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Some fanart for @uncannycookie because everything she writes is just fucking amazing and reading her work is always a highlight of my week. The first one is from And Nearly Letting Go, because I’ve been meaning to do it forever since Reigen calling Mob a moody teenager gives me life, and the other three are from Going Native. It’s my first time trying to draw Onigawara so hopefully he looks like himself I guess. And Cookie is right, Ritsu is terrifying hahahahaha

Saturn Struggles & Limitations Through The Houses

Saturn in the 1st House:

This native may be more aware of people’s responses and persona than most; especially in public spaces. They put everyone before themselves. They are extremely hard on themselves. Natives may struggle with fully expressing yourself around others. Saturn restricts your sense of self with this placement. These natives are often faced with a challenge of insecurity that they may be fighting their whole lives.

Saturn in the 2nd House:

There may be a difficulty with the native obtaining needed material items such as homes, cars, etc. They may be overly cautious and serious with your finances. These natives tend to have a fear of poverty. These natives may mistrust anything that promises security. These natives may limit themselves in fear of not being secure.

Saturn in the 3rd House:

This placement makes it hard for the native to be comfortable in any situation in which they will have to interact. The native may seem reserved, cold, and unapproachable. The native may fear being ridiculed if they speak. These people may be insecure learners. These natives rely on what is known and familiar.

Saturn in the 4th House:

These people may be ‘bad’ or uncomfortable with nurturing. These native’s childhood may have been lacking in warmth. The native may have isolated themselves in their home. These people may carry emotional baggage from childhood. The native may have a feeling of personal inadequacy that was derived from the home life. Liz Greene describes this placement as ‘authority without love’.

Saturn in the 5th House:

Natives with this placement, simply put, may have trouble having fun and letting go. Natives feel like they will have to work in order to have fun. They may even have to ‘work toward’ learning to have fun. Making friends, especially in childhood, may have been difficult due to the native’s more serious aura vs their fellow classmate’s more lighthearted personality.

Saturn in the 6th House:

These natives struggle with constantly denying themselves basic pleasures. These people try to be so responsible that they pile too much on their plate. These natives have a strong drive and are passionate about what they do. These natives are constantly preoccupied with trying to order their lives that they may forget about other things such as taking care of oneself. In the words of Liz Greene; “More commonly Saturn placed in the sixth refers to a state of disease, of discomfort or of frustration and limitation in one’s work situation.”

Saturn in the 7th House:

It is possible that these Natives will have fewer relationships in their lifetime due to a feeling of being weighed down whilst in a relationship. These people may also have a fear of rejection; they may not pay attention to relationships in fear of not being wanted. Relationships may cause crippling inhibitions. These people tend to be reserved socially for they are very particular about who they let into their life.

Saturn in the 8th House:

Natives may feel the need to constantly re-invent themselves. These people do not take change well or lightly. These people have a tendency to isolate themselves emotionally. These people are often overly cautious and stealthy. They like to know what they are doing.

Saturn in the 9th House:

Natives with this placement have a strong intuition; yet often neglect it. These people are often very dedicated to a field of study and have their minds set on it. These natives are too often close minded. Talk of expansion within the mind of the native can seem absurd to them. The native’s philosophy of life may be all too practical and the native will not often enough reach for the stars.

Saturn in the 10th House:

These natives have an extreme desire to lead the people around them. The native may be overly defensive regarding their place in their career or their ego. These people will work themselves tirelessly in order to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. Often they feel the need to prove themselves. It is possible that in the family, the native has felt isolated or lesser than, so they prove themselves through work and responsibilities.

Saturn in the 11th House:

These natives may find interactions to be exhausting and prefer time spent with just oneself. These people may feel uneasy in large scales of people and group situations. These natives tend to take friendships seriously and may even have a disdain for casual friendships. These people come off as standoffish all too often. This native can feel burdened in social interactions with an acquaintance.

Saturn in the 12th House:

These individuals often deny energies or sometimes even feelings within themselves and others. With this placement, even the real is unreal. These natives often find defensive practices to help combat feeling emotions. The thought of expressing emotions makes the native feel so vulnerable that even the thought of doing such is absurd. Though these people have impeccable self control, it is that they have this quality because they deny themselves emotive expression.

I loved Zootopia guys. Go and watch it. My take on gijinkas of Judy and Nick <3

whiskey is a polyglot

in an ironic twist, whiskey (who barely speaks in the comics) is actually a language lover and knows like 6 or 7 languages alright let’s get into this

  • so first things first my guy whiskey is uruguayan and natively speaks both rioplatense spanish and brazilian portuguese
  • he learned english next after he moved to the US when he was young af, like 3 years old. he learned it young enough that he has only a really weak accent. if he’s careful he can speak english completely without an accent
  • his parents noticed he picked up english like really easily? like more easily than normal. so they put him in french classes in middle school
  • he was fluent in french within 2 years bc he loved it and he was always doing extra practice outside of school. turns out the boy just has a strong natural talent for language acquisition. his foreign accent in french is a little more pronounced than his accent in english but it’s still not even remotely strong
  • he moved on and tried learning 2 languages at once so he spent the first couple years of high school working on italian and russian. italian was easy for him because it’s so similar sounding to spanish and also related to french, he doesnt even have an accent in italian and he has great command of it. russian was more of a challenge and his accent is stronger because the phonology is just vastly different, but he’s fluent and a native russian speaker could understand him just fine
  • when he comes to samwell he is in the middle of learning ASL and greek. he’s got a decent grasp of both so far but isn’t fluent yet, although he works hard at it.
  • whiskey forms his strongest bonds and talks the most with people he shares a language other than english with. he’s surrounded by mostly monolingual english speakers all the time, so being able to speak one of his other languages makes him super happy!!!!!!!
  • he really does love his teammates but most of them only speak english so he just doesn’t talk with them as much at first 
  • a couple of the lax bros speak spanish and one of them is even argentinian (and thus speaks the same rioplatense dialect as whiskey) which is why whiskey hangs out there so much
  • whiskey doesnt rlly like the lax bros. but theyre the only people hes found on campus so far that speak spanish and he wont let his native language go unused 
  • his friendship bond with tango is bc they both speak french!! tango is so busy asking questions at the beginning of the year that he forgets to say much about himself but as soon as whiskey finds out he speaks french theres a !!!! moment and soon theyre both chatting it up in french all the time. theyre like instant bffs 
  • tango is equally #thrilled that he has someone to use his french with bc like. bitty is USELESS with that shit (though not for his boyfriend’s lack of trying, rip jack)
  • he makes other friends this way too! the italian exchange student he met in the dining hall, the portuguese guy his RA introduced him to, the greek girl from his math class. he also signs with the hard-of-hearing girl on his dorm floor.
  • in fact by the end of his first semester he has at least one person on campus that he can speak with in each of his languages, except russian
  • right after winter break, after bitty tells everyone that he’s dating jack, the whole team goes down to providence for a falcs game and jack introduces them to his teammates and basically tater and whiskey hit it off and spend the next like, 4 hours straight talking to each other in russian
  • they still text daily in russian
  • (he doesnt tell ransom about it cause he doesnt want to Die)
  • sometimes bitty gets texts from tater in russian and tater’ll be like “sorry b!!! meant 2 send 2 whiskey ))) 🥃 🥃 ”
  • that reminds me, in comic 3.4 when whiskey talked to jack in the locker room after samwell’s home opener, he spoke french to him. jack was… unsure what to do?? but it was cool and tango got his signed jersey and all is good
  • bonus fact: one time jack throws a (rare) postgame party at his apartment after a falcs/aces game. kent parson, whose command of french is very very limited cause he only knows what he picked up in the Q, is there. whiskey overhears kent attempt to say something in french and fail miserably and whiskey chirps him masterfully in (much, much better) french. jack leaned down and whispered a translation to bitty who proceeded to give whiskey a high five

The deeper I delve into my ancestry search, the more Irish and Jewish I get lmao what a combination.


i will take this opportunity to not so subtly suggest that “will it beard” could be interesting.

I am so fucking upset, so fucking pissed about the #nodapl situation. I’ve been following this shit for about a year now and thing is is that I’m a welder. I know that the pipeline definitely WILL break. It doesn’t matter how well made it is, it doesn’t matter if they fucking patrol that shit, it doesn’t fucking matter. It’s gonna bust and it’s going to be fucking horrendous when it does

PSA about outdoor cats. today my friend called me to come get this little rabbit that the cat had brought inside, she didn’t know that it was old enough to be on its own so she gave it to me. I will be letting it go after letting it settle down for a bit. I’m going to be going out of town because this town is full of so many stray and outdoor cats that it’s likely this baby will just get eaten. please keep your cats indoors as they’re destructive to Wildlife. and please do not pick up baby rabbits that you see, if their eyes are open they are ready to be on their own.

Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1 : Full Album

Track list:
0:00 “United Colours”
5:30 “Slug”
10:11 “Your Blue Room”
15:39 “Always Forever Now”
22:02 “A Different Kind of Blue”
24:03 “Beach Sequence”
27:35 “Miss Sarajevo”
33:15 “Ito Okashi”
36:40 “One Minute Warning”
41:20 “Corpse (These Chains are Way too Long)
44:54 "Elvis Ate America”
47:54 “Plot 180”
51:35 “Theme from The Swan”
54:58 “Theme from Let’s Go Native”

anonymous asked:

Look, there were rumours that the producers of the Voice uk were looking into someone who would bring a younger public . There were a bunch of articles claiming that in order tk do that they were talking with tom odell. Nothing has been confirmed. You know who would also bring a younger audience? And at the same time he himself would be exposed to an older audience?? Yes, you do. I'm not saying Louis will be a judge on the Voice uk, but thats exactly what I'm saying.

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Upward Eagle

I am inventing
a new yoga pose

Where I reach for the sky
with open hands

I will stand
as tall as I can

My soul stretching
into the blue

Heart pounding
I will keep reaching

Until my arms
sprout feathers

Until talons emerge
from the tips of my toes

Until I have become
a rapturous raptor rising

I will chant these words
to my own true self

Let go
Let go
Let go

Azuki Lynn


“La den gå” (Let it go), Norwegian version by Lisa Stokke. 

So, I never really liked Lisa Stokke’s top notes, not in “Mamma Mia”, not here*. They always sounds restained. But I like the acting in her singing, and she brings a youthful energy into her songs, and in particular this one. Furthermore, this clips is from Lisa Stokke’s own account, and she’s made various comments throughout both on this clip and others which I found interesting: 

*The translators has tried to keep as many of the similar English/Norwegian words as possible, so the dubbing would be seamless. Of the many dubs I’ve seen, it’s indeed one of the most well adapted versions in terms of words matching Elsa’s mouth AND the lyrics working on their own. Only the last line seems a bit unsynched. 

*Now, English grammar doesn’t really deal with gender. Norwegian grammar does. The title is translated to “La den gå” instead of the more obvious “La det gå”. The latter would mean something like “nevermind it”. But the translator is referring to Elsa’s powers (it/den), hence “La den gå” in the sense of “release the power”. It’s a tiny, but beautiful detail. 

So… enjoy Elsa in her “native” language. 

*Ironically, she sings the end of the song better live than in recording: