let's get undressed

Reaction to Catching You Masterbating - GOT7


Mark: I see what you’re doing

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Jaebum: Did you just… moan my name?

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Jackson: Is this what you do while I’m gone?

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Junior: I can get used to walking in on this

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Youngjae: Babe really?

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Bambam: I’m so sorry for walking in on you but also I’m not

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Yugyeom: Let me just get undressed

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  • Ino: Sai how about we spice things up in the bedroom and pretend to be animals?
  • Sai: Hmm. Ok. I think I can do that. Let me get my paints.
  • Ino: ...your paints?
  • Sai: Get undressed, let me throw a tarp down.
  • *two hours later*
  • Ino: Sai isn't this a bit excessive
  • Sai: shhh I'm almost done with the right thigh
  • *four more hours later*
  • Sai: There, finished me now.
  • Sai: ...
  • Sai: Ino? Did you fall asleep?
  • Sai: Wow. That is some good cat roleplay. I can see why she wanted to do this.
  • *curls up next to her and falls asleep too*
Art Lessons (Part 24 of Faking It)

And this series just won’t quit…

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Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, edible body paint

Word Count: 3250ish

“Welcome back,” you said sleepily, dragging Dean down into the bed with you when he leaned down to kiss your lips.

Laughing, he pulled you into his arms and nuzzled into your neck as he hugged you. “Let me get undressed before you try to get me under the covers,” he teased.

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So this one time, when I was like six...

…my dad wouldn’t let me get dressed or undressed in my own room for almost a year because, once, this guy in our neighbourhood got 911 called on him for peeping into a lady’s window and he was wearing nothing but batman briefs and a pair of pink knee high socks, and when the cops got there, he was on his knees in front of the window, sobbing while holding two pears to his chest because he was high on LSD.

Two Finger Consult

Wayfaring: Ok I’m going to step out and let you get undressed from the waist down and I’ll come back in and check your prostate.

Patient: Are you gonna use one finger or two?

Wayfaring: Just one.

Patient: You should always use two.

Wayfaring: Really, why is that?

Patient: So the first finger has a second opinion.

You hit me like I know you’re there with someone else
That pussy knows me better than I know myself
On my way from the studio so get undressed
Let’s do the things that we say on text
I want to get straight to the climax
Have you coming all summer like a season pass
I want to turn you out like pitch black
Want to watch you do work while I sit back
—  Drake, Faithful
“ Hi my name is...

whatever you call me. So let’s get undressed, cause you look a little lonely. I’ll make you scream, I’ll make you laugh, cover your body with my autograph. So let’s get undressed, cause I wanna see you naked…” Ben sang badly and in a high pitched voice, mp3 player in ears.