let's go with not

I’ve finally had the chance to start working on the second to last chapter of obs&bh! I still hope to have it finished by Sunday :D

The title comes from the song ‘The Greatest Bastard’ by Damien Rice which is so ridiculously appropriate for the chapter. Honestly, pretty much every line could have ended up the title! 

“I hate that I have to share Frozen with people who perv over writing smutty fanfiction or make abusive relationship headcanons. It’s clear to me that these people didn’t understand the meanings and messages of the film. It also ticks me off that I have to share with stupid children who don’t understand what Let It Go actually means about defying fear.”

40k pet peeve of the morning: vehicles with transport capacities of 5 or 10 instead of 6 or 12.

Fuck you I wanna put a full squad AND an HQ in there you fucks how else are my officers supposed to do their fucking JOB?!


Two times that Magnus tried to explain to Alec how truly terrible were the Clave’s actions and the fact that Alec was basically following them… And Alec reacted as if Magnus was exaggerating / taking things “too personal”.