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Got7: Early Mornings

• He’s probably big spoon
• Holds you close his chest
• Most likely spent in silence with another hug and a hum every now and them
• Sleepy, sleepy smiles
• Kisses in your hair
• Him rubbing your sides
• Being all the way under the covers.

• You guys sleep facing each other
• Waking up to him holding your hand
• Smiling and forehead kisses
• Kissing him on the nose
• Gentle touches and poking each other’s faces
• Messing morning hair
• Jaebum being soft in general because he melts for you

• Waking you up w/ kisses
• His morning voice tbh
• Probably a lot of butt grabbing
• Laughing at each other bc of said butt grabbing
• “I love you.” “Jackson, that’s the ninth time you’ve said that.” “But it’s still true so…”
• Being nose to nose
• “Go brush your teeth, nasty.”

• His cute sleepy eye smiles
• Jinyoung totally steals all the covers so the first twenty minutes of the morning are spent fighting over it
• Hand holding
• Neck kisses
• Things almost getting too heated ;)))
• Planning outfits for the day out loud bc why not
• “We have to get up, Y/n.” “Yes, Mother.”

• His loud yawns
• Him too sleepy to open his eyes
• Small pecks on the lips and nose and forehead and face in general
• Him laughing at your sleepy voice
• “You’re a ray of sunshine.” “Y/n….” “My beautiful ray of sunshine.”
• Holding you close and never letting go
• Him playing with your hair

• Him sticking his cold hands up your shirt
• You yelling at him and hitting him in the chest
• “It’s that time again.” “Bammie…” BamBam: *dabs*
• Holding each other for body heat
• Bareface beauty
• Tangling your legs together
• “Morning, Beautiful.” “Morning, Handsome.”

• Moving his bangs away from his eyes and laughing
• Him nuzzling into his forehead into your shoulder
• Cute sleepy baby Yugyeom
• Being obnoxiously loud to annoy you
• You shoving him to shut up
• Curling up while he holds you
• Hair Petting™

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Could you do like pros and cons of dating each member? Ty!💜

How dating BTS would be like

+ = pros

- = cons

Rapmonster (Namjoon):

  • + there would be a lot of coffee shop dates and going to the library once or twice a week
  • + he would do everything to understand you and make you happy
  • + he would help you study for your exams or tests at school when you don’t understand something (that means you have good grades) 
  • + watching movies late at night 
  • + he would always show his dimples whenever you’ll feel down because those dimples are like heaven lol 
  • + he always would put an arm around your shoulder or waist whenever you two would walk on the streets 
  • + you two would do weird dances together because of the fantastic dancing machines you are
  • + he would be smiley and cuddly after a long tour or a long time of no seeing each other + would write songs about you 
  • - I don’t think there would be cons in your relationship because he always is correct and Joonie never does something wrong however he’s very calm so during a fight you wouldn’t know if he’s mad or not so that will angers you more   

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Jin (Seokjin): 

  • + breakfast in bed everyday 
  • + lots of cooking together especially during the weekend 
  • + he would take care of you like a mother because your health and happiness are really important 
  • + a lot of dad jokes
  • + you would always lay your head on his shoulder whenever you two would be watching a movie in the evening 
  • + I think Jin is someone who likes to go to a sauna or maybe a swimming pool so there is a lot of fun! 
  • + he would always send you kisses while texting because he’s so cheesy >_<

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  • + a lot of cuddles 
  • + he would write a million songs just for you 
  • + he would learn you how to play the piano if you want 
  • + a lot of dates at home 
  • + he would always listen to you 
  • + lazy sunday mornings in each other embraces 
  • + he would love to kiss your nose here and there 
  • + he may have a cold expression but he surely has a soft heart so adopting a cat wouldn’t bother him 
  • + you’re always welcome in his studio 
  • - he doesn’t know how to express his feelings well so it would be difficult to understand how he truly feels 
  • - I think Yoongi has a bad temper (but I’m not sure) 
  • - He’s really busy with his work so he wouldn’t always have time for you

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Jhope (Hoseok): 

  • + he’s really active 
  • + he would always be the first one to suggest to go on a date 
  • + hugs you from behind when you’re cooking 
  • + he would make time for you even if he has a busy shedule just to make sure that you know how much he loves you 
  • + he is a ball of sunshine so it’s always positif between you two 
  • + He would learn you how to dance whenever you have time 
  • + “English timeu wif Hobi and Y/N” 
  • + A lot of park dates 
  • + he would text you everyday 
  • - he sometimes has too much energy 

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  • + kisses and hugs 
  • + he lets you play with his small hands 
  • + his parents loves you because of making their son the happiest man on Earth 
  • + dates everywhere 
  • + he only would do things you’re comfortable with 
  • + he always makes sure you eat and sleep enough 
  • + he’s a shy mochi 
  • + he likes to brush your hair 
  • + he would like it when you come to the dance practice to see him 
  • + he would buy you as many cupcakes as you want 
  • + he would film himself during practice or on his tour and send the videos to you 
  • + your happiness is also his happiness 
  • + he sleeps over whenever you’re scared 
  • + he would take you to Busan and show you his favorite places 
  • - Jimin has sometimes complexes so you have to make sure he’s comfortable in his skin 
  • - He’s really busy, just like the other boys 

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V (Taehyung): 

  • + kisses your whole face 24/7 
  • + hugs you and never wants to let you go 
  • + he likes to go to the cinema with you 
  • + a lot of nicknames 
  • + having you in his embrace is enough to make him smile widely 
  • + he sometimes would show up at your door with a flower in his hand “a beautiful flower for a beautiful girl” 
  • + he randomly would sing songs and make you dance with him 
  • + he would like to adopt a puppy with you and call it his and your child 
  • I don’t think there are negative things in your relationship except his busy shedule

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  • + playing games everyday 
  • + eating pizza everyday (because both of of you are too lazy) 
  • + hugs you everyday 
  • + he loves to pick you up and spin you around 
  • + sending derp selfies to each other 
  • + he would sing you a lullaby before going to sleep 
  • + stare contests between you two 
  • + he’s protective but not too much 
  • + you find his Busan accent sexy so always talks to you in that accent 
  • + you’re the only one (besides bts) who can see his abs *wiggles eyebrows* 
  • - he’s really shy at first so you have to make sure he’s comfortable around you
  •  - he always forgets to text you back

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yo so like.......how much do you love mitch marner?

okay, so the game is over and i’m on my laptop which means that i can give this the full attention it deserves.

how much do i love mitch marner? that’s a damn good question.

this boy grew up in toronto with dreams bigger than him. since he was a kid he wanted to play for the maple leafs. did anyone really think he could do this? no, not even he did. mitch thought his career was over before it had even begun. he went on a pointless streak during the first year of his draft eligibility and this kid thought that that was the end of it. he got so down on himself that his dad had to take him home for a bit.

did he give up here, though? well, obviously not. he worked his ass off and he got back to where he was, maybe even better than where he was. and then he went fourth overall to his hometown team. this kid, who went far lower in the ohl draft than he should have because of his size, got drafted by the toronto maple leafs, the team he’s loved since before he could tie his own skates. he then went on to dominate the ohl, winning numerous awards and the ever so coveted, memorial cup as co-captain of the knights.

and now? now he’s one of the most important players on the team. he puts in consistent work every single game - he even plays when he’s sick - and doesn’t give up or ever really get discouraged. he’s like this ray of sunshine for the leafs. also, he’s in the leafs record book now, during a rookie season no one thought he’d play. plus, he’s surround by other amazing rookies, yet he still manages to hold his own and prove his skill, night in, night out.

now, enough about his accomplishments, which even though they’re a huge part of why i love and admire him as much as i do, they are not the only reasons.

mitch marner can light up an entire fucking stadium when he smiles and damn, is it a contagious smile or what? everything he does it to make his parents proud and there’s no one who’s opinion matters more than his dads to him. after his family home caught on fire and they had no idea of the damage, his first question was about his pets and never about all of the important mementos from a childhood spent playing hockey. he used to wear number 93 because it was the year his brother was born, yet turned it down when his childhood idol, doug gilmour, offered it to him. he cuddles his teammates and loves them so much. he’s always praising them and is so proud of their success. he gets just as happy as a fan would, maybe even more, when he or anyone else on the leafs scores. he’s just got this complete and unadulterated joy when he plays and he doesn’t let anything ruin that.  he’s a hometown boy who got to go home and you can see in the way he plays how grateful he is for that.

all in all, mitch is sunshine on skates and i love him more than i could possibly put into words. he’s an amazing and accomplished guy with a massive heart and i would literally have to spend hours trying to string together the 26 letters of our alphabet to explain my love for him and it still wouldn’t be enough.

tldr; i love mitch marner more than i love anything else in the world and yes, yes, i would write an essay for him.

What they call you - Nicknames//Riverdale

What they nickname you: 

Jughead: Baby 

Baby was simple and classic, and you absolutely loved it. He never said it in public, but when he did say it you just about melted.

“Juggie no. It’s a school night!”

“Baby.. Please one more movie. Last one I promise!”

Archie: Monkey 

He called you monkey almost more than he called you by name, because you, much like a baby monkey does, never wanted to let go of him, clinging for cuddles at any chance you got. 

“No Arch please five more minutes of cuddles!”

“Come one Monkey we’re gonna be late for school.”

Betty: Sunshine 

She started calling you sunshine because you always made her feel warm and happy, you’re like her own personal ray of sun. 

“Betty we’d better head out.”

“You’re right the paper isn’t going to write itself. Huh Sunshine?” 

Veronica: Kitten 

It started as a joke, all because you just about purred when she played with your hair, but it stuck and even though you complained about it being embarrassing you secretly adored it. 

“I had such a bad day V.”

“Oh come here Kitten I’ll make you feel better.” 

chensung!skinship headcanons
  • they hold hands so much it’s almost impractical
  • chenle definitely makes the first move
  • he’ll grab jisung’s hand 24/7 and just hold it forever
  • it’s impractical but chenle honestly couldnt care less
  • chenle the type to drag jisung around
  • jisung the type to be dragged around willingly bc it means that chenle will hug him afterwards
  • we’ve all seen chenle throw that tantrum when he couldnt get his rameN AND IT WAS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD
  • everytime he throws a smol tantrum park jisung is there 2 save the day !!!!!!!
  • gives chenle a kiss on the forehead and lets him sit on his lap until chenle becomes less salty
  • jisung has to kiss him every few seconds so chenle doesnt get wound up again
  • chenle acts like he’s still salty when he’s not so jisung keeps him on his lap
  • and jisung knows but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (coughs creds to @flawlessjeno )
  • jisung !!!! wraps !!!!!! his arms !!!!!!!!!!! around chenle when he sits on his lap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bc he’s so tiny and jisung has 2 protect him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he becomes 2 flustered to think of anything besides jisung (●´ω`●)
  • chenle likes to plop down on jisung’s lap and go on his phone and ignore everyone for 50 years
  • like oop there’s no seat?? nOooooOoOOo PROBLEM I HAVE JISUNG
  • jisung has this overwhelming urge to like protect chenle 24/7 so he always has his arm around him if theyre not holding hands
  • chenle,,,,,,,, just falls,,,,,,,, into jisung’s arms,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and chenle just !!!!!!!!!!!! drowns in him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • chenle is so smol and jisung is so tol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • chenle has to tippy toe to wrap his arms around jisung’s neck im jS
  • this isnt kinda skinship-y but jisung is vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv protective over chenle
  • and loves likes it when chenle wears his jackets and hoodies and sweaters and clothES IN GENERALLY
  • jisung the type to bury his face in chenle’s neck when chenle’s sitting on his lap
  • ive mentioned this previously but like
  • whenever they have lil sleepovers, chenle just clings onto jisung like a koala bear and jisung just freezes up bc he doesnt know what to do
  • !!! sometimes !!!!!!!! chenle sneaks over to jisung’s room and sleeps with him 
  • and whenever he does, jisung’s usually really sleepy and just out of it
  • and whenever he’s really tired and doesnt fully know what’s going on, he hugs chenle like he’s a lil teddy bear and they just fall asleep like that
  • forehead and cheek kisses !!!!!!
  • kisses on the lip are a rare thing
  • only happens if chenle’s feeling spicy™️️ 
  • jisung the type to squish chenle’s cheeks bc he looks like a lil puffer fish 
  • jisung !!!! the type !!!!! to !!!!!!! hold chenle’s face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when they kiss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • backhugs from chenle !!!!!!!
  • chenle can barely see over jisung’s shoulder but that is a-ok !
  • chenle likes kissing a pouty jisung
  • pouty jisung only occurs when he gets jealous
  • which is like whenever someone gets 2 close to chenle
  • pouting chensung that makes everyone feel weird bc maknae line is no longer sunshine
  • whenever jisung ignores chenle, chenle throws tantrums to get his attention
  • and sometimes jisung just drags chenle onto his lap without thinking bc he’s so used to it and they just make up because of that
  • but other times jisung has like 1% willpower and continues to ignore chenle
  • which makes chenle cry
  • and then jisung has to hug him and put him on his lap and tell him how much he loves him until chenle stops crying
  • chenle probably sniffles a lil after he stops crying which makES JISUNG STOP BREATHING
  • jisung the type to kiss chenle after every sniffle
  • chenle the type to sniffle just so jisung would kiss him
  • sleepy hugs!!!
  • whenever chenle is tired out of his mind and about to pass out, he’ll drape himself over jisung and jisung will just hug him until he falls asleep
  • and whenever jisung’s tired as fuck, he’ll lean against chenle and chenle will throw his arm around him and just kiss his temple and just aH MY HEART
  • sleepy !!!! k i s s e s !!!!!!!!
  • jisung will give chenle lazy forehead kisses that chenle treasures more than he’d like to admit
  • sleepy hugs consist of jisung burying his face into chenle’s neck and chenle drawing random patterns and shapes on jisung’s back
  • c u d d l i n g
  • cuddling rarely happens bc it’s usually one sided (coughs aka chenle hugging onto jisung like a koala bear like i said earlier)
  • but sometimes jisung just really wants to cuddle his bf and just be able to kiss him and tell him how cute he is every 3 seconds and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jisung’s favourite way to kiss chenle is when he wakes up really early accidentally and chenle’s still in his arms
  • and he’s asleep like a lil baby
  • and jisung plays a game called ‘how many times can i kiss chenle’s cheek before he wakes up’
  • i am melting (●´ω`●)
  • chenle the type to melt under any sort of affection ??
  • like jisung will be hugging him and he’d just melt into his arms and just forget the world for a bit and jisung just goes ?????
  • chenle !!! doesnt let go !!!! of hugs after !!!!! jisung lets go !!!!!!!
  • chenle’s entire body just relaxes after jisung hugs him
  • like the first time chenle just melted into jisung, he freaked out 
  • sometimes jisung will be playing like league or overwatch or w/e and chenle will just sneak up to him and plop down on his lap
  • bc then jisung will go “CHENLE I JUST D I E D
  • I GOT D E L E T E D
  • and chenle just finds that so cute so he’ll be like “i had nowhere else to sit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
  • “i dont see any couches idek what ur talking about (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ”
  • and then chenle ends up clinging onto jisung for dear life as he witnesses jisung die multiple times which ends up in jisung throwing a tantrum
  • how the tables have tabled ??
  • “your neck is more comfortable”
  • in all honesty jisung loves chenle more than any video game
  • especially more than fucking league of fucking legends that awful piece of shit game why cant i fucking uninstall it ive been playing this goddamn awful game since season 5 and i still have it on my laptop+desktop and i played it like yesterday and it’s made me want to kermit so many times fuck that game im so fucking angry just typing this
  • chenle is smol enough for jisung to just pick up and run i just hope u know that

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Do you have any song recs you think are kinda clony like?

I think I have some that might work. But I would like to take a step further if you don’t mind. What about songs + headcanons?  <3

   Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Thing: Tony drives alone to school after a bad night of sleep. He’s so done with Ryan and his overly possessive behavior, that it makes him want to skip school altogether. He is waiting for Tony in the parking lot, eyebrow raised, looking at his watch. Tony is 15 minutes late. He decides then, and there, that he and Ryan are over.

    Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun:  Clay walks alone through the school’s corridors, while listening to music. He looks to his left and notices Tony, staring. He does a hand motion to greet him and walks away. They used to be really close years before, but now, no longer. He sees Hannah by her locker and she smiles at him. He smiles back, but doesn’t have the courage to go there and talk to her properly.

     Seether - Fade Away:  Hannah kills herself, and Clay suddenly feels like he has no air left to breath. He sits in his room for what it feels like days, and he cries. All he does is cry, until he has no tears left. He feels even emptier when he’s done.

    System Of A Down - Lonely Day:  Still in the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide, the days seem the same, and they drag through eternity. He has the cassette player in hand , but his fingers don’t obey him when he tries to press play. Suddenly, there’s a hand gripping his shoulder gently, reassuring. He looks back and sees Tony, smiling at him. He sits by his side, and just…stays there. Doesn’t really say anything. But he stays.

Lana Del Rey - Ride: Months passed since Hannah’s death, but sometimes Clay still feels like he can’t breath. Like everything overwhelms his senses. He calls Tony and asks him if he’s busy. He doesn’t have to say anything else, though. Tony picks him up and they drive around town, without any proper destination. They just drive until Clay had stopped crying, and his tears are all dry. He always feels better after that. 

Hooverphonic - Mad About You (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EA-MIYY1bg) this version though. : Tony is fully aware now, of how much he repressed his feelings for Clay. He might get a bit too drunk every once in a lifetime, while fixing his car (aka thinking about Clay while looking at the car’s engine), and he hums to the rhythm only, because he knows that the lyrics will raise too much questions with his dad. 

Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night? : Clay found himself a steady girlfriend. Alice is her name.  She’s sweet, but with just the right amount of sour to add a little bit of mystery to her. They still hang out together, but there are nights that he knows Clay is somewhere, with her. Tony parks his car near the cliff, where he knows he’ll be alone. He turns the volume all the way up, and cries to the chorus, pining over Clay.

Portishead - Glory Box:  Alice’s parents are out of town, and she invites Clay to stay over. Halfway through the night, she puts the song on, and dances to it. Her moves are slow and sensual. Clay knows that she’s been waiting for this, and that he’s supposed to feel something, but he doesn’t. She kisses him with her vanilla flavored lips, and when he closes his eyes, he sees a vision of rough hands full of rings, and soft leather jackets. He excuses himself, and leaves. They break up shortly after that.

    Nothing But Thieves - Lover, Please Stay:  Clay is going to college on another city, but Tony is staying. He knows what he wants to do with his life, and college isn’t it. They get into a huge fight because of that, and for the first time in years, they don’t speak for a whole month. The day that Clay’s supposed to go comes, and Tony suddenly appears in the driveway, ready to take him. Clay still doesn’t say anything, and he puts the song to play, lets it fill the void. He doesn’t know how to make his feelings understood, but he thinks that now is maybe too late too even try. They get there and Clay’s crying. His incandescent blue eyes hidden behind the tears. He holds Tony tight, and lets go with a ‘I love you, Tony’, and then he leaves.

     Bill Withers - Ain’t No Sunshine:  On the way back form the campus, Tony listens to this song on repeat almost the whole way. It feels like the end of an era, and he doesn’t know when he’s going to see Clay again now that he’ll live in another city. So Tony cries. He cries for all  that they were, but mostly for all that they could be.

ps. had to take the keep reading, cause it wasn’t showing on mobile.

It’s only today that I realized just how much of my identity you are engrained in. All of my memories are organized using what state our relationship was. I don’t think about the amazing things that happened to me, but rather whether I told you about them, or not, and how you reacted. If we weren’t talking, all I would think about was telling you; I would imagine how the conversation would play out–what would you say, would you be happy for me? Would you want to be there with me? My life, I realize, is not my own–it is yours, and that isn’t okay. It’s time to take my life back; I will not let you be my sun anymore, because I’m going to make my own sunshine.
—  (14/52) by (DS)

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(part 1) you know, it's been almost 40 chapters since the shiratorizawa training camp arc and i am STILL salty that hinata was never invited in the first place (tho i know why it was important to his character development that he was never invited, but still). and i still HATE the way the shiratorizawa coach treated hinata. like, i can get why he wasn't allowed to participate, and sleep there, and i can kinda understand why they didn't give him anything to eat. but like,

(part 2) the shiratorizawa coach kept calling him out, isolating him from the others, and humiliating him. i know it was hinata’s own choice to stay there but i don’t think him even going their uninvited, AND still not participating (w/o argument i might add) warranted such treatment. that shiratorizawa coach is an asshole, i hate him so much. ALSO the fact that he continues to pick only the strongest/tallest players after shiratorizawa’s defeat and refuses to see hinata’s huge potential

(part 3) that’s been recognised by university coaches, might i add, makes me so goddamn mad. okay, i think that’s the end of my rant hahah, i’m sorry if i rambled a bit, i just needed to get this off my chest since this is one of my favourite hinata character development arcs and that coach just pisses me off so much (also, i kno this might be an odd addition but i love your blog B! you’re one of my faves!!! <333)

OH MY MY. I’m with you on this, the Shiratorizawa training camp is probably one of the most painful arcs ever, but yet I loved it because there’s TONS of character development in here. 

I hate the Shiratorizawa coach with burning passion. He’s the only character I truly despise. Ukai saw things coming from the start and he knew that Hinata was going to suffer, that he’ll make him go through literal hell. 

Those guys said it. It was all a plan to have some sort of revenge on him, on the little shrimp that took the victory away from his perfect team, that shrimp that is anything but the player he likes. He abused him verbally (”you’re nothing without Kageyama”), he refused to acknowledge his skills, to let him play no matter what. He wanted to punish him, even torture him in a very sadistic way. 

Too bad that Hinata, the sunshine boy that he is, took everything in regardless and this camp was one of the things that helped him the most, both with going forward as a player and with being distracted from the thought of Kageyama “going ahead” to the national training camp and leaving him there. 

Another thing I loved, was the reaction of the boys. All of them wanted him to play, they were burning with the desire to go against him again. 

The cherry on top were, of course, the Shiratorizawa boys. Tendou was ready to fight him right away (nice Pokemon reference, Tendou), the thought of Hinata not being invited to the camp never crossed his mind. 

Their faces when Hinata told him he was the ballboy are priceless. Not to mention how sweet Tendou was here. Ok, Hinata didn’t have the right to have food and shelter, but they were ready to have him anyway. 

So yes, this arc is heartbreaking, the coach is THE SHIT, but gladly Hinta and all the boys were way better than that <3 

Boyfriend Series - BTS: Jimin


- Like fluffy and cute cinnamon roll

- But also like 18+

- Cute and cuddly when you two are watching movies or cartoons


- Because sometimes he’ll just wanna take a nap after a long day

- Calls and texts you whenever he’s free because he prefers your voice over the other members

- Loves your smile, laugh, hugs, and the way your nuzzle your head into him whenever you’re sleepy

- Sings you to sleep just because you lean into him when he sings next to you

- Plays with your fingers out of pure habit because sometimes he’s fidgety

- Back hugs are like everything to him… giving and receiving

- Will tease you by saying shit along the lines of “look at my beautiful/handsome yeobo” just because it throws you off sometimes

- Dances with you when he wants to be silly and have fun

- Dances for you for reasons like he wants to get your opinion or he’s planning something



- Will actually get punched by you from time to time because he needs to find his chill

- Lets you play with his hair because its soothing

- Pouts a lot when they’re on tour and he’s away from you

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To the anon that requested this, here you go~! - Admin Sunshine

Lazy day - Harry Styles Imagine

I woke up as i usually do,cuddled with harry basically laying on top of him but he never seemed to mind that.

He always looks so damn beautiful as he sleeps,I do not know if its his perfectly constructed jaw line or his stupid jokes but somehow everyday I fall deeper in love with him.                                

  I soon got bored and started to draw circles on his forearm.                                  I then started to poke his cheek say “H” with each poke in attempt to wake his tired ass up but somehow hes still asleep.

I got out of his arms and straddled his waist and grabbed his hands in mind,I looked at his face  seeing a small smirk knowing this idiot is trying to trick me into thinking hes asleep.

I quickly caught on to his games and leaned down to his ear and sang loudly       “YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE ,MY ONLY SUNSHINE” he jumped up obviously not expecting me to do that and said “Oh you are going to get it now my sunshine”

I attempted to get away before he does anything but the next thing I know he is tickling my side and I immediately let out a very loud laugh that the  neighbours  definitely heard.

When he got too lazy to continue he laid his head on my stomach rubbing and kissing it every so often while I played with his now shortened hair.                       Next thing I hear light snores from him and soon after I too fell asleep from the heat of his body.

I woke up a couple of hours later in the same position but very hungry because we had not eaten since the previous night when we had pizza,                                 I then said “h i am starving” the then got up and held out his hand and I said “where are we going” “were going to the pier to get a take away and drink beer” I smiled and took his hand.We both got dressed and headed to the pier.

We walked down the stone pier that looked over the dark blue water meters bellow the pier.

We went to the take away restaurant and got our fish and chips which we both love,we then went to the supermarket and bought a six pack of Heineken then headed to the bench we always go to.

All food gone and 4 beers consumed between us,                                                 Harry was the cuddly giggling mess he always was when he drank a few beers.

We walked through the park and harry said “babe get on my back” I laughed and said “you will be the death of me styles” I stepped up on the bench he was standing on ,he turned around and put his hand on my chin and kissed me and said “you do trust me dont you” he turned around and said “come on chicken”

I finally got on his back and he was carrying me and laughing,                               Then I felt his legs start to go and soon we were on the group both nearly dying with laughter.

I got up and held out my hand and he took it while smirking at me,                       I had my arm around his waist keeping him steady and said “Lets get you home styles”

We got back to the apartment and harry was hugging me in the elevator,when we got inside harry took my hand and I said “where are you bringing me styles” he replied “to cuddle”

He picked me up and laid me on the bed and then laid down beside me pulling my body to his finishing my day just the way i started it,in his arms

Bts when their girlfriends puppy are scared of them

Notes: This happened to my house mate, she is the nicest and sweetest person in the universe, but this one puppy was just terrified of her.


You really think that Seokjin would accept that a puppy hated him? He would try and win it’s hard the best way he knew… Food, which meant you should probably take the little thing for some more walks! A lot more walks, Seokjin might not succeed in making the puppy less scared of him… But he did manage to make you do a lot more exercise than you originally planned for!

Originally posted by yoongiski

“I promise it is good, all you have to do… is walk over here and take it from my palm.”


So people can say what ever they want about Yoongi might not being the best person in the world at expressing his feelings, but nobody would ever doubt that this man loves dogs.
He was so happy when he heard that you were getting a puppy, that meant that your dogs could play together! Holly could get a playmate! And then he came and visited you the first night you had it, and every time he got close to it started whining, and that never stopped. 

Originally posted by jeonbase

“No! I’m good to dogs! Tell him Holly! I’m nice to dogs!”


As part of team sunshine, Hoseok likes the fact that he is seen as the happy and funny guy. He is a nice person! Why does a tiny adorable dog he just want to cuddle and never let go hate him? Why is it scared of him! He never in his life had anything be scared of him! Mostly he is the one scared of everything! For Hoseok it would be a really really weird! And he had no idea what to do!

Originally posted by parkejimins

“Is this how animal’s feel when I’m scared of them? Why I am worried about”


Namjoon would do a shit ton of googling! There had to be some way to fix it right?! But no matter what forum he tried to ask everybody just accused him of beating the puppy! Which he would never do, he was even to scared to pick it up when you first got it!

Originally posted by syubto

“Do I look like a puppy beater? Is that a thing I just look like?”


Jimin would not accept it, he would refuse! Even if it meant bribing the puppy with treats! He would not accept that this little amazing creature! He would not accept it! Get ready for Jimin spending all the time he possible could at your place trying to convince your tiny puppy that he wasn’t something to be afraid of!

Originally posted by cuteguk

“Look at me! I’m cute! You are cute, think about we it! We could be cute together!”


This is basically his worst nightmare! A puppy is scared of him! Like he would basically be ready to part the oceans for that to stop, the only thing worse would be two puppies hating him. Get ready for Taehyung walking around your place like he was scared that he would break anything.

Originally posted by donewithjeon

“Just kill me… This is the end… There is no going from here.” 


Jungkook would be pouting in a corner, he is a likeable guy? Right… RIGHT? The fact that it was a tiny little adorable thing that was scared of him made it all worse, he would never hurt anybody.
Every time he came over he would be pouting at the puppy sending it puppy eyes to make it maybe not be scared of him this time! It never worked…

Originally posted by grape-joon

“I know you are tiny! I am good with tiny things I promise! Like I haven’t broken Jimin!”

Authors note:

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- Prussia

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if ur comfy with it how about maybe some oihina or iwahina headcanons?

always down for oihina my friendo!!!

  • oikawa and hinata are the dorkiest boyfriends is2g
  • imagine hinata buying flowers for oikawa on their anniversary ((because oikawa is a romantic and loves flowers))
  • hinata also got them candles for a candle-lit dinner and bath bombs to enjoy in the bathtub together ((because oikawa is a HUGE romantic))
  • although they are both early risers they like to stay in bed and cuddle and exchange sleepy morning kisses
  • tickle fights often ensue 
  • IMAGINE oikawa going over to hinata’s house and swooning his whole family
  • hinata’s mother loves him because he’s tall handsome and charming
  • hinata’s father loves him because he’s a gentleman
  • they make flower crowns together, natsu, hinata and oikawa
  • they also play dress up and every variation of it
  • every time natsu suggests to make cookies though, oikawa skillfully escapes
  • the one time he doesn’t, hinata learns never to let oikawa into the kitchen, ever.
  • oihina are sunshines but imagine
  • insecure oikawa being comforted by his boyfriend’s tight hugs because hinata just has so much genuine faith in him that?? he’s the best?? and that he deserves to be happy??
  • hinata feeling comfortable enough to show his weak side to oikawa?? he doesn’t need to say anything oikawa can just tell when he’s feeling a bit off and he’s extremely dedicated in showering hinata with love to bring back his confidence
  • they're so emotionally supportive of each other in such intimate ways 
  • they’re also snotty boyfriends who cry together often
  • i love them oihina i do

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

Or Else (Dean X Reader)

WEDIM - Day Seven



WARNINGS: Bit sad, angsty, swearing

Summary: Don’t find me or else. 

My hand shook as I wrote the letter. The demon on my shoulder just smiled and paced around behind me telling me exactly what to write and laughing when I began to cry.


I have to leave. I don’t love you, no have. I can’t carry on living this lie.

If you hate me, I understand. Don’t find me or else.

If I meet you again it will be way too soon. Tell Sam that I am very grateful for all that he did with Lilith and letting Lucifer out. He’s done the world a great service. I hope that you, Dean, will come to see that.

I’ve left my phones on the bed so you can’t call.


The demon read it, laughed and then handed it back.

“Very good, see I wasn’t that hard was it,” She sneered as she ran her hand through my hair. I sat very still, scared for my life. I’d done what she wanted to keep her from killing Dean but I did not trust her to not turn on me now.

“What do you want from me now?” I asked, trying my best to keep my voice calm but failing miserable.

“You? You’ve kept your end of the deal, but the problem is that I need some kind of result. Boss, ain’t going to be happy when he hears I’ve got neither Winchester downstairs will he?”

“So you’re going to kill me?”

“No, no, no!” The demon laughed. “Come on be original! I’ve got something way better planned for you missy,”

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Name: You know you want to
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Note: Bucky convinces the reader to spend the Valentine’s day with him. She hesitates because of his reputation of a “ladies’ man”. Fluff, only fluff.
Dedication: @zoevesper Darling, it is here only because of you. So shame on you if it’s bad. But I did my best, hon. I did.

“Y/N,” you hear the knocking on the glass and look around, trying to get where the sound is coming from, until your glance stops on the window. The knocking repeats. “Y/N?”

“Bucky?” you stare the man behind the curtains, as he is sitting the stairs, totally calm, as if it’s his usual seat. “What are you doing here?”

“I am happy to see you too,” Bucky grins and jumps inside the apartment, shutting the window behind himself. “You know how cold it is outside?”

“You know that people use doors?” he waves his hand. “What did you forget at my place?”


“What? Bucky, please, go and do whatever it is you usually do… Charm some girls, I suppose,” he grins and looks around, noticing that you don’t have any signs of an existing special one. “Leave me alone.”

“Uhm… nope,” since Steve helped him adapt to the modern world, Bucky became much more confident. Even though he never became the over-confident, quite selfish guy he was before the war, Bucky did flirt with lots of girls. Lots and lots. “See, Y/N, you keep not agreeing to go out with me. Why?”

“Because you flirt with any female anywhere, at any time, Bucky,” you keep pushing him towards the front door. “And I… I want. A long. Term. Relationship,” you realize that pushing him is totally hopeless, when Bucky lowers his head.

“So… You are looking for a boyfriend material?” you grin, then blush, then nod. “Then what’s the problem?”

“That you are not boyfriend material,” you sigh, as Bucky rests his palm on your cheek, softly smiling at your sudden bashfulness.

“How would you know if you never tried?” he lowers his head, as if about to kiss you, yet keeping the (tiny) distance. You try to pull away, but do not succeed. 

“Bucky… Come on, let’s not make it complicated. We work together. I don’t know about you, but I will certainly feel weird about working with you after this… Let’s call it a one night stand,” Bucky frowns. “I do have some rules, Bucky.”

“I know. Which is why it ain’t a one night stand,” you freeze, and he smiles gently, still dangerously close to your face. “Y/N,” he slowly strokes your cheek, brushing his finger against your lips. “It’s a Valentine’s day, definitely a special one… It still is, I asked Natasha.”

“You asked Natasha?” he grins and nods.

“Yeah, she found it amusing and may very probably use it against me later,” you smile, as Bucky tucks a curl behind your ear, pulling you closer, until you really have to lean away to avoid being smashed. “Yet… You let me in.”

“You never asked, just jumped in,” you mumble, trying to defend yourself, knowing that you’ve already lost.

“You still haven’t punched me.”

“You still haven’t anything reprehensible,” before you even finish the sentence, Bucky lowers his head and gently presses his lips against yours, so careful, as if you actually could decide to bite him.

“I have,” he pulls away quickly, shining a huge smile at you. “What now?”

“You want me to punch you?” you ask finally, trying not to blush.

“No… To admit that you want it. And that you are stubborn,” he adds quickly, smiling at you.

“I am not stubborn!”

“You’ve been ignoring my attempts to conquer you for the past few months, so I had to take some special steps. Valentine’s day was just right on time,” his head is still lowered, face next to yours, so you more stare in his eyes than listen to the words. Bucky realizes that and stops talking, still holding you so close, you can hear his heartbeat better than your own.

“Can you let me go?” you ask, knowing that, as he is holding you with his iron hand, you have no chance of running away.

“No,” he shakes his head, smiling at you, his hand firmly yet gently holding your back, so that you know that you can’t escape. “You know how annoying it is…”


“To have you ignore me? Y/N, you’ve been playing hard to get, now just stand still, won’t you?”

“But the food…”

“Are you cooking?” you grin.

“No, I am burning the food. But I will eat it at some point, so sure. Cooking,” he smiles and, without letting go of you, walks into the kitchen to look at the food. “Looks bad?”

“Looks like it could use some help,” he smiles and turns to the oven. “You’re lucky I am here.”

“I am lucky?” he laughs and throws a towel at you. “Oh.”

“You are incredibly lucky, sunshine,” you stay quiet, hoping that your face doesn’t give away that you agree with him, when Bucky suddenly turns to you, smiling. “I forgot to do one thing,” you raise your eyebrows, as he quickly pulls you close and kisses passionately, as you close your eyes, kissing him back, running your fingers though his hair. A few minutes later (you think so, at least), Bucky lets go of you, allowing you to breathe again.

“You were so much more restrained when you got back,” you murmur, and he smiles.

“I did spend a lot of time with Tony. That never ends well,” you grin and nod. “Now let me get back to your food before it is actually burnt.”

aflookie  asked:

The news paper clippings on Snickets wall in the miserable mill, what do they all say?

Hello! I’ve broken them down just to make it easier to read:

Noted Scientist Dies of Snake Allergies- Dr Montgomery Montgomery Hated the Slimy Creatures

  • There has been much speculation in the media this week as world renowned herpetologist Dr. Montgomery Montgomery was found dead in his Reptile Atrium in the late afternoon. Police and a coroner did confirm that he died from a snake bite that contained very deadly venom. It has been speculated that Montgomery died from snake allergies
  • … being allergic to the snake. It is due from the deadly venom that is injected by the snake and into the blood stream that causes death. Many believe that ‘allergies’ however he said if that was the case then everyone in the universe would then be ‘allergic’ to snakes. He claims many are confused by this and he isn’t sure why. The herpetologist refused to try and explain it
  • … investigating the fire even though they are sure it was nothing more than just a terrible fire leading to a series of unfortunate events for the children. It has been a short time since the Baudelaire’s parents tragically perished in a blazing fire that took their lives and also their home. 
  • Veronica, Klyde and Susie still remain orphans. Mr Poe the husband of the great Eleanor Poe our Editor-In-Chief here at the Daily Punctilio is currently looking after the children till their closest living relative is found for them to live with. The children were seen standing in the ruins of their home. Sifting through ash and rubble looking for their belongings they can take with them on their new adventure as orphans. It looks like the children are trying to find reminders of their past life and parents.

Lakeside Home Destroyed- Authorities Blame Cabal of Real Estate Agents: 

  • Reported by Special Correspondent Bo Wilch. 
  • However we are finally not reporting about another house fire instead many are speculating that this disaster was much worse. Josephine Anwhistle and her house tore apart and crashed into the jagged cliff rocks below into Lake Lachrymose where the leeches were waiting and ate Josephine alive. Perishing in a fire would have been much better compared to being eaten alive by deadly leeches. She succumbed to the same death as her husband who also died by the leeches. 
  • Again another caretaker of the Baudelaire children has died. Somehow these children seem to be in the middle of a series of unfortunate events. Many speculate that somehow Count Olaf is also involved, police have yet to confirm this. Josephine was an Aunt to the Baudelaire children and now she is a distant memory just like her house. Police have now started to investigate the children seeing as they are always involved in their guardians death. They keep insisting that Count Olaf is the one to kill their guardian in order to kill them in order to kill them in order to steal their fortune. 
  • Perhaps the children killed their parents, killed Dr Montgomery Montgomery, and now killed their Aunt Josephine to protect their fortune from anyone trying to steal it.

Snicket, Author and Fugitive, Dead!

  • … And eventually turned to murder. Though there has not been enough evidence to support these claims police are more than sure like pretty sure it was Snicket.
  •  … this afternoon” - Klyde. 
  • “Our mother Beatrice has suggested we go to Briny Beach to enjoy the sunshine as if she knew we shouldn’t be in the house. I would never have thought that those would be our last words spoken to each other. I wish I could have hugged her for just a moment longer before letting go of her”- Veronica
  • We are not sure … Susie the children’s in a very exciting night has occurred at the Grand Theatre this evening. Count Olaf a local performer at the Grand Theatre staged the Marvelous Marriage. The play featured Count Omar as the Groom, Veronica as the bride, and some other folks as extras! What seemed to be a very boring play at the beginnign it sure sure turned out to be more exciting in the end in the final act, Count Locations where Snicket has been hiding out had been found with an alarming amount  of research on the Baudelaire children. It is unclear at the time what his research…

Accident At Lucky Smells

  • One of Paltryville’s ctizen has gone missing inside Lumbermill believe to have been an accident
  • One of Paltryville’s citizen has gone missing inside the Lucky Smells Lumbermill detectives believe foul play may have been involved. 
  • Due to circumstances surrounding the incident the victim’s name cannot be released at this time. Trouble in Paltryville began when three orphaned children Baudelaire showed up in town young may guessed it the Baudelaire children. After countless troubles with the children they were given an opportunity of a life time and were given the chance to work alongside Sir at world renowned Lucky Smells Lumbermill. Lucky Smells has received praise all around the world for the quality of lumber they supply and the outstanding customer service…
  • … Indeed if a snake killed him however another popular theory are the Baudelaire children were somehow involved. 
  • They were later taken and given to their Aunt Josephine who also has perished due to her falling off a cliff she had lived on with her late husband that succumbed to the Lake Lachrymose leeches. as you can guess the…

So I suppose the real question is what don’t they say? 

Today is baby Maru’s birthday !!! Happy birthday, Hanamaru !

We decided to let the kids hang out at her place. Her 17 friends have a little surprise for her : If you combine Maru’s two favorite things, stories and singing, you get a musical ! And that’s what they did !

Considering Dia is the only kid able to read, they decided to make her the narrator. So she wrote some random words the other kids suggested, and will use them to keep the plot going. Riko and Maki will be in charge of the music, Kotori will sit next to Maru to keep her company, and all the other kids will have a role in the play !

(Note : due to the current technical difficulties the mod is experiencing, the exact number of asks I’ll answer is uncertain. And I coulsn’t put a special theme for the blog either. I’ll try my best to fix my computer, I promise.)

Now let the fun begin !!

anonymous asked:

The chocobros trying to get their s/o to laugh/smile? :,3

Precious! These boys don’t have to do much to make me smile when I’m upset, that’s for sure

Smile Like You Mean It


This prince would be so desperate to get his s/o to smile. When they’re upset, he tends to get grumpy, which makes them even more upset. It’s a vicious cycle, really, so it’s best to stop it before it gets out of hand. Noct has to continually remind himself to not take it to heart or get too upset himself if his s/o is particularly hard to cheer up that day.

Jokes and puns would be his go to in the beginning - those can usually get at least a small smile out of his s/o. He would try a lot of cheesy jokes and one liners, having to give himself an extra little push because he knows he’s going to embarrass himself the second he says them. Eventually, Noct would fall back to talking his s/o into playing their favorite video game. As they played together, Noct would let them win or did he?, giving them the right to gloat and tease him. He would act upset, but he would really just be happy to see them smile again.


This babe is the embodiment of sunshine and absolute, relentless joy. It’s next to impossible to be upset when he’s around. His presence is enough to make his s/o at least crack a smile, but that’s not enough for Prompto. He needs to get them to laugh and have a cheerful energy again, and this guy won’t rest until that’s the case.

Prompto is incredibly affectionate, so there will be lots of soft, sweet kisses, tight hugs, running his fingers through their hair, and even Eskimo kisses. His s/o should be very used to the fact that Promoto uses affection to cheer them (and himself) up. The way he shows them such unadulterated love reminds them of at least a hundred reasons why they should be happy, Prompto being a part of each one of those reasons. He loves them deeply, and anyone around them will be incredibly aware of that.

On top of being affectionate, Prompto always has an extra idea in his arsenal. Even during his darkest of days, there was always one thing that could cheer him up: puppies. Prompto will take his s/o to visit puppies. It doesn’t really matter where as long as the two of them are allowed to get down on the floor with the little cuties and play with them until their heart’s content. This always gets his s/o to laugh without fail. His s/o happy and a bunch of puppies… What more could a guy like Prompto ask for?


Iggy is all about the little things. He’ll leave flowers and notes for his s/o if he is unable to be with them immediately. If he is able to be there in person though, Ignis will hand deliver coffee or tea in the exact way they love it alongside a dessert he made just for them. Ignis would quietly sip his own coffee as his s/o indulged in the dessert, gradually opening up to him regarding why they’re upset.

As an incredibly wise man, Ignis knows it’s better to listen to them before attempting to fix anything. If something needs to be fixed, he will ask them exactly what he can do to help. They have a very straight forward relationship, one in which they can rely on and confide in each other without a fear of any kind of judgement.

Considering Ignis is in a constant state of exhaustion thanks Noct, he likes to take handling their emotions at a slower, more logical pace. He would be very affectionate, encouraging his s/o into cuddling up with him to simply relax. Iggy is well aware it’s impossible to always be happy, so he would wrap his arms tightly around them - they don’t necessarily need to smile or laugh as long they feel safe in his arms.


This dork. Need I say more? He would hope the problem could be resolved with a Big Cup Noodle. Gladdy would be guaranteed at least a smile, if not a small laugh, from them when he gave them the Cup Noodle. But that wouldn’t be enough for him. Gladdy is known to usually be in pretty good moods. He puts up a strong front, but it’s actually quite hard for him to even know what to do with an upset partner. His jovial attitude normally keeps them happy, so he feels like he’s at a bit of a loss.

This guy would try literally anything if could get them to laugh or smile. He would make awful jokes, dance in the streets, make fun of Noctis and/or Prompto, whatever else he could think of to cheer them up. You name it, he’ll do it - no matter how big of a fool he’ll look doing it. Gladdy would be the kind to continually ask his s/o if they’re doing okay, so if they told him they were feeling happier because of something he did, it would be a major win in his book.

5 • Frustrated

Seungcheol wasn’t the type to get mad. He was a huge ball of sunshine. He never lets all negativity get to him. There’s no such thing as ‘frustration’ when it comes to Seungcheol, until one day.

“Stop pushing me away.” Seungcheol held Jihoon’s arm, but he instantly let go if it once he received a deadly glare from his bestfriend.

Jihoon has been avoiding Seungcheol for days now, and it made Seungcheol frustrated than ever. He wasn’t used to his bestfriend’s silent and cold demeanor towards him. He misses the normal Jihoon. The one he can play and joke around with.

“Don’t touch me.” Jihoon glared at him. His voice was as sharp as a gutting knife. He started walking towards his own room, making Seungcheol become more exasperated than ever.

Jihoon abruptly stopped walking when he heard sobbing. He slowly glanced back to see Seungcheol with his head hung low, and his shoulders shaking.

When he cried there was a rawness to it, like the pain was still an open wound. Thee sobs were stifled at first as he attempted to hide his grief, then overcome by the wave of his emotions he would break down entirely, all his defenses washed away in those salty tears.

When he at last turned his face to Jihoon he was a picture of grief, loss, devastation. It was the face of one who had suffered before and didn’t know if he could do it again.

“I thought… I thought I could manage. I can’t.” Seungcheol spoke quietly, his voice cracking. “I thought I could manage not talking to you, not being able to see your smiles. I thought I could.”

Jihoon stayed quiet. He didn’t utter a single word; He was afraid that if he did, he would just end up ruining everything. Including their friendship.

“Yell, scream, say something!” Seungcheol- who is now a sobbing mess again- screamed. He has decided that if Jihoon doesn’t say anything, he’ll leave for good.


Jihoon’s response caught him off guard. His mind became blank, his throat suddenly becoming dry. Jihoon’s words aren’t processing in his mind.

Seungcheol rushed towards Jihoon before hugging him tightly. He hugged him so tight as if he’s so afraid Jihoon would slip away.

Seungcheol sobbed into his chest unceasingly, hands clutching at his shirt. Jihoon held him in silence, rocking him slowly as his tears soaked his chest.

After a few minutes, Seungcheol has calmed down. Jihoon made Seungcheol look up at him. He explained why he wasn’t talking to Seungcheol for the past few days. He was just afraid to let out his feelings because he was scared of rejection.

Little did Jihoon know that Seungcheol feels the same way towards him. They’re both just scared to voice out their feelings for each other.

Jihoon slowly leaned in. He kissed him and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below Seungcheol’s ear, his thumb caressing his cheek as their breaths mingled. Seungcheol ran his fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and he swore could feel the beating of his heart against his chest.

“I’m sorry, Coupsie. I’m so sorry.” Jihoon muttered under his breath, their foreheads resting against each other.

“Don’t be. I am so lucky to love you.” Seungcheol replied with a warm smile on his face.

It’s Jihoon that creates the warmth in Seungcheol’s soul, him that fills Seungcheol full of love and keeps the fire burning in his eyes, and vice versa. If that isn’t happiness, then they don’t know what is, so they let it be their own definition, the one they keep with them always.