let's get undressed

Which one?

||| Anon asked:  if you do smut can you make one about how jackson of got7 and jhope of bts have a crush on you and want you to choose one to date but you cant so they help you decide |||

Hoseok x Reader x Jackson

Genre: Smut, fluff

Word count: 1,739

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You have known both of them since high school and somehow managed to stay friends for a long time. But lately something has been going on between them, they wouldn’t stay in the same room as the other and Hoseok became really clingy and protective while Jackson tried to keep you all to himself. Their behaviour and constant nagging started to really annoy you so you decided to ignore them for a few days till they stop acting like children. What you didn’t expect was to see them fighting outside your college. When you walked out you saw a huge crowd and heard people screaming and cheering, you decide to check out what was happening as well. When you approached the circle people have made and saw that the ones who were fighting were no other than Hoseok and Jackson you became so angry.

“What do you think you are doing? Especially here at all places!”

When they heard you shouting they immediately stopped and looked up to meet your gaze.

“I, we-“ Hoseok began.

“He was actually the one who started this.” Jackson finished.

“I was not you fuck-“

“I don’t want to hear your excuses.” you said grabbing their hands. “Come with me.”

You dragged them to your apartment and despite their protests made them sit on the couch.

“So I not talk to you for a day and you come fighting in my college.” you stated searching for the med kit. “What were you thinking?”

They were silent. You grabbed the kit and crouched in front of Hoseok.

“This is going to sting.” you told him pressing a cotton pad with disinfectant on his face.

“Aish. I don’t need this.”

“Yes you do. You both look horrible.” you said glancing between them. “What’s up with you lately?”

They didn’t answer this question either. When you were all done with Hoseok you came up to Jackson. You were about to clean up his face when he grabbed your hand.

“What?” you asked.

“We need to talk to you about something.”


“Yes we, as in me and Hoseok.”

“Okay.” you said putting the med kit down. “Then talk.”

You saw how Jackson looked at Hoseok and then back at you.

“Lately-“ Jackson began.

“I think I’m in love with you.” Hoseok interrupted.


“You heard me.”

“Is this some kind of joke?” you looked at Jackson for some reassurance but found none.

“And that’s the thing we wanted to talk to you about, because you see, oh fuck this is awkward, I think I like you too.”

“Are you being serious right now?” you asked trying not to laugh. “I need something to drink.”

You went to the kitchen and could feel how their eyes followed. If they are telling the truth than all of that strange behaviour was because of you. No, no, no. They can’t have these types of feeling you have been friends for too long. You searched your bar and took the bottle with the highest percentage. After drinking a few shots you looked up and saw Jackson.

“Maybe you should slow down on this.” he said trying to take the bottle from you.

“How about no.” you stated pouring another shot.

“Look, Y/N, the thing we wanted to talk to you about was that we would like you to choose.” Hoseok explained walking into the kitchen.

“Neither.” you said taking another shot.

“Come on don’t be like that, we know you must also feel something.”

You tried to glare at him but deep down you knew he was telling the truth.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t.” you said raising another shot to your mouth. This time however you were stopped.

“What if we help you decide?” Jackson asked.

You were about to ask what does he mean when Hoseok suddenly picked you up and threw you over his shoulder.

“What do you think you’re doing?” you protested.

“Helping you decide.” he replied.

“Put down.”

“As you wish.” he said throwing you onto the bed.

You wanted to know what they came up with but before you could realize Hoseok pulled you up and kissed you. His lips were soft and warm but you two were interrupted by Jackson walking in.

“Whoa, whoa not so fast cowboy!” he said pulling Hoseok off of you.

To say that you were shocked was an understatement and maybe it was the alcohol but you were completely lost as to what is going on.

“Could you two finally explain?”

“We make you feel good and the one who does it better get’s to keep you.”

You just looked at them in disbelief. Are they really suggesting you have sex with them. But you were already considering it. You bit down on your lip. Yes, you have known them for a long time and yes, both of them are extremely attractive. After a moment of silence you decided.

“Okay.” you said.

“Really?” they couldn’t believe you.

You stood up and went to the closet to get undressed.

“Let us help you with that.” Jackson said pushing you down on the bed again. His strong hands quickly removed your shirt and your jeans and to their delight you were only in your lingerie.

“So how do we do this?” Jackson asked Hoseok.


“Both? Yeah, I think both is good.” he replied taking his shirt off, exposing his muscular chest which you couldn’t help but feel.

“Like what you see?” he smirked.

You noticed how Hoseok pulled lube out of nowhere.

“Wait a second, I didn’t agree to this.”

“Oh I think you did.” this time it was Hoseok who slipped off your panties and took your bra.

“Look at that!” he whistled and your cheeks started to burn.

“Let’s get you ready.” he said pouring lube over his fingers.

He massaged around your other entrance and slowly put a finger in to which you flinched.

“Careful.” Jackson said.

“I know what I’m doing, she’s just so tight. Have you never been fucked this way before?” to which you nodded.

“How exciting! There is always first time for everything.” he cooed starting to finger you.

You looked to the side and called Jackson over. You commanded him to take of his pants and then slowly pulled down his boxers to reveal his erection.

“I don’t want you to feel lonely.” you breathed pressing your lips at the tip. You started kissing his erection up and down until finally taking him in. You swirled you tongue around it making him cry out.

“Oh shit, Y/N. Don’t stop.”

You could feel Hoseok pouring more lube and sliding a second finger in which made you gasp. Trying to focus back on Jackson you decide to use both your hands and your mouth. You could hear your hole beginning to make sloppy sounds to which Hoseok put his third finger in. You moaned and stopped for a second to get some air. When you began sucking him off again you heard how Jackson’s breathing became uneven.

“Oh fuck. I’m coming!” Jackson cried out. You decided to swallow so you could feel what he tastes like. Jackson came down to your eye level and kissed you passionately and deeply before crashing onto the bed.

You fell down besides him and as you did you felt how Hoseok pulled the fingers out and tugged you closer to him.

“Now it’s finally my turn.” he said taking his dick out and making sure to lube it.

He positioned himself and slowly pushed himself in. You put your arms around his neck and started to leave small kisses along it. He looked at you and bit down on your bottom lip. Hoseok was starting to set a pace and you couldn’t help but moan.

“Gosh, you’re so sexy.” he breathed out and kissed you lusciously.

You were panting heavily when all of a sudden Hoseok stopped and pulled out.

“Agh, no don’t stop.” you pleaded.

“You look so cute when you’re begging.” Jackson said taking you into his arms and making you sit on him. “You see, I also want a piece of you and I’m pretty sure you’re already wet down here.” he said caressing your clit.

You didn’t expect for his touch to feel this good so you fell over him. He kissed softly and lifted you up, above his dick.

“Do you need help with that?” you quickly realize what he was asking for and positioned his erection for a smooth entry. You couldn’t wait any longer and just sank down his cock. Jackson groaned. He didn’t expect you to be this fast. He put his hands on your ass and pushed you down deeper which made you gasp. He started rocking his hips and pressed your foreheads together to keep eye contact.

At this point Hoseok came for you again from behind. He slammed hard into you which made you cry out of pleasure and dig your nails into Jacksons shoulders.

Both of them managed to synchronize their pace which made you a moaning mess. Jackson bit down on your neck and sucked hard which left you a big purple hickey.

“Jackson.” you stuttered. “Don’t.”

“I have to mark you as mine.” he replied leaving more hickeys.

“That’s not fair. Then I should leave one as well.” Hoseok husked. Leaving marks on your shoulder from behind.

You could feel electricity going through your whole body as your orgasm approached. Hoseok began pounding his hips quicker and harder till you could feel him fill you up from behind.

“Agh fuck!” he groaned pulling out and falling over onto the bed. Jackson used this opportunity to roll you over and finish everything him being on top.

You both began panting heavily as Jackson thrust into you for the last time.

“Oh God.” Jackson grunted trying not to fall on top of you.

You could feel the Earth stop spinning as everything dissolved into pleasure. Jackson pulled out and fell down on the bed on the opposite side.

All three of you were breathing shakily. You couldn’t believe what just happened.

“So… Which one?” Hoseok asked.

“Well you both fucked me at the same time, so I guess we will have to decide another time.” you replied pulling a blanket over the three of you.

“Gosh, both of you always make me so tired.” you said snuggling into Hoseok’s neck as Jackson hugged you from behind.

A/N: I don’t usually post smut cuz I believe I need to improve my smut writing skills but since this was requested… 🙈 Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions, etc. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

Lydia Says Stiles’ **** Is Big

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Lydia x Reader x Stiles


“Yeah you owe me a massage after this, new boots too.” Lydia sighed as she followed you and Stiles through the mud and met with Scott.

“Well I’ll give you both when we get back to mine… well the boots I can get on the way back from dropping this little button off.” Stiles poked your nose as you scowled at him and jogged after Malia.

“I thought we were going to talk about running around after the wolves she’s going to get hurt.” Lydia sighed fondly, rolling her eyes when Stiles tapped his bat on the floor.

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Dirty Mouth IV

 Part 1 // Part 2 //Part 3

Part of a series so read the others first if you want or go in blind!

Characters: Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose, it’s more Mox era though) x OC/Reader

Summary: Mox is in a bad way and he needs OFC more than he ever has before.

Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Swearing, Dirty Talk. 

It’s also SUPER long coz I got carried away lol.

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Where’s My Boyfriend?

“Almost there,” Joe mutters, finally getting the key into the lock, letting the door swing open as he finally gets in unlocked using both hands to grab Jack before he falls over.

“Ooops!” The younger man giggles, smiling broadly at Joe.

“Almost oops,” He corrects, unable to fight off the smile he returns, “Let’s go inside.”

“Where my boyfriend is?” Jack asks, only for the hundredth time since they’ve left the club, his eyes lighting up as he stumbles into the flat, out of Joe’s arms.

“Yes,” The older man replies, rolling his eyes, “Where your boyfriend is.”

It didn’t seem to matter how many times Joe told Jack that he was the boyfriend the drunk man was so excited to see, Jack just could not grasp that thought, not with the alcohol creating a haze in his mind.

Following Jack into the flat, Joe locked the door as he kicked his shoes off, finding his boyfriend stood in the middle of the living room, an adorable pout gracing his lips.

“Where is he?” Jack slurs slightly, spinning around to face Joe, “Where’s my boyfriend?”

“I’m right…..I mean, he’s upstairs.”

“To upstairs!”

“Wonderful. More stairs.” Joe rolls his eyes, catching Jack as he stumbles against him, giggling once again, before his face takes on a serious look.

“What if he’s sleeping?”

“Then we have to be very very quiet.”

“Right,” Jack nods, “Quiet.”

Except the younger man is anything but quiet as they both make their way up the stairs, and Joe begins to wonder why he didn’t just toss Jack in the guest bedroom for the night, it would have been much easier, and he could be crawling into bed to go to sleep right now.

By the time they get up to the bedroom, Jack seems to have forgotten about the search for his boyfriend, although he still refuses to believe that Joe is the one he was looking for. This fact is proven when Joe tries to help Jack strip out of the clothes he had worn out to the club, knowing that he wouldn’t want to sleep in them, but the younger man keeps swatting away Joe’s hands.


“You can’t!”

“Why not?!”

“Because I have a boyfriend!” Jack replies firmly, his arms crossed tightly against his chest.

“I know you do,” Joe sighs, “I am your boyfriend!”

“No you’re not.”

“Why else would I be trying to get you out of your clothes?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know you.”

“Oh my gods,” Joe groans, running a hand through his hair tiredly, “Yes, you do.”

“You’re just saying that,” Jack narrows his eyes slightly, but the whole trying to look terrifying thing fails when his body sways where it stands.

“Jack, please, just let me help you get undressed so we can go to sleep.” Joe tries to tug at the shirt his boyfriend is wearing once again, but Jack lets out a loud No! as he spins away, promptly losing his balance and falling back onto the bed, more giggles falling from his lips as he throws his hands above his head.

“You’re worse than a bloody child.” Joe mutters, giving up on the shirt and deciding to try to conquer the jeans.

He’s just got the button undone, when Jack catches on to what’s happening, slapping at Joe’s hands once more.



“Because, you’re not my boyfriend,” Jack shakes his head, his hand protectively over the zipper of his jeans.

“I am actually going to kill you,” Joe mumbles, “That’s what this is going to come to.”

“Where’s my boyfriend?” Jack demands, sitting up on the bed, eyes drifting around the room.

“I give up,” Joe shakes his head, “I’m going to get changed. You can get yourself undressed.” He steps back from the bed.

“Wait…” Jack reaches for Joe, but he’s already turned and headed for the bathroom, “Come back!”

“No! You want your boyfriend! And apparently that’s not me.” Joe calls back in response.

“Fine then,” Jack says to himself, shimming out of his clothes, and only almost falling off the bed once before he manages to crawl up it, the hazy feeling from the alcohol making him sleepy.

When Joe emerges from the bathroom, now clad in only his boxers, he smiles at the sight of the younger man curled up in the bed.

“Hi,” Jack says softly, blinking slowly over at him, “Boyfriend.”

“Oh, I’m your boyfriend now, am I?” Joe questions, crossing the room to slip into bed, hitting the switch for the lights.

“Always my boyfriend,” Jack slurs, his arm wrapping around Joe to tug him closer, “Dunno what you mean.”

“I haven’t been your boyfriend for the past hour and a half!”

“Yes you have.”

“Not according to you.”

“Shhh…making up stuff.” Jack mutters, his eyes drifting closed as he presses his face into the crook of Joe’s neck. “Warm.”

Sighing, Joe gets comfy in his spot in bed, his hand resting on Jack’s arm, “Sure, I’m the one making up stuff.” But all he gets is a mumbled response from the half asleep man next to him.

“Goodnight, love.”


Come to Bed (Always 1/3)

Characters: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Summary: Bones has a ton of work to do, but you miss your grumpy doctor and try to get him to come back to bed.

Warnings: None? just fluff here

A/N: hey look another Bones fic! and this one’s a three parter! Yay! also i’m shit at summaries, sorry

Word Count: 967

Part Two

The first thing you notice when you wake from your nap is that the right-hand side of the bed is still empty.  And cold. You sigh and flip onto your back, staring at the smooth metal ceiling of your small bedroom.  If he hadn’t come to bed by now…You roll over to check the time on your PADD.  


You groan.  Goddamn his commitment to his work.  You push off the blankets and shiver as the cool air hits your bare legs.  The door to your room is open, and you follow the faint light into the main room of your small shared quarters.

Bones is there, sitting at his desk, his back facing you.  You sigh and shake your head.  Your bare feet are silent on the cold hardwood floor as you make your way up behind him.  Once you reach him, your hands immediately go to his shoulders, attempting to rub out the obvious tension there.

As soon as you touch him he jumps.  “Jesus, sweetheart you’re tryin’ to kill me.”  

You giggle, still half asleep.  “Sorry, baby,” you hum, resting your forehead between his neck and shoulder and bringing your arms around to hug his chest.  

He leans back and chuckles.  His hands come up and rub your arms.  “Christ sweetheart, you’re freezin’.”

You hum and close your eyes, snuggling further into his neck.  “I wouldn’t be cold if you’d come to bed, Lee.”

He smiles and kisses your temple.  “Sorry darlin’, but I have a ton of paperwork I need to finish before tomorrow’s mission.”

“You should come to bed anyways.  I feel like I haven’t seen you in days,” you mumble, planting gentle kisses along his shoulder.  He’s been with Jim and Spock preparing for this away mission for the last few days as we approached a new planet.  It was exciting, but between all the personnel checkups you hadn’t spent any real time with him in days.  

He groans and leans his head to the side, giving you more room to work with. “Come on, Lee.  It’s late, the rest of your work can wait.”

He grunts.  “C’mere,” he gently tugs you around to face him.  “You can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”  His grin is less than innocent as he scans you, wearing only one of his old baggy t-shirts and a pair of underwear.  His arms go around your waist and tug you down.

You shuffle in and sit with your legs draped across his lap.  You wrap your hands around his neck and press a gentle kiss to his scruffy cheek.  “Don’t be too long, Doctor,” you whisper, then settle your head on his shoulder. He smiles down at you and rolls himself back to the desk to get back to work; one hand writing while the other rests on your thigh, his thumb tracing small circles on your bare skin.  

Ten minutes later he pauses to watch you on his lap, your face buried in his neck, your mouth slightly open; you had clearly fallen asleep.  “Sweetheart, wake up,” he whispered.  “I need you to help keep me up,” he teased.

“’m not asleep,” you mumble.  “Just resting my eyes.”

He chuckles, then starts writing his reports again.  He continues on in silence for a little while, occasionally stealing glances down at you, but you were either fiddling with the fabric of his shirt or staring at his hand on your thigh.  

He’s deep into a personnel clearance file when you speak up again.  “You know our anniversary’s on Friday.”

He freezes and panics for a moment, then remembers that he made plans.  “Yeah I remember, darlin’.”

“Two years,” you mumble.  “That’s a pretty big deal, you know.  Especially since we’ve been in space the whole time”

He grimaces.  “Goddamn space.  Makes everything awful.”  He squeezes your thigh before you can protest.  “’Cept you, darlin’.”

You smile and squeeze his neck.  “So you made plans?” He nods and goes to say something, but you cut him off. “Because that’s two days away, and you’re going on that away mission tomorrow.  So you should tell me now if I need to plan something.” You look him in the eyes, trying to convey your seriousness.  

Bones just laughs again and pulls you in closer.  He kisses the top of your head.  “Oh, ye of little faith!  C’mon, sweetheart, I got this.”

You hum, not completely convinced, but you lean back into him anyways, your drowsiness finally dragging you under.  “I love you, Lee,” you whisper into his neck.

He smiles.  “I love you, too darlin’”

You burrow further into him and he reaches over to grab his PADD.  


He sighs.  “Okay, time for bed.” You make a noise of contentment and he laughs.  “Yeah, I know.  You win.”

He reaches over to turn off the light at the desk, then readjusts his arm under your legs and stands up with you in his arms.  His boots make gentle noises on the floor until you reach the soft carpet of your bedroom.  He lays you down gently on your side before covering you with the blankets.  Your hands cling to him, attempting to pull him down with you.  “Stay, Lee.”

“I am, darlin’, just let me get undressed.”

You sit up slightly, watching him as he toes off his boots and steps out of his pants.  He makes his way around to his side of the bed and pulls off his shirt, leaving him in his boxers.  You let out a quiet whistle.  “Hey, sexy,” you tease.

He laughs and shakes his head.  “You are a massive dork, darlin’.”  He climbs into bed and pulls you to his side.  “Goodnight, sweetheart.”

You wrap your arms around him and lay your head on his chest.  “Goodnight, Lee.”

Reaction to Catching You Masterbating - GOT7


Mark: I see what you’re doing

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Jaebum: Did you just… moan my name?

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Jackson: Is this what you do while I’m gone?

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Junior: I can get used to walking in on this

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Youngjae: Babe really?

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Bambam: I’m so sorry for walking in on you but also I’m not

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Yugyeom: Let me just get undressed

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Art Lessons (Part 24 of Faking It)

And this series just won’t quit…

Read Faking It, Just Breathe, Sex Hair and Blindfolds, Cold as Ice, Rough Around the Edges, Sticky Sweet, Slow Burn, Adult Film 101, Date Night, Hell on Heels,  The More, The Merrier, Even More, Even Merrier,  Hunter’s Aftercare, and Under Arrest, Flexibility, Melting,  Anger Management,  Tight Spot, Under Control, Still Under Control,  Not Faking Anything, Elbow Grease, and Soaking Wet.

Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, edible body paint

Word Count: 3250ish

“Welcome back,” you said sleepily, dragging Dean down into the bed with you when he leaned down to kiss your lips.

Laughing, he pulled you into his arms and nuzzled into your neck as he hugged you. “Let me get undressed before you try to get me under the covers,” he teased.

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Every girl needs a Daddy or two... - Jikook x Reader (smut) - part of Teacher Jimin series -

Okay so, i’ve decided to make this request a scenario that may have happened earlier in Jimin’s ‘Teacher Named Daddy’ story but it also includes Head Officer Jeon Jungkook from ‘Officer Named Daddy’ (this part of the story occurred before Jungkooks imagine took place) -the request includes aspects of two different imagines so although the character of ‘teacher named daddy’ is called ‘Saskia’ because it features another request the name will be (Y/N) I apologise for any inconveniences- (THIS IS NOT PART 4! ONLY A SIDE SCENARIO)

You walked into school with a couple of your friends -Jimin had dropped you off a couple of minutes away from the school- you had a talk in the school surrounding online dating, cat fishing and general internet safety that was being taken by the police today and although it wasn’t necessarily boring, it just wasn’t in your best interests, you’d much rather spend a free period with Jimin, however he explained in the car that it was impossible to get you out of a talk that the school thought was so important. You went to Jimin’s classroom to register (because he was your homeroom teacher) before your class proceeded to walk down to the hall. You didn’t have any close friends in your homeroom class so you walked with Jimins changed persona, Mr.Park. You both managed to keep things calm and collected during work hours, talking as a teacher and student would. As you sat down you made eye contact with one of the police officers, he had darkened burgundy hair, slightly tanned skin and chocolate brown eyes, he smirked at you slightly. You looked away, afraid that Jimin would see you, however when you looked back you saw Jimin walk over to him, exchanging a ‘bro’ hug. You scrunched your face up in confusion, where these guys friends? You quite obviously couldn’t go ask him but you did unconsciously continue to stare catching both mens attention.

-(Y/N) Is watching but is unable to hear this conversation-

The boys looked over at you, both taking every aspect of you in, Jimin’s expression was caring and admiring however the police officer held a lustful stare, effectively eye fucking you whilst standing next to your boyfriend. “Hey! Wassup man?” Jungkook said to Jimin, grabbing his hand and pulling him into a hug, “It’s going pretty great Kookie! and yourself?” Jimin said, putting his hands back into his pocket. The small talk continued until Jimins phone buzzed uncontrollably at the amount of text you sent, questioning who the police officer was and how they new each other.  “So man, Who’s that girl?” Jungkook said to Jimin, nodding his head forward signalling to you. “Oh that’s    (Y/N), why are you asking?” Jimin asked Jungkook, beginning to get slightly protective. “She’s cute, I’d like to spend time with her. If you know what I mean…” He said sniggered, Jimin’s hands went into a fist, his rage becoming stronger. “Well you won’t get to, what a shame.” He retorted, getting agitated. “And why is that? She’s 16 or over right?” Jungkook questioned, raising an eyebrow at Jimin and looking over at you again. “Yeah, but she’s already got a man.” Jimin said, running a hand through his red hair. “One of these pathetic guys? She needs a real man to show her a good time.” The way Jungkook spoke, was almost like he was challenging Jimin, whom was getting more and more agitated by the minute. “No, not one of them. Me.” He finally revealed his secret. ‘SHIT!!!!’ Was the only thing going around Jimin’s head right now, he was too angry to think straight. “Dude, she’s your student. That is illegal!” Jungkoook said half serious as a slight smirk reappeared into the creases around his lips. “You know, there is one way i’d allow your dirty little secret to continue.” He said, resting his hands on his belt buckle. “And how is that?” Jimin asked, worried about what he’d just done. “Tell her to meet us in your room 2nd period, I told you I wanted her, so let me share her for a period. I’ll take that sweet juicy mouth of hers, you can have her tight little pussy.” Jungkook said smirking, it was the only way to save your relationship, Jimin began to walk away. “Oh ChimChim!” Jungkook yelled for Jimin to come closer. “I go by the name of ‘Daddy’ when i’m getting frisky, see you and your little princess in 50 minutes” He said waltzing back over to his police co workers. Jimins fists tightened, so hard that his knuckles where red and white splotches, you could tell he was angry about something, even if you hadn’t heard his previous conversation. You where HIS princess and ONLY HIS. Just as you where ONLY comfortable calling HIM ‘Daddy” and he knew that from your previous experiment with his friend Namjoon. He spent the full assembly with his eyes glued to the stage where Jungkook was, not landing on you once even when your looked away.. He sent your period 2 teacher an email to request you out of class for the period, your teacher luckily granted you permission and you sprinted round to the classroom, remembering how agitated Jimin had looked earlier. Jungkook had given Jimin 5 minutes to explain what the situation was before he would enter, “Jimin Oppa what’s wrong?” you asked, walking over to his desk. “Jagiya, I messed up.” He said running a hand through his hair. You sat on his desk, his hands coming up to rest on your waist. “What happened Chim?” he tensed slightly at the seriousness of your voice. “You know the police officer I was talking to, he’s an old friend of mine and he asked me who you where, he said he wanted to do things to you and I got so angry that I told him about us. He said the only way he’ll keep it a secret is if you suck him off whilst your on me.” Your eyes widened at what the attractive officer had requested. “If that’s what we need to do then so be it.” You said huffing but keeping a slight smile on your face so Jimin didn’t feel bad. “There’s one more thing Jagiya…” he said scratching the back of his head. “What is that?” you asked not seeing how this could get any worse. “He want’s you to call him, Daddy.” He said, a shiver trailed down your spine at the thought, calling another man by that name seemed so uncomfortable to you after only using it on Jimin for so long. “Okay…” You huffed, feeling that the only option was to say you’d do it. The man was attractive and he’d probably be pleasurable enough to have in your mouth but you where still uneasy about 3 way sex. There was a knock on the door and a few seconds later you saw the black coma boots enter the room, “Hey, nice to meet you babe” the boy said smirking. “Hey…D-daddy” You spoke, testing the word like a new taste on your tongue. “Oh baby girl learns fast, come on lets get you undressed and this’ll all be over nice and quick!” He said, walking over to you. You looked over to Jimin who gave you a reassuring nod, as you returned your head to the front. Jungkook dropped to his knees, undoing the buckles of your skirt and pulling it down to reveal your red lace panties. “Such a naughty girl” He said tracing hem of your underwear as chills went down your spine. He slid your shoes and socks off before standing back up. “Okay ChimChim, lets go” Jungkook said as Jimin stood up, locking the door before making his way over to you. He stood in the position of a back hug, pulling down his trousers and boxers before pulling your panties down. Jungkook sat on a tall stool infront of you as Jimin slowly slid into you, making you whimper at his size. Jungkook release his erect member infont of you as you Jimin began to move. “Fuck, Daddy…” You whined as Jimin gripped your hips, his hips rolling unimaginable swerves into your g-spot. He put his hand on the small of your back, pushing you down, you opened your mouth Taking in a large, throbbing Jungkook. You held one hand at the base of his member as you licked your lips, preparing to take him in. You opened your mouth slowly taking him all the way into the back of your throat. “Fuck you feel so good!” Kookie said as he grasped your hair, beginning to move his hips. fucking your mouth whilst, Jimin was  still thrusting in and out of you, causing you to moan, the vibrations going to Jungkooks base. You began to flatten your tongue along the pulsing vein, flicking his tip and sucking your cheeks in, you felt him twitch inside your mouth, telling you he was close, your free hand moved to palm and play with his balls causing a low throaty moan to escape his lips, within minutes he released, you swallowed his unwanted cum, the saltiness becoming very bitter on your tongue and then you began to focused on getting you and Jimin off, even if Jungkook was watching. Luckily enough you where almost finishing, Jimin had rubbed over your clit with his thumb lightly, making your legs twitch you finally you found your release, as the end dribbles slid down your legs, your release also causing Jimins. You all sat in silence for a couple of minutes, thinking about what had just happened. Jungkook was first to stand up. “Thanks for letting me join ChimChim, don’t worry I wont tell anyone. See you guys later.” He said, zipping up his trousers and unlocking and exiting the door. “We done it Oppa” You said relief washing over you as you locked the door once more and hugged Jimin. “Thank you so much Jagiya, I love you.” Jimin said, running a hand through your hair. “I love you too Jimin.’ You said looking up and him and landing a small peck on his lips.

  • Ino: Sai how about we spice things up in the bedroom and pretend to be animals?
  • Sai: Hmm. Ok. I think I can do that. Let me get my paints.
  • Ino: ...your paints?
  • Sai: Get undressed, let me throw a tarp down.
  • *two hours later*
  • Ino: Sai isn't this a bit excessive
  • Sai: shhh I'm almost done with the right thigh
  • *four more hours later*
  • Sai: There, finished me now.
  • Sai: ...
  • Sai: Ino? Did you fall asleep?
  • Sai: Wow. That is some good cat roleplay. I can see why she wanted to do this.
  • *curls up next to her and falls asleep too*
So this one time, when I was like six...

…my dad wouldn’t let me get dressed or undressed in my own room for almost a year because, once, this guy in our neighbourhood got 911 called on him for peeping into a lady’s window and he was wearing nothing but batman briefs and a pair of pink knee high socks, and when the cops got there, he was on his knees in front of the window, sobbing while holding two pears to his chest because he was high on LSD.

Dear Journal,

Today was the last day of the week. The full moon is coming soon. My blood is getting warmer. It usualy happens to me when the full moon his getting close. The classes seemed to last longer than usual. Tonight, Gryffindor was playing against Ravenclaw. James shaked his leg all day. It was an important game after all.

“Don’t be nervous Prongs.. You’re the best player of this whole school..” Sirius told him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah Sirius is right. Plus, the ravenclaw capitain is still sick.. he won’t be able to play tonight that’s for sure.” I told him, sitting on the other side if the table.

“And if Gryffindor wins, we’ll throw a big party!!” Peter almost shouted.

After dinner, we went back to the dorm to change in something warmer. I sat on my bed, putting my soft socks and looked at Sirius. He was looking through his shirts, trying to find a jumper. He sighted heavily and sat on the wooden floor.

“Re… can I borrow one of your jumpers.. mine are all at home.. well at my parents house i mean…” Sirius said, the sadness coming back on his face.

“Of course babe.. here, this one is a bit small on me, it’ll fit you perfectly. And it’s really soft and Black, just as you like it.” I said, giving him the black jumper.

“Thank you moons..” he mumbled, taking it in his hands.

“You can keep it. I barely wear it anymore.”

Still sitting on my bed, I grabbed his arms and pulled him close to me. He stood in between my legs. I slolwy undid the buttons on his white shirt and felt the warmness of his thorso. I slowly guided my warm fingers on his skin. I traced the beauty marks on his muscular stomach. I slowly approached my lips to the soft skin of his neck and kissed his collarbones. He softly gasped. I left a small red mark on his pale skin. He then kissed my lips. Full of passion. I caressed his cheek with my thumb. After we pulled away, i put the black jumper on him. He looked at me with his grey eyes and said,

“I ehh.. I asked Dumbledore if I could go to my parents house to get my things back..” he whispered to me.

“I’m going with you.. i won’t let you go alone out there.” I quickly said, holding his shoulders.

“Dumbledore said an Auror would come with me..”

“I still want to come.. you’ll need me..”

He slowly nodded. I hugged him close and we went to the game. There, we watched carefully, Cheering up for our house. James was really good, like always. He even had Lily smilling at him. The game lasted about 1 hour and Gryffindor won. We all congradulated James and the team. Peter had already organized a big party in the common room. There, the music was loud. We danced and drank. Sirius had a bit to much to drink. I don’t blame him. He was still sad from the letter he got from his parents so he tried to drown his sadness. After the party, Sirius came up to me, giggling soflty.

“Merlin Remus i love you!”

“Yeah i love you too Pads!” I said laughing.

“Mmm tired moons..”

“Okay we’ll go to sleep..”

I took his hand and slowly guided him to our dorm.

“Come on, lets get you undressed love.”

I carefully removed his clothes and put him in his warm bed.

“Remus? Where are you going?” He asked, with worried eyes.

“I’m just getting my pillow love. Don’t worry.”

I got my pillow and layed down next to Sirius.

“Remus has anyone ever told you that you were smoking hot?”

“Only you Sirius.. Only you.. Now come on get some sleep, you’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk.. i’m in love..”
He smirked at me.

I kissed his forehead and he slowly began to drift to sleep. This weekend, we will go back to his house to get his things. I hope he will be okay.

I’ll write tommorow
January 20th 1976

Preferences: they surprise you with a pet

A very cute request, hope y’all enjoy it. ^^



  • You’re used to live with a lot of animals back home—dogs, cats, you name it—but ever since you moved into the rather small apartment (fit for two) with Joji, you hadn’t had the time to think about having a pet.
  • Nor have the space to get a big dog, like you’re dreaming about.
  • Soon, though, the lack of a pet around you to give your love to makes you sad and you more often than not complain about it to Joji. You don’t necessarily do it to convince him to get one cause he looks as eager to get a pet as you.
  • He just doesn’t do it because he wants to surprise you, so he has to keep a poker face and pretend he doesn’t really care.
  • When the time has come, he is rather careless and clumsy in arranging it. He doesn’t really plan it down to a T. He is sure the pet he got you was going to behave before you return from work/college.

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Red Day (A Kevin Trapp Imagine)

Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction, nothing is true. I don’t mean to disrespect or offend anybody. I’m not making any money out of this. Please don’t sue me.

note: nothing but fluff (some blood, but still. fluffy). Inspired by/taken from this post.

Red Day (A Kevin Trapp Imagine)

Kevin frowned and murmured your name incoherently, asking you to stop.

Your movements ceased but only for a few before they started again.

Kevin frowned in his sleep, he tried to pull you in his embrace but you just kept wiggling restlessly and the small mewls turned into full groans of pain.

He opened an eye to find your back facing him. As you curled into a fetal position and groaned once again he sat up, awake and worried.

“Babe?” He asked, rubbing your back. He pushed away the hair covering your face to see it contorted in pain, you hands on your abdomen.

Be inhaled and grimaced watching you withering in pain. You seemed to still be asleep, ignoring his calls. It was a couple of minutes (a lifetime for Kevin) before you ceased your movements and layed limply on your side. Your eyes remained close and your lips parted for an even breathing.

He gave a sigh of relief, seeing you ok again and was about to return to sleep when he noticed the red stain on your yoga pants and a little transfer on the bedsheets.

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Dating Lay

•This boy would be such a tease by accident

•He’d probably wouldn’t know how he little he has to try to make you nearly lose your mind

•He’s not clueless but he would be confused like

“baobei why are you looking at me like that?”

•Because y'all will be at the store buying fish or something so he’s like
“What’s up with this girl? Why’s she looking at me like I’m her favorite food?”

•You coming home and tackling him and he’s like “What are you doing?….oh…OKAY. hold on let me undress you”

•Getting all his love, he’d be such a passionate lover

•It could totally go either way, he could be slow and careful or rough and hot

•Baekhyun teasing you like “I’m assuming since you’re walking funny, you found out the body part I’m jealous of”

•Those abs. He’d flash them and kill you everytime Random flashing while you’re doing everyday things

•You’ll be making dinner and he’s there randomly lifting his shirt exposing them

•R.I.P to you, you’re a brave one

•But he’s not just some sex God

•Cute Yixing would kill you if his abs didn’t

•He’s the type to stop and salute a police dog *he’s done it before*

•He’ll treat you so right, like you’ll have period cramps and he’s packed you all you’ll need

“Yixing what did I do to deserve you?”
“baobei, you’re my princess, it’s my duty to care for you”

•Trips to China where he teaches you so much about his culture / (if you’re Chinese) trips to China would include you showing him things he might not get to see as he isn’t home all the time

•Cute little dates to his favorite food places where he behaves like such a gentleman

•All the 아줌마’s telling you he’s a keeper and you smiling cuz duh you already know he is

•He’ll get giggly when you get jealous

•He’ll just have eyes for you and finds it amusing that you’d be jealous

“Are you jealous baobei?”
“Stop laughing. She looked at you like you were food!”
“but you do that too!”
“okay but I’m allow to.”
“fair enough”

•Those lazy Yixing days where he just lays in bed with you and pokes your cheeks and you cuddle all day

•Seeing him practicing his dances and cheering him on

•Being able to see his smile and cute dimples 24/7

•Helping him when he feels like he isn’t trying his best

•Being there for him and being the person who helps him relax when he’s overworking

•Getting to listen to all his work and cheering him on

•He’ll be smoother than butter

•Have you talking nonsense because he just spread some of that smooth butter on you

•Yixing would be such boyfriend goals bringing him around your parents would be so easy, they’d love him so much

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Smut with handcuffs toys vibrators all that fun stuff ??

if you want mikey cum and get it

“you make me so hard when you wear that short, tight dress of yours” your boyfriend michael growled in your ear. he held a tight grip on your wrist so you had no escape

"mikey, let me go get undressed first, its been a long night” looking into his lust filled eyes. you turned on your heel and started walking away, towards the stairs to your shared bedroom

“y/n, stop” he hissed at you. michael took a hold of the bottom of your dress in his hand and swiftly pulled you back into him. you could feel his hard on rub against your bum

“get ready for tonight babe” he smacked your ass and shoved you up the stairs, whilst he went off somewhere in the house to get something. you got to your bedroom and rid yourself of every last bit of clothing. shortly after michael returned with a box full of goodies.

“whats all this for. mikey?” you asked as he placed the box on the edge of the bed, with you sat in the middle of the bed. 

“just wait and see my dear” winking up at you. michael dug around through the box and pulled out a pair of shiny handcuffs. he took your arms and handcuffed you to the bed.

“i don’t know about this…”

“shh y/n, you’ll be fine. i promise.” he took your face in his hands and he soothed your cheeks, skimming his thumbs over your eyebrows. “you just gotta trust me” he looked deeply in your eyes.

“i do" 

with that, michael returned to his box of toys. he rummaged around looking for exactly what he needed and pulled out a vibrator. he held it in his hands turning it over multiple times in search of the power button.

"dammit, how the fuck does this work” his brows furrowed

“mikey. its on the bottom” you laughed at him a little. he quickly flicked the switch and it was on. you were already so wet in anticipation of what michael was going to do to you. he went up and straddled your hips, still fully clothed and took your boob with his free hand. he cupped it and squeezed it, until pinching the nipple.

“yeah babe just like that” you loved when mikey played with your nipples. he took the vibrator and placed it over your other nipple. the vibrations sent shivers down your spine

“oh fuck” you threw your head back. “thats so good”. michael smirked at you

“please touch me michael, pleaseee eat me out or finger me" 

"shh no talking”

he looked up at you with a straight face “i call the shots here babe” and shut the vibrator off, lifting himself from your body making you cold once again.

“no no no no, please mikey”

“no talking y/n”

he went back to the box and pulled out a gag toy. he quickly shoved it into your mouth

“this is what you get for not listening babe” he lightly stroked your hair and kissed your forehead “you’re gonna be okay, trust me” he got off the bed and started undressing himself, freeing his huge cock. he stroked himself a couple times, moaning your name.

“hm what shall we do next” he paced around the room. without the use of your voice, you bucked your hips up to give him an idea. he put his face to your core, “look how wet my princess is for me” and he licked up all your wetness. you moaned into the toy in your mouth.

michael reached into the box and pulled out a nice-sized dildo “this should work just fine” you shook your head back and forth in protest. you wanted ashdkjfie needed michaels cock in you.

“babe be patient here. girls who are patient get what they want” without warning he shoved the dildo into your pussy deep and hard.

“look at me y/n, look in my eyes” he continued thrusting the toy into you as fast as he could “does this feel good baby?” you arched your back so he could get better access, ready to explode all over him.

michael took the toy out and you sighed. he took the gag out of your mouth and kissed your lips super gently, “you were such a good girl for me babe”

“do i get the real thing now mikey?” without even answering you, he kneeled in front of you so that his length was right at your face

“suck it first” he shoved himself into your mouth and held the back of your head. he thrust his hips slowly and you grazed your tongue over the prominent vein “oh god that feels so good” he moaned

he pulled out of your mouth and sat between your legs

“ready for me y/n?”

“god yes i need you now” he lifted your legs and placed them over his shoulders giving him a better angle to start thrusting. he grazed his tip over your entrance before thrusting into your tight pussy. he shut his eyes tight and grunted as he felt your warm wet walls around him. neither of you were going to last long this time.

michael reached under your bum and lifted you up at a new angle. he felt so good, his huge cock rubbing against your g spot each time

“fuck” you moaned out. your moans gave him the motivation to thrust even faster. sweat starting dripping off of his shoulders and chest and onto you. with one hand still holding your bum up, he went into the box of toys with his other hand and took the vibrator out again

“you better cum hard for me y/n” he could barely talk anymore, everything coming out as a staggered whisper/moan. he turned the vibrator on and placed it on your clit

“fuck michael”

“cum for me babe, cmon” your walls clenched around him and your legs shook as your orgasm took over. your vision completely blurred over and you screamed out michael’s name as loud as you could.

“ah fUCKKK me y/n” he yelled as he came inside of you.

michael pulled out of you and undid your handcuffs. he threw all the toys off the bed, pulling the covers down so you could climb in. you and michael lay there together, his clammy body wrapped around your clammy body (spooning lol).

“you okay princess”

“i’m perfect michael.”

michael smut for the win

this was kinda dom and kinda sweet idk

this deserves fucking 500 notes 

[fic]: Heatstroke

Fandom: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Pairing: Kujo Jotaro/Kakyoin Noriaki
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,692
Warnings: erotic asphyxiation/breathplay, restraint via Hierophant Green, sex toys
Notes: Jason keeps roping me into writing shit for him. I still don’t know how to write Jotaro or Kakyoin.

Teaser: Noriaki turns and twists just enough to see Jotaro, who has his head pillowed on his arms. “I’m not on you,” Noriaki says, just to fuck with him.

“Not ‘get off me’,” Jotaro returns without missing a beat, not visibly ruffled. “Get me off.”

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