on of the best players in her team. Of course, naturally she came to me to help motivate her to train harder for her upcoming game. I jumped at the opportunity, read up on typical soccer rules and coaching articles. But...well..I guess I was a too focused on getting her to be the best of the best...I...pushed her to a point where on the day of her game, she fell terribly sick from overworking. She ended up having to miss the game she had asked me to win for her. And that, was my biggest failure.
  • INFJ:aw, oh my gosh, ENTJ *hugs ENTJ* that was so oh my gosh, i had no idea! But that is not a failure! You had helped her the way she had asked you to!
  • ENTJ:yeah, I guess, she ended up winning on her next game. MVP.
  • INFJ:yeah see? An eagle has to swoop down in order to soar higher *grins*
  • INTJ:uh...ENFP...
  • ENFJ:That was admirable, either way, ENTJ, you don't see any great athelets that haven't missed a game due to over working. It's very typical
  • ENTP:yeah, wow, to be honest, that was not a failure. I would have done the same
  • ENTJ:thanks guys, but I don't need comforting, let's go on with the game!
5 Things I’m In To

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One Song: Big Parade - The Lumineers

Two Movies: The Grand Budapest Hotel & The Dark Knight

Three Shows: Hannibal, Parks & Recreation, Archer

Four People: Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Benedict Cumberbatch, & Amy Poehler

Five Foods: Pizza, mozzarella sticks, grapes, tacos, & chocolate

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!?! Just think of how fun a strip porker game would be with Pyrrha and Yang. Especially if you figured out a good way to cheat. Because let's be real, you and yang couldn't beat her.

i think i’d be the first to lose because this is YANG

I imagine Pyrrha’d pick up on the rules and the game REALLY quick and Yang has prolly done it dozens and dozens of times

i would certainly be gone before either of them lost anything at all

and then leave

in shame

and to avoid certain death