let's go meet your brother

  • okay but au where the deal with the Moriyamas for Neil goes through and someone in one of Andrew’s Fosters Homes sees Andrew’s violence way earlier in his life. And they become Riko’s Number 4 and 5 when they’re still children.
  • And yet, even though their numbers mark them as Riko’s, they have been each others since they met.
  • The two of them learning Japanese and French alongside the others, then picking German up so they can talk to each other
  • Andrew who takes knives as his weapons and makes it clear to Neil that these ones are for protecting him, not hurting him. 
  • That same night, the two of them pool some money together and buy a book of baby names. They choose the name Neil to replace Nathaniel because Nathaniel will always be afraid of knives, but Neil will never be afraid of them in Andrew’s hands.
  • The two of them always by each others side. It is never like Riko and Kevin, wherein Riko walks in front like a king and the others fall into line behind him, because they are always equal. 
  • Andrew who has already been through enough foster homes to slice into hands and forearms anytime someone touches him, but who walks thigh-to-thigh and shoulder-to-shoulder with Neil always.
  • Andrew and Neil who know each others bodies inside and out because while they were growing, they were also exploring. 
  • Andrew and Neil who share their first kiss at fifteen without any though because they have always been a “we” because there is no one else for either of them.
  • No one ever flat out says it, but Andrew and Neil make a more deadly team on the court then Kevin and Riko ever will. Kevin and Riko may be synced perfectly, but Andrew and Neil know each other inside and out not because they were forced on each other but because they wanted to be with each other
  • Neil and Andrew holding down the defensive line almost single handedly because Neil and Andrew don’t need to communicate, they just know what the other is thinking.

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"You're not meeting my boyfriend, Tim, because I'd like to date him a while before my brother kills him."

[B/n] - Brother Name

“You’re not meeting my boyfriend, Tim, because I’d like to date him a while before my brother kills him.”

Tim chuckled as he overheard your conversation with your brother on the phone. “Okay, okay, goodbye [B/n]” chuckling before hanging up the phone.

“Kill me?” Tim laughed. “Shut it Red Robin” Smiling as you wrapped your arms around your waist and nuzzled into his side.

Tim tightened his hold on you. “When are you going to let me meet your brother? Your parents love me.”

“Maybe when he accepts that I’m not a little kid anymore and can date who I choose.”

He laughed and kissed your head. “And when will that be?”

“I don’t know… That’s the problem.”

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Wrong Person to Love- Sehun Scenario(Part 1)

Part 2

“Come on Y/N, we are going to be late!” your brother Kris called at you, as he walked down the stairs of the house you now shared with him, with the car keys in his hand.

“You can’t rush perfection!” you called back, as you applied the top coat of lipgloss on your lips. You never usually cared this much about the way you looked, but today wasn’t just any other day, today was special. Today, your brother Kris, was going to let you meet his band members for the first time.

You had heard so much about all of the exo members, all of the good, all of the bad, and everything in between, and you were dying to meet them. For some reason, Kris always seemed to postpone this meeting, for one reason or another, but today was the day, the big day, where you could finally get to know them in person, for real, and you wanted to cause a damn good impression.

“You don’t need make-up to be perfect Y/N, you know that.” Kris smiled lovingly at you, as he watched you stumble out of your room, with your shoes in your hands. You smiled up at him.

“You only say that because you are my brother.” You replied, before sticking your tongue out at him. He went to ruffle your hair with one of his large hands, but you threatened him with a bite. You had worked on your hair for almost an hour, he was NOT going to ruin it now.

“Watch it” He laughed, as he pulled his hand away.

“Could you zip me up?” you asked him, as you turned your back to him.

Kris sighed deeply, as if this was the most troublesome task at hand, but you knew he would agree to do it either way.

“You know, you should learn to zip your dresses up yourself.” He said, while his large fingers struggled to grab the small zip.

“No need, I will always have my amazing older brother to do these things for me.” You replied, turning around, and hugging him tightly.

“You know just the way to get things out of me don’t you? But I love you, so I let you get away with it.” Kris laughed, as he waited before you put your shoes on, to walk to the car.

He drove you to the studio safely, respecting all of the traffic signs. He rolled his eyes at you when Wolf began playing on the radio, and you turned the volume up so loud you swore the windows began to shake, but he smiled. He was glad that someone was so proud of his own work, and he knew you loved his music almost as much as he did.

He walked into the studio, with you following closely behind. His tall frame hid you completely, as you couldn’t even look over his shoulder. Sometimes his height annoyed you, making you wonder why on Earth he had to get all of the tall genes, while you were stuck with mediocre ones, and the fact that he teased you about it didn’t make it much better. But somehow, it was also nice, to have someone tall to protect you, to engulf you in his hugs, and to reach to all the high places you couldn’t reach to.

You walked through the door of the practice room behind Kris, and you smiled, suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the boys standing there, waiting for you.

Kris, with his back against you, gave them all a warning stare. He had talked with them before, and had warned them not to go anywhere near you, or do anything suspicious. You were his sister, and you were untouchable, and if any of them even dared look at you in any funny way, it would be the end of them.

Your eyes travelled around the group, examining all of their welcoming smiles. You smiled at them shyly, and bowed down politely, introducing yourself.

As you got back up, Suho extended his arm to you, formally shaking it in a way of introducing himself. He smiled at you sweetly, and told you how glad he was to finally meet Kris’ younger sister.

But you weren’t hearing anything he said, for your eyes had become fixated on those of the tall, slender boy standing in the middle of the group, with a cheeky smile on his lips, and a glimmer in his eyes that hinted at trouble. Kris’ nightmares were about to come true, because somewhere inside you, the butterflies had begun flittering for the young boy named Oh Sehun.