let's go steal a team


This con is unpredictable. It can break a mark. It can break a grifter.
It can break a team.

I am in love with everything in this scene.

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muslimcrow  asked:

So Rocketchu, let's go and steal some shiny stuff from people. Maybe we'll find lots of money

That’s a fantastic idea. Which sucker we gonna rob, hm? Got anyone in mind? Another Pokémon, maybe? I’ve heard that there’s this group called Team Harmony @adventuresquadharmony. I bet they have nice stuff.

(Either way, I’m keeping all the loot when we’re finished…or when they are, I should say.)


We came back stalwart, proud of our adult muscles. We had suffered, we had crossed frontierless lands, we had loved a few women, occasionally played pitch and toss with death - all to rid ourselves of that youthful dread of punishments and detentions, all to be able to listen to the Saturday evening announcement of the weekly marks, invulnerable. (x)