let's go cards

The weather was brisk, the sky clear for once. Which made Marcus a little bitter seeing as he had several errands to run in the afternoon. He wasn’t in a hurry by any means, it just needed to get done. Preferably today. Stepping out of his truck, Marcus reached his hand down his back pocket, fishing out his wallet to feed the meter. And of course, the meter had to be one of the last coin-fed ones in Montreal. It was as if the ridiculous device was laughing in his face, seeing as there was no coin in sight resting in his wallet. Usually he had at least a couple of quarters scrambling around somewhere, but after using most of them for leisure tips and toll fees during his trip over the weekend he was now left cash-less. “Hey, I hate to be that guy. But do you got some cash to spare? I’ll pay you back” Directing the words to the first person walking by, his voice was gentle, apologetic even, as he asked for the favor.

me every time krennic dropped the bullshit and snarled at tarkin/ vader/ galen erso/ random imperial underling in rogue one


Here’s some valentines cards I made of the apparently kid for u to use 😂


Happy Birthday Jayne Atkinson (born February 18, 1959)

“I decided I wanted to be an actress when I watched my mother do theater and I was inspired by watching both my parents. My mother is a wonderful actress and I would watch them, learn lines with them I just caught the bug of it. My father said to me, if you do this in your life you will be very successful…”

Imagine Person A doodling on pieces of paper and Person B using those papers as bookmarks.

~Pulled three cards from each of my Guardian Angel Tarot decks~
~Lined them up on my crystal grid~
Trusting that my artwork will continue to bring in abundance the more I paint and the more I share my creativity with the world. Pulled two “letting go” cards ~ reminding me that nothing is permanent ~ appreciate each mOMent without attachment. It’s is all prefect timing. Aloha!