let's have a crush on each other

Honestly, out of all the casualties of the diner, sugar packets probably have it the worst. We keep them stuffed in a little box all pressed up to each other until we decide they can come out. And what do we do once we let them out? We rip them open. We pour them into hot, scalding coffee. We take a few of them and crush their bodies beneath a wobbly table leg. It’s really sad. Especially because they’re so….sweet. ;)

So Much More (Smut)


Request: hey, this a stretch but i love your stories!!! Could you write something where you and shawn are FWB but one night you guys have sex but it turns more emotional and fluffy? idk 😭

Word count: 3,118

So Much More (Smut)  

“Shawn Mendes with hit song Treat You Better” James Corden said, after Shawn had finished singing.

The camera pointed at Shawn once again and he smiled widely while hearing the audience applause him. I still found it rather strange watching Shawn on TV, like somehow, I still didn’t get just how famous he’d become. He was still that little Pickering boy to me and to be honest, he would probably always be.

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AU Ideas Based Off My Real Life

so I’ve seen two of these by now and thought ‘fuck it, let’s do this’ - btw, let me know if you ever use one of these, I’d love to read it

1. We’ve been crushing on each other all school year and it’s the last day and we’re walking out of the last class, and you just confessed your feelings and disappeared into the crowd and fuck now I have to chase you down

2. It’s a friend’s pool party and we’re doing a game of Chicken Fight and you want me to climb onto your shoulders to prove we’d be a better couple if we ever became one

3. Well, shit, it’s another science project and even though it’s random you’re my partner now for the fifth time in a row and I can’t keep Skyping you late at night to work on this and inevitably get distracted

4. We’re going on a three-day expedition to climb a mountain and venture around and we left our phones behind and have to share a tent

5. On a trip to a theme park with a ton of friends we’re on a really crazy ride and you just grabbed my hand and why is my heart rate so much higher now?

6. It’s a bus-ride back to school after a long-ass day and you just fell asleep on my shoulder and we’re sharing earbuds and you’re actually really cute when you’re asleep

7. We’re having trouble sleeping and you texted me a challenge to stay up until the sunrise, and now we’ve entered a game of 20 Questions and they’re getting weird

8. We meet up every day for lunch and hold hands and spontaneously hug each other and sit as close as we possibly can and work together on everything no we’re not dating why does everyone keep asking that

9. We went to the same elementary school when we were little in a different town and we just ran into each other years later at a different school and wow I forgot I had a crush on you

10. Literally everyone knows we like each other (including ourselves) but neither of us is brave enough to just come out and say it

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Warning: Angsty, sorry got carried away

A/N: requested sorry it was more angsty than you probably wanted.


“Hey wanna hang out today?”

“Sure, meet at Pop’s?”

“See you there”



“Already there”


Those were the conversations that you and Jughead had before he started to get closer with Betty. You and Jughead have been best friends since you could both remember. You have always been there for each other, through the good times and the bad times, crushes were no secret, heck there were no secrets between you and Jughead. Although lately it seems that everything that Jughead and I have been through doesn’t matter to him as much as it does to you. One thing that you promised each other was that you wouldn’t let relationships get in the way of the friendship but it seems that he for about that as well as forgetting you.


“Where are you, I’m waiting at Pop’s for you”

“Sorry can’t make it something came up with Betty”


“You better have not ditched on today”

“Sorry betty needs me”


“Jug? I need you”

“Sorry busy”





Always with the sorry, and maybe in the past it would have been okay but having heard it so many times it gets old and not so… sorry.


“Hey (y/n) I need your help” Jughead asks you when he sees you arrive at school

“Do you? Is it important cause I can’t” he looks at you confused

“Sorry.” you say and start to walk away

“Hey! Hey! (y/n) wait up” Jughead runs after you quickly, much to your disappointment, catches up to you

“What’s wrong?” he asks

“Look don’t worry about it Jones. I’m sure Betty is wondering where you are, can’t keep her waiting”

“No hey look” he pulls you back before you can walk away although it was your arm that hard a massive bruise on it from your abusive parents that only Jughead knew about, so you flinch at his touch and he quickly pulls back looking alarmed

“I thought I told you to tell me whenever he did it again” Jughead tells you looking worriedly at you

“Yeah I did” you say folding your arms to try and keep your emotions in

“No you didn’t? When” he gets out his phone to try and decipher when you told him


“Yeah oh” you go to walk off again but like the other times he stops you

“(y/n) I am so-“

“Sorry. Yeah you have said that before. Look don’t worry about it jones”

“No (y/n) I am truly sorry I have been horrible to you and I completely ditched you on our anniversary please let me make it up to you. You and me Pop’s tonight” he pleads with you

“Fine but if you ditch me again don’t talk to me anymore” you give in and finally you are able to walk away.


Jughead did show up. And you helped him with relationship advice and you are still and forever will be friends.

Made In the USA

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word count: 3390

Warnings: Language, implied smut, so fluffy it will probably give you diabetes!

Request: based off the song “Made In the USA by Demi Lovato” from @padackles2010 for my 300 follower celebration! I know I am horrible! but this fic, it had so many paths it could have taken and I would put money on starting over 30 times until finally settling on something that wasn’t complete garbage. The song talks more about a relationship, not caring what people think but I decided to take a different approach, you will see and hopefully understand what I heard after listening to the song for the millionth time. A huge thanks to @avasmommy224 for putting up with my rambling on this fic, her advice really helped shape it into the idea it became! oh and also being an amazing beta!

hope yall enjoy! I’m up for a part 2 if enough people are into it. thanks again for reading yall :) ♥♥♥

Growing up in Garfield, TX was one of the best experiences in your life and you wouldn’t trade the path your life has brought you on or the path that Garfield was responsible for. The small town was located just outside of Austin, trips to and from the city as a child was always exciting and when your mom ended up with a job there, you thought it was the coolest thing on the planet.

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No one asked for this but i want to share my blackwatch mcgenji headcanons:
-theyre inseparable besties
-lots of pining
-they go on missions together a lot
-they like to flirt in front of gabe and jack to annoy them
-ana thinks theyre adorable and is a Proud Mom
-pharah is the person mccree goes to talk about his crush on genji
-mccree and genji always got each other’s back and if one ends up too deep into danger the other jumps in to help
-they always have to wake up early, you can decide who drags the other out of bed
-genji doesnt really have anyone to gush to about his crush
-so, as a bad solution, he lets out his feelings to mccree by pretending he has a crush on someone else and hopes mccree will catch on to what genji is saying
-jealous mccree doesnt know who genji is talking about
-undercover couple on a mission
-when undercover they both get into trouble a lot, but thats ok because always manage to escape together
-lots of sleepy cuddles after missions


I also have some undercover ideas:
-theyre on a mission as mentioned undercover fake couple
-one of them says something really sweet, makes the other suspicious
-other starts thinking about what the other said
-lots of pining ensues
-they attempt to confront the other about what was said earlier
-relationship is established and theyre both a lil shy and are trying to get used to the relationship but they get over it quickly due to how close they already are

Not the One

Summary: The reader has a massive crush on the Winter Soldier but he has eyes for a red headed 

Warnings: Cussing. Angst. Fluff? I honestly don’t know. 

Author’s Note: I have been feeling really down lately so I wanted to do something to get it out. 

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Y/N was a very unique addition to the team of superheros. She was an excellent  sniper, she had the power of fire, mind control, and a few other powers. Y/N mostly kept to herself and was mainly found in the library but during any events with the team, she was there. 

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JB Imagine - Flirty

A/N - I hope the anon who requested this will enjoy~ Also this is the first time I’ve set out requested imagines like this with the full request included so let me know if you think this kind of layout works well or not!

idk if requests are still open but can i request a fluff scenario with Jaebum and the reader where like, they both have a crush on each other and he is constantly flirting and then he confesses and all that and then they kiss. (i don’t know what i’m typing i just really want more fanfictions of flirtass jaebum but it’s fluff akdjadlksaj

Today you were spending the day with the Got7 members while on their schedules. They didn’t have a particularly busy day and were just filming a bit for a new series they were doing so had been allowed to bring you along with them. You were very close with all of the members and considered them all to be very good friends but Jaebum would always seem to flirt with you. He’d often wink at you and make suggestive remarks. It was never anything that made you uncomfortable but it did always get your heart racing. You actually had a crush on him and so all this flirting would only get your hopes up. Despite his flirty nature, you were unsure whether he liked you as more than a friend or not. You were too shy and unsure to ask him outright so you just let the harmless flirting continue.

The boys were currently filming solo parts and Jaebum was the one on camera right now. As soon as he had finished and the director gave him the all-clear, he walked over to you.
“Hey, (Y/N). You looked like you were enjoying some of my scenes,” he said teasingly, giving you a small smirk.
“Maybe I was enjoying it. Why? Do you want me to fawn all over you?” You responded, batting your eyelashes at him. His smirk immediately fell and his cheeks blushed a light pink before he managed to compose himself.
“Well it means I’m doing my job well. If I can make you swoon then I’m sure the fans will too.”
“Oh, it’ll take more than that to make me swoon, Jaebum.”
“Really now? And how’s that? Do you need me to take off my shirt or something?”
“Hm might work, who knows.”

You were trying your best to sound nonchalant about it all when in reality you were struggling to keep calm inside. Jaebum raised one eyebrows at your last statement and without speaking grabbed your wrist and led you out of the studio.
“Where are you taking me?”
“Somewhere I’ll be able to make you swoon without anyone seeing.”
“What?” He didn’t add anything to calm your shock but instead just continued to lead you somewhere. He ended taking you to some old room that didn’t look like anyone had been in there for a while. As soon as you were in, Jaebum shut the door and pushed you against it. His lips were on yours with a force and passion that you felt like you had never experienced. You were almost seeing stars from how dizzy with happiness it made you feel. Kissing Jaebum was more than you could have ever imagined. When he broke away from the kiss, he rested his forehead on yours.
“I like you, (Y/N). If you couldn’t already tell.”
“I could tell. And that’s the best news I’ve heard all week. I like you too, Jaebum.” His smile was so wide that his eyes were like little crescent moons on his face. You brought a hand up to caress his smooth skin, watching how he reacted under your touch.
“You know, I think I’m the one who managed to make you swoon, not the other way around,” you giggled, teasing him still. Jaebum blushed and buried his face in your shoulder from embarrassment. The flirty Jaebum you were used to had completely disappeared and what was left was a man who was completely smitten and elated from his feelings and it was possibly the cutest thing you had ever seen.

NCT 127 reaction to your sexy comeback as an idol after having an argument (includes Johnny&Doyoung)


Anon:  Nct127 reaction to you guys having an aurgument right before you go on stage to perform your sexy concept comeback? Thankyoouu ❤️

Hi Anon! Here is your request- I do hope you like it! Please request more if you wish ;-)

I’m also including Johnny and Doyoung into this since they’ve been announced as the new members of NCT127! Bless Johnny boi

You can find Ten’s reaction here:


Reaction to you singing an emotional song for your comeback as an idol after having an argument.


Originally posted by tenthmark

He would watch your performance backstage in your dressing room (via a screen) There was no doubt that he liked what he was seeing. Licking his lips, he watched attentively at you swayed your hips and stared intensely into the camera; it was like he had completely forgotten about your earlier argument. However, when you returned from your performance, slightly sweaty from your intense routine, he ignored you completely. Arms crossed, sitting stiffly on the couch. You smirked, knowing that he was discreetly watching you from afar admiring. You sat beside him rubbing his arm, “Come on Taeil”, you whined, knowing nuzzling into his side, attemting to get a reaction out of him. “You liked it- admit it”. His silence treatment against you didn’t last long.


Originally posted by taetohan

He immediately left the building, as soon as you were called for your stage. He was fully aware of your performance and how “sexy” it was, so cleverly devised a plan to get against you. For the rest of the night, he practiced a very special dance for you. It took every muscle in him not to check his phone to see whether you had phoned and texted him. Or to see the uploaded video of your stage. By the early hours of the next day, it was ready to be shown to you. You received a text from him: SM building now, Y/N. Luckily for Johnny, you hadn’t slept at all, worried about his whereabouts and about your previous argument. Whilst waiting for your arrival, Johnny watched your performance attentively. It was even better than he was anticipating. Let’s just say that you both defiantly appreciated each other’s dances. 


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

He watch you angrily from the side of the stage. He still couldn’t fathom your argument before, so was finding it hard to resist letting his mind wander off, and think about you dancing sexily. When he realised how provocative and sexual the dancing was, he clenched his hands into fists, biting his lip so hard that now it was bleeding. He wasn’t angry now, he was fuming. Mad at the fact that you were dancing so enticingly yet so casually, as if the lyrics and dance moves would have no effect on people, especially him. stepping off stage, you met with a red faced Taeyong, who grabbed your wrist and pulling you out the building, into the car and back to the dorms urgently. He wasn’t going to let you get away with it… 


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

(fuckkkkkk look at those thighs jfc boi)

Yuta wouldn’t be able to watch you perform from the crowd, despite telling you the day before he would. The argument between you would really offend him, so much so that he literally wouldn’t be able to bear you. Instead, he’d watch it at home on TV, a tent in his jeans quickly forming when he saw what you doing. He cursed at himself for allowing himself to get turned on by you considering the circumstances. There was no denying that he was more than a little flustered by the little clothing you wearing and your dancing. He still wanted to talk about the argument, despite this, originally planning to sit you down and calmly speak with you. But now, he had a completely different plan on how to punish you. For him, it was like you were practically asking for it.


Originally posted by taeiloves

To be honest, I think ooyung wouldn’t allow himself to fall for you and your sexy comeback that easily. Storming off home, he’d lock himself in his room, turning off his phone so he wouldn’t be able to see any of missed calls or text messages. Evidently, when you walked off stage, slightly covered in a layer of sweat, you were upset to see that he didn’t wait for you and watch you. A pout on your face, eyebrows furrowed, when you arrived back home, you were immediately pushed against a wall, a pair of arms blocking you firmly. “Aish, jagiya, do you want to explain to me what that performance was? Where did you learn all those moves?” You knew you would be in for a few more hours of excitement. 


Originally posted by neotechs

Jaehyun would watch you from backstage, phone in hand as he scrolled through the live comments on the stream. Although his mind told him to leave and continue being mad at you, his heart told him to stay and support you. He felt uncomfortable reading comments from other men commenting about how beautiful your body was and how they’d do anything to get a night with you. Now he was even angrier at you, for letting them think that. you found him in your dressing room backstage afterwards. Eyes dark, he walked straight to you, one hand wrapped around your neck lightly, an arm around your waist tightly, he leaned down to whisper in your ear: “I think you better prove to that you want me more than any of those men, don’t you think?


Originally posted by nctinfo

WinWin would probably be quite submissive in your relationship to be honest. But at the same time, he’d try you like a goddess. He’d do anything to support you and make you feel good and please you. He wouldn’t be able to leave your side and stage, even after an argument. He watch you nervously, gulping loudly every time to swayed your hips or rolled your body. Coming off stage, you smirked at him. You knew what he was thinking despite him not saying anything to you. Wrapping your hand tightly around his, you cheekily asked him if he wanted a private show, to which he eagerly nodded for.

Mark: (Reaction to you singing an emotional song for your comeback as an idol after having an argument)

Originally posted by sweatyartisanstarfish

Mark would instantly regret arguing with you in the first place. He’d see the tears forming in your eyes and how your hands would tremble a bit. At first, he wouldn’t know what to do or say to you after, but when you rushed off stage, a couple tears running down your face, he’d rush to your side pulling you into a bone-crushing hug. “I’m sorry Y/N, please forgive me! i won’t let this happen again, I swear”, he’d attempt to reassure you and calm you down with his words, as his hands lightly played with your hair. Neither of you, in the end, would be able to stay mad at each other for that long.

Haechan: (Reaction to you singing an emotional song for your comeback as an idol after having an argument.)

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This sunshine would find it difficult to stay backstage whilst you tearfully sung your song. He’d just want to run out on stage, in front of all the fans and audience, and hug you, wiping your tears. Obviously he couldn’t, to stay professional. So waited anxiously backstage, until you finished. For the rest of the day, he’d try to make it up to you by giving you a lot of aegyo and food and cuddles, until you eventually gave in and forgave him which was practically instantly anyway but still lol

I don’t watch SG and I actually have it blacklisted on desktop, but since I’m primarily on mobile I get to see the posts all day every day and let me tell you…if I did watch that show I’d 100% ship the superhero chick with Katie McGrath out of sheer spite. The shit I’ve had to read because of the discourse y'all get into with The Straights who ship the superhero with the bland white guy makes my blood boil and I don’t even have a dog in this fight. I sincerely hope he dies and that there’s an episode of nothing but the girls eating each other out for 42 straight minutes. I do.

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Hey! Do you have some truth or dare prompts?

I can make some! :D

1. “I picked Dare specifically so that you couldn’t ask me about my crush, but now you dared me to kiss the person I have a crush on, and I’m debating whether or not I should give in and kiss you.”

2. “You let out a major secret during Truth or Dare, and now, everyone is teasing you. I’m the older sibling of the host, who found you crying in the kitchen. Want to talk about it?”

3. “You picked Truth, and someone asked you who you had a crush on. I passed out before I could hear your answer, and now, i not only don’t know, I’m also mortified.”

4. “You and I always give each other the craziest dares, but this time, you picked Truth, and I have no idea what to ask you.”

5. “Someone dared me to kiss you, and just to spite them, I kissed you on the cheek. Only now, you’re teasing me, saying I’m too scared to give you a real kiss. Well, I’ll show you.”

6. “I dared you to do something really dangerous, because I thought I could make you back down and pick Truth for once, but now you’re actually going to DO it, and I’m terrified. Please don’t!”

7. “You dared me, typically the quiet, composed one, to do something totally crazy. I did it just to spite you, but now you’re looking at me like I’m something incredible, and I really don’t want you to stop.”

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for the ut, uf, us and sf bros, how do you catch their attention if you're crushing on them?


-Laughing at his jokes is a sure way to make him notice you. He value humor a lot, so someone who can either fire some puns back at him or looses it if he keeps going for long enough is already attractive to him. Don’t force it though, he can read people fairly well and he knows when you think it’s funny or not.

-He knows you’re crushing on him, no matter how well you’re hiding it he’s got you figured out. This doesn’t mean that he has any idea how to handle it though. If he likes you back, he’s going to be a little flustered around you. But still acts fairly normal. Just to let things progress naturally. He doesn’t really have the energy to go into full romans mode.

-Being lazy is probably going to work best for you? He doesn’t like doing a lot of physical activities, he likes to ‘’conserve his energy’’. So just hanging out at Grillby’s, or watching a show you both likes together is enough. He’s actually kind of introverted, so learning that he can spend time with you without ti exhausting him is really going to make him interested in you.


-While he likes showing off how great he is in front of others, he also likes other people showing off to him. If you’re good at something, no matter how ridiculous you may think it is, he wants to see it. He wants to see your passions.

-He’s all about doing activities together. So take him on lots of friendship dates, and then stop adding the friendship part when you ask him out ;)

-Examples of above include training, cooking, going to the movies, charity, and literally anything else that you can do together. He is so excited to do these things with you.

-He falls for you when he sees how you act when you’re happy and you don’t think he’s looking. Or when he sees that you’re passionate about something.


-I don’t really know what you can do here to be honest, except be persistent. He’s going to push you away whenever you try to be friendly. And he gets aggressive when you get flirty because he’s such a tsundere.

-One thing is if you’re in on his humor. Which is pretty dark and offensive, like really horrible and you shouldn’t be laughing at this dark and offensive. It’s almost so bad that he judges you for laughing when he said the joke. But that’s because he knows that they’re horrible and he didn’t expect less from him. But you? Jeez, kid.

-And if you’ve gotten to the friendship point, letting him flirt with you might work. He’s going to, most definitely. And if he sees you getting all flustered and blushing from his jokes and flirtations, it’s going to really catch his interest. Best thing is if you suddenly flirt back and catch him off guard. That’s when he teleports out because nope can’t deal with that and his cheeks are not red at all nope.


-I think letting him talk about himself is one way to get him to really notice you. You have to find the line between boasting his ego, but still not putting up with his bullshit treatment of others. Let him talk about how he’s the captain of the royal guard, and how he is really great. But don’t let him order you around however he wants. Defiance against him isn’t common, it’s going to shock him.

-He hates feeling vulnerable, and if you can somehow lurk out his emotions without leaving him feeling too open, then you’re halfway to becoming his crush.

-He likes showing off his skills. And since cooking is a passion of his, letting him cook for you on small friendship dates is a nice way to get to know each other. Bonus if you’re good at cooking too, then you can each cook different things and compare them.


-Okay so, it doesn’t matter how obvious your crush is because he is so oblivious to it. Unless you literally sit him down and tell him that you have a crush on him, he isn’t going to notice it. But chances are that if you’re around him enough to get a crush on him, he’s been around you enough to get a crush on you.

-And unless you’re super oblivious too, you can use that to your advantage. Let him woo you.

-Playing secret admirer is also something that will get him going. He’ll be looking everywhere for the person who sent him flowers or cute little notes. He loves the challenge of finding them and he’s blushing up a storm every time he finds a new note. Especially if you leave clues as to who it is, that way he can solve it.


-Just flirt with him. He does it with everyone else, so someone who does it with him is a nice change. Also be cool, but not over the top cool. More like chill? Stressful things make him anxious and he has to spend a lot of energy acting calm all the time.

-Next step is making him feel comfortable enough that he doesn’t have to act calm. This is going to make him trust you more, especially if you can help him calm down. Optional next step is to let him calm you down if you’re anxious. It’s a two way street.

-Despite his constant flirting with people (and you, after a while) he still wants to take it slow. So don’t try and rush him into things. He likes going from friends to better friends to the point where people are yelling at you two to just get together already. Go along with it and just ease into things.


-Oh boy. So this guy is going to get a crush on you pretty fast if you show him that you’re interested. And after that it’s going to be him aggressively wooing you.

Things that work to get him further interested are:

-Boasting his ego and letting him show off his skills.

-Being genuinely concerned for him (It’s going to really throw him off guard but somehow he likes it).

-Both being easily flustered and not being easily flustered. He likes flirting and saying suggestive things. So if you’re easily flustered he’s going to keep going until your face is on fire and then some more. But if you’re not easily flustered, it just makes the moment where you break more fun. And trust me, he will get you to that point. No matter how much you try and keep your cool.

-Also LET HIM RANT TO YOU. He’s not the best with emotions, but if there’s one thing he knows it’s irritation and frustration. And he’s a lot easier to deal with after he’s vented all of that anger off on someone. In turn, he’ll let you vent about everything that’s bothering you. It might not sound like it, but it’s developing into a healthy habit for the both of you. He’s a surprisingly good listener, even though he sucks at comforting people.


-If you’re a decent person, that’s sure to catch his attention. He really likes the contrast between you and the monsters from underground. Some humans are just so soft and sweet compared to what he’s used to. And he likes watching you interact with others, doing normal stuff.

-Surprise him by being caring towards him. Casual stuff like friendly worrying. Did you eat today, sleep enough things like that. Don’t go overboard with it though.

-If he doesn’t like you, it’s almost impossible to get closer to him. He’s not going to hurt your feelings intentionally, unless you are a literal jerk. But he’s good at avoiding people.

-If he does like you, he tries to spend a lot of time with you. Quietly in the background making sure everything is okay. These are the times when you should talk to him more. He falls in love with people when they’re not looking, busy being themselves.


Author: bibliosexual

Summary: Until this moment, Stiles wasn’t even sure Derek could read, and now he’s trying to steal Stiles’ obscure eight-hundred-page fantasy novel. What.

Info: 7k | Teen | Meddling Hale Family

Notes: Have I mentioned how much I love high school students Stiles and Derek apparently having nothing in common but both of them being nerds that are perfect for each other? Or how much I love one of them being a jock and having a major crush on the other nerdy one? Because this fic hits home in both scenarios <3 -C

Sneak Peek:

“This is the last copy,” Stiles says.

“I know,” Derek says. He doesn’t let go. Neither does Stiles.

“Look, you probably won’t even like this. It doesn’t have any sports in it.”

“It’s my favorite series,” Derek says, and Stiles just—gapes.

A light dusting of pink is starting to creep into Derek’s cheeks, but he doesn’t back down or take it back or say, “Just kidding!” or anything. He just stands there, staring at Stiles, waiting. And still holding onto Stiles’ book. That’s an important detail.

Finally Stiles’ brain kicks back online enough for him to get out, “Wait, hold up. You read Path of Wolves. You.”

“Yes. Me.”

“‘Read’ as in, you’ve read all six books, cover to cover?”

Derek shifts a little, looking away, and mutters, “I’ve read all of them so many times I practically have them memorized.”

I’m Sorry For Letting You Go

Hamwriters’ Write-a-thon: Lit Day (3)

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 4,657 (Am I extra, or what?)

Trigger Warnings: Character deaths, pining, angst CENTRAL (hang on guys, we’re going for a ride)

A/N: This is my favorite fic that I’ve written for the write-a-thon, so I hope y’all like it. It’s based on a book called Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I had to read it for school, and I absolutely love it. I definitely suggest reading it. (Forgive me for any errors, I just wanted to get this posted in time, haha.)

Originally posted by fuckyeahdaveeddiggs

The car was silent as you drove down a road that cut through the middle of a corn field. You were preparing to take Daveed back home after your less than great meeting with Madame Samantha. Neither of you spoke a word for a long time. How could you? How could you hold a conversation full of small talk when you both knew your time together was wearing thin?

“Can you pull over?”

You turned to look at his expressionless face. “What?”

“I’m sorry. I just need to get out.”

You analyzed him carefully before pulling over. He unbuckled his seatbelt and leapt out of the car before you had the chance to ask him what was wrong (besides the inevitable). You allowed him to pace in front of the car as you leaned forward, placing you head on your arms that were rested atop the steering wheel. You stared at your thighs with a grimace on your lips. Soon, there’d be nothing left of either of you.

That’s when you heard the first scream.

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youtoobslilsis  asked:

Would you mind doing the "I fell in love with my best friend… And i’m not ashamed that I have." And "Are you going to kiss me or just stand there" writing promp w/ Tyler please? I'm #trash for both your writing and Tyler. ♥️✨

Thank you 💗here you go! I hope this satisfies you
-you’ve known Tyler since high school
-you know everything about each other, and you’ve stuck by Tyler’s side through thick and thin
-you’ve had a crush on him since you were kids, and he’s always known, you refused to let it come between your friendship
-you leave the office to get coffee for everyone one day and you come back to Everyone having a conversation
-not wanting to interrupt you don’t walk into the room right away, but when you hear your name you stop and listen
-you can see everyone sitting on the couch looking at Tyler
-“Yeah…I fell in love with my best friend… And i’m not ashamed that I have.” Tyler looks down and smiles, happy to finally say his feelings out loud
-you gasp and go to walk backwards but you trip over one of Chica’s torn up dog toys
-you hit the floor, and you can assume everyone looks over towards the door because you made a pretty loud noise
-you crawl into view and smile slightly, “uh hi guys… I got the coffee?”
-“how long have you been back?” Tyler asks quickly
-“oh ya know… a bit…”
-“well, are you going to kiss me or just stand there?”
-you sit there shocked for a few seconds before your grin widens and you leap up and run to Tyler
-he quickly stands up and catches you, lightly pressing his lips to yours, when you break apart you both smile at each other
-“I knew you’d fall for me”

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Request: Can I please ask for a Jacob Black imagine where the reader hears their parents arguing and goes on the roof to get away from it, and he comes over and finds them and climbs into the roof too and they talk and he calms the reader down and then they look at the stars together?

Words: 762

Jacob Black x Reader

“Look at yourself!”

Groaning you pushed your face further into your pillow, it didn’t block out your Dad’s angry shouts but it was oddly comforting having your face mushed into the soft material.

“Who do you think you’re talking too?”

Your Mum’s response made your stomach drop. Great, this wasn’t going to end any time soon. You rolled over onto your back and sighed at their arguing, every now and then you’d pick up certain words like your name but otherwise it was all just a blur of loud aggression.  After a moment, you knew that you couldn’t stay in the toxic atmosphere so you got up, slipped on some thin, flat shoes and opened your window. You climbed out of your window and shimmed up the windowsill and pipe to a flat ledge of your roof just above your bedroom, it was a climb you’d been doing since you were a preteen.

It was your safe space and you didn’t share it with many people.

You were lay back listening to your iPod when you felt something gently nudge your arm, you jumped up quickly but warm hands caught the tops of your arms to stop you from launching yourself off of the roof entirely.
You scowled up at Jacob looking down at you in worry, you pulled your earbuds out, “Jake what on earth are you doing here?”
Jacob gently lowered himself to sit next to you, he was wearing cut off shorts and a t-shirt so you knew he’d not been out patrolling.
“I got a sense that something was upsetting you.” He mumbled and you fell into an awkward silence. You’d not spoke about the fact that he’d imprinted on you yet, you’d only found out by accident and it was still too fresh and awkward to discuss. Luckily you already knew about wolves, you’d been there when Embry had first phased so you didn’t need convincing about Jacob’s furry alter ego.

“Well I’m fine, so you can go.” You sniffed and wiped your eye with your sleeve.
Jacob shook his head, “You’re not, and I’m not leaving until you’re okay.”
“What if I shout my parents and tell them you’re here?” You asked.
“Would they hear you over shouting at each other?” Jacob countered.

You sucked in a harsh breath, “Ouch. Thanks for that.”
Jacob shrugged, “Sorry but it’s true. It’s not your fault and I’m sorry that you have to deal with it.”
You sighed, “It’s just … exhausting. Its every day, they literally don’t let up. The atmosphere is like crushing and sometimes I get worried just when their tone changes. I’m trying to save up money so that I can leave but I don’t even know what I’d do or where I’d go.”
Jacob took your hand in his large warm one and gave it a reassuring squeeze at your admission, “We could find space for you at my place with Dad?”
You laughed, “In the mess of your room? There wouldn’t even be room for me to sleep on the floor.”
Jacob ran his thumb along the back of your hand and leaned forward to tease you, “Now I’m sure that I could find some space under my bed.”

“Wow, thanks!” You laughed.
Jacob pulled your hand up so that he could kiss it, “I’m serious Y/N, I know that we don’t talk about the… imprint, but when you need help, I’ll always do what I can.”
“Clearly.” You said, he was on your roof in the middle of the night because he had inkling that you were sad, “Thank you Jacob, I really appreciate it.”
He gave you a big grin and squeezed you hand again before letting it go and wrapping both of his warm arms around you and pulling you down to lie on the roof. You giggled and lay with your head on his shoulder and Jacob propped his head up with one of his arms as you lay and watched the stars. You gently ran your hand up and down his forearm around your waist as the cool air danced around you both, purely content to lie back and watch the world go by.

Perfect-A Josh Dun Imagine

Based off of Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect. Check it out my frens it’s pretty sick. I’ll get on with it. Hope you enjoy.

TW: slight cursing?


You and Josh had been best friends since you were little. You’ve been attached at the hip ever since he punched the kid that pushed you over and yanked your pigtails in first grade. You went to the same junior high and high school as well, and everywhere you guys went you always got the same question, “Why aren’t you two dating yet?”

At first it always bothered you because you and Josh were best friends and nothing more, and you couldn’t understand why society couldn’t just accept that guys and girls could be friends and nothing more. You were his wingwoman. always helping score dates or kisses with his crushes by talking him up to all the girls or distracting other boys. seduction seemed to be one of your greatest skills, as Josh once mentioned after you would willingly stick your tongue down a guys throat as a distraction. Over time, though, the question bothered you less and less.

Things got harder during college when you went to Ohio State and Josh stayed at home, but you always met up on weekends and days you weren’t stuck with shittons of homework. You were both in the same city, but heading on different paths, but despite that you two were still as close as ever. Soon, however, he got into twenty one pilots, and the friendship went worldwide. It hurt that your best friend was so far away, but whenever he got back in town, you were always the first on his list.

That brings you to now, sitting on Jenna’s couch waiting for the boys to come home while reminiscing about your elementary escapades with Josh while Jenna laughs out of pure entertainment while you retold the story of the previously mentioned make-out distraction which Josh calls ‘the seduction expedition.’ His words not yours.

“So you actually made out with this random dude from your class just so Josh could get some action, really Y/N?”

“We were freshmen, Jen. Would you have rather I strip tease as a distraction?” you laughed at Jenna’s reaction.

“OH gosh no!” She yelled while gasping for breath.

“Could you imagine, Jenna?” you began “little 14 year old me with no tits stripping to help my best friend score?” You both broke into hysterics again only to be interrupted by the doorbell.

“Y/n could you get that I have to grab something to show you.”

“Sure Jen.” You drag yourself off the couch and to the door. Opening the door while shout back at Jenna “Just wait ‘til you hear about Josh falling out of a tree to get a girl’s attention.” You chuckle to yourself turning back to the door. “Oh Tyler. Sorry I was just telling your wife embarrassing stories about our best friend.”

“It’s alright” he chuckles as he pulls you in for a hug. “It’s good to see you again.” You step aside and allow him in.

“Jen it’s for you” you call for Jenna, and she comes bolting down the stairs, and flings herself into her husbands arms. They hug for nearly a minute before they let go, and even then they just stare at each other. Feeling awkward for interrupting you decide to take your leave. “uh, sorry to interrupt this beautifully tearful reunion, but I’ll head out so you two have some alone time.”

“No please, y/n” Tyler begins “I would love to hear all the embarrassing things Josh did before I knew him.”


“He didn’t?” Tyler giggled at the latest story about yours and Josh’s escapades. 

“He did! He jumped in the 5 degree water because he was trying to impress his crush.” You wheezed while you thought about the look on his face when he jumped in. You smiled to yourself.

“Did it work?” Jenna asked from her spot on Tyler’s lap.

“No that’s the best part. She was so unimpressed.” 

“Did it impress you?” Tyler asked, smirking for a reason unknown to you. 

“A little. I never would’ve done it.” You clutched your stomach, the three of you flailing around with laughter. You were happy with Tyler and Jenna, but you felt a hole because your best friend was missing. 

“You okay y/n?”

“Yeah, Ty. Just missing Josh s’all.” You shrug. “Where is he anyway?” 

“He had a rough couple of nights the past couple of weeks.” Tyler replied. “I’m sure he’s just catching up on sleep. He’ll visit soon.” 

“Is he okay? What happened?” 

“His anxiety spiked, but he’s okay. Calm down y/n”

“I know I’m sorry. I’m just worried about him ‘cause–”

“Cause you’re in love with him.” Tyler finished for you. 

“I-I’m” you stuttered shocked at the accusation. “I’m not in love with Josh. Are you insane?”

“Think about it y/n.” There you sat, thinking about Josh and how he is the only source of light in your life. You think about his smile and his crinkly eyes and his laugh. You think about the times when you hang out together, and how at those times it’s like nothing else matters. You think about all your romantic relationships and how none of them have worked, and you think about the cause and how none of them have made you feel like the way that Josh made you feel.

“Oh my God I’m in love with Josh.”

“Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Tyler you owe me five bucks.” 

“Guys this isn’t a joke! What do I do?” 

“You love him.”


You go home after a couple of hours with Tyler and Jenna. The revelations taking their toll on you, and as soon as you get home you fall on your couch and fall asleep. 

You wake again, a couple hours later to an incessant and annoying pounding. You check your phone, noting the 3:00 shining back at you. The knocking continues, realizing its the door, you stand, fix your hair, straighten the dress you fell asleep in, and head to the door. “Who the fuck is at my door at 3 in the fucking morning?” you mumble on your way to the door. “What the fuck-Oh Josh?” 

“Y/n!” He grabs you by the waist and pulls you into a hug. Oh how you missed his hugs. “I’ve missed you so much.” 

“I missed you too, Jishy.” You pull back. “What brings you here at this ungodly hour where no one should be standing let alone awake.” You giggle.

“Sorry,y/n. I know its late, or early, or…whatever, but I’m awake and jet-lagged as hell, but most importantly I missed my best friend. Come on, let’s go.” 

“Jish, it’s 3 am. Where could we possibly go? Nothing’s open.”

“I planned a picnic come on.” He smiles that crinkly smile, and your resolve disappears. 

“Alright, Jishy. Let me get my shoes.” You run upstairs to your bathroom to fix your makeup and hair. Grabbing your shoes, you rush downstairs and out the door, locking it behind you, and to Josh’s car. 

“Buckle up, buttercup.”


You and Josh drive outside of town to a field on the edge of a forest. He pulls out a couple of blankets, a picnic basket, and a small speaker. “Josh this place is beautiful how’d you find it?” He sets a blanket down, and places the basket and speaker down on top of it. Plugging in his phone, he turns on his music turns toward you. 

“I found it a while ago when I needed to sort through some things in my head. I thought it was pretty refreshing.” 

“It wonderful” you said as you stared at the stars. There was little light pollution over the field so you could multitudes of stars, something you always loved to see. 

Josh stared right at you, “It sure is.” 

Unaware of his gaze you turn to the picnic. Slipping off your shoes and taking a seat, you begin to pull out the contents of the basket. “Hey drummer boy, are you gonna join me, or am I going to have to eat this dessert feast by myself?” 

“I’m coming, princess, calm down.” You laugh.


Josh’s POV

Y/n and I spend the next hour and a half laughing, talking, reminiscing all while stuffing our faces with all different kinds of desserts. Y/n was in the middle of retelling a story about a hobo who she found chasing a rat when the song playing through the speaker caught her attention.

“I found a love for me. 
Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead.
Well I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.”

“Oh my gosh I love this song.” She stood and began to twirl and sway to the music. 

I watched her dance lightly, unable to keep my love for her from showing on my face. Luckily, she didn’t notice. She just danced and danced to the music playing from my phone. “I know. You wouldn’t shut up about it. It’s all you talked about.” I replied. She stopped and stared at me. Her y/e/c eyes met mine, and I felt my heart speed up a little. God, she was beautiful. 

“Dance with me” was all she said. Pulling me to my feet and bringing my hands to her waist, we slowly rocked to the music playing softly from my speaker. 

“’Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling just kiss me slow
Your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine”

“Can I tell you something?” she whispered looking up at me through her eyelashes. She took my breath away. God, why couldn’t I just tell her how in love with her I am. 

“Yeah.” I whispered back. I don’t know why we were whispering, it just felt right, like we didn’t want to ruin whatever moment we were trapped in

“I was with Ty and Jenna earlier, and I realized something” she began  “something that could change everything.” She glanced to our feet, blushing. 

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
with you between my arms
barefoot on the grass
listening to our favorite song”

“Give me a second this is hard for me.” She let out a breath. “This thing has always been there, you know, and it really didn’t hit me til today…god, I’m a mess.” She let out a breathy laugh, playing with her fingers that were linked on the back of my neck. Why was she nervous. 

“When you said you looked a mess
I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it
Darling, you look perfect tonight”

“Why are you so nervous y/n? It’s just me.” 

“I’m nervous because this could ruin everything!” She stilled,but her hands remained wrapped around my neck. “I’m nervous because this realization changed everything and if I don’t say anything it’ll eat me up inside.” She sighed.  “I’m nervous because we promised that we will always be honest with each other, but this is the only thing that I have ever doubted telling you.” Then quietly, like I wasn’t supposed to hear, “I’m nervous ‘cause I could lose you.”

“Well I found a woman
Stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams 
I hope that someday I’ll share her home” 

“You won’t lose me, y/n.” She looked up, surprised that I had heard her. “Whatever it is it won’t scare me away.” I smiled. “I’m here to stay.” 

“I found a love
to carry more than just my secrets
to carry love, to carry children of our own”

“Okay here it goes.” Her eyes met mine, once again taking my breath, and all my coherent thoughts, away. “I’m in love with you, Josh Dun. I’ve been in love with you for years. I’ve been in love with you for so long that I can’t even remember when it began, and I know you don’t feel the same, and I’m sorry if this makes our friendship weird, but I’m so in love with you it takes my breath away, and I don’t want to be anywhere else when I’m with you.” 


Your POV

There was a pause. You held your breath waiting for any reaction from Josh. Still there was silence, so you unlatched your finger from Josh’s neck. “I’i m sorry I-I” You pulled away, readying yourself to run. This was a huge mistake. But you suddenly find yourself pulled against Josh’s chest with strong hands holding you still and Josh’s lips moving against yours. Bliss.

“We are still kids, but we’re so in love
fighting against all odds 
I know that we’ll be alright this time
Darling just hold my hand 
Be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes”

Josh smiled that Cheshire cat-like grin. “I’ve been wanting to do that for years.” Relief flooded your face and you laughed. 

“Me too, Jishy. Me too.” You pulled him against you again. Chests meeting chests, lips meeting lips. Hearts meeting hearts. 

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
with you between my arms
barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this 
Darling, you look perfect tonight”

“Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Josh laughed looking at you like you tend to look at the stars. 

“Because we’re idiots.” You leaned against Josh, burying your face in his neck. He kissed your hair. 

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.” 

“And I’m yours.” You smiled. Your lips meet Josh’s once again.

“Now that I’m allowed to do that I don’t want to stop.” Josh kissed all over your face.

“Me either.” 

“I love you so much, y/n.”

“I love you too, Jishy.”

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect
No, I don’t deserve this
You look perfect tonight”


I hope you enjoyed this. I do take requests just hmu. Should I start writing more? Let me know. Feedback is appreciated.

Seventeen [Hip Hot Unit] falling for a girl.

When he realizes his true feelings for you, he’d be a lot more passionate about the time you’re spending together and would be a lot more kind-hearted towards you, whether it may be holding the door open, picking you up from work with an umbrella and walking you home or asking if you’re okay in general.

He’d be nervous when he first realizes his crush on you and would try to not let it show to not make things awkward before he confesses to you. But every once in a while you’d catch him staring at you sternly or smiling brightly whenever you’re talking about your day.

He’d start getting closer to you more openly and innocently touching your body whenever you’re close to each other. His way of showing would be him talking more openly about things he wouldn’t tell just friends and trying to be as close to you as he can.

He’d have a hard time accepting his feelings and would try to block them out as much as he can to not put your friendship to the test since he likes things how they are. He’d try to keep himself grounded whenever he’s around you and continue like his heart doesn’t race for you. But when he’s alone, he wouldn’t stop thinking about you and every time regret not telling you.

Love, Youngmi~