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Okay but an AU with the 13 Reasons Why boys having games night (with Taffy and Justlex)...
  • Alex: Why the hell do Jeff and Bryce keep winning? Their cards are rigged or some shit. Who the hell shuffled?
  • Tyler: Of course Bryce is gonna win cards against humanity
  • Monty: I swear Clay and Jeff keep exchanging cards- that's why Clay's in his lap, Jeff can cheat
  • Bryce: Maybe it's just because none of y'all's are funny, Zach and Clay might as well not even be playing
  • Zach: Yeah, well at least we're not relating all our answers to our boyfriends like Justin!
  • Justin: What? Just 'cause I'm gettin' some and you're not?
  • Clay and Jeff: Actually-
  • Tony: Guys! ...
  • Alex: Seriously, Justin?
  • Monty: Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with Standall here, seriously?
  • Alex: Hey, don't agree with me
  • Justin: Don't agree with him
  • Tyler: Guys-
  • Everyone: Shut up!
  • Tyler: I was just gonna see if anyone wanted the last slice of pizza, but I guess it's mine
  • Clay: It's yours
  • Bryce: Look lets just go another round
  • Alex: Why? So you can kick our asses again
  • Bryce: Yep
  • Justin: I have a better idea
  • *Justin and Alex start making out*
  • Clay: Seriously Justin? Is it necessary for you to do that when we're all right here
  • *Justin gives Clay the finger*
  • Monty: This game sucks
  • *Monty throws his cards across table*
  • Tony: Agreed
  • Jeff: Mmm
  • Tyler: Yeah
  • Monty: I'm going to get a beer
  • Bryce: Fine, bunch of losers
  • *Bryce flips the table*
  • Jeff: Did he just-
  • Clay: *nods* He did
  • Zach: This is why we can't have nice things
Baby’s Bratty When She’s Horny {Kim Seokjin} ~ceasefire~

Prompt:  Daddy Jin where you tease him and he like calls you kitten and princess while touching you.

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warning: Spanking, Dom!Seokjin, ~could be ambw~

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Leather jacket*

A/N: I started writing a one shot. But I got a bit carried away so I decided to upload it in parts. This is part one. There’s no real action in this one. But hey we’ve got to start somewhere. Let me know what you think, and requests are always welcome.

In which Y/N and Harry are best friends and go out one night. Harry tries to say a bit sober to take care of Y/N and bring her home save.

Warning: none.

Part one.

Going out with my best friend always lead a night we’d never forget. One of those nights you talk about years after they happened. She always turned onto the craziest person ever when she’s drunk. She can’t help it, she loves to let go.

‘Let’s go for another round of shots.’ She exclaimed. She was clearly getting there, totally wasted. Which means I’d be the one taking her home and putting her into bed. I did it a lot of times before. I stayed over once before because I was not so sober myself and didn’t think it was a promising idea to go home by myself.

Y/N walked over to the bar and came back with four shots of tequila along with four lime wedges. Oh god. Why four, I question myself. Two wasn’t enough?

‘Two shots for monsieur and two shots for madame.’ She says as she takes the shots off the tray and put them in front of us. ‘I hope you’re okay with tequila.’ She adds.

‘One wasn’t enough for you?’ I ask her and put a little salt on my hand to lick it off. I take a shot in my hand. I knock it back in one gulp and bite down on the lime right after it. I let the liquor sink in. I’m so not made for tequila but honestly who is?

‘One would’ve been enough for me, but not for you. You clearly need some more booze. What did you drink, huh? Three beers? Maybe four.’ She complains after she takes her shot.

‘Well, one of us has to stay clear in their head. And that’s obviously going to be me, love.’ I tell her. She makes a pfft sound at me and gulps her second shot down her throat. A smashing sound took my attention right back to the table. She’d put her glass down on the table. I think she didn’t like my comment.

‘Take your shot Harry, you need it.’ Her hand takes the remaining shot to my lips. ‘Shit the salt.’ She comments at herself as she puts the shot down to put salt on her hand. ‘There you go.’ Is all she says as she holds her hand in front of me to lick off the salt, followed by the small glass on my lips and a lime shoveled in my face.

I gag at the lime. The sour taste isn’t much of a pleasure plus getting a lime wedge stuffed into your mouth isn’t the nicest thing ever. Apparently thinks it’s funny cause she’s laughing in tears. She turned around to head back to the bar. I run after her, she shouldn’t get another drink. She had enough already.

I stop her by taking her by the arm. ‘Don’t you think you’ve had enough?’ I ask her, and she shakes her head.

‘No, just one more.’ She whines like a little child. Oh, why did I ever agree on going out with her. I knew I’d end this way.

‘What about I bring you home and we drink a glass of wine when we get there?’ I suggest. Her body relaxes and she doesn’t try to get away anymore.

‘Whatever you want.’ She responds and points a finger at my chest playfully. ‘Let’s go home.’

I make my way to the wardrobe to get our coats. I hold up hers to help her get into it. ‘There you go, love.’ I say as I put on my leather jacket. I take her hand and lead her outside. ‘Let me get a taxi.’ I murmur. And raise my hand up to stop one driving by.

I help her get in the backseat and walk around to get in on the other side. ‘288 Oldfield Lane North, please.’ I request the driver.

After a solid twenty-minute ride, he stops at Y/N’s driveway. ‘It’ll be £17,- please.’ The driver speaks. I hand him a £20,- bill. ‘Keep the change.’ I tell him as I open the door on Y/N’s side to get her out of the car.

‘Harry, you’re the bestest.’ She says when I walk her to her door, making me chuckle. ‘What? Why are you laughing. I mean it Harold, you are the nicest.’ She says defending herself.

‘I know you think so, love.’ I tell her. ‘Where are your keys?’ I feel in her coat pockets, but there’s nothing in there. She fidgets with her purse. As she finds her keys she immediately hands them over to me. She’s just too lazy to unlock the door to her apartment herself.

I open the door and walk in, holding the door for Y/N. ‘You’re being such a gent.’ She exclaims. I chuckle once again taking her coat and hanging it where it belongs. I bet if I didn’t take it she would’ve just thrown in down on the ground.

She makes her way to the kitchen. ‘What about that glass of wine?’ she asks and she takes two wineglasses out of the cabinet. She turns around to grab a bottle of wine from another cabinet but to her disappointment there were none. ‘Harry, I think we have a problem. I’m out of wine.’ She says clearly sad about not getting that one last drink.

‘What about a beer?’ I suggest. Somehow, I started craving beer out of nowhere. I thought I had enough for tonight but I’d really would like an ice-cold beer right now.  Y/N walks to her fridge to check for beer and turns back to me with two bottles high up in the air and the goofiest smile ever. ‘C’mere.’ I hold out my hand to take the bottles from her and open them. I hand one over to Y/N.

I take of my shoes and let my body fall down on the couch, putting my feet on the coffee table. Y/N sits down next to me. I feel her eyes staring at me. I take a large sip of my beer. Oh, I was craving this so much.

Negan’s One and Only

The continuing story of Negan and Number 6

Catch up with Negan and Number 6 here

Negan x wife (reader - Y/N)

Y/N=your name

Y/E/C - your eye color

Ne - reader’s nickname for Negan

I switch between the reader and Negan’s POV , but I have labeled the changes

Warnings-sexy Negan times & language.

I apologize for the amount of time between chapters, and for my less than stellar writing.

2600 words

Want on or off my taglist? Just let me know!

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PROMPT: Person A is harassed by a random stranger in a club and people B is watching. After a while Person B steps in and pretends to be Person A’s partner even though they never have seen each other before. Person A just goes with it, but the random stranger is so persistent and doesn’t believe they are a couple that Person A grabs Person B’s neck and kisses them. Somehow both of them don’t back out of the kiss, because, fuck can we never stop pretending? (Link to prompt: here)

- Clubs aren’t really Remus’ thing, but he promised he’d go with Alice, Lily, Dorcas and Marls for a night out.

- He didn’t really mind, but he would rather be back at his and Lily’s flat in a comfy sweater, binder off, reading a good book and curled up in the arm chair with a cup of tea.

- Instead, here he was at Club Cruzo wearing too tight black skinny jeans with some shiny purple shirt Lily thinks looks hot on him with his binder that has seen better days, drinking what ever cocktail Marls ordered for him that tasted like cotton candy.

- The girls decided they wanted to dance, but Remus needed at least three more of these cocktails in him before he would even attempt to join them.

- So he waits at the bar whilst the girls go to dance.

- Everything’s going fine until he feels some guy nudge up against his side.

- Turning, he sees this plastic-like man wearing tan khakis with a pale blue Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with blonde hair and too white teeth creepily smiling to him.

- ‘Great. Rich white kid.’ he thinks.

- Remus takes a step away, but the guy follows him until Remus is literally in the corner of the bar, trapped next to the wall.

- “Hi there! I’m Gilderoy. But I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” He preened. 

- Remus physically winced. 

- “No, sorry.” He downed the rest of his drink, looking out towards the dance floor to see if any of the girls have noticed his discomfort.

- Unfortunately, none of them had.

- “Well, I’m actually pretty famous. I’m an actor, I’ve been on Casually, The Bill, Coronation Street …” 

- “Not seen any of them.” Remus tried to be as short as he could with this guy but he clearly was not taking the hint.

- “Well, that’s okay. I have all of them on tape. You can watch them later tonight after we’ve finished devouring each other.” he winked whilst leaning in to nuzzle at Remus’ neck.

- Remus blanched and attempted to move away but was trapped by the bar and the wall.

- “I’m not interested.” he tried to push Gilderoy away. 

- “Oh, come on, of course you are.” he reached to grab at his waist to trap him further against the wall, but Remus pushed his hand away. 

- “Look at you. You’re not going to get anyone better than me. You should be thankful I want you in the first pla-”

- “THERE YOU ARE BABE!” Someone shouted, pulling Gilderoy away from Remus harshly and stood next to Remus with a large smile, taking a hold of one of his hands.

- Remus took one look at this new person and w o w.

- They were wearing a leather black skirt with fish net tights and large biker boots, a Bowie shirt and a leather jacket. 

- Their hair was waved and tussled just right. 

- Their eyes were a mix of silver-grey and ocean blue and was shaped perfectly with winged eyeliner.

- And they were talking to Remus.

- “I’ve been looking everywhere for you, darling!” they smiled and stared intensely at Remus. 

- Remus was confused, why where they calling him babe and darling?

- Then they winked at him and leaned in close to kiss him on the cheek.

- “My name’s Sirius. Play along.” They whispered in his ear.

- Oh.


- Remus smiled widely. Thank god someone’s going to save him from this creep.

- “I was waiting for you at the bar, Sirius, but I couldn’t find you. Then this guy wouldn’t leave me alone.” 

- “Oh really?” Sirius rounded on Gilderoy who stood there smirking at the exchange.

- “And why would you not leave my boyfriend alone? It’s obvious to everyone in this club he isn’t interested in you.”

- Gilderoy scoffed.

- “Oh please. You two are not a couple. That’s so pathetic. What’s his name then, huh?”

- “It’s … it’s …” Sirius quickly looked up at Remus and noticed a small tattoo behind his ear.

- “Moony! It’s Moony.” 

- “Moony? Yeah. I’m sure. Do you mind pissing off whilst me and ‘Moony’ continue to speak? It’s obvious you two aren’t together. No-one like you would be interested in someone like him.”

- “And what is that meant to mean?” Sirius’ eyes turned dark as he stepped closer to Gilderoy.

- “Well, look at you. A guy dressed as a girl-”

- “Hey!” Remus shouted. “Don’t you dare insult them like that.”

- “-going for this scarred-face nerd? I don’t think so.” He finished completely ignoring Remus.

- Remus swears he heard Sirius growling.

- “You better walk away before my fist makes contact with your face. Leave. My boyfriend. Alone.”

- “If you’re a couple then prove it! Otherwise, piss off cause me and ‘Moony’ were planning on going back to mine before you rudely interrupted.”

- “No. We really weren’t, you prick. And we don’t need to prove anything to you, so leave.” 

- “It’s okay, Moony. If that’s what it takes to make this heathen leave you alone then we can prove it.”

- “Wha-”

- But Sirius had already turned on the spot and placed both hands around Remus’ neck and leant it close.

- “Can I kiss you, please?” They asked sweetie.

- Their face was so sincere that Remus almost forgot about why they were doing this.

- He nodded softly, eyes never leaving Sirius’.

- The gap closed between them.

- It started sweet and soft.

- Then Sirius ran their tongue against the bottom of Remus’ lip and he was g o n e.

- His arms wound around Sirius’ waist and pulled them up slightly so they were on their tip toes.

- Their tongues were sliding against one another.

- Sirius pushed Remus up further against the wall as their kiss became more heated.

- They could have stayed there all night, forgetting they were even in a club, let alone they were only kissing to get rid of some creep.

- That was until a loud cough brought them back to reality and they separated.

- Looking over Sirius’ shoulder, he saw Lily, Alice, Dorcas and Marls all staring and giggling at them. 

- Gilderoy was long gone. 

- “Well, it looks as if you had a fun night, Remus.” Lily smirked. 

- Remus rolled his eyes at them.

- They giggled and walked away to the bar to order another round of drinks.

- Remus reluctantly let go on Sirius and rubbed the back on his neck.

- “I .. erm … th-thanks. For helping me out.” He stammered.

- Sirius beamed at him.

- “Thank you for letting me, Moony. Or should I say Remus.” 

- Remus let out a breathy laugh and smiled at Sirius.

- God, he could kiss them again. 

- “Can I buy you a drink? As a thank you? I…I mean, you don’t … you don’t have to if you’ve got someone to go back to …” 

- Sirius put their hand on his shoulder, and traced it down the length of his arm and took a hold of his hand. 

- “I would love that, Moony.”

Nalu Smut

Summary: Natsu and Lucy decide to spend the night together, but who knew they’d be making love in Lucy’s garden shed? Contains sexual themes and SMUTTINESS. 
Rated: M 
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Fairy Tail. 

“Natsu..” She whimpered, her pink plump lips parted as her pants gradually grew stronger, the sweat cascading down her skin that shone in the glimmering moonlight.

The smell of each other’s scents in the air, as her body bobbed up and down, his hands gripping her hips tightly as he roughly bucked his hips against hers. Their moans and grunts echoing the small room, as both bodies were entangled in each other. Their breaths quickening as one moved quicker, the other pinned against the wall. Clothes lay crumpled on the floor, eventually forgotten.

“N-Natsuuu..” She cried softly, gripping his hair as an act of begging him to quicken the pace, which he so torturously gave. He grunted, opening his onyx eyes to absorb the glorious bare body of the woman who writhed beneath him, moaning her sweet moans that escaped her assaulted lips in desperation. The droplets of sweat, glistening, as she arched her back, allowing him full view of her voluptuous chest that begged for attention.

The hunger and lust in his eyes grew, until he eventually gave in to his instinct, allowing himself to relentlessly pleasure her and his desires. Her hoarse voice cried out, returning him into his senses, only to realise his hands had gripped her hips tightly that he was sure he’d leave a nasty bruise.

“P-please..” She whispered, her eyes fluttering open to reveal their gleaming chocolate brown colour, “N-not too rough.. Papa will b-be suspicious..” She managed to say between pants and moans.

“Fuck your dad.” He replied, ramming into her without hesitation, smirking at her muffled scream. He continued his action, grunting in approval at her pleasurable cries. Growling in satisfaction, she screamed out his name in such essence, that he eventually felt her release. Deciding to give her a break, he followed shortly after, collapsing over her beautifully curvaceous body.

She could feel his hot moist breath against her neck, causing her to squirm in anticipation. “N-Natsu..” She breathed, wrapping her arms around his torso, smiling softly at how warm he was. “What?” He grunted back, gripping her creamy thighs as he caressed them. He heard her give out a small whimper, legs quivering. “I-I have to go b-back.. Papa will notice I’m gone..”

“Uh oh.. We can’t have that, now can we..?” He replied huskily in her ear, grinning when he felt her shudder beneath him. “Th-then you have to l-let me go..”

“Aw fuck no. I’m up for another round.” Her eyes widened, only to snap shut when he pulled out and pushed back in. She moaned lowly, giving in to her guilty pleasures.

“Fuck…” He groaned softly, quickening his pace. She moaned in reply, eyes rolling back in complete ecstasy. A few seconds passed before he began to ram into her relentlessly. “I’m gonna make sure you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

She screamed out his name in pleasure. “Th-that won’t do-ahh!! I-I have to be able to walk, or I won’t-ohh! B-be able to s-see you again tomorrow night-o-oh god!!” He continued without hesitating, smirking at her.

Eventually, he led her over the edge with a quick thrust of his hips, letting her body shake as she gave one last cry.

“Let’s do this again tomorrow morning before I go to work, yeah?” He mumbled, lips brushing against her ear. She shuddered once again, he was beginning to wonder if there was a draft that he couldn’t feel.

“I will.. but this time, let’s not do it in the shed. It’s too cramped here…”

“All the better to hold you close, my dear.” He chirped, nipping at her creamy skin. She gave a small laugh, shaking her head as she cupped his cheeks. 

“You’re lucky I love you, Natsu Dragneel.”

//Assuming you meant Adult Reborn cause yeaaaaaaaaa//


It was raining. Clouds have formed covering the sky in a blanket of grey. You and Reborn were coming back from the market (thankfully) dry and arms full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Your arms felt like they were dying and although Reborn offered to take all the bags, you insisted you share (he still held the umbrella). Of course, you wouldn’t even be having this problem in the first place if he listened to you and took the damn car.

(Bastard brought an umbrella, he planned all this.)

Reborn suddenly stopped mid-way, a few drops of rain tickling your nose. You tried to wipe the wet spot with your shoulders, wondering why he had stopped. Before you can question anything, he gave the umbrella for you to hold (like you already didn’t have enough things to carry) and walked off to a lamppost.

“What the-?”

“I’m singin’ in the rain. Just singin’ in the rain. What a glorious feeling. I’m happy again~” he sang in a deep, yet jovial tine. He had a hop in his step, using the lamppost to add a little kick to his impromptu musical. “I’m laughing at clouds. So dark up above. The sun’s in my heart. And I’m ready for love. For love~”

And you had to admit, he had a damn good voice and body. You’d compliment him… if it weren’t for the fact your arms were shaking like a newborn fawn on ice.

Reborn let out his hand, winking, his signature stupid smug smirk on his face. “Shall we dance?”

“You did not just use that line on me.” You somehow managed to cross your arms while holding an umbrella. “It’s raining, you’re wet, we’re carrying groceries, and I feel like my arms are going to fall off. Of all the times you can ask me to dance, is now really appropriate?”

“I don’t see why not? I’ve seen others do it.”

“What? Where?” You were genuinely surprised. Out of all the weird and spontaneous friends Reborn had that pooped by, none of them seemed to be this weird.

He tipped his fedora, Leon peaking out from his suit and turning into a green rose. “High School Musical.”

“Oh. My. God.” You wanted to slap that wink off his face so badly. “You did not just reference that fucking movie.” Despite your tone, a grin came crawling up your face. “As for you, Leon… I expected better of you.” It reverted back, curling its tail in amusement. “The both of you are so campy.”

“Oh?“ He quickly pulled you to his chest, his arms wrapping around your waist. “Is this what a ‘campy’ person would do?”

You rolled your eyes playfully. “Is the sky blue?”

His grin widened, pulling you closer. “It isn’t now.”

“Wrong expression. You know what I meant.”

“Of course I did.” He spun you around, dipping you just before your head hit the ground, before puling you into a chaste kiss. “But it doesn’t take away from the fact I was correct.”

“Fuck you.” You pulled his collar, kissing him deeply - his body heat warming yours, unable to pull away back into the cold. He slid his left arm over your back and the other under your bottom, slightly lifting you off the ground. His touch lingered, trying to preserve the heat before the wet chills took your nerves again. You both pawed at each other, as if their touch was going to be their last. You were passionate from the heat and grossed out from the wet clothes at the same time.

Surprisingly, he was the first one to stop. “Let’s take this inside, shall we?”

You eyed the fallen bags of food on the ground gathering rain water before nodding. You were sure Leon would either bring it back or give it to some locals. Looking back at him, you noticed his silent plea. Reborn had been stressed and destructive since Tsuna was hospitalized from the Naples attack. Of course it wasn’t directed towards you but you could still feel his irritation when he came home after a couple days of presumably living in the shooting range with Colonello.

You couldn’t guarantee erasing his worries in a single night, but if it distracted him from being self-destructive, then so be it.

“I love you.” You curled your fingers around his, kissing him on the cheek. “Lead the way.”

He smiled, the darkened  features of his face softening. “Love you too.”


Gokudera bit down, trying desperately not to blow up at the man in front of him. “Not your right first, you idiot!”

Yamamoto chuckled nervously, his shoes clacking on the polished floor. “Uh… Sorry?”

He sighed, making sure Yamamoto placed his arms on the appropriate spot. “Let’s try this again. Place your feet together as the starting position. Not that close. Just a bit- yeah. Okay. First step: left foot forward approximately 64 cm. Second step: right foot forward approximately 74 cm in a 90 degree angle adjacent to the fourth step. Then third step: move your left foot horizontally…”

You stared admirably at the two men trying to waltz, munching on some imported snacks as you observed the two from the veranda. This had been going on for about an hour or so now - Gokudera yelling some gibberish and Yamamoto unable to follow said gibberish. Sad thing was, Gokudera wasn’t even teaching him a waltz yet, it was basic box dancing.

“Okay, now you go- fuck!”

“Sorry! Sorry!”

You gave your sentiments to the poor man. To your fiancé or Gokudera, you didn’t know.

“How do you expect to dance during the party with your two left feet!?” Gokuera yelled.

“Sorry, it’s just that this type of dance doesn’t really suit me?” Yamamoto shrugged in response.

He grumbled, eyeing you from across the ballroom. “Hey!” He yelled your name. “Come over here and teach your idiot of a fiancé to listen properly!”

“Why?” you yelled back, “You’re the one who insisted you can teach a bird to fly to Tsuna!”

“If your heels floods with blood during the dance, it’s not my problem!”

You rolled your eyes and got up, heading towards the pair. “Wow, harsh. Didn’t need to reference Cinderella, Hayato.”

“Shut up and tell Toby Maguire over there to stop his stupidity.”

“I’ll do you one better. I’ll teach him. And before you say anything, no you’ll not be disappointing Tsuna. Besides, he was going to ask me anyways.” You smirked. “Though you do dance greatly as a woman.”

“You think you can do better?”

You just smiled in response, taking Yamamoto’s arm and dragging him to the veranda. “Okay Takeshi, I’m going to be your instructor from now on.”

He nervously scratched his cheeks, looking away. “Really? Are you sure?”

You weren’t exactly the best dancer but at least you can do basic box steps. “Well, I know you learn by touch, and Hayato isn’t really one for that, now is he?”

He grinned. “I can’t argue with that.”

You gently placed your left hand on his right shoulder, guiding his right hand around your waist, your other hands locked together in an embrace. You looked up at him, your bodies touching each other. You stepped your left foot forward slightly, making sure his eyes registered the movement.

“Wait! I can’t dance-” You pecked his cheek, shutting him up instantly. “Shh… I think you got an earful from Hayato already. Just feel, Takeshi. You know the steps, know let your body feel it.”

He nodded, Following your movement (although he was in leading position) and like magic, he danced like a professional. To be honest, you’d be jealous of the way Yamamoto absorbed talents so quickly but the accomplished smile on his face erased those feelings in an instant.

You danced for another round, before letting go and stretching. “See? I knew you could do it. Let’s practice one more time before-”



With a crack of lightening, a sudden downpour left the two of you drenched in the rain. “So much for practice…” you thought bitterly, hair sticking to your face. “Takeshi, let’s go inside- Woah!”

In an instant, you were back to your position, with his hand around your waist and the other in your hand. “I’m wet.”

“That’s what happens when you’re with a Rain guardian.“ He winked, pulling you closer.

You rolled your eyes playfully, enjoying the warmth of his body pressed against yours, yet still disgusted by the drops of rain dripping on your face. “Really?”

He gave you butterfly kisses, leading. “May I have this dance?”

“You’re supposed to ask before you grab me, dummy.” Despite your tone, you followed his lead.

The two of you danced in the rain for a while, complaining about the weather and the messed up appearance yet still laughing. He was an excellent leader and if it weren’t for the rain that made the tiles a bit slippery, you would’ve said he was a veteran in the arts.

He called your name. “Sorry, zoned out. What is it?” you asked.

His moved slowed until it was nothing more than gentle swaying. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Everything. I was so worried that I might’ve embarrassed you.” He pulled you in even closer, his lips kissing the crook of your neck. “I was so worried I might’ve disappointed you.”

“Those are you insecurities talking again. You’d never disappoint me. You’re an amazing person.” You gently embraced him, following his gentle movements. “I love you.”

You could feel his smile of relief tickling your skin. “I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

So an imagine for this? Chocobros out for dinner with S/O. Food arrives, S/O takes a small bite/sip from Chocobro's plate/drink and suddenly start gasping for breath, coughing and falling in convulsions. Turns out they've been poisoned!

You guys are trying to kill me aren’t you? ;)

Dealing with a poisoned S/O

Noctis: It’s been a nice quiet evening for once. Just him and them, out for a meal. The waiter had pushed some fancy looking wine, and he had ordered their favourites. Noctis was not a massive fan of wine so he offered his to his S/O, who gratefully accepted and took a sip. Right away, Noctis noticed something was wrong. The glass tumbled with a crash from their suddenly numb fingers as they gasped for air. He’d be over to them in a flash, calling for a medic. He’d feel awful afterward; that wine had been meant for him, and as a royal he should have been more careful. (When he finds out who did the poisoning, you can bet there will be a reckoning)

Ignis: The two of them had decided to take a night off from home cooking, and go to a restaurant. It was a nice romantic setting, with fine food and gentle music. The perfect place for a date. It was tradition for them, when they were out, to try the other person’s food before their own- but no sooner had Ignis’ S/O done so, then they fell with a thump to the ground. Ignis would not panic, he’s trained better than that. He’d call for a medic even as he knelt by them to make them throw up. If they’d been poisoned, that’s what he had to do. He had been working for the royal family for years, after all- it’s his job to know things like this. They’d wake up in hospital with him holding their hand, and an apology would be the first thing out of his mouth.

Prompto: They’d be in a small restaurant; it was nice to go somewhere different. When the food arrived, they’d pinched a chip, laughing, from Prompto’s plate and popped it in their mouth before he could say anything. But that laugh would cut off and turn to choking as the poison took hold. Prompto would panic, thinking they had just choked on the food- until they fell to the floor in convulsions. Then he would panic even more, and call for a doctor thinking it was some kind of allergic reaction. Once he had gotten them to a hospital he’d find out it had been poison, poison meant for him, and they’d wake up to find him in guilty tears by their bedside.

Gladio: The two of them had both been busy in recent weeks, and this was the first proper date they’d been on in a while. Gladio would be allowing himself to relax for the first time in ages and just enjoy the food, drinks and company. His dish had come with a kind of dipping sauce he didn’t especially care for, so he’d offered it to them- no point in letting it go to waste. He would turn around to order another round of drinks, and hear them crash to the table, wheezing. Like Ignis, he knows how to recognise the signs of poison so he’d waste no time treating them and getting them an ambulance. He’d stay behind for a few minutes though, to find the bastard who had done this and get some answers.

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i remember when you first started temporary accommodations, and you were trying to update every week. which had always struck me as super intense. like, beyond the pale rough. so im glad you decided to slow down, and not keep yourself on that sorta high-stress, "one-way ticket to burnout paradise" schedule.

dude i don’t know what came over me it was like an 8 week period of insanity 

but it was good

any moment i could, i was writing. and up until the last little bit, i was super enthusiastic about it too. never before (or since lol) have i been one to write like it comes easy to me. i mean yeah i drove myself right into wall of writer’s block but damn if the trip wasn’t a good one. 

slowing down has been nice. ive been able to get back into actually consuming content rather than just producing it. wish writing wasn’t so hard now though, but ehhhh what can ya do. im trying 

thanks for the message anon :)

Quiet (smut)

Request:  Hey could you do a smut where reader and josh have a 6 mo or something baby and reader is horny but the baby wakes up a lot so they have to be really quiet

“It’s your turn,” you mumbled, irritated by the seemingly unending wailing coming from the room next door.

“No it’s not. I changed her an hour ago,” Josh groaned back.

“Yeah, and then I fed her a half hour ago,” you countered.

“Fine.” Josh slid out of the comfort of your bed. You immediately missed the warmth that he was always radiating and hoped that it wouldn’t take long to sooth the six month old that was on a mission to make you two as sleep deprived as possible. The crying continued and it was finally starting to get to you. Call it a motherly instinct or whatever, but you knew Josh wasn’t going to give her what she needed. However, you gave it another minute in hopes that your feeling was wrong.

“Let me see her,” you croaked as you walked into the nursery still half asleep. Josh handed the infant over to you and she almost immediately calmed down.

“How on earth?”

“Sometimes you just need your mother,” you smiled, “isn’t that right Y/D/N?” You were met with a small grin spread across your daughter’s face. You were never going to get sick of seeing that smile. Even with how absolutely annoying she was being at this very moment.

Within minutes you were able to rock your daughter back to sleep and set her back in her crib. Josh grabbed your hand and you both made your way back to the bedroom, crawling under the sheets again. After a few minutes of trying to find a comfortable position, Josh asked, “are you even tired anymore? Because I’m wide awake.”

“Nope,” you complained.

“Well in that case..” Josh leaned in and your lips met in a heated kiss. His hand slipped under your shirt and rested on your waist.

“Mm-Josh.” His lips slipped down to your neck, almost instantly turning you on. “What about the baby? We’ll wake her up.”

“I guess you’ll just have to stay quiet,” he growled, bringing his lips back to yours. You two hadn’t been able to do anything since your daughter was born. She took up all of your time, and when she wasn’t you were both trying to catch up on sleep.

Your hands roamed across his bare chest, fingers running across his defined muscles. His right hand was rubbing circles right above the waistband of your shorts, sending chills through your entire body.

“Missed this,” he mumbled against your lips. Josh’s hands tugged at the hem of your shirt, urging you to sit up so he could pull it off. “So beautiful.” His lips reattached to yours. But it wasn’t long before you pressed him down into the mattress and swung your leg over his hips so that you were now straddling him.

He let out a low groan as you pressed your hips down against his. As you repeated this action, his hands snaked around you and lightly squeezed your ass. He kept pulling you down against his growing erection, causing a few quiet moans to slip from your lips.

Josh soon became impatient and flipped the two of you back over. He then quickly discarded your shorts and started trailing kisses down your body. His warm breath causing you to shudder as he went lower and lower. He stopped at the waistband of your underwear, moving slightly towards the right and biting down softly on your skin.

Josh was always coming up with new ways to essentially torture you in bed. He always took his time with things, especially when you were writhing under his touch like you were right now. You tried lifting your hips to encourage the discarding of your underwear, however he firmly pressed them back down and went to work on another hickey.

“Babe, come on. I’m dying here,” you whined. You felt Josh smirk against your skin before he brought his hand up and rubbed you lightly through the fabric of your underwear. You shuddered once more at his touch and again tried moving your hips to encourage him to do literally anything other than staying completely still. He quickly moved both of his hands to your hips and pressed down, lifting his head so that he could look at you.

“Somebody’s antsy tonight,” he teased.

“Well it’s kinda been a year since we’ve done this. So yeah, I’m a little antsy,” you shot back. He immediately returned his attention back to your body, and took the waistband of your panties between his teeth. His eyes flickered back up to yours as he agonizingly slowly pulled the fabric down your legs, eventually flinging it across the room. Josh’s head ducked back between your legs as he trailed kisses down your inner thighs. You resisted the urge to move closer to him in fear that he would completely back away.

You were rewarded with his mouth finally moving to your core, and you let out an embarrassingly loud moan. Josh lifted his head and gave you a disapproving look. “Y/N. You gotta stay quiet if you want to do this, baby.” You bit your lip and nodded quickly, just wanting his lips back against you. It took everything in you to stay quiet as Josh resumed his previous actions. Your fingers found their way into his hair, tugging at the roots as his mouth continued to work you.

As your breathing became more rapid and your grip on Josh’s hair became tighter, you knew it was going to be impossible to stay silent. A few breathy moans came out and Josh gripped your thighs tighter in response.

Josh,” you whined. That’s all it took for him to slide back up your body, leaving you a panting mess. Instead of chastising you again, he leaned down and left a few more kisses on your lips. Your hands made their way down to his boxers and slid them down as far as you could get them. He helped remove them completely and hovered back over you.

“You gonna stay quiet?” he asked. You nodded, thinking about how you would agree to anything at this point. You could feel him press against your entrance, and held your breath as he pushed inside of you. You bit down hard on your lower lip to refrain from letting out the moan that was stuck in your throat. Josh quickly picked up a steady rhythm and brought you back in for a deep kiss.

He started thrusting into you faster, obviously lost in his own head space. Your nails dragged down his back as ecstasy rippled through you. In the heat of the moment, you let out a high pitched moan, forgetting about the baby that was fast asleep in the next room. Josh didn’t falter at all, but simply brought one of his hands over your mouth to muffle the moans that you could no longer hold back. His other hand reached up and gripped the headboard, allowing him to press against the spot that made your toes curl. You wrapped your legs around his waist, urging him to go deeper inside of you, letting out another round of moans as he complied. Josh picked up his pace, picking up on how close you were to finishing without having to be told.

Fuck, Y/N. So hot-,“ he groaned, “can’t even stay quiet when I fuck you like this.” You couldn’t produce words anymore so you let out another moan that was muffled by Josh’s hand. You no longer had control over anything as the knot in your stomach tightened. “Come on babe. Cum for me.” And with those words you couldn’t hold on any longer. You felt yourself release and a few profanities mixed with Josh’s name came out of your mouth.

It only took a few more thrusts before Josh was releasing inside of you, his head buried in your neck in attempts to keep his own words quiet. After catching his breath, Josh collapsed against the bed next to you. The two of you sat laid there for a few minutes, simply enjoying each other’s presence. It wasn’t often that you could just relax like this. Even though you were both sweaty, Josh wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you so that you were cuddled up against him.

“That was a lot harder than I thought it would be,” he laughed.

“Yeah, but it sounds like she’s still sleeping,” you smiled. And is if on cue, a loud wail resonated throughout the house. You both groaned in unison.

“Well, it was nice while it lasted,” Josh said, pulling his boxers back on and going to check on your daughter. You couldn’t help but smile at the thought of your little family, letting your thoughts drift to what was in store for the three of you. These thoughts helped sooth you to sleep, and by the time Josh came back into the bedroom you were already dreaming.

I'm the One (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
Jeff Williams
I'm the One (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
welcome to the bloodbath jump into the tub
fist-fight, death-match come and join the club
kick-start your face with a metal-clad boot
you should give up now your retaliation's moot

you want to mess around? well come on let's go
I  got no time to waste let's start the show
i'll run circles round ya i can touch the sky
i' m gonna make ya hurt and i'm  gonna make you cry

i'm the one that your mama said
'don't mess with them or you'll end up dead
that type they don't follow any rules'

you're looking tall you're looking tough
i'm sorry dude, it's not enough
your girlfriend's purse won't help you win this duel

the bigger they are then the more that they bleed
the deeper the scars that won't heal
buckets of pain as they lie there in shame
knowing how true defeat feels

i'm the one
that was born in a nightmare a murderer's son
got no gun
but i gleam like a blade and I'm harder than iron

i'm the one
who rose out of filth and was loved by no-one
i'll steal til your blind and defeat you from inside your mind

you're still standing up? well let's go another round
singin' king of pain and you're gonna get crowned
you like the way i dress? yeah i know i'm fine
the blood's gonna stain but it won't be mine

just chill here while I drop into the brush
see you when i land and you're gonna feel the crush
lay right down and grab a little rest
i guess you didn't know that you were dealing with the best

you shoulda stayed at home today
this fisticuff won't go your way 
this confrontation isn't just for school

it might be hard to hear me say
kicking your ass is child's play
i hope you're not crushed by this ridicule

a slap on the wrist and a kick to the chin
a hint of the flavor of steel
no one to blame it's the end of the game
the humiliation is real  

i'm the one
that was ripped from the earth and exposed to the sun
by the hate and the beatings defiled by a father

i'm the one
i'll race with your eyes and you'll never outrun
will conquer your mind and will make you fulfill my design

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Number 6 of the drabble game with Chris Evans :) 💕

This one got long… 

#6 The truth lodged, bitter tasting, in his mouth.

You had been on his mind for endless, endless days. On set, even when he was focused on delivering the right lines, at the same time, he was focused on you. You, you, you. It kept him up at night, laying in his hotel room, his phone unlocked and beside him with your number on the screen. Every night he thought about it. Calling you. But every time his thumb would hover over that call button, Chris would hesitate, sigh heavily, and go back to staring at the ceiling and wondering why he couldn’t gather up the courage to just say it.

Sebastian and Anthony had noticed. How Chris would disappear on breaks, slip into his trailer without a word. Not many others notice. Not when Chris put on a good show that he was fine. But they knew something was wrong. More times they most, when they investigated, they found him with his phone in his hand, your contact screen opened again. Sebastian normally tried to pull it away from him, Anthony would tell Chris to give it a rest. None of it worked. Chris couldn’t stop thinking about you.

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Unusual Friendship

“Don’t get too comfortable,” Michael breathes against your heat dripping with his salvia and your arousal. Your head peels up from the bed to look down at Michael questionably just in time to feel his tongue flick against your second hole.

Originally posted by 5sos-place

Words: 3.4k

Request: Yes (xxx)

Rating: R

You have grown accustomed to the weirdness within your friendship with Michael, so when you simply stated your sexual fantasy out loud to him after watching a very intense porno and reading about how exhilarating the feeling actually is online with many useful resources, it came as a surprise to you when you saw how red and embarrassed Michael got.

His face turn all bright like a tomato, first running along his neck then expanding to his jawline to reaching his hairline. His eyebrows were rounded in a semi circle while small scrunches of skin bunched around his bushy eyebrows. His small plump mouth was hanging open in shock, his ruby red moisturized lips were basically folded over his chin with a little stubble their as his emerald green eyes stared at you with blown pupils from the confession.

His facial expression hung in the air for a few mintues before you felt yourself begin to feel overwhelmed by his reaction. You never thought he would have this much of a reaction towards your words only because you have grown use to his sexual fantasies being blurted into the air on the daily.

You felt your cheeks begin to heat up, your tongue escaped your mouth to run along your bottom lip to soon then capture the flesh, your eyes flickered around the room so you didn’t have to continue staring at a shocked expression. Your palms begin to sweat and your breathing begin to quicken.

Sure, you and Michael had a really really close relationship and it would tear you apart if this little out of control comment ruined everything.

Your eyes gazed back to Michael after staring at the glowing X symbol in the game console for way to long for your liking to finally see Michael’s mouth now shut but still have the same exact expression, meaning his eyebrows were stil risin’ and his face was still completely red.

“Is it weird that I said that?” You blurted out just like a few mintues before, your fingers clenched around the black controller that most likely has your sweat covered all over it as you stare at Michael’s eyes finally coming back to reality.

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So I’ve been practising for my eq test a little...

Yesterday, my trainer invited me to a spontaneous jumping lesson. On the speedy mare.
Mind the fact that I have jumped less than 10 fences and haven’t even had a jumping lesson more than twice. And one of these times, I fell off the speedy mare. Who - ironically - was to be my ride.

My trainer and I set up some jumps at the path right beside the motorway. And by “right beside”, I mean 15 meters from the street. She needed help because a smol horse bucked her off and her knee - which has been in need of a replacement for like 10 years - kinda popped out of its place, lel.

Then we rode there and I told my trainer that I was sorry that she would have to remember this beautiful day in May as the day I died and she actually got nervous and asked me if I didn’t want to wear a back protector, but of course my dumb ass declined, hahah.
I asked the other girl - who rode the moose, my former lease horse - if she wanted to go first. But she didn’t.

So I kinda reluctantly pushed the speedy mare forward, and she went into a nice, well-controlled trot. I was still sitting there like “fuck - fuck - fuck”, though. Got over the jump fine. She didn’t go too early or slow down or anything, we just hopped over it nicely. Although of course I was feeling terrible. The jumps were like 50cm, and she’s an ex jumper, so they were but a lame joke to her, lol.

Which meant she needed to spice things up a bit. Rode a turn, took the second jump - mare took off earlier than expected, I was left behind, then nearly landed on her neck, but kinda managed to stabilise and slow her down.
Halted, turned around, tried to ride the same combination again. Speedy mare went into a canter right after turning, took off approximately 5m before the small jump and landed 10m after it. Nearly lost a stirrup, but hung on. Second jump, same game. But I was prepared for an earlier-than-scheduled take-off and managed to somehow, kind of move with her, leaving me with a decent feeling.
She got fairly headstrong as we cantered away from the jumps, but I managed to talk and slow her into a trot and eventually halted her near the grass, where I let her graze. Only then did I notice that my heartrate was probably at an unhealthy level and I was breathing heavily. I just didn’t know what to expect from jumping, and - knowing the speedy mare - I was kind of afraid of not being able to stop her after the jumps; She has the tendency to gallop off with shitty riders like me, hahah.

Anyway, the other girl started driving the moose forward, but the big boy didn’t want to play. He stood there, reared, turned around, kicked out with one of his hindlegs; Seriously, he looked like one of those mechanical rodeo cows, just much more gangly and a little less abrupt.
So of course the girl became afraid, didn’t manage to make him go on, and my trainer let me do another round with the speedy mare. This time, we flew around the course, I barely managed to slow her down on the turn, and probably made the 50cm fences look like 1.5m water jumps. But I felt my position become a little bit more secure and managed to slow her down alright as we came back. I was so glad I survived.

Then we swapped mounts. The other girl - now on the speedy mare - didn’t even manage to pop the red monster over the rails, though. Eventually, my trainer chased them over one fence and they managed a full round.
The problem: She was unable to stop the horse as she came towards me from the last fence. My trainer yelled to me to block the path somehow, and I managed to urge the moose into her running way, so she slowed to a trot and wiggled around us and eventually went into a walk. Nothing happened, but the girl’s knees were weak and her hands shaking, either way.

So I got my turn on the moose. Sent him forward. He started his usual game that he had played with me when I was leasing him and he didn’t want to leave the property. Kicking, half-hearted rearing, canter pirouettes, head shaking, snorting, bouncing, the whole program. I kept waving the whip at his side and once accidentally scolded him “Attila!”, lol.
Then we finally managed to go for the first fence. We were supposed to take it in a trot, but he was cantering slowly and I thought: “Well, better to go over it in a canter than to hold him back now.” So I just went with what I got and he went over like a champ.
Had a hard time slowing him to a trot at the turn, then he caught the next fence in his eye and went boom. Long, flowing stride, ears forward, head down. I slipped the reins and leaned forward a bit, brushing the side of his neck, and right over we went.
Halted, turned around. Different horse, same problem: Hopped into a canter - although a less bouncy one - from a standstill, zoomed towards the obstacle. Didn’t go over it very well, but it was alright. Took the last one, slowed him down, let him graze.

Trainer told me to turn around and go for another run. This time the moose didn’t protest as much, we wiggled towards the jump at the trot, got over it fine, though. He didn’t let me slow him to a trot on the turn again, and there are some rocks on the inside of it, so we added an extra jump over those that made my trainer think we had fucked up completely, haha.
Anyway, the next jump went very well. I was actually able to sit down deep before the jump and moved my hands forward instead of just letting the reins slip and had a great feeling, basically. Like I was actually jumping instead of hanging on like an idiot.
Turned around, went over them again, had a decent feeling, although we went way too fast, lol.

I was dead after all that excitement and holding myself in position over these few jumps, but I’m glad I didn’t die and I’m starting to feel like jumping might be a fun thing to do after all.

If I Could Fly


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: Can you write an Isaac imagine based off the song If I Could Fly by 1d?? tysm!

For your eyes only, I show you my heart. For when you’re lonely and forget who you are, I’m missing half of me when we’re apart. Now you know me, for your eyes only.

Long distance, that’s what it had come down too. Isaac left Beacon Hills after the tragic death of Allison, and headed with Chris Argent to France. He told you right before he left that this town pushed him to the limit, and he needed to get away and take a major step back. And of course you couldn’t fault him for that, everyone was dealing with Allison’s death in their own way. It’s just Isaac’s way was to leave it all behind, including you and fly away. As much as you couldn’t be mad at him, there was a part of you that was.

Tonight was no different than the last ones, it consisted of you staring at your phone hoping that it would ring, hoping that his name would light up the screen. It consisted of stack of assignments being left on the desk, because the constant worry of if he was okay took top priority over stupid school work. It consisted of your mother yelling at you for neglecting your chores, as well as not eating or coming out of your room as much. It consisted of several calls from the pack just to see if you were okay.

Everything was a constant repeat, but you didn’t care. Because the only person you cared about was on the other side of the world. And that, right there felt like half of you had gone missing because of it. The ringer went off and you scrambled across your bed and picked up your phone, seeing his name pop up was a sign of relief.

“Hello” you answered.

“Hi love, how you been?” he asked.

Melting back onto the bed you closed your eyes to savor his voice, “Okay what about you? How’s France?”.

“It would be a lot better if you were here, that’s for sure” he replied, playing with the blanket it was hard to not feel upset.

“How’s Chris doing?”. You heard him sigh deeply on the other line, and you couldn’t imagine how he must be feeling. Everyone in his life was either dead, on the run or evil and losing his daughter you wouldn’t blame him if he went over the edge.

“Doing much better, his been through this before so I guess his just trying to stay tough”.

“Must be hard” you stated.

It was the greatest hour of your life, Isaac and you talked about school, the pack, the new threat in Beacon Hills. While he informed you on France, the new things he has done, and how much better he felt since he left.

“Are you at home?” he randomly asked out of the blue.

“Yes…where do you think I would be at 9:00pm?”.

“Oh I don’t know out kicking ass” he responded.

You laughed and missed his witty humor, “God it’s so good to hear you laugh” he said. “Hey if I timed it right there should be a package arriving at your door, right about now”.

Getting up from you bed confused, you kept the phone to the ear while making your way down stairs. “Don’t tell me you sent the Eiffel tower over?” you joked, while Isaac chuckled.

“I’m a werewolf, not a genius mastermind. But I think what I got you is better than the Eiffel tower”.

Landing at the end of the stairs you used your free hand to open the door. Movement of any kind froze, and in front of you was Isaac looking the same as he left. “I do hope I get a hug, and maybe if I’m lucky a hello kiss?”.

Hearing his voice in person after months of not being able too, being able to physically reach out and touch him was an overload of emotions. You ran up and hugged him so tight, not wanting to let go just in case he would disappear. Tears streamed down your face, and no-one would ever know the joy you felt in able to have in him your arms.

“I know you don’t want to let go love, but your going to have to so I can come in” he stated.

“Promise me you won’t disappear if I do?” you whispered in his ear.

“I promise” he replied instantly.

Slowly unfolding your arms from around his neck, the two of you stepped back into the house. Wasting not even a second, you brought him to your room so you could talk and just be with him.

“When did you get into town? Why did you decide to come back? Did something happen in France? Is Chris with you? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” You fired questions upon questions at him, and all he did was look at you with admiration and love.

Pulling you down on the bed, you cuddled in his side. “First off I came back to town today. I came back because I missed you more than anything. No nothing happened in France. Chris is still there. And I didn’t tell you because the look on your face when you opened the door, was something that I’m never going to forget”.

“I can’t believe you flew all this way”.

He brought your chin up so you could look at him, “There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Because you mean the absolute world to me. I love you and sometimes I don’t think that’s even enough to describe just how much”.

Finally after waiting all these months, you were able to place your lips on his, you were able to feel the emotion and passion behind every movement. “Maybe we don’t need words, maybe all we need is our actions to show each other how much we love one another?” you suggested.

Isaac didn’t protest, he pulled you up and you straddled him. It was slow, but that didn’t make it any less passionate, romantic or intense. It felt like the two of you were re-connecting, this felt like the first time. Where each of you were re-learning the other one’s triggers, where their weak spot was, what made them want more and the things that didn’t provide the kind of effect the other was looking and hoping for.

As Isaac made his way down and worked on the sensitive spot down there, you gripped the sheets hard and were glad that your parents were currently out of town. Having them hear their daughter yell out profanities wasn’t something they needed to actually hear.

“Isaac” you panted as he switched between his fingers and mouth.

“Yes, my love?” he smirked.

“I-I need you…please”.

He didn’t need to be told twice, as soon as you felt him where you needed him the most , you pleasure senses went into overdrive. He moved in and out, skin slapping against skin, groans and moans echoed the bedroom walls. All while the two of you were awaiting the final, ultimate climax.

“Open your eyes” he told you.

Finding that strength was harder that you thought, but you did it anyway and saw Isaac above you, sweat pouring down his forehead. The pleasure reaching it’s peak for the both of you. “I can’t hold on anymore” you informed him.

“I know, I can feel it. Me either, ready to let go?” he asked.

You nodded and one finale thrust Isaac moaned your name, while you placed your hand on his chest and came down from the high. He pulled himself out and curled up next to you, covering both of your naked bodies with the blanket.

“I miss that, feeling so connected to you”

He stroked your hair and gently kissed your forehead, “Me too…me too love”.

Feeling blissfully content you couldn’t be anymore happy that you were right now. “Isaac you do know that me like this, is only for you. No-one is ever going to touch or see me the way you do now”.

It was important for you to let him know that moments like this weren’t going to be shared with anyone else. No other man would see you the way Isaac does, and you couldn’t imagine anyone doing so. You were all his, and hopefully he was all yours.

“Good, because I’m never letting you go” he told you, and every part of you believed he was being completely honest. He ran his fingers down your side, and you felt yourself shiver at the unexpected touch.

You didn’t know how long he was here for, but if tonight was all you guys had then it was more than last time. “How about we make the most of right now, care to go another round Lahey?”. Getting up you let the sheet fall to the ground, “But let’s be a little more bold this time, shall we? The couch looks pretty inviting, or perhaps the kitchen table, maybe even up against the hallway wall?”.

Racing up so fast he was like a blur, grabbing you by the waist, your bodies become close. “And what if your parents decide to come home early? I’m not particularly fond of them finding out I’m screwing their daughter, in their home nonetheless”.

Running your finger down his chest, you seductively whispered. “But isn’t the part of the fun? Plus I’m pretty sure your werewolf senses will come in handy if, oh I don’t know, you heard a car door slam or keys in the lock? I’m all yours Isaac, so take me anywhere in this god damn house because I’m not done showing you just how much”.

He picked you up and carried you out the room, walking right into the bathroom.

“Can’t say no to my girl, now can I? I went gentle in the bedroom, don’t expect me to go gentle in the shower.”

You closed the door with your foot and the cold tile wall in the shower hit your back, while Isaac adjusted the water temperature. “Show me what you’ve got, don’t hold back now”.

“This is going to be one long night” he stated, unexpectedly attacking you with kisses while your hands combed through his hair.

“I’m counting on it” you added, before once again the both of you repeated what happened in the bedroom here in the shower, the couch, kitchen and finally back to the bedroom.

Panting heavy trying to do whatever to slow your heart rate down, Isaac pulled you closer. “I have no energy left, I’m officially worn out. More so then the plane ride over here”.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to feel my legs in the morning” you spoke.

“That’s what happens when we have sex multiple times around the house” he added.

Closing your eyes, rest was too hard to ignore now. “Goodnight Isaac”

“Sleep well, I love you” he covered you with the blanket more, making sure that you were warm.

“Please be here when I wake up” was the final words that came out of your mouth, before sleep engulfed you.

He looked over at your sleeping figure in his arms, a hint of sadness flickered in his eyes. The truth was Isaac didn’t know how long he was going to stay, his visit back to Beacon Hills was never going to be a permanent, welcome back home one. Because as much as he wanted to stay, this town was still toxic. And maybe it was selfish of him to come see you, but he would of gone crazy if he hadn’t.

And it was killing him that he was going to have to leave again, but for right now he only wanted to be here with you….you were his priority tonight. Closing his eyes, he felt you move that little bit closer and he held on that extra bit tighter. Not wanting morning to arrive, not wanting to have to leave all this behind again…not wanting to have to leave you behind again.

jjdxb123  asked:

Since you like Gil and Reyes, how about ... a 3some? Gil/Scott/Reyes “Shh, you’re safe. We won’t let you go.” :)

title: no vacancy
pairing: gil/scott/reyes
summary: another nightmare, another round of comfort.  
a/n: MY LONGEST HELL YEAH EVER. i’m always up for gil/scott/reyes!!! also??? … kind of pretty much exactly like that nightmare fic i wrote lmao//// call it nightmare part deux. 

………i dont know what the hell im doing

maybe it’s the way that gil purrs that little ‘we’re here for you, sweetheart’ into his ear. maybe it’s the way that reyes’s kisses always tend to leave him a little breathless. all that scott knows is that the both of them make him feel closer to the stars. 

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Wildthing - A Fenrin/Astrys fic

I have this headcanon that Asterin uses casual sex to hide her pain, and that she would never risk having sex with anyone she might actually have to talk to after. So this is partly that and partly Fenrys growing out of his boyo/I’m a lone wolf/I like pretty things phase. It’s a lot more Asterin though. Also this happens alongside my Elorcan fic “It’s Been Three Weeks” and my Manorian “The Beloved One” - so if you’re confused feel free to check those out on my Ao3 (link in my profile). YES, this will get smutty - same variety as my Elorcan fic. XD

[Wildthing - Part 1]

The first time he’d seen the blonde-haired witch, Fenrys had thought her an enemy. She’d flown in out of nowhere on a sky-blue wyvern and had landed on the prow of the ship. Fenrys had been on deck with Gavriel, guarding the captain’s quarters where Rowan was taking care of what was left of Aelin. It’d been a little over a week since they’d rescued her, and his instincts hadn’t given him a chance to think. He’d immediately shifted and attacked the witch.

But she’d been ready.

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Enzo Amore x Reader - One in a Million (17)

“So whatcha wearing??” Enzo purred down the phone. “None of your business…” You giggled back earning a scoff from him. “Come on… Is it a one or two peice??” He pressed. “Mr. Amore you’re getting quite nosey don’t you think??” You teased on earning a sigh from him. “Mrs. Amore in just a few days don’t you think you’re being hard on your man??” He laughs. “Gotta keep your imagination going.” You state honestly. “Woman you’re going to be the death of me. You having fun so far??” “Yeah. Good friends and wine. Perfect night… Would be better with my man here but… You know how these bachelorette  parties go… You and the guys at least trying to behave??” You shake your head at the thoughts of what could happen at a party with Enzo and all his close friends. “Yeah a few of the guys haven’t got here yet… Just goofing around until they get here and the real fun starts.” “There better not be any strippers there or you’re gonna have to wait later until way after the wedding if you get what I mean…” You try to keep your voice as strong as possible at the thought of Enzo’s shocked face. “Woman you better be glad I aint there right now.” He chuckled. “Or what??” You challenged. “Or I’d smack that perfect butt of yours.” “Is that supposed to be a punishment.” You laughed with him. “Dear God I miss you you incredible woman.” Enzo sighed. “I miss you more handsome… I gotta go. Carmella is rounding everyone up for something.” “Okay love. If I can’t have strippers I better not catch you on the front cover of Girls Gone Wild.” Enzo scolded. “Scouts honor. I love you.” “Love you more. Have fun and know I’m thinking about you.” 

Enzo gladly took another shot of whiskey along with Cass. As he sat down the shot glass a hand clapped around his shoulder. “I don’t know you ever did it man… Landing a beautiful woman like Y/N with your ugly mug.” One of his old college friends laughed. “Maybe as a wedding present we should all pitch in and get her some glasses.” Neville added in earning a roar of laughter. “Ha ha ha… Very funny.” Enzo laughed along with his friends. “She’s something ain’t she.” Enzo beamed proudly. “That girl is the definition of class.” Someone agreed with him through the dense cigar smoke. “My mother would be the happiest woman on earth if I brought home a girl like her…” Another friend shook his head to himself as he took a shot of whiskey. “I just don’t get it… The more I think about it the more it puzzles me… Enzo ain’t got the looks or cash to land a dime like Y/N especially one with morals like her…” “She must be an angel sent down to keep Enzo on a tight leash.” Cass answered out causing another wave of loud laughter. Enzo wanting to take the attention off of himself turned to Cass now. “What’s big boy here gonna do if his lady catches the bouquet huh?? Been thinking about that?? Huh?? Mella ain’t gonna wait around forever…” Enzo wiggled his eyebrows. 

“Alright now a silly one.” Carmella requested as she held her phone up again to take another selfie with you. You and all your close girlfriend were sitting around poolside clad in beautiful swimsuits of your own design. The hotel roof was lit beautifully with lights and a playlist of your favorite songs played in the background. “Y/N you are so lucky… What I wouldn’t give to be a week away from getting married…” “Better question is what wouldn’t you do to just get a man.” Two of your college friends bantered at each other. “How did you do it?? How did you get a man like Enzo… Once a wild little man sleeze to just settle down with you… A magic spell??” A former co-worker pried before taking a sit of her cocktail. “What can I say?? Stick to your guns and don’t let anyone change you… The right guy will come around… He may not know it at the time but he will get the message soon enough.” You shrug as everyone giggled. “Come on lets go get another round.” Carmella stood up from her seat by the pool and motioned for everyone to follow. Once at the bar and a drink in every hand Carmella moved to stand on the bar and make a toast. “Alright so as the maid of honor I feel like its one of my many jobs to brag on this beautiful woman right here.” She pointed down at you. “We all know and love her. She is an inspiration to us all. She is classy and sticks to what she wants. I know deep down that you and Zo are gonna have an amazing life together. A beautiful family and many sweet memories for us all to be jealous of… TO Y/N AMORE!!” She giggled as everyone raised their glass to that and took a sip. “To the biggest bitch to ever grace this earth.” A sour voice screeched out from behind a few of your brides maids. Turning around everyone collectively rolled their eyes as they noticed the unwanted guest. A half drunk Tati. “What the fuck does this piece of trash want??” Carmella jumped down from the bar and handed you her drink. Carmella along with the other WWE Superstar Women that were at your party went to make a move on Tati when you spoke up. “Nah I’ve got this.” You downed the rest of your drink and Carmella’s and set them on the bar. Everyone moved out of your way as made a bee line for Tati. “Look… Give it up… I win and you lose… You have no pull here… No one to whine to or to stomp those cheat shoes too… Not one single person here is on your side since you’ve showed your rotten attitude… To be honest I feel bad for you… I pray that one day you grow up and realize what you do is immature… And when that day comes I hope that a carbon copy of you butts in and tries to ruin your life just like you tried ruin mine.” With the end of your little snarky monologue the intoxicated homewrecker before you gave you a swift shove causing you to stumble backwards. With a wicked smirk you shove back with an even greater sober push nearly knocking her down to the ground. That was enough to cause both of your pent up anger to explode in a fury. The fight that started between you was scrappier than any pay per view fight that had ever been on TV. Right as Carmella was about to try and pull you off Tati both you and Tati landed right in the pool causing the fight to end. Not just because you two were soaked but because hotel security and a few police officers had showed up to place you both in handcuffs. 

Enzo sighed and rolled his eyes as he pulled his phone from his pocket. “Sorry guys hang on.” He looked to his friends who were just in the middle of a big story about Enzo. “Yeah hey Mella whats up??” Enzo asked a bit annoyed. “Whoa girl slow down I can’t understand you.” Enzo covered his other ear with his hand. “Come on now this ain’t funny…” Enzo scolded as he rolled his eyes again. “You swear?? You’re not joking??” Enzo stood up from his bar stool and grabbed his keys from behind the bar as he hung up his phone. “Whoa man what’s going on?? Where’s the fire??” One of his friends asked out. “Yeah what did Mella say??” Cass asked standing up to follow Enzo. “Y/N’s getting hauled down to the station… And she thought us guys were going to have the wild night. Sorry about cutting it short guys.” Enzo announced as he made his way to the door leaving the rest of the guys to continue drinking and betting on what you were getting arrested for. 

Running into the police station a wild eyed Enzo made a beeline to the front desk. “Y/N Y/L/N… I need to know… If she’s okay…” Enzo managed out as he gasped to regain his breath. “I’m sorry what??” The cop at the front desk asked with a raised eyebrow. “My girlfriend… Y/N she just arrested like an hour ago… I need to know if she is okay… What happened?? Did she get rough housed by a cop?? Is she in a cell with a bunch of crazies?? Is she okay??… Why aren’t you making any calls or typing on that keyboard… Come on!!” Enzo was near a panic state as he stared down at the seated cop. “Sir please… Calm down… We haven’t had any crazy arrests today… I’m sure your girlfriend is just doing paper work and fingerprinting right now… All we had tonight is complaint about a public fight at a hotel pool… Only exciting thing was that one was in a bikini…” The young cop held up his hands as Enzo let all the information set in and try to fight the grin on his lips. 

Enzo couldn’t help but smirk as he opened the car door open for you and holding out his jacket to you (since you were arrested in nothing but your bikini). You didn’t even look at him as you got in the car and buckled your seat belt. Enzo closed the door for you and made his way around to the drivers side. Once he was settled in he turned to look at you. “First off… Are you okay?? Are you hurt??” He asked genuinely sweet. “Yeah I’m fine and no I’m not hurt…” You sigh and finally look over at him. With that good news Enzo stifles out a laugh. “I can’t believe I just picked you up from a police station… For a fist fight on an upscale hotel roof while wearing a bikini. When Carmella called me I thought it was a joke.” Enzo smirked over at you as you just cross your arms and turn to look out the windshield. “I get it I get it.” Enzo sighs as he cranks the car and pulls out of the parking lot. “Gotta say though… I have always had a think for good girls gone bad.” You give him a glare that melts into a smile. 

Back at your place after you took a shower you collapse on the couch beside Enzo who was killing some time with some late late night TV. “So did you have any fun at your short party??” You ask while looking at the TV. “Yeah… Just guys sitting around taking stabs at each other.” Enzo shrugged throwing his arm around your shoulders pulling you up against him. “What about you??” He smirked down at you. Turning your face to finally look at him his smirk falls as he looks at you in horror. “Babe that is a major shiner…” Enzo’s hands fly up to your face and turns it this way and that to get a good look at the black eye forming on you right side. “Yeah… I know and our wedding is in a week…” You pout as Enzo continues to check you over. “You’ve got make up to cover it up…” Enzo tries to help out the situation. You shrug and wrap your arms around his middle burying your bruised face in his chest. He rubs his hands up and down our back in an effort to sooth you. “You know tho… I think it’s super sexy…” He mumbles into your hair as he places a kiss on the crown of your head. “Only you would.” You laugh as he gives you a tight hug. 

Enzo waited until you were asleep for a little longer than 15 minutes before he eased himself out of the death grip around his waist. Cradling you to his chest he picks you up and easily carries you to your bedroom. After laying you down and making sure you were still asleep he tip toed out of your room and climbed down the stairs. Whipping out his phone he perches himself up on the counter in kitchen and dials his bosses number. Stephanie could only get out a confused greeting before Enzo laid into her about the whole hellacious night that had went through. “Hello?? Enzo what is you problem?? It’s like 4 am…” Stephanie sighed as she shifted the phone to sit on her shoulder. “I’m not the one with the problem. Its Tati… I don’t want what just happened today to get out in the news. Y/N has been through enough and I am drawing the line.” Enzo gruffed. “What do you mean?? What happened??” Stephanie asked obviously confused since she hadn’t checked any of her emails. “Tati snuck into my fiance’s private party and assaulted her. And when Y/N defended herself she was arrested as well and to top it all off she has a huge black eye the week before our wedding.” “You’re joking right??” Stephanie scoffed at the idea of Tati still lashing out. “No I’m not and I want some action taken on this… Y/N is an employee of the WWE and was assaulted by another employee… I want you to handle this and take some permanent action… I don’t want Tati anywhere near me or Y/N… She is just trouble and if she is willing to fight with Y/N she might be willing to do more.” “I hear you loud and clear… I will make some changes as soon as I get into the office… Oh and Enzo… If you call me with this kind of tone again it might not end well…” Stephanie said before sharply hanging up the phone. With that Enzo let out a partial sigh of relief… Until he got proof that Tati wasn’t any where near his work place and he go the restarting order against her for both him and Y/N he wasn’t gonna be able to enjoy much of anything. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… And a big thank you to @designrwriterchic for legit being the most patient person I know… This chapter took way too long to write and it is all my fault… I am so sorry for this delay and to everyone who requests I have just been soo busy… I hope you enjoy this part it was super fun to write :) please let us know what you think… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

The first 18 parts of this series can be found with this link HERE

cat leaps

chapter 1: basic steps


as if there aren’t enough of these already, i wanted to try my hand at the break dance au because i’ve got cool ideas and a plot and everything. i hope you enjoy! for @starrycove because you’re dealing with all this hype like a champ and you also gave us this gem of an au.

songs: x gon’ give it to ya by dmx & bet you can’t do it like me by dlow

(NOTE: if you look back to the very first break dance au @starrycove made there was a request in particular for marichat so hold onto your knickers and jump right in if this is your jam. but i will try to fit in as much of the love square that i can.)

summary: dancing, sexual tension, and terrible jokes.

or, marinette is a contemporary dancer with an affinity for break dancing and adrien is the new cool cat in town who turns out to be pretty good too.

read on ao3

i can’t take myself when i step up on the scene, and all these haters joking cos’ they know my swag be mean - bet you can’t do it like me; dlow

For all of her supposed stamina from dancing six hours a day, sprinting all the way from the academy to the skate park leaves Marinette panting hard and probably very red in the face. She leaps over bushes and dog leashes as she speeds along footpaths and through parks in an effort to make it in time. Well. In better time than she would make if she weren’t running an Olympic 2000m.

Her bag bounces maniacally on her back, as if egging her on. The skate park bursts into view as she turns the final corner and she pushes herself for the last few metres, hoping against hope she isn’t too late. She slips and stumbles three times over bags before she finally skids to a stop in front of Nino.

“I’m here!” she wheezes, bending to rest her hands on her knees in an effort to gulp air back into her burning chest. “I’m here.”

He doesn’t look up from his laptop. “You sound like you’re dying. What was it this time?”

Her withering look doesn’t have quite the same effect as she tries to resuscitate her lungs but he winces satisfactorily. She slides her bag down her arms and reaches for her water bottle.

“Chloé,” she hisses, through heavy pants. She gulps down some water. “And her new playboy buddy.”

“I didn’t think she had any friends.”

Marinette snorts into her bottle. “Mm. He’s new. Almost as nasty as her, too. He stuck gum to my dance shoes. And when I called him out on it, all he could do was stutter and try to deny it.” She breaks for another gulp of water. “I was watching him stick it to my shoe. If he thinks he can get away with it because he’s new he’s got another thing coming. He’s one of those ‘I have a rich daddy so I can do anything I want’ types.”

“I think I heard about someone new arriving at the academy.” Nino frowns. “What’s his name?”

“Pretentious Douchebag.”

Nino laughs. “You didn’t say that to his face did you? His rich daddy would have a scholarship student like you thrown out by the end of the day.”

“No,” Marinette scowls. “I wish I had. It’s just my luck that I have both him and Chloé in my class this year. Can’t I just go with you to your music class instead?”

“Sorry, bro. Musical prodigies only.”

Marinette sighs. “This sucks. I was already running late too because Mme Mendeliev is having a bad week and taking it out on us in class—I’ve done enough technique to last me a lifetime—but then I had to try and find shoes from the lost and found so I could get here.” She wiggles her toes in the bright red high-tops. “Turns out they fit perfectly.”

Nino smiles at her sympathetically. “Well the upside to all of this is that now you have new shoes.”

“I have to give them back,” she says, shaking her head. “Someone could be looking for them.”

He rolls his eyes at her and turns his attention back to his laptop.

“So did I miss it?” she asks, dropping down in front of the low wall he’s sitting on. She leans her back on the cool concrete and waits for her heart to slow down.

“Nope.” He pops the ‘p’. “Alix won’t be here for another ten minutes according to Alya. Something about her dad and the museum blah blah. I stopped listening. I still can’t believe she challenged Kim to a battle. There’s no way she’ll win.”

“Whatever you say.”

The afternoon sun beats down hot and hard on Marinette’s skin, uncomfortable after her sprint. She watches the buzzing activity in the park. Teenagers skate up and down the giant ramps on the far side, while right in front of them, a game of soccer is well under way on the gravel basketball court. Music blares from a speaker somewhere and a few guys practice their floorwork to the heavy beat. She scooches on her bum until she’s almost under Nino’s legs, trying to find some shade.

“Dude,” he sighs, but there’s no irritation in his voice. “We talked about this.”

“I’m too hot.”

Alya’s voice comes from behind them. “Hot damn.”

Marinette hears her high-five Nino.

“Alya,” she says, bending her head back against the wall to look at her. “Hey.”

“Hey girl.” Alya sits down on the wall just above Marinette’s head, draping her legs on either side. Marinette whines at the additional heat and pushes her legs away. “You should really put some clothes on. It’s distracting.”

Marinette frowns, tugging at her leotard and tights. “I just came from class. It was too hot for shorts today. I’m wearing a crop top. That counts.”

Alya raises an eyebrow at her. Marinette sighs and pushes herself wearily off the ground to grab her pair of shorts from her bag.

“You know, Alya” Nino says, finally looking up from his laptop. “When you say things like that, it doesn’t sound very straight.”

Alya flips her hair with a smirk. “It’s not supposed to.”

“Don’t worry, Nino,” Marinette says, grinning at her friends and slipping on the shorts. “Alya still likes you back.”

Nino’s eyes bulge and Alya throws her cap at Marinette. Marinette laughs at them, batting the cap out of the air. She would be embarrassed, but the two of them have been not-so-subtly making eyes at each other for months and Marinette is getting impatient. She’s all for love blossoming in its own time, but there’s only so much of Nino’s ogling and Alya’s incessant—and really rather dirty now—flirting she can take before she locks the two of them in a room together until they admit it to each other. And maybe makeout a little. She can’t count the times she’s almost vomited due to heightened sexual tension. So she has resorted to gentle nudges.

Before Nino starts sputtering excuses about how he does not, in fact, like Alya; that they’re just good friends, and romance is the last thing he thinks of when he’s around her, whooping and yells rising from the edges of the park call for their attention. They look up to see Alix strutting up to the centre of the basketball court. She slips the ball from one of the players and kicks it on target straight into the back of the net to the cheers of the surrounding spectators.

“What a show off,” Nino says.

Alya shoves him. “You’re just mad because she’s good. Kim is going down.”

They watch as Kim and his crew of dancers cross the court to Alix. She crosses her arms casually, a dangerous challenge in her smile. Kim steps into the centre of the loose ring that has formed around them, standing almost flush against her.

“This is going to be good,” Marinette breathes, picking the cap up and stepping back to the wall to sit down.

Alya crosses her arms. “They are so going to bang later.”

Marinette slaps her shoulder with the cap.

“Hey Nino!” Kim waves at them from the court. “Turn it up!”

Nino grins and slips on his headphones. “Oh this one was made for these two. Hold up.”

A heavy brass beat pumps loud and alive through the air accompanied by an angry voice. Cheers erupt from the entire park at the familiar song, and Alya rolls her eyes. Marinette rolls up against Alya with the beat, criss-crossing her legs and laughing. She gives Nino a fist bump.

Everyone turns to the battle. Even the skaters have stopped to watch. Kim and Alix swing their arms back and forth in front them. He steps back and gestures for her to go first.

She starts strong, already jumping into more difficult moves, her toprock flowing nicely. Her entire routine is clean, finishing with a solid freeze. Cheers and gibes bounce back and forth in the air as she steps back to let Kim do his bit.

“He’s all power moves,” Marinette says as they watch him dance, “Alix has style, she has her own flavour. There’s no way he can win just by flipping around the place.”

Alya nods. “He’s all over the place, he doesn’t care about the rhythm as much as he does the moves. You’re going down, Nino. Get ready to pay up.”

Marinette looks at Alya. “You guys are betting?”

She shrugs and Marinette smiles.

“Guys,” Nino says, slinging his headphones back around his neck. “Who’s that?”

The two girls look over to the outer edge of the ring and see a dark figure lurking, hooded and unidentifiable. He has his hands stuffed into his pockets and he’s hunching, but Marinette can tell he’s tall. There’s a slim build under the baggy black clothes his wearing. For all his effort to hide in the shadows and remain unnoticed, the neon green high-tops he’s wearing are eyecatching. He’s nodding to the beat, feet moving almost unconsciously. A dancer.

“I’ve never seen him before,” Marinette says. “Alya?”

Alya, who has lived her entire life in this skate park, who knows it and everyone in it more than Marinette knows her own street, shakes her head. “No. But I want to find out.”

She drags Marinette by the upper arm towards the circle. Marinette stumbles and her feet skid on the gravel as she tries to keep up with Alya’s quick pace. The cap falls out of her hands even as she tries to save it.

“Alya wait—Alya—”

They arrive just as Kim finishes, the circle erupting in another round of cheers and taunts. Alya lets go of Marinette’s arm and pushes her way into the middle of the ring, cheering a little but flapping her hands to get them to settle down. Marinette lingers behind at the edge of the ring to watch from between bodies, rubbing her arm where Alya left a red mark.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Alya calls, the twist of a grin on her lips. “I know we all want to know who won the battle.” She pauses for a few cheers. “But who wants to inflate Kim’s ego, let’s be real. Besides, everyone knows that every new dancer has to prove themselves worthy for this park.”

She said ‘this’ but everyone heard ‘my’.

“And it seems you’re a dancer,” she continues, turning to the stranger.

The crowd turns to look at him. Kim knows better than complain about not being able to claim his win, joining in the murmured jeers running around the ring. Marinette leans forward to see the stranger walk into the circle. He turns his head from side to side, watching the crowd, gauging their reactions. He stops in front of Alya and nods.

She reaches up to flick something on his hood and Marinette sees they’re little black ears. “Un petit chat noir. What are you good for?”

Marinette can’t see most of his face but there’s a bright white flash when he matches her grin. It’s something wild, something feral, that grin.

Alya jerks her head in Nino’s direction. “Hey DJ. Let’s see what this chat noir can do.”

“On it,” Nino calls back.

The music thrums out from the speakers and the dancer slides back and forth a little on his feet, loosening up his limbs before they start. When he does, it’s different to anything Marinette’s ever seen before.

He plays with the notes in his fingers, tossing them back and forth from hand to foot, foot to hand. The music travels on and around him as he moves, as much a part of him as his body is. He moves with an uninhibited freedom, flowing from one move to another, from standing to floorwork as naturally as he breathes. His spins are almost flawless, cleaner than Alix’s.

Marinette sees that same danger in his grin in his dancing. There’s a graceful sort of destructive power in him as he lands his jumps and his legs slice through the air in blades of green. That feral grin seems to grow the faster and longer he dances. She feels a thrill in her chest as she watches him, her hips moving in time to his dance.

She pushes in between people until she’s almost at the inner rim of the ring. The chorus of the song rises and the crowd chants ‘Hey!’ along with the singer. There is strange new electricity in the crowd as they watch the dancer perform with unbelievable agility and precision. It pulses in her veins and she feels herself smiling.

Alya catches her eye and raises an eyebrow. He’s good.

Marinette laughs and gives her a thumbs up.

The dancer finishes the dance to the cheers of his audience and Marinette sees his alarmingly green eyes in the depths of his hood rove over them as he spins around to his applause. His smile changes to something giddy, almost child-like. His hands tighten into fists and flex, still full of energy.

“Well, Chat Noir,” Alya says, cocking her head. “You can really move.”

“Thanks,” he says, panting heavily. “I try.”

“Try harder and maybe you’ll make it into the crew.”

Surprised murmurs race around the circle. Alya doesn’t accept just anyone into the crew. She doesn’t dance anymore, but she’s the honorary captain and what she says means something here.

“Are you serious?” That giddy smile widens.

Alya regards him before nodding, waving her hand offhandedly like it’s nothing. “Auditions this weekend. Bring your all or you’re out.”

“Oh I will.”

“You’d better. I don’t like being wrong.”

Marinette snorts at her and his eyes flicker over to her for just a moment before they’re back on Alya. She walks into the circle rolling her eyes and starts to drag Alya out before they test each other any more.

“Well done,” she says to the dancer. “Earning her respect is no small feat. She’s very impressed.”

He steps forward to fully face Marinette. “What about you?”

He smirks with a touch of arrogance, of daring. Marinette raises her chin, pretending to appraise him properly. His smugness sparks faint irritation in her. She’s not going to inflate his head any more.

“Not yet, Chat Noir.”

His grin matches the mischievous glint in his eye. “‘Yet’ is just a promise for tomorrow, princess.”

Marinette raises her eyebrow at him, remembering the cursive lettering on her crop top that spells out ‘princess’. It’s not an invitation for nicknames.

She opens her mouth to point that out when Alya laughs and salutes to Chat Noir, pulling Marinette out of the ring with her. She knocks her hip against Marinette’s and throws her arm over her shoulder.

“He’s going to be annoying,” Marinette says, glancing at the dancer who’s watching them retreat back to Nino. His grin widens when he catches her eye.

“I think he’ll be great,” Alya states. “We can use a dancer like that for the next jam.”

“I agree,” Nino says. “He’ll definitely help us up our game.”

Alya looks pointedly at Marinette as she takes a seat on the wall. “Unlike some incredible dancers who don’t want to help us.”

“Alya,” Marinette huffs. “Scholarship student. Career suicide. If I enter competitions the academy doesn’t register me in I get expelled. Ringing any bells? They’d never let me apply to compete in a b-boying competition.”

Alya shrugs. “Fine whatever. Wasted potential is all I’m saying. You’d wipe the floor with all those b-boys.”

“Even your new Chat Noir?” Marinette rolls her eyes, picking up Alya’s abandoned cap and putting it on.

“Please, Marinette.” Alya leans back on her hands, letting her head fall back in an effort to soak up the sun. She closes her eyes and Marinette tries to ignore how Nino looks quickly at her chest; Alya is doing it on purpose. “You’re the best of them all. Even better than—” she yells the next part “—Alix who totally won!”

Marinette turns around to watch Kim’s face fall and she laughs. Complaints of injustice and shouts of contradiction rise up from the basketball court. Scuffles break out between Alix’s crew and Kim’s before someone intervenes.

“You weren’t even the judge!” Nino complains, slapping a crisp ten euro note into Alya’s expectant hand.

“Of course I was,” Alya says, stretching her legs lazily out in front of her.

Marinette settles cross-legged on the ground opposite them, flicking a small pebble at Alya. “That’s not very fair of you, Alya.”

“Yes it was. You’re both nerds. Shut up.”

Nino and Marinette exchange a fond smile. “Whatever you say, boss,” she says.

Alya smirks. “Damn right.”

Marinette looks back at the court again to see Chat Noir waving cheekily at her from the far side of it before he ducks out of sight. She narrows her eyes at the space he leaves, wondering if he’ll turn up to the auditions on the weekend. If he dances anything like he did today, there’s no way the crew can refuse him.

He’s a game-changer, that one.