let's go with not


This won’t be all fancy and hardcore like my usual theories, but I just want to state my ideas quick:

THIS guy

is NOT, in fact, this guy–

but THIS guy.

Whom I will be referring to as “the dark spirit” until we get a proper name for him. (NOT to be confused with Dark.)


He VANISHES at a moment’s notice when seeing the horror play.

Darkiplier accuses him of being “dark”, but not once claims to be Mark himself.

Dark also states that this guy “does bad things to good people”.

And he does THIS when the camera pans back up to him in his final scene, despite not being Dark.

Which begs the question:

Who is THIS guy?

It’s not Asshole Mark. He’s off being the mayor somewhere and probably calling himself Damien.

It’s not Darkiplier. Dark has our his own body to use.

And it’s definitely not the Colonel. Poor guy’s probably off reporting some hard-hitting journalism somewhere.

That leaves us with only one option. And no, it’s not Jim, Jim.

The dark spirit inhabiting Asshole Mark’s original body.


Of course he’d want to eliminate the Colonel/Warfstache. He’d be delighted at the thought– that WAS his original plan, anyway.

As for Dark? Perhaps he’s a threat to this man we call “Markiplier”. And this spirit can’t have another corpse taking all his attention, now, can he?

And… that whole “Because I Care” line? The curse of the house tries to sympathize with its victim, does it not? Do the lines from the WKM stream “It’s not fair. No, it’s NOT fair. No, YOU’RE right. They shouldn’t be happy. Maybe you should do something about them being happy.” ring a bell to you?

“Because I care” is something that the HOUSE would say.

Who’s to say that our “Mark” doesn’t carry the demonic entity of the house with him?

Who’s to say whether or not the curse is WINNING?

Who’s to say the DDLC poems weren’t written by Mark at all, but by the house itself and/or that dark spirit?

Who’s to say that the house itself or that dark spirit wasn’t omniscient of every inhabitant’s thoughts?

Who’s to say that the curse didn’t whisper those poems into Mark’s ears?

Who’s to say that his new profile picture isn’t presenting what Mark really wants?

Who’s to say whether (Y/N) has any power to stop this?–

Anyhoo. I’ll stop there.

Thanks for reading.~

I feel Jack would like knitting, at first is just that the repetitive motion for his hands and the gentle clicking of the needles appeals to him.

His first projects are things for Señor Bun. Tiny scarves are manageable and perfect practice then he moved to tiny hats and then tiny sweaters.

Bitty melts anytime he sees Jack carefully testing the clothes on Señor Bun.

Then Jack moves his projects to kid size, sending them to the kids from his teammates and slowly as his skills improve he starts making knitted things for everybody.

Just imagine Jack knitting on the bus or plane or in the kitchen while Bitty bakes pies…

180117 Solar’s Fancafe Memo

“Hello this is Solar. 
I’m here because Moomoos and many of those around me are worried and want to know how I’m doing. It’s only been 3 days? since I finished my last official schedule but it feels like months have passed. I was debating alone having difficulty deciding when I should update. I was too, but with Moomoos and company staffs so shocked and worried I didn’t want to add to the fuss; so I focused on being treated^^ but while doing soㅎㅎI couldn’t wait any longerㅎㅎ 

With Moomoos worrying so much about me.. I couldn’t stay still. And so, I am borrowing the memo once more ㅎㅎ Very fortunately it’s not a big injury but I need to keep a careful eye on it so I’m receiving intense treatmentㅎㅎ The worst part isn’t the pain but it’s the fact that my mind is wide awakeㅋㅋ I keep getting hungry and having a lot on my mind with useless thoughts… that’s what it feels likeㅋㅋㅋ I’m always lying down…that’s the most painful part. 
As you know, I’m the type that cannot sit still and not do anything, so I’m trying to find things to do to keep my mind busyㅋㅋ so instead I’ve been searching the web a lot recently ㅎㅎ sneaking and peaking at Moomoos’ postsㅎㅎ ㅎㅎ I read many touching posts so I almost cried..ㅠㅠㅠ each and every one of you, thank you so so much for caring/worrying about meㅠ

Yesterday I watched the members’ performance. Before they left, I was worried, and felt so sorry.. so I texted them too. But after seeing them do so well I’m proud of them. I want to get well soon and see Moomoos from the stage againㅎ
When I’m in the moment I didn’t realize, but the moment I’m on stage, the moment I meet Moomoos, the moment I sing… all these moments are just so special to me. At times, these moments became mundane days, but through this opportunity I was able to be reminded of their value^^ Oh an also you know how you get extra miserable when you are sick but alone?.. But for me because I have so many Moomoos showing me care that although my body is weak I became stronger in the heart.

I know I always tell you this but thank you. Moomoo, your encouragement is better than any medication out there, really^^ I might be making you cringe a bit from the cheesiness but for reals ㅎ And so I think I’ll be able to jump back up soon!! my Moomoo so don’t worry too much ㅎㅎ I’ll get better soon and come see you, so fighting!! Although I probably need the fighting more than anyone else right now;; This is getting long; It’s because I have so much time please understandㅋㅋ

Thank you for loving Mamamoo’s Solar, Kim Yongsun, and Yong Sunhae^^ I promise to return this love little bit at a time one by one. Like how Moomoos listen to my story and cheer me on I’ll listen to your stories and cheer you on with all my heart. Thank you for reading this long letter^^”

© translation by realladymoo

it’s a good thing mulder and scully hooked up twice (!) in this episode, because that is exactly the payment i would have demanded in order to put up with scully being all, “mulder, am i old? mulder, who would i POSSIBLY have had another kid with?? mulder, what if you meet another woman and want to have a family with her because i can’t have kids anymore??”

i could almost see chris carter sitting down at his laptop and going, hmmm, woman thoughts. woman thoughts. the thoughts … of a woman. what do women think? especially when they are over 40? I KNOW! THAT THEY’RE OLD AND USELESS WITHOUT THEIR ABILITY TO BEAR CHILDREN, AND PROBABLY THEY WORRY A LOT ABOUT THEIR DEVOTED TRUE LOVES LEAVING THEM FOR THIS REASON! sounds good, sounds legit.

like, first of all, these people were settled-down-married for at least six years (and maybe many more after that, since i don’t think we ever found out when they broke up pre-s10? correct me if i’m wrong), and they had plenty of time to have another kid and i think definitely would have talked about it! you should know this stuff, cc! you wrote it!!!! i think maybe a conversation reminiscing about them having tried for another kid during that time period and it not happening would have felt like it fit more into the … like, fabric of reality that this show established in the past.

and, come on, she would not be worried about mulder leaving her for another woman! she would be worried about opening her heart to him again and resuming their marriage and then having him go off the deep end of conspiracy theorizing madness once more!

the mere idea of mulder meeting some other woman and having a family with her is so laughable, so absurd, and something tells me dana katherine scully would not entertain it as a possibility for a single second in the year 2018.


but also thanks for the msr sexytimes. you did something right!