let's go rays

Me: [creates a temporary background character to help move scene along]

Scene: [ends]

Temporary character: [is still there for some reason(??)] Hey wassup

Me: Hey, uh…you need…to leave…

Temporary(?) Character: No.

Me: [sweats] Seriously, please leave now. Goodbye

Next Scene: [Begins]

Temporary New Character: [IS STILL AROUND AND SHOWING NO SIGNS OF LEAVING EVER AGAIN] So I have some ideas about the direction this story is heading and I think it should be more like-

Me: [crying as I accept that I am not the boss of anything I create, writing them permanently into the narrative and hoping they don’t beat me up]



• It was an stupid fight
• He was so stressed because of a new role he just got
• So he was trying his best at rehearsal
• But he was just pushing himself a lot
• So you decided to convince him to take a break
• You remembered what it happened in the past when he overworked himself until he got hurt so
• But as soon as you tried, he got mad
• “Stop it MC, I’m fine, I heal fast, so don’t worry”
• “But Zen, you need some rest… you haven’t eat nothing and…”
• “Stop it now! You don’t believe I can do it right?”
• You were surprised
• It was the first time he acted like this with you, and it make you feel awful
• “Fine, then do it yourself… I’m not gonna stay here and watch you ruining your own body”
• You started packing and something inside him just wake him
• “No no no no no… please MC” he took your hands and stopped you from packing “I’m so sorry, I am an idiot, I am just so stressed right now… I don’t know what to do. Please don’t leave”
• He was almost crying, and you could see the pain in his eyes
• “I was just… worried of you” you muttered almost on tears
• “I know babe, I’m so sorry, it’s my fault” he whispered while hugging you close to him
• “I don’t think I can do anything without you…”


• You knew everything about him
• And you knew when he felt mad and stressed
• He normally tried to blame anyone when he was mad and the worse thing was…
• He used to talk about Rika a lot when he was under pressure
• “Rika used to say…”
• “Rika used to do…”
• “Rika said to me once…”
• You usually just let it go
• But this time you were just as pressured as him
• So you both got into a fight
• “I don’t know why you’re always talking about Rika? Why can’t you make your own choices?”
• He looked at you surprised and mad
• And that’s how the fight started
• You eventually left his place because of the fight
• And lets be honest…
• You missed him a lot, and he missed you a lot
• So it didn’t even take a hole day
• When he was already at your place with a bouquet of roses in his hands and with a sorry face
• “I’m sorry…” he muttered with tears in his eyes “I shouldn’t talk about her so much, you were right”
• “No, it’s my fault… I just lost it” you said just as sorry as him
• “I love you. Please come back?”


• You both didn’t fight
• But that day was just so… stressful for both
• You had a lot of work and she had a lot of work too
• So she normally watch Zen’s DVD’S to relax herself
• But you just wanted attention and her voice to relax
• So you decided to take some of your little free time just to be with her
• But she just didn’t take off her eyes of the screen
• “Jaehee I…”
• “Wait MC, this is the best part…”
• “But…”
• “Look at his tears and his hurt expression, he is just such a great actor”
• You just looked at her being all excited about Zen’s acting just make you sad and angry
• Why couldn’t she worry about you and give you the same attention?
• “Jaehee, stop talking about the damn DVD and listen to me”
• She looked at you so surprised by your angry voice
• “I’m sorry MC, are you mad?”
• You just sighed and looked at her
• You needed space for your own, so you decided to leave for a few days
• So when you came back
• She hugged you tight
• “I’m so sorry MC, I didn’t listen to you enough… I promise I will listen to you from now on” she hold your hand “So let’s fix everything together, okay?”


• He knew everything about you
• So it was really hard for you both to get into a fight
• When you both discussed about something, and you started to get mad
• He’ll immediately tell you that you’re right just to drop the topic
• But when it comes to jealousy, he didn’t knew how to control it
• He was possessive from time to time, and you tried to be okay with it
• But sometimes it make you mad the reasons why he get jealous of
• So when he low-key accused you of going with some friends of yours to the movies without him
• You were a little mad about it
• “What do you think I am? Do you think I’m that kind of girl?”
• He give you a worried look, when he knows he fucked up
• “No, MC, you know I didn’t mean that”
• “Then why can’t you trust me?”
• He sighed and hold your hands between his
• “It’s not that I don’t trust you it’s just that… I can’t hold myself. I’m always so anxious at the thought of you leaving me. You are like a dream to me, so I can’t believe it even when you’re always by my side”
• Damn
• Damn Jumin Han who was so direct with words
• “I… Okay… I’m not mad” you muttered
• “I love you MC, please know that”


• He was usually so busy
• And he had this habit of losing himself on work
• But this time he was seriously under so much stress
• He keep pushing you away and ignoring you a lot
• “Please Seven, you need to eat something…”
• “Jesus MC! Leave me alone, okay? I need to finish this by tomorrow”
• You knew he didn’t meant it
• But it still hurt your heart looking at his mad face and listen to him raising his voice at you
• You sighed and decided to leave him alone
• You went out for a walk for some hours
• And by the time you get back
• He was broken
• He was on the floor with red eyes and holding his head with his hands
• “Seven, are you okay…?”
• He looked at you as soon as you speak, and before you said anything else
• He hugged you so tight
• “Please MC, don’t ever leave me like that… I was so worried about you. I thought you have left me alone… ”
• Your heart broke just listening at his hurt voice
• “I just went out for a walk… I’m not leaving you”
• “Really!?” he started giving you kisses on your cheeks, nose, and lips
• “Please don’t leave me… never”


• After having a toxic relationship he just wanted to look for himself
• He wanted to be with you, on a normal relationship
• And no relationship is perfect
• So when you two started arguing about he leaving abroad so much
• He was secretly happy to have a normal couple fight
• Of course he didn’t want to argue with you
• As soon as you started to get mad at him by leaving
• He just wanted to hold you close
• So he did
• “I’m glad our relationship is this way… expressing our emotions no matter if it’s happiness or not”
• “I don’t want to leave either, you have no idea how much I miss you when you’re not by my side”
• Even though you had a slightly mad expression, you couldn’t get really mad at him
• He smiled at you
• “We can fight as much as you want, but I’m not letting you go”


• He loved you a lot
• You were an angel to him and the only reason why he choose to leave the Mint Eye and his savior
• So when you helped him and support him to have a normal life
• He was a little scared and confused at everything, but by your side it was safe
• So when you leave without telling him, he just couldn’t help to worry and think about the worse
• So it was normal that he was slightly possessive
• And even when you were patient with him, he sometimes had this bad moments where everything was threat to him
• “MC, you’re leaving me isn’t it? Please don’t, please don't… I promise to be good, but please stay”
• You were sadly used to this
• So when this happened you hugged him close to you and caress his hair
• “I’m not leaving you, never”
• He was getting better though
• Because you were by his side

  • tg: re :*mentions Hide*
  • me: *intense stare.*
  • tg: re :*simply moves on. Hide is once again consumed by the void*

anonymous asked:

So after seeing Len on the crisis on Earth-X poster I'm 95% positive the Len we're going to be getting is a freedom fighter from Earh 10. Considering on that earth our heroes are Nazis for some reason : ( . Thoughts?

I mean, I agree that this Len is going to most likely be on the Freedom Fighter side but mostly my thoughts are that everything to do with Earth 10 and commodifying literal Nazis is pretty terrible. Like I get that the Nazis are still the villains but I think it’s pretty disgusting (and honestly weak storytelling) to make a mirrorverse where most of the beloved heroes are literal Nazis? Especially given the sharp rise in vocal fascism and antisemitism in recent times, stories like this have power, and to say “it wouldn’t take too much for the heroes you love to be literal fucking Nazis” is not a good story to tell like wtf

So the fact that it exists at all has my jaw on the floor in horror, and the fact that they’re making the crossover episodes surround this nonsense has me seething, and the fact that they’re wrapping up a bunch of other stuff like a westallen wedding and potential reintroduction of Len to the cw-verse (or more snartbait, more likely) as part of this crossover roils my stomach because they’re going to use those to make sure fans tune in rather than boycott those episodes.

Thoughts? Mostly that I am Tired, 2017 is bullshit, and if the fandom can make infinite “evil” verses and alternate dimensions without making the heroes into literal Nazis then why the fuck is this happening from the professional writers who get paid for this?

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(ps - there are good ways to portray the small and large atrocities accomplished by people who merely follow orders and capitulate to the greater machines of evil under fascism, and there are good ways to make fascists as villains. But given the CW’s track record with literal Nazis (aka Damien Darhk) and making villains ‘funny’ and giving them great lines and screentime that entertains instead of reviles (aka the entire Legion of Doom), I don’t trust 95% of that writing team and I especially don’t trust them with a topic this sensitive).